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Creative Youth Ideas Christmas: God becoming one of us Christmas - The event when God became one of us so He could do the 1 thing we could not do for ourselves - eradicate sin

Scripture: Psalm 24 Why can't we see God? That's a question most parents have heard; and while the theological prohibitions are obvious, I suspect most of us hold some mental picture of the Majesty of God and Heaven.

Now, hold this image for a moment, and think of Jesus leaving this grandeur, to be born in a lowly barn in Bethlehem. Think of the Mighty God becoming one of us! God, "who never slumbers or sleeps" will now need sleep! God who could be everywhere at once, will now be limited to one place at a time! The God who created all things, must now depend on human parents for daily care.

Awesome to consider, isn't it? But wait, now consider "The Mission" - The reason for Him becoming an "earthling" was to die! He became one of us so He could do the one thing we could not do for ourselves – eradicate sin. After man sinned, God could have wiped us out and started over with a new creation. But no, instead He engineered an elaborate, and intricate redemption plan that cost the very life of the Son of God.

Why? Why did He care so much? There can be no other motivation but LOVE. And if, during this season, we can grasp even a portion of this great love for us, it will cause us to shout with the Christmas angels: "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth Peace, Good Will toward men."

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Christmas : God becoming One of Us