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TAKE A VACATION FROM ORDINARY FILM November 1-17, 2019 Steven Savor




Full Length Films CAPITALIZED. Short Films in Title Case.

My Name Is . . . . . .98 A.M.A. . . . . . . . . . . .99 AFTER PARKLAND 30 After Parkland . . . . .30 After The Piano . .105 Alternative Therapy 99 AMERICAN MIRROR . . . . . . .31 And The Brave Shall Rise . . . . . . . . . . .39 ANIMAL HOUSE . .13 BAGLA . . . . . . . . . .32 BALLOON . . . . . . . .33 BEFORE I FORGET 36 Believin’ . . . . . . . . . .97 BE NATURAL . . . . .67 BEST OF DORIEN B., THE .37 Bird’s Eye . . . . . . . .99 BOLDUC, LA . . . . .38 Buzzard . . . . . . . . .101 CAMINO SKIES . . .39 Capt Traer Smiles at the Stars . . . . . .99 Carry My Heart to Yellow River . . .97 Catatonia . . . . . . .105 CEASE FIRE . . . . .24 CELESTE . . . . . . . .41 CHASING THE JET STREAM . . . . . . .43 COLD FEET . . . . . .44 COLEWELL . . . . . .45 CROCODYLUS . . .46 CUBA . . . . . . . . . . .11 CURTIZ . . . . . . . . . .47 DELFIN . . . . . . . . . .48 DIALOGUE EARTH 49 DIARY OF ANNE FRANK . . .22 DON’T STOP ME NOW . . . . . . .50 DRAG ME TO HELL 21 DREAM BEFORE DYING, A . . . . . . .51 DRIVEN TO ABSTRACTION . . .52 DUCKPOND, THE .53 El Paso . . . . . . . . .101 Expectations . . . . .105 Extra innings . . . . . .96 Far From the Castle 101

Feed My Eyes . . . .46 FLY LIKE A GIRL . .54 FRANCES FERGUSON . . . .55 FRESHMEN, THE .56 FROM THE VINE . .29 FUNNY YOU NEVER KNEW . .64 GAMBLE ROGERS 57 GIRL HAPPY . . . . .17 Golden Swans . . .105 Good Luck . . . . . .104 GOOD NEIGHBOUR 58 HAPPY ENDING . .59 Hour After Westerly, The . . . . . . . . . . . .97 In Mind’s Eye . . . .104 IN SAFE HANDS . .60 INITIALS S.G. . . . . .61 Intermedium . . . . . .98 Jim + Joe . . . . . . . .97 KING’S MUSKETEERS, THE . . . . . . . . . . .62 L’AMORE A DOMICILIO . . . . .63 Ladies Most Deject 104 LAND, THE . . . . . . .65 LAS VEGAS . . . . . .66 LAST PIG, THE . . .67 L’eau Est La Vie . . .87 Less Heat in Arizona 104 Lesson #9 . . . . . . . .97 Lights Camera Disaster . . . . . . .105 Little Con Lili . . . . . .98 Lionfish . . . . . . . . . .95 Locals Only . . . . . . .98 LOST BAYOU . . . . .68 LOST MOTHER, THE 69 LOVE IN SUSPENDERS . .70 LUCIA’S GRACE . .71 MARCHING FORWARD . . . . .73 MARNIE . . . . . . . . .23 Melted . . . . . . . . . . .60 Moving On . . . . . .100 NEW CHRISTMAS, A 74 NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2 .75 Nora . . . . . . . . . . .101

Of The Sea . . . . . . .95 OPERATION PETER PAN . . . . . . . . . . . .76 OUR HAPPY HOLIDAY . . . . . . .77 PAPITA 2nd BASE .78 PERFECT GANGSTER . . . .79 Pipe Dream . . . . . . .98 Portraitist . . . . . . . . .96 PRIZE, THE . . . . . .22 RAISING BUCHANAN 80 RE LOCA . . . . . . . .15 Resistance, The . .100 SAFE SPACES . . .20 SAINT FRANCES .81 Sans Titre . . . . . . .100 SCREAM, QUEEN .75 SEEING BEAUTY .82 SEX, DRUGS & BICYCLES . . . . . .83 SIBYL . . . . . . . . . . . .35 Sides of a Horn . . . .99 SIREN’S CALL . . . .84 So Am I . . . . . . . . .105 Sparky & Butch . . .104 STONE IN THE WATER . . . . . . . .85 STRAIT-JACKET 23 Suncatcher . . . . . .101 SWEETHEARTS . .86 Sweetwater . . . . . . .87 Terror Road . . . . . . .69 Those Beautiful Moments . . . . . .100 TRAUMFABRIK . . .88 VICTOR & CELIA . .89 Waiting Game . . . . .96 WALL OF MEXICO 90 WE WERE ÍSLANDS 91 WHERE THERE IS DARKNESS . .92 Whales of Change .95 What We Keep . . . .99 WHISKEY ON BEER 79 WHITE SNAKE . . . .72  Wink . . . . . . . . . . . .99 Wise Lessons of Mad Goats . . . . .100 WOODSTOCK . . . .93 WORKING MAN . .94 Zoe, Whats Going On 59

Table of ConTenTs


Allen, Jim . . . . . . . . .14 Allen, Karen .9, 13, 45 Andersson, Robert .53 Auberjonois, Rene .19 Baker, Diane .22 – 23 Blank, Jonathan . . .83 Bloomfield, Sean . .92 Byington, Robert 9, 55 Cardinal, Scott . . . .82 Cassir, Patrick . . . .77 Chamoux, Camille 9, 77 Cisterna, Sean . . . .29 Cohen, Daniel . .9, 20 Corley, Linda . . . . .30 De Paul, Vincent . .82 FLIFF Board . . . . .113 FLIFF Jury . . . . . .103 FLIFF Sponsors 108-109 FLIFF Staff . . . . . .115 FLIFF Volunteers .102 Graber, Elizabeth .103 Grefe, Bill . . . . .24-25 Grund, Christine . .103 Guskin, Judy . . . .103 Hirsch, Foster . . . . . .9 Hueck, Luis . . . . . .78 Hunt, Andrew . . .9, 19 Jury, Robert . . . . . .94 Kaplan, Joel . . . . . .30 Leemans, Kim . . . .20 Long, Justin . . .20-21 Magnusson, Tivi . .103 Marko . . . . . . . . . . .78 Melby, Amanda . . .80 Mendelson, Beth . .30 Miller, Brian C. . . . .68 Mills, Dr. Lisa . . . . .73 Mitchell, Radha . . .18 Moormann, Mark . .30 Noel, Chris . . . . .9, 17 Novelli, Sergio . . . .78 Oreiro, Natalia . . . .15 Pantiliano, Joe .27, 29 Patton, Mark . . . . . .75 Polo, Rep. Cyndi . .39 Pradhan, Amrita .9, 91 Pruitt, Stephen . . . .65 Quinn, Tom . . . . . . .45 Reed, Mariah . . . .103 Rhodes, Dane . . . .68

Riegert, Peter . .13, 96 Rosenthal, Martin .103 Ryan, Mayor Michael 42 Schechter, Daniel . . .9 Scheuer, Gaspar . . .9 Shire, Talia . . . . .9, 94 Smith, Charlie . . .103 Steadham, Charles 57 Sykes, Bill . . . . . .9, 57 Sykes, Melissa . .9, 57 Taylor, Noel . . . . . .91 Torres, Diego . . .15, 26 Villegas, Juan . . .9, 66 Wyble, Teri Anne . .68 Zaidelis, Martino . . . .9


Schedules . . . . . .2 - 5 Parties . . . . . . . . .6 - 7 How To Fest . . . . . . .8 PARTIES

Brunch Cruise . .6, 40 Centerpiece . . . .6, 21 Closing Night 6, 28-29 Evening Cruise 6, 120 Nightly Parties . . . . .7 Opening Night 6, 10-11 Retro Pool Party . .6, 16-17 Editor / Publisher

Gregory von Hausch Catalog Design / Art Direction Cover Design

KenPernaDesign.com Poster / Cover Art

Zimmerman Advertising

TV Spot Video & Poster Photography Brian Bayerl Greendoor East




Funding for this event is provided in part by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners as recommended by the Broward Cultural Council and Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau. Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, and The Florida Council on Arts & Culture.





8am 2nd DATE SEX 9:30 2nd DATE SEX 11am WHITE SNAKE p72 12:45 SAINT FRANCES p81 2:30 Extra Innings/COLEWELL pgs96 & 45 4:30 OUR HAPPY HOLIDAY p77 6:30 French Soiree p7 8pm LAS VEGAS p66 10pm ANIMAL HOUSE p13 11:30pm Toga Party p7


9am 2nd DATE SEX 10:30 2nd DATE SEX 11am Bagel Nosh p7 12pm LOVE IN SUSPENDERS p70 2pm HAPPY ENDING p59 4pm THE KING’S MUSKETEERS p62 5:45 Italian Festa p7 6:15 GAMBLE ROGERS p57 7:35 Florida Cracker Barrel p7 8pm RE LOCA p15 9:45 Argentine Fiesta p7


12:30 2nd DATE SEX 2:15 2nd DATE SEX 4pm Kids p98 6pm BEST OF DORIEN B. p37 7pm Turkish Party p7 8pm SIREN’S CALL p84


12:30 2nd DATE SEX 2:15 2nd DATE SEX 4pm DON’T STOP ME NOW p50 6pm THE FRESHMEN p56 8pm WE WERE ISLANDS p91 9:30 Funny Girl Party p7


12:30 2nd DATE SEX 2:15 2nd DATE SEX 4pm THE LOST MOTHER / Terror Road p69 6pm THE PERFECT GANGSTER p79 6:15 East Germany Escape Party p7 7:15 BALLOON p33


12:30 2nd DATE SEX 2:15 2nd DATE SEX 4pm Perspectives p99 6pm IN SAFE HANDS p60 7pm Italia-Bangla p7 8pm BANGLA p32


2pm LOVE IS BLIND 4pm It’s Complicated p97 6pm THE DUCKPOND p53 7:30 Merry Meatballs p7 8pm SIBYL p35 10pm WHISKEY ON BEER p79



8am LOVE IS BLIND 10am High School Video Competition p107 12pm MARCHING FORWARD p73 1:30 BEFORE I FORGET p36


3:30 CELESTE pgs 18, 41 T 5:30 FUNNY YOU NEVER KNEW p64 8:30 SAFE SPACES pgs 20, 21 10pm Centerpiece Party p6 10:15 DRAG ME TO HELL p21


9am LOVE IS BLIND 11am Bicycle Brunch p7 12pm SEX, DRUGS & BICYCLES p83 2pm L‘AMORE A DOMICILIO p63 4pm SWEETHEARTS p86 5:30 Bavarian Brou-Ha-Ha Party p7 6pm INITIALS S.G. p61 8pm PAPITA 2ND BASE p78 10pm Rumba Venezolana p7


8:30am LOVE IS BLIND 10:30am Family Affair p96 Noon L’eau Est La Vie/Sweetwater p87 2pm BE NATURAL p67 4pm AFTER PARKLAND, After Parkland p30 5:45 TRAUMFABRIK p88 6:30 Evening Cruise p6 8pm STRAIT-JACKET p22-23


2pm LOVE IS BLIND 4pm Above & Below p95 5pm Wild Bill’s Happy Hour p7 6pm CEASE FIRE p24-25 7:45pm Diane Baker Tribute Reception p7 8pm MARNIE p22-23


2pm LOVE IS BLIND 4pm Revolution p100 6pm LUCIA’S GRACE p71 8pm DELFIN p48 9:30 Argentine Tapas Party p7


2pm LOVE IS BLIND 4pm The Stronger Sex p101 6pm FRANCES FERGUSON p55 8pm COLD FEET p44 9:30 Beers & Brats p7


2:30 Teamwork p104 4pm CURTIZ p47 6pm RAISING BUCHANAN p19, 80 8pm LOST BAYOU p68 9:30 Cajun Party p7 10pm CROCODYLUS / Feed My Eyes p46


10am Teamwork p104 Noon SEEING BEAUTY p82/ Little Con Lili p98 2pm THE LAND p65 4pm A STONE IN THE WATER p85 6pm And The Brave Shall Rise p39 6:30 Brave Rave p7 7:30 WOODSTOCK (Free Party in the Street!) p93 7:30 VICTOR & CELIA p89 9pm THE WALL OF MEXICO p90


Noon THE LAST PIG p67 2pm WORKING MAN p94 3:30 LunchBox Dive p7 4pm FROM THE VINE p26-27, 29 6pm A NEW CHRISTMAS p74 8pm GOOD NEIGHBOUR / Zoe, Whats Going On p58

Nov 18 - 21 SCANDALOUS: The UnTold Story of the National Enquirer Nov 22 - 28 Pedro Almodovar's PAIN & GLORY

Tickets to Parties & Receptions listed in PURPLE, include an associated film ticket.



SATURDAY, NOV 2 1pm 3pm 5pm 7pm 9pm





1pm DIALOGUE EARTH p49 3pm Perspectives p99 5pm CHASING THE JET STREAM p43 7pm THE KING’S MUSKETEERS p62 9pm BEFORE I FORGET p36


1pm TBA 3pm A NEW CHRISTMAS p74 5pm It’s Complicated p97 7pm THE LOST MOTHER / Terror Road p69 9pm BEST OF DORIEN B. p37


1pm College Winners p107 3pm College Winners p107 5pm A DREAM BEFORE DYING p51 7pm WE WERE ISLANDS p91


1pm FUNNY YOU NEVER KNEW (Movie Club screening) p64 3pm THE FRESHMEN p56 5pm THE PERFECT GANGSTER p79 7pm GOOD NEIGHBOUR / Zoe, What’s Going On p58 9pm PAPITA 2ND BASE p78




10:45am Filmed in Broward p105 12:30 LA BOLDUC p38 2:30 SWEETHEARTS p86 4:30 THE DUCKPOND p53 6:30 L’AMORE A DOMICILIO p63 8:30 FLY LIKE A GIRL p54

MONDAY, NOV 11, VETERANS DAY 1pm The Stronger Sex p101 3pm AMERICAN MIRROR p31 5pm SIREN’S CALL p84 7pm VICTOR & CELIA p89


1pm TBA 3pm WHERE THERE IS DARKNESS p92 5pm Family Affair p96 7pm TRAUMFABRIK p88


1pm TBA 3pm AFTER PARKLAND/After Parkland p30 5pm TBA 7pm FRANCES FERGUSON p55


1pm TBA 3pm TBA 5pm THE LAST PIG p67 7pm RAISING BUCHANAN p19, 80 9pm DELFIN p48


11:30am AUTONOMY 1pm AUTONOMY 3pm BE NATURAL p67 5pm Revolution p100 7pm SAINT FRANCES p81 9pm INITIALS S.G. p61


8:30am AUTONOMY 10am Teamwork p104 1pm WORKING MAN p94 3pm CURTIZ p47 5pm LOST BAYOU p68 7pm LUCIA’S GRACE p71 9pm COLD FEET p44 10:45pm AUTONOMY


9am AUTONOMY 11:30am AUTONOMY 1pm THE LAND p65 3pm A STONE IN THE WATER p85 5pm FROM THE VINE p26, 27, 29 7pm WALL OF MEXICO p90 9pm CROCODYLUS / Feed My Eyes p46

NOV 18 - NOV 21

2pm & 4pm AUTONOMY

Nov 22 - 28 Pedro Almodovar's PAIN & GLORY


11am Above & Below p95 1pm Kids p98 3pm FUNNY YOU NEVER KNEW p64 5pm SAFE SPACES p20-21 7pm CELESTE p19, 41


bistro 1902 Hollywood free drink or appetizer with flIff film ticket stub. Matinee Happy Hour at Cinema Paradiso daily with 50% off at concessions til 4pm

Film Only Tickets IN ADVANCE: $8 Members / $9 students / $10 Seniors / $12 Gen Adm, ALL Non-member Tickets at the door $15... Film & Party Combo range from $15 - $75 (see pg 6-7)

At times, we may not be able to escape dilemmas concerning customs, weather, and the kindness of strangers. Therefore we ask you to confirm your show times by logging to flIff.com and/or follow us on Twitter @gregfliff and @cinemaparadiso5; InstaGram @fliffnmore & fb fort lauderdale Int film festival



NSU ART MUSEUM 1 East Las Olas Boulevard Fort Lauderdale 33301 TUESDAY, NOV 12






A Night At The Museum Buffet Tickets are $15 FLIFF Members & $20 Non-Members, includes an Buffet with salad, bread, dessert, complimentary beer, wine or soft drinks… includes admission to the 7pm film. Inspired in Balder's native country Spain & his movie enjoy Paella, tortilla espanola & some American classics Caesar Salad, Waldorf salad & Carrot cake. AMERICAN MIRROR p31

nsu art Museum members get fRee admission to these five films with Membership Card.


10610 West Oakland Park Sunrise 33351 SATURDAY, NOV 16

HAPPY ENDING p59 THE DUCKPOND p53 FUNNY YOU NEVER KNEW p64 Sunrise’s Sunset Party Ticket holders to any of the three films shown today get admission to the party with a buffet and cash bar. Sunrise screenings $8/film. Sunrise residents get 2 for 1 tickets with ID. Parking is fRee on the street level lots surrounding the Center


NSU East Campus Alumni Hall 3100 SW 9th Ave Fort Lauderdale 33328 954-262-8471 FRIDAY, NOV 8

11am HAPPY ENDING p59 Includes complimentary coffee & pastries!

NSU ART MUSEUM OCTOBER 27, 2019 - JULY 5, 2020

@nsuartmuseum nsuartmuseum.org | 954-525-5500 One East Las Olas Blvd. Fort Lauderdale 33301


FLIFF Chairman Emeritus, Ginny Miller, Opening Night 2018, introducing the Marti Huizenga Humanitarian Award at Hard Rock.

This exhibition is made possible with the generous support of Dr. David and Linda Frankel, the David and Francie Horvitz Family Foundation, and Funding Arts Broward, Inc.

KAWS, COMPANION (PASSING THROUGH), 2011. Collection of the Artist © KAWS

1pm 3pm 5pm 6:30
















aMazon advenTuRe 3d

An 11 year journey through the Amazon rainforest as a young man who risks his life for science in the 1850’s. He discovers the phenomenon of mimicry, whereby certain animals adopt the look of others.

baCk fRoM THe bRInk 3d

Animals on the brink of extinction: Channel Island Fox, imperiled by intro of Golden Eagles to their habitat. Migration of the Christmas Island Red Crabs and the Golden Monkey, living in biodiverse regions.

baCkyaRd WIldeRness 3d

Spanning a seasonal year, the film displays a stunning array of unique wildlife images and behavior - captured by cameras and revealing its inhabitants in rare and breathtaking intimacy.

a beauTIful PlaneT 3d A breathtaking portrait of Earth from space, providing a unique perspective and increased understanding of our planet and galaxy as never seen before. Narrated by Jennifer Lawrence.

boRn To be WIld 3d

GReaT beaR RaInfoResT 3d

Journey to a land of grizzlies, coastal wolves, sea otters and the allwhite spirit bear — the rarest bear on earth. The Great Bear Rainforest is one of the wildest places left on earth.

Hubble 3d

Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, an unprecedented voyage through distant galaxies to explore the grandeur and mystery of our celestial surroundings.

naTIonal PaRks advenTuRe 3d

Millions have hiked through impossibly lush forests, to gaze upon towering cliffs and deepplunging canyons, to witness the breathtaking arcs of natural history, and, to share moments of wonder.

Pandas 3d

A breathtaking adventure and amazing experience for the whole family. Join Qian Qian on an exciting new adventure in the mountains of Sichuan as she takes her first steps outside her protected habitat.

sPaCe sTaTIon 3d

Narrated by Morgan Freeman, Born to be Wild 3D is an inspiring story of love, dedication and the remarkable bond between humans and animals. Cuba (pg 11)

As astoundingly beautiful as it is technically dazzling. Audiences travel 220 miles above Earth at 17,500 mph to experience Space Station 3D the greatest engineering feat since landing a man on the Moon.

It is not only a journey through engineering’s greatest wonders, but equally a tale of human grit, aspiration, compassion and the triumph of human ingenuity over life’s greatest challenges.

An underwater look at the diverse coastal regions of Southern Australia, New Guinea and the Indo-Pacific areas and the impact of global warming on the oceans.

dReaM bIG 3d


undeR THe sea 3d



oPEninG niGHT PArTy

fRIday, nov 1, 7:30 – 9:30PM MuseuM of dIsCoveRy & sCIenCe

401 SW 2nd St, Fort Lauderdale 33312 Cuban Fiesta, Victor George Vodka and Black Cat Rum cocktails, Stella Artois and Cuban Cuisine catered by Cubano’s by Mario. And the live sounds of Tito Film Sponsors: Puente, Jr’s Latin Jazz Ensemble, Feminafrika World Music Group & DJ Jaime Bonnie Barnett & Solis. Dress Cuban Casual. $50 FLIFF Members / $75 non-Member Complimentary Robert Kagan, M.D. John Mager admission FLIFF Superstars & Executive Producers. Includes the IMAX Film Entertainment Sponsor: CUBA, at either 5pm, 7pm or 9pm. WInes by dIvIno IMPoRTs Cyndi Boyar

rETro Pool PArTy & ElviS’ Girl HAPPy! Tuesday, nov 5, 7PM - 9:30PM sPInnakeR Pool deCk aT THe ConRad foRT laudeRdale beaCH

551 North Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd, Fort Lauderdale 33304 Passed hors d’oeuvres and drink specials. Movie screen floats in the pool. Live music & surprises. The film starring Elvis and Shelley Fabares was shot on Lauderdale Beach in 1965. Special Guest, Co-star, Chris Noel. Dress Pool Party chic. $25 FLIFF Members / $35 non-Members Complimentary admission FLIFF Superstars. PRoduCed by sTeven savoR

CEnTErPiECE PArTy & JuSTin lonG in SAFE SPACES saTuRday, nov 9, folloWInG THe 8:30PM sCReenInG of safe sPaCes – savoR CIneMa

503 SE 6th St, Fort Lauderdale 33301 Italian Buffet & Drink Specials. Justin Long star of the film will receive our Career Achievement Award prior to the film. He will be joined by director/writer Daniel Schechter. Dress casual. $25 FLIFF Members / $35 non-Members Includes the film. Complimentary admission FLIFF Superstars, Executive Producers & Directors.

EvEninG CruiSE

Monday, nov 11, 6:30 – 9PM aboaRd THe MuseTTe

The Musette

The boat is docked on the New River directly behind Savor Cinema. It departs precisely at 7pm. You can park for free in the Courthouse Parking Garage and walk to the boat (3-5 mins). Dress casual yachting. Hors d’oeuvres buffet & Cash Bar. $25 FLIFF Members / $35 non-Members Complimentary admission FLIFF Superstars & Executive Producers.

BrunCH CruiSE ABoArD THE CAPriCE sunday, nov 17, 11:30aM - 1:30PM

Since 1989, Sun Dream Yacht Charters has provided FLIFF with a Brunch Cruise, including open bar aboard their luxury yacht, CAPRICE. Sailing at 11:30am and returning at 1:30pm. Free for Superstars and Executive Producers. $50 members / $70 all others.

CloSinG niGHT WrAP PArTy

sunday, nov 17, following the 4pm screening of fRoM THe vIne - THe aTlanTIC HoTel & sPa


601 North Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd, Fort Lauderdale 33304 Join Lifetime Achievement honoree, Joe Pantoliano and Career Achievement honoree, Marco Leonardi, both stars of FROM THE VINE on the Pool Deck of The Atlantic Hotel & Spa. Hors d’oeuvres, signature cocktails and live music. Dress Beach Casual. The party will be at The Atlantic Hotel & Spa (5th Floor Oceanfront Terrace) and hosted by Wild Thyme Oceanside Eatery. $25 FLIFF Members / $35 non-Members Complimentary admission FLIFF Superstars & Executive Producers. Includes the film + free bus shuttle from Savor to Atlantic.

Matinee Happy Hour at Cinema Paradiso daily with 50% off at concessions til 4pm


flIff vacances soiree at JMC Following the 4:30pm OUR HAPPY HOLIDAY – Join Camille Chamoux and Patrick Cassir at the soiree. Paris to Bulgaria and end in Ft Lauderdale. Shopska salad, Mousska several Bulgarian foods, Baguettes, brie & pate and key lime pie. $20 FLIFF Mbrs / $25 non-Mbr Comp admission FLIFF Superstars & Exec Producers. Includes the film.

east Germany escape Party at JMC 6:15pm prior to the 7:15 BALLOON Currywurst is a matter of national pride for Berliners & potatoes. Leipzig Carrot Cake for dessert. $15 FLIFF Mbrs / $20 non-Mbr Comp admission FLIFF Superstars & Exec Prod. Includes the film.

JMC = John Mager Courtyard at Savor Cinema

Saturday, Nov 2

Toga Party at JMC Following the 10pm ANIMAL HOUSE – Join Karen Allen & Peter Riegert! Wear a Toga or not… up to you…but dress Frat House grunge…or not. It is FRAT time at FLIFF, Chug down some beer & assorted pizzas & finger licking chicken wings! $20 FLIFF Mbrs / $25 non-Mbr Comp admission FLIFF Superstars & Exec Producers. Includes the film.

Sunday, Nov 3

bagel nosh at JMC Prior to the Noon LOVE IN SUSPENDERS Yogurt, fruit, bagels & cream cheese, coffee, tea, juice. $15 FLIFF Mbrs / $20 non-Mbr Comp admission FLIFF Superstars & Exec Producers. Includes the film. Italian festa at JMC Following the 4pm THE KING’S MUSKETEERS Dress with puffy swashbuckling sleeves or highlight your décolletage or wear a rubber sword or feathered hat or just dress casual. Antipasti buffet: focaccia bread, prosciutto, salami, peperonata, pasta caprese salad & tiramisu $20 FLIFF Mbrs / $25 non-Mbr Comp admission FLIFF Superstars & Exec Producers. Includes the film.

Gamble Rogers florida folk at JMC Following the 6pm GAMBLE ROGERS Join Director William Sykes, Producer Melissa Sykes and Exec Producer Charles Steadham for Cracker Barrel, with live guitar pickin’ & song. Southern fried chicken, collard greens, mac & cheese and pecan pie. $20 FLIFF Mbrs / $25 non-Mbr Comp admission FLIFF Superstars & Exec Producers. Includes the film. argentine fiesta at JMC Following the 8pm RE LOCA Join director Martino Zaidelis, and Diego Torres Clerico (white sangria), empanadas, chimichurri & dulce de leche cake. $20 FLIFF Mbrs / $25 non-Mbr Comp admission FLIFF Superstars & Exec Producers. Includes the film.

Monday, Nov 4

Turkish Party at JMC 7pm, prior to the 8pm SIREN'S CALL Make your own Doner, with veggie toppings, spices, and garlic yogurt. For dessert baklava. $15 FLIFF Mbrs / $20 non-Mbr Comp admission FLIFF Superstars & Exec Prod. Includes the film.

Tuesday, Nov 5

funny Girl Party at JMC Following the 8pm WE WERE ISLANDS Join stars Amrita Pradhan & Noel Taylor. Indian inspired menu with samosas with Mint Raita Salad , Mango lassi drink & rice pudding $15 FLIFF Mbrs / $20 non-Mbr Comp admission FLIFF Superstars & Exec Producers. Includes the film.

Wednesday, Nov 6

Thursday, Nov 7

Italian-bangladesh fest at JMC 7pm prior to the 8pm BANGLA Bangladeshi biryani, rice dish, considered best in the world & Haleem lentil soup, leave space for gelato! $15 FLIFF Mbrs / $20 non-Mbr Comp admission FLIFF Superstars & Exec Prod. Includes the film.

Friday, Nov 8

lifelong learning yearning at nsu East Campus Alumni Hall 3100 SW 9th Ave Prior to the Friday 11am HAPPY ENDING FREE Coffee & Pastries Merry swedish Meatball Party at JMC Following the 6pm THE DUCKPOND Join writer/director Robert Andersson. Swedish meatballs with lingonberries jam! From Sweden, with meatball love. Mashed potatoes, apple pie $20 FLIFF Mbrs / $25 non-Mbr Comp admission FLIFF Superstars & Exec Prod. incl film. WHIskey on beeR PodCasT PaRTy Prior to 10pm WHISKEY ON BEER Meet & Greet with South FL rockers while enjoying the tunes of GOLD DUST LOUNGE BAND

Sunday, Nov 9

Toast Honoree Radha Mitchell Prior to the 3:30pm CELESTE, grab an Aussie Beer & Meat OR Veggie Pie!

Sunday, Nov 10

bicycle brunch at JMC 11am, prior to the Noon SEX, DRUGS & BICYCLES Free with your ticket to the film. Coffee, Juice, Bagels, Yogurt & Fruit.

bavarian brouHaHa at JMC Following the 4pm SWEETHEARTS Obaztda and Brezel (Pretzel) & Käsespätzle can roughly be described as rich man’s mac and cheese. $20 FLIFF Mbrs / $25 non-Mbr Comp admission FLIFF Superstars & Exec Prod. Includes the film.

Rumba venezolana at JMC Following the 8pm PAPITA 2ND BASE Arepa Bar: Venezuelan staple of ground maize dough. Filled with your choice of cheese or Reina Pepiada (chicken queen), plantains, up to you! And 3 leches. $20 FLIFF Mbrs / $25 non-Mbr Comp admission FLIFF Superstars & Exec Prod. Includes the film.

Monday, Nov 11

Her axe-Husband Party at JMC 7pm prior to the 8pm STRAIGHT-JACKET Join us for a light pre-film reception. Diane Baker will be interviewed onstage by Foster Hirsch following film. Make your own crazy Sandwich with all kinds of fixings at the Axe FLIFF tasting table. $15 FLIFF Mbrs / $20 non-Mbr Comp admission FLIFF Superstars & Exec Prod. Includes the film.

Tuesday, Nov 12

Wild bill’s Happy Hour at JMC 5pm prior to the 6pm CEASE FIRE Join us for a light pre-tribute party for Bill Grefe. Rice Pilaf, Caesar Salad, fruit salad. $15 non-Mbr Comp admission All FLIFF Mbrs. Includes the film.

diane baker Tribute Party at JMC 7:45pm prior to MARNIE Join us for a light POST-tribute party for Diane Baker. Soup & Salad, cheesecake night! $15 non-Mbr Comp admission All FLIFF Mbrs. Includes the film.

Wednesday, Nov 13

argentine Tapas Party at JMC Following the 8pm DELFIN Meet writer/director Gaspar Scheuer Marinated Olive & Cheese Ring, Shrimp ceviche shots, Argentine Russian phyllo cups $15 FLIFF Mbrs / $20 non-Mbr Comp admission FLIFF Superstars & Exec Prod. Includes the film.

Thursday, Nov 14

beer & brats Party at JMC Following the 8pm COLD FEET Rolls, mustard, apple sauerkraut, & bratwursts! German Chocolate Cake $15 FLIFF Mbrs / $20 non-Mbr Comp admission FLIFF Superstars & Exec Prod. Includes the film.

Friday, Nov 15

lousy President Party Prior to the 6pm screening of RAISING BUCHANAN Raise your glass of Enovation Prosecco, toast the honoree and enjoy an American favorite: Donuts many ways!

Cajun Party at JMC Following the 8pm LOST BAYOU Meet the director, writer and stars of LOST BAYOU Easy Cajun Jambalaya, Succotash & bananas foster $20 FLIFF Mbrs / $25 non-Mbr Comp admission FLIFF Superstars & Exec Prod. Includes the film.

Saturday, Nov 16

stone soul Picnic at JMC Following the 4pm A STONE IN THE WATER Meet the director/writer Daniel Cohen and co-star Kim Leemans Hot dogs, veggie dogs, coleslaw, potato salad & cupcakes $15 FLIFF Mbrs / $20 non-Mbr Comp admission FLIFF Superstars & Exec Prod. Includes the film. Memories of Woodstock by the Martin Hand Quartet will play live from 5:45-7:15 with songs exclusively from WOODSTOCK. brave Rave at JMC Following the 6pm AND THE BRAVE SHALL RISE Smörgåsbord buffet with bold flavors Meet Rep, Cyndi Polo Comp admission for ticket holders to the film.

WoodsToCk street Party On the street in front of Savor Cinema 7pm – 10pm A FREE Outdoor screening, WOODSTOCK, celebrating its 50th anniversary Comp admission EVERYONE…Food Trucks parked alongside the Courtyard. Savor Bars open throughout.

Sunday, Nov 17

lunchbox dive at JMC Following the 2pm WORKING MAN Meet the director/writer Robert Jury and co-star Talia Shire Grab your FLIFF box, with your choice of veggie, Italian or all American subs & chocolate chip cookies!! $15 FLIFF Mbrs / $20 non-Mbr Comp admission FLIFF Superstars & Exec Prod. Includes the film.



