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...And to All A Good niGht


2pm: MARY & BILL (p74) SC 4pm: The Wonder of it All (p113) SC 6pm: THERE ONCE WAS AN ISLAND (p 93) SC 6:45 VIEJA REDONDO (p98) CP 7:30 ABOUT FIFTY (p 7) SC 8:30 GARCIA (p55) CP 11pm: VAMPERIFICA (p 97) CP SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22

10am: High School Winners (p125) CP Noon: Cyberbullying /ABANDON SHIP (p 28) CP 2pm: Things To Do/ MY WEEK WITH MARILYN (p81) BH 4pm: ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN (p10) BH 7pm: THE ARTIST (p12) BH 9pm: Entre Nous Gala Signature Grand (p15) SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23 10am:Chairman’s Cruise (p6)The Caprice Noon: DELHI IN A DAY (p 43)SC 1pm: Younger Man/SCISSORS & GLUE (p90)CP 2pm: MABUL (p71) SC 2:15: CAIRO EXIT (p32)CP 4pm: SAVIORS IN THE NIGHT (p89) SC 4:15 Hold For Laughs/ MISS SOUTH PACIFIC (p78) CP 6pm: KROMOV (p66) SC 5:45: DON’T FADE AWAY (p44) CP 7:30: HOLLYWOOD TO DOLLYWOOD CP MONDAY, OCTOBER 24

2pm: Younger Man/SCISSORS & GLUE (p90) SC 4pm: ABANDON SHIP (p28)SC 6pm: DON’T FADE AWAY (p44) SC 6:15: ABOUT FIFTY (p7) CP 8pm: LEGEND OF IVAN TORS (p69) SC 8:15: Dennis Haysbert Tribute (p16) CP TUESDAY, OCTOBER 25

2pm: 4pm: 6pm: 6:30: 8pm: 8:15: 2


SC ­ Sunrise Civic Center MP ­ Muvico Pompano WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26

2pm: 4pm: 6pm: 6:30: 8pm: 8:30:



2pm: 4pm: 6pm: 6:30: 8pm: 8:30:


FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28 1pm: ANDANTE (p29) MP 3pm: DOG POO MP 5pm: FLORIDA CRACKERS MP 6pm: And To All A Good Night CP 6:15: LATE BLOOMERS (p67)CP 7pm: MARATHON BOY MP 8:00: A DANGEROUS METHOD (p41) CP 9pm: BUTTER (p40)MP 10:00 SoSos in Concert CP SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29

1pm: 1pm: 1:30: 3pm: 3pm: 3:30: 5pm: 5pm: 5:30: 6:15:

7pm: 7:15 7:30: 8pm 8:30: 9pm:

Mish Mush/HOMECOMING (p58) CP MONTEVIDEO (p80) MP MARATHON BOY (p72)SC KROMOV (p66) CP IMMATURI (p61) MP THE HOPEFUL (p59) SC Florida Shorts (p102) CP GARCIA (p55) MP TROUPERS (p95) SC VFX/CGI for the Indie Filmmaker (p107)CP ABOUT FIFTY (p7) MP Billy Corben: REAL (p107) CP GARCIA (p55) SC Nevo (p107) CP The Justin’s (p107) CP CAIRO EXIT (p32) MP


Friday, december 2, 7pm, Cinema Paradiso

TM ­ The Manor 1:30: 3pm: 3pm: 3:30: 5pm: 5pm: 5:30: 7pm: 7:30: 7:30: 9pm:


MONDAY, OCTOBER 31 1pm: THERE ONCE WAS AN ISLAND (p93) MP 3pm: LOST AIRMEN OF BUCHENWALD (p70) MP 5pm: BOO-tacular (p6) CP 5pm: HAPPY (p56) MP 7pm: DR LIMPTOOTH (p46)CP 7pm: THE HOPEFUL (p59) MP 8:30 An Evening With My Comatose Mother (p115) 9pm: MP 9pm: VAMPERIFICA (p97)CP 11pm: DEADHEADS (p42)CP TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 1

5:30: College Competition Winners (p124)CP 7:00: MAN ON THE TRAIN (p17)CP WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 2 2pm: THE MATCHMAKER (p75)SC 4pm: WOMEN ON THE 6TH FLOOR(p100)SC 5:30: SAVIORS IN THE NIGHT (p89)CP 6pm: ANDANTE (p29) SC 7:30: NEWLYWEDS (p83)CP 8pm: IMMATURI (p61)SC 9:30: Stuffer/TRAPPED BY DRUGS (p94)CP THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3 2pm: MEHERJAAN (p76)SC 4pm: HAPPY (p56)SC 5:30: DOG POO (p45)CP 6pm: MINDS IN THE WATER (p77)SC 7:00: THE MATCHMAKER (p75)CP 8pm: THE PILL (p86) SC 9:00: MISS TACUAREMBO (p79)CP FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4

1pm: TROUPERS (p95) MP 3pm: MARY & BILL (p74) MP

5pm: 5:30: 7pm: 7:30: 9pm: 9:30:


SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5 10am: FAB Films for Kids! CP Noon: Wise Beyond Their Years (p111)CP 1pm: ABANDON SHIP (p28) MP 2pm: One Life For Yourself (p114)CP 3pm: ODD ONE OUT (p84)MP 4pm: IMMATURI (p61)CP 5pm: TURBINE (p96) MP 6pm: MINDS IN THE WATER (p77)CP 7pm: NEWLYWEDS (p83) MP 7:45: Dennis Farina Tribute/LAST RITES (p18)CP 9pm: SILVER TONGUES (p92)MP 10pm: THE ZERO HOUR (p101)CP SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6

11am 1pm: 1pm 1pm: 2:30: 2pm: 3pm: 3pm: 3:30: 4pm: 5pm: 5pm: 7pm: 7pm: 7:30: 9pm:



5:30: ODD ONE OUT (p84)CP 7:30: Peter Ford & 310 TO YUMA (p23)CP 9:30: Short n Sweet (p117)CP FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 11 10am ANDROS (p30) CP 11:30 ISLANDS OF LIFE (p64)CP 12:45 A NEW KIND OF LISTENING (p82) CP 1:50 THE HOPEFUL (p56) CP 3:45 LOST AIRMEN OF BUCHENWALD (p70)CP 6pm LIKE CRAZY (p24) CP 8pm LIKE CRAZY (p24) CP 8pm Wrap Party at The Manor (p6) 10pm NEWLYWEDS (p83) CP

OTHER SCHEDULES: Amelia Island: ..................62 Daytona: ............................49 Grand Bahama: ................35 Pompano: .........................11 St Augustine: ...................105 Sunrise: ............................26 Weston: ............................106

the Best of Fest trophy is created by Uruguayan artist Jesus Sosa and presented by Prof. Nelson Pilosof, President of The World Trade Center of Montevideo.


t seems like there is a new wrinkle Iwhen every year and that’s true this year a compass may be your best

friend. We have always been a festival of outreach, but now we have expanded to include 11 days and nights at the beautiful Sunrise Civic Center. A full day in Davie. Seven days & nights at Muvico Pompano. Two nights at Wilton Manors entertainment complex, The Manor. Ten screenings at the Weston Cinema, the first Monday of each month, Nov – March. Three days in Daytona Beach, Ten days on Amelia Island. Three days in St Augustine. And if that wasn’t enough, four glorious nights on Grand Bahama Island. I thank all of our colleagues in these beautiful destinations for their support. Taking this show on the road is no easy feat and without their dedication it would not have been possible. So settle down, take off your shoes, cozy up with this catalog as you prepare to take your vacation from ordinary film. Gregory von Hausch, President & CEO

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 7 6:00: Open Reel & Red Eye Winners CP 7:00: WOMEN ON THE 6TH FLOOR (p100)CP 9:00: SILVER CASE (p91)CP TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8 5:30: HAPPY (p56)CP

Fernandina Beach Film Festival




Bailey hall* (BH): ................October 22 Cinema Paradiso* (CP): ......October 21 – November 11 Sunrise Civic Center* (SC): ...October 21, 23 – 27, 30, November 2, 3, 6 Muvico Pompano* (MP): ....October 28 – 31; November 4 – 6. the Manor* (TM): ................November 6 Your FLIFF Fast Pass accepted at these locations (*) on the indicated dates.

SPECIAL EVENTS & PARTIES Upper Level Member Party – Mayor’s Galleria Mall: .......October 6 Membership Party ­ Cinema Paradiso: ............................October 12 Kick­Off Party ­ Sunrise Civic Center: .............................October 21 Entre Nous Gala ­ Signature Grand: ...............................October 22 Chairman’s Cruise & Brunch – The Caprice: ..................October 23 Dennis Haysbert Reception – 7th Street Wine Company:.October 24 Carrabba’s Dinner ­ Cinema Paradiso Courtyard: ..........October 25 Grand Bahama Island Opening Party –Smith Point: .......October 27 BOO­tacular ­ Cinema Paradiso: ....................................October 31 Centerpiece Party – Downtowner Saloon: ......................November 1 Dennis Farina Reception ­ Cinema Paradiso Courtyard: November 5 French Week Celebration ­ Cinema Paradiso: ...............November 7 Piper Laurie Party – The Pillars: .....................................November 8 Peter Ford Reception ­ Cinema Paradiso Courtyard: ......November 10 Wrap Party ­ The Manor: .................................................November 11

FLIFF TICKETS Regular screenings: $6 FLIFF Members, $8 for Seniors or Students, $10 General Admission Special Screenings $10 ­ $25 depending upon the event Children’s Films Free opening night Gala: $75 Members, $85 General Admission in advance; $95 at the door Chairman’s Cruise: $75 Centerpiece Party: $20 Members, $25 General Admission Wrap Party: $25 Members, $30 General Admission FASt Passes: $395 Members, $450 Non­Members includes all films October 21 – Nov 11.

FAST PASS If you're serious about movies...then you'll seriously want to consider the FLIFF Fast Pass, a photo ID card you wear around your neck...a ticket to ease. Why is it so wonderful? The FP is your perfect FLIFF companion as it allows you to access all film screenings without stand­ ing in the ticket line. No need to carry cash or to worry about special screenings. No need to stand in line to enter auditorium. FAST Pass includes all screenings (Oct 21 – Nov 11, 2011), Opening, Centerpiece and Wrap Party. Does not include the Festival Cafe. FLIFF Members: $395 ~ Non­Members: $450

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DRESS Dress up, dress down…whatever you like to do, just be comfortable and you’ll feel fine.

PARKING Cinema Paradiso: Free everyday in the Courthouse Parking Garage (Mon – Fri beginning at 5:30pm; Sat & Sunday all day). Enter the garage via SE 5th Avenue (immediately west of Cinema Paradiso). 4

You can also park for free at any street meter surrounding Cinema Paradiso after 6pm Mon – Sat, and all day on Sundays. Sunrise Civic Center, Bailey Hall and Signature Grand: Park for free.

DIRECTIONS BAiley hAll FRoM eASt BRoWARd…take I­595 west to Davie Road. Exit South on Davie Road (the only way you can go. Go approximately ¾ of a mile…Bailey Hall on your right. SiGnAtuRe GRAnd FRoM BAiley hAll…go back to I­595…go west to University Drive (the next exit). Take the Texas U­Turn under the overpass, merging to Hwy 84 East. Signature Grand is a half mile ahead on the right. CineMA PARAdiSo FRoM the noRth…take US 1 south through the tunnel. Turn right at SE 7th Street (1st light after tunnel). Turn right on SE 5th Avenue (second right you come to). Go to stop sign. Cinema Paradiso is across the street on your right. The Courthouse Parking Garage is across the street on your left. CineMA PARAdiSo FRoM the South…take US 1 north. Turn left at SE 7th Street (last light before tunnel). Turn right on SE 5th Avenue (second right you come to). Go to stop sign. Cinema Paradiso is across the street on your right. The Courthouse Parking Garage is across the street on your left. MuviCo PoMPAno located on the northwest corner of Copans Road & Federal Highway. SunRiSe CiviC CenteR is located on the south side of Oakland Park Blvd between Nob Hill Road & Hiatus.

RULES Not a lot of them…pretty simple: Turn off your cellphones during the film. Don’t even text during the film and don't leave trash…its annoying. Can’t abide by those two…please just stay home and watch television. Also no videotaping during film (everyone knows that). Be courteous to other members of the audience…and sure, while we’re at it, what the hay, the staff too!


2315 N. Federal Hwy. Pompano Beach, FL 33062 (954) 946­6008





Broward College 3501 SW Davie Road Davie, FL 33314

The subject matter could be something you love such as the parks, the beach, the arts, the restaurants, the sports...or something you’re not too crazy over such as traffic, roads, politics, over development... anything. It could be just about you or your kids. It could be about your dog or your alpaca. Your car, bike or boat. Get the point...anything. All we ask is that it concerns life in Broward County...and if you complain about something, offer a solution. its free to enter! Just send a DVD or email us an MOV file. If you don’t have a camera or a cellphone but still would like to participate, our partners at WPBT­TV are setting up cameras at different sites around the county and you can stop by and they will record your one minute interview. Then next April, we will project the videos during FAB-FeSt at Cinema Paradiso. The screenings will also be free to the public. For more info log on to /Mool


Fort Lauderdale Int'l Film Festival (mailing only) 1314 East Las Olas Blvd #007 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301­2334 (954) 760­9898 503 SE 6th Street Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301 (954) 525­FILM (3456)

Funding Arts Broward, The Knight Foundation and The Broward County Film Society invite you to submit a 1 ­ 3 minute documentary about Life in Broward County for the MovieS oF ouR liveS program.



Box­office 954­525­FILM (3456) Administration 954­760­9898 Email web

What’s Your Story?

It’s fun and it’s pick up your camera and start filming... because, as they say, You oughta be in movies!

6900 West State Road 84 Davie, FL 33317 954­424­4000

10610 West Oakland Park Blvd Sunrise, FL 33351­6818 (954) 747­4600


2345 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors, FL 33305 (954)626.0082









Funding for this event is provided in part by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners as recommended by the Broward Cultural Council and Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau. 


PARTIES FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21 8:15pm CP Courtyard... DULCE FIESTA: Enjoy before the movie GARCIA a taste of Colombia with tres leches & cocadas desserts. 9pm KICK­OFF PARTY at Sunrise Civic Center following ABOUT FIFTY. ABOUT FIFTY & Kick Off Party FLIFF Members $20; Non­Members $25 10:15pm Complimentary Bloody Mary with your ticket for VAMPERIFICA . SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22 11:30am CP Courtyard... FREE pizza for Students & with your ticket for ABANDON SHIP. 9pm ENTRE NOUS GALA at Signature Grand SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23 10am CHAIRMAN’S BRUNCH & CRUISE aboard the The Caprice, $75. 2:30pm CP Courtyard... A YOUNGER MAN RECEPTION: Includes: Caesar Salad, Teriyaki meatballs, Surimi Summer Salad, Assorted Cheeses, Pears wrapped in prosciutto & brownies. $20 (no passes) 2:15pm LIVE on stage belly dancers from LOTUS DANCE STUDIO free with CAIRO EXIT ticket. 9pm CP Courtyard... After the movie HOLLYWOOD TO DOLLYWOOD have Fried chicken and bisquits with your ticket stub! MONDAY, OCTOBER 24 5:45pm CP Courtyard... To stay in shape & looking better than fifty enjoy a complimentary SALAD BAR with movie ABOUT FIFTY 6:30pm 7TH Street Wine Company...Wine and light din­ ner buffet in honor of actor Dennis Haysbert. Includes ticket to 8:30pm. $45 Members; $55 Non­Members (Not included in Membership Benefits) TUESDAY, OCTOBER 25 5:30pm CP Courtyard...Carrabba's Night, Brian of the Pompano Carrabba's cooks an incredible meal for you. Includes ticket for LEGEND OF IVAN TORS. Members $15, Non­Members $20. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26 8pm On Stage...Enjoy a live performance by THE OLD TIME JAMMERS playing Appalachian Mountain music, the precursor to Bluegrass. Free with your ticket to MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 27 6pm CP Courtyard... A bowl of Indian Vegetable Biryani rice will be served for all! FREE with your ticket to DELHI IN A DAY. 8pm On Stage...OTOO BAND with their organic music style live! Free with your ticket to CONCERT FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28 7:50pm CP Courtyard... After the movie LATE BLOOMERS enjoy some Sheppard's Pie with your ticket stub. 10pm On Stage...SoSos in concert with their new album "For You". This acoustic band and its lush vocal har­ monies, root instruments, and a diverse balance of talent guarantees to keep people groovin! $12 /$8 FLIFF Members. Free CD with concert ticket. (no passes)


SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29 5pm CP Courtyard... After the movie KROMOV enjoy a some Russian borscht! FREE with ticket stub.

Parties in BLACK type held at Cinema Paradiso

9:30pm CP Courtyard...Beer & Munchies Enjoy a free Stella and munchies compliments of Allstate Insurance, Ft Lauderdale. Free with your ticket to the seminars.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6 12­2pm CP Courtyard... HAPPY HOUR at Cinema Paradiso's REEL CAFE. All drinks 2 x1!

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 30 10am CP coffee & bagels with your ticket to TROUPERS 4:45pm CP Courtyard... Enjoy a platter of hummus, stuffed grape leaves & taboule, free with your ticket stub from MABUL! 7:30pm CP Courtyard... Join our friends from DONA PAULA with a wine sampling, free with your ticket stub from MONTEVIDEO! 9:30pm CP Courtyard: FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE PARTY 2x1 all vodka drinks! Enjoy complimentary sexy hors d'oeuvres & a touch of caviar with your ticket stub from ANOTHER SENSE. MONDAY, OCTOBER 31 HALLOWEEN ALL DAY!!! Come dressed up and get free candy & chocolate! 5pm Cinema Paradiso...Bring your kids to our free 7th Annual BOO­tacular. Scream contest, costume contest, Pumpkin Patch, Non­scary Halloween movie, Horse­ drawn Hay Ride...prizes and yes, candy!

4pm MUSIC CAN CHANGE THE WORLD RECITAL. World famous, Argentinian pianist/songwriter/producer URIEL NATERO will takes us through a wonderful jour­ ney with his unique style & melodies from Italy, Spain & many more countries...$25 FLIFF Members $30 in advance sales. $35 at door.

10:15pm Complimentary Zombie cocktail with your ticket for DEADHEADS.

9pm PILLAR'S HOTEL After Party with Piper Laurie! Serving elegant hors d'oeuvres with the best scenic view in town! Includes GRASS HARP & Award ceremony. $20 Members; $25 Non­members; Superstars Free, in­ cludes Piper Laurie Montage, Award presentation and THE GRASS HARP. 9:15pm CP Courtyard... Complimentary EGG NOG & ginger cookies with your ticket to WALK A MILE IN MY PRADAS.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 1 6:30pm­ish CP Courtyard... FREE pizza with your stub from The College Winners. 8:45pm­ish Centerpiece Party at The Downtowner in the newly renovated MAXWELL ROOM, featuring a buffet of their signature dishes & live performance by MITCH HERRICK, singer/song writer/guitarist! Free for Director, Producer, Executive Producer & Superstar members. FLIFF Members $15, $20 Non­Members includes Centerpiece Film at 7pm. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 2 9:15pm CP Courtyard... Fun ice cream bar with your ticket TRAPPED BY DRUGS. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3 7pm CP Courtyard... Have a HOT DOG with your choice of toppings, with your ticket stub from DOG POO! 8:30pm CP Courtyard... Complimentary Wine Tasting from our friends of DONA PAULA with your ticket to MISS TACUAREMBO. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4 7:30pm CP Courtyard... Enjoy a typical Mango Lassi drink with spicy rice pudding free with your ticket stub from MEHERJAAN! SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5 6pm CP Courtyard... A pre­film Antipasti Buffet for Life­ time Achievement Honoree DENNIS FARINA, includes a tickets to Dennis’ award presentation and THE LAST RITES OF JOE MAY. FLIFF Members $20; Non­Mem­ bers $25; Free for Superstars. 9:30pm On Stage...Viva Venezuela live show on stage by musician PAMIR GUANCHEZ from Oscar D'Leon's orchestra, free with your ticket to LA HORA CERO! 10pm Frankie & Johnny's...Celebrates Dennis Farina with complimentary hors d'oeuvres and drink specials with your ticket stub from LAST RITES. 2701 E Oakland Park Blvd, Ft Lauderdale

SHOWTIMES Friday, October 21, 7:30 Sunrise Civic Ctr Monday, October 24, 6:15 Cinema Paradiso Saturday, October 29, 7pm, Muvico Pompano


MONDAY, NOVEMBER 7 6pm CP Courtyard... FLIFF celebrates French Week with a reception featuring cheeses, pates, baguettes & wine tasting provided by ANTIGAL WINERY ESTATES & plenty of LaCroix Sparkling waters. Includes your ticket to WOMEN ON THE 6TH FLOOR. Fliff Members $15; Non­Members $20; Superstars Free.




Friday Nov. 11th, 7:30, Daytona Beach News Journal Saturday, November 12, 7pm, Amelia Island 7 Thursday, January 19, 7pm, Flagler College Auditorium ­ St Augustine


TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8 5pm CP Courtyard... ALMA DE BOHEMIO RUM tasting with your ticket to PARAISO FOR SALE. 6pm CP Courtyard...Reception for Piper Laurie. Ms Laurie will sign copies of her book LEARNING TO LIVE OUT LOUD. Members $10 Non­Members $15 includes GRASS HARP and Lifetime Ach Award.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 9 7pm On­Stage...Live Uruguay music in the theater spon­ sored by NOTICIAS Newspaper celebrating MISS TACUAREMBO. 7pm CP Courtyard... Enjoy a sample some Kibbeh or falafel with your ticket stub from HOW TO START A REVOLUTION! 9pm CP Courtyard... Complimentary Blushing Lady Cocktail with your ticket from LEADING LADIES! THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10 6pm CP Courtyard...Peter Ford Reception Cowboy chili & cornbread free with your ticket 310 TO YUMA. Wear your cowboy hat & western wear! FLIFF Members $10; Non­ Members $15 includes film and discussion with Peter Ford 9pm CP Courtyard... Complimentary Mountain Gay Rum with Coke with your ticket WHEN OUR HEARTS WERE GAY. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 11 1:20pm CP Courtyard... After the movie ISLANDS OF LIFE enjoy a bowl of Conch chowder! FREE with your movie ticket! 8pm CLOSING NIGHT PARTY after LIKE CRAZY at THE MANOR, with a touch of finesse in its decor you will enjoy a distinguished buffet with original recipes; featur­ ing live performance by the up & coming singer/song­ writer JOE ROCCO and his OTOO BAND! FLIFF Members $20; Non­Members $25; Producers, Executive producers and Superstars Free.

Thomas Johnston USA / 2011 / 88 min / HDCam / English A modern comedy that explores the simple truth that it’s never too late to start over again. Even at age 50. We meet two long­time golf­buddies, Adam, going through a trial separation from his wife of 15 years and Jon, who is not only losing work to the ‘young guy’, but also dealing with a ‘generous’ prostate. They decide to take off on a weekend journey to let loose and re­live the Palm Springs get­a­way of their younger days but meet with unexpected results. Struggling to fit in with the younger crowd, they find surprising comfort through encounters with women nearer their own age. As the weekend progresses, both are forced to come to a truce with middle life’s predicaments. A film that asks the question, “If fifty is the new thirty then why do my knees ache?” in what may be the world’s first coming of age story… about the coming of age. Writers: Drew Pillsbury, Martin Grey Gottlieb & Thomas Johnston / Producers: Ian Toporoff, Maria Bierniak / Cin­ ematographer; Keith J. Duggan / Principal Cast: Martin Grey, Drew Pillsbury, Wendie Malick, Michaela McManus, Anne­Marie Johnson, Jessalyn Gilsig, Kathleen Noone, Steve Hytner, Miriam Flynn, Audrey Wasilewski, Rebecca Field, Victor McCay, Garrett Strommen, Victor Bohy, John Rundall, Joyce Renly, Tony Marquina, Stuart Davis, Alyssa Coates, Patrick McKee, Bruce Nation / Contact: Martin Grey Gottieb

SPeCiAl GueStS: dReW PillSBuRy & MARtin GRey GottlieB. toM JohnSton

ABOUT FIFTY is the Kick­ Off film for FLIFF2011. Following the Friday, Oct 21, 7:30pm screening, there will be a party at the Sunrise Civic Center. Tickets are $20 Members and $25 non­members. Includes passed hors d'oeuvres and the film. The stars and director will be on­hand.

Sponsored by

Howard Elfman Broker/Owner THE DIRECTOR: ABOUT FIFTY is the second feature film for director Thomas Johnston. He co­directed his first feature, JEROME, released in 2001 and was a hit on the festival circuit worldwide including the AFI Los Angeles and Berlin Film Festivals. The Los Angeles Times wrote of JEROME, “an example of mature, disciplined American Independent filmmaking at its best.” Tom is a long­ time associate of the filmmaking Coen Brothers, as well as director Robert Redford. THE PRODUCTION: At a certain point in life, you have to ask “if not now, when?” This is where Drew Pillsbury & Martin Grey Gottlieb had found themselves. After years in the business and always having the dream to pro­ duce a film, they finally pulled the trigger and dove in. Pillsbury had previously worked with director Tom John­ ston on the festival hit, JEROME, with co­star Wendie Malick and suggested him for this project. Tom immediately agreed and brought with him a wealth of experience and artistic know­how. What began as an idea between two friends had now morphed into a reality under Johnston’s guidance.




