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Grow Great Tasting Summer and Winter Vegetables

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Grow the Best Tasting Summer and Winter Vegetables

Po sted in General o n July 5, 20 13

Are you tired of going to the grocery store and searching f or the best looking vegetables and then wondering what kind of chemicals and pesticides have been put on them? Wouldn’t it be great if you could plant, cultivate and harvest your own summer vegetables knowing that they are going to be the best quality anywhere and with no unwanted preservatives? All it takes is knowing how to do it and taking the time to learn. You may not know how much f un and enjoyable it is to grow you very own garden. I just seems like the f ood you grow yourself tastes so much better than the store bought kind. Growing vegetables can be a year round project. T hat’s right, you can grow winter vegetables and have healthy f ood f or you table anytime of the year. Just think of the variety of vegetables you can grow in your backyard or even on your patio. Have you ever thought of growing carrots, or learning how to grow sweet potatoes? It is not a dif f icult as you might think. What about growing green beans or even growing strawberries? It can be done very easily. For those of you who have limited yard space, you can actually grow robust vegetables in garden boxes. T hey are easy to build and maintaining them is a breeze. I live in an area where the soil is not the best f or planting gardens. To solve this problem I planted a raised garden, which is set on top of the ground. All that is needed is a wood or brick retaining wall, f ill it with quality topsoil, plant the vegetables and you are good to go. Growing plants this way makes it much easier to keep unwanted weeds and pests out of your garden and makes it easier to water the plants.

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Grow great tasting winter vegetables this year  
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