On-Line You can purchase all your

tickets, memberships and parties at FLIFF.com

VENUES: Where We Are - When

Atlantic Hotel & Spa (AHS) Nov 17 AutoNation IMAX (IX) at Museum of Discovery & Science Nov 1, 2-7 Cinema Paradiso-Hollywood (CPH): Nov 1 - 17 John Mager Courtyard at Savor Cinema (JMC): Nov 1 – 17. Lifelong Learning Center (LLI) Nov 8 Musette (MU): Nov 11 NSU Art Museum (AM): Nov 12-14 Savor Cinema (SC): Nov 1 – 17 Spinnaker at The Conrad (TC) Nov 5 Sun Dream Yacht Charters: (SD) Nov 17 Sunrise Civic Center (SUN): Nov 16

Your ALL MOVIE PASS provides admission to all films (except GIRL HAPPY; CUBA Nov 1st, 7pm & 9pm) and all JMC parties.

details of the above on pages 6 - 7

Taking Your Vacation From Ordinary Film:

If you know where you’re going… and you know what film(s) you want to see – then go online fliff.com or call us at 525-FILM and order them in advance…don’t have a credit card, no problemo, we still take cash and you can buy them at the door. Then get yourself and your moviegoing chums on down to the theatre about 15 minutes before showtime, and voila! You are FLIFFing!

FLIFF Tickets


Regular screenings: $8 FLIFF Members, $9 for Military & Students, Seniors $10, General Admission $12 $15 All movie tickets at the door!! Not applicable to FLIFF Members. Save money and purchase in advance on line or at the box office Special Screenings $5 - $75 depending upon the event Many include pre or post receptions Opening Night Party: $50 Members, $75 Non-member Retro Pool Party: $25 Members, $35 Non-Members Centerpiece Party: $25 Members, $35 General Admission Evening Cruise: $25 members $35 Non-member Sun Dream Brunch (Nov 17) $50 members / $70 Non-Members Closing Night at The Atlantic Hotel & Spa: $25 Members, $35 Non-Members FAST Passes: $300 Members, $350 Non-Members includes all films

November 1-17 (+ all nightly receptions at Savor Cinema, Centerpiece Party and Closing Night at The Atlantic. NO REFUNDS, Only exchanges upon availability

Let’s Make A Deal!

Want to enjoy FLIFF with all the frills but for much less money? Become a member! Your benefits don’t just go thru FLIFF’s twenty-four days, but are good year-round at Savor Cinema, Cinema Paradiso – Hollywood and other venues and locations we use for special events.

We have made it even easier this year by creating susTaInInG MeMbeRsHIPs which allow you to break your fee down into monthly payments, providing the benefit of letting you upgrade your level without breaking the bank. And once you sign up, we do all the work. The fee will be divided into 12 equal payments and automatically charged to your credit or debit card. See back two pages for details!

All Movie Pass

If you're serious about movies...then you'll seriously want to consider the All Movie Pass, a photo ID card you wear around your neck...a ticket to ease. Why is it so wonderful? The AMP is your perfect FLIFF companion as it allows you to access all film screenings without standing in the ticket line. No need to carry cash or to worry about special screenings. No need to stand in line to enter auditorium. All Movie Pass includes all screenings (november 1-17, 2019 except nov 1), 7pm & 9pm IX), Nightly Receptions at Savor Cinema, Centerpiece Party and Closing Night at The Atlantic. FLIFF Members: $300 ~ Non-Members: $350


Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.


Opening Night Film & Party (Nov 1) at MODS is Cubano Casual.

The Retro Pool Party at The Atlantic Hotel & Spa, Fort Lauderdale Beach (Nov 5) Come in your bathing suit if you like…or shorts…very beach casual.

Evening Cruise (Nov 12) is tres casual, if its warm, dress cool...white is always nice. Sun Dream Brunch (Nov 17) Yacht casual

Closing Night Party (Nov 17) on the Pool Deck of the Atlantic Hotel & Spa…so that is your cue.


Elsewhere, dress up, dress down… whatever you like to do, just be comfortable and you’ll feel fine.

Directions & Parking

The atlantic Hotel & spa, 515 n fort lauderdale beach blvd, 33304 Special FLIFF Valet $5. From Sunrise Blvd and A1A, turn right and go south. Hotel on the right.

Cinema Paradiso-Hollywood, 2008 Hollywood blvd, Hollywood 33020 2½ blocks west of Young Circle. From Ft Lauderdale on the east side, take US 1 south, turn right on to Hollywood Blvd and park wherever you want. CP-H is on the south side of Hwd Blvd. Parking on the street can be a challenge, but there are two large Parking Garages within walking distance at $1/hr Great for taking advantage of all the bistros. There are also two large public garages within 5 mins walk at just $1/hour.

Conrad Hotel around spinnaker Pool deck, 601 n ft lauderdale beach blvd. 33304 Special FLIFF Valet $15. From Sunrise Blvd and A1A, turn right and go south. Hotel on the right. lifelong learning Ctr, nsu east Campus alumni Hall, 3100 ne 9th ave, Exit I-95 at State Road 84 East. Go east on State Road 84 to SW 9th Avenue. Make a right onto SW 9th Avenue. NSU's east campus is the only five-story building on the left. Musette Park for FREE in the Courthouse Parking Garage as if going to Savor, but then walk to the river and turn right. Adjacent to Smoker Park.

nsu art Museum, 1 east las olas, ft lauderdale 33301 From I-95, take Broward Blvd East, Turn Right on Andrews Avenue, and Turn Left at SE 2nd St. Go one block and the Parking Garage is on your left and right. The one on the right is a bit closer to the Museum. The City owned Parking Garage is immediately East of the Museum. There is metered parking on the street level; parking on levels 2 and above is by machine, a bit more economical than the meters.

savor Cinema, 503 se 6 street, fort lauderdale 33301 From the south…take US 1 north. Turn left at SE 7th Street (last light before tunnel). Turn right on SE 5th Avenue (second right you come to). Go to stop sign. Cinema Paradiso is across the street on your right. The Courthouse Parking Garage is

across the street on your left, during FLIFF it will open 40 mins prior to showtime. You can also park for free at any street meter surrounding Cinema Paradiso all day on Sundays. Please know, the Meter Maids are ravenous. We suggest the garage which, to them, is like sunlight to a vampire. sun dream yacht Charters 2950 ne 32nd ave, fort lauderdale, fl 33308 There is limited on-street, metered parking. In addition, there is a parking garage approximately one block away that offers metered parking for $1.50/hour.

sunrise Civic Center, 10610 West oakland Park blvd, sunrise 33351, on the south side of Oakland Park Blvd between Nob Hill Road & Hiatus. From I-95 Exit going West on Oakland Park Blvd. Park for free in their huge street level parking lot.


Not a lot of them…pretty simple: 1) Turn off your cellphones during the film. 2) Don’t even text in the theatre during the film…its annoying…and risk being stigmatized as a jerk for the rest of your natural days. Failure to heed may result in banishment. 3) Can’t abide by those two…please just stay home and watch television. 4) Also, no videotaping during film (everyone knows that). 5) Be courteous to other members of the audience…and sure, while we’re at it, the staff and volunteers too! 6) Please help us keep theater clean in between movies by using the bins when leaving. Thanks to our friends at HEAL THE PLANET, reusable water bottles just $2.


Box-office 954-525-FILM (3456) info@FLIFF.com www.FLIFF.com

fort lauderdale Int'l film festival (mailing only) 1314 East Las Olas Blvd #007, Fort Lauderdale 33301-2334 954-525-3456 Main #; 954-342-9137 CPH


Nov 1 - 17, 2019


Karen Allen

robert Andersson

robert Byington

Patrick Cassir

Camille Chamoux

Daniel Cohen

Foster Hirsch

luis Hueck

robert Jury

Kimberly leemans

Chris noel

mark Patton

Amrita Pradhan

Stephen Pruitt

Diego Torres

Sergio novelli

Dane rhodes

Daniel Schechter

Gaspar Scheuer

Talia Shire

Bill & melissa Sykes

Juan villegas

Teri Wybel

martino Zaidelis

karen allen p14, 45 (actress/director best known for ANIMAL HOUSE, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK); Robert andersson p53 (Swedish writer/director); Robert byington p55 (US writer/director); Patrick Cassir p77 (French writer/director); Camille Chamoux p77 (French actress/writer); daniel Cohen p85 (US writer/director/comedian); foster Hirsch p21-22 (US author/lecturer/interviewer); luis Hueck p78 (Venezuelan writer/director); Robert Jury p94 (US writer/director); (US writer/director); kimberly leemans p85 (US actress/model); Chris noel p18 (actress/model); Mark Patton p75 (US actor); amrita Pradhan p91 (Indian writer/director/actress); stephen Pruitt p65 (US writer/director/producer); diego Torres p15 (Latin Actor / Singer/Celebrity); sergio novelli p78 (Int'l Journalist); Dane Rhodes daniel schechter p20 (US writer/director); Gaspar scheuer p48 (Argentine writer/ director/sound tech); Talia shire p94 (US actress ROCKY, THE GODFATHER); bill & Melissa sykes p57 (US director/ writer/producer team); Juan villegas p66 (Argentine writer/director); Teri Wybel p68 (US actress); Martino zaidelis p15 (Argentine writer/director)


The Opening Night Party of the 34th Annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival Friday, November 1, 2019 7:30 – 9:30pm The Museum of Discovery & Science Party details page 6

Tito Puente, Jr’s Latin Jazz Ensemble

DON DELGADO CIGARS will be rolling cigars for all interested (smoking outdoors only).


Bonnie Barnett & Robert Kagan, M.D. John B. Mager, Sr. Cyndi Boyar


PeTeR H. CHanG, dIReCToR; CaMIlle CHaMoux, and veRy sPeCIal oPenInG Weekend GuesTs kaRen allen and PeTeR RIeGeRT





Sponsored by

Bonnie Barnett & Robert Kagan, M.D. John B. Mager, Sr.


Cuba 5 PM fIlM only Cuba 7PM fIlM & PaRTy Cuba 9PM fIlM & PaRTy Cuba 9PM fIlM only Peter H. Chang USA-Cuba / 2019 / 45 min / English / Documentary

CUBA tells the powerful story of a land preserved in time, yet poised on the cusp of dramatic change. The nation’s vibrant culture, meticulously maintained colonial architecture, and pristine ecosystems provide a vivid window into the island’s history and spirit. CUBA will transport audiences across breathtaking landscapes, under the ocean surface to iridescent reefs, and into streets throbbing with music and dance in the heart of Havana. Through the eyes of Cuban artists, historians, and scientists, the film provides an intimate look this vivacious island nation. Filmed exclusively for IMAX® and giant screen formats, CUBA reveals why Cuba continues to stir the imagination of the world. CUBA is produced by Golden Gate 3D, in association with BBC Earth, Giant Screen Films and the Giant Dome Theater Consortium.

Writers: Mose Richards, Robert Mooring / Cinematographer: Peter S. Chang, Christopher Doyle, Justin Henning / Editor: Eric Freidenberg, Brad Kremer / Producers: Violet Angell, Peter H. Chang, Josue Lopez Lozano, Robert Mooring / Principal Cast: Fernando Bretos, Patricia Torres Diaz, Eusebio Leal / Contact: info@gsfilms.com Enjoy the sound of Cuba with Tito Puente, Jr's Latin Jazz Ensemble, performing live at The Opening Night party Sponsored by Cyndi Boyar.

THe foRT laudeRdale InTeRnaTIonal fIlM fesTIval, In PaRTneRsHIP WITH THe MuseuM of dIsCoveRy & sCIenCe PResenTs Cuba on fRIday, noveMbeR 1, aT THe auTonaTIon IMax THeaTeR. THe PaRTy Is oPen To PaTRons aTTendInG eITHeR THe 7PM oR 9PM sCReenInGs. 5PM – GeneRal adMIssIon sCReenInG 7PM – Gala sCReenInG 7:30 – oPenInG nIGHT PaRTy 9PM – Gala sCReenInG 34th 2019

Director: Peter H. Chang is known for his work on Cuba (2019), Jerusalem (2013) and America Wild: National Parks Adventure (2016).


11,000 DAyS, 11,000 SToriES...

Regina Bonney, Denise LaBella, Rick Eisen, Yvette White, he Long & Winding Road…in May of 1989, George Victoria Johnson, Odalis Peralata, Barbra Nightengale, Marcye H. W. Bush was President, and the Berlin Wall still Slutsky, David Jaffe, Will Coakley, Ken Butts, Lea Gonzalez, stood. Top Pop groups included New Kids on the Abbie Cessna, Mia Tassone and many more that I will Block, The B-52s, Milli Vanilli, Depeche Mode and solo remember as soon as this goes to print. artists Sinead O’Connor, Janet Jackson, and Paula Abdul. The FLIFF Boards over the years have also been filled It would be 7 months until Taylor Swift would make her with tremendous community leaders who have given their debut on Planet Earth. And among the Top Movies, time, expertise, money…and thankfully, their patience, HONEY I SHRUNK THE KIDS, BATMAN, FIELD OF generously. There are too many to list, so I will just name DREAMS, and WEEKEND AT BERNIES. Gregory It was then, I drove into Fort Lauderdale to take the von Hausch the Chairs: Deborah Bolster, Scott Austin, Ginny Miller (who position of Executive Director of the 3-year-old Greater President & CEO served the FDR 3 Term deal), Gail Morrell, Bob Brantmeyer, Betsy Cameron, Ron Castell, Carole Nugent, John Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival. I had never been to a film fest and I had four & a half months to produce one. Boisseau, Gerry Weber, Alan Koslow, Doug Solomon and Jim Norton, The Fest was an 8-day event at that time showing nearly 20 who came on a year early to finish Doug’s term, who was taken from us too soon. Also, our incoming Chair, Skip Margerum and movies…not an overwhelming task, but still… There are thousands of weird, often wonderful, sometimes un- some other stellar contributors, Mel Maron, Mary Becht, Gale Butler, nerving stories that took shape during the next 11,000 days. I will try Jamie Edgemon, Peter Langone, Steven Savor, Lynn Taylor, Susan to share one or two each day during the 17 nights of FLIFF, but in Renneisen, Sandy McCallum, Diane Sobo, Estelle Fineberg, Teri this small space, I must thank a lot of people. First of all, Martha Pattullo, John Mager, Eileen Schneider, Bob Kagan, Bonnie Barnett, Smith whom I hired within a week of my arrival. Other staffers that George Kress, Nick Milani, Steven Naimoli, Daryl Miller, Betty played key roles were Mariah Reed, Andrea Blakesberg, Frances Lakeysmith, Jeff Brown, Rob Davis and Michael Goldberg. The above is not a finite list. There are many more Board, staff, Prevallet, Rex Downham, Denis Bancroft , Justin Goudreau, Bonnie Adams, Lily Majul, Chi Li Wong, Kevin Bosch, Nick Toutoungi, Sherry subscribers, sponsors, filmmakers & celebrities who played starring Robison Friedman, Christine Grund, Sue Gale, Gordon Smith, Steve and supporting roles. So really, thanks to all…it has been a great ride. But enough about the past. FLIFF34 will be a fun, exciting event, Menke, Pam Wallmann, Sandy Goldstein, Willys Michel, Jan Mitchel, Ken Perna (who puts together this beautiful catalog each year), powered by talented filmmakers, awesome celebrities, nightly special Michelle Filippi (Celebrating 10 yrs as FLIFF's Swiss Army Knife), Andrea events, and, above all, fascinating, intriguing, enthralling, thoughtSalazar, Heather Gilchrist, Beth McIntosh, John Campbell, Dennis provoking, edge of your seat movies that can transport you like no Freemyer, Lennie Wong, Irwin Levenstein, Rudrick Dawes, Jeanne other medium. So, sit back, cradle your popcorn and for 2, 4, 6 or O’Grady, Joan Kish, Tina LaBouef, Hal Axler, Steven Greenberg, Ray 8 hours a day, take a vacation from ordinary film. Cruz, Roy Lawrence, Janet Schwartz, Brian Bayerl, Danny Wilson, Lynn Blumberg, Karen Scinta, Craig Hill, Jose Cruz, Michele Boland, Reel regards,Gregory von Hausch, President & CEO Bob Meyer, Duncan Brinkhurst, Adrian Gabor, Lorraine Schramm, @gregfliff, greg@FLIFF.com




Top Row (ltoR): Soleil honors Ed Asner; Dennis Farina; Grand Bahama Press Conference 2010; Matthew Broderick; Soleil, Bonnie & James Caan; Irene Cara 2nd Row: Jeremy Renner; Leah Thompson; Marlo Thomas; Mary Stuart Masterson; Ginny Miller with her friend Michael; Talia Shire 3rd Row: Van Johnson; Leslie Nielsen; Robert Wuhl, Michael Caine, Robert Evans, Roger Moore; Sally Field; Arhur Hiller & Peter Falk; Jason Alexander, Pamela Shaw; 4th Row: Lord Richard Attenborough; Bevely D'Angelo; Burt Reynolds, Adam Rifkin; Eli Wallach; Christina Applegate; Sen George McGovern; bottom Row: Bonnie Adams Gian Carlo Esposito, Nelson Pilosof; Richard Chamberlain; Soleil with French Consul General & the Chevalier des Artes et Lettres.



Peter has been acting, writing, directing and producing for nearly 50 years. His movies include: ANIMAL HOUSE, LOCAL HERO, CROSSING DELANCEY, CHILLY SCENES OF WINTER, COLDBLOODED, UTZ, OSCAR, PASSED AWAY, THE MASK, TRAFFIC, WHITE IRISH DRINKERS, MIDDLETON and the short films THE WALK and THE RESPONSE, which received the ABA Silver Gavel and was short listed for an Academy nomination for live-action short. Television credits include: THE SOPRANOS, DAMAGES, GYPSY, BARBARIANS AT THE GATE, CONCEALED ENEMIES, LAW AND ORDER SVU, THE GOOD WIFE and ONE TREE HILL. On Broadway he was in THE OLD NEIGHBORHOOD, AN AMERICAN DAUGHTER, THE NERD and DANCE WITH ME. Off B'Way includes: SEXUAL PERVERSITY IN CHICAGO, THE BIRTHDAY PARTY, MOUTAIN LANGUAGE, ISN'T IT ROMANTIC and A ROSEN BY ANY OTHER NAME. His directorial film debut was the Academy nominated short BY COURIER, followed by his first feature, KING OF THE CORNER, with Isabella Rossellini, Eli Wallach, Rita Moreno, Beverly D'Angelo, Eric Bogosian and Dominic Chianese.

Books on Tape include: THE YIDDISH POLICEMAN'S UNION by Michael Chabon; WHERE I'M CALLING FROM, (11 short stories) by Raymond Carver; BLACK MONEY and THE CHILL by Ross McDonald and THE LAWGIVER by Herman Wouk. He played Oscar Newman in David Simon's mini-series for HBO, SHOW ME A HERO, with Oscar Isaac and Catherine Keener, based on Lisa Belkin's non-fiction book of the same name, directed by Paul Haggis. AMERICAN PASTORAL directed and starring Ewan McGregor, with Jennifer Connolly, Dakota Fanning, David Strathairn, and Uzo Aduba, adapted from Philip Roth's novel by John Romano. He plays Artie Goodman in Tina Fey's Netflix show, UNBREAKABLE KIMMIE SCHMIDT and plays opposite Kathy Bates in her new show, DISJOINTED, also for Netflix. Peter Riegert will attend opening night at Mods, and on nov 2, will intro his film exTRa InnInGs prior to ColeWell. later that evening, he will receive the lifetime achievement award prior to anIMal House (don’t forget to wear your ToGa!). karen allen will join him at all of these events.

Top Row (LtoR): KING OF THE CORNER (directorial debut), LOCAL HERO (with Burt Lancaster), The Good Wife, CROSSING DELANCEY Bottom: OSCAR, UTZ (with Armin Mueller Stahl), THE MASK, behind the scenes of WHITE IRISH DRINKERS with Karen Allen & Stephen Lang.


TRAILER AMERICAN STUDIO – RETROSPECTIVE PETER RIEGERT TRIBUTE FILM John Landis USA / 1978 / 109 min / English Delta Tau Chi fraternity at Faber College is the bane of Dean Vernon Wormer's existence. It's members don't attend class, are the source of endless pranks on campus and have broken every rule imaginable. As a group, they have a negligible GPA and their main reason for living is to party. When Wormer finally finds a way to expel them all, the men of Delta Tau Chi decide to give the college a homecoming parade they will never forget.

Donald “Boon” Schoenstein – Peter Riegert, Katy – karen allen, Larry Kroger – Thomas Hulce, Ken Dorfman – stephen furst, Eric Stratton – Tim Matheson, John “Bluto” Blutarsky – John belushi, Robert Hoover – James Widdoes, Dean Vernon Wormer – John vernon, Doug Neidermeyer – Mark Metcalf

PRIoR To anIMal House, PeTeR RIeGeRT WIll ReCeIve THe flIff lIfeTIMe aCHIeveMenT aWaRd. folloWInG THe sCReenInG, He WIll be JoIned by kaRen allen foR a Q&a fRoM THe audIenCe. saTuRday, nov 2, 10PM, savoR CIneMa



Responsible for all gaming, hospitality and entertainment operations at the Seminole Tribe of Florida since 2001, James F. Allen has guided the development of Seminole Gaming into one of the world’s most successful casino and integrated resort operators, with seven casino sites located throughout Florida. Allen has directed the massive expansion of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood, where the world’s first guitar-shaped hotel tower is part of a $2.2 billion capital investment program. Also included is a major expansion of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa, one of the world’s largest and most profitable casinos. Allen led the Seminole Tribe of Florida’s 2007 acquisition of Hard Rock International, the first acquisition of a major international company by a North American Indian Tribe. As Chairman of Hard Rock International, Allen oversees all operations of one of the most globally-recognized

James F. Allen

Chairman, Hard Rock International Chief Executive Officer, Seminole Gaming

brands, known for rock music and its signature cafes, hotels, casinos, memorabilia and live concerts. Under Allen’s leadership, Hard Rock has expanded its global presence from 46 to 75 countries since its 2007 acquisition, and grown from 138 locations to 259, including cafes, hotels and casinos, plus Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. With multiple philanthropic endeavors to his credit, Allen personally supports community organizations in South Florida and his native New Jersey, where he works to organize an annual charity golf tournament in memory of his close friend Jeffrey Riegel. In 2019, the tournament and Allen raised $250,000 for cancer research at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. He is also a strong supporter of the Seminole Hard Rock Winterfest Boat Parade and serves on its Advisory Board.

JaMes "JIM" allen WIll ReCeIve THe MaRTI HuIzenGa HuManITaRIan aWaRd, fRIday, noveMbeR 1sT, PRIoR To THe 7PM sCReenInG of Cuba aT THe auTonaTIon IMax The Award is designed and created by Nadine Egan Floyd. She has several public art projects around Broward County a 7-foot mosaic glass gator at Sawgrass Mill Mall, a 6-foot mosaic glass Sailfish at Esplanade Park in Riverwalk and a mosaic glass ceiling at the Sadkin Community Center in Lauderhill. She has completed numerous portraits and commissioned paintings, stained glass panels and mosaics along with other works of art that were sold at Masterpiece Galleries in Boca Raton, St. Lawrence Galleries in Fort Lauderdale, North Beach Art Gallery, and Native Colors Gallery in Key West.

Marti Huizenga

1990 Martin Scorsese FLIFF presentor w/Linda D'Olympio; 1995 Honoree Michael Caine & Roger Moore + spice; Woody Woodbury w/John Mager.

Bailee Madison Star on the Horizon; Soleil von Hausch w/Ernest Borgnine; Brie von Hausch w/Matt Damon; Doug Solom, Daryl Miller, Bill Kohn & Valerie Solomon at M*A*S*H* Party. 14

BUY TICKETS sat, nov 2, 9pm, CP

sun, nov 3, 8pm, Party follows, sC Re loCa fIlM only - sC





Sponsored by

sPeCIal GuesTs:naTalIa oReIRo MaRTIno zaIdelIs, dIeGo ToRRes

Martino Zaidelis Argentina / 2019 / 95 min / Spanish-Argentine w/English subtitles / Comedy

After years of living a monotonous life, full of ridiculous pressures and demands, a casual but magical encounter will allow Pilar (Natalia Oreiro, best known for her romantic lead in FLIFF former Best Film, CLEOPATRA) to go “Super Crazy” and say and do everything that goes through her mind. Coworkers, friends, husbands and family; all shall suffer the wrath of this sudden transformation. Of course, losing your filter can also bring about some consequences…

Writer: Andrés Aloi, Diego Ayala, Sebastián De Caro, Nicolás López, Martino Zaidelis / Cinematographer: Lucio Bonelli / Editor: Cristina Carrasco, Martino Zaidelis / Producers: Sebastian Aloi, Axel Kuschevatzky / Composer: Emilio Kauderer / Principal Cast: Natalia Oreiro, Diego Torres, Fernan Miras, Gimena Accardi, Hugo Arana, Pilar Gamboa / Contact: festival@meikincine.com DIRECTOR: Martino Zaidelis is a producer and director, known for The Man of Your reams (2011), Super Crazy (2018) and Recordando el show de Alejandro Molina (2011).

(l to R): MISS TACUAREMBÓ; SOLAMENTE VOS; CLEOPATRA; Rolling Stone; Cannes Cement; LYNCH; NASHA NATASHA; Concert Poster; GILDA; on the Red Carpet, EL AMOR DEL ANO naTalIa oReIRo WIll ReCeIve THe flIff2019 CaReeR aCHIeveMenT aWaRd vIa skyPe PRIoR To THe nov 3, 8PM sCReenInG.






Hailed as the new beacon of luxury on Fort Lauderdale’s exclusive North Beach, Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach rede nes ultra-elegant hospitality. Enhancing the South Floridian suite life, our distinctive resort offers a transformative 6th- oor Sky Deck with jaw-dropping panoramic views, serving as the anchor point for a myriad of special access adventures and experiences for our guests. For reservations, please call 954-414-5100.

fort lauderdale beach


551 N. Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33304, USA | Telephone: +1-954-414-5100









FLIFF and Steve Savor invite you to “Shake and Shimmy with the Cool Crowd” while enjoying Fort Lauderdale’s Iconic movie celebrating the 1965 Fort Lauderdale Beach movie

starring ElVIs PrESlEY

GiRL haPPy! Tu TTue ueessdday dday, da ay,, November N o ve mbe r 5t No Nov Nove Novem Novemb Novembe 55th, 5thh , 7pm 7 m 7p

Conrad Co Conra Conr Con Fort Fo For F Lauderdale L La Lau Laud Laude Lauder Lauderd Lauderda Lauderdal Beach, B Be Bea Beac Beach 6th 6 Floor 6t F Fl Flo Floo Sky S Deck Sk D De Dec 551 5 5 N. N Fort Fo For F Lauderdale L La Lau Laud Laude Lauder Lauderd Lauderda Lauderdal dale BBeach each e ea eac Boulevard, B Bo Bou Boul Boule Boulev Bouleva Boulevar Boulevard FFort Fo Lauderdale, For L La Lau Laud Laude Lauder Lauderd Lauderda Lauderdal Lauderdale Florida F ida Fl Flo Flori Flor id

Special Guest Appearance “Girl Happy” co-star, Chris Noel Complimentary drinks, hors d’oeuvres, music and entertainment ATTIRE: Elvis Chic, TICKETS: Call the Box Office: 954.525.3456 or visit www.FLIFF.com to purchase tickets TICKETS

Sponsored by Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach




Radha Mitchell (born 12 November 1973) is an Australian actress. She started her career acting in various Australian TV series and movies, and later became known for her appearance in Hollywood films. Mitchell, a native of Melbourne, began acting when she was still in high school and had her professional debut on the popular Australian soap, Neighbours in 1994. Two years later, she made her film debut in the romantic comedy LOVE AND OTHER CATASTROPHES, in which she starred as a college student experiencing a messy breakup. The film proved to be fairly popular in Australia, but it wasn't until she was cast in HIGH ART that Mitchell gained an introduction to a wider audience. The critical success of HIGH ART made it possible for her to do more international

work, and her increasing popularity was reflected by her subsequent casting in a number of projects. Among them were PITCH BLACK, a sci-fi horror film in which Mitchell played a pilot whose ship crashes on a hostile planet, and EVERYTHING PUT TOGETHER, a drama where she plays a suburban woman shunned by her peers after the death of her baby. Her career continued with a diverse run of films, including NOBODY'S BABY, MAN ON FIRE, FINDING NEVERLAND, and landing the lead in Woody Allen's Melinda and Melinda. Those last three films all hit the screens in 2004, she kept working steadily. Her other credits include SILENT HILL, HENRY POOLE IS HERE, SURROGATES and THE CRAZIES.


RadHa MITCHell WIll ReCeIve THe flIff2019 CaReeR aCHIeveMenT aWaRd on saTuRday, noveMbeR 9TH, PRIoR To THe sCReenInG of CelesTe (P41).



René Auberjonois is perhaps best known for portraying Father Mulcahy in the film classic M*A*S*H*, as Chef Louis in The Little Mermaid and for his TV roles on Benson (for which he was nominated for an Emmy Award), Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Boston Legal (3 time SAG Award nominee) He was recently seen in Certain Women and next appears in First Cow. In 2018, he was inducted into the Theatre Hall of Fame. René’s innumerable television credits include Grey's Anatomy, The Rockford Files, Charlie's Angels, Starsky & Hutch, Wonder Woman, Harry O, The Jeffersons, The Outer Limits, Night Gallery, Hart to Hart, Matlock, Murder, She Wrote, The Bionic Woman, Frasier, Judging Amy, Chicago Hope, The Bob Newhart Show, Star Trek: Enterprise, Stargate SG-1, Warehouse 13, Archer, L.A. Law, The Practice (Emmy nomination), Saving Grace, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Criminal Minds, NCIS, The Good Wife, The Librarians, and Madam Secretary. TV movies include: The Rhinemann Exchange, The Dark Secret of Harvest Home, Geppetto, Gore Vidal's Billy The Kid, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, and miniseries Sally Hemings: An American Scandal .

He received a third Emmy Award nomination for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. For Robert Altman, René appeared in iconic films Brewster McCloud, M*A*S*H*, McCabe & Mrs. Miller, Images, and The Player. Other credits include Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach, The Patriot, Batman Forever, Pete 'n' Tillie, The Hindenburg, King Kong, The Big Bus, Eyes of Laura Mars, Where The Buffalo Roam, Walker, My Best Friend Is a Vampire, The Feud, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Inspector Gadget, Eulogy, The Ballad of Little Jo, Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland, Cats Don't Dance, Joseph: King of Dreams, and Planes: Fire & Rescue. Auberjonois started his career at the Arena Stage in Washington, D.C., and helped found the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco, the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music Repertory Company. In 1968, he appeared in three plays simultaneously on Broadway: as Fool to Lee J. Cobb's King Lear, as Ned in A Cry of Players (opposite Frank Langella), and as continued on page 80

Top Row (ltoR): BATMAN FOREVER; Benson; Boston Legal; IMAGES 2nd Row: BREWSTER MCCLOUD, THE EYES OF LAURA MARS; STAR TREK: Deep Space Nine; King Lear 3rd Row: M*A*S*H*; INSPECTOR GADGET; The Practice; The Rockford Files bottom Row: KING KONG, THE HINDENBURG; THE PATRIOT Rene aubeRJonoIs WIll ReCeIve THe flIff2019 lIfeTIMe aCHIeveMenT aWaRd on fRIday, noveMbeR 15TH, PRIoR To THe sCReenInG of RaIsInG buCHanan.


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Daniel Schechter USA / 2019 / 91 min / English / Bittersweet Comedy

sPeCIal GuesTs:danIel sCHeCTeR, JusTIn lonG

A New York City professor spends a week re-connecting with his family while defending his reputation over controversial behavior at his college.

SAFE SPACES to me is a comedy of angst. I don’t find angst for angst’s-sake funny, entertaining or even enjoyable. However, Daniel Schechter’s newest film is a gem. Watching the preview screener on my computer, I was howling, writhing in uncomfortable tension, and yes, suspense! Justin Long is magnificent. He is surrounded by a group of actors completely adept at comedy and drama…truly a super ensemble.

Writer: Daniel Schechter / Producers: Courtenay Johnson, Lawrence Greenberg / Cinematographer: Gregory J. Wilson / Editor: Joshua Raymond Lee, Daniel Schechter / Production Designers: Cassaundra Franklin / Principal Cast: Justin Long, Kate Berlant, Fran Drescher, Richard Schiff, Becky Ann Baker, Lynn Cohen, Dana Eskelson, Michael Hsu Rosen, Michael Godere / Contact: schechter.daniel@gmail.com DIRECTOR Schechter is a writer, director, editor and professor. His last film, Life of Crime, starred Jennifer Aniston and was the closing night film of the Toronto Film Festival. His other directing credits include Supporting Characters, Goodbye Baby and he was the screenwriter of The Big Bad Swim. Schechter's latest, Safe Spaces, stars Justin Long, Kate Berlant, Richard Schiff and Fran Drescher.

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TICkeTs saTuRday, nov 9, 10:15PM, savoR CIneMa – sPeCIal GuesT: JusTIn

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Sam Raimi USA / 2003 / 99 min / English / Horror Christine Brown is a loans officer at a bank but is worried about her lot in life. She's in competition with a competent colleague for an assistant manager position and isn't too sure about her status with a boyfriend (Justin Long). Worried that her boss will think less of her if she shows weakness, she refuses a time extension on a loan to an old woman, Mrs. Ganush, who now faces foreclosure and the loss of her house. In retaliation, the old woman place a curse on her which, she subsequently learns, will result in her being taken to hell in a few days time. With the help of a psychic, she tries to rid herself of the demon, but faces several hurdles in the attempt. Starring: Alison Lohman & Justin Long.