SENATOR GEORGE MCGOVERN George McGovern was the Democratic Party's candidate for President in 1972, and lost to incum­ bent President Richard M. Nixon in one of the most lopsided landslides in American political history. His father was a preacher, and McGovern attended public schools, then left college to join the Army Air Corps for World War II. He flew 35 combat missions over North Africa and Italy, and won the Distinguished Flying Cross for piloting his damaged bomber across Yugoslavia to a re­ mote island runway that was far shorter than the minimum length to safely land. McGovern had his crew throw all their non­ essential equipment overboard, then both pi­ lots stood on the brake as the plane touched down. After the war, he came home and resumed his college education. He had been raised in a Re­ publican family, but first registered to vote as an Independent, then worked alongside Paul Robeson as an activist for the Progressive Party, arguing against America's peacetime draft, and opposing British and American domination of the Middle East. Like most third parties in America, the Progressive Party went nowhere, and McGovern became a Democrat after hearing a fiery speech by Illinois Governor Adlai Stevenson. McGovern taught history and government at Dakota Wes­ leyan University for several years, then ran for Congress in 1956, where he served two terms. In 1960 he left the House to run for the US Senate, losing to the Republican incumbent, Karl Mundt, but McGovern kept his campaign workers together and ran for South Dakota's other Senate seat two years later, defeat­ ing Republican Joe Bottum by a narrow margin. He voted for the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution authorizing what became the Vietnam

War, but McGovern soon came to believe that the cost of the war, both monetarily and in body bags, could not be justified by the "domino theory" that America needed to hold the line against advancing com­ munism. He became one of the first promi­ nent politicians to speak out against that war, and famously said on the Senate floor, "I'm tired of old men dream­ ing up wars for young men to fight". He ran for President in 1972, and was given little chance of securing his party's nomination. Republicans, though, saw McGovern as the weakest ­­ and thus the preferred ­­ Democratic opponent, so the Nixon campaign targeted fron­ trunner Sen Ed Muskie with dirty tricks, including a smear campaign against Muskie's wife that led to Muskie break­ ing down in tears on camera. Muskie's sup­ port faltered, and McGovern became the Democratic nominee, running on a promise to end the war, bring home the troops and prisoners held by the Vietnamese, and offering amnesty for draft evaders who had fled the country. When he chose Missouri Sen­ ator Thomas Eagleton as his Vice Presidential candidate, ques­ tions began surfacing about Eagleton's past. Within days it was revealed that Eagleton had once suffered depression, and he was replaced on the ticket by Sargent Shriver. After losing the Presidential election, McGovern remained in the Senate until in 1980. He owned a book store for many years, hosted Saturday Night Live in 1984, and has been a United Na­ tions Global Ambassador on World Hunger since 2001. He was and remains an outspoken critic of the 2003 invasion and occupation of Iraq.

After Eagleton, could there be hope? He ushered in the phrase.

Memories of the good fight.

Campaigning, not always glamorous.

He was on TIME, but was time ready for him.

dateline: Born in Avon, South Dakota, July 19, 1922; attended the public schools of Mitchell, South Dakota, and Dakota Wesleyan University, 1940­1942 Enlisted in the United States Army Air Corps in June 1942, flew combat missions in the European Theater, and was discharged from the service in July 1945; returned to Dakota Wesleyan University and graduated in 1946; held teaching assistantship and fellowship at Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill., 1948­1950, receiving his Ph.D. from that university in 1953; professor of history and government at Dakota Wesleyan University 1950­1953. On the campaign trail.

Labor unions solidly behind McGovern.

Executive secretary of South Dakota Democratic Party 1953­1956; member of Advisory Committee on Political Organization of Dem­ ocratic National Committee 1954­1956; elected as a Democrat to the Eighty­fifth and Eighty­sixth Congresses (January 3, 1957­ January 3, 1961); was not a candidate for re­nomination in 1960, but was unsuccessful for election to the United States Senate; appointed special assistant to President Kennedy Jan­ uary 20, 1961, as director of the Food for Peace Program, and served until his resignation July 18, 1962, to become a candi­ date for the United States Senate; elected to the United States Senate in 1962; reelected in 1968 and 1974 and served from January 3, 1963, to January 3, 1981; chairman, Select Com­ mittee on Unmet Basic Needs (Ninetieth Congress), Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs (Ninety­first through Ninety­fifth Congresses); candidate for reelection to the U.S. Senate in 1980; candidate for Democratic presidential nomina­ tion in 1968 and 1984; Democratic nominee for President of the United States in 1972. Eleanor pins Silver Wings on husband and

Paul Simon, James Taylor & Joni Mitchell campaigning.

Lecturer and teacher; U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations bomber pilot George. Food and Agricultural Agencies in Rome, Italy, 1998­2001.

Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom on August 9, 2000; appointed United Nations Global Am­ bassador on World Hunger in 2001. Published Grassroots: The Autobiography of George McGovern. New York: Random House, 1977; The Essential America: Our Founders and the Liberal Tradition. New York: Simon & Schuseter, 2004; Social Security and the Golden Age: An Essay on the New American Demographic. Golden, Colo.: Fulbrum Publishing, 2005; Abraham Lincoln. New York: Times Books, 2009. Guest of Warren & Annette at AFI Tribute.

Senator McGovern will attend our special screening of All the PReSident’S Men, and participate in the Q&A following the film. Saturday, october 22, 4pm, Bailey hall Broward College Campus, davie Admission FRee for Members and anyone with a Broward College id. $5 all others. 8

A young Bill Clinton.

Named Director of JFK's Food for Peace program.

With close friend Bobby Kennedy

Hunter S. Thompson explains 9 his perspective.

November 11 - 13

January 19 - 22

November - March



OCTOBER 28 – 31, NOVEMBER 4 – 6

Saturday, October 22, 4pm, Bailey Hall, Broward College Campus, Davie





In the 1972 slug­fest campaign for the Presidency, a minor news story rests on page 4 of a break­ a vacation from in at the offices of the Democratic Party National Headquarters at Watergate Office Complex on ordinary film June 17, 1972...just four months before the election. The story itself seemed like small potatoes October 22 at the time when it was assigned to Washington Post reporter, Bob Woodward. As Woodward dug beneath the known details, he discovered that the five arrested burglars were being represented in court by some very high profile attorneys. Post Editor Ben Bradlee assigns Woodward and fellow reporter, Carl Bernstein to follow the story and find where it leads.

Handwriting type

Thus began a modern tale of Shakespearean intrigue, deceit, greed, paranoia and lust for power, culminating with the only resignation of a U.S. President in history. This was only after Richard Nixon won a landslide victory over the Democratic party nominee, Senator George McGovern. FLIFF is honored to have Sen. McGovern join us for this special screening, sharing his remem­ brances of this fascinating period of American history. He will take questions from the audience about the film and the happenings (some of which never reported) during that incredible year of 1972. Writers: Carl Bernstein & Bob Woodward / Screenplay: William Goldman / Cinematographer: Gor­ don Willis / Principal Cast: Dustin Hoffman, Robert Redford, Jason Robards, Jack Warden, Martin Balsam, Hal Holbrook, Jane Alexander, Meredith Baxter THE DIRECTOR: Alan Pakula , the son of a Polish immigrant, graduated from Yale and was expected to take over the family business, but he convinced his Dad into underwriting a movie. He went on to direct 8 actors in Oscar­nominated performances: Jane Fonda, Liza Minnelli, Jason Robards, Jane Alexander, Richard Farnsworth, Jill Clayburgh, Candice Bergen and Meryl Streep. President of Jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 1978. Among his directorial films: THE STERILE CUCKOO, KLUTE, THE PARALAX VIEW, STARTING OVER, SOPHIE’S CHOICE. Pakula also produced: TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, LOVE WITH A PROPER STRANGER, BABY THE RAIN MUST FALL, INSIDE DAISY CLOVER, and UP THE DOWN STAIRCASE. Nominated for an Oscar, DGA and Golden Globe for ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN, he was killed in 1998 when another car struck a metal pipe lying in the road and it flew into the windshield of his car.


Beaach Be

Oct 28-31 • Nov 5-628 FRIDAY, OCTOBER

1pm: 3pm: 5pm: 7pm: 9pm:


SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29 1pm: 3pm: 5pm: 7pm: 9pm:


SUNDAY, OCTOBER 30 1pm: 3pm: 5pm: 7pm: 9pm:



10 Ad Name: Film Festival Item #: PSA20099662 Job/Order #: 609292-209260

Trim: 7.375x8.875 Closing Date: 9.23.9 Bleed: none QC: SM Pub: Fort Lauderdale Film Festival Live: 7.125x4.625

Muvico Pompano 18

Northwest corner of Federal Hwy and Copans Road 3pm: 5pm: 7pm: 9pm:



FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4 1pm: 3pm: 5pm: 7pm: 9pm:


SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5 1pm: 3pm: 5pm: 7pm: 9pm:


SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6 1pm: 3pm: 5pm: 7pm: 9pm:



SPeCiAl GueSt: PeneloPe Ann MilleR




SHOWTIME Saturday, October 22, 7pm, Bailey Hall



SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Michel Hazanavicius EAST COAST PREMIERE France / 2011 / 100 min / WORLD PREMIERE Silent w/English insert­titles UNITED STATES PREMIERE Hollywood 1927. George Valentin is a silent movie superstar. The advent of the talkies FLORIDA PREMIERE will sound the death knell for his career and FESTIVAL see him fall intoWINNERS oblivion. For young extra Peppy Miller, it seems the sky's the limit ­ major movie stardom awaits. THE ARTIST tells the story of their interlinked destinies. On paper, Michel Hazanavicius‘s The Artist looks a fairly difficult sell. Tell anyone you’re off to see a black and white, silent movie that runs over 90 minutes long and they might look at you with a mix of pity and downright confusion, and it will probably take a Herculean effort by The Weinstein Company to convince audiences to come out to see it. But make no mistake, the film is as good as any cinematic experience gets, and will have a far more lasting effect on the world of film than any bloated 3D “epic”. The Artist is an infinitely charming, and incredibly clever homage to the Golden Age of silent film: as authentic and believable as if it were made circa 1927, right from the opening credits which are so subtly unquestionable that you’re immediately gripped by the glamour and romance of the era, before we’ve even met a character. When we do, it’s Jean Dujardin’s George Valentin, an intoxicatingly charming mega-star of the silent period, who has the whole Hollywood world on their knees before him – the film subsequently charts his peek, before the advent of the talkies arrives. Along the way he meets Berenice Bejo’s Peppy Miller, a wannabe who miraculously finds her way to stardom when she bumps into George during a photo shoot, and takes her fate in her own hands to ensure she makes a career of the brief fame that follows. Simon Gallagher, Film School Rejects

THE DIRECTOR: Born in France, March 23, 1967. Films: LA CLASSE AMERICAINE (’93), MES AMIS (’99), OSS 117, Cairo Nest of Spies (’06), OSS 117, Lost in Rio, THE ARTIST (’11). It’s not easy to quickly tell what an inspiration is, because it is a combination of many things. And I used the success of my two previous movies to do it. When people asked me what I wanted to do, I’d tell them the truth and say that this is what I want to do, and I felt that this was a good time to do it, because If I didn’t do it now, I’d probably never do it. So I tried and it was not easy. Michel Hazanavicius


Writer: Michel Hazanavicius / Cinematography: Guillaume Schiffman / ProductionmDesign: Laurence Bennett / Music: Ludovic Bource / Editor: Anne­Sophie Bion, Michel Hazanavicius / Principal Cast: Jean Dujardin, Berenice Bejo, John Goodman, James Cromwell, Penelope Ann Miller, Missi Pyle, Malcolm McDowell / Contact: The Weinstein Company Sponsored by

Miles Forman 13





Penelope Ann Miller was born in Los An­ geles and moved to New York after grad­ uating from high school to study acting. She began her career on the stage and made her Broadway debut in 1985 in Biloxi Blues opposite Matthew Broder­ ick*, and they later reprised their roles in director Mike Nichols’ film version of the hit Neil Simon play. Her next Broadway production was as Emily Webb in the 1988 production of Our Town with Eric Stoltz and Spalding Gray, for which she was nominated for both the Tony Award and the Drama Desk Award. She ap­ peared in a production of this work filmed for the popular PBS series, Great Per­ formances. She was Edie Doyle in the Broadway production of On the Water­ front. Off Broadway, she appeared in Moonchildren with Sam Robards and Cynthia Nixon. Some of Ms. Miller’s earlier films in­ cluded Hot Shots, Adventures in Babysit­ ting, Big Top Pee­Wee and Miles from Home directed by Gary Sinise* and co­starring Richard Gere. Since then, Ms. Miller has worked with many of the top film directors and actors. For director John Franken­ heimer*, she made Dead Bang and co­starred with Marlon Brando and Matthew Broderick* in The Freshman. In Penny Marshall’s Awakenings, Miller starred with Robert De Niro and Robin Williams, and she played two roles in Kindergarten Cop with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Some of her other films include Norman Jewison’s* Other People’s Money with Gregory Peck*, Piper Laurie*, Dean Jones and Danny DeVito and Year of the Comet, The Gun in Betty Lou’s Handbag and Chaplin directed by Lord Richard Attenborough* and starring Robert Downey, Jr. Ms. Miller received a Golden Globe nomination as Best Supporting

Actress for her work in Brian De Palma’s Carlito’s Way, in which she starred with Sean Penn and Al Pacino. She also ap­ peared in The Shadow, Along Came a Spider, Forever Lulu, Blonde Ambition, The Messengers, Free Style, Saving Grace B. Jones and Rob Reiner’s Flipped. In addition to her stage and film work, Ms. Miller has also done extensive work on television in both series and made­for­ television movies. Her early work was on such series as Tales from the Darkside, Family Ties, The Facts of Life, St. Else­ where and Miami Vice. She was a regu­ lar on A Minute with Sam Hooper, and some of her recent credits include CSI: NY, Desperate Housewives and recurring roles on The Closer, Vanished and Men of a Certain Age. Ms. Miller’s made­for­tv films include The Hired Heart, Merry Christmas George Bailey, Rhapsody in Bloom for which she received a Special Jury Award at the Hollywood Film Festival, Dead in a Heartbeat, Dodson’s Journey, Carry Me Home, Personal Ef­ fects, Ruby Bridges and The Deadliest Lesson. She was also in several biopics for the small screen including Mary Kay Letourneau: All American Girl, Rudy: The Rudy Giuliani Story and Rocky Marciano. Miller is married to James Patrick Huggins and they have two chil­ dren. Her mother, Beatrice, worked for Diana Vreeland as a fashion ed­ itor for "Harper's Bazaar" and was later a journalist for "Life" magazine. Her father, Mark Miller, is an actor, writer and producer whose writing credits include Savannah Smiles and A Walk in the Clouds. Classic TV fans will remember him as the father in the mid­1960s series “Please Don’t Eat the Daisies.”

Jonathan Winters, Alec Baldwin,Tim Curry

THE 26TH ANNUAL OPENING NIGHT GALA FLIFF’s Opener is a real treat...great food (and lots of it!) orchestra, dancing...silent auction...plenty of free parking...and less than a five minute drive from Bailey Hall at spacious, comfortable, classy Signature Grand. If you have never been to the Gala, this is a great time to start. Lots of special guests including Career Achievement Recipients Penelope Ann Miller and Dennis Haysbert plus Lifetime Achievement Honoree Senator George McGovern. Featuring The Martin Hand Orchestra, with Maria de Crescenzo! Signature Grand ensures the buffet and food stations are replenished throughout the evening with a variety of delicious entrees, side dishes, salads, cheeses, crudités and desserts. The best deal on tickets is to be a member and buy them in advance...but if you’re not a member and it isn’t in your tea leaves to join right now...then still get them in advance. Members $75 in adavance • Non­Members $85 in advance At the door $95 everyone.





Robert Downey Jr. CHAPLIN

Austin Forman


BIG TOP Pee­wee

Danny DeVito OTHER PEOPLE'S Marlon Brando, Bruno Kirby & Matthew Broderick THE FRESHMAN MONEY

Penelope Ann Miller will receive her Career Achievement Award featuring a montage of her work prior to the ARtiSt, Saturday, october 22, 7pm, Bailey hall. Ms. Miller will attend the entre nous Gala that follows at Signature Grand. 14

entre nous was created by FliFF Board Member Gale Butler in 1993 to support the fundraising efforts of the Film Festival. over the seventeen years of their existence, entre nous has raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars through a variety of events, including, but certainly not limited to the Polo Picnic, the Academy Award Party, the Kentucky derby Party, the entre nous Raffle and the entre nous Silent Auction, events at the Museum of Art and the Antique Car Museum among others. But the true claim to fame is the fantastic opening night Gala. We salute the women of entre nous and honor their Chairs over the years: Ginny Miller 1993, Betsy Cameron 1994-1995, Gale Butler 1996, Joy Satterlee 1997-1998, Becky Grainger 1999, Carole nugent 2000-2002, debbie Cremer 2003, Sandy Simiele McCallum 2004-2005, Celeste locantethorson 2006-2007, estelle Fineberg 2008-2009, teri Pattulo 2010




Monday, October 24, 6pm, 7th Street Wine Co. Monday, October 24, 7:30, Cinema Paradiso Friday, October 28, 8:30, Canal House – Grand Bahama Island



Dennis Haysbert was born in San Mateo, California, and is a graduate of the Amer­ ican Academy of Dramatic Arts. His early acting work included guest parts on a number of television programs including Lou Grant, The White Shadow, Laverne & Shirley, Dallas, Magnum PI, Knots Land­ ing, The Facts of Life, and Quincy ME, among many others. He had recurring roles on such series as Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Code Red, Off the Rack, Growing Pains, Just the Ten of Us, Now and Again, and several others, including a stint on The Young and the Restless. Haysbert’s recent television work in­ cludes his acclaimed portrayal of Presi­ dent David Palmer on the series 24 for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe Award and twice nominated with his co­stars for the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series. His other recent television work includes his portrayal of Jonas Blane, the lead char­ acter in the dramatic series, The Unit, which ran for four seasons. On film, Haysbert starred as Pedro Cerrano in Major League and its two se­ quels and also appeared in Heat, Waiting to Exhale, Random Hearts, What’s Cooking?, and Jarhead among many others. In 2002 he won wide acclaim for his portrayal of Raymond Deagan in Todd Haynes’ Far From Heaven in which his performance was lauded by many critics in such publications as The New York Times. Writing for the Chicago Sun­ Times, Roger Ebert said, “Julianne Moore, Dennis Quaid and Dennis

Haysbert are called on to play characters whose instincts are wholly different from their own. By succeeding, they make their characters real, instead of stereotypes.” In The Village Voice, J. Hoberman wrote, “Haysbert … radiates benign serenity and thoughtful self­assurance.” In 2007, Haysbert starred as Nelson Mandela in Goodbye Bafana, which won the Peace Award at the Berlin Film Festival and was nominated for the Golden Bear. In June 2010, Haysbert joined the cast of David Mamet's Race on Broadway at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre. He played character Henry Brown, performing alongside actors Eddie Izzard, Richard Thomas, and Afton Williamson. Known for his distinctive baritone voice, Haysbert has provided the voice to char­ acters in such popular films as Kung Fu Panda 2 and Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas. He has also voiced charac­ ters for such video games as Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, 24: The Game, and Call of Duty: Finest Hour. Many tele­ vision viewers recognize him as the spokesperson for the company that al­ ways keeps you in good hands. In addition to his acting work, Haysbert produced the 2010 documen­ tary When the Dragon Swallowed the Sun and served as co­producer on 19 episodes of The Unit. Additionally, he directed one episode of The Unit. Dennis Haysbert will attend the Gala at Signature Grand on Saturday, October 22 and will receive the Career Achievement Award on Monday, October 24 at Cinema Paradiso.

SHOWTIMES Tuesday, October 25, 8pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Thursday, October 27, 4pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Tuesday, November 1, 7pm, Cinema Paradiso (Larry Mullen Jr, live via Skype)



With Chris Cooper in BREACH Producer, star & director on THE UNIT

With Julianne Moore in the Oscar nominated With Harrison Ford promoting their FAR FROM HEAVEN film RANDOM HEARTS

With the cast of NOW & AGAIN

As Pedro Cerrano in MAJOR LEAGUE: Back To The Minors

Join Dennis at the 7th Street Wine Company on Monday, October 24, 6:30pm ­ 8pm for light dinner buffet and a wine card (valued at $30). Tickets $45 Members; $55 Non­Members. Following the dinner, stroll to CP for Dennis' Award Presentation.


dennis haysbert will attend the Gala at Signature Grand on Saturday, october 22 and will receive the Career Achievement Award on Monday, october 24 at Cinema Paradiso. dennis will have an encore ceremony on Grand Bahama island, Friday, oct 28.





Mary McGuckian, Canada­Ireland / 2011 / HDCam / English

Larry Mullin, Jr.

A superb re-make of Patrick Leconte’s 2002 film, The Man on the Train is a scrumptiously literate character drama. Starring Donald Sutherland and Larry Mullen, Jr., this wellcrafted entertainment’s appeal will be to a mature, intelligent demographic.

Lawrence Joseph Mullen was born and raised in Artane, located the north side of Dublin. He is the drummer in the the rock group U2. His award­winning career includes 22 Grammy Awards, the Rory Gal­ lagher Musician of the Year Award from Hot Press magazine, eight Brit Awards, a Golden Globe award as well as many others from a variety of music magazines, trade publications and music television networks. He was nominated with band mates for an Oscar® in 2003 for "The Hands That Built America," the same song that won the Golden Globe that year. He has also served as a judge for the Shortlist Music Prize. In 2000 he accepted the Freedom of Dublin award, and in doing so is allowed to let his sheep graze on College Green or St. Stephen's Green. He is also exempted from serving as the city coroner or city bailiff, among other benefits. Besides U2, Larry has done some side projects with artists like Nanci Griffith, Daniel Lanois, Emmylou Harris, Robbie Robertson, Paul Brady and B.B. King among others. In honor of the Irish National Football team's bid for the World Cup in 1990, Larry co­wrote and co­produced the anthem "Put 'Em Under Pressure." He also worked with fellow band mate Adam Clayton on the theme to Mission: Impossible for the film's release in 1996. Larry and Adam also teamed up with Mike Mills and Michael Stipe to form the group "Automatic Baby" for Bill Clinton's Presidential Inauguration in 1993 at MTV's Inaugural Ball. Known for his love of Harley Davidson motorcycles, he has driven his Harley from gig to gig in the past, clocking over 10,000 miles on the Zoo TV tour alone. He is also recognized for his fandom for Elvis Presley, fol­ lowing the Irish National Football team, playing pranks on people, as well as stealing the spotlight with a karaoke machine. THE MAN ON THE TRAIN is his debut feature film performance.

In this re-incarnation, Sutherland stars as a retired literature professor, who, in his own parlance, seems cut out of the mold of J. Alfred Prufrock. Throughout his cautious life, he’s been a man who did not “dare to eat a peach.” Refined and restrained, he lives alone in the posh home his mother left him. Amid his books and protected by his reserve, he is, as Eliot’s poem goes, “full of high sentence, but a bit obtuse.” The stale professor, however, is stirred by a chance meeting with his psychological and professional opposite, a laconic criminal (Mullen) who rides into town on a train. This mystery man is in cahoots to rob the local bank, the very day that the Professor is to have heart surgery. Opposites do attract in this witty character study as the Professor takes in the itinerant to stay a few days in his comfy manse.

President David Palmer in 24


Tuesday November 15, 7pm, Amelia Island 7 CINEMA EAST COAST PREMIERE Sunday, January 22, 1:45pm, Gamache Koger

The Man on the Train is a ripe illumination, buoyed by the sterling lead performances of Sutherland and Mullen. Under Mary McGuckian’s perceptive hand, we’re treated to an unlikely personal bonding of two divergent personalities. The Hollywood Reporter Producers: Martin Katz, Mary McGuckian /Associate Producer: Alissa Allen / Cinematog­ rapher: Stefan von Bjorn / Editor: Matthew Booth / Production Designer: Jennifer Carroll / Principal Cast: Donald Sutherland, Larry Mullen, Jr., Paula Boudreau, Graham Greene, Kate O’Toole, Greg Byrk, Samuel Jephcott / Contact: Tribeca Film Matthew Landers

Sponsored by

Jon Goodman Entertainment 17




Dennis Farina was born in Chicago and PARAZZI, BOTTLE SHOCK and WHAT was a policeman in that city prior to be­ HAPPENS IN VEGAS among many other coming an actor. When he joined the cast motion picture credits. of Law and Order, it was widely reported In addition to his feature films, Dennis that he was the show’s only cast mem­ Farina is well known to television audi­ bers who had actually worked in law en­ ences through his appearances on TV se­ forcement! ries and in made­for­television films. In Farina’s acting career began when he addition to his role as Detective Joe Fontana on Law and Order, Mr. Farina was cast in THIEF in 1981, directed by also appeared as a regular cast member Michael Mann and co­starring James on Crime Story, In­Laws and is currently Caan, Tuesday Weld, Willie Nelson and starring in Luck. He had recurring roles James Belushi. Some of his other feature on such series as Hunter and Miami Vice, films include JO JO DANCER, YOUR and he has also appeared on such series LIFE IS CALLING directed by and co­ as Hardcastle and McCormick, American starring Richard Pryor, Manhunter in Playhouse, Remington Steele, Tales from which he again worked with director the Crypt and China Beach. Michael Mann, MIDNIGHT RUN with His made­for­ television films include Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin, AN­ Six Against the Rock, The Case of the Hill­ OTHER STAKEOUT, STRIKING DIS­ side Stranglers, Blind Faith and People TANCE, LITTLE BIG LEAGUE and GET Like Us in which he was part of an all­star SHORTY in which he gave a memorable cast in the adaptation of the popular Do­ and highly acclaimed performance as minick Dunne novel. Some of his other Ray ‘Bones’ Barboni starring alongside television films are Perfect Crimes, Cruel John Travolta, Gene Hackman, Rene Doubt, The Disappearance of Nora, A Russo and Danny DeVito. photo Peter Langone Stranger in the Mirror, One Woman’s He followed GET SHORTY with Courage, Bella Mafia, Out of Annie’s Past EDDIE co­starring Whoopi Goldberg, Carl Reiner’s THAT OLD FEELING with Bette Midler, Steven Soderbergh’s and Empire Falls, the mini­series which also starred Paul Newman, OUT OF SIGHT playing Jennifer Lopez’ father and Steven Spielberg’s Joanne Woodward, Aidan Quinn, Helen Hunt and Estelle Parsons. The father of three, Farina’s birthday is February 29 meaning he cele­ SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. He also appeared in John Frankenheimer’s REINDEER GAMES, Edward Burns’ SIDEWALKS OF NEW YORK, PA­ brates on his actual birthday only once every four years during Leap Year!

