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A P R I L 4 -5, 2018 • K EN R AY R ED A N GUS O N - L I N E B U L L S A L E AT DVAU C T I O N .C O M

Our Program

BULL DEVELOPMENT – we aim to deliver you a sound and functional breeding bull. Our bulls are developed with longevity top of mind while expressing genetic potential. We do not feed a ration high in energy to mask poor performance animals. Our bulls are developed on free choice long stem brome alfalfa hay and hand fed a bull development ration twice daily. This management improves their overall temperament and their docility is appreciated by our customers. KENRAY RANCH GUARANTEE - We guarantee to provide you with a sound breeding bull capable of passing a semen test by 14 months of age. All bulls will be evaluated by a licensed veterinarian and semen tested once they have reached 12 months of age. Should a bull fail to be proven a satisfactory breeder he will either be replaced with a bull of equal quality and value or a refund will be issued. As per the Canadian Angus Association Breeding Guarantee guidelines, in the event of a dispute, the sellers are responsible only to the extent of the purchase price of the said animal. We assume no liability, legal or otherwise, to make any further compensation to buyers. SIGHT UNSEEN PROGRAM – The program is simple! Call us in advance of the sale to discuss your cowherd, breeding objectives and current herd bull needs. By listening to you and your requirements we will then match you with the bull or bulls that fit your objectives within your price range. We are a family operation so the same people who help you select your bulls are the same people who calves, breeds, feeds and observes these herd bull prospects and their dams yearround. We will ensure that you get the best bull for your program as reasonably priced as possible – you can count on that! HEALTH PROGRAM - all bulls sell under the Kenray Ranch total Herd Health Program. All bulls have received Express 5 Program, Fusogard & Ivomec. PAYMENT - terms are ½ upon receipt following the sale and ½ upon possession of your bull or by May 1. Give us a call to discuss further financing options. The right of property shall not pass until after full settlement is made. INSURANCE - We strongly encourage you to insure your bull purchases. Alameda Agencies, Bonnie Thompson (306)4892250 or Keystone Livestock, Lois McRae (204)573-5192. CALVING EASE RANKING – Calving ease is affected by a combination of traits and factors as such we have developed an in house calving ease ranking for our bulls based upon individual birth weight, EPD information and physical appraisal of the bulls.

* Recommended for use on mature cows ** Recommended for use on young cows or well grown heifers *** Recommended for use on heifers A V E R A G E E P D S F O R A L L R E D A N G U S C A LV E S B O R N I N 2 0 1 7 Birth Weight Weaning Weight

Yearling Weight


Total Maternal

Calving Ease Calving Ease Stay Direct Maternal








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2018-03-13 8:57 AM

Kenray Ranch Red Angus 2018 Bull Sale  

Kenray Ranch Red Angus 2018 Bull Sale,

Kenray Ranch Red Angus 2018 Bull Sale  

Kenray Ranch Red Angus 2018 Bull Sale,