H CAREER ACHIEVEMENT AWARD H Justin Long is an actor, writer, director, producer and humorist. He can be seen in the upcoming films THE WAVE and THE JAY AND SILENT BOB REBOOT as well as BBC/Netflix’s drama GIRI/HAJI. Long got his start with movie roles in GALAXY QUEST and JEEPERS CREEPERS. Other credits include DODGEBALL, ACCEPTED, THE BREAK UP, LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD, HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU, ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO, A CASE OF YOU (which he starred in, wrote and produced), and COMET. Justin currently hosts his podcast, LIFE IS SHORT WITH JUSTIN LONG, alongside his brother Christian. Justin long will receive the flIff2019 Career achievement award prior to the saturday, nov 9th screening of safe sPaCes.


Top Right: Promoting the non-proift GIRL'S HOUSE in Nicaragua; With Dan Schechter and cast of SAFE SPACES at Tribeca Film Fest; promo of his podcast LIFE IS SHORT; with Taylor Swift Top Row (ltoR): DODGEBALL, GALAXY QUEST, Promo of his podcast ; Middle Row: JEEPERS CREEPERS, LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD, As Mac in MAC vs PC Apple Ad; bottom Row: The Today Show, WAITING, ACCEPTED. JusTIn lonG WIll ReCeIve THe flIff2019 CaReeR aCHIeveMenT aWaRd on saTuRday, nov 9TH, PRIoR To safe sPaCes.



Top Row (ltoR): 300 SPARTANS, JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH, Bonanza, Wagon Train 2nd Row: Route 66 (at Weeki Wachee), Adventures in Paradise, THE COOLER YOUNGER SISTER EFFECT, Here We Go Again, W/Leslie Caron & Mike Medavoy, Diane's website 3rd Row: THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, with Paul Newman in THE PRIZE, Films in Review mag, THE BEST OF EVERYTHING, THE CABLE GUY, THE JOY LUCK CLUB bottom Row: KRAKATOA: EAST OF JAVA, w/Melvyn Douglas, MIRAGE w/Gregory Peck, w/USC Baseball Team, TESS OF THE STORM COUNTRY




Mark Robson George Stevens TRAILER USA / 1963 / 136 min / USA / 1959 / 180 min / English / Mystery Thriller English For some reason, this year's In Nazi-occupied Holland in World War II, shopkeeper Nobel prize in literature has Kraler hides two Jewish been awarded to the young families in his attic. author Andrew Craig, who Young Anne Frank keeps seems to be more interested a diary of everyday life for in women and drinking than writing. Another laureate is Dr. Max Stratman, the famous German-Amer- the Franks and the Van Daans, chronicling the Nazi threat as well ican physicist who comes to Stockholm for the award ceremony with his as family dynamics. A romance with Peter Van Daan causes young and beautiful niece Emily. The Foreign Department also assigns jealousy between Anne and her sister, Margot. Otto Frank returns him an assistant during his stay, Miss Andersson. Craig soon notices that to the attic many years after the eventual capture of both families Dr. Stratman is acting strangely. The second time they meet, Dr. Strat- and finds his late daughter's diary. This is Ms. Baker’s screen debut. man does not even recognize him. Craig begins to investigate. Cast: Cast: Diane Baker, Millie Perkins, Joseph Schildkraut, Shelley Winters, Gusti Huber, Lou Jacobi, Ed Wynn Diane Baker, Paul Newman, Edward G. Robinson, Elke Sommer TICkeTs saTuRday, oCT 26, 10aM, savoR CIneMa TICkeTs sunday, oCT 27, 10aM, CIneMa PaRadIso HollyWood fRee foR flIff MeMbeRs


H LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD H Under contract to 20th Century Fox, Diane Baker made her film debut in 1959 with appearances in three important films: THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK, THE BEST OF EVERYTHING, and JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH. Other Fox films included THE WIZARD OF BAGHDAD, TESS OF THE STORM COUNTRY, HEMINGWAY'S ADVENTURES OF A YOUNG MAN, THE 300 SPARTANS, and NINE HOURS TO RAMA. She co-starred with Paul Newman in THE PRIZE, with Maximilian Schell in the Cinerama epic KRAKATOA EAST OF JAVA, with Joan Crawford in the cult classic STRAITJACKET, with Susan Hayward in STOLEN HOURS, and with Gregory Peck in MIRAGE. Later films include THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, THE CLOSER, THE JOY LUCK CLUB, THE NET, THE CABLE GUY, and A MIGHTY WIND. Over the years Ms. Baker has appeared frequently in television movies and as a guest star on many popular episodic series. Her tv films include INHERIT THE WIND, A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN, THE HAUNTED,






and FUGITIVE FAMILY. She appeared as Rose Kennedy in JACKIE BOUVIER KENNEDY ONASSIS. Among the series for which she has been a popular guest star are MURDER, SHE WROTE, CHICAGO HOPE, ER, LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT, DRAGNET, MARCUS WELBY, M.D., POLICE WOMAN, COLUMBO, BARNABY JONES, KOJAK, BONANZA, and THE VIRGINIAN. She costarred as David Janssen's romantic interest in the two-part finale of THE FUGITIVE, which up to that time was the most-watched show in television history. In addition to her long and distinguished career as an actress, Ms. Baker is also a producer (NEVER NEVER LAND, A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE) and a beloved teacher of acting. For more than a decade, she taught acting at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and served as the executive director of the school of acting. Ms. Baker remains active up to the present as an actress, producer, documentarian, and educator.

Alfred Hitchcock USA / 1964 / 130 min / English / Crime Mystery Marnie Edgar is a habitual liar and a thief who gets jobs as a secretary and after a few months robs the firms in question, usually of several thousand dollars. When she gets a job at Rutland's, she also catches the eye of the William Castle handsome owner, Mark Rutland. He prevents her from stealing and running USA / 1964 / 93 min / English / Thriller off, as is her usual pattern, but also forces her to marry him. Their honeyLucy Harbin has been in an asylum for twenty years moon is a disaster and she cannot stand to have a man touch her, and on after axing her husband and his mistress during a crime their return home, Mark has a private detective look into her past. When he of passion, witnessed by her young daughter, Carol. has the details of what happened in her childhood to make her what she is, While trying to renew ties with Carol, who is now a he arranges a confrontation with her mother realizing that reliving the terrible young woman about to be married, heads begin to roll events that occurred in her childhood and bringing out those repressed again. Is Lucy repeating her past? Sponsored by memories is the only way to save her. Cast: Diane Baker, Joan Crawford Scott Bennett Cast: Diane Baker, Sean Connery, Tippi Hedren TICkeTs Monday, nov 11, 8PM, savoR TICkeTs Tuesday, nov 12, 8PM, savoR Carole Nugent & Sandy McCallum fRee foR flIff MeMbeRs dIane bakeR WIll aTTend boTH sCReenInGs. fIlM HIsToRIan and auTHoR, fosTeR HIRsCH WIll ConduCT an onsTaGe InTeRvIeW and ModeRaTe QuesTIons fRoM THe audIenCe, folloWInG sTRaIGHT-JaCkeT. Ms. bakeR WIll ReCeIve THe flIff lIfeTIMe aCHIeveMenT aWaRd PRIoR To THe sCReenInG of MaRnIe on Tuesday, nov 12TH.



Top Row (ltoR): In studio WILD REBELS; In Swamp STANLEY; With Actors RACING FEVER 2nd Row: In Studio STING OF DEATH; Filming sharks JAWS OF DEATH; With Rita Hayworth THE NAKED ZOO; With actors THE CHECKERED FLAG 3rd Row: As actor with crew in FLIGHT FOR A REBEL; With actors STING OF DEATH; Crew shot WILD REBELS 4th Row: With Crew; Directing THE HOOKED GENERATION Right page: Top: Younger Bill; Bottom: Quentin Tarantino's New Beverly Theatre, LA



Directed by David Nutter / Produced by William Grefe USA / 1985 / 97 min / English / Action-Adventure

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Tim Murphy is a Vietnam Vet. When he loses his job he starts to relive all the pain and horror of his time in Vietnam. The stresses and strains nearly destroy his marriage and his family. Only after joining a veterans' therapy group does Tim find relief from his nightmares. With the support of his fellow vets and the love of his wife, Tim recovers.

Writer: George Fernandez / Producer: William Grefe / Associate Producer: Ralph Clemente / Cinematographer: Henning Schellerup / Editor: Julio C. Chavez / Composer: Gary Fry / Principal Cast: Don Johnson, Lisa Blount, Robert F. Myers, John Archer, Richard Chaves, Joey DePinto


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Born May 17, 1930 at Biscayne Blvd. and 75th Street in Miami, William “Bill” Grefe' is the son of the illustrator, Will Grefe'. The first time Bill was onstage was during WW II, at age 12. Bill’s sister, Bun, drafted him to participate in a U.S.O. show entertaining soldiers on leave from the combat zone doing their R&R in Miami. He wrote, directed and acted in a one act play about soldiers, as a kid at Morningside Elementary in Miami. Bill went to Miami Edison High School and loved being in theatre classes and plays. He entered the Florida State Dramatic Contest and memorized the entire play and changed his personality to portray all six characters. This performance gave him the first-place award for the entire State. He won second place nationally. Bill was sure theatre or something pertaining to his imagination would be in his future. After High School he did summer stock at the Maverick Theatre in Woodstock New York with another young actor, Lee Marvin. His acting career was cut short by the Korean War. Bill joined the Navy. He also married and gave up the dream of becoming an actor. Following the war, the new family man joined the Miami Fire Department where he turned his dramatic dreams into writing screenplays. He wrote six (6) screenplays and registered them. Bill finally sold a script “The Checkered Flag”. Bill took a thirty (30) day vacation to be on the set for rewrites. The first day of filming at Sebring for the car races – the film’s director had a nervous breakdown. Bill was drafted by the Producer to Direct “The Checkered Flag”. Fortunately, the movie made money and was a success. Bill quit the Fire Department. When he thinks back now on giving up the security of working a steady job and realizes it was insane. However, his wife, Grace stood by him with this decision and he credits her for giving him the confidence to make that move, especially with three young children. Bill went on to a career in filmmaking and they never really looked back. As Castro gained power in Cuba, much of the island’s filmmaking community transplanted to Miami, including producer/director, Joe Rodero, who hired Bill to be an actor in his film, “Beatrice”. His crew consisted of six crew members, all of whom were Cuban. Bill was impressed that you could make a quality

film with a small crew. Bill wrote, produced and directed “Racing Fever”. hiring several members of the Cuban film community. “Racing Fever” turned out the be the first independent film shot in Florida to get major distribution by Allied Artists. Bill has always been a champion for filming in Florida and introduced many NY and LA producers to all the State had to offer. Bill is proud to be one of the first directors to give women and minorities, positions in an industry that was dominated by men. He was one of the first directors to use a female first assistant director (Adrienne Bourbeau) in the film “Whiskey Mountain” in 1977. Throughout his film career, Bill wore a series of “hats”. If he thought something was dangerous, he would be the one to sink in the quicksand (instead of the camera man), film scenes under water with sharks in “Sting of Death”, along with dangerous snakes for close up shots. He earned the nickname “Wild Bill”, by his cast and crew. Actors who have been directed in films made by Bill include William Shatner, Rita Hayworth, Mickey Rooney, Cliff Robertson, Don Johnson, Richard Jaeckel, among others. Bill has been invited twice by Quentin Tarantino’s New Beverly Cinema, highlighting Bill’s Florida Films to Los Angeles audiences. From his independent film career, Ivan Tors selected him to become President of Ivan Tors Studio, famous for television series such as “Flipper” and “Gentle Ben”. Over a dozen of Bill’s films have been released worldwide. He has been written about in magazine articles l in France, England and Germany. It has also led to several of his films being released in different languages. He has been a speaker at the Cannes Film Festival, the Nice TV Festival and even spoke to audiences in Romania. He has given speeches across the nation. His service to the Film Community include volunteering three times on the Florida Governor’s advisory council. He was nominated to serve as Chairman of the Directors Guild of America committee. To this day, Bill enjoys working with young filmmakers and still keeps active in the Film Business.

PRIoR To THe sCReenInG of Cease fIRe, WIllIaM GRefe WIll ReCeIve THe flIff2019 floRIda TReasuRes lIfeTIMe aWaRd Tuesday, nov 12TH, 6PM, savoR CIneMa




Diego Torres, is an Argentine two Grammy Awardnominated, three-time Latin Grammy-winning pop singer, songwriter, composer, musician and actor (films, theater and TV) He is the son of the legendary Argentine artist Lolita Torres (1930-2002). In 1989, Torres’ music career began with a band called “La Marca.” Later, he began his first steps on TV starring in the successful TV series “La Banda del Golden Rocket” which stayed on air for three years. Torres has won 3 awards along with 17 nominations for the Latin Grammys. In 1992 he launched his first album, “Diego Torres,”. This album was rewarded 3 times platinum. Two years later, he launched his second album called “Tratar de estar mejor” which received 5 platinum albums in Argentina and gold and platinum albums in other Latin American countries. This album launched Torres to the international scene. In 1996, Torres’ made his third album, “Luna Nueva”, and months later Diego started touring with his band all across Latin America, United States, and Spain. The album was rewarded with the platinum in Argentina. In 1999 he recorded his fourth album called “Tal Cual Es”. This album showed Diego’s talent and creativity to compose and mix different Latin sounds, such as flamenco guitars as well as various other tropical sounds. His next album was named “Un Mundo Diferente” which was recorded in the second half of 2001 in Buenos Aires and Miami. This album presents a variety of styles and merges with several Latin rhythm styles in most songs, such as in his most successful song so


far, “Color Esperanza”, which stayed at the top of the Argentine Singles/Airplay Chart for twelve consecutive weeks. The album received a Grammy Award nomination in 2003. 2004 brought a new challenge to Diego: the possibility of recording an MTV Unplugged, which aired in the MTV networks of Brazil, Latin America, Spain and United States. The reconversion of the acoustics in some of his hits along with the presentation of his new themes were part of this show, which was also produced on CD and DVD. In 2006 he released his sixth studio album “Andando”, proceeded by the lead single “Abriendo Caminos” featuring Dominican singer-songwriter Juan Luis Guerra. In 2005 he received the Platinum Konex Award as best Argentine male pop/ballad singer, shared with Sandro de América. In 2010 he released his seventh studio album “Distinto” featuring his first the number-one Billboard Hot Latin Song single “Guapa. His extensive career includes: Tv 1989: Nosotros y los otros, 1991: El gordo y el flaco, 1991-1993: La Banda del Golden Rocket, 2011: Los únicos, 2013: Los Vecinos en Guerra Theater 1990: Pajáros in the Nait, 1991: El Zorro, 1992: La Banda del Golden Rocket film 1988: El profesor Punk, 1994: Una sombra ya pronto serás, 1997: La furia, 1999: La venganza, 2003: El juego de Arcibel, 2012: Extraños en la noche, 2018: Re Loca

dIeGo ToRRes WIll ReCeIve THe flIff CaReeR aCHIeveMenT aWaRd on sunday, nov 3, 8PM aT savoR CIneMa, PRIoR To Re loCa In WHICH He Is THe Male lead.



With more than 100 film, television and stage credits to his name, Joseph Peter Pantoliano is a prolific American character actor who has played many diverse and memorable roles, from Guido in Risky Business (1983) to Eddie Moscone in Midnight Run(1988), Cosmo Renfro in The Fugitive (1993), Cypher in The Matrix (1999) and Teddy in Memento (2000). Pantoliano was born September 12, 1951 in Hoboken, New Jersey, the son of Mary (Centrella) and Dominic Pantoliano, firstgeneration Italian Americans who split when Joe was twelve years old (though they never officially divorced). His mother was a seamstress and bookie, and his father was a hearse driver and foreman at a factory. Despite suffering from severe dyslexia that made studies difficult for him, Pantoliano displayed acting talent from an early age and moved to Manhattan after high school to pursue an acting career. After four years in Manhattan that included auditions, acting classes, waiting tables and a role as Billy Bibbit in the touring

production of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", Pantoliano moved to California to pursue television and film acting. Joe was successful in landing a number of television roles before getting his feature film debut in The Idolmaker (1980), but his true Hollywood breakthrough came with his turn opposite a 21-year-old Tom Cruise as ruthless pimp Guido in 1983's Risky Business (1983). A wide array of TV and film roles followed that have led Joe to work with many of Hollywood's brightest talents, both on-screen and off, including Richard Donner, Steven Spielberg, Lilly Wachowski & Lana Wachowski, Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones, Wesley Snipes, Christopher Nolan and many others. Winner of a primetime Emmy for his work on The Sopranos (1999), for which he also received two SAG Award nominations, Joe Pantoliano is married to former model Nancy Sheppard, with whom he has two daughters, Daniella and Isabella. Pantoliano also has a son, Marco, from a previous marriage, and a stepdaughter, Melody.


Joe PanTolIano WIll ReCeIve THe flIff34 lIfeTIMe aCHIeveMenT aWaRd on sunday, noveMbeR 17TH, 4PM aT savoR CIneMa PRIoR To HIs sTaRRInG Role In fRoM THe vIne.



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Sean Cisterna Canada-Italy / 2019 / 95 min / English + Italian w/English subtitles / Comedy

From The Vine is the story of a downtrodden CEO experiencing a moral crisis that travels back to Italy to recalibrate his moral compass. He discovers new life by reviving his Nonno's old vineyard, offering the small town of Acerenza a sustainable future and reconnecting with his family in the process. Combining magic realism and Italian neorealism, and set against the backdrop of wine country Italy, the film is about finding your roots in your family when you're at the bottom of the barrel. Writers: Willem Wenneckers / Cinematographer: Scott McClellan / Production Designer: Alphonso Rastelli / Producers: Kyle Bornais, Paula Brancati, Ken Cancellara / Principal Cast: Joe Pantoliano, Maro Leonardi, Wendy Crewson, Paula Brancati / Contact: seancisterna@gmail.com

PRIoR To THe fIlM, Joe PanTolIano, WIll ReCeIve THe flIff2019 lIfeTIMe aCHIeveMenT aWaRd, and MaRCo leonaRdI WIll ReCeIve THe flIff 2019 CaReeR aCHIeveMenT aWaRd. afTeR THe fIlM, and folloWInG THe Q&a, THe WRaP PaRTy WIll Take PlaCe aT THe aTlanTIC HoTel & sPa. RoundTRIP bus TRansPoRTaTIon WIll be PRovIded fRee of CHaRGe To aTTendees. Sponsored by

DIRECTOR: Sean Cisterna is a multi-award-winning Canadian filmmaker who recently produced and directed From the Vine (2019), an international coproduction set around the world of Italian wine, starring Emmy winner Joe Pantoliano. Cisterna produced and directed the critically acclaimed teen cancer drama Kiss and Cry (2017), which topped the English-Canadian box office upon its release, and is currently streaming on Netflix to emotional worldwide audiences. His 2015 project Full Out, starring the iconic Jennifer Beals, is a feature based on the true story of gymnast Ariana Berlin, also on Netflix, as well as NBC in the U.S. and Disney Europe.

sPeCIal GuesTs sean CIsTeRna Joe PanTolIano MaRCo leonaRdI


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Linda Corley & Joel Kaplan – USA / 2019 / 58 min / English / Documentary

The film goes beyond the headlines to discover a resilient community's journey towards restoration and recovery. Through activism and the arts, through public service and private memorials, the residents and students of Parkland and its surrounding neighborhoods band together, united by their scars - and by their mission to make the world a safer place. Writer & Producer: Linda Corley / Cinematographer & Editor: Joel Kaplan / Composer: Melissa Manchester, Sharon Vaughn / Contact: Linda@lclproductions.com Sponsored by

Director: Many moons ago, Linda Corley and Joel Kaplan met and began collaborating on a multitude of national projects for Public Television. The team produced cooking shows, a lifestyle series, short films and highly acclaimed documentaries, taking the duo around the world. From the depths of Japan’s verdant bamboo forests to the dazzling beaches of Brazil, the two worked in concert to produce award-winning broadcast productions. Seventeen Emmy awards later, Kaplan and Corley decided it was time to create their own company Daydream Productions so they could concentrate on thoughtful documentaries that ignite imaginations and inspire change. Daydream Productions recently produced After Parkland, which is near and dear to Corley's heart as she was a resident of Parkland for 21 years and both her children attended Marjorie Stoneman Douglas.


sPeCIal GuesTs lInda CoRley & Joel kaPlan

Beth Mendelson USA / 2019 / 20 min / English / Documentary

“After Parkland” is a five-part docuseries produced by Beth Mendelson from Voice of America tells the story of the shooting from the perspective of grieving parents and siblings. Through their lens, many narratives emerged from the Parkland community following the shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Writer & Producer: Beth Mendelson / Cinematographer: Mark Moormann, Esha Kaur Sarai, Sean Lunski / Production Designer: Chin Soo Park / Editor: Cliff Hackel / Composer: Roger Hooper / Featuring: Parkland Families / Contact: bmendel@voanews.com sPeCIal GuesTs: baRbaRa Mendelson, MaRk MooRMan, PaRkland faMIles

Director: Beth Mendelson is an award-winning Senior Executive Producer at Voice of America focused on issue-oriented programming. Her latest documentary, After Parkland, tells the story of the shooting through the lens of grieving parents, siblings, and activists involved in the national debate on gun violence. 30

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AMERICAN MIRROR: Intimations of Immorality

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Skip Margerum & Annette Watkins sPeCIal GuesT aRTHuR baldeR


Arthur Balder USA / 2019 / 62 min / English

On our Instagram or Facebook pages, we show only the best part of ourselves, the "beautiful" part of our lives. We hide in this fake. We are so immersed in the process of creating our ideal virtual personality that we forget about real life. We forget the simple truth that beauty is inside.

The film subtlety focuses on a social issue that has global reach: how we perceive and judge ourselves and the others in a world dominated by social media.

Writer, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor: Arthur Balder / Composer: Mark Petrie / Featuring: Susan Sarandon, Florence Faivre, Tigran Tsitoghdzyan / Contact: Meatpacking.Productions@gmail.com Director: Arthur Balder has been honored with two consecutive Best Documentary of the Year awards by the Association of Latin Entertainment Critics of New York for his previous works as a filmmaker, his films have won the Fabrique Du Cinema Award 2018 Best International Documentary and the Parajanov-Vartanov Award 2018, as well as the Lady Of the Victory of the Critics Circle of Mexico (2015) as a further Latin-American recognition, along with that of the Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors of New York (HOLA Awards 2016) as Excellence in Documentary Filmmaking. In his documentary films he has sought from the set-out to defy the boundaries between documentary and fiction.

Richard Kind & Dennis Farina w/Beth McIntosh; Davy Jones w/GvH; Nick Nolte presents Fairuza Balk w/Star on the Horizon; Carroll Baker Lifetime Achievement; Geena Rowlands watched Ben Gazzara being honored. 31

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Phaim Bhuiyan Italy-Bangladesh / 2019 / 84 min / Italian & Bengali w/English subtitles / Comedy

Phaim, a young Muslim of Bangladeshi origins, born in Italy 22 years ago, lives with his family in Rome's multiethnic Torpignattara neighbourhood, works as a museum steward, and plays in a band.

At a concert, he meets Asia, his exact opposite: pure instinct and no rules.

The attraction between them is immediate, and Phaim will have to figure out how to reconcile his love for the young woman with the most inviolable of Islam's rules: no sex before marriage

Writers : Phaim Bhuiyan, Vanessa Piccarelli / Cinematographer: Simone D’Nofrio / Editor: Roberto Di Tanna / Composer: Dario Lanzellotti / Producers : Domenico Procacci (Fandango), Annamaria Morelli (Timvision S.R.L.) / Principal Cast: Phaim Bhuiyan, Carlotta Antonelli, Shaila Mohiuddin, Nasima Akhter, Rishad Noorani, Fabian Durrani, Raja Sethi, Ahammed Miah, Sanija Shoshi Haque, Simone Liberati, Pietro Sermonti, Davide Ornaro, Alessia Giuliani, Milena Mancini /Contact: sales@fandango.it

DIRECTOR: Phaim Bhuiyan is a writer-director-actor of immense talent. BANGLA is his directorial debut and he won The Italian Golden Globe for Best First Feature, won The Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists Award for Best Comedy, and was nominated for The Rotterdam Film Festival’s Big Screen Award. 32

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EAST COAST PREMIERE Michael Herbig Germany / 2018 / 125 min / German w/English subtitles / Historical Suspense Drama

An incredible true story of resistance.

1979, East Germany during the height of the Cold War. Two ordinary families yearning for freedom secretly form a great escape plan to get across to the West: with courage ang ingenuity, they build a hot air balloon with small pieces of cloth for their eight family-members to fly over the border. But an initial failure threatens their entire plan, setting off a dangerous race against time for a second attempt, with the State Police now hot on their heels…

Writers: Kit Hopkins, Thilo Röscheisen, Michael Bully Herbig / Cinematographer: Torsten Bruer / Editor: Alexander Dittner / Composer: Marvin Miller, Ralf Wengenmayr / Producers : Michael Bully Herbig (Herbx Film) / Principal Cast: Karoline Schuch, Friedrich Mücke, David Kross, Alicia Von Rittber / Contact: clemence@cmtbooking.com

Sponsored by

DIRECTOR: Michael 'Bully' Herbig studied photography and is well known in the German comedy scene as a writer, director and producer. In addition to his morning radio show 'Langemann und die Morgencrew' from 1992 to 1995, he also made 800 episodes of the comedy radio show 'Die Bayern Cops'. He has appeared in various advertisements and TV specials, and is author, actor, director and producer of the Bullyparade, which aired five seasons. His feature film directorial debut was the comedy Erkan & Stefan, which was released in Germany in April 2000. Also in 2000, he founded the film production company herbX film, whose first project was Manitou's Shoe. In July 2004 his next movie, the anxiously awaited (T)Raumschiff Surprise - Periode 1 is set to be released.


Cubano’s by


Cuban Spanish Cuisine

1611 N. Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305




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Justine Triet France / 2019 / 100 min / French w/English subtitles / Comic-Drama

Sibyl, a jaded psychotherapist, returns to her first passion: writing. But her newest patient Margot, a troubled up-and-coming actress, proves to be a source of inspiration that is far too tempting. Fascinated almost to the point of obsession, Sibyl becomes more and more involved in Margot’s tumultuous life, reviving volatile memories that bring her face to face with her past. The film is alternately hysterical, moving and shocking. Starring Virginie Efira, the film premiered in competition at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Ms. Efira won FLIFF’s Best Actress Award in 2016 for her two starring roles in THE SENSE OF WONDER and IN BED WITH VICTORIA. The audience at Cannes gave a six-minute standing ovation to Ms. Triet and Ms. Elfira.

Writers: Walter Harari, David H. Pickering, Justine Triet / Producers: Philippe Martin, David Thion / Cinematographer: Simon Beaufils / Editor: Laurent Senechal / Production Designer: Toma Baqueni / Principal Cast: Virginie Elfira, Adele Exarchapoulos, Gaspard Ulliel, Sandra Huller, Laure Calamy, Niels Schneider / Contact: kwestphal@musicboxfilms.com

THE DIRECTOR: Justine Triet is a graduate from the Paris National School of Fine Arts. Since then, she has directed a couple of films dealing with the place of the individual within a group: Sur place was shot right in the middle of the 2006 student protest; SOLFÉRINO was filmed during the 2007 French presidential election; in her next effort, TWO SHIPS, Justine Triet gave a startling account of life in a São Paulo shantytown and garnered many awards in the festival circuit. Her first feature, AGE OF PANIC is a skillful mix of a documentary (five years after SOLFÉRINO, she records the second ballot of the French elections for President live in the streets of Paris) and fiction (the crisis experienced on that very day by a divorced couple). AGE OF PANIC has been acclaimed by most critics as one of the best works of the latest new wave of French directors.


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Tiago Arakilian Brazil / 2018 / 95 min / Portuguese w/English subtitles / Bittersweet Comedy

At 80 years old, Polidoro decides to demolish the stability of his comfortable life as a retired judge and becomes business partner in a strip-tease club. These dark desire astonish his family. Beatriz, his daughter, decides to officially interdict in court, claiming that her father is loosing his mental health. Subpoenaed to testify, his son Paulo declares incapable to give an opinion because he hasn’t been in touch with his father for years. The judge sentences both father and son to spend time with each other for some time and, then, he would ask Paulo his opinion on his father’s health. In the unusual setting of the strip-club, both of them will have their lives turned as, after a long time, they will put differences aside and get together.

Writers: Luisa Parnes / Cinematographer: Leo Vasconcellos, Leonardo Vasconcellos / Editor: Quito Ribeiro / Composer: Marvin Miller, Ralf Wengenmayr / Producers : Silvia Fraiha (Fraiha), Carlos Saldanha (Blue Sky) / Principal Cast: Jose De Abreu, Danton Mello, Guta Stresser, Mariana Lima, Leticia Isnard, Eucir De Sousa, Luiz Magnelli, Saulo Rodrigues, Augusto Madeira / Contact: gabriele@mafmedia.net


DIRECTOR: Tiago Arakilian has been working as a movie director of photography, editor and post-production supervisor for more than 20 years. He has also produced hundreds of commercials, institutional video projects and feature films. In 2004, he moved to France and graduated in Film at the Université Paris 8. Back in Brazil, he founded Titânio Produções, a post-production company, which participated in several high quality movie projects, such as documentaries, like "Devoção" by Sérgio Sanz; "Waste Land" by Lucy Walker, João Jardim and Karen Harley (Academy Award's nominee for Best Documentary Feature in 2011), among others. Also, in the feature films: "A Falta que Nos Move" by Cristiane Jatahy, "Malu de Bicicleta" by Flávio Tambellini; and others. In 2013, Tiago Arakilian released, as a producer, the comedy "Mato sem Cachorro", that got more than 1 million viewers. His last documentary film on Brazilian architecture, "The Roberto Brothers", was released in the main Documentary Film Festival of Brazil, "É Tudo Verdade", and was screened at the Première Brasil at Rio's Film Festival in 2012. The movie was purchased by Canal Brasil and is being broadcasted since April 2014, and is also available at Amazon.com. "Before I Forget" is his first feature film as a director.

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FLORIDA PREMIERE Anke Blondé Belgium / 2019 / 106 min / Flemish w/English subtitles / Comedy/Drama

Dorien has everything to be happy: a successful husband, two adorable children and a booming veterinary practice. One day, everything falls apart. She discovers her mother’s long-running love affair, her husband appears to be very close to a colleague and she has this lump in her breast. She needs someone to talk to but no-one seems to listen. Is this truly the life she dreamt of? Dorien realizes it’s time to make some changes. “The Best of Dorien B.” is a comedy-drama about a woman who rediscovers herself amid the chaos.

Tremendous performance by Kim Snauwaert as Dorien, keeps the mood light and playful.

Writer: Anke Blondé, Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem / Cinematographer: David Williamson / Editor: Axel Skovdal Roelofs / Producers: Dries Phlypo (A Private View), Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem (A Private View), Marleen Slot (Viking Film) / Composers: Philipp Noll / Principal Cast: Kim Snauwaert, Jelle De Beule, Katelijne Verbeke, Dirk Van Dijck / Contact: Festival@Beforfilms.Com

Sponsored by

Diane Sobo

DIRECTOR: Anke Blondé is a casting director and director, known for The Best of Dorien B (2019), Dura Lex (2011) and Buiten adem! (1999). 37


fri, nov 1, 7pm, CP

sat, nov 9, 12:30pm, CP




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SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Francois Bouvier Canada / 2018 / 90 min / French Canadian

In Montreal, at the beginning of the 20th century, a poor and uneducated mother of a family managed to get her family out of poverty by becoming a resounding folk singer.

With the crisis of the 20s and 30s in the background, and the first impetus for the fight for women's rights, the screenplay traces Mary Travers Bolduc's life, her dazzling career, her difficult marriage and her touching relationship with her daughter. Elder Denise, who played the piano on her mother's records and dreamed of becoming an actress in Hollywood.

Writers : Frédéric Ouellet / Original idea and script collaboration: Benjamin Alix / Producers : André Rouleau, Valérie d'Auteuil / Associate Producer: Brigitte Janson / Cinematographer: Ronald Plante / Production Designer: Raymond Dupuis / Principal Cast: Debbie Lynch-White, Émile Proulx-Cloutier, Rose-Marie Perreault, Bianca Gervais, Serge Postigo, Mylène Mackay, Paul Doucet Contact: skocman@attraction.ca


DIRECTOR: François Bouvier is a Canadian film and television director from Quebec. His credits have included the films Jacques and November (Jacques et novembre), Unfaithful Mornings (Les Matins infidèles), Les Pots cassés, Winter Stories (Histoires d'hiver), Maman Last Call, Paul à Québec and La Bolduc, and episodes of Urgence, Quai #1, Tribu.com, Miss Météo, Les Hauts et les bas de Sophie Paquin, 30 vies and Jérémie. He was a Genie Award nominee for Best Director at the 11th Genie Awards in 1990 for Les Matins infidèles, and for Best Adapted Screenplay at the 20th Genie Awards in 1999 for Histoires d'hiver.

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Marilynn Berry


Noel Smyth and Fergus Grady New Zealand - Australia / 2019 / 80 min / English

A story about life, love and loss on the Camino de Santiago, ‘Camino Skies’ is an uplifting film about learning to live with grief. The inspirational journey of six pilgrims from NZ and Australia who embark on the historic 800 kilometre Spanish pilgrimage.

In the face of overwhelming odds, the Camino forces the group to defy their age and physical ability as they each come to terms with recent loss.

Heart-breaking and inspirational, ‘Camino Skies’ is an uplifting story about everyday people doing the extraordinary.