SHOWTIMES Friday, October 28, 4pm, Canal House – Grand Bahama Island Friday, November 4, 9pm, Muvico Pompano



Saturday, November 5, 7:45, Cinema Paradiso (Includes Dennis Farina Award Presentation) Friday November 18, 7pm, Amelia Island 7 Saturday, January 21, 4pm, Gamache Koger ­ St Augustine


SPeCiAl GueStS: denniS FARinA, Bill StRAuS, StePhAnie tRieGel

Joe Maggio, USA / 2011 / 104 min / HDCam / English

Sponsored by

Sandy & Pat McCallum

THE LAST RITES OF JOE MAY chronicles the last days in the life of Joe May, an aging, short money hustler who, despite a life of loss and failure, has always believed that a glorious destiny awaited him. Now in his sixties, his health failing and resources dwindling, Joe is presented with one last shot at greatness... Writer: Joe Maggio / Producers: Bill Straus, Stephanie Striegel / Executive Producer : Tim Evans / Associate Producer: Larry Fessenden / Line Producer: Carrie Holt De Lama / Co­Producer: Terry Kinney / Cinematographer: Jay Silver / Editor: Seth Anderson / Production Designer: Merje Veski / Principal Cast: Dennis Farina, Jamie Anne Allman, Gary Cole, Ian Barford, Meredith Droeger, Chelcie Ross / Contact: Matthew Landers, Tribeca Film, THE DIRECTOR: Wrote & directed VIRGIL BLISS (‘01), MILK AND HONEY (‘03), PAPER COVERS ROCK (‘09), BITTER FEAST (’10) I can’t say specifically where the idea came from that inspired THE LAST RITES OF JOE MAY. That said, there are 3 things I know for sure.


I am also a big Vittorio De Sica fan and I began writing more specific notes for LAST RITES... after seeing UMBERTO D. I’d already made 3 features, but was struggling to pay the rent and keep myself fed. The hero of De Sica’s film had worked hard his entire life and now, in his retirement, when all he wanted was a warm place to sleep, a little food for himself and his dog, and perhaps a kind word – somehow, even this was too much to ask for. During long bouts of self-pity, locked away in my apartment, skillfully avoiding the landlord, I found myself thinking of poor Umberto and how, like him, I seemed thoroughly ill-equipped to survive, let alone succeed.

Law & Order Richard Kind at FLIFF 2009

Crime Story


John Travolta GET SHORTY

Jennifer Lopez OUT OF SIGHT


dennis Farina will attend the nov 4 screening of lASt RiteS oF Joe MAy at Sunrise Civic Center for a Q&A. he will attend a reception in his honor nov 5 at Cinema Paradiso followed by the presentation of his lifetime Achievement Award and lASt RiteS screening. A pre-film reception will begin at 6:30pm in the Cinema Paradiso Courtyard. After the screening, join us at Frankie & Johnny's as we celebrate dennis Farina. 18

I began thinking somewhat vaguely about a Joe May kind of character shortly after breaking up with a girl who, in one especially painful moment of the whole extrication process, announced quite coolly and confidently that I would very likely die a broken and lonely old man. This was nearly 20 years prior to writing the screenplay for LAST RITES..., but her words stuck with me, imbedded somewhere in my prefrontal cortex, and over the years I would have many painful imaginings about how her awful prophecy might one day come true, quite a few of which made it onto the screen in Joe’s words and deeds.

And at the risk of turning too publicly confessional, there is quite a lot of my maternal grandfather and his sons in Joe May. The endless optimism in the face of overwhelming odds, the swagger, a few sartorial touches, and most importantly the strict adherence to a code of conduct which, just a generation ago, outlined in precise terms what it meant to be a man. You always pay your debts. You never let anyone know when you’re down and out and no matter how bad things get you keep your shoes shined, your pants pressed and your hair trimmed. If you can’t afford to leave a tip, don’t go into the bar. You wait your turn, with patience and fortitude, because better days will come, eventually. Joe’s trouble isn’t that he fails to live up to this code, it’s that the world has changed and in obeying these rules Joe is, in a sense, holding devalued currency. In this way LAST RITES... is an effort to redeem those men and their ideals, flawed though they may be. And Joe May is nothing if not flawed. I hope that you love him anyway. Joe Maggio


SHOWTIME Tuesday, November 8, 7pm, Cinema Paradiso (Includes Piper Laurie Award Presentation)


PIPER LAURIE TRIBUTE FILM Charles Matthau, USA / 1995 / 107 min / English In a production that gives every evidence of being a labor of love, Truman Capote's 1951 novel ''The Grass Harp'' has been brought to the screen. The result is a success: a sweet, wise, funny, poignant film that rides on a first­rate cast applying its considerable talents to the engaging tale of young Collin Fenwick (Edward Furlong), who comes to live with his spinster cousins in a sleepy Southern town after his mother and father die in swift sequence. It's the era of Glenn Miller and swing, but while war is loom­ ing in the world outside, life there is relatively peaceful. That is, until his cousin Verena Talbo (Sissy Spacek), who owns everything else in town, begins to harbor designs on the dropsy elixir concocted according to a Gypsy recipe by her fey sister, Dolly (Piper Laurie), and their servant, Catherine Creek (Nell Carter), who looks black but insists she's Indian. At that point, Collin, Dolly and Catherine flee to a treehouse in the woods and to fields of windswept grass ­­ the grass harps that carry the voices of the dead, Dolly says ­­ where they gather their herbs. Before long Verena discovers she has been gulled out of her fortune by the slick Morris Ritz (Jack Lemmon) from Chicago. Meanwhile, the sheriff (Joe Don Baker) is sicced on the fugitives in the treehouse and on Sister Ida (Mary Steenburgen), a hip­swinging evangelist who turns up with her 15 children for a tent meeting that very much upsets the town's resident cleric, Reverend Buster (Charles Durning). All of this, of course, is the sub­ ject of considerable tongue­wagging at the barbershop run by Amos Legrand (Roddy McDowall). The gallant who comes to Dolly's defense and rediscovers love in so doing is lonely old Judge Charlie Cool, played by Walter Matthau, whose son Charles directed the film. There is more to ''The Grass Harp'' than the antic comedy that provides its chaos and conflict. Judge Cool isn't the only character who learns something about love and life. There are lessons here, too, for the stern, mercenary Ver­ ena and for young Collin, Capote's alter ego, who, by the film's end, is well equipped to leave for New York to pursue a career as a writer. The performances are uniformly expert, sharp renderings of distinctive individuals. Charles Matthau, who is also among the film's producers, has managed to set them in a landscape specifically distant and atmospheric, but also one where timeless messages speak across the genera­ tions and decades. Lawrence Van Gelder in THE NEW YORK TIMES ``The Grass Harp'' has a soulful sense of simple humanity trying to understand life's mysteries. And in particular, Laurie's portrayal of Dolly is the film's heart -- she brings to it an earthy loveliness that is spellbinding. Peter Stack in The San Francisco Chronicle




Piper Laurie was born in Detroit but moved to Los Angeles at age six. By the time she was 17, she was under contract to Univer­ sal where she was cast in a number of in­ génue roles opposite many of the screen’s most popular leading men. She made her debut in Louisa in which she co­starred with Ronald Reagan and some of her other early films included Francis Goes to the Races with Donald O’Connor*, No Room for the Groom, The Prince Who Was a Thief, Johnny Dark and Son of Ali Baba, all with Tony Curtis*, Has Anybody Seen My Gal? and The Golden Blade with Rock Hudson, The Mississippi Gambler with Tyrone Power, Dangerous Mission with Victor Mature and Vincent Price*, and Smoke Signal with Dana Andrews. By the late 1950s, Laurie began to showcase her diversity as an actress working for director Robert Wise* in Until They Sail, a 1957 production co­starring Joan Fontaine, Jean Simmons, Paul New­ man, and Sandra Dee. Four years later, she gave her most acclaimed film performance to that time, starring as Paul Newman’s crippled girl­ friend in The Hustler for which she earned an Academy Award nomination as Best Actress. In his New York Times review of the film, Bosley Crowther described Piper Laurie’s performance by writing that she, “wrings [her character] into a pathetic and eventually exhausted little rag.” She would go on to earn two more Oscar nominations as Best Sup­ porting Actress for her performance as Sissy Spacek’s mother in Carrie in 1976 and for her work in Children of a Lesser God in 1986. Some of her more recent films include The Grass Harp (1995 FLIFF Best Ac­ tress), The Faculty, Palmer’s Pick Up, and Another Harvest Moon with

Victor Mature


Rock Hudson

Ernest Borgnine* and Doris Roberts*. In addition to her film work, Piper Laurie has also had a distinguished career in tele­ vision. In the mid­1950s, she began ap­ pearing in such highly acclaimed series of television’s “Golden Age” as General Elec­ tric Theater, Westinghouse­Desilu Play­ house, the United States Steel Hour, Studio One, for which she received her first Emmy nomination, and Playhouse 90, in which she appeared in The Days of Wine and Roses and garnered her second Emmy nomina­ tion. She would go on to receive another eight Emmy nominations for such produc­ tions as The Thorn Birds, St. Elsewhere, Frasier, and Twin Peaks, on which she had a recurring role. She won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or a Special for Promise on the Hallmark Hall of Fame which co­starred James Garner and James Woods. Ms. Laurie has appeared extensively on stage and her Broadway credits include a production of The Glass Menagerie in which she starred with Maureen Stapleton, George Grizzard and Pat Hingle and a highly acclaimed pro­ duction of Mornings at Seven in 2002 in which her co­stars included Es­ telle Parsons, Julie Hagerty, Christopher Lloyd, and Frances Sternhagen. Her Off­Broadway acting credits include Rosemary and the Alligators, Bi­ ography and The Destiny of Me. She directed the Off­Broadway produc­ tion of Zero Hour about the life of Zero Mostel starring writer and actor Jim Brochu during the 2010­2011 season. That production won the 2010 Drama Desk Award for Best Solo Show. Piper Laurie published her memoir, Learning to Live Out Loud, in 2011 and continues her stage and film work. *Previous FLIFF Honoree



Piper laurie will attend a reception in her honor 6pm tuesday, november 8, at Cinema Paradiso where she will sign copies of her book, leARninG to live out loud. She will receive her lifetime Achievement Award featuring a montage of her work prior to the GRASS hARP, 7pm. Ms. laurie will attend a party in her honor at the Pillars which follows the screening.



SHOWTIMES Thursday, November 10, 7:30, Cinema Paradiso Join us at 6:30pm in the Cinema Paradiso Courtyard for a Western Reception...and a book signing of Peter Ford’s biography on his dad, Glenn Ford. Afterwards, we will show 3;10 TO YUMA., a montage on the career of Glenn Ford and a conversation with Peter. Saturday Nov. 12, 1pm Daytona Beach News Journal Sunday, November 13, 4pm, Fernandina Little Theatre


3:10 TO YUMA


The Great Train Robbery in 1903 established westerns as one of the most durable and popular of all film genres. Columbia’s 3:10 to Yuma, regarded as one of the best westerns to emerge from that studio. Based on Elmore Leonard’s short story, it stars Glenn Ford and Van Heflin and was directed by Delmer Daves. What set Ford’s per­ formance apart in this film was his casting against type as the story’s villain, Ben Wade. Set in 1880’s Arizona Territory, Wade, leader of a gang of outlaws, is captured and must be transported to court on the 3:10 train to Yuma. Desperate for cash, rancher Dan Evans, (Heflin), is paid $200 fee to escort Wade to the train. The well­constructed, suspenseful plot, coupled with the fine acting and direction, makes 3:10 to Yuma stand out among western films. Although Daves had a law degree from Stanford, while in college he was hired as a prop man on The Covered Wagon. By 1957, he was an accomplished screenwriter and director. He wrote 50 screen­ plays, including An Affair to Remember, A Summer Place, Dark Pas­ sage, Petrified Forest, plus musicals of the 1930s: Flirtation Walk and Dames. Daves directed 30 films and worked across a variety of gen­ res including Dark Passage, a film noir classic, Destination Tokyo, a wartime action film, Hollywood Canteen, a musical, and a number of westerns. He continued in westerns with a few films after 3:10 to Yuma, before making a string of highly successful romantic films in­ cluding A Summer Place, Parrish, Susan Slade, and Spencer’s Moun­ tain. At the time of its release in 1957, 3:10 to Yuma was very popular with audiences and highly praised by critics. Variety called the film an “upper drawer western” and praised Glenn Ford by noting, “Ford's switch­casting, as the quietly sinister gang leader, is authoritative, im­ pressive and successful.” Time’s reviewer described the cinematog­ raphy by stating, “The camera keeps a nervous clock watch as the dead­or­alive deadline line approaches—in this case, the arrival of the 3:10 to Yuma.” Sponsored by 22

PETER FORD Discussing his new book about his father GLENN FORD: A LIFE SPECIAL GUEST:

"We are all three people," actor Glenn Ford said in a 1949 interview, "the person we think we are, the person the world thinks we are, and the person we really are." In son Peter Ford’s new biography Glenn Ford: A Life we learn, in dramatic fashion, just how true that statement really is. On screen, in such classic Hollywood films as Gilda, 3:10 to Yuma, The Big Heat, The Rounders, and Blackboard Jungle, the Cana­ dian­born Ford was cast as an “American Everyman,” developing a naturalistic on­screen style that al­ lowed him to effortlessly shift among almost every film genre, from drama to film noir to western to romantic comedy. Following his discovery in theatre, he worked on radio and in television in addition to his exten­ sive film appearances. In the pages of numerous fan maga­ zines he starred, alongside wife, Eleanor Powell (MGM’s “first lady of film dance”), and son, Peter, as part of the “Perfect Family,” a devoted husband and father living the good life in Hollywood’s Golden Age. But behind the scenes, Ford’s personal­ ity and his private life were in stark contrast to his easygoing public persona. Glenn Ford: A Life reveals a driven, dedicated, enormously talented actor whose career spanned seven decades and over 100 film appearances. But it also reveals a man who could be intensely distant to those closest to him, and whose serial philandering (with the likes of Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe, and Judy Garland) led to a series of failed marriages and personal heartache. The result is a moving, nuanced portrait of one of Hollywood’s greatest stars told with the keen insight and unflinching candor that only his son could provide. Growing up as the son of film stars, Peter had the opportunity to meet many legends including Eddie Cantor, Sophie Tucker and Al Jolson, who were regular visitors. One clear memory is of going to “Pickfair” as a child, the social 'watering hole' in those days, “and sitting on Mary Pickford's knee as she told me stories of the days

of yore.” Clark Gable, Bette Davis or Barbara Stanwyck would come to dinner. Neighbor James Mason was often his baby sitter and Char­ lie Chaplin, who lived next door, was not the “Little Tramp” but the villain of Peter’s young life when he accidentally killed Peter’s beloved dog, Bill. In a foot note to Rock and Roll his­ tory, Peter was responsible for the Bill Haley and the Comet’s song “Rock Around the Clock” being used as the theme song of his father’s film, “Blackboard Jungle” in 1955. Musically precocious, young Peter’s record collection and his recommen­ dations were the source that director Richard Brooks used for this MGM film. This song, that Dick Clark dubbed “the national anthem of rock and roll,” ushered in the rock and roll revolution that was to significantly shape American culture. After graduating from college, Peter pursued a career as an actor and singer. Under contract to Capitol Records, Peter was mentored by the incomparable Nat “King” Cole. Later, his single, “Blue Ribbons”, re­ sulted in appearances on many teen music television shows, including American Bandstand, Hullabaloo and Ninth Street West. He eventually formed his own group, The Creations, who appeared in various local clubs, as well as the Whiskey a Go­Go in San Francisco and the El Cortez Club in Las Vegas. Peter appeared in eight movies with his father as well as many other movies, television shows, and stage productions. He eventually left acting and singing and became a licensed contractor and built and re­ modeled homes for many of the most famous people in Hollywood. By the time he retired from building in 1996, his work had been published in architectural magazines across the world. Later, he hosted a successful late­night political talk show on radio. Peter met his wife, Lynda, when they were both students at USC. They have been married for over 40 years and have three children.

thursday, nov 10, 6pm Reception, 7pm interview & 3:10 to yuMA, Cinema Paradiso Saturday, nov 12, 1pm, interview & 3:10 to yuMA, daytona Beach news Journal Sunday, nov 13, 4pm, interview & 3:10 to yuMA, Fernandina Beach little theatre 23

SHOWTIMES Friday, November 11, 6pm, Cinema Paradiso (followed by Wrap Party at The Manor 6pm) Friday, November 11, 8pm, Cinema Paradiso





WELCOME SUNRISE CULTURE AND ARTS SUPPORTERS ­ WE’RE SO GLAD YOU’RE HERE! We are so excited to be a venue for the 2011 Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival. The magic of cinema and the artistic excitement of film touch us emotionally and spiritually. Being a part of this cultural experience is a memory of a lifetime for all. This partnership is an extension of Sunrise’s renewed commitment to culture and the arts. Our Sunrise Orchestra is finally home for the 2011­2012 season. Our cultural events and festivals throughout the years draw tens of thousands of visitors. Our support of local arts efforts is expanding and we are always looking for new and innovative ways to support the arts. We want to build further upon our amazing tapestry of culture and arts throughout our community. After a film, please visit some of our wonderful and diverse restaurants, shops and night­ clubs. Some of these businesses are extending special offers to Festival ticketholders. Visit for a complete list.

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Drake Doremus EAST COAST PREMIERE Grand Prize and USA / 2011 / 89 min / 35mm / English Best Actress at Sundance WORLD PREMIERE Like Crazy is aSTATES film from andPREMIERE about the heart. Jacob, an American, and UNITED Anna, who is British, meet at college in Los Angeles and fall madly in FLORIDA PREMIERE love. It’s the purest kind of romance—they’re each other’s first significant attachment. WhenWINNERS Anna returns to London, the couple is forced into a FESTIVAL

To make your visit to Sunrise even better, our Shop Sunrise Program will be making its big premier very soon. The Shop Sunrise Card allows you earn cash rewards while shopping in Sunrise. So we hope you’ll visit us often ­ for film, food, fun and friendship. Sit back, relax and enjoy your film experience in the beautiful Sunrise Civic Center Theater. On behalf of the City Commission, thank you for visiting Sunrise. We appreciate your patronage.

long­distance relationship. Their perfect love is tested, and youth, trust, and geography become their biggest enemies.

Taking a complete tonal departure from his last film, Douchebag, which screened at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, co-writer/director Drake Doremus poetically reveals the intimate details and daily struggles of Jacob and Anna’s love affair as it stretches between time and distance and changes course. Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones are enthralling in their sweetness and honesty as the young couple. An original, contemplative look at first love, Like Crazy strikes a universal chord as it explores the bittersweet beauty and impermanence of relationships. Jonathan Schwartz, Super Crispy Entertainment Screenwriters: Drake Doremus and Ben York Jones / Producers: Jonathan Schwartz and Andrea Sperling / Principal Cast: Anton Yelchin, Felicity Jones, Jennifer Lawrence, Charlie Bewley, Alex Kingston, Oliver Muirhead, Finola Hughes, Chris Messina, Ben York Jones, Jamie Thomas King / Contact: Paramount Pictures 24

Michael J. Ryan, Mayor City of Sunrise

(L to R) Commissioner Sheila D. Alu, Commissioner Joseph A. Scuotto, Mayor Michael J. Ryan, Commissioner Lawrence A. Sofield, and Commissioner Donald K. Rosen.









4pm: TROUPERS (p95) SC 6pm: CAIRO EXIT (p32) SC 8pm: MAN ON THE TRAIN (p17) SC


Sunrise October 21 - November 6

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21 2pm: MARY & BILL (p74) SC 4pm: The Wonder of it All (p113) SC 6pm: THERE ONCE WAS AN ISLAND (pON 93)LOCATION: SC 7:30 ABOUT FIFTY (p 7) SC


SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23 Noon: 2pm: 4pm: 6pm:

November DELHI IN -AMarch DAY (p 43) SC




2pm: Younger Man/SCISSORS & GLUE (p90) SC Beach 4pm: ABANDON SHIP (p28) SC Oct 28-31 • Nov 5-6 6pm: DON’T FADE AWAY (p44) SC 8pm: LEGEND OF IVAN TORS (p69) SC


WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26 2pm: 4pm: 6pm: 8pm:


THURSDAY, OCTOBER 27 2pm: 4pm: 6pm: 8pm:


SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29 1:30: 3:30: 5:30: 7:30:



THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3 2pm: 4pm: 6pm: 8pm:



SUNDAY, OCTOBER 30 1:30: 3:30: 5:30: 7:30:

SAVIORS IN THE NIGHT (p89)SC JESSE’S DAD (p65)SC THE MATCHMAKER (p75) SC Love Is A Four Letter Word (p110)SC



DOugLas P. sOLOmOn, Esq. BOarD mEmBEr anD gEnEraL cOunsEL fOrt LauDErDaLE intErnatiOnaL fiLm fEstivaL

Law OfficEs DOugLas PauL sOLOmOn 200 sw 1st avEnuE, suitE 1200 fOrt LauDErDaLE, fLOriDa 33301 (954) 525-4100 sOLOmOn@kOLawyErs.cOm



SHOWTIMES Saturday, October 22, Noon, Cinema Paradiso Monday, October 24, 4pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr


5, 1pm, Muvico Pompano CINEMA Saturday, November Friday, January 20, Noon,


Gamache Koger ­ St Augustine

ABANDON SHIP: The Sinking of The SV Concordia Dianne Carruthers­Wood Canada / 2011/ 49 min / HDCam / English Abandon Ship: The Sinking of the SV Concordia is a nail­biting account of the journey of 48 Cana­ dian students and 16 crew aboard the tall ship SV Concordia which suddenly capsized in the middle of the ocean in February 2010. Stranded with no means of communication and only four life­rafts we follow through their memories and SOUTHEAST PREMIERE handheld footage as they count down the dark­ hours until their miraculous rescue. Directed EAST COAST PREMIERE est by Dianne Caruthers, whose daughter was WORLD PREMIERE among the passengers on the ship, it is a story told straight from the heart which reveals how UNITED STATES PREMIERE the tight bond the crew shared on board kept FLORIDA PREMIERE them afloat in the end.

FESTIVAL THE DIRECTOR: Dianne Carruthers Wood is the managing Director ofWINNERS Endless Media Group. She recently completed writing, producing and directing Found: The Sinking of the SV Concordia for CBC Doc Zone, her directorial debut. She’s also produced the Canada Day Special: 1800 Seconds: Chasing Canada’s Snowbirds; co –wrote and produced The Life and Times of Alex Trebek, the award winning documentary Shipyard’s Lament and The Mouth That Roared: the Life & Times of Vicki Gabereau. Dianne is currently in development on a number of documentary and dramatic properties.



Writers: Dianne Carruthers­Wood & Jesse James Miller / Producers: Shelley McGaw & Dianne Car­ ruthers­Wood / Editor: Jesse James Miller / Direc­ tor of Photography: Ian Kerr / Contact – Shelley McGaw SPeCiAl GueStS: diAnne CARRutheRS Wood & Shelley MCGAW




SHOWTIMES Friday, October 28, 1pm, Muvico Pompano Wednesday, November 2, 6pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Thursday November 17, 7:30, Fernandina Little Theatre

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Kaneda EAST COASTSatoshi PREMIERE Japan / 2010 / 108 min / DVD / Japanese w/English sub­titles WORLD PREMIERE Chika, though a talented pianist and attractive young woman, is one of an UNITED STATES PREMIERE increasing number of agoraphobics in Japan. Approaching 30 and nearing FLORIDA PREMIERE the tenth year of having locked herself into her childhood bedroom, she ig­ nites her father's rage when he has to beg Chika's boss (his former student) FESTIVAL WINNERS

to allow his immature daughter to keep her job. The pressure from her par­ ents to succeed, along with the harsh sur­realities of Japanese culture cause her to flee to the countryside where she meets Shinpei, the, "slightly" over­the­hill and unmarried rice farmer who responded by snail mail to her bottled S.O.S.. Enjoying the delicious fruits of her labor, Chika's love of life is reborn through her new found respect of herself.

