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Christian Youth Illustrations Scattered Reminders of Easter How many items from the Biblical Easter account can you find around the room?

Materials This is a scavenger hunt type game. Hide the items from the Biblical Easter account around the room. Some should be easy to find and some more difficult. Place one on the snack table, one in a card at the table, one a nametag, one painted on an egg, and so on!

Give each person a piece of paper and a pencil, the first goal is to be the first person to locate all the items associated with Easter and write their locations on the paper.

Choose from among the following items • Gray fleece or a tiny donkey (Matthew 21:2-5) • Palm branch (Matthew 21:8-11) • A vial of perfume (Matthew 26:7-13) • A lock of hair (Matthew 26:7-13) • 30 silver coins (Matthew 26:14-15) • A robe (John 13:4-11)

• A communion wafer or bread (Matthew 26:1729) • A communion cup (Matthew 26:17-29) • Miniature praying hands (Mark 14:32-42) • A watch or clock (Mark 13:37) • Rooster or a feather (Luke 22:61)

• • • • • •

Piece of rope (John 18:12) A leather whip (John 19:1) A piece of scarlet cloth (Matthew 27:28) A crown of thorns (Matthew 27:29) A cross (John 19:16-22) Three flathead nails or regular nails (John 19:16-22)

• • • • •

Dice (John 19:23-24) Vinegar (John 19:28-30) A spear (John 19:32-37) A split rock (Matthew 27:51, 54) Purple cloth (Matthew 27:51)

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Christian Youth Illustrations - Scattered Reminders of Easter