Producer: Fergus Grady and Noel Smyth / Cinematographer: Noel Smyth / Editor: Ramon Watkins / Composer: Tom Mcleod / Principal Cast: Julie Zarifeh, Sue Morris, Terry, Mark Thomson, Claude Tranchant, Cheryl Stone / Contact: info@caminoskies.com


Directors: Noel Smyth and Fergus Grady are an independent filmmaking team based in Australia. Noel worked as an editor before turning his sights towards directing and photography. Fergus worked as a producer, sales & distribution consultant working on a number of important Australian film acquisitions including The Babadook, Girl Asleep, Jungle and the Netflix original film Cargo which he was also an executive producer on. He also associate produced West of Sunshine which competed for the Orizzonti section at the Venice Film Festival in 2017.


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Adam Schlachter USA / 2019 / 15 min / English In the wake of the high school shootings in Parkland, concerned citizens travel by bus to the State Capitol to debate legislators about an urgent issue: Gun Reform. A community for change is created during the next election, rooted in the newfound strength of a movement led by stay-at-home moms, one of whom decides to run for public office for the first time in honor of her baby boy and in memory of the fallen children. Writer: Adam Schlachter / Producers: Adam Schlachter, Van Kassabian / Executive Producer: Anne Clements / Asso Producer: Maylen Calienes / Cinematographer: Dallas Adams / Editor: Van Kassabian / Composer: Kenneth Lampl / Featuring: Cindy Polo, Guadalupe Perez, Andrew Gillum, Philip Levine / Contact: adimafilm@hotmail.com Director: Born in Puerto Rico, raised in Miami, Adam graduated with an MFA in Directing from AFI, completed a Professional Advanced Certificate in Screenwriting from UCLA, and earned a BFA in Production from FSU. His "My Backyard Was A Mountain", qualified for the OSCARS, and won the Imagen Award.

saTuRday, noveMbeR 16, 6PM savoR CIneMa folloWed by THe PaRTy sPonsoRed by ReP Polo beGIns sPeCIal GuesTs: adaM sCHlaCHTeR, ReP. CIndy Polo



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Ben Hackworth Australia / 2018 / 106 min / English / Mystery Drama

Hidden from the world at a crumbling estate in lush tropical Far North Queensland, Celeste anxiously reaches out to Jack, her late husband’s son, inviting him to return to the languid, sprawling family home for her much-anticipated recital. Jack’s reappearance after a long absence stirs up unsettling memories, pulling them both into a mutually precarious orbit.

Writers: Ben Hackworth, Billie Brown / Cinematographer: Katie Milwright / Editor: Peter Carrodus / Composer: Jackson Milas, Antony Partos / Production Designer: Ross Wallace / Producers : Lizzette Atkins, Raphael Cocks / Principal Cast: Radha Mitchell, Thomas Cocquerel, Nadine Garner, Odessa Young / Contact: niklas@levelk.dk Prosecco Toast sponsored by

Sponsored by

Estelle Fineberg & Estelle Fineberg Counseling

sPeCIal GuesTs RadHa MITCHell ben HaCkWoRTH

DIRECTOR: Ben was born in Brisbane, Queensland, his father is retired Colonel David Hackworth. He studied at Amherst College, United States, before returning to Australian to complete a Masters of Film at Victorian College of the Arts. In 2005, he completed a Masters of Film with his script for a feature film called The Serpent. In 2006, he was accepted into the prestigious Cannes Film Festival residence to develop this project in Paris.

He has created several award-winning short films. In 2007, he released his debut feature-length film, Corroboree, which has been selected at Berlin, Toronto, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth International Film Festivals. His latest film Celeste, had its world premiere at Melbourne International Film Festival, international premiere at BFI London Film Festival and was selected for competition at Santa Barbara International Film Festival. RadHa MITCHell PRIoR To THe nov 9TH sCReenInG of CelesTe WIll ReCeIve THe flIff2019 CaReeR aCHIeveMenT aWaRd



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Claudio von Planta Switzerland-United Kingdom / 2018 / 74 min / English / Documentary

CHASING THE JET STREAM follows the pioneering adventure of Marc Hauser, a Swiss entrepreneur and motivational speaker who wants to become the first skydiver in the world jumping into a hurricane force jet stream at 8,000 to 10,000 meters altitude. With this record, Marc wants to bring attention to the nascent technology of airborne wind energy systems, which can harness high-altitude wind power. This new technology has the potential to defuse the global energy crisis.

Producer: Claudio von Planta / Cinematography: Claudio von Planta, Tom Naef (aerial) / Editors: Claudio von Planta, Jonathan Richards, Oli da Costa / Composer: Jacob Klotz / Featuring: Marc Hauser / Contact: claudio@vonplanta.net Sponsored by

Director: Claudio (photo right) discovered his passion for docs in 1985 filming Afghans fighting against the Russian occupation - a brutal but effective start of a freelance career.

As a Swiss Claudio got inspired by a history of more than 700 years independence and was always wondering what it takes for oppressed populations to win freedom. REBELS OF THE FORGOTTEN WORLD about the Papuan independence struggle against Indonesia, was his TV doc. NO FRIENDS BUT THE MOUNTAINS (THE KURDISH DREAM) is his latest film about the struggle to win self-determination in the Kurdish region of Iraq.

Fortunately, Claudio also had a chance to cover non-political stories. His lucky break with expedition filming came as director of photography on LONG WAY ROUND and LONG WAY DOWN where he followed the actors Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman on motorbike journeys around the world and across Africa. In 2011 he filmed RACING GREEN, a BBC World TV series about the first electric car driving the full length of the Pan-American Highway from Alaska to Argentina. CHASING THE JET STREAM is following the same genre looking at high-altitude wind power.


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EAST COAST PREMIERE Wolfgang Groos Germany / 2018 / 97 min / German w/English subtitles / Comedy

Through a curious mix-up, the petty criminal Denis suddenly finds himself in the position of a caretaker for the stroke patient Raimund. All he really wanted to do was break into Raimund’s house in order to finally pay off his debts to some disagreeable crooks. Instead, he now sits captive in the rich businessman’s house, who, since his seizure has been confined to a wheelchair. When Raimund’s granddaughter Charlotte shows up to check on him, it’s finally too much for Denis. But escape is not an option as a mighty snowstorm is raging in the region. And so he must continue to play the role of the caretaker – very much to Raimund’s dismay, who is doing everything he can to fend off the intruder. In contrast to Charlotte, Raimund has long since seen through Denis’ facade. A cat-and-mouse game begins, in which the handicapped senior and the clever young man put their resources to terrific use... Writers: Christof Ritter / Cinematographer: Andreas Berger / Editor: Stefan Essl / Composer: Helmut Zerrlet / Production Designer: Christoph Kanter / Producers : Uli Putz (Claussen+Wöbke+Putz F i l m p r o duktion), J a k o b C l a u s s e n (Claussen+Wöbke+Putz Filmproduktion) / Principal Cast: Heiner Lauterbach, Emilio Sakraya, Sonja Gerhardt, Aleksandar Jovanovic, Michael Ostrowski / Contact: Yael@picturetree-international.com

Sponsored by

Jim & Candy Norton DIRECTOR: Wolfgang Groos, born 1968, began his career as an Assistant Director. His feature film directorial debut was with the 2009, HANGTIME. Since then he has eight additional features and won four awards. 44

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Tom Quinn USA / 2019 / 73 min / English / Drama

When the Colewell post office is slated for closure, Nora Pancowski (Karen Allen) is faced with sudden retirement. As she weighs relocating, a young woman (Hannah Gross) causes Nora to reflect on her youth and the choices that led her to Colewell.

Writer: Tom Quinn / Producers: Craig Shilowich, Alexandra Byer, Matthew Thurm / Cinematographer: Paul Yee / Editor: Darren Navarro, Tom Quinn / Composer: Dara Taylor / Principal Cast: Karen Allen, Hannah Gross, Kevin J. O’Connor, Craig Walker, Malachy Cleary, Daniel Jenkins, Tobias Segal, Juney Smith / Contact: tomquinn1976@gmail.com PRIoR To THe saTuRday, nov 2 sCReenInG, PeTeR RIeGeRT WIll InTRo HIs sHoRT fIlM, exTRa InnInGs (P96). Sponsored by

DIRECTOR: Tom Quinn is a writer/director based in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. His debut feature, The New Year Parade, won the Grand Jury Prize at Slamdance, screened at SXSW, and was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award and Gotham Award. Tom was listed one of the 25 New Faces of Independent Film by Filmmaker Magazine and one of the Ten Young Writer-Directors to Watch by Moviemaker. He was a VFX producer at DIVE on films including Safety Not Guaranteed. His current film, Colewell, was developed through the Biennale College - Cinema.

sPeCIal GuesTs kaRen allen PeTeR RIeGeRT


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Myles Erfurth Filmed In Florida / 2019 / 75 min / English / Horror

When a deadly DNA experiment goes awry, the towns folk are no longer top of the food chain. Peaceful creek will never be the same again.

Writer & Production Design: Michael McLaren / Producers: Michael McLaren, Wendy Lavezzi / Cinematograper: Myles Erfurth / Editor: Marvin Aguardo / Composers: Carlos Villarejo, Guido Montesano, Marty-Romi Checo / Principal Cast: Roberto Escobar, Antoni Corone, Michael McLaren, James Ferrigno, Adam Ginsberg, Mario Nalini, Noa Lindberg, Nicholas Kolasinski, Diana D’ Ambrosio / Contact: Michael@Espukus.Com


DIRECTOR: Myles Erfurth fell in love with horror movies at the age of 5 years old when he first saw “Frankenstein meets The Wolf Man.” Shortly after he discovered Alfred Hitchcock and became infatuated with the film “Psycho.” He started his directing career at the age of 12 when he started making stop action movies with a video camera and used action figures from his childhood as actors, from then on, the camera never left his hands. He attended film school in Tallahassee for a short time and left early to go work for ABC in Los Angeles. For years he operated cameras for major networks such as HBO, Showtime and feature films such as “In Time” and “Big Momma’s House 3”. CROCODYLUS is his feature debut. Eric Newcombe

USA / 2018 / 8 min / English

A strained couple at the movie theater, drawn into desire for subversion, invoke a negative frequency of lust and violence, which resonates between film and audience. Shot at Ft Lauderdale’s famed Gateway Cinema.

Writer, Producer & Designer: Eric Newcombe / Cinematographer: Nick Vega / Editor: Jon Cuartas / Composer: Brady Newbill / Cast: Valarie Moscato, Faviola Kuffo, Brady Newbill, Alex Tersch, Eric Newcombe, George Mercado / Contact: ericnewcombe@gmail.com


Director: Film has always dazzled Eric. Its ability to produce laughs, adrenaline, or work through complex issues—the height of man’s ability to concept deal, and communicate the vast. Eric works toward the place where that communication crosses the divide.


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FLORIDA PREMIERE Tamas Yvan Topolanszky Hungary / 2019 / 98 min / English / Bio Pic

As America prepares to enter WW2, Hungarian film director Michael Curtiz grapples with political intervention and a dysfunctional relationship with his estranged daughter amid the troubled production of Casablanca in 1942.


Writers: Tamas Yvan Topolanszky, Zsuzsanna Bak, Ward Parry / Cinematographer: Zoltan Devenyi / Editor: Eszter Bodoky / Composer: Gabor Subicz / Production Designer: Dorka Kiss, Kata Kiss, Lรกszlรณ Rajk / Producers : Barnabรกs Hutlassa, Claudia Sumeghy, Tamas Yvan Topolanszky / Principal Cast: Ferenc Lengyel, Evelin Dobos, Declan Hannigan / Contact: Kati.Vajda@Filmalap.Hu

Sponsored by

Zimmerman Known for Curtiz (2018), Letter to God (I) (2014), Bath: An American Urban Legend (2014)

To the Zimmerman Crew... Thanks for making us look so good GREAT! The FLIFF Team

The Crew at Zimmerman creating the FLIFF ad campaign, (l to r) Michael Goldberg, CEO; Lee Gonzalez, Executive Creative Director; Ken Butts, Creative Director; Abbie Cessna, Sr Account Executive; Will Coakley, Group Account Director; Mia Tassone, Integrated Account Executive


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Gaspar Scheuer Argentina / 2019 / 87 min / Spanish w/English subtitles / Bittersweet Comedy Road Movie

Life may not be easy. It certainly isn’t for Delfín, an 11-year-old boy who lives alone with his father in the barren, muddy outskirts of a Buenos Aires province small town. Over a week, Delfín wakes up early every morning to go to work, falls asleep in class, goes fishing frogs with friends, spies on a young teacher for whom he feels a fascination that can hardly understand, and in the absence of his dad faces again and again the collector who threatens an imminent eviction. But above all things, Delfín wants to participate in a Children's Orchestra that is being formed in a neighboring village. His ageing music teacher taught him to play the French horn, and Delfín will do the impossible to show up for the audition. This will mean an adventure for him and also for his father. The story takes place from Monday at five thirty in the morning, when Delfín gets up to do the deliveries of a bakery, until Sunday afternoon, when he and his father make an important decision in an attempt to change the course of their lives.

Writers: Gaspar Scheuer / Cinematographer: Zoltan Devenyi / Editor: Guillermo Saposnik / Composer: Ezequiel Menalled / Producers : Juan Pablo Miller (Tarea Fina Srl) / Principal Cast: Valentino Catania, Cristian Salguero, Paula Reca, Marcelo Subiotto / Contact: festival@meikincine.com

Sponsored by

Kersten Communications DIRECTOR: Gaspar Scheuer has worked in the film industry since 1993, primarily as a Sound Engineer. DELFIN is his directorial debut. 48

sPeCIal GuesT GasPaR sCHeueR

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Hank Levine USA-Germany / 2019 / 76 min / English & German w/English subtitles / Documentary

Dialogue Earth offers us a moving portrait of the German artist Ulrike Arnold who paints with earth and meteorites from remote areas all around the world, and now travels through archaic, mystical landscapes in the American Southwest, especially the wilderness of southern Utah. Her encounters with old friends and farewells to others who have passed away and the spirituality that Eli Secody of the Navajo Tribe finds in her paintings lead us to contemplate her legacy and why her upbringing has led her to undergo a lifelong journey of seeking.

Exhibiting her work at White Pocket in the Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness on the day Trump announces his executive order permitting the dismantlement of national monuments, she recognizes that this special landscape is in danger from mining and oil exploration.

Visiting the US-Mexican border with artist friend Peter Young, she reveals her plans for her next work: To unite for the very first time in one painting earth colors from all the places she has visited over the past 40 years, to create a visual expression of the diversity of the continents and their peoples, as an articulation of unity, equality, peace and harmony.

This statement for the preservation and protection of our unique planet Earth is the One World Painting, a giant exclamation mark, scheduled to be exhibited for the 50 the anniversary of Earth Day April 22nd, 2020.

Writer & Producer: Hank Levine / Cinematographer: Victor van Keuren, Hank Levine / Editor: Renan Laviano / Composer: Volker Bertelmann a.k.a Hauschka / Featuring: Ulrike Arnold, Dennis Hopper, Marvin Killgore, Gerard T. van Belle, Jack Mc Neil, Valerie Dalton, Eli Secody, Ana Kasparian, Peter Young, Walter Arnold, Margarete Arnold / Contact: hanklevine@mac.com Director: Hank’s documentaries include, ”Abandonados” (2010), “Barcelona or Barsakh” (2011) and “Exodus Where I Come From is Disappearing” (2016, “Exodus - Der Weite Weg”) and “Dialogue Earth” (2019). He produced the Lucy Walker directed documentary "Waste Land” ( 2010, “Lixo Extraordinario”) Academy Award Nominee for best feature length documentary, and the Maggie H. West directed “War Zone” (1998), as well as the feature films "Rosa Morena" (2010, nominated for Best Danish Film/Robert Award) by Carlos Oliveira, “Praia do Futuro” (2014, “Futuro Beach”) by Karim Aînouz and “City of God” (2003, “Cidade de Deus”) by Fernando Meirelles, Academy Award Nominee for best director, best adapted screenplay, best editing and best cinematography.


BUY TICKETS sun, nov 3, 1pm, CP

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Riccardo Milani Italy / 2019 / 98 min / Italian w/English subtitles / Comedy

Giovanna is a low-profile woman with a regular and boring life, split between her accounting job at the Ministry, her daughter Martina’s school commitments and the teases of her exuberant mother. But behind this dull façade, Giovanna is actually a secret agent, engaged in extremely dangerous and thrilling international missions. During a reunion with her former high school classmates, among memories and laughter, Giovanna listens to her friends’ stories realizing that all of them, just like her, is forced to suffer daily absurd vexations. She can’t stand it any longer! That’s decided: her next mission will be helping the people she loves and, among extravagant disguises and hilarious situations, overturn this situation to do justice to her friends!

Writers: Furio Andreotti, Paola Cortellesi, Giulia Calenda Riccardo Milani / Cinematographer: Saverio Guarna / Editor: Patrizia Ceresani, Francesco Renda / Art Director: Maurizia Narducci / Composer: Ezequiel Menalled / Producers : Mario Gianani e Lorenzo Mieli / Original Score: Andrea Guerra / Principal Cast: Paola Cortellesi, Stefano Fresi, Vinicio Marchioni, Lucia Mascino, Ricky Memphis, Paola Minaccioni, Giampaolo Morelli, Claudia Pandolfi, Carla Signoris / Remo Gironi / Contact: gaetano@truecolours.it Sponsored by

Susan Renneisen DIRECTOR: Born in Rome, Milani began his career in 1985, as assistant director of Mario Monicelli in Let's Hope It's a Girl. After being assistant of Nanni Moretti, Florestano Vancini and Daniele Luchetti, in 1994 he made his feature film debut with the comedy-drama Auguri professore. In 2001 he made his television debut, directing the miniseries Il sequestro Soffiantini. He is married to actress Paola Cortellesi. 50

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EAST COAST PREMIERE Fekri Baroshi Iraq / 2018 / 91 min / Kurdish w/English subtitles / Action Adventure Drama

Based on the true events of volunteer Kurdish soldiers, de-mining areas occupied by ISIS. A Peshmerga soldier, Alan, struggles with balancing his obsession with defeating ISIS, avenging his sister's death, and his role as a husband and father, accused by others of abandoning both. Filmed in the Northern Iraq region of Kurdistan, award-winning filmmaker and director, Fekri Baroshi, uses the beauty of the Kurdish mountains to paint a gripping tale of desperation, hope, and unequivocal loyalty of a Peshmerga soldier to his people and destroying evil. Writers: Fekri Baroshi, Jesus Roldan / Cinematographer: Kurt Braun / Production Designer: Hashim Shaji / Producers: Haliz Ahmed, Fekri Baroshi, Delil Dilanar, Mattie Moore, Jesus Roldan / Principal Cast: Delil Dilanar, Dejin Jamil Khidir, Alan Shamo Hajar, Enwer Shexani, Nojheen Baroshi, Nawroz Shaban, Zeravan Yasine, Fekri Baroshi, Matin Adel, Karin Mahmoud, Jamal Jabari / Contact: mlmfilmproductions@gmail.com

Fekri Baroshi is a producer and editor, known for In the Next One (2010), In the Lion's Den (2012) and Berze Fir (2006).

ltoR: Irwin Levenstein w/Chrstopher Lloyd (BACK TO THE FUTURE); Michael Bolton w/Bonnie, Soleil & Gregory; Steve Savor & Jim Norton w/Sen Bob Graham. bottom: Eileen Schneider & George Kress w/Nikki Blonsky of (HAIRSPRAY); Bob Kagan & Bonnie Barnett award Burt Reynolds; Diane Sobo w/ director/actor Ed Burns (THE BROTHERS MCMULLEN, SAVING PRIVATE RYAN). Bill Kohn & Dr. Daryl Miller.


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FLORIDA PREMIERE Daria Price USA / 2019 / 84 min / English / Documentary

Driven to Abstraction unravels a mutating tale of self-delusion, greed, and fraud-- the $80 million forgery scandal that rocked the art world and brought down Knoedler, New York City’s oldest and most venerable gallery. Was the gallery’s esteemed director the victim of a con artist who showed up with an endless treasure trove of previously unseen abstract expressionist masterpieces? Or did she eventually suspect they were fakes, yet continue to sell them for millions of dollars for fifteen years? Whatever the truth, two women from very different worlds crossed paths in what would become the greatest hoax ever of Modern American Art.

Producer: Daria Price / Cinematographer: Peter Sova, Daria Price, Peter Cayer, Palu Abadia, Martin Himel / Editor: Daria Price / Composer: Steve Khan, Franco Rampazzo / Featuring: Patricia Cohen, Michael Shnayerson, Eileen Kinsella, M.H. Miller, Laura Gilbert, Judd Tully, Blake Gopnik, Martha Parrish, James Kelly, Hongtu Zhang, Luke Nikas, Jeffrey Taylor, James Panero, Irina Tarsis, Doug Walla,Victoria Sears Goldman, Emily Reisbaum, Gregory Clarick / Contact: dasha68@gmail.com

Sponsored by

Kaki Kirby & Charles S.Caulkins


Director: Daria Price works in both documentary and narrative film. Making DRIVEN TO ABSTRACTION, she spent years following an art forgery hoax and the trial that exposed the scandalous habits of the art trade. New York State Council on the Arts and New York Women in Film & TV awarded the documentary completion grants. Daria’s first feature OUT ON A LIMB won “Best Documentary” at the Boston International Film Festival and was broadcast throughout the world. She wrote, directed, and edited the award-winning short SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST, a satirical mystery that lampoons America's obsession with youth and beauty.

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Robert Andersson Sweden / 2019 / 96 min / Swedish w/English subtitles / Comedy

Fredrik’s peaceful life in an idyllic small town is turned upside down when his old childhood friend Patrik is released from prison. Together with Birger, the third member of their old trio, they manage to get lost in a spiral of chaos involving a vindictive policeman, a few grams of weed and a gang of danish robbers. The Duckpond is an elevated drama comedy about the unintentional change that is impossible to foresee and can change one’s life in the blink of an eye. The film is a hoot!

Writer: Robert Andersson / Cinematographer: Kristoffer Jönssson / Editor: Robert Andersson & Susanna Ericsson / Producers: Jonas Svertemark, Robert Andersson / Score: Glen Gabriel / Costume Designer: Lottie Winnerhed / Principal Cast: Kristoffer Pettersson, Leif Andree, Ellen Bergstrom, Zardasht Rad, Victor von Schirach / Contact: robert@chirano.se Sponsored by

Michael & Barbara Goldberg DIRECTOR: Born in Sweden 1984, Robert Andersson has always been interested in storytelling and filmmaking. He studied at Stockholm film school 2006 and graduated from The New York Film Academy 2010 in directing and film production. He spent 12 years actively working in the production field, starting as a gaffer assistant in 2006 and has then worked as an editor, 2nd & 1st AC, gaffer, grip, script developer, distribution assistant, camera operator etc. Today, Robert Andersson works as a freelance DOP and Editor. On he’s free time he writes feature film screenplays and directs short films. In 2019 he directed his first feature film The Duckpond.

sPeCIal GuesT RobeRT andeRsson



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sPeCIal GuesT kaTIe MCenTIRe WIaTT

Katie McEntire Wiatt USA / 2019 / 84 min / English / Documentary

Fly Like A Girl is more than just a film. It's a movement of young girls and women relentlessly pursuing their passion for aviation. A field currently dominated by men. Hearing first-hand stories from girls and women who dared to aim higher. From a lego-loving young girl who includes female pilots in her toy airplanes, to a courageous woman who helped lead shuttle missions to space, Fly Like A Girl shows us that women are in charge of their own destiny.

Producer: Indie Atlantic Films, Andy McEntire, Matthew Wiatt / Cinematographer: Javier Fick, Andy McEntire, Matthew Wiatt / Editor: Katie McEntire Wiatt, Matthew Wiatt / Featuring: Nicole Stott, Tammy Duckworth, Patty Wagstaff, Abby Harrison, Taylor Richardson, Olivia Lisbon, Heather Alexander, Afton Kinkade, Bee Haydu, Sharmin Kurek, Vernice Armour, Shasta Waiz, Jessica Ortega, Abingdon Mullin / Contact: Matthew Wiatt, contact@indieatlantic.com Director: Katie first explored film production as a student at the Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts in West Palm Beach, FL. At Dreyfoos, not only did she learn to edit on one of the first non-linear editing systems, but she also learned the fundamentals of cinematic storytelling. As part of the Indie Atlantic team, Katie has produced, edited, and directed films. Katie made her feature-length directorial debut with the documentary Fly Like a Girl. Wiatt is a member of Women in Film & TelevisionFlorida and is a graduate of Palm Beach Atlantic University. HE












Our best wishes to the Filmmakers and many thanks to the Supporters of the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival



Broward County, Florida Edition ~ NaBroward.com


d ild an NG -Proof Wonderful OLFIutu re W Foraging O com S d. g C ar n w aBro odies atrenti the N stic EicReB | N Tha for Fo sP FL nty, eat sion inlogy o PSHIoYli lpeH d Cou no e rCsheat thCeAoHgme poas rowar f Tech CROE P IT | B teH C e d.com 19 rs s That B ar 20 ow y ar NaBr TH an FarmVroetundatural om Janu FL | EST unty, FORHINGy BUrerbak New GGo N| NaBrowargud.cst 2019 | Broward Co Au y FL BAT Bod

Call 954.630.1610 for advertising information or a location to pick up a current copy of Natural Awakenings monthly magazine.

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Bob Byington USA / 2018 / 75 min / English / Comedy

FRANCES FERGUSON, the eponymously named character at the center of Bob Byington’s new film, is discontent. Like a lot of us, she does a bit of “acting out” and pays the price —an arrest, a trial, incarceration. And then a new identity, one that’s not terribly comfortable. Nick Offerman narrates this deviant comedy, based on actual events.

Kaley Wheless is spot-on with a deadpan, couldn’t be bothered less attitude that is a scream. Nick Offerman compliments it matter of factly, with even less enthusiasm that Tom Bodette doing a Motel 6 voice-over. One of the funniest films of FLIFF2019.

Writers: Bob Byington & Kaley Wheless (story), Scott King (screenplay) / Producers: Zefrey Throwell / Cinematographer: Carmen Hilbert / Editor: Kris Boustedt, Susan LaMarca / Production Designer: Caitlin Ward / Original Music: Chris Baio, Burgess Meredith / Principal Cast: Kaley Wheless, Nick Offerman, Keith Poulson, David Krumholtz, Martin Starr, Jennifer Prediger, Bill Wise, John Gatins, Dante Harper, Megan Jerabek / Contact: byingtonassistant@gmail.com Sponsored by

Audrey Caan

sPeCIal GuesT bob byInGTon

DIRECTOR: Robert Byington (born April 29, 1971) is an American film director, screenwriter and actor living in Austin, Texas. He is most noted for his films RSO (Registered Sex Offender) (2008), Harmony and Me (2009), Somebody Up There Likes Me (2012), winner of The Special Jury Prize at the 2012 Locarno Film Festival, and 7 Chinese Brothers (2015) starring Jason Schwartzman, Olympia Dukakis and Tunde Adebimpe. His film, Infinity Baby (2017), premiered at South by Southwest in March 2017. 55

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FLORIDA PREMIERE Thomas Lilti France / 2018 / 92 min / French w/English subtitles / Coming of Age Drama

Antoine is just about to start his first year of med school‌for the third time! Benjamin, just out of high school, will make his first try. He soon realizes it’s not exactly a walk in the park. In a fiercely competitive environment, with nights dedicated to hard studying rather than hard partying, the two friends will have to adapt and find a middle ground between despair for the present and hope for the future.

Writers: Thomas Lilti / Cinematographer: Nicolas Gaurin / Editor: Lilian Corbielle / Production Designer: Phillipe Van Herwijnen / Original Music: Alexadre Lier, Sylvain Ohrel, Nicolas Weil / Producers: Agnes Vallee, Emmanuel Barraux / Principal Cast: Vincent Lacoste, William Lebghil, Michel Lerousseau, Darina Al Joundi, Benoit Di Marco, Grazziella Delerm, Guillaume Clerice, Alexandra Blazy, Noemi Sylvania / Contact: clemence@cmtbooking.com

DIRECTOR: Thomas Lilti is a writer/director with eleven films to his credit. Besides filmmaker, Thomas is also a general practitioner. He studied medicine and showed some of his personal experiences in his film He wrote the film Hippocrates: Diary of a French Doctor (2014).

Janet Schwartz w/Beverly D'Angelo & Talia Shire; Christina Applegate receives Star On The Horizon Award from Debbie Mason; Michael Moore w/ Gregory & Bonnie; Ft Liquordale icon Woody Woodbury & John Mager; JoAnn Pflug (M*A*S*H*) w/GvH 56

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GAMBLE ROGERS: Down At The Terminal Tavern

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Bill Sykes & Melissa Shepard Sykes USA / 2019 / 80 min / English / Documentary

Gamble is a wry humorist & chronicler of the classic misadventures & country s h e n a n i g a n s of those backwoods scofflaws, loading ramp philosophers & truly sorry individuals who inhabit his fictional Oklawaha County. He is also an outstanding guitar player & accomplished songwriter. This documentary traces the life & career of this unique & talented artist.

Writer: Melissa Shepard Sykes / Producers: Bill Sykes & Melissa Shepard Sykes / Videographers: Patrick Clark, Barry Hodgins, Bill Sykes, Pete Wages / Executive Producers: Bill Sykes & Charles Steadham /Editor: Bill Sykes / Video Mastering: Curtis Elder / Sound Mix: Stephen Warner / Graphics: Will Sykes / Featuring: Gamble Rogers, Jimmy Buffett, Michael Peter Smith, Jim Stafford, Peggy Bulger, Pete Seeger / Contact: william.j.sykes@gmail.com

Sponsored by

Teri Pattullo

In Memory of Brian Pattullo

DIRECTORS: Bill Sykes is a veteran television & film producer/director, with over 40 years experience. He has worked as an award-winning cinematographer, editor, producer, news executive and cable network programming executive. His passion is visual storytelling, and this documentary is about a remarkably talented musician & storyteller: Gamble Rogers. Melissa Shepard Sykes is an award-winning producer, director & writer of documentaries, lifestyle & children’s programming, and an experienced senior programming executive for a national lifestyle network. Using pictures & sounds, people & places, the heart of all her work begins with a good story.

sPeCIal GuesTs bIll sykes MelIssa sHePaRd sykes CHaRles sTeadHaM



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sPeCIal GuesT JonaTHan ReId-edWaRds


Jonathan Reid-Edwards United Kingdom / 2019 / 114 min / English / Supernatural Drama

Alone on an isolated farm, a stubborn young woman fights to come to terms with her multiple sclerosis diagnosis with the help of a fugitive from another world.

Tech Credits Writer: Jonathan Reid-Edwards / Producer: Kate Tuck & Jonathan Reid-Edwards / Cinematographer: Pablo Rojo / Production Designer: Zahra Mansouri / Editor: Jonathan Reid-Edwards / Composer: Stefan Melzak / Principal Cast: Fiona Hampton; George Taylor; Nathalie Cox; Nathan Wiley / Contact: askblackhouse@gmail.com Director: Jonathan has worked in film for over a decade as writer, director, and producer. Having made short films, music videos, and videography work, he trained at Drama Centre London, graduating in 2011. Jonathan has won international awards for his short 'Hadley TK-421', also producing Kate Tuck’s 'Stranger at the Door' and 'Dans Le Noir', named Best British Horror at the 2014 British Horror Festival. All this with Black House Pictures, co-founded with fellow filmmaker Kate Tuck. He’s written numerous feature scripts currently being developed inhouse.



Michael Pizzano USA / 2019 / 2 min / English When a 12-year old girl is nagged by her dad for being a bad influence on her younger sister, she and her sister join forces.

Writer & Producer: Thomas Moore / Cinematographer: Mackenzie Mauro / Editor and Special FX: Michael Pizzano / Cast: Zoe Moore, Sami Moore, Thomas Moore


Director: Michael has written and directed numerous short films and has recently acted as producer on his first feature film. He gravitates toward horror and comedy genres that pack a meaningful punch.

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EAST COAST PREMIERE Hella Joof Denmark / 2018 / 100 min / Danish w/English subtitles / Comedy

Helle has been waiting forever for her workaholic husband Peter to retire, so they can enjoy the autumn of their life together. She really wants to travel and explore the world with him - but when Peter comes home from his last day at work, life takes a surprisingly new turn, as he has a big surprise for her; he is pursuing a new career as a wine importer and has invested all their savings in an exclusive vineyard in Austria! Helle and Peter split up and they each set out on a blazing journey of discovery, filled with new opportunities, problems and dreams... But can you start over after 50 years of marriage?

Writer: Matte Henno / Cinematographer: Kim Hogh / Editor: Julius Krebs Damsbo / Producers: Mie Andreasen / Production Designer: Mette Rio / Composer: Flemming Nordkrog / Principal Cast: Kurt Ravn, Birthe Neumann, Charlotte Sieling / Contact: films@m-appeal.com

Sponsored by

DIRECTOR: Hella Joof was born on November 1, 1962 in Birkerød, Denmark. She is an actress and director, known for Shake It (2001), Bullerfnis (1990) and Se min kjole (2009). She has been married to Henrik Jepsen since 2012. She was previously married to Runi Lewerissa. 59

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Jeanne Herry France / 2018 / 107 min / French w/English subtitles / Drama

Abandoned at birth, baby Theo’s uncertain future lies in the hands of the Child Welfare Services. Jean, who is no stranger to the foster system, is given the responsibility of temporarily looking after Theo, while the members of the Adoption Agency have the difficult task of finding him a home. Meanwhile Alice, unable to have children of her own, has never stopped fighting to be a mother. After facing many setbacks, Alice is finally ready to welcome a child, just when the Adoption Servicing is seeking a home for Theo. Thanks to the dedicated members of social services, the paths of Alice and Theo will cross, blending the journey of Jean and the rest of the team along the way.