Executive Producer: Sozaburou Katsura / Producer: Akira Toshikura, Kenji Ejiri / Screenplay: Kota Yamada / Director of Photography: Yoichi Shiga / Pro­ duction Designer: K Planning / Music: Tomoaki Yamatani / Editor: Hiroshi Kir­ ihara / Original Story/Novel: Akane Hinotsume / Hair & Makeup: Emiko Okubo, Naoko Mamiya / Casting: Koto Matsunaga / Principal Cast: Seiko Niizuma Chika, Toshio Kakei, Naomi Akimoto, Saaya, Hiroki Matsukata / Contact: Miho Sato (Ms.), ELEVEN ARTS, Inc., 2007 Sawtelle Blvd., suite 7, Los Angeles, CA 90025, 310­ 445­ Sponsored by


SHOWTIMES SHOWTIMES Sunday, October 30, 12:30, Canal House – Grand Bahama Island Friday, November 11, 10am, Cinema Paradiso




ANDROS: Living Off the Land & Sea




Wednesday, October 26, 2pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Sunday, October 30, 7:30, Cinema Paradiso Sunday, November 13, 1:30pm, Sheffields ­ Amelia Island Saturday, January 21, Noon, Gamache Koger ­ St Augustine


In the life of little Gleb everything is fine. In his world there is no fear, everything is calm and harmonious: the pictures in a museums are rough, the snow is prickly, his grandfather is kind and soft. He loves a girl Nastya; they decided to get married, when they grow up. Gleb is blind, and he defines the whole world around him by touch­ ing or based on his grandfather's words. He is told: "You are lucky, Gleb, you cannot see the world around you." And most important, what Gleb keeps in memory from his childhood: "The main thing is not looking; the most important seeing." This is the way Gleb’s child­ hood is passed and suddenly ... he recovers his sight; and the world turns out to be totally different. How will it change the life of the hero? What will be his main goal, when he has seen everything with his own eyes? What will be the finale of this film – the film which is permeated with love and music? Actors: Anton Shagin, Natalya Naumova, Alexandr Baluev, Valeriy Barinov, Vitaliy Haev, Vladimir Jaglych, Vladislav Kotlyarevskiy / Con­ tact: Marina Maltseva, Deputy Director, Vagaev Filmproduktion GmbH, 49(0) 1626 5722 69 www.vagaev­ SPeCiAl GueStS: MAttheW MCCoy & lindSey MCCoy

Matthew McCoy Bahamas / 2010 / 55 min / DVD / English Andros: Living Off the Land & Sea explores the natural resources of the largest island in The Bahamas. It is a land of great contrasts and beauty. While Andros is known as the major source of fresh water for Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas, and is famous for its bonefishing it is also home to land crabs, tarpon, turtles, iguanas, birds and the third largest barrier reef in the world, giving it the potential to become an international eco tourism mecca. However, its future is yet to be written. This documentary provides the opportunity to meet the people who live there and learn about the issues they face. Andros: Living Off the Land and Sea was a part of the regional Integrating Watershed and Coastal Areas Management (IWCAM) Project's Andros Demonstration Site, funded by the Global Environment Facility; executed locally by The Nature Conservancy on behalf of the BEST Commission (Ministry of Environment) of The Bahamas. Writer: Matthew McCoy / Producers: Sharrah Moss, Lindsey McCoy, Eleanor Phillips, Cinematographer: Matthew McCoy & Beth Sweeting Editor: Matthew McCoy, Contact: Matthew McCoy, Loggerhead Productions,

Sponsored by

Steven & Kim Naimoli

THE DIRECTOR: Matthew McCoy was born and raised in The Bahamas and brings a unique island vibe to all of his films. Matthew's company, Loggerhead Productions, has made a name for itself in The Bahamas with their quality outdoor and underwater filming. Loggerheads produces Gary the Explorer for the Bahamas Learning Channel, a children's education program concerned with the exploring the ecosystems, plants and animals that live within the islands. Matthew is also the creative force behind a new website that features short videos about life in The Bahamas.


Sponsored by


SHOWTIMES Sunday, October 23, 2:15, Cinema Paradiso Tuesday, October 25, 6pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Saturday, October 29, Noon, Canal House – Grand Bahama Island




Saturday, October 29, 9pm, Muvico Pompano Friday Nov. 11, 3:30, Daytona Beach News Journal Monday November 14, 9:30, Fernandina Little Theatre Friday, January 20, 4pm, Gamache Koger ­ St Augustine





October 27-27­30, 30, 20112011 OCTOBER

November 11 - 20, 2011



January 19 - 22, 2012

November, 11 - 13, 2011 Hesham Issawi, Egypt / 2010 / 96 min / Arabic w/English subtitles Yearning to be as free as she feels when motorbiking the dusty back streets of Cairo with her Muslim boyfriend Tarek, 18­year­old Amal is torn between absconding to Italy illegally by boat with her beloved, or staying in Egypt with her Coptic Orthodox Christian family. Amal cannot bear to consider the future she faces as a poor woman in Egypt, reflected in the lives of her sister and best friend: one makes grave sacrifices so her son can have a better life, while the other prepares for a surgery to feign her virginity so she can enter into a loveless marriage to an older, wealthy foreigner. But even as Amal actively seeks out opportunities for self­sufficiency, it is ultimately fate that will determine her path. Screenwriters: Hesham Issawi, Amal Afify / Producer: Sherif Mandour / Cinematography: Patrik Thelander / Composer: Tamar Karwan / Prin­ cipal Cast: Mohamed Ramadan, Maryhan, Sana Mouziane, Saffa Galal, Ahmed Bidder / Contact: SPeCiAl GueSt: heShAM iSSAWi

ON LOCATION a vacation from ordinary film

Handwriting type

THE DIRECTOR: HESHAM ISSAWI was born in Egypt and raised in a devoutly intellectual Egyptian family. He moved to America in 1990 to study anthropology but changed his major from anthropology to art and photography. He graduated from Columbia College Chicago and directed the award­winning short films The Interrogation and T For Terrorist and the feature AmericanEast. CAIRO ExIT comes from feelings of strong anger about the way things were in Egypt post the revolution of Jan 25th. I have tried to bring into focus the struggle of the common Egyptian. I wanted to paint a picture of what's happening, show the truth, and be committed to the truth rather than understanding it. Hesham Issawi


It’s better in the Bahamas


FLIFF ON­LOCATION: GRAND BAHAMA ISLAND OCTOBER 27­30, 2011 What’s up With that? During our 2010 Film Fest, Bonnie Leigh Adams had selected BENEATH THE BLUE to screen. As the film was shot on Grand Bahama and in the surrounding waters, Bonnie contacted The Ministry of Tourism and set up our first international screening on November 8, 2010. ON LOCATION: ON LOCATION: The event went so well that discussions continued with the Ministry and an ad hoc committee com­ prised of interested residents. What evolved was FLIFF On­Location: Grand Bahama Island, October 27 – 30, 2011. November 11 - 20, 2011 Oct. 21 - Nov. 6, 2011



October 27- 30, 2011


Although we are working with every hotel on the island, Pel­ ican Bay Resort is our host hotel, providing lodging for all the filmmakers as well as pre­ senting the screenings in their ON LOCATION: ON LOCATION: new, picturesque and beautiful Canal House, with five sepa­ A Pelican Bay Suite over looking the blue Bahamian waters. rate screening rooms.



January 19 - 22, 2012

November, 11 - 13, 2011

Handwriting type

PARTIES Kick­Off Night, Thursday, October 27, Taino Beach/Smith

Point. 6pm ...The fun begins with live Bahamian music, food vendors, a warm welcome by The Ministry of Tourism, followed by the outdoor screening of BENEATH THE BLUE.

DENNIS HAYSBERT TRIBUTE, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28, NEPTUNE’S POOL DECK, PELICAN BAY 8:30pm...Join US poolside at Pelican Bay as we celebrate the career of Dennis Haysbert (24, FAR FROM HEAVEN, The Unit). $15

GALA PARTY, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29, GRAND BAHAMA YACHT CLUB 10pm... where, two of the dolphin stars


of BENEATH THE BLUE, that live in the wild, will be summoned to the sea just to take a curtain call bow (leap!) $15

WRAP PARTY & AWARDS, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 29, OUR LUCAYA RESORT 2pm...The Inaugural FLIFF On­Location: To take advantage of the booking options to join FLIFF on location: Visit to book your air­inclusive FLIFF package NOW or Cruise to Grand Bahama Island on Bahamas Celebration and take advantage of special 4­Night Cruise & Bahamas Resort Stay Packages, start­ ing at just $199! Call 800­314­7735 to book your cruise & resort stay for this exciting event!

Grand Bahama Island Film Festival comes to a close with a salute to our filmmakers and a Masked Party in their honor. $15

SCREENING VENUES In addition to the Canal House, film screenings will take place at two other outdoor CH locations.

thursday, october 27th, the Festival opens with BENEATH THE BLUE, at Smith Point, where much of the film was shot. The free out­ door screening will have the audience facing the ocean. Various Ba­ hamian food vendors will set up booths selling a variety of island specialties. The screening is free and open to the public. Saturday, october 29th, another free outdoor screening will take place in the Count Basie Square in Port Lucaya. 34


October 27- 30, 2011


GRAND BAHAMA YOUTH FILM COMPETITION In just our first year on Grand Bahama Island, we are proud to an­ nounce that a dynamic committee was created from GBI residents involved with the project, to launch The Grand Bahama Youth Film LOCATION: Competition. After reviewing all the entries and ON selecting the semi­ finalists, a winner was announced. CyberBullying directed by Katrina Dorsett from Bishop Michael Eldon School. Katrina won a trip to November, 11 - 13, 2011do­ FLIFF in Fort Lauderdale to show her film along with $500 cash, nated by The Grand Bahama Heritage Foundation and a GoPro Hero Hd digital camera, sponsored by Coldwell banker James Sarles Re­ ality Company. The four runners up each won a Kodak zi8 camera.


November - March

Some of the people making it happen on Grand Bahama Island. (l to r): Prudence Gal­ lagher, Jackie Dack, Paul Mockler, Betty Bethel, Donna Mackey, Terrance Roberts.

traveling ON LOCATION a vacation from ordinary film


From left to right: Donna Mackey, Dave Mackey, Paul Mockler, Laurie Tuchel,Katrina Dorsett, Sarah Knowles, Pru­ dence Gallagher, Lyndah Wells, Rouen Robinson.

ON LOCATION a vacation from ordinary film





Friday, October 28 Noon: 10am: Noon: 2pm: 3pm: 4pm: 8:30 9PM

Underwater Cinematography Shark Dive UNEXSO DELHI IN A DAY (p43) CH HAPPY (p56) CH MISS SOUTH PACIFIC (p78) CH Kareem Mortimer, Local Filmmaker Workshop LAST RITES OF JOE MAY (p19) CH Dennis Haysbert Tribute (p16) CH Reception in Honor of Dennis Haysbert Pelican Bay Pool Deck

Saturday, October 29 10am­7pm Bahamian Films 10:15 LEGEND OF IVAN TORS (p69) CH 10:30: Filmmaker Tour Noon: CAIRO EXIT (p32) CH 2pm: ABANDON SHIP (p28) CH 2:30: Student Films 4pm: ABOUT FIFTY (p7) CH 6pm: ISLANDS OF LIFE (p64) CH 7:45: Hanging Your Shorts CBS (Port Lucaya Marketplace) 8pm: SILVER CASE (p91) CH 10pm: Saturday Night Party Catamaran at Pier

Sunday, October 30 11am: 12:30: 1:45: 2pm:

THERE ONCE WAS AN ISLAND (p93) CH ANDROS: Living Off the Sea & Land (p30) CH LATE BLOOMERS (p67) CH Awards & Party Our Lucaya Resort


GRAND BAHAMA ISLAND UNDERWATER VIDEO WORKSHOP On the 28th of October 2011 FLIFF On­Location: GBI will facilitate a one day workshop for under­ water videographers at beginning and interme­ diate skill levels.


Participants must provide their own underwater video equipment. Video equipment is not sup­ plied and rentals are not available.

October 27- 30, 2011

Beginning at 9:00 am morning workshop discussions will include underwater camera techniques and the importance of production planning. Lunch break. At 2:00 pm participants will check in with The Underwater Explorers Society to film UNEXSO’s legendary shark dive where attendees will be challenged with producing a short video of their sharkON diving experience. LOCATION:


November 11 - 20, 2011


An afternoon post dive session will involve video screening and discussions. the uneXSo shark dive: • The shark dive requires a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 November, 11 -people. 13, 2011 • Only fully certified divers will be allowed to participate. • Divers are required to check in at 2:00 pm. • UNEXSO will provide dive gear. Participants may wish to bring their own diving equipment in which case the cost will be the same.

January 19 - 22, 2012



Oct. 21 - Nov. 6, 2011



November - March

Workshop Fee: $150.00

ON LOCATION a vacation from ordinary film For further


Handwriting type

Paul Mockler IATSE local 667 Director of Photography Associate member: Canadian Society of Cinematographers In a career spanning more than 35 years, Paul Mockler has worked on hundreds of commercial, documentary and dramatic films. Several film and tel­ evision highlights are listed below. Early credits include writer and cinematographer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s The New Wave ocean environment and technology series; director, writer and cinematographer for the wildlife documentary series This Land; underwater cinematographer for the CBC/Disney Danger Bay series; CBC Beachcombers and the MGM Sea Hunt series. Paul Mockler won the prestigious Gemini Award in 1987 for “Best Cinematography in a Television Series or Performing Arts Program”, presented by the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television. Other awards include a Cable Ace Award nomination for the Nature Connection series and a nomination for Best Cinematography awarded by the British Association of Film & Television for cinematography on the 1994 BBC production Into The Wild. Paul Mockler’s extensive underwater filming experience took him to the wreck of the RMS Titanic as a cinematographer on the IMAX production Ti­ tanica followed by the IMAX underwater children’s adventure, Flight of the Aquanaut. Other IMAX credits include Friendly with Whales, Imagine 3­ D, and Whales. Credits on feature motion pictures include Underwater Director of Photography for Zeus and Roxanne, Phoenix Blue, and the fantasy adventure Nomad. Underwater commercial work has included Club Med and the E Channel’s Victoria’s Secret Swimwear. Documentary credits have also included series­cinematographer for Supernatural, a BBC/Discovery co­production, with additional documentary film credits on a number of BBC productions such as the Holiday series, Living Dangerously, BBC Horizon’s, Human Instinct and Extreme Animals. Recent documentaries include the IMAX 3D production Sea Monsters, produced by IMAX and National Geographic. Doc­ umentary credits also include the Mighty Machines series and Underwater Director of Photography for the Discovery Chan­ nel’s Mythbusters Shark Week Special. Recent motion picture features include Underwater DP for the Hofmann & Voges production The Sea Wolf and Paradise Productions, Beneath the Blue. Television productions also include underwater pho­ tographer for “Germany’s Next Top Model – With Heidi Klum”.



Sponsored by





SHOWTIMES Thursday, October 27, 8:30, Cinema Paradiso November 4, 5pm, Friday, SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Muvico Pompano


Sometimes, words are not enough… Richard Warren Rappaport USA / 2011 / 56 min / DVD / English

SPeCiAl GueStS: RiChARd RAPPAPoRt & Rene' KAtz

Set at a benefit concert, music, art and creativity merge in this introspective look into the world of an American singer­songwriter, where every song has a story and every story has a song.


Grand Bahama Island FLIFF On-Location: Grand Bahama Island October 27, 2011 - October 30, 2011 at The Canal House, Pelican Bay Hotel. The Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival is coming to Grand Bahama Island! FLIFF On-Location: Grand Bahama Island is an offshoot of the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLIFF), which is celebrating it’s 26th year in 2011. The Festival will feature: Movies made in The Bahamas, Underwater Cinematography Workshop by awardwinning cinematographer Paul Mockler, Independent Films, Complimentary outdoor screenings, International Student Film Competition, and more. To take advantage of the booking options to join FLIFF on location: 1) Book your air-inclusive FLIFF package NOW at  2) Cruise to Grand Bahama Island on Bahamas Celebration and take advantage of special 4-Night Cruise & Bahamas Resort Stay Packages, starting  at just $199! Call 800-314-7735 to book your cruise & resort stay for this exciting event.

Writer: Richard Warren Rappaport / Producers: Richard Warren Rappaport, Robert Berkowitz / Executive Producer: Rene’ Katz, Art Director, Editor, Cinematographer and Lighting Design: René Borroto / Featuring: Richard Warren Rappaport, Rene’ Katz / Contact: Jan Michael Morris, Esq., 700 South Federal Highway, Suite 200, Boca Raton, FL 33432, 561.910.3070.

THE DIRECTOR: Richard Warren Rappaport is a BMI­affiliated artist, songwriter and publisher. He has performed his music on television, radio and onstage, and at numerous events in support of the arts, including the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, the Steinway/BMI Music and Arts Showcase series and the ABA Forum on the Entertainment and Sports Industries First Annual International Legal Symposium on the World of Music, Film, Television and Sports. He believes in the importance of ongoing discussions on topics and issues facing the entertainment industry today, and supports the music industry and emerging and established recording artists within it. He is active in civic, community and charitable or­ ganizations in South Florida, New York and Los Angeles. The concept behind the film CONCERT was borne out of a live acoustic solo concert performance. Our purpose was to develop a documentary that addressed the question as to why artists create their works and, in this case, what drives an artist to write a musical composition, whether it is based upon political, social or personal reasons. In this respect, our goal was to provide an introspective and reflective story of the genesis of original music, its importance to the creative process and the significance of the message to be delivered. To accomplish that, we conducted a series of interviews following the concert on why each song was composed and what the artist meant to convey to the listener. In the end, we wanted our audience to understand the texture that lives within a musical composition, the mosaic of stories that unfold in each song, and the artistic relevance of music to our world. We hope that in CONCERT, we’ve accomplished that goal. Richard Warren Rappaport






SHOWTIME Friday, October 28, 8pm, Cinema Paradiso



A tale of competition at its most cut­throat, BUTTER surveys the raw ambition of Laura Pickler (Jennifer Garner), the wife of Bob Pickler (Ty Burrell), Iowa’s long­reigning champion butter carver. For 15 years, Laura has relished her high­profile role as the beautiful, loyal helpmate to her affable, artistically gifted husband. But when Bob is pressured to retire and allow someone else a chance at glory, an in­ dignant Laura decides to enter the competition herself. She is first in line on sign­up day, only to see her odds of victory fall below 100% with the arrival of an unlikely yet formidable contender: 10­year­old Destiny (Yara Shahidi), the African­American foster child of local cou­ ple Julie and Ethan (Alicia Silverstone and Rob Corddry). And that’s not all. Bob’s would­be mistress, bad­girl stripper Brooke (Olivia Wilde) also declares her candidacy, as does his #1 fan, Carol­Ann (Kristen Schaal).


Facing three opponents, mocked by her stepdaughter Kaitlen (Ashley Greene) and furious with her husband, Laura resolves to do whatever it takes to win. And if that means resorting to sabotage – and recruiting her dim­witted former boyfriend Boyd (Hugh Jackman) as a co­conspirator – then so be it. In the tradition of BEST IN SHOW and ELECTION, BUTTER can be enjoyed as a straightforward, albeit merrily twisted, comedy about American life and culture. But Laura Pickler probably wouldn’t be surprised if the liberal media views BUTTER as a veiled commentary on the larger world of politics. Screenplay: Jason Micallef / Producers: Michael De Luca, Jennifer Garner, Alissa Phillips / Executive Producers: Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein, Kelly Carmichael, Benjamin Ormand, Juliana Janes / Contact: The Weinstein Company





SHOWTIME SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Saturday, January 21, 5pm, Morgan Neville EAST COAST PREMIERE Crisp­Ellert St Augustine USA / 2008 / 86 min / DVD / English WORLD PREMIERE THE COOL SCHOOL is an abject lesson in how to build an art scene from UNITED STATES scratch and what to avoid inPREMIERE the process. The film focuses on the seminal Ferus Gallery, which groomed the LA art scene from a loose band of idealistic FLORIDA PREMIERE beatniks into a coterie of competitive, often brilliant artists, including Ed Kien­ FESTIVAL holz, Ed Ruscha,WINNERS Craig Kauffman, Wallace Berman, Ed Moses and Robert Irwin. The Ferus also served as launching point for New York imports, Andy Warhol (hosting his first Soup Can show), Jasper Johns, and Roy Lichten­ stein, as well as leading to the first Pop Art show and Marcel Duchamp's first retrospective. What was lost and gained is tied up in a complex web of egos, passions, money, and art. This is how LA came of age. Writers: Kristine McKenna, Morgan Neville / Featuring: Jeff Bridges (narrator) Irving Blum, Walter Hopps, Ed Ruscha, Frank Gehry, Dennis Hopper, Ed Kien­ holz, Billy Al Bengston, John Baldessari, Dean Stockwell, Larry Bell, Ken Price THE DIRECTOR: Morgan Neville is an award­winning documentary film­ maker who specializes in history and cultural subjects. Through a series of films on important music subjects (including The Brill Building, Sam Phillips and Sun Records, Nat King Cole, Brian Wilson, Leiber & Stoller, The High­ waymen and Burt Bacharach), Neville has documented stories of songwrit­ ers and producers who helped shape 20th­century music, including the Grammy­nominated Muddy Waters Can't Be Satisfied and the Emmy­win­ ning Hank Williams: Honky Tonk Blues, both of which aired on PBS’s Amer­ ican Masters series as well as Channel 4/UK and the BBC’s Arena series.


David Cronenberg, France­Ireland­United Kingdom­Germany­Canada / 2011 / 93 min / English For his third consecutive collaboration with Viggo Mortensen, David Cronenberg adapts Christopher Hampton's 2002 stage play concerning the turbulent relationship between Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender) and his mentor Sigmund Freud (Mortensen) as they struggle to treat a troubled patient (Keira Knightley). Producers: Jeremy Thomas, Marco Mehlitz, Martin Katz / Screenplay: Christopher Hampton, based on "A Most Dangerous Method" by John Kerr / Cinematography: Peter Suschitzky, ASC / Editor: Ronald Sanders, CCE, ACE / Principal Cast: Viggo Mortensen, Michael Fassbender, Keira Knightley, Sarah Gadon, Vincent Cassel / Contact: Sony Pictures Classics

THE DIRECTOR: David Cronenberg (born March 15, 1943) is a Canadian filmmaker, screenwriter and actor. He is one of the principal originators of what is commonly known as the body horror or venereal horror genre. This style of filmmaking explores people's fears of bodily transformation and infection. In his films, the psychological is typically intertwined with the physical. In the first half of his career, he explored these themes mostly through horror and science fiction, although his work has since expanded beyond these genres. He has been called "the most audacious and chal­ lenging narrative director in the English­speaking world." After two short sketch films and two short art­house features (the black and white Stereo and the colour Crimes of the Future) Cronenberg went into partnership with Ivan Reitman. The Canadian government provided financing for his films through the 1970s. He alternated his signature "body horror" films such as Shivers with projects reflecting his interest in car racing and bike gangs. Rabid exploited the unexpected acting talents of pornographic actress Marilyn Chambers (Cronenberg's first choice was a young, then­unknown Sissy Spacek). Rabid was a breakthrough with international distributors and his next two horror features gained stronger support. Over the arc of his career, Cronenberg's films follow a definite progression, a movement from the social world to the inner life. In his early films, scientists modify human bodies, which results in the breakdown of social order (e.g. Shivers, Rabid). In his middle period, the chaos wrought by the scientist is more personal, (e.g. The Brood, Scanners, Videodrome). In the later period, the scientist himself is altered by his experiment (e.g. his remake of The Fly). This trajectory culminates in Dead Ringers in which a twin pair of gynecologists spiral into codependency and drug addiction. His later films tend more to the psychological, often contrasting subjective and objective realities (eXistenZ, M. Butterfly, Spider).


SHOWTIMES Monday, October 31, 11pm, Cinema Paradiso





Sunday, October 23, Noon, Sunrise Civic Ctr Thursday, October 27, 6:30, Cinema Paradiso Friday, October 28, 10am, Canal House – Grand Bahama Island







Sunday, October 30, 1pm, Muvico Pompano Saturday November 19, 7pm, Fernandina Little Theatre Sunday, January 22,10:30am, Gamache Koger ­ St Augustine

SPeCiAl GueSt: PRAShAnt nAiR

The Pierce Brothers USA / 2011 / 95 min / HDCam / English

DEADHEADS is the debut film written and directed by The Pierce Brothers.



sample sa m ple

100 110 00

Prashant Nair, INDIA / 2011 / 88 min / English & /Hindi w/English subtitles When the money of an idealistic British traveler disappears in a nouveau­riche Delhi home, the staff of the house are blamed and given twenty­four hours to replace it or face the consequences. The film moves sweetly between the upper middle class country clubesque family with varying degrees of indifference, to their servants that fear for their jobs constantly, to the privileged twenty­something British tourist who yearns to show compassion but is hesitant due to the com­ plexities of custom. Throughout it all there is comedy and a richness of discovery making DELHI IN A DAY a sensory treat.


Just click Just click ““attending” attending” on the the FB FB event event on pg: City City Link Link pg: BeerFest 2011 2011 BeerFest

Writer: Prashant Nair / Producer: Prashant Nair, Chintu Mohapatra / Art Director: Kishan Dagar / Editor: Sylvie Landra, Bhuvan Srinivasan / Cinematographer: Eun­Ah Lee / Principal Cast: Lee Williams, Lil­ lete Dubey, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Victor Banerjee and Anjali Patil / Contact: Prashant Nair, +336.,


THE DIRECTOR: Prashant is a former social media entrepreneur turned filmmaker. Born in India, he was raised and has lived in Europe, Africa and North America. His short film “Max & Helena” was an official selection at numerous film festivals and garnered several awards and nom­ inations. He has just finished his second short film, “Yes” and is currently in pre­production on his second feature. Prashant is based in Paris.


