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Christian Icebreakers - Top Christmas Artist How well can you draw a classic Christmas scene without looking?

Materials Sheet of paper and a tray or hard cover book for each participant.

Activity • Everyone places a tray or large book on top their head with a piece of blank paper on it. • They each have a marker and a page of Christmas stickers (optional). • Participant are to draw on the page resting on the top of their head, without looking, according to the instructions given.

Instructions might be: 1. Draw a Christmas Tree. 2. Draw a star on top of your tree. 3. Draw a Fireplace. 4. Stick a stocking sticker on the mantel of your fireplace. 5. Add 5 round ornaments to your tree. 6. Draw three boxes under the tree as gifts. 7. Add a bow to each box.

At the end of instructions, everyone removes the pictures from their heads. It can be very funny to see what they have drawn.

Scoring options • 2 points for every line that crosses • 1 point if your stocking is touching your mantel • 1 point if your star touches your tree • 1 point for every Christmas ornament that is ON your tree • 1 point for each gift that is under the tree • 1 point for each bow on a present • ETC

Award the person with the greatest number of points the prize!

Variation Instead of a Christmas tree scene, use a manger scene: 1. Draw a stable 2. One big star in the sky above it 3. Draw 5 smaller stars 4. Draw a donkey in the stable 5. Draw a manger 6. Draw Baby Jesus in the manger 7. And Mary and Joseph 8. Draw a shepherd

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Christian Icebreakers - Top Christmas Artist