Writer: Jeanne Herry / Cinematographer: Sofian El Fani / Editor: Francis Vesin / Producers: Alain Attal, Hugo Selignac, Vincent Mazel / Production Designer: Mette Rio / Original Music: Pascal Sangla / Principal Cast: Sandrine Kiberlain, Gilles Lellouche, Elodie Bouchez, Olivia Cote, Miou-Miou, Clotilde Mollet, Leila Muse, Stefi Celma, Youssef Hadji, Jean-Francois Stevenin, Bruno Podayldes / Contact: clemence@cmtbooking.com



DIRECTOR: Jeanne Herry is an actress and director, known for In Safe Hands (2018), Number One Fan (2014) and Call My Agent! (2015). Graduated from the CNSAD (Conservatoire national supĂŠrieur d'art dramatique de Paris) in 2002. Her mother is Miou-Miou.



Plays before CAMINO SKIES Sat, Nov 2, 1pm, CP Tues, Nov 12, 2pm, AM

Kaia Goudreau USA / 2019 / 3:45 / English A young girl's ice cream fantasy could be a reality if it was not for a pesky yellow note from her mom. She's torn with a decision. Writer: Kaia Goudreau / Camera: Kaia Goudreau / Editor: Kaia Goudreau / Cast: Samantha Lorraine / Contact: KaiaBlue@me.com Kaia is a senior at Fort Lauderdale High School and has attended summer film programs at NYFA and Chapman University. She's currently applying to film schools and her dream is to be a celebrated Director of Photography.

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Rania Attieh, Daniel Garcia Argentina / 2019 / 98 min / Spanish w/English subtitles / Dark Comedy

Down on his luck, an aging Serge Gainsbourg wannabe, struggles with an acting career he can't seem to get on track, an affair he doesn't want, and a crime he didn't mean to commit. "An eccentric thrill ride filled with immense intrigue (...) Nicholson is pitch perfect." Cinema sentries

"Genius (...) The way that Attieh and Garcia pack so much action, drama, and hilarity into one movie is truly masterful." film Threat

"A smart movie (...) The sharpest kind of dark comedy." The knockturnal "Delightfully dark (...) Peretti brings an animal magnetism to the part that's irresistible." Moveable fest

"Peretti is pitch-perfect as a despicable, self-destructive sad sack." film International

Writer: Rania Attieh, Daniel Garcia / Cinematographer: Roman Kasseroller / Editor: Leandro Aste, Daniel Garcia / Producers: Ivan Elbuszyc, Shruti Ganguly, Georges Schoucair / Composers: Bill Laurance, Maciej Zielinski / Principal Cast: Diego Peretti, Julianne Nicholson, Daniel Fanego, Malena Sanchez, Francisco Lumerman / Contact: ts@visitfilms.com

DIRECTOR: Rania Attieh & Daniel Garcia are winners of 2015 Independent Spirit Award “Someone to watch�. They are also 2014 Guggenheim Fellows and 2012 U.S. Rockefeller Fellows in film. Rania is from Tripoli, Lebanon and Daniel is from South Texas. Together, they have co-written, co-directed, co-edited and produced many films to date. 61


sun, nov 3, 4pm, Party follows, sC MuskeTeeRs fIlM only - sC Mon, nov 4, 7pm, CP





Giovanni Veronesi Italy / 2018 / 109 min / Italian w/English subtitles / Swashbuckling Comedy

After twenty years out of the picture, the King’s Musketeers are called back in action by Queen Anna, desperately seeking their help. Cynical and disillusioned but still incredibly talented with their swords, D’Artagnan, Porthos, Athos and Aramis, will jump again into the fire for their (maybe) last incredible mission: save France from the evil intrigues of the wicked Cardinal Mazzarino and his sensual accomplice Milady!

Writer: Giovanni Veronesi, Nicola Baldoni / Cinematographer: Tani Canevari / Editor: Consuelo Catucci / Producers: Fabrizio Donvito, Benedetto Habib, Marco Cohen / Composers: Bill Laurance, Maciej Zielinski / Principal Cast: Pierfrancesco Favino, Valerio Mastandrea, Rocco Papaleo, Sergio Rubini, Margherita Buy, Alessandro Haber, Matilde Gioli, Giulia Bevilacqua, Lele Vannoli, Valeria Solarino / Contact: gaetano@truecolours.it

DIRECTOR: Giovanni Veronesi was born on August 31, 1962 in Prato, Tuscany, Italy. He is a writer and director, known for Manuale d'amore (2005), Italians (2009) and Chene sarà di noi (2004). All were presented at FLIFF. 62


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UNITED STATES PREMIERE Emiliano Corapi Italy / 2019 / 87 min / Italian w/English subtitles

Renato has always been fearful of sentiments, avoiding relationships that he really had to commit to. But when he finds out that the charming Anna, met by chance, is under house arrest, he decides for once to let himself go and experience the feelings he always feared. In that house, where he is the only male actor on the stage, he is convinced he can control the situation.

In love, however, there are no safe routes and soon the situation becomes more complicated.

Writer: Emiliano Corapi/ Producer: Andrea Petrozzi / Cinematographer: Vladan Radovich / Production Designer: Luisa Iemma/ Editor: Marco Co- Sta/ Composer: Giordano Corapi / Principal Cast: Miriam Leone, Simone Libera-Ti, Fabrizio Rongione, Anna Ferruzzo/ Contact: melissastrizzi@gmail.com Director: Emiliano Corapi was born in Rome August 13th 1970. He started the activity of director, writing and realizing short films that participated in many festivals, winning numerous prizes including the “Silver Ribbon”. He also realized documentaries and collaborated on many screenplays for other director’s movies. In 2011 he directed “On the way home”, his first feature film.

“I live here, I work here and I play here” Kelley Sarantis 954.263.4924

Latitude Margaritaville Bob Hodges and Sons Realty 130 Coral Reef Way, Daytona Beach Kelley@KelleySarantis.com KelleySarantis.com


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Andrew Hunt USA / 2019 / 99 min / English /Documentary

Comedians Fred Willard and Kevin Pollak re-discover three remarkable TV comics from the 1950s: Imogene Coca, George Gobel and Martha Raye, whose groundbreaking work was broadcast live. Thanks to recently unearthed kinescopes a new audience can enjoy vital and hilarious performances that have languished unseen for 60 years.

Writer: Ed Crasnick, Andrew Hunt, Frank Conniff / Producer: Andrew Hunt / Cinematographer: Luke Geissbuhler, Manfred Reiff, Nancy Schreiber / Editor: Colin Goudie, Andrew Hunt / Composer: Paul Cantelon / Featuring: Kevin Pollak, Fred Willard, Bob Newhart, Lily Tomlin, Car Reiner, Bill Hayes, Norman Lear, Mitzi Gaynor, Carol Channing, Tom Smothers, George Schlatter, Jack Carter, David Ollock, Peggy King, Alan Young, Michael Feinsteine, Peter Marshall, Eddy Friedfeld, Danny Proctor / Contact: andrew@andrewhunt.me

Sponsored by

Dr Daryl Miller


DIRECTOR: Andrew’s unique career has spanned multiple continents and earned him numerous awards in music, TV and film. His art has been exhibited most recently at Sotheby's in New York. Andrew’s career began in the performing arts in NZ as an actor, dancer and musician before moving into writing and directing book musicals. From there he moved into television and film, which has taken him around the world where he has lived in six countries over the last 30 years. After moving to America he was one of five filmmakers selected for a nationwide film competition sponsored by Bloomingdales that pitted him against Barry Jenkins (Moonlight) and Robert Redford’s daughter, Amy. His film, “The Love Game” won the “Bflix” competition and opened the door for him to make his first feature film, “Funny You Never Knew.”

sPeCIal GuesT andReW HunT

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sPeCIal GuesTs MaRy seTTle PRuITT, sTePHen WallaCe PRuITT


Stephen Wallace Pruitt USA / 2019 / 88 min / English / Drama Sixty-something farming couple John and Mary Lou Martin come face-to-face with mistakes from their pasts and an uncertain future as they strive to hold onto the only life they've ever known. Inspired by those set adrift by circumstances that leave them too old to start over and yet too young to give up, the film explores the question "Are we more than what we do?"

Writer: Mary Settle Pruitt, Stephen Wallace Pruitt / Cinematographer: Michael Lopez, Stephen Wallace Pruitt / Editor: Stephen Wallace Pruitt / Producers: Mary Settle Pruitt, Stephen Wallace Pruitt / Composers: Randy Bonifield / Principal Cast: Herman J. Johansen, Kathleen Warfel, Davis DeRock, Joicie Appell, Laura Kirk / Contact: never2latestudios@yahoo.com DIRECTOR: Married Kansas City filmmakers Mary Settle Pruitt and Stephen Wallace Pruitt have been "partners in crime" for 37 years now, including raising two daughters, several pets, and, beginning in 2008, making Hollywood-quality independent feature films. "The Land" is their fifth production. Like all of their films, except for the acting (which neither of them has any desire to do!), virtually every single task required to make "The Land" was performed by one or both of them. Working exclusively with extremely tiny crews of between four and five people (including themselves!), this completely hands-on "auteur approach" is perhaps unique for a filmmaking couple of their ages (Mary is 58 and Stephen is 62). (Yes, the picture is a few years old.)

Congratulations On The 34th Annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival


Alexander W. Schneider, Esq. Registered Patent Attorney 561.650.8542 | ASchneider@shutts.com CityPlace Tower, 525 Okeechobee Blvd, Suite 1100 West Palm Beach, FL 33401 FORT LAUDERDALE | JACKSONVILLE | MIAMI | ORLANDO | SARASOTA | TALLAHASSEE | TAMPA | WEST PALM BEACH


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Juan Villegas Argentina / 2019 / 75 min / Spanish w/English subtitles / Comedy

Martín and Laura, in their thirties, find themselves spending time in the same building for a summer side holiday. An opportunity for Martín and Laura to find each other again, and perhaps to truly meet with the son they had together 18 years ago

Writer/Director, Juan Villegas has fashioned a clever comedy of personalities, reminiscent of a smart Woody Allen film. It takes a minute or two for the audience to catch on as to who is who and what to the other…but don’t fret, just pay attention and you will be richly rewarded..

Writer: Juan Villegas / Cinematographer: Inés Duacastella / Editor: Andres Quaranta / Producers: Andrés Longares, Celina Murga, Felicitas Raffo, Juan Villegas / Composer: Gabriel Chwojnik / Principal Cast: Pilar Gamboa, Santiago Gobernori, Valentin Oliva, Camila Fabbri, Valeria Santa / Contact: juanmanville@gmail.com

Sponsored by

KenPernaDesign . .com . Graphic Design


DIRECTOR: Juan Villegas was born in 1971 in Buenos Aires. Saturday (2001) is his first film as director. Before he had written the script for Modelo 73 (2000) and worked in other films as address assistant and camera assistant. The pleasure for the circular and speedy dialogues, certain preference to show a slight fatality in couple's relationships, the cars like places where the actions insist on happening, the humor and the sadness, they are already some of the constants of his cinema reflected in the two previous films shorts: 2 en 1 auto (1998) and Rutas and veredas (1995).

sPeCIal GuesT Juan vIlleGas

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Allison Argo USA / 2017 / 54 min / English / Documentary

THE LAST PIG is an achingly beautiful meditation on what it means to be a sentient creature with the power to kill. Deeply immersive and experiential, the film follows a pig farmer through his final year of slaughtering pigs. The bucolic life of the pigs on the farm is ruptured by weekly trips to the slaughterhouse. Through sparse, intimate musings, the farmer reveals his growing conflict of a life spent “peddling in death.”

Writer: Allison Argo / Cinematographer: Joseph Brunette / Editor: David Kennedy, Enat Sidi / Producers: Allison Argo, Joseph Brunette / Composers: Giovanni Spinelli / Contact: thelastpigfilm@gmail.com

DIRECTOR: Allison Argo has produced, directed, written and edited a dozen television films for PBS and National Geographic. Known for her strong stories and disarmingly intimate portraits. Argo and her films have won six national Emmys (11 nominations), a DuPont Columbia, and over 50 awards internationally. This is her first feature film. It was made possible through in-kind services and crowdfunding.



Pamela B. Green USA / 2018 / 103 min / English & French w/English sub-titles

When Alice Guy-Blaché completed her first film in 1896 Paris, she was not only the first female filmmaker, but one of the first directors ever to make a narrative film. The film follows her rise from Gaumont secretary to her appointment as head of production in 1897, and her subsequent illustrious 20-year career in France and in the United States, as the founder of her own studio and as writer, director, and/or producer of 1,000 films—after which she was veritably erased from history. Until now….

Writer: Pamela B. Green, Joan Simon / Producer: Pamela B. Green / Cinematographer: Boubkar Benzabat/ Editor: Pamela B. Green / Composer: Peter G. Adams / Featuring: Jodie Foster (narrator), John Bailey, Lake Bell, Jon M. Chu, Diablo Cody, Geena Davis, Julie Delpy, Ava Duvernay, Michel Hazanavicius, Patty Jenkins, Ben Kingsley, Walter Murch, Andy Samberg, Marjane Satrapi, Julie Taymor, Agnès Varda, Evan Rachel Wood / Contact: cosima@picagency.com

Pamela b. Green will answer your questions via skype following the friday, nov 15th screening.

Director: Originally from New York, Pamela lived most of her life in Europe and Israel and as a result, is fluent in English, French, Italian, and Hebrew. In 2005, she founded PIC, an entertainment and motion design boutique based in Los Angeles. Nominated for an Emmy for the documentary Bhutto, Pamela has creative directed, produced, and directed feature film main titles, motion graphics, and award packages and advised on internal story sequences for the Bourne series, The Muppets, Twilight, Supergirl, and more. Be Natural… is her first feature.


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Brian C. Miller Richard USA / 2019 / 87 min / English / Mystery

In this hauntingly evocative Southern Gothic mystery, a struggling addict ventures into the Louisiana swampland to reconnect with her faith healer father, only to discover he is hiding a troubling secret aboard his houseboat.

After sold-out screenings earlier this year at The Tribeca Film Festival, the filmmakers bring to South Florida this hauntingly beautiful, Southern Gothic tale of family and loss with an entrancing supernatural thread.

Writer: Hunter Burke, Nick Lavin / Cinematographer: Natalie Kingston / Editor: Brian C. Miller Richard, Robert Grigsby Wilson / Producers: Kenny Reynolds, Alicia Davis Johnson, Russell Blanchard, Murray Roth / Production Designers: Matt Whittle, Matthew Whittle / Music: Lost Bayou Ramblers / Principal Cast: Teri Wyble, Dane Rhodes, Deneen Tyler, Terence Rosemore, Richie Montgomery, Hunter Burke, Jackson Beals / Contact: lostbayoufilm@gmail.com Sponsored by

eveRyone aTTendInG THe nov 15TH PaRTy and THe nov 16TH sCReenInG GeTs a CoMPlIMenTaRy abITa beeR fRoM louIsIana!

sPeCIal GuesTs: bRIan C. MIlleR RICHaRd TeRI Wyble, dane RHodes, HunTeR buRke, naTalIe kInGsTon, alICIa davIs JoHnson, kenneTH Reynolds, MuRRay RoTH, Russell blanCHaRd

folloWInG THe fRIday, nov 15TH sCReenInG, JoIn THe fIlMMakeRs In THe CouRTyaRd foR a CaJun PaRTy!


DIRECTOR Hailing from the small Louisiana town of Breaux Bridge, Brian C Miller Richard (REE-SHARD) began his professional career by directing several American Advertising Award winners including “The Passion Series” which was awarded Best in Show. He was also awarded Best Cinematography at the 2014 New Orleans Film Festival for his work in Garrett Bradley’s feature BELOW DREAMS, a 2013 IFP Narrative Project, which had its world premiere at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival. More recently, Brian's directorial debut LOST BAYOU had its world premiere at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival. Brian currently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he owns a production company, Construct Films.


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EAST COAST PREMIERE Lida Aseer Afghanistan / 2019 / 77 min / Persian w/English subtitles / Drama

Zohra who fights to survive in a patriarchal society as her husband abandons his responsibilities to indulge himself in a life of intoxication and addiction. Her only source of income is work as a seamstress. Her husband takes away that option. She now faces limited options to feed her child.

Writer: Lida Aseer / Cinematographer: Said Waqif Hosseini, Parwez Arify / Sound: Hamayoon Arify, Noorallah / Producers: Lida Aseer / Light: Abdul Salam / Clapper: Hasiba Ibrahimi / Principal Cast: Lida Aseer, Sahar Yousufzai / Contact: rose_stif@hotmail.com


DIRECTOR: Lida Aseer, also known as Lida Aria, is an AfghanCanadian director, producer, writer and actress best known for appearing in several films including Kabul Hero, Picnic, The Greedy Woman and The Lost Mother. During her career as an actress, she developed a strong interest in film production. In 2015, she pursued an education in film production and graduated from the Hollywood Film Institute in 2017. She began creating her first feature film titled “The Lost Mother” in 2018 to give a glimpse of the harsh realities for Afghan women living in a patriarchal society. Brian Shephard USA / 2019 / 8 min / English On a dark, eerie night, a young woman makes a wrong turn through a long stretch of deserted woods. But as the night goes on, she’ll soon learn you’re never truly alone on Terror Road.

Writer: Brian Shephard / Producer: Allan Marrero / Cinematographer: Erik Van Lenten / Editor: Brian Shephard / Composer: Harry Manfredini / Cast: Surely Alvelo, Brayden Benson / Contact: brian@theskeletoncrew.com

Director: For over 20 years, Brian Shephard has worked as a writer, director, shooter and editor, creating hundreds of projects ranging from commercials to music videos to high-end corporate productions. His latest project, Terror Road, is currently in festivals around the country.


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love & susPendeRs fIlM only - sC

FLORIDA PREMIERE Jorge Weller Israel / 2019 / 102 min / Hebrew w/English subtitles / Bittersweet Comedy

Tami is a widow in her 60s and Beno is a widower in his 70s. She is optimistic, always smiling, and still talking to her husband who has been dead for a few years already. Beno is tougher on the outside, but also still suffering from the loss of his wife. Tami and her husband were successful singers so now she lives comfortably in a beautiful retirement home. He, on the other hand, is finding it hard to pay the monthly rent. Notwithstanding their differences in lifestyle and personality, and their interfering offspring and neighbors, they eventually fall in love.

Writer: Elisa Dor / Cinematographer: Claudio Steinberg / Editor: Dov Stoyer / Producers: Leon Edery, Moshe Edery, Ofer Naim / Composer: Gal Padeh / Principal Cast: Nitza Shhaul, Yehuda Barkin, Shlomo BarAba, Gabi Amrani, Albert Cohen, Ilan Dar, Rina Fadwa, Yiftach Klein, Aryeh Moskona, Josh Sagie, Michal Yannai / Contact: israelifilms@gmail.com Sponsored by

Eileen Schneider

DIRECTOR: Known for Salsa Tel Aviv (2011), Mi telenovela personal (2001), All My Loving (1986), Love in Suspenders (2019).


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Joe & Shirley Annunziata


Gianni Zanasi Italy / 2018 / 110 min / Italian w/English subtitles / Comedy-Drama

Lucia, a single mother, struggles to find the right balance between her teenage daughter, a complicated love story and her career as a geometer. Her professional future is compromised when she realizes that the future construction of an ambitious building turns out to be dangerous for the environment because of the inaccurate topographic maps of the city council. A mysterious foreign woman will soon put Lucia’s belief in miracles to the test... LUCIA’S GRACE made its Cannes debut at the prestigious Directors’ Fortnight.

Writer: Gianni Zanasi, Giacomo Ciarrapico, Michele Pellegrini, Federica Pontremoli / Cinematographer: Vladan Radovic / Producers: Beppe Caschetto, Rita Rognoni / Composer: Niccolò Contessa / Principal Cast: Alba Rohrwacher, Elio Germano, Giuseppe Battiston, Hadas Yaron, Carlotta Natoli, Thomas Trabacchi / Contact: valentina.bronzini@matchfactory.de DIRECTOR: Gianni Zanasi was born on August 6, 1965 in Vignola, Emilia-Romagna, Italy. He is a writer and director, known for Non Pensarci (2007), Nella Mischia (1995) and Lucia's Grace (2018).


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Amp Wong & Ji Zhao China / 2019 / 98 min / Mandarin & English / Anime

From Light Chaser Animation, one of China’s premiere animation studios, comes a visually stunning new take on a classic legend. One day a young woman named Blanca is saved by Xuan, a snake catcher from a nearby village. She has lost her memory, and together they go on a journey to discover her real identity, developing deeper feelings for one another along the way. But as they learn more about her past, they uncover a darker plot of supernatural forces vying for power, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. Conceived as a prequel to one of the most ancient and enduring stories in Chinese history, White Snake presents a sumptuous tale of trickster demons, deadly mythical beasts, assassins, wuxia action, and the promise of eternal love.

Sponsored by

Co-Directors Amp Wong (left) WHITE SNAKE Amp worked on Little Door Gods, Tea Pets, Cats and Peachtopia. Before joining the Light Chaser Animation Studios, he worked in CGCG (Xiamen) Inc. and Imagi Animation Studios, as animation supervisor and assistant director. He participated in the Hollywood animation television, including Astro Boy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Green Lantern. Ji Zhao (right) studied at the Communication University of China and UCLA. The editor and post-production supervisor of Little Door Gods, Tea Pets, Cats and Peachtopia.


He has nine years of experience in motion pictures and participated in the editing of a number of films home and abroad, including The Karate Kid, The Grandmaster, Swordsmen and Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.

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FLORIDA PREMIERE Robert Cassanello, Oswmer Louis, Lisa Mills

USA / 2019 / 60 minutes / English

Marching Forward is the history of two dedicated high school band directors—one black, one white—inspired by music to cross the color line in the Deep South and work together for the sake of their students. This courageous cooperation resulted in the experience of a lifetime for Orlando’s black and white students at the 1964 New York World’s Fair.

Writers: Nicole Holly, Lisa Mills / Producers: Kyle Aulow, Timothy G. Brown / Cinematographer: Juan Ordonez / Editor: Timothy G. Brown / Composer: Stella Sung / Featuring: James W. Wilson, Del Kieffner, Dr. Carl MaultsBy / Contact: ucfmills@gmail.com

Sponsored by

Co-Directors: Oswmer Louis is South Florida native and recent graduate of the University of Central Florida. He co-directed this feature film with UCF faculty advisors Dr. Mills and Dr. Cassanello. Dr. Robert Cassanello is an associate professor of history at the University of Central Florida. In addition to producing and directing award-winning documentaries he has also produced award- winning history podcasts. Dr. Lisa Mills is an associate professor of film at the University of Central Florida. She is an independent documentary filmmaker and her films have won national awards and screened all over the world.

sPeCIal GuesTs dR. lIsa MIlls osWMeR louIs


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Dani Tenenbaum USA / 2019 / 81 min / English /

With His Life Falling Apart, A Grieving Man Faces The Holidays For The First Time Without His Beloved Mother, Who Died Unexpectedly Last Christmas Eve. With The Help Of Friends, Family And A Surprising Visitor Along The Way, He Will Learn The True Meaning Of Christmas, While Trying To Figure Out How To Put The Pieces Of His Life Back Together. Writer: Travis Hodgkins / Producer: Savi Creations & Mulberry Films / Cinematographer: Joel Crane / Production Designer: Heloise Wilson / Editor: Heather Maggi / Composer: David Bateman / Principal Cast: Prashantt Guptha, Grace Wacuka, Preeti Gupta, Aurora Heimbach, Carl Garrison / Contact: Prashanttguptha@gmail.com Director: Originally from Israel, Dani Tenenbaum finished his studies in Tel Aviv in 2010 and moved to New York to start his career as a filmmaker. His thesis film was screened in a few film festivals around the world and won best picture on IndieWorks in NYC in 2011. Thereafter, he started his production company called WIWU Productions with Stacey Maltin where they both create branded content. His first feature, LANDING UP, was distributed through Random Media and The Orchard in 2018, and is now on Amazon. In addition, he has directed a total of 12 short films, 4 music videos and recently initiated a group called THE SANDBOX, a collective for directors who want to improve their craft.



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sPeCIal GuesTs: MaRk PaTTon, RoMan CHIMIenTI, TyleR Jensen


Roman Chimienti, Tyler Jensen USA / 2019 / 100 min / English / Documentary


At the time of release, The Advocate dubbed 1985’s A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge the gayest horror film ever made. For the film’s closeted young star, Mark Patton, such a tag was a stark reminder about the homophobia rampant in Hollywood at the time—and the painful experience he had making the high-profile film and living through the polarizing critical aftermath. This new documentary highlights Patton’s time in the horror spotlight, and Patton sets the record straight about the controversial sequel, which ended his acting career just as it was about to begin. SCREAM, QUEEN! MY NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET follows Patton as he travels to horror conventions across the U.S. Each new city unwraps a chapter from his life that is met with equal parts joyful and bittersweet detail, as he attempts to make peace with his past and embrace his legacy as cinema’s first male “scream queen.”

SCREAM, QUEEN! also finds Patton confronting the Freddy’s Revenge cast and crew for the first time, including co-stars Robert Rusler, Kim Myers and Clu Gulager, as well as Freddy Krueger himself, Robert Englund. The film also discusses Freddy’s Revenge’s status as an LGBTQ cult classic, and illustrates how the career turbulence experienced by Patton—whose résumé includes stints on Broadway and a regarded role in the 1982 film Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean—wasn’t out of the ordinary for the time. “There were plenty of gay actors like me,” says Patton. “They starred in one movie and just disappeared. A whole generation just vanished.” Producers: Roman Chimienti, Tyler Jensen / Cinematographers: Amber Grey, Julian Bernstein, Mark Zemel, Tyler Jensen / Editor: Tyler Jensen / Featuring: Mark Patton, Robert Englund, Robert Rusler, Kim Myers, Clu Gulager / Contact: jeffrey@thefilmcollaborative.org Directors; Roman Chimienti, The End Audio is the production name of sound engineer, Roman Chimienti. His portfolio includes sound design for a wide range of work including, film, commercial, and directing. Tyler Jensen is a director and editor. He started making movies in his basement, re-creating Speed and Rocky Horror Picture Show with action figures, happy meal toys and hand drawn sets at the age of 11.


Friday, Nov 1, 10pm, SC




Jack Sholder USA / 1985 / 87 min / English / Horror

Jesse Walsh and his family have moved into Nancy Thompson's old house on Elm Street. No sooner are they moved in than Jesse begins to have horrific nightmares - ones that feature a burned man in a dirty red & green sweater, with knives on the fingers of his right hand. His neighbor & new sweetheart, Lisa, discovers the truth behind Fred Krueger and his horrible murder spree. Freddy vows to take over Jesse's body to continue his vile crimes against the Elm Street residents. Soon, people close to Jesse start dying violently. Will Lisa's love for Jesse be enough to help him overpower the demonic presence inside him?

Writer: David Chaskin, Wes Craven / ProducersStephen Diener, Stanley Dudelson, Robert Shaye, Joel Soisson / Cinematographer: Jacques Haitkin, Christopher Tuftey / Editor: Bob Brady, Arline Garson / Composer: Christopher Young / Principal Cast: Mark Patton, Kim Myers, Robert Rusler, Clu Gulager, Hope Lange, Marshall Bell, Melinda O. Fee, Thom McFadden, Robert Englund / Contact: Warner Bros. Classics.


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Eric Michaud Cuba / 2019 / 52 min / English & Spanish w/English subtitles / Documentary

Between 1960 and 1962, 14,000 children were exfiltrated from Cuba. A movement of general panic seized middle-class Cuban parents, who sent their children en masse to the United States, hoping to subsequently join them there. The panic was caused by a carefully orchestrated rumor, claiming that Fidel Castro intended to “Nationalise“ Cuban children. Unfortunately, the Cuban Missile Crisis of December 1962 got in the way, and the borders closed like a trap on the families, preventing them from being reunited. Spread out all over the U.S., very few children ever saw their parents again.

This film tells the story of a spectacular operation of manipulation led by the CIA in an attempt to overthrow the Castro government: Operation Peter Pan.

Writer & Producer: Eric Michaud / Contact: ermichaud33@gmail.com


Director: Eric Michaud is a documentary filmmaker, anthropologist, his career has taken him to all four corners of the world in search of new civilizations. Fascinated by the diverse people he meets, he films these encounters and exchanges to highlight not only the cultural differences thus revealed, but also and above all our common humanity. He specialized in aerial images of natural parks and landscapes. His training in cinema and his experience in the field allows him to get involved in projects where aesthetics and semantics are inseparable. He has written and directed some thirty documentaries on such eclectic themes as history, religion and society, for both French and international broadcasters (France 5, Arte, Canal +, Planète, TV5 Monde, TSR, RFO, France O, RTBF, TSR, Fox). He is currently pursuing a documentary series on winemaking civilizations around the world for Arte, as well as developing a series for Netflix. At the same time, he is working on a full-length Franco-Spanish fictional film.

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Patrick Cassir Bulgaria-France / 2018 / 100 min /English + French & Bulgarian w/English subtitles / Comedy

Marion and Ben are both in their thirties and living in Paris. That and the Tinder app on their phones is pretty much all they have in common. But opposite attract, and two weeks after the first date, they are leaving together for their summer holidays... to Bulgaria. With no clear plan. And as they will soon discover, with very different ideas of what a dream holiday should look like.

Writer: Camille Chamoux, Patrick Cassir / Producer: Michael Chamoux / Cinematographer: Yannick Ressigeac / Editor: Stephan Couturier / Production Designer: Samantha Gordowski / Principal Cast: Jonathan Cohen, Camille Chamoux, , Camille Cotton, Jeremie Elkaim, Vincent Dedienne, Dominique Valadie, Svetlan Gergova, Bar Levy, Sagi Halperin, Alex Alexiev, Jean-Charles Clichet / Contact: m.perretcortassa@le-pacte.com

Sponsored by

Betty Lakeysmith

sPeCIal GuesTs PaTRICk CassIR CaMIlle CHaMoux

DIRECTOR: Patrick Cassir is a director and actor, known for Our Happy Holiday (2018), Don't Tell Her(2016) and Quotidien (2016). 77

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UNITED STATES PREMIERE Luis Hueck Venezuela / 2018 / 120 min / Spanish w/English subtitles / Comedy

Andrés and Julissa are now the proud parents of seven-year-old Carlitos, while continuing to be fervent fans of rival baseball teams. Getting into some very compromising and funny situations, the family’s loyalty, friendship and love will be put to the test, all for the love of baseball!

Writer: Luis Carlos Hueck / Producer: Karla Pagliarone / Cinematographer: Clever Castillo / Production Designer: Guillermo Churro Perez / Editor: Karla Pagliarone / Composer: Elik Alvarez / Principal Cast: Juliette Pardau, Jean Pierre Agostini / Contact: Luishueck@gmail.Com Sponsored by

Jose Cardenas Michelle Filippi Nhumas Guerra


Luis Hueck is a successful Film director from Venezuela. He studied film at UCLA, He wrote and directed PAPITA MANI TOSTON that broke all the box office records and became the most seen movie in all the cinema history in Venezuela. He also directed the sequel PAPITA 2nd Base and HAVE YOUR LIFE BACK that is based in his own life. SERGIO NOVELLI is a Venezuelan journalist with more than 30 years experience. He has worked in TV stations such as Radio Caracas Televisión (RCTV), Venevisión, Televen, Globovisión, IVC, as well as in radio stations KYSFM and Circuit Union Radio. In 2017 he moved to Miami, due to the political unrest and censorship in Venezuela. Here he has worked for Telemundo, Univisión, Pangea FM and VPITV, where he currently hosts 2 shows, "Al Día con Sergio" y "Sergio En La Noche" analyzing national and international events . As a correspondent with VPITV, he covered the attempt to bring humanitarian aid to Venezuela, from Cucuta, Colombia, transmitting live, 24 hours a day, exclusively interviewing several Venezuelan defectors of the military force & police officers delivered to the Colombian government. He has been awarded several national and international awards. Follow him Twitter/Instagram: @sergionovelli



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Andy Deliana USA / 2018 / 54 min / English / Documentary

Will Parker is looking for the Perfect Gangster while meeting with various New York gangsters. One of them in particular, John Alite, will tell him various crimes stories. The camera follows Alite’s journey and his involvement in the New York Mafia crime activities. Writer & Producer: Andy Deliana / Cinematographer: Andrea Gavazzi / Production Designer: Ana Rebichia / Editor: Victor O’Frank / Composer: Ryan Stevenson / Principal Cast: Will Parker, George Anastasia, John Alite, Dave Gentile / Contact: andydeliana@hotmail.com

Director: Andy studied University of Montreal after acting in many features and commercials. His directorial debut, "La Reception" was shot in Montreal,. He participated in a variety of North American and European film productions, like "Time of the Comet", "DoughBoys", "Mao Tse Dung". His experience in Pinewood Studios of Toronto, included variety of TV projects like "180 Degree", Studio 180", "Film Prologue", "Big Brother" (Albania). Andy also teaches directing at New York Film Academy.




fri, nov 8, 10pm, sC Party precedes movie Gary Ahmed USA / 2019 / 67 min / English

Documentary feature about Miami most notorious punk band, LOAD. LOAD’s popularity surged in the mid 90’s mirroring a national trend toward rock alternative acts like Green Day and Smashing Pumpkins. LOAD ambitiously toured the southeastern U.S. eventually landing them on the radar of major labels, hungry for the next big thing. Unfortunately, the unpredictability and recklessness that would make LOAD such a compelling act would also prove to be their downfall. As their explosive rise to the top would come to be overshadowed by the tragic trajectory that followed.