• Local bands • Dr Drunk unk Santa & his naughty helpers • The only GREEN BeerFest in South Florida



$20/$25 VIP $40/$50

+ small service fee on advance tickets ckets




THE DIRECTORS: As children, the Pierce brothers watched as their father worked from their basement on the special effects of the orig­ inal EVIL DEAD alongside Sam Raimi. Growing up amid the “EVIL DEAD’ crew put the bug in them, they knew they’re was only one di­ rection they wanted to go, and that was behind the camera.After years of working on various production jobs in film and television in Los Angeles the brothers opted to write and direct their own feature.



Writers: Brett Pierce & Drew Pierce / Producers: Andy Drummond & Kevin Van Hagen / Art Director: Steven Milosavleski / Editor: Kevin O'Brien / Cinematographer: Robert Toth / Principal Cast: Michael McK­ iddy, Ross Kidder, Markus Taylor, Thomas Galasso, Natalie Victoria, Eden Malyn, Ben Webster, Greg Dow / Contact:


over o ver

“In a world of putrid zombie movies, DEADHEADS is a breath of fresh air”, says horror icon Bruce Campbell about the debut feature from the sons of Bart Pierce, the special effects photographer on the classic EVIL DEAD. A return to 1980s’ style comedy­adventure movies like BACK TO THE FUTURE and THE GOONIES, the Pierce Brothers’ win­ ning combo of gory horror action, smart humour and heartfelt emotion follows zombie slackers Mike and Brent as they travel across country to find the former’s old girlfriend and love of his life. But will those nasty bounty­hunting agents with a secret agenda catch them before they do? As a zombieland Abbott and Costello, actors Michael McKiddy and Ross Kidder’s chemistry and timing are superb. And you’ll just love Markus Taylor as the lumbering Cheese in this Road Trip of the Living Dead that’s hilarious and surprisingly sweet.

1440 south federal Highway ft. Lauderdale. 33316 (between the tunnel and the airport)

1400 south federal Highway ft. Lauderdale. 33316 (between the tunnel and the airport)




For sponsorship and vendor information, CALL 954.574.5314



SHOWTIMES Sunday, October 23, 5:45, Cinema Paradiso Monday, October 24, 6pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Sunday, October 30, 3pm, Muvico Pompano Monday November 14, 7:15, Sheffields ­ Amelia Island






SPeCiAl GueSt: KiRK hAllAM



Friday, October 28, PREMIERE 3pm, Muvico Pompano CINEMA SOUTHEAST Thursday, November 3, 5:30,


DOG POO ­ The Truth At Last


Luke Kasdan USA/ 2009 / 90 min / HDCam / English

Argentina­Australia­France­Ireland­Poland­Sri Lanka­USA­UK / 2011 / 89 min / DigiBeta / English and Spanish & French w/English sub­titles

Life was easy for Jackson White. With looks, brains, and athletic abil­ ity, the world's possibilities seemed limitless. But, when he came to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the music industry, he was so se­ duced by money and status that he lost track of who he was. Now, with both his personal and professional lives on the edge of ruin, he's been called home to care for his dying father. While in North Carolina, he'll have to confront the friends he lost touch with and the girl he never met.

The only film you can step in, 'Dog Poo ­ the truth at last' is the first feature film that gets down with doggies poo poo. Shot in 8 countries, the secret life of dog poop is brought out in glorious detail. From Harvey Milk's pooper scooping laws in San Francisco and onto poo detection in the outback of Australia, the truth about poop comes to the surface: Poo causes blindness and a higher chance of epilepsy and asthma due to the worm it contains.

Writer: Luke Kasdan / Producer: Arik Ruchim and Kirk Hallam / Editor: Joe Miale and Michael Trent / Cinematographer: Robert Bruce Mc­ cleery and Andrew Shulkind / Principal Cast: Ryan Kwanten, Mischa Barton, Beau Bridges, Fran Kranz, Ja Rule / Contact: Kirk Hallam, Roxbury Entertainment 201 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd Fl, Santa Monica Ca 90401, 310­393­4006;

Writer­Producer­ Art Director­Editor­ Cinematographer –Contact: a film by James Boldiston

12% of children have had this worm from contact with dog poop. 80 million poos a day in the US to scoop. Strap in and come on a surprising brown journey … you will never walk past a doo doo again the same way.

THE DIRECTOR: Working over the last two years on several shorts, James Boldiston, with a degree in Indian religion and a certified IT engineer, moved onto his first doco feature by accident: he stepped in it. – literally and while walking his dog. After placing a sneaker in a dog pile the idea of a film covering the secret life of poop took place. While running his iPad/iPhone app studio that specialises in film related delivery to pay the bills, the first dog poo documentary shaped up.

Sponsored by

Travelling around the world in 2010, careful research discovered the cutting edge of poop. It wasn't easy and while filming poo in England, he was issued with a summons for being a suspicious person. The rubber poo on the pavement had been mistaken for a terrorist act.

Peter Palin and Linda Bolitho

Classical Music. It’s In Our Nature.

Dog Poo is funny. I don't know why but it is. Travel to 8 countries seeking legal/science and social impacts of poo and everyday is hysterical.

Just like all of us, classical music lives and breathes. Make it part of your lifestyle. Tune to Classical South Florida on the radio or online. It’s in your nature.

Dog Poo is also tragic. 40% of kids in Sri Lanka's rural belt have been exposed to the common worm in poop. Get the worm, you are 3 times more likely to have epilepsy and asthma. It's not only developing countries. 12% of kid's in the USA have had it or have the worm too. In England, two weeks after I arrived a little girl in Manchester was blinded by dog waste after she fell over in it. I interviewed her mother: she was angry … and this is a not a rare occurrence.


I had no idea. I had no clue the film would grow and grow to become a feature. I thought dog poop in detail would be a short little doco. Research proved me wrong. The more I dug into poop(!) it became apparent the story was vast and surprisingly serious and funny.

I had no idea that the film would discover an non-described epidemic. On the great and good side, this is one problem we can fix and for a change we can make a difference in an instant: scoop poop and worm your dog. James Boldiston




Wednesday, October 26, 8pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Sunday, October 30, 9pm, Muvico Pompano Monday, October 31, 7pm, Cinema Paradiso Sunday, Nov. 13, 2pm, Daytona Beach News Journal




Monday November 14, 7:15pm, Sheffields ­ Amelia Island Sunday, January 22, 5:30pm, Gamache Koger ­ St Augustine


SPeCiAl GueStS: FRed SAyeG, MitChell Cohen, eSteBAn





SHOWTIMES Sunday, October 30, 5pm, Muvico Pompano Sunday, November 6, 2:30pm, Cinema Paradiso Sunday November 20, 4pm, Fernandina Little Theatre

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Fred A. Sayeg, USA / PREMIERE 2011 / 85 min / English EAST COAST Chronicling the day Tony Duran hits bottom, the tick­tock of a WORLD PREMIERE human train­wreck, Tony is a singer washed­up 20 years ago: UNITED STATES PREMIERE fat, drunk, broke, unemployed and trapped – clinging to his house and 12 year old Mercedes, FLORIDA PREMIERE neither he can afford any­ more; a victim of the economy, raging against the universe, FESTIVAL WINNERS alienated and facing the rest of his life in dread. He turns to crime to turn a buck, and proves incompetent even at that. In disgrace, having lost his friend's money, Tony stands in judg­ ment, and Jerry forces from him the TRUTH about his down­ ward spiral. Jerry sets Tony on a path of human transformation and redemption; he makes Tony sing again. Writer: Mitchell Cohen / Producer: One More Time Productions / Editor: Eric Weston / Cinematographer: Kenneth Wiatrak / Principal Cast: Gene Pietragallo, Cody Kasch, Nikki Ziering, William Katt, Elliott Gould / Bridge and Tunnel Communications

THE DIRECTOR: Fred Sayeg, director of The Encore of Tony Duran, is blazing a new trail and career through independent films. Making his feature film directorial debut, Fred brings his artistic vision to the redemptive tale of Tony Duran. Meeting the challenging task of independent film making, he is proving to be a notable director, drawing attention for his unique experience and talent. An award­winning ad man, Fred possesses a masterful eye for captivating audiences with the ability to develop striking visual reality and draw emotional resonance through storytelling.

A plunge into the wild waters of independent filmmaking, filming took place over the course 9 days in Palm Springs, CA. Working with a focused, fast paced group of professionals and a tight schedule, 90% of the film was shot in just 8 days, and averaged 19 pages a day. A family affair, My daughter Victoria joined the cast appearing as Cody Kasch’s girlfriend in the film. Fred Sayeg

Matt Jespersen and Maclain Nelson USA / 2011/ 95 min / HDCam / English Wayne Gretzky (no relation) is a vampire who can't grow his teeth. His impotence began when he inadvertently killed Mary Lipinsky, the love of his life, 300 years ago. To take his mind off the pain, he teaches college history­­who better? Attempting to regain his full power, he enlists help from his friend and colleague, Dr. Levine. Nothing works until a new semester brings freshman Chris Keller. She's a dead ringer for Mary and she makes Wayne's teeth long and hard. Writers: Matt Jespersen and Maclain Nelson / Producers: Saad Al­Enezi, Maclain Nelson, T.R. Gourley, Brad Johnson, Brinton Bryan / Art Di­ rector: Anne Black / Editor : Matt Jespersen and Steve Shimek / Cinematographer : Bradford Whitaker / Principal Cast: Julie Gonzalo, Adam Johnson, Gary Cole, Maclain Nelson, Matt Mattson, Bart Johnson / Contact : Maclain Nelson 801­830­9399 Sponsored by

Peter Langone & StudioOne THE DIRECTORS: Matt Jespersen and Maclain Nelson met while attending Brigham Young Univer­ sity in 2002. They became friends while performing with an improv group. Matt since earned an MFA from the University of Miami. His short film, "I'm Pretty, Too" won the best film at the Cannes Film Festival and appeared at the CineVegas Film Festival and several others. Maclain has been involved in several films including , "Moving McAllister", "ORCS!", and "The Sinking of Santa Isabel". After years of working on their own, Maclain and Matt teamed up to write and direct their first feature, "Dr. Limptooth". Vampires in the pop culture of today are typically portrayed as strong, sexy and dominant predators. We thought it would be interesting to explore the world of a vampire that is a bit depressed, who had lost his "mojo", who wasn't on the top of the food chain. We wanted to see a vampire who feels a little more like a human. This is the idea that "Dr. Limptooth" came from. We hope this film serves a fresh take on the genre and will be the first of many films from us in the future. Most of all, we hope this film makes you laugh. Thank you. Maclain Nelson and Matt Jespersen


the oFFiCiAl Wine of the

26th Annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival and the

2nd Annual St. Augustine Film Festival 47

October 27- 30, 2011

November 11 - 20, 2011

Oct. 21 - Nov. 6, 2011

Theater locations: the Cinematique theater - dBCt, 242 S. Beach Street, Daytona Beach, 32114 the news-Journal Center - dBnJ, 221 N. Beach Street, Daytona Beach, 32114 Box Office (386) 252­3118 • ON LOCATION:

November, 11 - 13, 2011

Pricing: All­Festival Pass: $179.00 * includes allON movies, parties and events ON LOCATION: LOCATION: Opening Night Gala & Movie: $65 • Wine Festival Saturday 4­9pm: $49 • Individual Tickets: $9 Four (4) Film Pass: $30 • Student Film Competition: FREE admission Wine & Desert Wrap Party: Included with closing night film admission November - 22, 2012 ticket discounts - March * ask aboutJanuary member19and advance * visa, MC, AMEX, discover, debit, cash


Friday Nov. 11 11:30 Red deSeRt (1964)* (p50)DBCT 1:00 lAte BlooMeRS (p67)DBNJ 1:45 WAlK A Mile/ My PRAdAS (p99)DBCT 3:30 CAiRo eXit (p32)DBNJ 3:45 narrative Shorts (p52)DBCT ON LOCATION (Post Film Q&A) a vacation from 6:00ordinary openingfilm night Gala 7:30 ABout FiFty (p7)DBNJ (Post Film Q&A)

6:00 7:30 8:00

SilveR CASe (p91)DBNJ 3 * (p50) DBCT CoRKed * (p50)DBNJ

Sunday Nov. 13 10:00 Student Film Competition (Free! Breakfast Included!) 12:00 iMMAtuRi (p61)DBCT 12:30 An Afternoon With Composer Richard Gibbs (p51)DBNJ 2:00 dR. liMPtooth (p46)DBNJ 2:15 FloRidA CRACKeRS (p54)DBCT (Post Film Q&A) 4:00 MindS in the WAteR (p77)DBNJ 4:15 neWlyWedS (p83)DBCT 6:00 FACe to FACe (p50)DBNJ (Post Film Q&A)

Handwriting type

Saturday Nov. 12 11:00 dehli in A dAy (p43)DBNJ 11:15 SWeet little lieS * (p50)DBCT 1:00 An Afternoon / Peter Ford (p23) DBNJ 1:15 20 CiGARetteS 3:15 the Pill (p86) DBCT 3:30 documentary Shorts (p52)DBNJ (Post Film Q&A) 4:00 ­ 9:00 halifax Wine Festival (Add’l fees may apply)


WoMen on 6th FlooR (p100)DBCT

Following Closing Film,The Wine & Dessert Wrap Party / Awards Ceremony FRee admission. DBNJ

Parties! Friday Nov 11th ­ 6pm opening night ­ Catered Dinner ­ Live Music ­ Silent Auction ­ Wine & Dessert ­ Meet the Movie Stars! Saturday Nov 12, 4­9pm halifax Wine Festival ­ Sample over 40 wines and beer ­ Gourmet Food Tastings ­ Live music Sunday Nov 13, 8pm it's a Wrap! ­ Audience Favorite Awards ­ Wine & Dessert ­ Meet the Filmmakers ­ Live Music


A great place to visit and a great place to film! proud supporters of the

November 11-13, 2011 www. FilmDaytonaBeach .com • 48

386-255-0415 , ext. 113 49

DAYTONA BEACH FILM FESTIVAL EXCLUSIVE FILMS CORKED directed by Paul Hawley, Ross Clendenen USA / 90 minutes/ not rated/ English A wry comedic look at the wine business and its characters from insiders who thoroughly know the process from the vine to the street. The puffy egos of vintners, sommeliers, wine critics, wine mar­ keters and know­it­all fans are lampooned in this faux travel guide through Northern California vine­ yards. The film weaves a witty texture of these driven, obsessed characters as they struggle to bring their wine to market, leaving no grape uncrushed in their quest to win the ultimate recognition … The Golden Harvest Award. Cast: Ross Clendenen, Ben Tolpin, Rob Reinis, Jeffrey Weissman, Martina Finch. Contact:



(see page 23) Saturday Nov. 12, 1:00 pm ­ DBNJ


Directed by Michael Rymer, Not rated / 80 minutes / English Closing night film: Interactive web Q&A with Director facilitated by composer Richard Gibbs From Australia’s most acclaimed playwright, David Williamson, a moving and powerful new film about lies, betrayal, sex and bullying in the workplace. A young construction worker rams in to the back of his boss’s Jaguar in a fit of anger at being sacked. Rather than fronting court, he’s given the chance to explain his actions in a community con­ ference. This face­to­face confrontation between the young man, his boss, his boss’s wife, co­workers, best mate and mother lifts the lid not only on his dysfunctional life but on their workplace dirty laundry, turning all of their lives upside down. Face to Face stars a stellar ensemble cast led by Vince Colosimo, Sigrid Thornton and Luke Ford.


RED DESERT (1964) Not Rated / 120 minutes / French With Subtitles Red Desert (Il Deserto Rosso) combines the considerable talents of director Michelangelo Antonioni and star Monica Vitti. Cast as Giuliana, an unhappy wife, Vitti suffers from an unnamed form of de­ pression and malaise. Her quicksilver emotional shifts disturb everyone around her, but they, like she, pretend that nothing is truly wrong. British engineer Corrado Zeller (Richard Harris) seems to understand what Giuliana is really after in life, and he acts upon it by entering into an affair with the troubled woman. Giuliana eventually comes to terms with her physical and mental pain, but this hardly means that she's "cured" in the conventional sense. Monica Vitti's sense of isolation is height­ ened by Antonioni's (and cinematographer Carlo DiPalma's) choice of colors, and especially by Carlo Savina's bizarre electronic musical score. This is a landmark movie in Antonioni's effort to portray alienated individuals in contemporary life; he places people against towering forms of tech­ nology to emphasize their smallness and lostness in the modern world of technological change.

3 directed by Tom Tykwer, Not Rated / 119 minutes / German w/subtitles Hannah and Simon have been a couple for 20 years. They live in Berlin, side by side in combative harmony. They are attractive, modern, mature, childless, cultivated, down­to­earth. Affairs, wanting children, moving in together, miscarriage, fleeing and returning; this anchorwoman and art techni­ cian have put a lot behind them, but they don’t have so much ahead of them anymore. That is until both, without knowing about the other’s actions, fall in love with the same man, Adam. Strand Re­ leasing.


William J. Saunders Not Rated / 2011/ 80 minutes, Producer: Maya Anand •

Bess, a rebellious trailer park teen, has just lost her mother. With only a faded photograph and scribbled address in hand, she decides to seek out her father, a man she’s never known. With a state­enlisted social worker hunting her down, Bess grabs her friend Waldo, steals a car and make a desperate journey from Kansas to Vegas. It isn’t long before this troublesome duo catch the at­ tention of Roach, a career con man trying to find his own way back home. This unlikely trio of misfits embark on an adventure through the beautiful and dangerous landscapes of America’s Midwest, where they encounter an array of lost­souls, deadbeats and grifters, and ultimately learn that family can be found in the oddest of places. 50

RICHARD GIBBS Sunday Nov. 13, 12:30 pm ­ DBNJ What do the Simpsons, Battlestar Galactica, The Muppets, Korn, Robert Palmer and Dr. Dolittle have in common? Richard Gibbs, com­ poser, producer and musical innovator. The 60+ feature films he has scored have cumulatively grossed well over 1 billion dollars in global box office while benefiting from his free­ thinking compositions. His heart­crushing, epic score for Queen of the Damned, written and produced in collaboration with Korn lead singer Jonathan Davis, combined a non­traditional 105 piece symphonic or­ chestra with head­banging guitars and songs of otherworldly vampiric beauty. Gibbs’ reinvention of the musical sounds of space helped pro­ pel the re­imagined Battlestar Galactica series to huge commercial and critical success. He set the sound for the Simpsons, scoring the first season of that groundbreaking series. As a session keyboardist Gibbs has recorded with Robert Palmer, Tom Waits, Melissa Etheridge and War, amongst hundreds of others. He performed live with Korn, Chaka Khan, Tom Jones and was the key­ boardist for the seminal L.A. band, Oingo Boingo. Other film and tele­ vision scoring highlights on his lengthy resume include Step Into Liquid, The Tracy Ullman Show, 10 Things I Hate About You and Say Anything. Woodshed Recording, Gibbs’ beyond state of the art recording studio overlooking the Pacific in Malibu, has rewritten the rules for studio con­ struction. This incredibly beautiful creative environment has attracted the likes of Sting, Pink, Cher and Lenny Kravitz. Occasionally, Gibbs finds time to produce records for artists such as Korn, Richard Page, and Eisley. He can also be found roiling the waters as an activist for intellectual property rights, with appearances on the Al Jazeera net­ work, in the pages of the Christian Science Monitor, and on various panels across the country.

La vita é bella – life is beautiful – when sailing with MSC Cruises in true Italian elegance and style. Visit unforgettable destinations in the MEDITERRANEAN, from Alexandria and Athens to Barcelona and Rome. In NORTHERN EUROPE, we sail to breathtaking fjords and fairy-tale cities, and in the CARIBBEAN, to whitesand beaches and pastel-colored villages. Or set sail for our newest destination, ABU DHABI & THE EMIRATES, on an incredible voyage along the Arabian Sea and beyond. Equally memorable is the journey aboard our award-winning ships. Our fleet includes the magnificent MSC Fantasia and MSC Splendida, featuring the luxurious suites of the MSC Yacht Club, a private enclave complete with Butler service. To learn more about the myriad dream destinations of MSC Cruises, please call or visit our website.

For information and reservations:


Ships’ registry: Panama.




Saturday Nov. 12, 3:30 pm DBNJ


BOOTS & BBQ PRESENT: GRILLS GONE WILD Producer Chappell Films , USA / 40 minutes/ English Once a year, the quaint town of Starke, Florida becomes a bustling Mecca of old fashioned Southern barbeque and home to the “Boots­N­BBQ” festival and the Florida BBQ Associ­ ation’s State Championship. 2011, Alex Ortiz (HBO's Bad Boys of Comedy) invades Starke to capture all of the inner workings of the concerts, entertainers and food fest. Alex mingles with some of the premier barbecue experts in the country, tracking both novice and veteran teams, contrasting their techniques. Alex also pokes around backstage, peeling back the curtain on the happenings of the celebrities performing at the event, including: Jimmie Van Zant , Pinklon Thomas (Former World Heavyweight Champion boxer), and Dory Funk Jr. Contact:

A DOG GOES FROM HERE TO THERE Directed by Carl Knickerbocker, USA / 6 min / English A children's picture book comes to life in this colorful & quirky film in the Suburban Primitive style of artist Carl Knickerbocker. Selected for Heather Henson's Handmade Puppet Dream film series and awarded a United Arts of Central Florida grant. Contact:

THE WETHERWAX LEGACY Directed by Gary Lester, USA / 9 min / English Features the world's foremost animal trainer, Bob Weatherwax. Bob describes a family his­ tory that has provided Hollywood with such iconic animal stars as Asta from The Thin Man, Toto in Wizard of Oz, and the immortal Lassie. Animal activist Temple Grandin joins Bob to help share his dream of training dogs for a higher purpose in life ­­ as service animals for people with disabilities. Contact:



SHOWTIME Monday, October 31, 9pm, MP Tuesday November 15, 7:pm, Sheffields ­ Amelia Island

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Jorge Pérez Solano EAST COAST PREMIERE Mexico / 2009 / 90 min / Spanish w/English sub­titles WORLD PREMIERE Directed by Jorge Pérez Solano and starring Mayra Sérbulo ("Apoc­ UNITED STATES PREMIERE alypto," "Mezcal," "Y Tu Mamá También"), four­time Ariel Award nom­ FLORIDA PREMIERE inee for supporting actress, "Espiral" is a lament to lost love and wasted FESTIVAL WINNERSlife as well as a celebration of female independence. With the desire to improve their lives and save their impoverished families, Santiago and Marcario ­­ two men from Huajuan de Leon ­ ­ emigrate to the U.S. in search of economic opportunities, not real­ izing they will end up destroying that which they love the most. After their men head north, Diamantina and Araceli ­­ two women from a small village in Oaxaca ­­ are left to fend for themselves. When the men finally return to their small village years later, they discover everything has changed and they may not be able to re­ claim the past. Writer: Jorge Pérez Solano / Producer: Armando Casas, Daniel Alonso, Roberto Fiesco / Cast: Ángeles Cruz, Iazúa Larios, Leonrdo Alonso, Mayra Sérbulo / Contact: IMCINE

WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED directed by Dave Porfiri & Linda Duvoisin, USA / 2011 / 11 min / English The Nashville Sit­ins of 1960 were among the most important events of the Civil Rights Move­ ment. Over a period of several months, college students from Fisk University and other schools staged a very well­organized, non­violent protest at downtown lunch counters. The protests caught the city's white establishment off­guard and culminated in the mayor agreeing to end segregation of lunch counters while facing thousands of protestors gathered on the steps of City Hall and the eyes of the nation watching. It was just the first step in ending segregation in all facets of life throughout the city and it inspired similar movements throughout the South. Writers: Dave Porfiri & Linda Duvoisin / Camera: Dave Porfiri / Editor: Linda Duvoisin / Contact:




Friday November 11, 3:45 pm – Cinematique Theater


by Heath Jones, USA / 2011 / 21 min / DVD / English Writer: Jeff Malphurs / Producer: Mark Cranisky, Jeff Malphurs / Principal Cast: Chelsy Bishop, Kenny Rogers. Contact: Jeff Malphurs

A VIDENTE directed by Darcyana Moreno Izel Brazil / 2011 / 15 min / DVD / Portuguese w/eng­ lish sub­titles (see p112)


desperation until she begins receiving daily calls from a silent stranger. An odd and myste­ rious friendship evolves between the two, as Anna begins to share her life experiences with startling honesty. Empty days are given new hope, but when the calls abruptly end, a devas­ tated Anna is compelled to surprising action to fill the unbearable void.

Writer: Joao Silverio Trevisan / Producer: Nicholas Eisenberg, Fernando Pin­ heiro, Raina Oberlin / Principal cast: Viola Harris, Siobhan Fallon. Contact:

THE LIFE SMUGGLERS directed by Flavio Alves

USA/ 2010 / 15 minutes / DVD / English A reclusive, elderly widow, Anna Marshall (Viola Harris), lives in quiet 52

directed by David W. Wells USA / 2011 / 25 min / English & Spanish w/English sub­titles (see p114)

Your generosit provide education and tutoring Your generosityy can help provide opportunities, safe havens havens with hot meals and warm beds, family family opportunities, support services, services, and more. All donations are matched at 50¢ on support Foundation. 100% of your gift, plus the dollar by the McCormick Foundation. granted to nonprofits in our community. community. the match, will be granted

Give Giv e Now. Now. Here’ Here’ss Ho How. w. GO T TO O www. CALL C ALL 800.519.2480 53



Friday, October 28, 5pm, Muvico Pompano Friday, November 4, 7:30pm, Cinema Paradiso Sunday Nov. 13, 2:15pm, Daytona Beach Cinematique





Sponsored by

FLORIDA CRACKERS, The Cattlemen and Cowboys



SHOWTIME Friday, October 21, 8:30pm, Cinema Paradiso Saturday, October 29, 5pm, Muvico Pompano

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Jose Luis Rugeles EAST COAST PREMIERE Colombia / 2010 / 100 min / Spanish & Portuguese w/English sub­titles WORLD PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIERE Garcia is 58­year old security guard who is about to accomplish his lifelong dream of FLORIDA PREMIERE buying his wife a house. As Garcia is ready FESTIVAL WINNERS to harvest the crops of so many years of hard work and parsimony, his routine exis­ tence takes an unexpected turn when his wife Amalia goes missing. Garcia is then contacted by a kidnapper who claims a hefty ransom in order to free Amalia. While trying to rescue her, Garcia is helped by Gomez. Garcia goes through a series of perilous ad­ ventures that will lead to unveil the secret behind Amalia's disappearance. This is a story of the strife for life, unrelent­ less love and the strength of high moral character in the face of adversity. Laced with comedy – yet fraught with peril, GARCIA is a unique trip with lots of sur­ prises, knee slaps, gasps and sighs – fea­ turing a host of truly memorable characters.

