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Christian Icebreakers Thanksgiving Twister Play a classic game of twister replacing the colored dots with Thanksgiving symbols.

Materials Instead of a twister game sheet, cut Thanksgiving shapes from construction paper and use sticky-tack to adhere them to the floor. Make a twister spinner that includes right hand, left hand, right foot, left foot and another that contains the various Thanksgiving symbols.

Need a source for Thanksgiving images? Use a Thanksgiving font like this one:

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Some optional symbols are: Autumn Leaf, Corn, Cornucopia, Cranberries, Family, Mayflower ship, Pie, Pilgrim, Plymouth Rock, Pumpkin, Puritans, Turkey, Indian

Activity Play a game of Twister, but instead of colored dots use pictures of Thanksgiving items taped to the floor. Change the spinner to reflect the pictures. If you don’t have a spinner you can easily make one.

Variation Instead of playing on an individual basis, divide the group into teams. The team with the last remaining members in the game wins.

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Christian Icebreakers - Thanksgiving Twister