Producer: Tarek Ahmed / Cinematographer: Gary Ahmed / Editor: Gary Ahmed / Composer: Russell Mofsky / Featuring: Fausto Figuerdo, Tony Qualls / Contact: garyahmedfilm@gmail.com

sPeCIal GuesTs fausTo fIGueRedo Jeff JoHnsTon Rob elba

Director: Gary Ahmed is an LA based director and cinematographer. He started his filmmaking career as an intern for Harvey Hubbell V's Emmy award-winning Captured Time Productions. He has since shot and directed feature length documentary and narrative films.


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sPeCIal GuesTs Rene aubeRJonoIs aManda Melby

Bruce Dellis USA / 2018 / 96 min / DCP / English / Comedy

In suburban Phoenix, 40-year-old Ruth Kiesling is not exactly “living the dream.” She’s a donut shop employee with anger issues. Ever the opportunist and desperate for money, she “steals” the body of President James Buchanan. She does so, hoping to ransom him for a nice windfall –– but she’s surprised to discover that no one seems particularly interested in getting him back. Plan B (and C and D), lead to dead ends involving a wealthy widow, a confused LGBT organization, and a hot-headed shipping foreman. The resolution of this increasingly dire situation will require previously untapped resourcefulness from Ruth and demanding commitments from her roommates and Parole Officer. Writer: Bruce Dellis / Producer: Amanda Melby & Joe Gruberman / Cinematographer: Bret Kalmbach / Production Designer: Vicki Xericos / Editor: Bruce Dellis / Composer: Steve Francois/ Principal Cast: René Auberjonois, Amanda Melby, M. Emmet Walsh, Cathy Shim, Terence Bernie Hines, Robert Ben Garant, Steve Briscoe and Jennifer Pfalzgraff / Contact: Amanda@amandamelby.com

Rene Auberjonois will receive the FLIFF2019 Lifetime Achievement Award on friday, nov 15 prior to the screening of RAISING BUCHANAN. See page 18. Sponsored by

Jeff Brown

Director: Bruce is a writer/director from Tempe, Arizona. He was selected as Arizona Filmmaker of the Year by the Phoenix Film Foundation. He has been nominated for 14 Rocky Mountain Emmy awards, winning four. Bruce has written and directed over a dozen short films, including a mockumentary about Abraham Lincoln, an oddball film about the PTA, and a three-minute film featuring 18 speaking roles. Feature work includes writing Netherbeast Incorporated (2007) starring Steve Burns, Judd Nelson, Dave Foley and Robert Wagner. Bruce also wrote and directed a “chapter” of Locker 13, an anthology feature starring David Huddleston and Curtis Armstrong.

continued from page 19 Marco in Fire! In 1969, he earned a Tony Award for his performance as Sebastian Baye alongside Katharine Hepburn in Coco. He received Tony Award nominations for his roles in Neil Simon's The Good Doctor opposite Christopher Plummer, as the Duke in Big River (winning a Drama Desk Award), and as Buddy Fidler/Irwin S. Irving in City of Angels. Other Broadway appearances include Malvolio in Twelfth Night; Scapin in Tricks; Mr. Samsa in Metamorphosis; Prof Abronsius


in Dance of the Vampires; and Jethro Crouch in Sly Fox (Outer Critics Circle Award nomination). At the Mark Taper Forum, he reprised as Malvolio in Twelfth Night and then played Stanislavski in Chekhov in Yalta. At the Kennedy Center in 12 Angry Men (which he also directed) opposite Roy Scheider as well as in the Tom Stoppard/André Previn work Every Good Boy Deserves Favor, which went on to New York City’s Metropolitan Opera.

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SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Alex Thompson USA / 2019 / 101 min / English / Bittersweet Comedy


At the start of the summer, Bridget has an abortion just as she lands a much-needed job in an affluent Chicago suburb - nannying six-year old Frances (played by the scenestealing Ramona Edith-Williams). With no time to recover, she clashes with the obstinate Frances and struggles to navigate a growing tension between Frances’ moms. As her personal relationships suffer, a reluctant friendship with Frances emerges, and Bridget contends with the inevitable joys and barnacles of becoming a part of someone else’s family.

Conflict works best with a heavy dose of comedy. That coupled with outstanding performances by Kelly O’Sullivan (who wrote the script too!) as Bridget, and EdithWilliams as the contentious cherub, Frances. The laughs are huge and frequent, creating a roller coaster of emotions, making it easy to see why SXSW presented the film Audience Favorite and Breakthrough Voice awards.

Writer: Kelly O’Sullivan / Producers: James Choi, Pierce Cravens, Ian Keiser, Eddie Linker, Raphael Nash / Cinematographer: Nate Hurtsellers / Editor: Alex Thompson / Composer: Quinn Tsan / Principal Cast: Kelly O'Sullivan, Ramona Edith Williams, Charin Alvarez, Lily Mojekwu, Max Lipchitz, Jim True-Frost, Mary Beth Fisher, Francis Guinan / Contact: ts@visitfilms.com Sponsored by

George Kress

DIRECTOR: A Kentucky native, Thompson graduated from DePauw University and took up an assistant position at Lessall Casting, in Los Angeles, where he’d spent several summers. Months later, Thompson cast his first short as a director, Irene & Marie. Based on his Yiayia, the film starred Olympia Dukakis, Rose Gregorio, Burt Young and Louis Zorich. It played at festivals across the country. He went on to direct several films in Chicago, including Calumet, with Austin Pendleton, which won the Grand Jury Prize at the Rome International Film Festival. That began a friendship that has endured for music videos, a web series and two feature films as producer - Our Father, and King Rat. He directed a series of dance films based on the music of composer Quinn Tsan, Bedrooms, that went on to win the Grand Prize at the In/Motion Dance Film Festival, the Jacksonville Dance Film Festival and the Flatlands International Dance Film Festival in 2016.


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SEEING BEAUTY: Gianni Versace’s Miami Beach Palazzo

Scott Cardinal USA / 2019 / 65 min / Computer File / English / Documentary

The extraordinary history of the Casa Casuarina, best known as the Miami Beach Palazzo of fashion designer Gianni Versace. This documentary includes a grand tour of the interior and exterior of the fabulous estate, including it’s legendary “1 million tiles” swimming pool.

Writer & Editor: Scott Cardinal / Producer: Scott Cardinal, Vincent De Paul / Co-Creative Director: Vincent De Paul / Cinematographer: David Liz / Composer: Umberto Gaudino / Featuring: Gerard Gilroy / Contact: Cardinal@CampfireNetwork.com


Director: Scott is an architectural historian, design psychology lecturer, and audio tour writer/producer. He recently launched AUDIBLE ADVENTURES, an online educational platform that specializes in showcasing the homes, gardens, and work spaces of the world's most creative luminaries, including John Lennon, George Harrison, Jimmy Page, Michael Jackson, Prince, Elvis, and other legendary historic homes in England and the USA. He is the author of books about the Dakota apartments, John Lennon’s Tittenhurst Park, and George Harrison’s Friar Park.

sPeCIal GuesTs sCoTT CaRdInal vInCenT de Paul

BUY TICKETS fri, nov 1, 9pm, CP

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SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Jonathan Blank The Netherlands & USA / 2019 / 86 min / DCP / English / Doc

‘Sex, Drugs & Bicycles’ takes a look at Dutch social democracy and answers the question: is having month-long double paid vacations, no fear of homelessness, and universal healthcare the nightmare we’ve been warned about. The answer may surprise you. Then again it may not. It really depends on a lot of factors outside our control.

Writer: Jonathan Blank / Producer: Jonathan Blank / Cinematographer: Joao MB Costa, Jonathan Blank, Bas Klassen / Editor: Jonathan Blank / Composer: Joe McNalley / Featuring: Paul Schnabel, Marianne Thieme, Ruut Veenhoven, David Sedaris, Fink, Nawal Mustafa, Marjan Minnesma, Guilly Koster, Jennifer Hopelezz, Ger Baron, Emma Wortelboer / Contact: jb@jonathanblank.com

Director: Jonathan makes movies, writes, and teaches thousands of kids to read simultaneously. His latest film is Sex, Drugs & Bicycles, a feature-length documentary that takes a Monty Pythonesque look at Dutch social democracy. Jonathan is currently producing Talking to Animals, a documentary about animal consciousness, and How’s Your Democracy, a TV series. He has also written, produced and directed several films including Sex, Drugs & Democracy, Anarchy TV, and Collecting America. He also co-authored the books Secrets of Dragon Gate (Penguin) and Still as a Mountain, Powerful as Thunder (Shambhala). Jonathan is also very proud to have created Reading Kingdom, a unique online program that teaches literacy.

sPeCIal GuesT JonaTHan blank


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Ramin Matin Turkey / 2018 / 93 min / Turkish w/English subtitles / Dark Comedy

Welcome to the New Istanbul! A massive concrete jungle feeding on chaos and hypocrisy; it's inhabitants at the end of their tether.

Tahsin is a burnt-out architect suffocated by his existence in this very city. One night, he reencounters an old friend, Siren; a changed woman who now lives on the remote southern coast of Turkey where she works on an organic farm. Instantly enchanted, he decides to follow her down south. He packs his suitcase, bids angry farewells at work and heads for the airport. Yet, little does he know what a tragicomic odyssey awaits him.

Writer: N. Can Kantarci / Cinematographer: Tayman Tekin / Editor: Evren Lus / Producers: Emine Yildirim (Giyotin Film), Oğuz Kaynak (Giyotin Film) / Composers: Baris Diri, Tamer Temel / Principal Cast: Deniz Celliloğlu, Ezgi Celik / Contact: Jane@fortissimofilms.com

DIRECTOR: Ramin Matin, born in 1977, completed his bachelor’s degree in communication arts at Loyola Marymount University, in the United States, and earned a master’s degree from the Istanbul Bilgi University film department. His first feature, THE MONSTERS' DINNER (2011), won awards at the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, Montpellier, and Ankara International Film Festival. His second film, THE IMPECCABLES (2013), premiered in Busan and went on to receive the prestigious Best Film and Best Director Awards at the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival. In 2016, Matin directed a section of the compilation film COASTLINERS. SIREN'S CALL is his latest film presented at the Tokyo IFF.



Maggie Soboli USA / 2019 / 20 min / English

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Just when Ursula thinks she will live out her days in quiet, grey monotony, a chance encounter on a Los Angeles street leads her to secretly take on a second job as a telephone sex operator. Soon, Ursula will be taken on a curious journey where she will discover an intriguing new world that she never knew existed, and might ultimately lead her to find love where she least expects it.

Director: Born in South Africa, she became that country’s leading female satirist. As an actress, she won an Obie award in NY and wrote and starred in her own TV special for the BBC. She has directed theatre in NY and LA . Her first feature,“Myron’s Movie”, has played numerous festivals and garnered a best narrative feature award.

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sTone In THe WaTeR fIlM only - sC sun, nov 17, 3pm, CP



SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Daniel Cohen USA / 2019 / 93 min / English / Thriller

An all but forgotten murder, thirty-five years in the past, triggers a violent collision between two desperate women; a griefstricken farmer and a pregnant waitress involved in a botched robbery. A dark thriller that recalls elements of "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane," and "Misery." A thriller for adults.

Writer: Daniel Cohen / Producers: Kathryn Galan, Howard Schor / Cinematographer: Gneel Costello / Editor: Josh Williams / Principal Cast: Melissa Fumero, Bonnie Bedelia, David Fumero, Kimberly Leemans / Contact: danielm.cohen@verizon.net

sPeCIal GuesTs danIel CoHen kIMbeRly leeMans

DIRECTOR: Daniel M. Cohen, "A Stone in the Water” is Dan's fourth feature as writer/director. In addition to the award winning “Diamond Men” with Robert Forster and Donnie Wahlberg, Dan wrote “Single Handed,” (Penguin, 2015) the biography of Tibor Rubin, the only Holocaust survivor to have earned the Medal of Honor. His other films include “Corporate Affairs” and “The Whole Truth,” which had its premiere at the FLIFF way back in 1989. He’s proud to return with “Stone,” which he describes as a thriller for adults. 85

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sun, nov 10, 4pm, Party follows, sC sWeeTHeaRTs fIlM only - sC




FLORIDA PREMIERE Karoline Herfurth Germany / 2019 / 105 min / Germany w/English subtitles / Action-Adventure Comedy

It's double trouble when fate and an ill-executed diamond robbery throw Mel and Lise together in a race and chase against time.

Mel, a professional criminal and single mum looking to pull off her greatest coup, and her nerdy, easily panic-stricken hostage Lise are soon pursued by the relentless detective Ingrid, who always gets her man, or women, at any price.

On the run, the mismatched and constantly fighting pair have to dispose of the loot in the face of a Berlin underworld also determined to get its hands on them and the precious stones.

As the forces of law and disorder close in, Lise develops a liking for Mel, deciding she is going to help her 'captor'. Mel is far less than enthusiastic, especially given Lise's idea of support. With no choice the odd couple soon become a perfect tag team.

But when Mel then adds the good-looking cop Harry to her collection of hostages and Lise immediately falls for him, the chaos becomes perfect - with a happy ending looking to be an impossibly long way off. Director Karoline Herfurth also stars and turns in a tour de farce performance. Writer: Monika FÄßLER / Cinematographer: Daniel Gottschalk / Editor: Simon Gstöttmayr/ Producers: Lothar Hellinger (Hellinger Doll Filmproduktion Gmbh), Christopher Doll (Hellinger Doll Filmproduktion Gmbh)/ Composers: Baris Diri, Tamer Temel / Principal Cast: Karoline Herfurth, Hannah Herzsprung, Frederick Lau / Contact: yael@picturetree-international.com


DIRECTOR: Karoline Herfurth was born on May 22, 1984 in Berlin, Germany. She is an actress and director, known for Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006), SMS für Dich (2016) and The Reader (2008). Born and grew up in the Prenzlauer Berg district of Berlin, when this was still part of the communist area of the GDR, the East German side of the separated Germany. Was discovered by a talent scout during practicing with her theater dance group in Berlin (1995). And, in case you cared, drives a Mercedes C Class.

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Sam Vinal FLORIDA PREMIERE USA / 2019 / 24 mins / Link / English / Documentary On the banks of Louisiana, fierce Indigenous women are ready to fight—to stop the corporate blacksnake and preserve their way of life. They are risking everything to protect Mother Earth from the predatory fossil fuel companies that seek to poison it.

Producer: Melissa Cox / Cinematography: Sky Richards / Editor: Heidi Haines & Sky Richards / Original Score: Guido Consoli / Story Consultant: Jade Begay / Featuring: Cherri Foytlin, Anne White Hat, Patch, Eve Butler, Sharon Lavigne, Pastor Harry Joseph / Contact: melissa.cox.pcv@gmail.com

Director: Sam has made documentaries/narratives in the capacity of Director or Producer including -- BERTA DIDN'T DIE, SHE MULTIPLIED (2017), WAR PAINT (2017), OMI & OPA (2017), GOOD KIDD (2016), SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION (2016), CALIGINOSITY (2016), and FEARLESS (2014).


Spencer Miller USA / 2018 / 38 min / MP4 / English / Documentary

sPeCIal GuesT: alex GIllen, sPenCeR MIlleR

Talented documentary filmmakers weave complex issues into stories you can't look away from. Spencer Miller does even more with Sweetwater: He tells a deeply personal, sad, and ultimately hopeful story about the decline of South Florida's waterways and the fight to recover them. alex Gillen of bullsugar, will intro the screening and lead Q&a following the film. Pantagonia will have some freebies for the audience. Alex Gillen is a graduate of Martin County High School, the University of Florida, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Oregon. Alex holds a Master of Science degree in Environmental Sciences and Policy and a Juris Doctor degree, and is a member of the Martin County and Florida Bar Associations. Alex formerly worked for the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations for the Subcommittee on Agriculture and Rural Development, the Subcommittee on Transportation and Housing and Urban Development, and the full committee staff.

alex Gillen

spencer Miller


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Martin Schreier Germany / 2019 / 120 min / German w/English subtitles / Romantic Dramatic Comedy

Summer 1961: Emil is working as an extra at the DEFA studios in Babelsberg, East Germany when he falls head over heels in love with a French dancer named MILOU. The two young lovebirds are obviously meant for each other, but the building of the Berlin Wall soon tears them apart. It looks like they will never see each other again, that is, until Emil has a crazy idea: He’s going to produce a movie and bring Milou back to Babelsberg!

Writer: Arend Remmers / Cinematographer: Martin Schlecht / Editor: Tobias Haas / Producers: Christoph Fisser, Henning Molfenter, Charlie Woebcken, Tom Zickler / Composers: Philipp Noll / Principal Cast: Dennis Mojen, Emilia Schüle, Ken Duken, Heiner Lauterbach, Nikolai Kinski, Michael Gwisdek / Contact: yael@picturetree-international.com


DIRECTOR: Born 1980 in Germany, Martin grew up in a music studio and was surrounded by talents such as Boney M. and Falco. At the age of 8 he began to explore the world of filmmaking, shooting stop motion and short films. He studied Animation & Visual Effects at the German Film School in Berlin. In 2006 he studied directing at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. In 2009 he was awarded a scholarship for the UCLA Hollywood Masterclass in Los Angeles. Martin was also awarded the German Scholarship for outstanding students. His film "The Night Father Christmas Died" has been nominated for the 2010 Student Academy Award by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. His graduation feature film "Robin Hood" won the Primetime Award and was the first student film ever to be telecast by a major network at prime time.

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Pierre Jolivet Belgium / 2019 / 90 min / French w/English subtitles / Romantic Comedy

Victor and Ben are thirty-somethings planning to open their own hair salon. But very quickly their dream is dramatically thwarted. Determined, nevertheless, to follow through with his quest for liberty and independence, Victor manages to convince Célia, an old friend from hairstyling school, to join him in this adventure. Between their current jobs, administrative paperwork, rules and regulations, debts, family obligations and buried romantic problems that resurface, the two young business partners must team up to face the many obstacles they are confronted with as they try to successfully turn their dreams into reality.

Writer: Eric Combernous Carole-Marie Ifi, Pierre Jolivet / Cinematographer: Thomas Letellier / Producers: Xavier RIGAULT (2.4.7. Films), Marc-Antoine ROBERT (2.4.7. Films) / Composers: Philipp Noll / Principal Cast: Arthur Dupont, Alice Belaïdi, Adrien Jolivet, Bruno Benabar, Bérengère Krief / Contact: festival@beforfilms.com DIRECTOR: Pierre Jolivet is a French director, actor, screenwriter and producer. His film Zim and Co. was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival and his film The Night Watchman won the Golden Goblet Award for Best Feature Film in 2015. César Award for Best First Feature Film, César Award for Best Writing.

ENJOY A FREE SUBSCRIPTION wiremag.com/free 89

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Zachary Cotler, Magdalena Zyzak USA / 2019 / 105 min / English / Bizarre Dramatic Comedy

A wealthy Mexican family decides to build a wall around their ranch to stop townspeople from stealing their well water. A fable for today.

Writer: Zachary Cotler / Producers: Marla Arreola, SarahĂ­ Castro, Adrian Durazo / Cinematographer: Lyn Moncrief / Editor: Gabriel Foster Prior / Composer: Zachary Cotler / Principal Cast: Jackson Rathbone, Esai Morales, Mariel Hemingway, Xander Berkeley, Moises Arias, Carmela Zumbado, Marisol Sacramento, Alex Meneses / Contact: ts@visitfilms.com

DIRECTOR: Magdalena Zyzak is a Polish filmmaker and novelist. Her directorial debut, Maya Dardel, premiered in the Narrative Competition at the 2017 South by Southwest Film Festival and was acquired by Samuel Goldwyn Films and Orion Pictures. In 2014, her first novel The Ballad of Barnabas Pierkiel was published by Henry Holt. Theodore Zachary Cotler is an American filmmaker, poet, and novelist. His first film, Maya Dardel, premiered in the Narrative Competition at the 2017 South by Southwest Film Festival and was acquired by Samuel Goldwyn Films and Orion Pictures.

Eileen Schneider w/Ed Asner; Wil Shriner w/Doris Roberts; Jason Alexander gets Career Achievement Award; Patrick O’Neal addresses Opening Night audience; Diane Sobo w/director Gary Ross 90

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We WeRe Islands fIlM only sC Wed, nov 6, 7pm, CP





Amrita Pradhan USA / 2017 / 80 min / BluRay / English

Reeta, a young stand-up comedienne, feels the heat. As she edges closer to the ominous age of 3-0, she feels the ever-mounting pressure to fall in love, get married, and settle down. Her growing doubts and traditional Indian family are certainly not helping the situation. When she meets lonely funeral home employee Juliun, her happy ending finally feels imminent… so why isn’t she happy? A whimsical dramatic-comedy about trying to fix something that may have been broken all along.

Writer, Producer & Editor: Amrita Pradhan / Cinematographer: Luis Mercado Forseck / Principal Cast: Amrita Pradhan, Noel Taylor, Jake Terrell, Rhiannon Koehler, Vasant Patel, Champa Patel / Contact: wewereislands@gmail.com

Sponsored by

Director: Amrita Pradhan is an award-winning, Indian-born filmmaker. After receiving her MFA from the International Film School of Paris, she was selected for the Reykjavík Talent Lab, where her thesis film was nominated for the Golden Egg prize. Her first feature film, WE WERE ÍSLANDS (2017), is currently on the festival circuit and has received numerous awards and nominations. Her body of work includes narrative feature, narrative shorts, web series, fashion film, lifestyle videos, music videos, and promos. She is currently developing her second feature film, an original dramedy series, and a short film in addition to co-writing a feature film.

sPeCIal GuesTs aMRITa PRadHan noel TayloR


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SOUTH FLORIDA PREMIERE Sean Bloomfield & Cimela Kidonakis USA / 2018 / 103 min / Link / English

Having devoted his life to helping the less fortunate, Fr. Rene Robert was regarded as a "living saint" in the tight-knit community of St. Augustine, Florida. But when Fr. Rene began helping ex-convicts get their lives together after prison, the people closest to him worried that he was putting his life at risk—especially the local sheriff, David Shoar, one of Fr. Rene’s longtime friends.

So, in April, 2016, when Fr. Rene failed to show up at a church service, Sheriff Shoar immediately put his best detectives on the case and local residents joined in searching for the beloved priest. It quickly became apparent, however, that Fr. Rene was not just missing—someone had taken him against his will.

True crime documentary WHERE THERE IS DARKNESS follows the nationwide search for Fr. Rene, which resulted in a series of shocking revelations and the discovery of a 20-year-old letter in which Fr. Rene seemed to foretell his own fate.

Writer: Sean Bloomfield / Producer: Cimela Kidonakis, Jessi Hannapel, Sean Bloomfield / Editor: Sean Bloomfield, Jessi Hannapel, Cimela Kidonakis / Composer: Denison Witmer / Featuring: Dick MacMahon, Eric Newcombe, James Bloomfield / Contact: sean@stellamar.org sPeCIal GuesT sean blooMfIeld

Directors: Sean is director and producer of the films Apparition Hill, Where There is Darkness, If Only We Had Listened, and The Triumph. In 2016, he co-founded Stella Mar Films with Cimela. Sean's books include a novel, The Sound of Many Waters, and a children's book. Sean also co-authored the bestselling non-fiction book My Heart Will Triumph. Sean's work has taken him all over of the world and he has spent a good portion of his life in countries as diverse as Rwanda, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and New Zealand.


With a Greek father and a Mexican mother, Cimela began documenting her family’s travels at a young age, especially to her father’s homeland, the island of Crete. Cimela runs Optix Studios, a Houston based video production company. Cimela & Sean’s first documentary feature and collaborative film Apparition Hill was released in 2016. They co-directed Where There is Darkness in 2018. Cimela is a graduate of the University of St. Thomas and studied video production.

TICKETS saturday, nov 16 5:45 Martin Hand Quartet The street in front of savor Cinema, fRee




Memories of Woodstock by the Martin Hand Quartet will play live from 5:45-7:15 with exclusive songs from WoodsToCk.

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Teri Pattullo

Michael Wadleigh USA / 1970 / 186 min / English / Documentary

It was 1969. I had just hitchhiked from Fort Lauderdale to New York City, for my very first time in the Big Apple. On my 3rd night , while prowling nomadically through the canyons, I stumbled upon a bar, The Triple Inn, on 54th Street. I was almost 20, and the drinking age was 18. I met a dazzling, young, seemingly affluent 19-year-old, who, over the course of the evening, invited me to join her on a trip to upstate New York to go to a rock concert. I was charmed, but passed as I was instantly enamored with New York, New York, and after three and a half days on the road with no sleep, another road trip was not on my bucket list.

Of course, this country rock concert turned out to be Woodstock, and though I did not attend, the impact of this Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace & Music, affected me and an entire generation. The impact of the film, made it possible for millions to experience the beauty, the mud, the peace, love, happiness and misery of 400,000 people, miles from nowhere, many, most with no resources, except a half of six-pack of warm beer, some grass, and hopefully not the “Brown Acid�.

WOODSTOCK the film is a brilliant documentary that captured not only the music, but the madness and the heroes. The film cost $600K to make and IMDb says it grossed $321K, I find that hard to believe, but if true, it is a perfect parallel to the promoters of the concert, who rather quickly realized that the fences they erected as businessmen to funnel the audience through the turnstiles, were creating more pandemonium. They quickly decided to tear down the fencing and make WOODSTOCK a free event.

Producer: Bob Maurice / Cinematographers: Malcolm Hart, Don Lenzer, Michael Margetts, David Myers, Richard Pearce, Michael Wadleigh, Alfred Wertheimer / Editors: Jere Huggins, Thelma Schoomaker, Martin Scorsese, Michael Wadleigh, Stanley Warnow, Yeu-Bun Yee / Featuring: Richie Havens, Joan Baez, The Who, Sha-Na-Na, Joe Cocker, Country Joe & The Fish, Arlo Guthrie, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Ten Years After, John Sebastian, Santana, Sly and the Family Stone, Jimi Hendrix, Canned Heat, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, and of course, Wavy Gravy.

...In that spirit, flIff presents WoodsToCk, outdoors and on the street in front of savor Cinema, fRee To all. bring your beach chair. We will have food Trucks parked alongside the Courtyard. We ask you to honor our request not to bring beverages, as all 3 savor bars will be open throughout. far out!


BUY TICKETS sat, nov 16, 1pm, CP sun, nov 17, 2pm, Party follows film, sC

WoRkInG Man fIlM only - sC




SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Robert Jury USA / 2019 / 109 min / English

Somewhere in the Rust Belt of America another factory is closing down. After decades on the job, the reclusive Allery Parkes finds himself out of work. Following his plant’s closure, Allery attempts to bide his time - same as his former, disgruntled, unemployed co-workers. However, despite the best efforts of his conciliatory wife Iola, a kept and loose-ended existence just doesn’t take for this withdrawn man. Writer: Robert Jury / Producers: Clark Peterson, Robert Jury, Maya Emelle, Lovell Holder / Cinematographer: Piero Basso / Editor: Morgan Halsey / Composer: David Gonzalez / Cast: Peter Gerety, Billy Brown, Talia Shire / Contact: lovell.holder@gmail.com

Sponsored by

Janet Leavy Schwartz & Irwin Levenstein


DIRECTOR: Robert Jury has written feature film screenplays for Fox 2000 Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, and HBO Films. He was awarded an ABC/Disney Studios Writers Fellowship and was also selected for the Film Independent (FIND) Feature Screenwriters Lab as well as the FIND Feature Directors Lab in Los Angeles where he developed his script Working Man. Earlier in his career, Jury worked in feature film development for production companies with deals at Touchstone Pictures and Warner Brothers. Raised on a farm in Iowa, he graduated from the University of Florida and did television production jobs for ESPN, ABC Sports and Universal Studios Florida in Orlando. The independent feature film Working Man is Jury’s first produced screenplay and marks his directorial debut.

sPeCIal GuesTs RobeRT JuRy TalIa sHIRe

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Tues, Nov 12, 4pm, SC Sun, Nov 10, 11am, CP

fRee foR MeMbeRs!

USA-Costa Rica-Domenica / 43 min

LIONFISH: MENACE TO THE ATLANTIC BASIN Zachary Thomas Hoagland USA / 2018 / 12 min / English

Lionfish are incredibly beautiful, and exotic reef fish found naturally throughout the Indian and Pacific oceans. However, they have grown to expand well beyond their natural habitat and are living quite abundantly all over the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic coasts of North and South America. Because they are alien to those waters, lionfish exhibit the characteristics of a perfect invasive species. They have no known predators, a voracious appetite, and are prolific breeders.

Writer, Producer & Cinematographer: Zachary Thomas Hoagland / Contact: zthoaglund107@aol.com

Director: Zack is now completing his Bachelor Degree in film production at the Miami International University of Art and Design. Voice over acting is a passion he continues to hone. What makes Zack especially eclectic in his approach is related to his diagnosis of autism from the age of 2. He has spent years battling against the questionable expectations of others, as he rises above to bring about positive change to our community.

special Guest: zachary Thomas Hoagland


Jordyn Romero Costa Rica / 2019 / 12 min / BluRay / English

Of the sea is an inspirational, feminist surf film that follows a mother and her entrepreneurial efforts to raise awareness of the world’s plastic consumption.

Writer: Jordyn Romero / Producer: Jordyn Romero / Cinematographer: Leah De Leon / Editor: Jordyn Romero / Composer: Patrick Frey / Featuring: Katherine Terrell / Contact: Jordynromerofilm@gmail.com

Director: Jordyn Romero is a documentary filmmaker. Her style blends cinematic, narrative techniques with a sense of documentary realism. She holds a BFA in documentary filmmaking from Chapman University. She is driven by an insatiable curiosity to explore and share stories of female empowerment, adventure, and positive environmental change.


Angela Smith USA and Dominica / 2019 / 19 min / 19 min / File / English

A team of researchers witness the struggles sperm whales face in order to survive in a changing ocean. They unlock mysteries of behavior and find the humanity in sperm whale family groups as they race to save the compassionate whales from extinction.

Writer & Cinematographer: Angela Smith / Producer: Shark Team One / Music Supervision: Auvigy / Narrator: Philip DuBois / Contact: angela@sharkteamone.com

Director: Angela is a conservationist, filmmaker, explorer and ocean advocate. She has worked on Academy Award winning films, was a producer at Propaganda Films and currently directs projects highlighting the plight of endangered species with the nonprofit, Shark Team One.

special Guest: angela smith



Mon, Nov 11, 10:30am, SC Tues, Nov 12, 5pm, CP

fRee foR MeMbeRs!

USA – Luxembouerg / 77 min





Peter Riegert will attend sat nov 2, 2:30pm special screening prior to ColeWell at sC

John Gray USA / 2019 / 9 min / MP4 / English A reporter interviews a major league baseball manager in an attempt to uncover secrets.

Writer: John Gray / Producer: John Gray, Melissa Jo Peltier, Phillip Goldfarb / Composer: Michael A. Levine / Cinematographer: Ross Berryman / Editor: Scott Boyd / Production Designer: Juliana Castigliego / Principal Cast: Peter Riegert, TJ Thyne, Willow Hale, Adalgiza Chermont / Contact: jtgray118@gmail.com


Cyrus Neshvad Luxembourg / 2019 / 16 min / File French w/English subtitles / Drama

A grandfather kindles a relationship with his dying granddaughter through art.

Writer: Guillaume Levil / Producer: Cynefilms / Cinematographer: Jako Raubaut/ Production Designer: Philippe Reimer / Editor: Yves Dormes / Composer: Remi Reisrock / Principal Cast: Albert Delpy, Lysa Welschen, Herve Sogne / Contact: Cynefilms@Gmail.Com

Director: Cyrus Neshvad is a director based in Luxembourg of Iranian descent. PORTRAITIST has been 13 times awarded and selected in prestigious festivals like Taormina Film Festival juried by Oliver Stone, Oscar Qualifying LA Shorts International Film Festival, Oscar Qualifying In the Palace Short film Festival.


Jon Bloch USA / 2019 / 24 min / MP4 / English

A young man puts his life on hold to take care of his ailing father. As they both struggle to connect, he soon realizes he may be the only one putting up the fight.

Writer: Jon Bloch / Producers: Ryan Scaringe, George Horton, Jon Bloch, Amy Lippens / Cinematographer: Nathan Mielke / Production Designer: Brittany Elias / Editor: Elizabeth Saltzman / Composer: Isabelle Engman-Bredvik and Gerardo Garcia Jr. / Principal Cast: Bruce McGill, John Patrick Amedori, Dilshad Vadsaria, and Roger Cross / Contact: jonbloch1@gmail.com


Director: Jon earned his MFA from the AFI Conservatory. Before that he worked in Casting on numerous projects including the Emmy®-nominated miniseries HATFIELDS & MCCOYS. He produced the Feature Film USELESS HUMANS due out in 2020. WAITING GAME is Jon’s directorial debut.





Fri, Nov 8, 4pm, SC Tues, Nov 5, 5pm, CP

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fRee foR MeMbeRs! USA – China / 80 min

Dorian Keyes USA / 2019 / 11 min / Link / English In the face of a devastating breakup, a New Jersey couple fights over a not-so-simple pair of shoes.