John Michie USA / 2010 / 87 min / HDCam / English

Writer: Diego Vivanco / Producer: Federico Durán / Cinematographer: Sergio Iván Cas­ taño / Editor: André Finotti / Principal Cast: Damián Alcázar, Margarita Rosa de Fran­ cisco, Fabio Restrepo, Victor Hugo Morant, Giulio Lopes, Rui Resende / Contact: Carmina Kool Films

SPeCiAl GueSt: John MiChie

The story of this little­known pioneer culture dates back to 1521, when Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon landed in what is now Florida and introduced the first cattle and horses into North America. In the decades that followed, additional settlers from Spain continued to arrive, establishing missions and cattle ranches and thus giving rise to the first cowboys and cattle industry in America. In the early 1800s settlers of mainly Celtic and British descent began moving into Florida, rounding up the Spanish cattle and horses that had thrived in Florida’s unique environment and establishing cattle operations of their own. Some descendants of these early pioneering families still play a major role in Florida’s cattle industry to this day, working the land and raising the cattle that their families have owned for generations.


Producers: Rob & Susan James, Diana Michie / Camera & Editor: John Michie / Contact: http://flori­ THE DIRECTOR: John F. Michie was born 1974 in New York. As a teenager Michie was heavily influenced by music, and throughout the late 80s and 90s he explored his creativity by working as a DJ. Michie attended The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, graduating in 1998. Michie made his first short Secret Santa in 2002, then co­directed another 8­minute short drama called Intersect in 2005. Michie also has over 13 years of expe­ rience in the television industry, working for networks such as HBO, MTV and Discovery Channel. In 2007 Michie created his own production company, called Like This ( Florida Crackers, the Cattlemen and Cowboys of Florida is Like This’ first major production and Michie’s first full­length movie. Our crew was small, our money was tight but we accomplished a lot. Our team deliberately created an almost-invisible presence during production so we were able to capture real people at their most authentic. Our editing approach was to let them tell their own story throughout the movie and we feel that is why the message of Florida Crackers is so powerful, because it comes from the hearts of the subjects. We captured over 180 hours of HD footage, and scanned hundreds of photographs, copied video tapes and 8mm home movies to create the 87 minutes in the documentary. We shot for about 2 years on and off, and editing took about a year working part-time. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. It was a journey through parts of Florida that I have never seen, yet instantly fell in love with and it was a great learning experience for someone who grew up in suburbia and had very little prior knowledge of the Cracker culture or Florida’s cowboy history. John F. Michie



Their CD Release Party and Live Performance of the New Album "For You"

Friday october 28th, 2011

doors 9:30pm Concert: 10pm All paid entries will receive a free copy of SOSOS "For You" as our gift. General Admission $12 FLIFF Members $8 A show not to be missed! Located in Fort Lauderdale, SOSOS is an acoustic band that bases their music around root

instruments (upright bass, pump organ, banjo, mandolin, djembe, guitars, drums, melodica, and even a box of rocks) at times generating their own brand of energy.

THE DIRECTOR: Jose Luis Rugeles Di­ rected a short film, served as an animator on another film and GARCIA marks his fea­ ture directorial debut. Jose Luis Rugeles lives and works in bogata, Colombia.

Their catchy tunes captivate audiences with smart, simple melodies that grab the average ear as well as the refined. Lush vocal har­ monies, root instruments, and a diverse balance of talent guarantees to keep people groovin! 55

SHOWTIMES Friday, October 28, Noon, Canal House – Grand Bahama Island Monday, October 31, 5pm, Muvico Pompano Thursday, November 3, 4pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr


November 8, 5:30pm, Cinema Paradiso CINEMA Tuesday,Saturday, January 21, 10:30am,


SOUTHEAST PREMIERE EAST COAST PREMIERE Roko Belic USA / 2011 / 77 min / English + Various w/English WORLD PREMIERE sub­titles Filmed in: Bhutan, Brazil, China, Denmark, Egypt, UNITED STATES PREMIERE India, Japan, Kenya, Namibia, Thailand, USA, United FLORIDA PREMIERE Arab Emirates, United Kingdom FESTIVAL WINNERS


Gamache Koger ­ St Augustine

In 2005, director Tom Shadyac ('Liar Liar', 'Patch Adams' and 'Bruce Almighty') handed Roko Belic a New York Times article about the new science of hap­ piness. The article ranked the United States down at number 23 on its list of happiest countries. Shadyac, himself dissatisfied with his luxurious Beverly Hills lifestyle, suggested the two collaborate on a documen­ tary investigating the sources of genuine human hap­ piness. How can America be one of the richest countries in the world and nowhere near the happiest? Directed by Academy Award® nominee Roko Belic ('Genghis Blues'), HAPPY was shot in 14 countries on 5 continents and takes viewers from the bayous of Louisiana to the deserts of Namibia, from the beaches of Brazil to the mountains of Bhutan. We meet a beau­ tiful woman named Melissa Moody, a mother of three who had a “perfect life” until the day she was run over by a truck. Disabled for nine years and disfigured for life, amazingly she is happier now than before her ac­ cident. Manoj Singh, a rickshaw puller from the slums of Kolkata, India who lives in a hut made of plastic bags with his family, is found to be as happy as the average American. Through these and other stories HAPPY leads us toward a deeper understanding of how the choices we make dramatically effect our sense of well­being and happiness.





SHOWTIME Sunday, October 23, 7:30pm, Cinema Paradiso

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE John Lavin, USA / 2011 / 79 min / DigiBeta / English EAST COAST PREMIERE WORLD On the fumesPREMIERE of a dream, twin brothers Gary and Larry Lane have written a script with a PREMIERE plum roll for one of their idols, Dolly UNITED STATES Parton. Having had no luck getting the screenplay into her hands, FLORIDA they embark onPREMIERE a cross­country journey to personally deliver it to her. They set off from Dolly’s star on the Hollywood Walk of FESTIVAL WINNERS

Fame heading East for Pigeon Forge, TN. Driving an RV they (named Jolene) is friend and partner Mike Bowen. All along In­ terstate 40 at rest stops, RV parks, bars, and hair salons our in­ trepid band of travelers meet everyday Americans, as they encounter everything from floods in Nashville to an Oklahoma tornado. The journey is also one of discovery for the brothers, as well: their relationship with their parents; their hopes, fears and ambitions; the bigotry they’ve encountered; as they search for tolerance and acceptance and the joy of realizing their biggest dream: handing their screenplay to Dolly Parton. Featuring appearances by Leslie Jordan, Chad Allen, Beth Grant, Dustin Lance Black, Ann Walker, and maybe even Dolly herself! Hollywood to Dollywood is a documentary of chasing dreams down the road of life. Producers Gary Lane & Larry Lane / Co­Producers Christopher Racster & Chad Allen / Executive Producers Gary Lane, Larry Lane & Mike Bowen / Editor John Lavin / DP & Second Unit Di­ rector Jennifer D’Urso / Composer Greg Delson / Sound Chris Kanchananon / Production Design Mike Bowen / Featuring: Gary Lane, Larry Lane, Mike Bowen, Chad Allen, Beth Grant, Ann Walker, Manouschka Guerrier, Dustin Lance Black, Leslie Jordan, and / Contact: Gary Lane

Writer: Roko Belic / Producers: Frances Reid, Eiji Han Shimizu, Bhagyashree RaoRane, Adrian Belic / Cinematography: Roko Belic, Frances Reid, Adrian Belic / Contact: Wadi Rum Films, Malibu, CA THE DIRECTOR: Hailing from the foothills of the Appalachians, not far from Dollywood, John has been a fan of country, bluegrass and roots music since he was knee­high to a grasshopper. And tackling the epic sprawl of a cross­country road­trip documentary for his first feature was a thrill since it centered on the incomparable Ms. Dolly Parton.

THE DIRECTOR: An Academy Award nominee and Sundance Award winner, Roko Belic was born to Czechoslovak and Yugoslav parents in America. In 1996 he founded the film production company Wadi Rum with his brother Adrian. His directorial debut, Genghis Blues (1999), which the brothers shot using home video cameras, was nominated for an Academy Award for best documentary feature. Roko’s multinational upbringing, together with his mother’s encourage­ ment to explore the world through television documentaries, set the foundation for his passion and vision as a filmmaker. Belic has worked in numerous capacities during his career, including director of photography, editor, writer, producer and director. He recently directed a 44‐minute documentary called Dreams: Cinema of the Subconscious, for the Blu‐Ray disc of the Hollywood feature film Inception. Belic's upcoming feature project, Twilight Men, tells the story of an American seeker and an Indian holy man who journey into the Himalayas in search of an enlightened master.


As owner of the LA­based production company, Bloodrush Films, John has been responsible for directing and editing numerous pilot presentations, music videos, EPK’s and web series. Sought by many of the nations top media producers, Bloodrush Films is known specifically for its ability to bring new and innovative ideas for film, television and web to life. Clients hire Bloodrush for their ability to creatively turn abstract concepts into successful reality shows, sizzle reels, and opening sequences. They count among their clients some of North America’s top producers and media outlets. I approach nearly all of my work from a musical perspective, assembling a sound-track first, and then building the sequences on top of the music. And with H2D I took that one step further and actually shaped it as if it were a musical. It’s almost entirely scored, and the rhythms and pacing of the actual songs are meant to feel as if you’re watching a musical, highlighting emotional moments in a way that dialogue can’t express and pushing the story forward in leaps and bounds. Thankfully her catalog is vast and there really does seem to be a song for just about any situation that comes along. John Lavin


SHOWTIMES Thursday, October 27, 2pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Saturday, October 29, 1pm, Cinema Paradiso Saturday, November 12, 4pm, Fernandina Little Theatre






SPeCiAl GueSt:




SHOWTIMES Saturday, October 29, 3:30pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Monday, October 31, 7pm, Muvico Pompano Friday, November 11, 1:50pm, Cinema Paradiso



Lorian James Delman France/ 2010 / 46 min / DVD / English & French w/English sub­titles Paul Berling is suffering from a grave kidney disease. When he returns to his native village in France in order to seek out help from his brother, he discovers that the home he left isn't what it used to be. Caught between his pride and his health, he battles to find a solution for both. Writers: Lorian James and Paul Gibert / Art: Hadrien Albert / Editor: Marjorie Mirailh / Cinematographer: Ben Roux / Cast: Lorian James, Dorilya Calmel, Pascal Henault, Elise Bernard and Renee Espitallier / contact: Lorian James Delman THE DIRECTOR: Lorian James first studied acting at the Esper Studio in New York after graduating from Rutgers University. While studying acting, he began casting himself in his own movies and decided to become a filmmaker. To achieve this, he enrolled in the ESAV (Ecole Supérieur Audio­ visuel), one of three national film schools in France. While there he earned a living as an editor and has since gone on to edit several movies and documentaries. He splits his time between New York and Paris where he continues to write, direct and act. His thesis film "Homecoming" has screened in over 20 festivals around the world and won most recently for best short film at the San Antonio Film Festival.

Brendan Kirsch USA /2011 / 92 min / Blu­Ray / English The two­year journey of a young man whose dream is to become a Division I college quarterback. From Charlotte, North Carolina, Cody Keith is the son of a wealthy family who became the center of a very heated social discussion on the ethics of transferring high schools for athletic purposes. To avoid the growing media attention, the family moves to Los Angeles, where Cody has one last shot at earning a Division I college football scholarship. Surrounded by pressure and critics who are waiting for him to fail, Cody finds himself on a personal journey of self dis­ covery ­ and realizes that playing the game for himself is the most gratifying experience he ever could have hoped for. Executive Producer: Brendan Kirsch; / Producer(s): Jon Treadway, Eric J. Arnold, Ryan Eslinger, Eric Nelson, Lisa Goldstein / Co­Producer: Desiree Echevarria / Cinematographer: Eric J. Arnold / Art Director: Justin Morgan / Editor: Ryan Eslinger / Contact: Eric Nelson, Paceline Entertainment, (818) 761­7832, SPeCiAl GueStS: BRendAn KiRSCh, eRiC J ARnold liSA GoldStein

Homecoming is a film made up of mildly manic and often amusing set pieces that move us around its multiple locations with a steady rhythm, focusing alternately on one family member or another. There is of course a sense of urgency, especially in the case of Paul – whose life is literally on the line. There isn’t any overarching logic to the narrative, but then again, family portraits rarely look like mathematical equations. The point is to keep things consistently light, melancholic and moving without descending into pathos and frivolity. Paul was always a substitute for myself. Part of the reason I made this movie was to answer questions I had become inept at answering in my real life. Do I feel at home anywhere? What is a home? What is a brother? How are we perceived by immediate family members when we've come to separate ourselves from them? Learning how to see ourselves as others do is what makes us self-conscious. It gives us a soul. And so Homecoming became a way for me to picture myself through other imaginary characters. Call it narcissism, egotism, or plain old art -- I found the entire process to be very cathartic and helpful, and in the end, I discovered that you are always a different person, not matter how much you try to create yourself. Lorian James


THE DIRECTOR: "The Hopeful is the directorial debut for Brendan Kirsch, who has been a sports co­ ordinator in the film industry for the past ten years. Kirsch, 33, is now the principle owner and CEO at SportsArc and SportsArc Entertainment in Los Angeles. The company is a specialty production house that focuses on sports action. The Hopeful is the company’s first original film and began shooting in 2009. Kirsch is considered a talented coordinator and 2nd unit director and has worked on more than 10 feature films and 175 episodes of television. His credits include “Semi­Pro”, “Rebound”, “Eastbound and Down”, “One Tree Hill” and “The Office”. Kirsch is a member of the DGA. He is married to actress Lisa Goldstein, (One Tree Hill). He has a daughter, Gracie Elizabeth who is 5 years old."


SHOWTIME Wednesday, November 9, 5:30pm, Cinema Paradiso






SHOWTIMES Saturday, October 29, 3pm, Muvico Pompano Wednesday, November 2, 8pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Saturday, November 5, 4pm, Cinema Paradiso



Sunday Nov. 13, Noon, CINEMA SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Daytona Beach Cinematique



untold story of Nobel Peace Prize nominee Gene Sharp, the world's leading expert on non­violent revo­ lution. This new film (from first time director Ruaridh Arrow) reveals how Gene's work has given a new gen­ eration of revolutionary leaders the weapons needed to overthrow dictators. It shows how his 198 steps to non­ violent regime change have inspired uprisings from Serbia to Ukraine and from Egypt to Syria and how his work has spread across the globe in an unstoppable wave of profound democratic change. How To Start A Revolution is the story of the power of people to change their world, the modern revolution and the man behind it all. Writer: Ruaridh Arrow / Producer: Richard Shaw / Editor: Mike Crozier / Cinematographer: Philip Bloom / Principal Cast: Gene Sharp, Robert Helvey, Jamila Raqib / Con­ tact: Richard Shaw, Lion Television, 26 Paddenswick Road, London UK W6 OUB.

Paolo Genovese Italy / 2011 / 108 min / Italian w/English sub­titles

THE DIRECTOR: Ruaridh Arrow trained as a newspaper journalist before moving to Sky News as a producer and then to Channel 4’s Dispatches programme. He has also produced programmes for BBC News, More4 News and The Financial Times. While filming in Cairo he reported for the BBC from Tahrir Square during the Egyptian revolution. Gene Sharp is the world's foremost expert on non­violent revolution. As Slobodan Milosevic in Serbia and Viktor Yanukovych in Ukraine fell to the colour revolutions which swept across Eastern Europe, each of the democratic movements paid tribute to Sharp's contribution, and his small hand­ book "From Dictatorship to Democracy". His central message is that the power of dictatorships comes from the willing obedience of the people they govern ­ and that if the people can de­ velop techniques of withholding their consent, a regime will crumble. Gene’s writing has helped millions of people around the world achieve their freedom without violence. "As soon as you choose to fight with violence you're choosing to fight against your opponents best weapons and you have to be smarter than that," he insists. To do this Sharp provides a list of 198 "non­violent weapons", ranging from the use of colours and symbols to mock funerals and boycotts. Designed to be the direct equivalent of military weapons, they are techniques col­ lated from a forensic study of defiance to tyranny throughout history. In 2009 I began filming this documentary following the impact of Sharp's work across four continents talking to journalists, experts and revolutionaries and eventually to Tahrir Square where I slept alongside protesters who read his work by torchlight in the shadow of tanks. What I uncovered during this two year project was a small group of people known as the world leaders in teaching nonviolent resistance. This group provides advice to hundreds of revolutionaries living under the most extreme dictatorships from Burma to Iran and North Korea. The result is the first film ever to bring together leaders from the most significant revolutions in the past decade to tell the story of how you start a revolution and bring down a dictator. Ruaridh Arrow


Giorgio, Lorenzo, Piero, Luisa, Virgilio, Francesca: what do these 38­year­olds have in common? Twenty years ago they were classmates, but above all they were friends, they were a group. Then something happened and the group broke up. Soon they’ll become a group again, at least for a few days: the Ministry of Education has annulled their high school graduation exams and they’ll have to take them again, or witness the annulment of all qualifications acquired thereafter. And so, with a few more wrinkles and a little less hair, we’ll see them together again, like old times. With the desire to savor again the taste of youth, but with a greater or lesser awareness that that period has ended. Join us for a brilliant sentimental comedy that leads a generation to measure itself with lives, which, after twenty years, have gone in all direc­ tions, and with them, so have dreams and illusions. Writer: Paolo Genovese / Producer: Marco Belardi / Cinematographer: Fabrizio Lucci / Editor: Patrizio Marone / Principal Cast: Raoul Bova, Luca Bizzarri, Ricky Menphis, Barbora Bobulova, Ambra Angiolini, Paolo Kessisoglu, Anita Caprioli, Maurizio Mattioli, Luisa Ranieri, Aurora Giovinazzo / Contact: IntraMovies Jef.NUYTS@INTRAMOVIES.COM Sponsored by

THE DIRECTOR: Paolo Genovese born in Rome, 1966, has directed six features and written five of them including THE IMMATURI. During his still young career, he has won seven awards and has been nominated for four others.






November 11 - 20, 2011


hoyt houSe

Oct. 21 - Nov. 6, 2011

FBIFF Opening Night Film, November 11, 2011 6:30 PM THE PILL FBIFF Opening Night Party, November 11, 2011 9:00 PM Sliders Seaside Grill An Afternoon with Peter Ford, November 13, 2011 4:30 PM ON LOCATION: ON LOCATION: Fernandina Little Theatre Special Event November 16, 2011 7:30 PM The Golf Club of Amelia Island

January 19 - 22, 2012


November - March

FBIFF Closing Night Film, November 20, 2011 4:30 PM SILVER TONGUES FBIFF Closing Night Party, November 20, 2011 7:30 PM Omni Amelia Island Plantation Friday, November 11 6:30: THE PILL (p86)AI7 9pm: FBFF Opening Party at Sliders

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Saturday, November 12 10:30am THERE ONCE WAS.../(p93) Life Smugglers FLT 1pm Proposal/LATE BLOOMERS (p67)FLT 1:30 Pizzangrillo/IMMATURI (p61)SF 4pm Stuffer/HOMECOMING (p58)FLT 4:15 REFRACTAIRE (p88)SF 7pm Splitscreen: A Love Story/ ABOUT FIFTY (p7)AI7 7:30: Things To Do/LEADING LADIES (p68)FLT

Sunday, November 13 1:15pm North Atlantic/ZERO HOUR (p101)FLT 1:30pm ANOTHER SENSE (p31)SF 4pm Afternoon With Peter Ford (p23)FLT 4:15 FLORIDA CRACKERS (p54)SF 7pm Last Words/SILVER CASE (p91)FLT

The Amelia Island Film Society Presents The Inaugural Fernandina Beach International Film Festival Featuring FLIFF On Location



TICKETS ALL ACCESS PASS (All screenings, events, parties,seminars) $110 for AIFS Members $125 General Admission ALL SCREENINGS PASS (Access to all Films) $60 for AIFS Members $75 General Admission SINGLE TICKET $8 for AIFS Members $10 General Admission FBIFF OPENING NIGHT PARTY $30 for AIFS Members $40 General Admission SPECIAL EVENT $25 for AIFS Members $30 General Admission FBIFF CLOSING NIGHT PARTY $30 for AIFS Members $40 General Admission

Monday November 14 7pm DR LIMPTOOTH (p46)AI7 7:15 A Younger Man/DON’T FADE AWAY (p44)SF 7:30 MEHERJAAN (p76)FLT 9:30 CAIRO EXIT (p32)FLT

Friday November 18 7pm Buzz Killer/ LAST RITES OF JOE MAY (p19)AI7 7:30 Miyuki’s Bells/ EL VIEJA RODONDO (p98)FLT

Tuesday November 15 7pm MAN ON THE TRAIN (p17)AI7 7:pm ESPIRAL (p53)SF 7:30 We Shall Not/LOST AIRMAN (p70)FLT 9:30 Extinction/MISS SOUTH PACIFIC(p78)FLT

Saturday November 19 1pm GARCIA (p55)FLT 1:15 A NEW KIND OF LISTENING (p82)SF 4pm WALK A MILE IN MY PRADAS (p99)FLT 4pm Beep/ODD ONE OUT (p84)SF 7pm Bad Influences/DELHI IN A DAY (p43)FLT

Wednesday November 16 7:30 Special Event at Golf Club Thursday November 17 7:30 Kitchen Table/ADANTE (p29)FLT 7pm VAMPERIFICA (p97)AI7 9:30 Friendly Strangers/TURBINE (p96)FLT

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I want to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival and its President and CEO, Gregory von Hausch, for their friendship, support, and collaboration. Through our partnership with them, and Gregory’s herculean efforts, we are able to present a world class Festival in our beautiful home, Amelia Island. Bringing FLIFF on Location to Amelia Island has enabled us to Fast Track our Festival and take advantage of many benefits that a seasoned festival has to offer. Due to this synergy, The Fernandina Film International Film Festival will showcase a very strong line-up of films from all over the world. This will be a most welcome treasure trove, a window to the universe of avid film-goers, given the scant distribution of films that make it to Amelia Island. I am indeed proud of our programming, and the parties and seminars we have scheduled. So come and join us as we spend ten glorious days basking in all things film!

Respectfully Yours, Agustin Betancourt AIFS President 1417 Sadler Road, Suite 268 Fernandina Beach, Florida 32034 (904) 624­1145

Sunday November 20 1pm KROMOV (p66)FLT 4pm ENCORE OF TONY DURAN (p47)FLT 4:30 SILVER TONGUES (p92)AI7



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2()3%3&-3% 4(%56+ 27 8/98" Our picturesque beaches offer the serenity of real Florida. :;9"< 0/"=!!"> ! -3?o @%-?-'ABo 5-(.CDo )E The restaurants on the island are unsurpassed offering FFFD%-?-'ABo 5-(.CDo )E great seafood as well as classic cooking of the North Florida experience. Our bounty of B&B's is exquisite ­ with many homes dating back into the 1800's. Combine these memorable wonders with the film festival and you have a a fairybook escape. Join US!

Book your room at the Beautiful Hoyt House and receive the special Film Fest rate beginning at $185. 904­277­4300 63

SHOWTIMES Saturday, October 29, 6pm, Canal House – Grand Bahama Island Friday, November 11, 11:30am Cinema Paradiso







Saturday, January 21, 6pm, Flagler College Aud ­ St Augustine



SHOWTIME Sunday, October 30, 3:30pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr


“Jessie’s Dad” tells the story of Mark Lunsford’s transformation from an uneducated truck driver to a savvy activist after losing his 9­year­old daughter to a convicted pedophile. A blue­collar “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” “Jessie’s Dad” follows Mark as he visits Capitol Hill and state capitals to urge lawmakers to wise up and crack down on child predators. The film offers a behind­the­scenes look at a single father haunted by the knowledge that a child molester held his daughter within an earshot for three days. Mark channels his anger toward making a difference for all American children, pushing for the passage of Jessie’s Law, which toughens penalties against sex offenders. Recently named Best Documentary at the ITN Distribution Film & New Media Festival in Los Angeles, the film is also the winner of the Direct Cinema Outstanding Documentary Award, the CINE Special Jury Award, and a finalist for the Interna­ tional Documentary Association’s David L. Wolper Award. “Jessie’s Dad” explores the public and private personas of a complex, candid and controversial character.