Writer, Editor & Production Designer: Dorian Keyes / Producer: Tyler Beardsley & Bodie Elyze Isbell / Cinematographer: Ben Haven-Taylor / Cast: Tyler Beardsley, Bodie Elyze Isbell / Contact: tyler.beardsley13@gmail.com

Director: Dorian is a writer/director from Haddonfield, NJ. Despite mostly writing weird things, his most recent project held more broad appeal, and was an Official Selection of the Seattle International Film Festival, as well as a Grand Prize winner at Screencraft.


Alexis Van Hurkman China / 2019 / 21 min / Chinese w/English subtitles Taking her hospitalized friend's place on a bike tour to the Yellow River, a high school graduate travels to faraway Gannan and races the clock to share pictures of the journey.

Writer: Kenjing Xion, Alexis Van Hurkman / Producer: Wang Zunzheng / Cinematographer: Bo Hakala / Editor: Chia Hsu, Chia Chi Hsu, Alexis Van Hurkman / Production Designer: Kaylynn Raschke / Principal Cast: Box He, Wang Linaixuan, Wang Meiquian / Contact: hurkman@mac.com Director: Alexis is a writer, director, and colorist. This is his third film to appear in festivals. Alexis' award-winning science-fiction short “The Place Where You Live” played 18 festivals, and his gritty desert survival feature “Four Weeks, Four Hours” screened at festivals around the world.


Daryl Lathon USA / 2019 / 15 min / MP4 / English A comedy about mourning.

Writer: Sharon Cooper / Producers: Sharon Cooper, Daryl Lathon / Cinematographer: Jared Roybal / Editor: Daryl Lathon / Production Designer: Julia Bilboa / Composer: Evan Wilson / Principal Cast: Jenny Kirlin, Victoria Dicce, Andy Lucien / Contact: secooper1@yahoo.com

Director: Daryl is an accomplished actor having worked professionally for over 20 years. He has performed with numerous theatre companies including The Shakespeare Theatre in D.C., and Theatre Virginia in Richmond. In New York he has appeared with Gideon Productions, Soho Rep, and Red Bull Theatre. Daryl also expanded into film production.


Nate Bell & Andrew Morehouse USA / 2019 / 25 min / MP4 / English A man driving down a lonely stretch of road nods off at the wheel and wakes up an hour later unable to remember what happened to him.

Writers: Nate Bell & Andrew Morehouse (short story by Robert M. Coates) / Producers: Andrew Morehouse & Nate Bell / Cinematographer: William Hellmuth / Production Designer: Joelle Cary / Editor: Anthony Parisi / Composer: Joshua Frerichs / Principal Cast: Peter Jacobson, Shannyn Sossamon, Milica Govich, Thomas Wilson Brown, Holly Hawkins / Contact: nate@bellhouseproductions.com Directors: Nate Bell teaches film at Biola University in La Mirada, CA. Andrew Morehouse is a marketing director for a software company in Temecula, CA. Together they created Bellhouse Productions in 2015.


Alberto Ferreras USA / 2019 / 9 min / File / English The office holiday party got a little frisky, and when two colleagues decide to complain about each other, they learn that the Human Resources director is more human and resourceful than they ever thought.

Writer, Producer, Editor & Production Designer: Alberto Ferreras / Cinematographer: Alex Stikich / Cast: Olga Merediz, Suzanne Di Donna, Francisco Solorzano / Contact: albertoferreras@icloud.com

Director: Alberto Ferreras is the author of the award-winning novel "B as in Beauty” (2009), and creator of HBO’s "Habla" documentary series (2003 - 2016). His films have been presented at Sundance, the Berlinale, and countless film festivals around the world.



Mon, Nov 4, 4p, SC Sun, Nov 10. 1pm, CP

fRee foR MeMbeRs! USA-South Africa / 75 min





Sarah T. Schwab USA / 2018 / 12 min / MP4 / English A young girl with early stage cancer has a late-night adventure that culminates in the consideration of her mortality. With subtle and playful grace, the film explores the transition from childhood into adulthood through the eyes of a sick youth.

Writer & Production Designer: Sarah T. Schwab / Producer: Sarah T. Schwab, Brian Long / Cinematographer: Lara Aqel / Editor: Manuel Valdivia / Composer: Matt Keating / Principal Cast: Samarah Conley, Lori Singleton / Contact: BrianLong.BLong@gmail.com Director: Sarah is a member of the Playwrights/Directors Unit at the Actors Studio. Her play, “A Stage of Twilight” had a staged reading as part of the Pipeline Series at the Dorset Theatre Festival starring Karen Allen. Sarah was a finalist for the Carson McCullers’ Marguerite & Lamar Smith Fellowship for Writers.


sPeCIal GuesT beau MInnIeaR Erik Bloomquist USA / 2019 / 21 min / Link / English An obsessive-compulsive teenager struggles to learn the value of compromise while adjusting to her new home (and butting heads with the ghost of the boy who haunts it). Writer: Taylor Turner / Producer: Erik Bloomquist, Taylor Turner / Cinematographer: Thomson Nguyen / Production Designer: Layla Calo-Baird / Editor: Erik Bloomquist / Composer: Gyom Amphoux / Cast: Emily Keefe, Beau Minniear, Rudd Anderson, Chris Lindsay-Abaire / Contact: Erik.Bloomquist@me.com Director: Erik is a two-time New England Emmy® Award winner (Outstanding Director & Writer), eight-time nominee, and Top 200 Director on HBO's Project Greenlight. His TV series The Cobblestone Corridor (Erik served as creator, showrunner, writer, director, and lead actor) is the winner of three New England Emmy® Awards.


sPeCIal GuesT: GabRIela GaRCIa MedIna Gabriela Garcia Medina USA / 2018 / 10 min / File / English Lili should be doing her homework, decides to enjoy a leisurely afternoon, home alone, listening to her favorite band: Air Supply. All's well, until her mother is fired from her job at the Best Western for stealing toilet paper and selling Pop Tarts to guests.

Writer: Gabriela Garcia Medina / Producers: Gabriela Garcia Medina, Paloma Martinez, Patrick Raymond, Jason Michael Berman, Braden Friedman / Cinematographer: Olivia Kuan / Production Designer: Joshua Sankar / Editor: Nona Khodai, Braden Friedman / Composer: Richard Conti / Costumes: Dagmarette Yen / Cast: Ava Davila, Cheryl Umaña Bonilla, Megan Lewicki, Michael Nason / Contact: gabrielagarciamedina@gmail.com Director: Gabriela is a graduate of UCLA’s School of Theater, Film & TV. Her one-woman spoken word show showcased at universities across the US. Her feature screenplay LITTLE CON LILI t won the Best in Fest award at the HBO Women in Comedy Festival.


Chris King USA / 2019 / 19 min / MP4 / English Each year thousands of budding actors move to L.A. or New York in search of stardom. This is the story of one such actress who, with nothing but her talents and determination, would go from obscurity to Broadway stardom within a few short years: Carol Burnett.

Writer: Chris King / Producer: Chris King, Heather King, Ryan Black / Cinematographer: Ryan Black / Production Designer: Heidi Boucher / Editor: Chris King / Composer: Trinity Velez-Justo / Principal Cast: Lisa Ferris, Julie Anchor, Maggie Upton, Erik Sundquist, Eric Wheeler / Contact: chris@watermarkfilms.net Director: Chris King is an award-winning filmmaker and television producer. His films have played in over 90 countries and at over 250 film festivals. His previous short film "Birthday" qualified for the Academy Award in 2017.

LOCALS ONLY Brent Harris

South Africa / 2019 / 13 min / .Mov File / English

In 1970’s Apartheid South Africa, a white teenage skateboarder befriends two township kids and discovers the ugof the world that he is living in.

Writer: Brent Harris / Producer: Jon Ronbeck / Executive Producers: Matt Factor, Colin Howard, Shelly Townsenda Skunk / Cinematographer: Antonio Paladino / Editor: Anne-Laure D’hooghe, Martin Leroy /Music And Sound: Pulse Music / Cast: Norton O’Donnell, Chappies Gallant, Joshua Chisholm / Contact: pina@skunkus.com


Director: Brent is a writer-director from South Africa, and has lived in New York City for 15 years. ‘Locals Only’ marks Harris's debut as a narrative filmmaker. It was shot in his native South Africa and draws on his own childhood experiences.




Mon, Nov 4, 3pm, CP Thurs, Nov 7, 4pm, SC


fRee foR MeMbeRs! USA-South Africa / 76 min


Scott Poiley USA / 2018 / 14 min / DCP / English A music professor faces an impasse with the boundary of her creative ability. When she loses her sight, she buries her unfinished music and her impenetrable grief. But it is always darkest before the dawn.

Writer: Erin Beute / Producer: Scott & Mary Poiley, Erin Beute / Cinematographer: Ryan Dean / Editor: Drew Tearpak / Composer: Erin Beute, Scott Poiley / Cast: Erin Beute, Leslie Maine, Joshua Brockington, Samuel Hunter, Nayshka Miranda / Contact: erin@skyrastudios.com Director: Scott has an MFA in Film. A heart transplant survivor, his passion for story has been given a green light—along with a long life and abundant creative projects


Peter Ebanks USA / 2019 / 14 min / Link / English

A self-driving cab picks up a man, who is forced to make a moral decision

Writer: Eric Wall / Producer: Verena Faden, Peter Ebanks / Cinematographer: Joe Sanchez / Production Designer/UPM: Sean Rahill / Editor: Peter Ebanks / Composer: Steve Roa / Cast: Kevin Walton, Chloe Malaise / Contact: pje31@bellsouth.net Director: Peter regularly uses the darker side of life blending technology, futurism, spirituality and fantasy as fuel for his creativity. He has produced projects that have been widely distributed and accepted to prestigious film festivals over the past 10 years.


Roberto Raad USA / 2019 / 9 min / Link / English

A therapist’s bad habits start to affect his relationships with his clients.

Writer & Producer: Roberto Raad / Cinematographer: Joel Martinez / Editor: Larissa Stang / Cast: Mabel Maultsby, MacKenzie Amar, Reagan Pfifer, Roberto Raad / Contact: rraad@remarkholdings.com

Roberto Raad is an actor, director, writer and comedian. Originally from Rhode Island, he went to school at New York University’s Tisch School Of The Arts. He’s appeared in over 20 national commercials and on the show It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. He currently resides in Las Vegas.


USA / 2018 / 10 min / Link / English

A fearless captain finds herself adrift in space…

Writer: Damian K. Lahey / Producer: Maureen Isern & Craig Moorhead / Cinematographer: Tarina Van Den Driessche / Editor: Craig Moorhead / Composer: Paige McMullen & Jeremy Nix / Cast: Tarah DeSpain / Contact: damian@kaverasfilm.com Director: Damian is an award-winning independent filmmaker and screenwriter from North Florida.


Diante Singley USA / 2018 / 7 min / MP4 / English

As a student and his professor discuss the validity of a basic philosophy theory, they each come to understand how their traumas and lived experiences influence their differing arguments.

Writer & Editor: Diante Singley / Producer: Diante Singley, Alec Engerson / Cinematographer: Nick Novotny / Production Designer: Aaron Stevenson / Composer: Freddy Avis / Cast: Thomas Daniel Smith, Aaron Stevenson / Contact: diantesingley@gmail.com

Director: Diante graduated from Stanford University in 2014, where he directed dozens of short films. Since graduating, he has gone on to work for filmmakers Eli Roth and Michael Dougherty.


John Gallagher USA / 2019 / 9 min / English

Morning after a hungover couple, discover something odd in their living room. Everyone comes to take a look. As details about the night are revealed, the couple's future changes forever. A love story to "remember." Writer: Meredith Ross / Producer: Jenilyn Rodriguez / Cinematographer: Kenneth Kotowski / Editor: Alexander Yew / Cast: Meredith Ross, Anthony Grasso, Ashlee Macropoulis, Eve Austin, Eden Wright / Contact: jgmovie@gmail.com

John for 35 years has been a director, writer, producer, author, historian and educator, with a wide range of international filmmaking resources and relationships.


Toby Wosskow South Africa / 2018 / 17 min / Link / Zulu w/English sub-titles Sides of a Horn is the first film to tell the story of Africa’s poaching war from both sides of the fence; a modern war that is tearing communities apart and driving a prehistoric species to the verge of extinction.

Writer: Toby Wosskow / Producer: Sir Richard Branson, Emmanuel Castis, Charlie Hicks, Erika Klopper / Camera: Nico Aguilar / Production Designer: Vivienne Mahloko / Editor: Anjoum Agrama / Composer: Joshua Mosley / Cast: Welile Nzuza, Sherldon Marema, Ayanda Seoka, Dimpho Motloung / Contact: carolinejanejuby@gmail.com Director: Toby is a British-born, Los Angeles-based filmmaker who has written and directed award-winning commercials and branded content for BMW, United Nations, Fuji, Oakley, and Nike.



Wed, Nov 13, 4pm, SC Fri, Nov 15, 5pm, CP

fRee foR MeMbeRs!

USA-The Netherlands-France / 77 min




MOVING ON - A SHORT FILM ABOUT GRIEF Nyasha Hatendi USA / 2019 / 11min / MP4 / English

The day of his Dad’s funeral, Steve receives a phone call: Harry’s Diner 9pm…Apparently, things aren’t as simple as they seem.

Writer & Producer: Nyasha Hatendi / Cinematographer: Jason Oldak / Production Designer: Brad Specht / Editor: Omar Hassan-Reep / Composer: Napier Bonnet / Principal Cast: Elvis Nolasco, Marriane Jean Baptiste, Keith L Williams, Chet Anekwe Anthony Griffith / Contact: Nyasha1@mac.com Director: Born in Washington DC, raised in Zimbabwe and educated in the UK, Nyasha is primarily and actor on stage and screen. He starred in the Hulu series Casual directed by Jason Reitman and Blumhouse’s Into the Dark: Pooka! This is his first film as a writer and director.


Vasily Chuprina The Netherlands / 2019 / 14 min / DCP / Russian w/English sub-titles

A stroll in the park, a cute little dog, a loving wife. "Those beautiful moments" tells the story of a scientist on the search for eternal beauty and life.

Writer: Vasily Chuprina / Producer: Vasily Chuprina / Cinematographer: Yan Rymsha / Production Designer: Maria Petrova / Editor: Brian Bayerl / Composer: Tao Liu / Principal Cast: Valery Dyachenko / Contact: vasily.chuprina@gmail.com Director: Vasily Chuprina is an award-winning filmmaker. With a Ph.D. in physics and biology, Vasily enjoyed a succeful career in science before pursuing his passion for filmmaking. He made four shorts and is currently working on a feature project.

THE WISE LESSON OF MAD COWS Robert Adanto USA / 2019 / 15 min / Format: MP4 / English

Shot in NYC in 2014, THE WISE LESSON OF MAD COWS is a work of observational cinema documenting protests which followed a Missouri grand jury decision not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old, and a New York grand jury decision not to indict police officer David Pantaleo in the death of Eric Garner, who died after being placed in a chokehold. sPeCIal GuesT RobeRT adanTo

Writer: Robert Adanto / Producer: Daniel Cole-Parés / Cinematographer: Daniel Cole-Parés / Editor: Andrew Nemets / Composer: Ben Oginz / Contact: robertjadanto@gmail.com Director: A fellow of the Sundance Institute Documentary Program, Robert Adanto has directed five-feature length documentaries: The Rising Tide (2008); Pearls on the Ocean Floor (2010); City of Memory (2014); The F Word (2015); Born Just Now (2018). He earned his MFA at NYU Tisch School of the Arts.


Clément de Dadelsen France / 2019 / 24 min / Link / French w/English sub-titles.

Jules is about to publish his first novel but cannot find the right title with his publisher. He therefore decides to go to Lisbon to convince the greatest title writer to find him one for free. The old man finally accepts but offers him a very strange deal...

Writer, Producer & Cinematographer: Clément de Dadelsen / Editor: Maéva Dayras / Principal Cast: Arthur Provost, Bérénice Coudy, Christian de Dadelsen, Joffrey Monteiro-Noël / Contact: clementdedadelsen@yahoo.fr Director: Clément de Dadelsen is a theatre director working between Paris and London. He has been running his company for eight years, directing more than a dozen shows. He's also a playwright and a screenwriter. Untitled (Sans Titre) is his first film as a director.


Natasha Straley USA / 2019 / 13 min / English In a dystopian near-future, the USA has been overthrown by a shadowy cabal known as The Regime. Feisty hacker Emma starts a female-led underground resistance movement along with her best friend, Chloe. But when their first broadcast is foiled by The Regime, they must pull off a daring heist in order to get their message out.


Writer & Producer: Lenore Marks / Cinematographer: Tricia Mears / Production Designer: Kat VanCleave / Editor: Katie Dillon / Composer: Haley Shaw / Principal Cast: Lenore Marks, Anna Frankl-Duval, Kisha Milling, Esther Chen, Jenna Krasowski, Kelly Bennett, Franck Juste / Contact: lenoremarks@gmail.com Director: Focusing on narrative films with dark undertones, Natasha’s work typically explores the uncomfortable nuances of human nature and relationships.. Born in DC, Natasha lived around the world as a military brat, and now calls Texas home.





Mon, Nov 11, 1pm, CP Thurs, Nov 14, 4pm, SC

fRee foR MeMbeRs!

Canada-Norway-Puerto Rico South Africa-USA / 78 min

Parker Croft USA / 2019 / 12 min / File / English

For months Kira has been living out of her car in Venice, California. Today that changes.

Writer: Aaron Golden, Parker Croft, Elisa Croft / Producer: Elisa Croft, Parker Croft, Aaron Golden / Cinematographer: Parker Croft / Production Designer: Elisa Croft / Editor: Parker Croft / Composer: Sanders Bohlke / Principal Cast: Elisa Croft, Shiobann Amisial / Contact: elisa@paperhorsepictures.com Director: Co-founder of Paper Horse Pictures, Parker Croft has directed music videos for The All- American Rejects, commercials, and award winning short films like Suncatcher. Parker has also appeared in over twenty films and TV shows including: Big Little Lies, American Horror Story, Nip / Tuck, Roadies, Once Upon A Time, and Pitch.


Julia Jansch South Africa / 2019 / 16 min / Link / English

On the drought-ridden Southern tip of Africa, an unusual encounter between a water diviner and a charismatic stranger sparks a coming of age journey with a bitter end. Far from the Castle is a psycho-sexual fable warning us that while water owes nothing to nobody, it still speaks louder than words.

Writer: Julia Jansch / Producer: Julia Jansch, Roberta Durrant / Cinematographer: Adam Bentel / Production Designer: Andree Du Preez / Editor: Tricia Holmes / Composer: Ariel Marx / Principal Cast: Nicole Fortuin, Cody Mountain / Contact: Juliajansch@gmail.com

Director: Julia is a writer/director/ producer, born and raised in South Africa, living between NYC and Cape Town. After ten+ years working in development at Fremantlemedia and Radicalmedia, she went independent. Far From The Castle is her debut short.


Juliana Maite Puerto Rico / 2019 / 15 min / Spanish w/English sub-titles

After facing various microaggressions in her daily life, Ceci has to decide if she should take revenge or look for answers.

Writer: Mariatera Velez / Producer: Vilma Liella, Gretza M. Merced / Cinematography: Jeannice Mustafa / Editor: Carlos Aponte / Composer: Rene G. Boscio / Cast: Mariatera Velez, Alejandro Carpio, Heriberto Feliciano, Paolys Wonder / Contact: julianairizarry@hotmail.com Director: Juliana was born in San Juan. She completed her studies in Drama and Film between the University of Puerto Rico, Hunter College (NYC) and L'Univerttá Cattólica (Milán). In 2012 she graduated from the EICTV (Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión de San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba). She produced for Puerto Rico TV the variety show ¨Operativo Cultura¨ and directed the tourism show ¨Puertorriqueñísimo¨ and taught in the Film Department of the Liceo de Arte y Tecnología.


Joy Webster Canada / 2019 / 15 min / Link / English A man on the brink of suicide is interrupted by a teenage girl involved in a door-to-door water heater scam.

Writer: Ben O’Neil, Joy Webster / Producer: Lucas Ford, Madison Falle / Cinematographer: Filip Funk / Editor: Joy Webster / Composer: Spencer Creaghan / Principal Cast: Alannah Bale, David Sparrow, Michael Lipka, Daniel Jun, Joshua Kilimnik, Rebecca Ablack, Barbara de la Fuente, Jim Armstrong / Contact: lucasjsford@gmail.com

Director: Joy has written, directed, and edited three short films: In The Weeds (2015), Game (2017), and Buzzard (2019). Buzzard, which she co-wrote with Ben O'Neil, has been selected to be highlighted at the 2019 Cannes Court Métrage as part of the Not Short On Talent program curated by Telefilm Canada.


Meena Rathor Norway / 2018 / 21 min / MP4 / English & w/English subtitles What happens when a seemingly perfect couple fails to live up to expectations; on a trip to the east, how far are they willing to go in order to fit in back home in the west? Inspired by Ibsen’s, A Doll´s House, it explores if we have changed our views and expectations of Nora in todays globalized society.

Writer: Meena Rathor / Producer: Khalid Maimouni / Cinematographer: Gaute Gunnari / Production Designer: Shruti Rastogi / Editor: Karsten Meinich / Composer: Kate Havnevik / Cast: Maria Sand, Mattis Herman Nyquist, Aayushi Lahiri, Abeer Meherish, Heeba Shah / Contact: amb@nfi.no

Director : Born in England, raised in Norway, Meena lived in multiple other countries. At Columbia University she earned an MFA in directing. Her work combines strong visuals with a probing story where stereotypes are often switched around.


Armand Assante w/Helena Kolenda & Margaret Meldeau; Steven Naimoli with Jane Russell; Audrey Caan with Capt Lee of BELOW DECK; Burt Reynolds whispers to Janet Schwartz.

Jim & Candy Norton with Karen Allen; Bob Kagan & Bonnie Barnett w/Ann-Margret; Eva Marie Saint accepting Lifetime Achievement Award.

Talia Shire & Nick Milano; Robert Schwartzman w/Wil Shriner; Betty Lakeysmith w/Arlene Dahl; Karen Allen attends Steve Savor’s Toga Party.

Patty Post w/Tony & Jill Curtis; Melora Hardin w/Skip Margerum; Kim Naimoli w/George Hamilton; Brian & Teri Pattullo with Ed Harris.



Elizabeth Graber is an accomplished acting coach, casting director/producer, manager and actress. She was trained by The Lee Strasberg Theater Institute, UCLA, and SUNY. Now based in Boca Raton, she is a private acting coach, training performers from ages 5 to 100+. For over 20 years, Elizabeth has been a successful casting director, in cities throughout the USA including Los Angeles, California and New York, NY. Among her castings are projects for NBC, Universal, HGTV, SyFy Channel, ABC and Fox to name a few. She has worked with a top talent manager in New York City, submitting actors for projects. As an actress her experience ranges across film, TV, theater and commercial projects including Die Hard with a Vengeance, Baywatch, Steel Magnolias and a national Pontiac campaign.

Christine Grund kick-started her passion in film and television immediately after her graduation from Cornell University (Magna Cum Laude!) in 1996 as a member of FLIFF’s Public Relations Team. She went on to earn a Masters of Fine Arts in Film Production at FSU where she won a Student Emmy for her Thesis Film, Jimbo’s A Comin’. She set her sights on Hollywood, producing TV for 15 years & now serving as a Co-Executive Producer. She not only finds great stories; she brings them to life. She has produced a variety of unscripted and documentary shows for Major Cable & Primetime Networks such as Showtime, YouTube, FOX, NBC, ABC, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Travel Channel, Lifetime & more. Her shows run the gamut from legal, medical, survival, travel, competition, and music series’.


Dr. Judith Guskin has been a professor, documentary filmmaker, activist, and lover of film. While at the U. of Michigan earning an MA in Comparative Literature, she organized a student group to support candidate JFK’s interest in a Peace Corps. She worked in DC to set up the Peace Corps and later AmeriCorps, then joined the Peace Corps and taught at a major university in Bangkok. This motivated her to return to UM for a PhD in Psychology and Education. She has consulted with schools concerned with refugees, desegregation, bilingual education, language learning and cultural identity. She helped establish national organizations, and has produced/ directed documentaries funded by Depts of Education. She took courses at UCLA in filmmaking and has taught documentary filmmaking, communication courses, and educational courses. Tivi magnusson is an Academy Award winning Danish Producer who began making films in 1980. Over his 39-year career he has produced 88 films, and currently has two films in production and two in development. Among his many titles is THE ISLAND ON

BIRD STREET (a true holocaust story set in the 1943 Poland in a Jewish ghetto where an 11 yr old boy hid alone from the Nazis as the rest of his community were sent to the concentration camp). Tivi is the co-founder of the Danish Film Academy, a Board member of the European Script Fund and a voting member of both the European Film Academy and The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences.

mariah reed, a Broward College tenured faculty member, directs plays and teaches voice and acting classes. She toured the nation as a lead actress with the National Shakespeare Company and afterwards appeared in a number of Off and Off-off Broadway productions, touring theatre presentations, and independent films. One of her assignments brought her to Florida where she founded two Equity theatre companies (the New River Repertory and The Drama Center). Mariah has also written several musicals and plays that have been produced to much acclaim. In her free time, Mariah is a voice and dialect coach for professional actors, film and television projects, and professional theatre presentations. She is a proud member of AEA, and SAG/AFTRA, and certified to teach Meisner Acting Technique by Larry Silverberg’s True Acting Institute.

martin rosenthal holds a BS in Psychology with a minor in TV/Film production. He trained as an Actor/Director taking classes with Lee Strasberg in “Method Acting and Theory,” and spent 2 years with Broadway/ Film Director Milton Katselas in his NY Master class in Directing/Acting. Rosenthal then went on to Columbia University on a partial assistantship for an MFA with Milos Forman as his mentor in Film Directing as well as Andrew Sarris for Film History and Criticism. Rosenthal went on to direct film and theater in NY and LA. He also taught Acting for the Camera at The AFI, Directing the Narrative Film at The School of Visual Arts in NYC and Film Production/Direction/ and History at the professorial level at The City University of NY. Charlie Smith Charlie starting his career in Film & TV 25 years ago in front of the camera as creator/host of The Bahamas, Electric Air. He hosted on the int’l network, The Caribbean Satellite Network. He wrote, directed and/or produced videos for the Sugarhill Gang, Joss Stone, Ricky Martin, Gloria Estefan and the Baha Men. His films have won numerous awards, including a FLIFF, “Made in Florida’ Award, a PBS, Southern Lens award and the Bahamas Int’l Film Festival’s Haven Award. His ‘Pigs Of Paradise’ has garnered both critical and social media acclaim. Charlie is also a photographer, with exhibitions around the World and gracing the covers of many magazines, books and album covers for Joss Stone, The Baha Men and the Roots & Betty Wright.



Fri, Nov 15, 2:30pm, SC Sat, Nov 16, 10am, CP

fRee foR MeMbeRs! USA-Germany / 78 min





Tom Wardach USA / 2018 / 24 min / File / English A seasoned thief, Stan, pulls together two mismatched men for a big payoff heist. Slade, is ruthless and dangerous; his unwilling partner, Lee, is a timid, desperate accountant. During the commission of the crime, their true intentions come to light with wildly unexpected results.

Writer & Producer: Tom Wardach / Cinematographer: Toru Nishikubo / Editor: Alexander Wardach / Composer: Ken Lampl and Darren Tate / Principal Cast: Clyde Baldo, Anthony Robert Grasso, Tom Wardach, Jeanine Bartel / Contact: info@tomwardach.com Director: As well as being the Writer/Director/Producer, Tom is also a NY based actor who plays the role of Stan in Less Heat in Arizona. Tom is an avid writer and owner of Tilted Barn Entertainment through which he has written, produced and directed a number of films.

LADIES MOST DEJECT sPeCIal GuesT: MaRTHa elCan Martha Elcan USA / 2019 / 16 min / Link / English

A teenage girl from the Appalachian mountains struggles to protect her siblings from an addict mother. Writer: Connor Wharton, Mark Sayler / Producer: Mark Sayler / Cinematographer: Helen Cho Anthos / Editor: Nena Erb / Production Designer: Kleev Guessford / Principal Cast: Connor Wharton, Sofia Adams, Pepper Binkley, Martha Elcan, Ben Mackel, Robin Mullins, Josiah Wells, Ellie Williams / Contact: whereimfromtv@gmail.com Director: Marty Elcan is a DGA director with over 25 years of production experience. Her feature film debut NEXT OF KIN starred Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer, Ed Begley, Jr., Bess Armstrong, Jeremy London and George Newbern. She recently directed the short film “As If…” that takes a comedic look at gender and racial parity.


Kellen Gibbs USA / 2019 / 17 min / Computer File / English Greer Thompson is a woman gifted with the ability to extract and inhabit other people’s memories. As she isolates herself and tries to live a simple life, she is confronted by a man who has been affected by her abilities and is forced to question her own reality.

Writer: Kellen Gibbs / Producer: Rochel Goldsmith, Arn Andersson, Walid Feghali / Cinematographer: Marty Anthony / Production Designer: Daniella Wise / Editor: Tyler Brebner / Composer: Isaias Garcia / Principal Cast: Sarah Navratil, Richard Neil, Ernest Pipoly / Contact: kellenwgibbs@gmail.com Director: As a California native, Kellen began making movies at a very young age and has been nominated for over 30 awards for his writing and directing.


sPeCIal GuesT: loRRaIne PoRTMan Kyle Kleinecke USA / 2019 / 15 min / Link / English

Sparky & Butch keep seeing crime all around them. In their unrelenting pursuit of justice, things go awry. After a particularly dangerous episode, Butch’s son Dirk shows up to force them into an assisted living facility. Sparky & Butch refuse, especially after they see suspicious activity at the place. Dirk puts his foot down, only to find his Dad and best friend have run off after a charming lady.

Writer: Lorraine Portman / Producer: Lorraine Portman, Klye Kleinecke, Holly Rice / Cinematographer: Anthony Gutierrez / Editor: Kyle Kleinecke / Principal Cast: Ted Ferguson, Richard Folmer, Marilyn Mason, Lukas Hassel, Dodie Brown, Eric Gibson, Karen CarlsonChris Alan Evans, Elenor Gautney / Contact: moviedude20@hotmail.com Director: Kyle’s directorial debut, “The Pickle,” premiered at the 2015 Louisiana Film Prize and was selected for the Founder's Circle Award. Since then “The Pickle” has been programmed in many other film festivals, winning several awards, including Best Comedy Short Film at the 2016 Milledgeville Film Festival in Georgia.


Franz Böhm Germany / 2019 / 11 min /MP4 / English An orphan who is pursues happiness in life, but ends up facing the challenges of an unexpected lottery win.


Writer: Rolf Heiler & Franz Böhm / Producer: Nils Engelmann & Steffen Kienzle / Cinematographer: Friedemann Leis / Production Designer: Louisa Handt / Editor: Kira König / Composer: Jo Blankenburg / Principal Cast: Callum McGuire, Stuart Vincent, Olivia Foan / Contact: franz.boehm@outlook.com Director: At the age of 16, Franz made his first short film. He directed and worked on several international productions. After two internships in Berlin, Franz started working on "Good Luck" in 2018. He currently prepares his next project in Londona.

SATURDAY, NOV 9, 10:45am, CPH

Filmed In Broward is a program FLIFF created in 2015, to highlight Broward based filmmakers and Broward as a leading motion picture location. The event is sponsored by:


Short / 16 mins

A story on immigration from two points of view- Daniela, a Honduran mother who is pressured by the circumstances of her country to migrate from it with her young daughter; and Alan, an American teen, son to a white supremacist family who is taught by his own to see immigrants as less.

Director, Writer & Editor: Andres Irias / Producer: Octavius Prince, Andres Irias, Stephanie Bauduhin, Julia Carias-Linares, Linda Collins / Camera: Antony Keane / Cast: Julia Carias-Linares, Octavius Prince, Linda Collins, Steven Aronson, Ryan Meade, Mia Rose Chamorro, Luis Martinez / Contact: a.irias@hotmail.com

LIGHTS, CAMERA, DISASTER! Short / 14 min An up-and-coming director is trying to make the perfect drama, blasting him to superstardom. Unfortunately, nobody else seems to be on the same page as he is, which leads to a disastrous day on set.

Director, Writer & Editor: Harris Sebastian / Producers: Harris Sebastian, Jeffrey Creightney / Camera: Dylan Perez-Rubio / Cast: Harris Sebastian, Brian Dijols, Jen Gasca, Dean Nigro, Daniel Mart, Jeffrey Crieghtney, Brendan Casey, Anthony Francis / Contact: Harris.solidd@gmail.com


Trailer / 2 min Trailer for a web series/film aiming to bring a unique, compelling and thought provoking enjoyable cinematic experience with a stellar cast of actors, exploring different themes and elements.

Director, Writer & Editor: Quinton Mack / Producer: Quinton Mack, Ronald Kaplan, Andrew Ottolia, Rome Royce / Camera: Lisandro Vasquez, Henry Jose Cruz, Alberto Zorilla / Cast: Jonathan Bezianis, Mireya Kilmon, Olga Bespalenko, Conell Spain, Annaliese Garcia, Gabrielle A. Paris, Celine Avla, Anna Bogomazova, Rafael Castillo, Ina Jitari, Aebel Robince, Andrew Ottolia, Jennifer Gasca, Jorge Carlos Abdala, Christopher Bezianis, Daniel Ramsamujh, Ron Shimshilashvili Contact: quintonmack@aol.com


Documentary / 7 min

A former ballerina stays in action as she offers others in a senior community, regardless of age or previous experience, the joy of finding expression in movement through a class in ballet. Her history and the class routines and performance are illustrated.