SPeCiAl GueStS: Bo BoudARt PAMelA PoitieR

Bo Boudart, Bahamas / 2011 / 63 min / HDCam / English

Writer, Producer, Editor & Cinematographer: Boaz Dvir / Co­Pro­ ducer: Rebecca Goldman / Featuring: Mark Lunsford , Marc Klaas , Ed Smart , Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D­Florida , Vice President (then­Senator) Joe Biden / Contact: Boaz Dvir, 904­307­9075,

More than 50 years ago, the islands of the Bahamas were being sold to wealthy individuals. The fisheries were endangered, flamingos were being hunted to near extinction, forests were cut down, and the fisheries were being depleted. Because of educational efforts by concerned citizens and volunteers that pressured the government, a non­governmental organization, the Bahamas National Trust was formed that has created 26 national parks on 1 million acres of land and sea to protect all their marine and island species. This documentary shows the results of Bahamians’ conservation efforts­from the rich forests that shelter parrots and crabs, to the colorful reefs that nurture fish, turtles and other natural wonders.

SPeCiAl GueStS: BoAz dviR, MARK lunSFoRd

Sidney and Pamela Poitier (Sidney’s daughter) add significance to the piece. Sidney shares his love for the Bahamas and Pamela takes you through snippets of her life as she works to enhance the cultural environment for the benefit of the Bahamian people.

Sponsored by

Writer/Producer/Art Director/Cinematographer: Bo Boudart / Editor: Kristin Tiéche / Featuring: Sidney Poitier, Sylvia Earle, Eric Carey, Lynn Gape, Pamela Poitier, Peter Douglas / Contact: Sponsored by

THE DIRECTOR: Bo Boudart, project director, has written, and produced documentaries, promotional, dramatic, and educational programs for television networks including PBS, the Discovery Channel, CBC, and NHK Network. The themes of programs encompass nature, science, conser­ vation, indigenous cultures and the environment.

THE DIRECTOR: Boaz Dvir is an award­winning filmmaker of Jessie’s Dad and Discovering Gloria, which tells the story of Gloria Merriex, a highly innovative inner­city teacher in Gainesville. Dvir teaches documentary filmmaking at the University of Florida, where he also serves as the creative services director for the Lastinger Center. He’s written for New York’s Newsday, the Jerusalem Post, the St. Petersburg Times, the South Florida Sun­Sentinel, Scripps Howard’s Treasure Coast Newspapers and Explore magazine. Dvir served as editor of the Jacksonville Business Journal and managing editor of the South Florida Business Journal.

Recent projects include Oil on Ice as co­producer/director, principal videographer­ a one hour documentary on issues of energy policy, Alaska Na­ tives and conservation of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; winner, International Documentary Asso­ ciation Pare Lorentz Award, Hugo Award, International Wildlife Film Festival Best Environmental Documentary, and nominated Best Feature documentary, American Indian Film Festival.

When I started documenting Mark Lunsford’s transformation from an uneducated truck driver to an effec­ tive child­protection activist in 2007, I anticipated an emotionally grueling journey, but I had no idea how much controversy I’d capture.

Director’s Notes: This was a 3 year production effort, a cooperative effort between the Bahamas Na­ tional Trust and other Bahamian conservation groups to show not only the beauty and wildlife diversity of the Bahamas islands, but also ongoing efforts to study, educate and protect these species, whether they be flamingos, turtles, parrots, conch, lobster, crab, grouper, for the benefit of Bahamians and vis­ itors in the future. We especially hope this film will inspire others around the world to take better care of the natural resources that rely on for our own survival, since earth itself is just an island in space.


The film reveals a single father running into walls of distrust and antagonism. Frankly, I’m puzzled by the controversy that surrounds Mark. When you’re with him day and night – and I’m talking long days and late nights – you realize how obsessed he is with one thing: making the world a safer place for kids. So when people draw misinformed conclusions about his mission, I’m dumbfounded. My biggest hope is that ‘Jessie’s Dad’ stimulates discussion about the issues it raises. They’re complicated and have no simple answers. I’m looking to help open people’s eyes, not tell them what to think.



WORLD CINEMA SOUTHEAST PREMIERE FEATURE EAST COAST PREMIERE Andrey Razenkov, Russia / 2009 / 112 min / Russian w/English sub­titles WORLD PREMIERE The scene of the film’s action is gorgeous Paris in the beginning of UNITED STATES PREMIERE the XX century. The characters in the play are immigrants from Rus­ FLORIDA PREMIERE sia. The main intrigue is concentrated on the hunt for 250 millions in FESTIVAL WINNERS gold, left over in the Paris banks after the fall of the Tsar Russia. This capital is under the control of count Kromov, a former attaché of the Russian Empire in France. Nevertheless he does not consider the money is his and does not take it, which only adds to the enthusiasm of those who are eager to make their fortune in troubled times. Who will eventually come into the possession of this wealth? How will this gold change the life of count Kromov? Magnificent Parisian interiors, carefully considered costumes and the wonderful acting of celebrated Russian and Soviet actors make the film a real standout. Principal Cast: Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Kseniya Kutepova, Amaliya Mordvinova, Michail Gorevoy, Andrey Rudenskiy, Juriy Stepanov, Igor Gordin, Albert Filozov, Sergey Jushkevich, Ekaterina Vasilyeva / Con­ tact: Marina Maltseva, Deputy Director, Vagaev Filmproduktion GmbH, 49(0) 1626 5722 69 www.vagaev­

SHOWTIMES Sunday, October 23, 6pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Sponsored by Saturday, October 29, 3pm, Cinema Paradiso Sunday November 20, 1pm, Fernandina Little Theatre

S o u t h F l o r i d a ’s P r e m i e r Lifestyle Magazine Group

SHOWTIMES Tuesday, October 25, 2pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Wednesday, October 26, 6pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Sunday, October 30, 1:45pm, Canal House – Grand Bahama Island





Friday, October 28, 6:15pm, Cinema Paradiso Sunday, October 30, 7pm, Muvico Pompano Saturday, November 12,1pm, Fernandina Little Theatre Sunday, January 22, 7:30pm, Flagler College Aud ­ St Augustine

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Julie Gavras EAST COAST PREMIERE France­Belgium­UK / 2011 / 90 min / English WORLD PREMIERE UNITED STATES PREMIERE Mary (Isabella Rossellini) and Adam (William Hurt) have been married for FLORIDA PREMIERE over thirty years; they have spent more FESTIVAL WINNERS than half their lives together. It seems as though Adam and Mary have enjoyed and endured all of life’s ups and downs, but gradually, certain irritations begin to creep into their lives and both are obliged to acknowledge that the years are now taking their toll. Their children have also noticed their parents’ prob­ lems and would dearly like to repair their marriage but soon realize that any inter­ vention from afar is fruitless. A quiet study of keeping a marriage fresh and gracefully growing old together. Director: Julie Gavras / Writers: Julie Gavras, Oliver Dazat / Producers: Sylvie Pielat, Bertrand Faivre / Editor: Pierre Haberer / Principal Cast: William Hurt, Isabella Rossellini, Joanna Lumley, Simon Callow / Contact:

Sponsored by

Bob Kagan & Bonnie Barnett

Proudly Supporting the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival


For Advertising Information call (954) 217-1165


THE DIRECTOR: Julie Gavras is a director, writer and actress. She has appeared in LE COUPERET (the Axe) and EDEN IS WEST. In addition to directing and writing LATE BLOOMERS, Ms Gavras also directed and wrote BLAME IT ON FIDEL and directed the documentary The Pirate, the Wizard, the Thief and the Chil­ dren. She has also worked as an Assistant Director and Dialogue Coach. She is the daughter of famed director Costas Gavras.






Sunday, November 6, 3:30pm, The Manor Wednesday, November 9, 9pm, Cinema Paradiso Saturday, November 12, 7:30pm, Fernandina Little Theatre Daniel Beahm and Erika Randall Beahm USA / 2010 / 102 min / English


An overbearing ballroom stage mother and her two daughters must re­ define their roles in life and on the dance floor as each learns to "Let Love Lead.™" The Camparis are a family of women in which everyone knows her place. Sheri is the larger­than­life, overbearing stage mom. Once a young and beautiful ballroom champion, Sheri now lives vicariously through her youngest daughter Tasi, the darling of the local amateur ballroom circuit. Sheri’s oldest daughter, Toni, is Tasi’s practice partner, the wallflower who must quietly support them all. The only consistent man in the life of the Campari women is Cedric, Tasi’s dance partner and Toni’s best friend. Find out what happens to each as they reexamine their roles in modern life and on the dance floor and learn to "Let Love Lead”. Writer: Erika Randall Beahm / Producer: Daniel Beahm / Art Director: Daniel Beahm, Dan Leisure, Miguel Soria / Editor: Daniel Beahm / Cinematog­ rapher: Peter Biagi / Principal Cast: Melanie LaP­ atin, Benji Schwimmer, Laurel Vail, Shannon Lea Smith, Nicole Dionne / Contact: info@LeadingLad­ SPeCiAl GueStS: dAniel BeAhM And eRiKA RAndAll BeAhM

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Monday, October 24, 8pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Tuesday, October 25, 6:30pm, Cinema Paradiso DOCUMENTARY SOUTHEASTSaturday, PREMIERE October 29, 10:15am, CanalPREMIERE House – Grand Bahama Island EAST COAST


WORLD PREMIERE Scott Cardinal, USA / 2011 PREMIERE / 108 min / English UNITED STATES It is reasonable to assume that, throughout the world, TV FLORIDA PREMIERE viewers of all ages have seen at least one or more of the hun­ FESTIVAL WINNERS dreds of TV shows and movies that Ivan Tors wrote, Pro­ duced and/or Directed. At the peak of his fame, and for years after, the name Ivan Tors’ was associated with animals, sci­ ence drama, and adventure. Tors was the brilliant Creator of SCIENCE FICTION THEATER, which was the world’s first successful syndicated TV series. The program concentrated on such concepts as space flight, robots, telepathy, flying saucers, time travel, and the intervention of ex­ traterrestrials in human affairs. In 1958 Ivan Tors Created and Produced Sea Hunt which was the first television series that centered on underwater adventures and brought skin diving to the public's attention and inspired incredible interest in the sport. Ivan also Created and Produced feature films and TV shows with such memorable titles as: FLIPPER, GENTLE GIANT, DAKTARI, A COWBOY IN AFRICA, CLARENCE THE CROSS­ EYED LION, NAMU THE KILLER WHALE, and HELLO DOWN THERE (about a family living in an underwater home), and more. As a result, Tors carved a special niche for himself in the history of Hollywood cinema. Africa, USA, the largest animal location site, was one of Ivan’s enterprises, as well as the IVAN TORS STUDIOS in Miami. This facility firmly established the film industry in South Florida. “The Legend Of Ivan Tors” showcases the incredible career of this screenwriter at Columbia Pictures who became an anti­vi­ olence and animal rights maverick, zoologist, and adventurer. He also almost single­handedly established the South Florida film industry and changed the way non­human animals were treated in the entertainment industry. While doing so, he became a leading producer of successful family films and TV programs which marked a specific Tors’ style which reflected his sense of mission that traded sex and violence in film and TV for whole­ some entertainment that also dramatically argued the case for wildlife conservation, compassion for all animals, and a wide range of humanistic causes.

Producer: Scott Cardinal, Lenny Rabinowitz, Dawn Black / Ex­ ecutive Producer: Desiree Mufson / Co­Producer: David Tors / Camera: Jennifer Hahn, Jeremy Settles, Douglas Mills, George Mikhail, Jeff Dean / Editor: Lenny Rabinowitz / Audio Recordist: Kristina Siska / Featuring: Dave Tors, Bill Grefe, Ricou Brown­ SPeCiAl GueStS: ing, Larry King, Joe Dante, Joe Franklin, Clint Howard, John SCott CARdinAl, Sayles, David MacCallum, Arnie Kogen, Big John, Rance RiCou BRoWninG, Howard, Ric O’Berry, Jordan Klein, Zale Parry / Contact: Cardi­ BiG John THE DIRECTOR: Scott Cardinal is an Investigative Journalist, Producer, Director, Screenwriter and Playwright. He is the owner and operator of the Campfire Network ­ a full­service marketing, advertising, production and publishing company. His company produces feature­films, documentaries, commercials, videos, and web se­ ries. Most of his personal projects shine a spotlight on subjects associated non­human animal adoption, intel­ ligence, liberation, rescue and welfare. Mr. Cardinal is presently developing film, TV, publishing and video projects for talk show legend Joe Franklin. His screenplay The Sea Dragon of Loch Ness is based on an original storyline and script by John Sayles and Ivan Tors and is currently in development with MGM.



SHOWTIMES Monday, October 31, 3pm, Muvico Pompano Sunday, November 6, 3pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Friday, November 11, 3:45pm, Cinema Paradiso





SPeCiAl GueSt: MiKe doRSey


Friday, January 20, 2pm, Gamache Koger ­ St Augustine

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Mike Dorsey EAST COAST PREMIERE USA / 2011 / 117 min / HDCam / WORLD PREMIERE English Lost Airmen ofSTATES BuchenwaldPREMIERE is a doc­ UNITED umentary that chronicles the little­ FLORIDA known story PREMIERE of Allied airmen imprisoned at theWINNERS Buchenwald Con­ FESTIVAL centration Camp in the waning months of World War II. Hearing the stories of the heroes that lived it, from their own lips is fascinating.

In the summer of 1944, 168 airmen from the US, England, Canada and other Allied countries were captured in Paris by the German Gestapo and sent to the infamous "Koncen­ tration Lager Buchenwald" in Ger­ many. Falsely accused of being "terrorists and saboteurs," the air­ men faced a terrifying fight for sur­ vival and a race against time to escape their execution. A controversial moment in history that their home countries tried to hush­up, Lost Airmen of Buchenwald tells this harrowing story through interviews with seven surviving members of the group, including their heroic commanding officer. The film follows them from their days hiding with the French Resistance to the darkest corners of the Holocaust, where they struggled to survive as Germany collapsed under the weight of the advancing Russian and Allied armies. Writers: Mike Dorsey, Gerald Baron / Producers: Mike Dorsey, Gerald Baron, Frank Imhof, Duane McNett / Editor: Mike Dorsey / Cinematog­ rapher: Chris Baron / Featuring: Joe Moser, E.C. Freeman, Ed Carter­Edwards, Chasten Bowen, Don Shearer, James Stewart, Phil Lamason / Contact: Mike Dorsey




SHOWTIMES Sunday, October 23, 2pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Sunday, October 30, 3pm, Cinema Paradiso Sunday, November 6, 1pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Nattiv EAST COAST PREMIERE Guy Israel / 2011 / 100 min / Hebrew w/English sub­titles WORLD PREMIERE Everything in Yoni’s (Yoav Rotman) life is complicated. UNITED STATES PREMIERE He’s almost 13, a gifted student, but physically unde­ veloped and desperate to change that before his up­ FLORIDA PREMIERE and­coming Bar Mitzvah. He’s selling his homework so FESTIVAL WINNERS that he can buy a bodybuilding “wonder powder”. Every night, Yoni does pull ups with heavy weights tied to his legs and he’s trying to find a way to deepen his voice so that the class bullies will stop calling him Helium. On the eve of his Bar Mitzvah, Yoni has no choice but to “become a man” when he’s faced with the unex­ pected return of his autistic brother who he has not seen for almost a decade. Tomer (Michael Moshonov), 17, has been hidden away in an institution which is about to be shut down. His sudden arrival not only turns Yoni’s life upside down, but also shakes the al­ ready unstable foundations of the entire Roshko family. Writers: Noa Berman­Herzberg & Guy Nattiv / Producers: Daniel Baur, Ina Fichman, Tami Leon, Chilik Michaeli, Avraham Pirchi, David Silber, Oliver Simon / Cinematographer: Philippe Lavalette / Editor: Tali Helter­Shenkar / Production Designer: Yoel Herzberg / Principal Cast: Shmil Ben Ari Yakov Cohen, Ronit Elkabetz, Lana Et­ tinger, Tzahi Grad, Yotam Ishay, Michael Moshonov, Yoav Rotman, Danny Steg, Yoram Toledano, Esti Zakheim / Contact: Lauren Acton, United Channels Movies, Tel Aviv, lauren@ucm­

THE DIRECTOR; Mike Dorsey is the Senior Director of Production & Programming for the Outdoor Channel, where he oversees production of the network's original programming slate. As a filmmaker, Dorsey produced, directed and edited two documentaries, The Six Degrees of Helter Skelter, retracing the footsteps of members of the Manson Family during their infamous summer of murder in 1969, and one on Hollywood history titled Dearly Departed. Most aren't aware that Allied military officers were imprisoned inside some of Germany's most notorious concentration camps. However, I grew up with the story about the airmen in Buchenwald because one of their members was a pilot named E.C. "Easy" Freeman, my grandfather. Over the years, his story would unfold in bits and pieces, over a bottle of wine or during a commercial while watching baseball on TV. I came to realized the true uniqueness of what happened to my grandfather and the rest of the 168 Allied airmen in Buchenwald, and why their story was such an important one to tell. Their rights under the Geneva Convention were sidelined on a technicality: according to the Gestapo, they were hiding with French Resistance groups when they were arrested, and no longer deserved recognition as POWs. As military officers, they gained a unique perspective for a story more commonly told from the vantage point of the civilian prisoners. Back home, their countrymen refused to believe their stories. In short time, most of them learned not to talk about it. As P-38 fighter pilot Joe Moser recalled, his silence would last for nearly 40-years -even his own children didn't know what he had been through. Every airman we interviewed held a different piece of the puzzle revealing why their group was sent to Buchenwald and how they were able to survive. The more we dug, the more incredible the story became. They fought-off disease and formed alliances with Buchenwald's underground groups. They plotted uprisings and kept each other alive. Mike Dorsey


THE DIRECTOR: Guy Nattiv was born in 1973 in Tel Aviv, Israel, where he currently resides. He graduated from the film & television department of the «Camera Obscura» School of Arts, Tel Aviv in 2002. His films, MABUL (short), Strangers & Offside (co­written & co­directed with Erez Tadmor) have received over 20 awards at international film festivals including The Crystal Bear at Berlin and Best Short at Sundance. His debut film, Strangers (co­written & co­directed with Erez Tadmor), has won international acclaim and par­ ticipated in the 2008 official selection competition at Sundance Film Festival, Tribeca and others. MABUL won Best Film at the Haifa International Film Festival and an Israeli Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. He is currently preparing his third feature Son of God (with co­director Erez Tadmor) to be shot in Poland in 2011. We have the biblical «Tale of Noah» that our story is constantly connecting and disconnecting from. MABUL contains many of the original story ingredients for this tale, but it reverses their meaning and morals; our righteous man is autistic, our animals are worms and ants, our boat is a dangerous trap instead of a rescue and our sinners aren’t punished, but get a chance for forgiveness. Our family is indeed trapped on a rickety boat, floating on stormy waters, but it is saved only after it nearly drowns. Noa Berman­Herzberg & Guy Nattiv


SHOWTIMES Friday, October 28, 7pm, Muvico Pompano Saturday, October 29, 1:30pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr










SHOWTIME Wednesday, October 26, 8:30pm, Cinema Paradiso


Sean Durkin, USA / 2011 / 120 min / 35mm / English Gemma Atwal India­UK­USA / 2010 / 99 min / HDCam / English & Oriyan w/English sub­titles This dynamic epic follows four­year­old Budhia, rescued from poverty by Biranchi Das, a larger­than­life judo coach and operator of an or­ phanage for slum children in the eastern Indian state of Orissa. When Budhia displays an uncommon talent for long­distance running, Biranchi nurtures his gift, heralding him as a folk hero for the impoverished masses, and maybe even for India itself. But after golden child Budhia breaks down during a world­record 65 kilometer run at the age of four, public opinion begins to turn on the guru and his disciple, and soon the two are swept up in a maelstrom of media controversy and political scandal. Following Budhia's roller­coaster journey over five years, Marathon Boy is a Dickensian tale of greed, corruption, and broken dreams set be­ tween the heart­racing world of marathon running, the poverty­stricken slums, and the political intrigue of a modernizing India. Nothing is what it seems in Budhia and Biranchi's riveting story, and Atwal continually shifts viewer identification to tell both a shocking story of opportunism and exploitation, but also a touching portrait of an authentic bond between a parent and child.

MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE stars Elizabeth Olsen as Martha, a damaged woman haunted by painful memories and increasing paranoia, who struggles to re­assimilate with her family after fleeing a cult. MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE begins with the title character Martha’s escape from a cult; the audience isn’t given any information about this. We simply see her sneak out of a house, but we can tell that something is amiss there. The house looks to be in a rural area, and we can clearly see the room she got out from is full of women sleeping in the same area. Once Martha has managed to get away, she is reunited with her sister. This is where things start to become worrisome, as Martha fears for her safety and she recalls the past two years of her life within the cult. This film completely floored me, as it did with the entire Melbourne Film Festival audience. Normally, films get some sort of reaction at a film festival, applause or a round of boo’s. MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE got neither, the entire audience sat silently as the credits rolled and no one really began to move for quite some time. This is the power of the film, one so realistic, and one so shocking and engaging, that you don’t want it to end. Then when it does, you just want to hit the rewind button, see it again and ponder the film all over again. Marcey Papandrea, JoBlo Movie Network Writer: Sean Durkin / Producers: Antonio Campos, Patrick Cunningham, Chris Maybach, Josh Mond / Cinematographer: Jody Lee Lipes / Editor: Zachary Stuart­Pontier / Principal Cast: Elizabeth Olsen, Sarah Paulson, John Hawkes, Hugh Dancy, Brady Corbet / Contact: Fox Searchlight

Winner of Golden Rock Award for Best Documentary at Little Rock Film Festival and Winner of Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary at Rhode Island International Film Festiva/ Producer: Gemma Atwal & Matt Norman / Editor: Peter Haddon / Cinematographer: Matt Norman / Principal Cast: Budhia Singh & Biranchi Das / Contact: (Sales) Patrick Roberts (t) 00 44 (0)20 7494 5814; Josh Braun, (t) 001 212 625 1410 (North America)

THE DIRECTOR: Gemma has worked as a freelance director and producer on a variety of UK factual and observational documentaries. Prior to documentary work, Gemma spent four years working as a journalist in Africa, South­East Asia and Europe for the NOA Media Group of Companies in Madrid. She also gained experience in radio broadcasting, initially training through the BBC and later working for Nigerian State Radio as an on­air reporter.

THE DIRECTOR: Sean Durkin as a Producer, nominated at the Gotham Awards for Best Film Not Playing in a Theatre By You and Independent Spirit Award for AFTERSCHOOL (2008). Won for Best Director for MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. “Elizabeth Olsen stars as the multi-named lead," blogs Mark Elijah Rosenberg for Rooftop Films. "In a curious parallel, Olsen also stars in another Sundance selection, Silent House, there also playing a dangerously disturbed woman. The actress has the unsettling ability to appear one second as an adult seductress, a flash later as an innocent child — fitting for these two films about sexual power dynamics and psychology. Like Silent House, MMMM is stylistically ingenious and genuinely frightening, but Durkin's film also delves into profound philosophical inquiry." "Olsen has an instant screen charisma and it's hard to not see her joining Jennifer Lawrence and Carey Mulligan as the industry's favorite new ingenues," suggests Gregory Ellwood at HitFix. "Olsen ably juggles this tricky role, which depends so heavily on the character's between-the-lines personal history," agrees Variety's Peter Debruge. "The younger sibling of the millionaire Olsen twins, she has Maggie Gyllenhaal's soulful ease and saucer eyes, as well as Angelina Jolie's husky voice and bee-stung lips. Among the other cast members, Funny Games star Brady Corbet (a creepy carryover from the short) continues his drift to the dark side."

Gemma has an MSc (Distinction) in International Human Rights Law and a Double First Class Honours degree in Literature & Politics. Gemma is co­partner in One Horse Town Productions.