Director & Producer: Enid Wolf-Schein / Writers: Enid Wolf-Schein & Caryl Goodwin Perlmutter / Editor: Marcus Wolf / Camera: Marcus Wolf & Rene Monblatt / Cast: Patricia Anker, Phyllis Greene Bourdon, Helena Fried, Carole Gordon, Natalie Grunwald, Janice Jacobs, Marsha Jonsson, Linda Kasten, Rene Monblatt, Rochelle Gladu Patten, Caryl Goodwin Perlmutter, Cindy Selmon, Betty Stein, Margit Tolnay, Renee Ward, Jan Wolf / Contact: scheinej@aol.com


MusicVideo / 5 min

A troubled single parent experiencing the trials and tribulations of his own demons while living with his daughter. They encounter hardships and question their faith while they experience trying to communicate with each other.

Director, Producer, Editor & Camera: Dean Robaina / Writer: Dean Robaina & Oscar Montejo / Cast - Oscar Montejo, Keilani Danielle, Hector Viera, Daisy Alvarez, Sue Barnard & Marc Batchelor / Contact: drobaina@bellsouth.net

SO AM I MusicVideo / 3 min

A girl who has always been different admits the struggles of being called an outcast. She comes to the realization that everyone is special in their own way and to accept your flaws.

Director, Producer & Editor: Brian Becker / Writers: Brian Becker, Rachel Zee / Camera: Chase Perrotta, Brian Becker / Cast: Hannah Myers, Chase Perrotta, Emily Ching / Contact: brian@clearwaterradio.com

SECOND CHANCES Short / 28 min Danny, a Broward County Detective suffers a PTSD episode after his involvement in a crime scene where a school has an active shooter on premises. This causes a relapse in his alcohol recovery program.

Director & Editor: Leo Senesi / Writer: Lis Colodny / Producer: Herb Abrams / Camera: Herb Abrams, Lew Schatzer / Cast: Skip Margerum, Kelly Hirschensohn, Joahanna Heath, Bob Sharkey, Keoki Trask / Contact: herbmia@bellsouth.net


Short / 16 min

Dr. Parker attempts to help a patient using an unconventional approach.

Director, Writer & Editor: Mike Greene / Producer Mike Greene, Nick Greene, Matt Greene / Camera: Matt Greene / Cast - Nick Greene, Owen Miller, Alisson Zepeda / Contact: MikeGreene891@gmail.com

Filmed In Broward shows at:





©2017 SunTrust Banks, Inc. SunTrust is a federally registered service mark of SunTrust Banks, Inc.


ColleGe fIlM CoMPeTITIon

The FLIFF College Film Competition began in 1989, and awards films in four categories, Short Narrative, Long Narrative, Documentary and Animation. The winners will be screened at Cinema Paradiso Hollywood, Wednesday, Nov 6, 1 – 5pm. THe sCReenInGs aRe fRee To THe PublIC.

sHoRT naRRaTIves

ANATOMY, Tony Pape, Ohio Univ. ANNA, William Knowles, BYU BAKED GOODS, Cristy Trabadass, Florida State Univ. BALLOON, Jeremy Merrifield, AFI BARTENDER, THE, Travis Newsad, Boston Univ BEING THERE, Sydney O’Hare, DePaul Univ. BELOW A DARK WOOD, Bill Slovick, DePaul Univ. CAPTAIN SENSATIONAL, Joe Norton, Univ. Of Florida CATHODIC CORRESPONDENCE, Matt Walker, Southern Polytechnic Univ. CLEANUP ON AISLE 9, Derrick J. Johnson, Miami Dade College COLD COLD MAN, Rona Ahdout, Chapman Univ COLLAB, Jose Feng, UCLA COLOR BLIND, Max Philisaire, Los Angeles Film School COLORFOOL, Bruno M. Viani, Ohio Univ. CORNHUSK, Jaiden Mitchell, Syracuse Univ CYANIDE LOVE, Catherine Delaloye, Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale DIOS NUNCA MUERE, Barbara Cigarroa, Columbia Unvi. DO TURTLES SWIM IN MAPLE SYRUP? Paul-Daniel Torrez, Sheridan College DOPPELGANGER, Josh Arnon, Univ of Chicago DUMMY LOVE, Evan Barber, Florida State Univ. EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO SAY, Edward Mines, Sheridan’s College of Film & TV FIVE MINUTES, THE, Shange Zhang, Univ of Southern California FLY GIRL, Brandon Miles, Univ of Central FL GREY, Ferrari Xavi, California College of the Arts HOMELESSNESS, Daniel M. Rodriguez, HOW PUNKS PRIORITIZED: N DIG, Fernan Lauro Gregorio, Univ of Central FL IN A LIFETIME, Frantzy Moreau, Miami Dade College JACK & ANNA, Ksenia Ivanova, Russian State Univ of Cinematography KADISH, Razid Season, City Univ of NY KEYS, Andreas Gonzalez, Savannah College of Art & Design LAST SUMMER, THE, William Stead, Florida State Univ. LEAD, THE, Parker Bohner, Univ of Florida LONG LEGGED NURIA, Frank Jimenez, Univ of Arts Ecuador

LOYALIST, THE, Robert Sansivero, Temple Univ. MEAL ALONE, A, Marc Sheehan, MOTHER’S DAY, Alexander Desouza, York Univ. MOTIONS, THE, Frank Donnagelo, AFI NEW BRONX, Filip Ignatowicz, Gdansk Academy of Art NEW MARS, Susie Jones, Sheffield Hallam Univ. PLAYDATE IN A DUNGEON, Tate, Hawver, Univ of Florida PLUTUS, Adrian Velasquez, New York Film Academy PRAYER, Clay Bloodworth, North Carolina School of the Arts RAISING ANT, Miguel Angel Tamayo, REVERB, Arsal Asal, New School RIGHT SWIPE, THE, Audrey Shaw, Univ. of Florida SLEEPWALKER, Liam Peterson, SLIGHT INCONVENIENCE, A, Alan Moutal, Cahpman Univ. SOMETHING HAPPY, Ted Morrisette, Chapman Unvi. STRAWBERRIES, Marina Shotoda, UCLA TALES OF BABYLON, Andrew Nemets, NYU THE CHEF, Hao Zheng, AFI TRAPPED, Mohamed Maged, Egypt High Cinema Institute TREE #3, Omar Ben-Shacar, AFI WHITE NOISE, Lauren Scott, Stevenson Univ. WHITE SEASON, Hasan Najmabadi, Soore Cinema University ZOE, Jade Courtney Edwards, NYU

lonG naRRaTIves

ETERNITY, Anna Sobolevksa, Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema & Television Univ RED RED RED, Jade Li, Beijing Film Academy SOUL IN THE MACHINE, Ellin Iselin & Carlos Rodriguez Carrerras, Harrison Middleton Univ. SUMMER SNOW, Amin Chadegani, University Of Applied Science and Technology WALKING THE WAY, Peter Alexander, Florida Gulf Coast Univ.


CARBON FOOTPRINT, THE, Noah McNair, Univ of Tampa CHOSEN, Karlee King, Savannah School of Art & Design DEEP DIVE, Kyle Hufford, Ball State Univ. FML, Ahsjah Exume’, Univ of Texas LIONFISH: MENACE TO THE ATLANTIC BASIN, Zachary Thomas Hoaglund, Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale MATI 23/7, Antigoni Kapaka, California School of the Arts OF THE SEA, Jordyn Romero, Chapman Univ. OSCEOLA BROTHERS, THE, Andrew Nemets, NYU

Sponsored by


IMANI’S SKIN, Jessica Kirby, Florida State Univ. INVASION, Victoria Barranco, Northeastern Univ. PREHEATED, Luke Snedecor & Sarah Heinz, Chapman Univ. SERPENDIPITY, Carlos Mejia & Kevin Barwick, TIFFANY, Christina Christie, Univ. of Central Florida


The High School Competition was launch in 2001. The winning entries will be screened at Savor Cinema on Saturday, 9, 10am. THe sCReenInG aRe fRee To THe PublIC.

ARIETTA: The Musical, Justin Pauley, Douglas Anderson School of the Arts CATHARSIS, Josh Ceranic, Harrison School of the Arts COFFEE AT SIX, Sophie Williams, Florida Film Academy DANCING ON BLACK & WHITE, John Li, Metuchen High DISCOVERIES: AWAKENINGS, Noah Semeria, Naperville North High DOLLFACE, Alex DeRosa, Millburn High FORTUNE FAVORS, Lily Cantor, Douglas Anderson School of the Arts FOUND, Thaine Wood, HALFWAY GONE, Dylan Marzke & Sky Stockton, HEAD ABOVE WATER, Max Rogoff, HEARSE HANGOVER, Josh Ceranic, Harrison School of the Arts HINDSIGHT, Oisin-Tomas O Raghallaigh, BFI Film Academy HORIZON, Lance Pospiech & Jason Baker, Thomas Downey High LAST DANCE AT THE COCOANUT GROVE, Charles Shi, Winston Churchill High, Montgomery Blair High, and Richard Montgomery High LOST ON A DREAM, Elizabeth Arceneaux, NOTHING GOLD CAN STAY, Tyler Harding, NUMBER TEN, Grace Eitrheim, QUEST, THE, Sage Croft, RESERVED, Hannah Cheesman, Florida Film Academy RULE OF FOURS, THE, Max Rogoff, RUN, Michelle Burger, Bergen County Academies High School WASHED UP, Jacob Oletsky, Pine Crest School WATCH YOUR STEP, Isabella Hicks 107

FounDinG SPonSor BroWArD CulTurAl CounCil

As the Chair of the Broward Cultural Council, I have the honor of being part of the most vital cultural mission Broward County has. This mission is making sure that everything we do is focused on developing the Broward arts scene. While the scene is broad and varied, film is the art form that provides a platform of international communication that transcends language, culture, geography and religion. Therefore, we feel truly privileged to provide ongoing support for November’s Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLIFF), with over $4 million dollars in funding since 1995. The Festival’s presence in Broward County helps us complete our mission of cultivating the arts locally by providing a competitive and distinguished platform for film. This is one of the many reasons why we are also thrilled to again support Savor Cinema’s annual Filmed In Broward film festival, a July weekend event which screens multiple genres of films, all of which were shot right here in Broward County. The nostalgia factor is not just popcorn-worthy. It provides us with a remarkable opportunity, the honor to showcase the talents of filmmakers, actors, writers and other artists who chose our home to tell their stories. We are looking forward to seeing these local winners compete at the international level this November at FLIFF.

Jodi Jeffreys-Tanner, Chair Broward Cultural Council BROWARD.ORG/ARTS

FLIFF has spent over 34 years dedicated to promoting the arts in Broward County, and I am honored that we pay homage to them each year.

Thank you for joining me in supporting FLIFF and Savor Cinema’s fantastic events while celebrating the impact they bring our community. I look forward to seeing you there!



Michael Goldberg

CEO, Zimmerman Advertising


steven savor is a member of the Board of Directors of the Broward County Film Society and serves on the Executive Committee. Since 2002, Steven has been FLIFF's leading private donor, sponsoring a variety of fundraisers, including: Our Annual Polo Picnic, hosting poster party, Closing Night Wrap, Opening Gala and the M*A*S*H Steven Savor Party at his home, Villa De-Palma. As a Board member he has played the starring role in securing sponsorships. In August of 2016, Steven became the Naming Sponsor of our flagship T theatre, Cinema Paradiso Lauderdale. In seeing the big picture, Steven structured his donation to include not only cash, but funds to renovate the physical building and surrounding grounds. We are proud to announce the theatre is now known as Savor Cinema. This year, Steven has hosted two fundraisers, Oscar Party & Derby Party, sponsored our Cannes Beach Soiree in France, FLIFF On-Location: Exuma, and during FLIFF34, he is producing our Retro Pool Party at The Conrad.


Stacy Ritter, President

The Estate of Rosemary Duffy Larson

Mary N. Porter Legacy Fund


Senior VP

Susan Renneisen Michael J. Ryan Mayor


Jorge Camejo

Executive Director

Dr Joe Joyner President

Maurice Kanbar

Inventor / Entrepreneur

Miles Forman

Forman Family Foundation

Kara Lundgren

General Manager

SilvEr KenPernaDesign . .com Graphic Design

Bonnie Barnett & Robert Kagan, M.D. • John B. Mager, Sr. • Cyndi Boyer BronZE

The Musette Kenneth & Shirley Walker • Allen & Cathie Altman • Jeff Brown


Dr. Richard & Caren Gorenberg • Spinnakers at The Conrad • The Flagler Inn • Scott Bennett •  East Coast Makeup


LRN Public Media



Picture yourself on Hollywood Beach • Stay in a full-service resort, quality boutique hotel or anything in between

• 2.5 mile oceanfront, auto-free, brick-paved Hollywood Beach Broadwalk

• Minutes away from Cinema Paradiso in Downtown Hollywood

• Leave the car! The Sun Shuttle provides free rides from Hollywood Beach to the Downtown and back



FLIFF34 proudly serving Enovation Brands at select events!

Always Enjoy Responsibly. ©2013 Anheuser-Busch InBev S.A., Stella Artois® Beer, Imported by Import Brands Alliance, St. Louis, MO


MORE THAN A CAMPUS, A COMMUNITY For almost 50 years Flagler College has been the center for educational and cultural events that enrich the lives of St. Augustine residents. We welcome you to join us for exciting events throughout the year, many of which are free to St. Johns County residents.

Visit www.Flagler.EDU/events for the latest information 74 King St. | St. Augustine Florida 32084 | www.Flagler.EDU

The Corazon Cinema and Cafe

36 Granada St In Historic Downtown St. Augustine A Quality Eatery and Vintage Establishment Screening Films Daily

(904) 679-5736 www.CorazonCinemaAndCafe.com


Open Wednesday–Sunday 11:30 am, serving delicious food, beer, and wine all day & into the evening!


n many ways, films inspire us. They spur our imagination or push us to achieve more than we thought possible. This year’s lineup for FLIFF is in many ways – Inspirational!

We will have movies from around the globe that will provide movie-goers the unique opportunity to see some future award-winning films. Additionally, the many events throughout the festival will offer participants opportunities to meet the The main inspiration of FLIFF for the last 30 Years stars, directors and filmmakers in comfortable, is our own CEO – Gregory von Hausch. He has approachable settings. been the leader of this organization through the Jim Norton All this is made possible thanks to our sponsors, years. This is truly a labor of love on his part and Coldwell Banker members and benefactors, in addition to the State, Greg’s dedication to FLIFF is what makes the festival County, as well as local grants and the assistance from a landmark event in Broward County. the cities of Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and Sunrise. A special thank you to our FLIFF staff and, in particular I believe this 34th Annual FLIFF will be one that you talk to Michelle Filippi, our Executive Director, who put their about with friends as – Inspirational! heart and soul into FLIFF every day.



Membership Cmte Chair

Exec At Large

Skip Margerum

Eileen Schneider

Estelle Fineberg

Steve Savor

Willie Fernandez

Glenn Friedt

CEO The Investigative Group

Audrey Caan

Betsy Cameron

Legal Counsel

Adam Cohen

Audrey Caan Management

Cara Ebert Cameron, P.A.

Becker & Poliakoff

George Kress

Betty Lakey-Smith

Dr. Daryl Miller



Chair Elect

Ginny Miller

Charles "Chip" Abele

Gold Coast Reg. Ctr

Bonnie Barnett

Heritage House Galleries

President & CEO

Nick Milano

Gregory von Hausch

Michael Goldberg

Sharon Kersten


Estelle Fineberg Counseling Associates

Theatrical Producer

Teri Pattullo

Steven Naimoli

Credit Bureau Services

Holland & Knight

Diane Sobo

MIssIon sTaTeMenT Bringing people together year round, using Cinema to educate and inspire while showcasing the best in filmmaking.

LOKATION Real Estate

Lisa Liotta


Kaki Kirby

Retired Film Executive

Robert Plotka

Susan Renneisen

Janet Schwartz

John Mager

Sandra Simiele McCallum

Carole Nugent

CityScape Capital Group

Redevelopment & Operations Mgr City of Hollywood CRA

Marilynn Berry

Kersten PR

CEO, Zimmerman Advertising


Chair Emeritus

Miller Construction Co.

Exec At Large

VP Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Volunteer Coordinator

Robert Kagan, M.D. MRI Scan Center

Film Commissioner

Noelle Stevenson Underground Lauderdale Vice President, Film, Music, Fashion & Create

Wil Shriner

Producer – Director Writer

vIsIon sTaTeMenT From independent and world cinema to documentaries and student films, the diversity of work spotlighted by three decades of festivals and events will continue to make a significant cultural and economic impact on the communities of South Florida.


Lumiere Sponsors: Wini and Joe Amaturo

Barbara & Arnie Grevior

Doug Amaturo

Walter Griffith

Antje & Leonard Farber

Marilynn Berry

Wayne & Marti Huizenga

Tom & Ginny Miller

Miles Forman

Tom & Maryrose Mullane

Millennium Club John Mager, a FLIFF member created the Millennium Club in 2006. Since that time we have raised thousands of dollars to upgrade Cinema Paradiso. Thanks John!

Sally & John Boisseau


Brian and Susan Brown ★★★

M.E. DePalma Estelle Fineberg


Marilyn Kramer


Betty Lakey-Smith Carla DiMauro

Ginny & Tom Miller ★

Betsy Cameron & Elliot Cantor In Memory of ★ Stephen N. Ciancio Barry Smith


Richard & Mimi Friedman

John Mager



Jerry &  Nicole Gray

Lynn Taylor & Glenn Friedt


Pam O'Hara

Teri & Brian Pattullo


Steve Savor

Dr. Daryl Miller


Janet Schwartz




Betty Diane Sobo Lakey-Smith ★★

Cynthia & Dane Hancock

Beatriz & Al Miniaci Claudette Moritz

Not Pictured: Principe, Neil & Aldona


Mae Silver



Pat & Sandy McCallum

Loyce I. Grigsby


Tom & Maryrose Mullane



Dr. Jules Oaklander

Nick and Molly St Cavish ★

William Kohn

Lawrence Oberman★

Mary & Nick St Cavish

Milan & Coni Uselac


Steven & Kim Naimoli


Mark Wilton


Bonnie Leigh Adams

Michelle Filippi

Senior Program Director

Executive Director

Irwin Levenstein

Joan Kish

Lorraine Schramm

Jose Vazques FLIFF Ops Manager

Concessions Manager

Festival Cafe Staff

Roy Lawrence Barbra Nightingale

Rob Schindler

Rick Sherman

Kaia Goudreau

Stephanie Hills

Theater Staff


Production Asst

FLIFF Box Office

Tina La Boeuf Steven Greenberg Michele Boland

Karen Scinta

David Jaffe

Lynn Blumberg

Jim Lee

Malaica Valiente

Festival Staff

Theatre Staff

Sr Tech Director

Theater Staff

Filmmaker Liaison

Customer Service Mgr

Bob Meyer

Spirits Wrangler

Tabitha Cowell

Asst to The President

Rudrick Dawes Tech Director

Festival Cafe Manager

Jan Mitchell

Marketing & PR Jan Mitchell & Associates

Ray Cruz

Master Tech 2

Jenni Rivas

Janecia Matthew

FLIFF Box Office Manager / Social Media

Office Manager

Festival Staff


Marketing & PR

Denise Labella

Joshua Naville

Anabella Croce

Festival Cafe

Festival Staff

Community Outreach

Box Office/ Concessions

FLIFF Outreach

Ron Duron

Theatre Staff

Jeanne O’Grady Concessions Manager

Yvette White

Transportation Capt


Suzie Bleus

Numas Guerra Gordon K. Smith Andrea Salazar

Michael Durst Suzanne Southwell Marcye Slutsky Theater Staff

Craig Hill

Master Tech 1

Brian Bayerl

Theater Staff

DP, FLIFF Trailer

Barbara Siegel Sandy Goldstein Office

Assistant Volunteer Coordinator

Suzzette Dawes Regina Bonney

Community Outreach


Carolyn Smith

SAFF Operations Director

Shaun Fulwood

Ken Perna

FLIFF Box Office & FLIFF On-Location: Asst. Volunteer Coordinator Sunrise Coordinator

Festival Staff

SAFF Staff Stager, Silen Auction

Lennie Wong

2019 Program Guide Art Director

Odalis Peralata Transportation

Janet Leavy

Director of Membership/ Schwartz Photographer Volunteer Director

Bonnie Cameron SAFF Graphics Director

Kayla Immel

SAFF Marketing Director

Kelley Cottrell SAFF Special Events Director

Steve McMullen

SAFF Lewis Auditorium Mgr

Leslie Lacika

Audrey Freed

Ed Jardine

SAFF SAFF SAFF Volunteer Coordinator Volunteer Coordinator Community Relations

Eric Smith

Corazon House Mgr

Chris LeClere

Corazon House Mgr

Carl Liberatore SAFF Technical Director

Michel Pawlowski

SAFF Business & Governmental Relations

Veronica Charles SAFF Photographer

Festival Cafe

Katie Collins SAFF Staff

January 16 - 19, 2020



suPeRsTaR Kip Alexander Bonnie Barnett & Robert Kagan, M.D. Tom & Mary Becht Scott Bennett & Guest Marilynn Berry & Guest Regina Bonney Audrey Caan & Guest Charles Caulkins & Kaki Kirby Adam Cohen & Guest Arlette Ehrlich Susanne Ellman Bonnie Everhart Estelle Fineberg & Guest Ken Fisher & Guest Connie & Theo Folz Glenn Friedt & Guest Claire Garrett & Guest Michael & Barbara Goldberg Arnold & Barbara Grevior Kenneth Hale Dane Hancock Sharon Kersten & Guest George Kress & Guest Betty Lakeysmith & Guest John B. Mager, Sr & Guest Skip Margerum & Annette Watkins Jackie Matuseski Sandra Simiele McCallum & Guest Barbara Mendelsohn Nick & Lori Milano

FliFF mEmBEr liST

This list represents Superstars, Executive Producers & Directors Dr. Daryl Miller & William Kohn Ginny & Tom Miller Claudette Moritz Steven & Kim Naimoli Teri Pattullo & Guest Robert Plotka & Guest Elizabeth & Kirk Rockwell Stuart Sarshik Phoebe & Shelly Satlin Steven Savor & Guest Eileen Schneider & Guest Janet Leavy Schwartz & Guest Karen Scinta Diane G. Sobo & Guest Valerie Solomon Brenda & Robert Stacy Noelle Stevenson & Guest Jodi Jeffreys-Tanner & Guest Ron Tenenhaus Rick Wetzler Steve Wetzler Beryl Yee exeCuTIve PRoduCeR Felicia & Richard Anderson Carl M Berkelhammer Lynn Blumberg Ray Brasted & Susan Lazarus Jennifer & George Coloney Karen Donohue Suzanne Gouveia Frank Hildebrandt & Jill Younis Denise LaBella Francine & Peter Lapter

Margot Laskin Lucy Marrero Michael Minor Carole Montgomery Mariana Morris Marilyn Painter Linda Patterson Natalie & Kevin Shrock Celeste Locante-Thorson & John Thorson West Tucker Milan Uzelac

dIReCToR Lori Abadessa Richard Adamick Susan Alaimo Kathy Arcangeli Larry Bailey Pamela Barton Roseanne Belsito Daniel Carter Carole Chancy Michael & Michele Cowan Larry Davis Kevin Donovan Jack Epstein Barbara Falsey Maritza & Omar Fernandez Anthony Gonzalez Cheryl Harmelin Joe Helkowski Kathleen Ireland Sean Patrick Kennedy & Guest

Suzanne Kranz Janet Krop Michael Leibowitz & Guest Isa Levine John Leyden Nuccia McCormick Donald & Rosemarie McCoy Jamie Moore Sandra Mula Barbara Nightingale Edward & Heidi O'Sheehan Joanne Oyen Ann Poe Nancy Rose Peduzzi Margaret Robinson Sidney Reichman Bruce Ross & Guest Joel Ross Alan & Joni Routman Steven Samuels Laurie Schecter Jacqueline Schwarting Peter Singer Chuck Snyder Mario Tosi Joelle M. Triollet Albina Troshechkina Jeff Trotta Thomas Valentine Tonda & Van Anglin Marjorie Warner Brooke Weed Julianna Yonan

Thanks also to our Production Assistant members. And Very Special Thanks to our Sustaining Members! For info on Membership, see opposite page.

2019 flIff volunTeeRs

34th 2019 Volunteer Director: Janet l l schwartz • Volunteer Star Specialists: barbra nightingale, Volunteer Coordinator • sandy Goldstein, Welcoming •  • Claudia borden sherman, Orientation, Savor Cinema • Regina bonney, Orientation, Savor Cinema •  • Joan kish, Staff, Orientation, Cinema Paradiso Hollywood • lynn blumberg, Records • Regina bonney, Orientation, Savor Cinema • 

Giovanna Acosta Joy Bailey Bill Bailey Pamela Bausher Suzie Bleus Lynn Blumberg Michele Boland Regina Bonney Barry Brazer Eileen Brennan Debbie Cadereyta Liz Cole Tabitha Cowell 116

Sandra Darrall Suzzette Dawes Donna Doherty Richard Doherty Amy & Joe Doyle Tibbi Duboys Ron Duron Marty Ellman Donna Farnum Lauren Feilich Judy Ford Eric Goldman Sandy Goldstein

Kaia Goudreau Stephanie Hills Desiree Israel Carolyn Kalmus Fern & Barry Katz Gil Klajman Suzanne Kranz Denise LaBella Renate Laub Roy Lawrence Jim Lee Seth Lefkow Gale Levine

Andrea Liebman Jay Liebman Steven Love Irene Luis Kayla Lyons Scotty MacLeod Gail Markowitz Jose Marquez Liannette Marquez Jim McCrady Lee Neuman Barbra Nightingale Linda Patterson

Ron Pomeranz Nancyrose Peduzzi Tony Phillips Karen Pomerantz Ellen Robinson Donna Robson Merve Robson Rebecca Rodeberg Ramona Rung Bob Sadowski Oscar Salas Pamela Santucci PD Seltzer

Rick Sherman Claudia Sherman Mark Siegel Rhonda Siegel Bonnie Silverman Marcye Slutsky Suzanne Southwell Arlette Steinberger Marie Stover Sonya Strikowski Pat Taylor John Ury Kathi Welch

★ SuSTAinEr mEmBErSHiP ProGrAm ★ The Broward County Film Society





Support could not be easier than this!

Members who participate in the Sustainer Membership Program of our 2 Cinemas and the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLiFF) make ongoing monthly gifts through automatic bank transfers (EFT) or automatic credit/debit card deductions. By choosing to have a sustaining membership, you provide The Broward County Film Society with the continued support needed to secure the future of your favorite programs, as well as ensuring that new programs and services are made available to our entire viewing community. visit fliff.com/membership

Why Become a Sustaining member?

Your membership never expires. Monthly memberships are perpetual and don't require us to send you any renewal reminders! Convenient! No need to receive installment invoices from us or to remember when to mail a check.A regulated stream of income allows us to put funds to what really matters: the programs seen year-round theaters and during FLiFF. Allows you the convenience of regular membership payments selected by you, in addition to automatic renewals. The auditorium at Savor Cinema has been named The Rosemary Duffy Larson Stage celebrating Ms. Larson's charitable contributions.


The Estate of

rosemary Duffy larson

mEmBEr PriCinG & BEnEFiTS T

yEAr-rounD mEmBEr BEnEFiTS

★ Digital Membership Card ★ (Up to) 45% off Film Tickets Year-Round ★ Discounts on Parties and Special Events ★ Special FREE Movie Screenings ★ “Members Seated First” Screenings ★ $1 OFF All Popcorn ★ FREE Film Vouchers Not Valid during FLIFF

WEEKly mEmBEr ConCESSion BEnEFiTS ★ *Not During The Film Festival ★ MONDAY - Bottomless Popcorn ★ TUESDAY - 2 for 1 Member Price Admission ★ WEDNESDAY - 2 for 1 Wine Wednesday ★ THURSDAY - 2 for 1 Beer/Soda

★ Production assistant .$10/month OR $108/year ★ Team . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$16/month OR $180/year ★ 4 FREE Film Vouchers / 8 FREE for TEAM ★ Member Price - $8 Tickets ★ Free Festival ‘Shorts’ Selections

★ director . . . . . . . . . . . . . $20/month OR $180/year ★ Team . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $30/month OR $300/year ★ all of the above PLUS: ★ Recognition in Festival Catalog ★ FREE Admission to Festival Poster Unveiling Party

★ FREE Centerpiece Film & Party during FLIFF ★ executive Producer . .$50/month OR $540/year ★ Team . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$85/month OR $960/year ★ 10 FREE Film Vouchers / 20 For Team (Film Festival Not Included)

★ all of the above PLUS:

★ Free Admission to Valentine's day Party & Cinco de Mayo Fiesta ★ FAST PASS – Free Admission to All FLIFF Films ★ FREE Opening Night Film & Party ★ Recognition in Festival Catalog

★ Free Admission to Festival Poster Unveiling Party ★ Free Centerpiece Film

★ FREE FLIFF Closing Night Film

★ Free Festival Cruise ★ Free Festival ‘Shorts’ Selections

★ superstar . . . . . . . . . . .$80 month OR $900/year ★ Team . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$125 month OR $1500/year ★ FREE Admission on all BCFS Film & Event Tickets (Unless Otherwise specified)

★ all of the above PLUS

★ Free Festival ‘Shorts’ Selections

★ Free Admission to PARTNER FILM FESTIVALS at Specified BCFS Locations


Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing makes it possible for property owners to obtain financing for 100% of the cost of energy efficiency, renewable energy, hurricane, and water conservation improvements to office, hospitality, industrial, and other commercial properties. For more information, please email Rob at Robert@ccgpace.com



South Florida’s trusted source of news and information. Made possible with listener support. Learn more at WLRN.org


LRN 118

Public Media


flIff Members get year-round benefits...however, if there ever was a "best Time" to JoIn, this is it!

fRee foR all MeMbeRs

Sat, Oct 26, THE PRIZE Paul Newman, Diane Baker, Elke Sommer, Edward G. Robinson Sun, Oct 27, THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK, Millie Perkins, Diane Baker, Shelley Winters, Lou Jacobi Nov 1 - 17, Ten Free Shorts Programs of 60 films Nov 11, STRAIGHT-JACKET* with special guest Diane Baker Nov 12, CEASE FIRE* with special guest Bill Grefe + Wild Bill Happy Hour Nov 12, MARNIE* with special guest Diane Baker + Diane Baker Reception

PLUS dIsCounTs on fIlMs & PaRTIes

fRee for Executive Producers & Superstars get fRee ★ FAST Passes (all films & nightly parties) ★ Nov 1 Opening Night Parrty at MODS ★ Nov 5 Retro Pool Party at The Conrad Hotel ★ Nov 9 Centerpiece Party with special guest Justin Long ★ Nov 11 Dinner Cruise aboard The Musette ★ Nov 17 Brunch Cruise aboard Caprice Back by popular demand ★ Nov 17 Wrap Party at The Atlantic Hotel & Spa 954.525.FILM

Perna Design, Inc. is a boutique graphic art design shop that can handle jobs of any size. From logo design to newsletters, posters, fliers, and stationery – to this 124-page catalog and beyond.

Official Graphic Artist of the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival

KenPernaDesign.com 954.565.8054


The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival welcomes back

THE MUSETTE aboard our 2019 Sponsor Team

Join us Monday, November 11th 6:30pm aboard The Musette for a Cruise with heavy hors d’oeuvres and Cash Bar Tickets $25 FLIFF Members / $35 Non-Members Free for Executive Producer & Superstar members


The Musette I & The Musette II Cruise the inter-coastal waterways of South Florida in style. Our luxurious boats, are available for weddings, holiday charters, special occasions and corporate events in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Boca Raton, and Palm Beach. Our goal is to ensure that your private or corporate event aboard Musette, or Musette II, far exceeds your greatest expectations. Our home dock is conveniently located in beautiful downtown Fort Lauderdale, “The Venice of America”, on the South side of Riverwalk along the New River.(Just East of the SE 3rd Avenue Bridge)


Parking is available within walking distance at: The Municipal Courthouse Parking Garage 540 S. E. 5th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 Our boats are available for charter in several alternate South Florida locations. *Alternate sailing location availability is determined by scheduled charters/events from our home dock. • West

Palm Beach

• Deerfield

• Boca


• Miami

Call Carfi Enterprises at 855-MUSETTE or (561) 791-9686 to book your event today!

Nights of Lights H

40 International Movies 3 Great Parties CASTILLO SAN MARCOS


Invites you to the







In the Nation’s Oldest City

January 16 -19, 2019 Presented by


Flagler College and The Corazon Cinema & Cafe

Kenneth & Shirley Walker


Sponsored by

Allen & Cathie Altman


S T. A U G U S T I N E H O T E L



Mark & Kathy Edwards Produced by

The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival info@FLIFF.com StAugFilmFest.com

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2019 Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival Program Guide  

The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival 2019 Catalog 200 films from 40 countries! • The Entire Guide to the Fort Lauderdale Internat...

2019 Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival Program Guide  

The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival 2019 Catalog 200 films from 40 countries! • The Entire Guide to the Fort Lauderdale Internat...

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