SHOWTIMES Friday, October 21, 2pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Friday, November 4, 3pm, Muvico Pompano







SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Napier EAST COAST PREMIERE Andrew USA / 2011 / 49 min / HDCam / English WORLD PREMIERE Mary and Bill is a feature length documentary about UNITED STATES PREMIERE Mary Stroebe, a 90­year­old triathlete, and Bill Wambach, an 83­year­old high jumper. Bill holds the FLORIDA PREMIERE national record in his age bracket and was also named FESTIVAL WINNERS "Male Athlete of the Year" by the National Congress of



CINEMA Sunday, October 30, 5:30pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Wednesday, November 2, 2pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Thursday, November 3, 7pm, Cinema Paradiso


State Games. Mary appeared on the Regis and Kelly Show and received a "Relly award." The film follows Mary and Bill immediately after they experience health related problems. Mary just broke her leg while down hill skiing and Bill, who smoked for 45 years, is recovering from a heart attack. Despite these physical ailments, both decide to train and com­ pete in their respective events. Mary hopes to com­ plete the Lifetime Fitness triathlon and Bill will attempt to win the National Senior Olympics. Through their amazing commitment, both Mary and Bill prove that age is just a number. Writer: Andrew Napier / Producer: Andrew Napier & Jesse Mursky­Fuller / Editor: Andrew Napier / Cine­ matographer: Andrew Napier / Featuring: Mary Stroebe, Bill Wambach / Contact: Andrew Napier

THE DIRECTOR: Andrew Napier is a 22­year­old film­ maker and a director/producer for the popular online news and entertainment show, The Young Turks. Filmmaking captured his heart at the age of nine when he learned how to edit video on his home computer. Through middle school and high school Andrew ran a video production business, but ultimately became more interested in story telling. At 17, as a senior in high school, Andrew began filming Mary Stroebe and Bill Wambach. For three years he followed them around in order to document their extraordinary lives. After two ad­ ditional years of editing and post production, Andrew is excited to be able to finally share the incredible story of Mary and Bill. Before I started filming "Mary and Bill," I had done a number of triathlons myself. At the events I would see professionals finish in record-breaking times, and I'd think, "I could never do that." They didn't inspire me, if anything it was discouraging. It wasn't until I opened up the newspaper one day and read about Mary, a 90-year-old woman who was completing the same triathlons that I was doing. On the same page of the newspaper was another article about an 83-year-old man named Bill who had set the national high jump record. After reading their articles, I thought, "these are the people that inspire me," and I felt that their story could also inspire other people of all ages all over the world. I had a need to explore their story in greater depth, figure out why they were able to do what they do, and share it with everyone. I called them both that day, packed my camera, and drove to Madison, Wisconsin to begin filming what would turn out to be a five year long journey in discovering the key to being active and happy throughout one's entire life. Andrew Napier


Avi Nesher Israel / 2011 / 112 min / Hebrew w/English sub­titles Arik, a teenage boy growing up in Haifa in 1968, gets a job working for Yankele Bride, a matchmaker. Yankele, a mysterious Holocaust survivor, has an office in back of a movie theater that shows only love stories, run by a family of seven Romanian dwarves in the seedy area by the port. Yankele introduces Arik to a new world, built on the ruins of an old one. As Arik begins to learn the mysteries of the human heart through his work with Yankele, he falls in love with Tamara, his friend Beni's cousin. Tamara has just returned from America and is full of talk of women's rights, free love and rock and roll. The disparate parts of Arik's life collide in unexpected, often funny and very moving ways as he lives through a summer that changes him forever. Avi Nesher's latest film mixes comedy with drama as it tells a coming­of­age story unlike any you've ever seen before. Writer: Avi Nesher / Producer Moshe Edery, Leon Edery, Avraham Pirchi, David Silber, Chilik Michaeli, Avi Nesher, Tami Leon, Natan Caspi / Director of Photography: Michele Abramowicz A.F.C. / Editor: Isaac Sehayek / Original Score: Philippe Sarde / Principal Cast: Adir Miller, Maya Dagan, Tuval Shafir, Dror Keren, Dov Navon / Contact: Menemsha Films THE DIRECTOR: Avi Nesher was born and raised in Ramat Gan, Israel. The child of a Romanian­born diplomat, and a mother who came from Russia. In 1965, he moved with his family to the United States. He graduated high school at sixteen and studied international relations at Columbia University. In 1971, he returned to Israel and served in the IDF elite special forces unit Sayeret Matkal.In 1978, Nesher directed and produced his first film, "HaLahaka" (Hebrew: "‫"הקהלה‬, lit. "The Band"), which depicted an army entertainment troupe similar to the Nahal troupe (‫)ל"חנה תקהל‬. The film stars many of the leading actors and singers of that era, including Gidi Gov, Gali Atari, Sassi Keshet and Heli Goldenberg, most of whom served in military entertainment troupes themselves. The film was a commercial success in Israel (600,000 viewers) and gained cult film status. The movie production, accompanied by the composer Yair Rosenblum, who was musical director of the Nahal Military Group and composed the songs the band also appear in the film.


SHOWTIMES Thursday, November 3, 2pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Friday, November 4, 5:30pm, Cinema Paradiso






Rubaiyat Hossain Bangladesh / 2011 / 119 min / 35mm / English and Benglai & Urdu w/English sub­titles In 1971, during Bangladesh’s war of independence, Meher falls in love with a soldier from the enemy side. When her love is discovered, she is shamed and silenced by her family and society. Today 38 years after the war, Meher has a visitor she cannot turn down. Sarah—a ‘war­child,’ Meher’s cousin Neela’s daughter, who was given away for adoption has come back to piece together her past. Together, these two women must re­tell history through their stories in order to cut through the stigmas and walk into light. Writer: Rubaiyat Hossain / Producer: Ashique Mostafa / Art Director: Mashuk Helal, Tansina Shawon / Editor: Mita Chakraborty / Cinematog­ rapher: Samiran Datta / Principal Cast: Jaya Bachchan, Victor Banerjee, Omar Rahim, Shayna Amin / Contact: Era Motion Pictures, UTC Tower, 8 Pantha Path, Dhaka 1215, Bangladesh +88­02­8154124,, THE DIRECTOR; Rubaiyat Hossain is an interdisciplinary researcher. She has completed her B. A. in Women Studies from Smith College, M. A. in South Asian Studies from University of Pennsylvania, and M. A. in Study of Religion (Islam) from University of London. In 2002 Rubaiyat obtained a diploma in Film Direction from New York Film Academy. Her primary fields of interest are Sufism, Bengali nationalism, formation of Bengali moder­ nity and its correlation with female sexuality. A war is always made into a glorious narrative with certain male heros and villains. Women mostly appear as sacrificing creatures, mother and sisters who bravely let go of their men for the cause of the nation. Women also appear synonymous to the landscape, ready to be raped, plundered, and give their lives and izzat or chastity for the cause of the nation. The purpose of Meherjaan is to break the glorious narrative of national history and open up a modest avenue to explore perhaps, not only one or two, but multiple narratives of war. Perhaps, the story of death, violence, trauma and loss can be best told veiled in love and romance. In her writing about Korean comfort women’s sexual slavery during World War II, author Noeleen Heyzer offers an ‘aesthetic solution’ to overcome history of violence. She suggests that we look beyond feminist studies for a “more powerful power,” a “power” which is “life sustaining, liberating, and transforming.” I believe love and compassion is that “power.” As the world plunges into unlimited war and terror, there is a necessity to look outside the masculine ideology of nationstate and violence, to look for a feminine life sustaining language that is related to nature, absolute beauty and love. With Meherjaan’s saga of love, we intend to instigate a process of healing the unattended wounds of 1971 war by bringing out the inaudible voices of history. Rubaiyat Hossain




Thursday, November 3, 6pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Saturday, November 5, 6pm, Cinema Paradiso Sunday, November 6, 7pm, Muvico Pompano




Sunday Nov. 13, 4pm, Daytona Beach News Journal Saturday, November 19, 7:30pm, Surf Station (Free Outdoor Sunrise Civic Ctrreening) Sunday, January 22, Noon, Gamache Koger ­ St Augustine

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE EAST COAST PREMIERE Rastovich and former HOME AWAY star Lucas, daring swim into WORLD PREMIERE the dolphin killing cove in Talji which was stained red from the blood marine mammals...resulted in warrants for their arrest. UNITED STATESofPREMIERE FLORIDA PREMIERE FESTIVAL WINNERS

Justin Krumb, USA / 2011 / 85 min / HDCam / English Minds In The Water is a feature­length documentary following the quest of professional surfer Dave Rastovich and his friends to protect dolphins, whales and the oceans they all share. Through Dave's journey—a five­ year adventure spanning the globe from Australia to the Galapagos, Tonga, California, Alaska and Japan—we see one surfer’s quest to ac­ tivate his community to help protect the ocean and it’s inhabitants. Writer: Steve Barilotti / Producers: Justin Krumb, Dave Rastovich, Jonny Vasic / Co­Executive Producers: Steve Perry, Kosta Vasic / Executive Pro­ ducers: Justin Krumb, Milan Vasic, Jonny Vasic / Editor: Troy Page, Justin Krumb / Cinematography: Bali Strickland, Justin Krumb, Rob DaFoe, Troy Page / Featuring: Dave Rastovich, Howie Cooke, Chris Del Moro, Hannah Fraser, Will Conner, Ash Grundwald, Jack Johnson, Isabel Lucas, Rick O’Barry, Hayden Panettiere, Joel Parkinson, Louie Psihoyos, Kelly Slater, Xavier Rudd, Paul Watson / Contact: Jonny Vasic THE DIRECTOR: Emmy Award winning filmmaker Justin Krumb is the founder and president of The Saltwater Collective and RoughCuts Produc­ tions (RCP) and a producer­director with a focus on feature documentary and television production. For well over a decade Justin has worked on a va­ riety of documentary and commercial projects in countless countries span­ ning the globe, ranging in subject matter from sports documentary and adventure travel to humanitarian and environmental issues. His television and docu­ mentary credits include The ESPN X­games, The Surfer’s Journal, First Hand, Wave of Compassion and The Next Wave: A Tsunami Relief Story. As a multi­faceted producer, Justin’s work has been shown on Fox, ESPN, Outdoor Life Network, Fuel TV, Speed Vision, National Geographic TV and PBS. Sponsored by

Teri & Brian Pattullo

Monthly,, local, occasionally fantastic Subscribe free at 77

SHOWTIMES Sunday, October 23, 4:15pm, Cinema Paradiso Friday, October 28, 2pm, Canal House – Grand Bahama Island Tuesday November 15, 9:30pm Fernandina Little Theatre




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MISS SOUTH PACIFIC: Beauty and the Sea





SHOWTIMES Thursday, November 3, 9pm, Cinema Paradiso Wednesday, November 9, 7:30pm, Cinema Paradiso

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Martin Sastre EAST PREMIERE Uruguay COAST / 2010 / 90 min / DigiBeta / Spanish w/English sub­titles WORLD PREMIERE UNITED A young girlSTATES who grew­upPREMIERE under the influence of Flashdance is looking for her FLORIDA PREMIEREfame via a television contest. Maybe she could escape her boring life be­ FESTIVAL WINNERS tween a Christian theme park and a small village at the end of the world. Where’s there’s hope...there’s a way... A hilarious musical with all telenovelas, TV reality and religious cliché possible! Featuring South American star Natalia Oreiro together with Rossy de Palma.

Mary Lambert USA ­Fiji / 2011 / 40 min / DigiBeta / English What does a beauty pageant in Suva, Fiji have to do with climate change? Quite a lot, as it turns out. 'Miss South Pacific: Beauty and the Sea' is a short documentary film about the 2009­2010 Miss South Pacific Pageant that brought contestants, or Queens, from all the major Pacific Island Nations to compete in a week long pageant for the crown of Miss South Pacific. Addressing the theme of Climate Change and its impact on Pacific Island countries, the Queens eloquently and passionately implore judges, spectators, and the world at large to reduce global carbon emission lest their island homes will be lost to rising seas. Is it too late to turn back the tide? Watch Miss South Pacific and see.

Screenplay: Martin Sastre based on the novel by Dani Umpi / Producer: Oscar Marcos Azar / Original Music: Ignacio Peres Marin / Cinematography: Pedro Luque / Editor: Sebastian Dube / Art Director: Gonzalo Del­ gado / Principal Cast: Natalia Oreiro, Mirella Pascual, Mike Amigorena, Diego Reinhold, Rossy De Palma, Alejandro Tous, Jeannette Rodríguez, Melina Petriella, Julieta Petriella, Sofía Silvera, Mateo Capo, Leonor Courtoisie, Mónica Villa, Boris Bakst, Graciela Borges, Ale Sergi, Ema Pratto, María Pía Pratto, Læti­ tia d'Arenberg, Sofía Etcheverry / Contact: Philippe Tasca Rendezvous Pictures p.tasca@rendezvouspic­

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Writers: Mary Lambert & Teresa Tico / Producer: Teresa Tico / Art Director: Gage Ullman / Editor: Michelle Harrison / Cinematographers: Laurie Gilbert, Guy Livneh, Jeff DePonte, Lauren Calhoun, Rita Peeters, Mary Lambert, Teresa Tico / Featuring: Merewalesi Nailatikau, Paea Williams, Antonnia Singut, William McGoon / Contact: Teresa Tico, Kauai Girl Productions, P.O. Box 220, Hanalei, HI 96714;; (808) 826­4200 THE DIRECTOR: Mary Lambert has directed music videos, TV episodes, features and documentary films. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a B.F.A. Lambert directed Chris Isaak's "Dancin'" and Janet Jackson's "Nasty" and "Control" along with music videos for Annie Lennox, Mick Jagger, The Go­Go's, Whitney Houston, Alison Krauss, Live, Mötley Crüe, Sting, Debbie Harry, Tom Tom Club, and Madonna's "Borderline", "Like a Virgin", "Material Girl", "La Isla Bonita", and "Like a Prayer". In 1987 she released her debut feature, the stylish and controversial Siesta, starring Ellen Barkin and Jodie Foster. It was nominated for the IFP Spirit Award for best first feature. She is known to horror fans for directing the 1989 adaptation of Stephen King's novel Pet Sematary and its sequel, Pet Sematary II. In 2011 Lambert worked as director on the 2011 Mega Python vs. Gatoroid.


THE DIRECTOR: Sastre was born in the British Hospital of Montevideo and has Romanian, Basque, French and Russian ancestry. He grew up in Montevideo, Uruguay and started to study cinema at the early age of 8. He is the eldest brother of three children, a sister Maria Eugenia and brother Federico, among other members of his family, are regularly featuring in his early artwork.

In 2007, Lambert turned her attention to documentary filmmaking with “14 Women,” examining the lives and motivations of women senators in the U.S. Congress. Currently, she is directing a film for PBS about the impact of declining fisheries on indigenous fishermen in the Pacific.

In 2002 he moved to Madrid, granted by Fundación Carolina of the government of Spain. One of his best­known early video­works is the Iberoamerican Trilogy formed by Videoart: The Iberoamerican Legend, Montevideo: The Dark Side of the Pop and Bolivia 3: Confederation Next.

Creatively, “MISS SOUTH PACIFIC; Beauty and the Sea” is a perfect example of collaboration between myself and producer Teri Tico. Teri's vision and her dedication to preserving the environment of the South Pacific were the inspiration for our film. I brought my storytelling skills to the project along with a desire to reveal the amazing characters that are such an important part of the story of the pageant. Every one of our queens is a story in her own right and the three young women we feature is each an icon representing young womanhood and the future of the South Pacific. Mr. McGoon, as the powerful male scion, is a wonderful example of the strength of family ties and traditional ways going back generations. His story prompted a contestant to write the speech that won her the crown of Miss South Pacific. Mary Lambert

In 2003 Sastre set up the Martin Sastre Foundation for the Super Poor Art with the slogan, "Adopt a Latin American Artist". The Foundation has at its heart the opportunity to sponsor artists from the periphery who normally do not have the economic means to access international circuits. In 2004 he won the First Prize for Young Artist at Madrid's highly prestigious ARCO Art Fair by the Madrid City Council. This same year his work Bolivia 3: Confederation Next, where a cartoon version of Sastre fights U.S. Artist Matthew Barney, was selected for the National representation of Uruguay in the São Paulo Biennial.


SHOWTIMES Saturday, October 29,1pm, Muvico Pompano Sunday, October 30, 5pm, Cinema Paradiso Sunday, November 6, 5pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr





MONTEVIDEO – Taste of a Dream





SHOWTIME Saturday, October 22, 2pm, Bailey Hall


Dragan Bjelogrlic Serbia / 2011 / 140 min / 35mm / Serbian w/English sub­titles Belgrade, spring of 1930… Tirke is a boy from Čubura that is forced to choose between a factory job and football. After a series of tough decisions, he stays faithful to his true love – football. Back in the days, you couldn’t earn a living by playing football – but you could live for football. In Belgrade, only Moša Mar­ janović gets paId for every goal he makes, but that’s only Moša… At the same time, an official letter of invitation arrives at the address of the National Football Association stating that the team has been invited to compete in the First World Football Championship that is to be held in the summer of 1930 in Montevideo. The choice of engineer Boško Simonović as team coach is being ridiculed and mocked by the public and earns him the nickname Boža Dunst (amateur). The team practice kicks off and Bosko must prepare a team that nobody is giving any chances. Writer: Srdjan Dragojevic / Producer: Dejan Petrovic / Art Director: Nemanja Petrovic / Editor: Marko Glusac / Cinematographer: Goran Volarevic Principal Cast:: Milos Bikovic, Petar Strugar, Nina Jankovic, Danina Jeftic, Vojin Cetkovic, Viktor Savic, Milutin Mima Karadzic, Branimir Brstina Contact: Marina Lesic, MONTEVIDEO PROJECT, Njegoseva 23, 11000 Belgrade,Serbia, Cell: +381 64 1230 882, Tel: +381 11 242 1443, Fax: +381 11 242 1498,

THE DIRECTOR: Dragan Bjelogrlic (b.1963) is an internationally acclaimed and award winning Serbian actor, with memorable roles in more than 40 feature films and 20 TV series. In 1996 together with his brother Goran he started a production company Cobra Films and since pro­ duced numerous projects, some of which were awarded with prestigious international awards. Feature films Pretty Village, Pretty Flame (1996) and The Wounds (1999) by Srdjan Dragojevic are most rec­ ognized, as well as TV series The Storks Will Return (2007) by Goran Gajic.

Simon Curtis, UK / 2011 / 96 min / DCP / English In the early summer of 1956, 23 year­old Colin Clark (Eddie Redmayne), just down from Oxford and determined to make his way in the film busi­ ness, worked as a lowly assistant on the set of ‘The Prince and the Showgirl’. The film that famously united Sir Laurence Olivier (Kenneth Branagh) and Marilyn Monroe (Michelle Williams), who was also on honeymoon with her new husband, the playwright Arthur Miller (Dougray Scott). Nearly 40 years on, his diary account The Prince, the Showgirl and Me was published, but one week was missing and this was published some years later as My Week with Marilyn – this is the story of that week. When Arthur Miller leaves England, the coast is clear for Colin to introduce Marilyn to some of the pleasures of British life; an idyllic week in which he escorted a Monroe desperate to get away from her retinue of Hollywood hangers­on and the pressures of work. Executive Producer: Harvey Weinstein / Cinematographer: Ben Smithard / Editor: Adam Recht / Production Designer: Donal Woods / Art Di­ rector: Charmian Adams / Principal Cast: Emma Watson, Michelle Williams, Dominic Cooper, Julia Ormond, Kenneth Branagh, Toby Jones, Eddie Redmayne, Judi Dench, Dougray Scott, Derek Jacobi, Geraldine Somerville, Zoë Wanamaker Contact: The Weinstein Company

THE DIRECTOR: Born 1960 in London, Curtis has primarily worked as Executive Producer with a fil­ mography that includes EDWARD THE II, TWELFT NIGHT, MY NIGHT WITH REG, THE DESIGNATED MOURNER, MRS. DALLOWAY, and THE TRIBE. He is married to actress Elizabeth McGovern and they have two daughters. Saturday, October 22, 2pm, Bailey Hall, Broward College campus, Davie Road

Montevideo ­ Taste of a Dream is his directorial debut.



SHOWTIMES Friday, November 11, 12:45pm, Cinema Paradiso Saturday November 19, 1:15pm, Sheffields ­ Amelia Island











Wednesday, November 2, 7:30pm, Cinema Paradiso Saturday, November 5, 7pm, Muvico Pompano Friday, November 11, 10pm, Cinema Paradiso Sunday Nov. 13, 4:15pm, Daytona Beach Cinematique

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Burns EAST COAST PREMIERE Edward 2011 / USA / 93 min / HDCam / English WORLD PREMIERE What kind of cruel joke is it? You get married, UNITED STATES PREMIERE but you’re not only marrying your spouse – you get the in­laws too. Such is the predicament FLORIDA PREMIERE Buzzy and Katy find in the delightfully dark FESTIVAL WINNERS comedy, NEWLYWEDS. Buzzy is a successful personal trainer in Tribeca. Katy has found her niche managing a restaurant. They flaunt that they are perfect for each other – for they rarely see each other and subsequently don’t fall into the same manholes that other couples do. All is perfect. However, Katy’s older sister doesn’t get Buzzy and his perverted sense of humor. They barely tolerate each other – and only do so thanks to Buzzy’s laid back ‘tude.

That problem seems easily avoided and not a cause for great concern...but here comes another however...Buzzy’s half sister, that he hasn’t seen in years, rolls into New York like a windstorm blowing up trouble with apparently little effort. Throw in an ex­husband, a self­imposed exiled former lover, and a befuddled sexually deprived brother­in­law and this alphabet soup spells dysfunctional.

SPeCiAl GueSt: Polly MedliCott

Kenny Dalsheimer, USA / 2009 / 57 min / English & Captioned subtitles for hearing impaired A New Kind of Listening is an hour­long documentary that takes us inside the creative work of the Community Inclusive Theater Group, as director Richard Reho inspires cast members, some with disabilities, to be writers, actors and dancers in an original collaborative performance. Together they prove that a small community arts project has the power to transform lives. The film is witness to Chris Mueller­Medlicott’s early, unrecognized attempts to communicate, and to his journey from a lonely, withdrawn adolescent to co­director of the theater group. A New Kind of Listening weaves together deep feelings, playfulness, vulnerability, and unexpected loss into a joyful, painful celebration of our connection to each other. The result is a groundbreaking film that will change your beliefs about intelligence, disability and what it takes to be heard. Co­Producers: Kenny Dalsheimer and Polly Medlicott / Editor & Cinematographer: Kenny Dalsheimer / Featuring: Chris Medlicott, Polly Medli­ cott, Richard Reho and members of the Community Inclusive Theater Group / Contact: Kenny Dalsheimer, 401 B­1 Foster Street Durham, North Carolina 27701,,, THE DIRECTOR: Kenny Dalsheimer is an award­winning filmmaker, producer, and educator and founder of The Groove Productions in Durham, NC. He has been producing locally inspired documentaries since 1996. In 2007 he co­directed Bending Space which screened at fifteen film festivals and aired on PBS in North and South Carolina. He received a Triangle Access Award in 2009 from the Alliance of Disability Advocates and the 2010 Positive Images in the Media Award from TASH for A New Kind of Listening.. Kenny received his M.A. in Anthropology from Duke Uni­ versity in 1985 and taught middle­school at Carolina Friends School between 1986–1996. A New Kind of Listening is both an advocacy call for the right to self-expression and a celebration of the power of inclusive arts to build community. Our purpose in sharing the film is to encourage arts inclusion initiatives in places far and wide. A New Kind of Listening shows how diverse members of a community can support each other to express their unique perspectives and move beyond conventional definitions of human communication. The film demonstrates that with no funding or high-tech equipment, creative expression through the arts can transform separate, unconnected individuals into a close-knit group of friends. Our hope is that advocates and artists will use a screening of A New Kind of Listening and the film website to lay the groundwork for new inclusive arts projects across the country and join our grassroots Inclusive Arts Campaign to spur dialogue, learning, and action. Kenny Dalsheimer

The ensemble is perfect pitched, working together flawlessly – and despite the bizarre situations they are plopped into, they make it all seem so real...too real...frightening when you think of it. This may be Burns’ best script to date. The dialogue flawlessly leads the audience along like a white water guide through the rapids and the hazards. Nothing is clean sailing but despite the perfect reality, the film is hilarious. Mostly because its not happening to you...but could it? Screenwriter: Edward Burns / Producers: Aaron Lubin, Edward Burns, William Rexer II / Editor: Janet Gaynor / Composer: PT Walkley / Casting: Maribeth Fox / Primary Cast: Edward Burns, Caitlin FitzGerald, Kerry Bishé, Marsha Dietlein Bennett, Max Baker, Contact: Tribeca Film THE DIRECTOR: : Edward Burns won the Grand Jury Prize at Sun­ dance and an Independent Spirit Award for his first feature, The Broth­ ers McMullen, in 1995. He continues to write, direct, star in, and produce his films, including She's the One, Sidewalks of New York, and Purple Violets. As an actor he has ap­ peared in over twenty films including SAVING PRIVATE RYAN as one of Tom Hanks’ squad members.

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SHOWTIMES Saturday, November 5, 3pm, Muvico Pompano Thursday, November 10, 5:30pm, Cinema Paradiso Saturday November 19, 4pm, Sheffields ­ Amelia Island










SHOWTIME Sunday, November 6, 1pm, Cinema Paradiso


Anayansi Prado, Panama / 2011 / 73 min / HDCam / English w/Spanish sub­titles & Spanish w/English sub­titles What price would you pay for paradise? And who would you be willing to take it from? The pristine archipelago of Bocas del Toro, Panama at­ tracts retirees and developers from the U.S. with its crystal­clear waters and its island culture. In PARAISO FOR SALE, filmmaker, Anayansi Prado, returns to her homeland to document the effects the fast­growing migration is having on the local community.

Paweł Wendorff Poland / 2010 / 87 min / Polish w/English sub­titles The film is a surreal collage of interrelated threads revolving around the history of thirty year old Kuba who, with his parents’ encouragement, decides to take his first job. Though none too convinced, he starts work as a delivery man. Having set out on his first delivery soon after he witnesses a traffic accident. He ends up giving a statement at the police station. And his plans begin to unravel. By a twist of fate Kuba has no idea about the significance of the part he will have to play on this particular day. Scriptwriters: Paweł Wendorff, Piotr Chrzan / Director of photography: Paweł Wendorff / Production Designer: Wojciech Żogała / Costume Designer: Małgorzata Zacharska / Sound: Piotr Knop / Music: Zygmunt Konieczny / Editing Cezary Kowalczuk / Principal Cast: Wojciech Pszoniak, Piotr Adamczyk, Jan Frycz, Jacek Braciak, Bartosz Turzyński, Sławomir Orzechowski, Tomasz Sapryk, Kinga Preis, Leslaw Żurek, Krzysztof Globisz, Andrzej Mastalerz / Contact: Anima­Pol Sp. z o.o., ul. Lakowa 29, 90­554 Lodz, POLAND, tel./fax: 0 48 42 661 97 05, THE DIRECTOR: Director, cinematographer, screenwriter, and producer. Graduate of the Cinematography Department at the Łódź Film School (1990). Worked as director of photography on dozens of documentaries, a number of TV plays and ten feature films. Directed the independent feature Madmen (Szaleńcy, 2005) screened at numerous film festivals in Poland and abroad. Odd One Out is his first full length feature as a director. What is "Odd One Out" about? The answer is simple: you get what you see. If we could answer this question using words, there would be no point in making this film. Filmmakers are supposed to show "heroes in action" in the most honest way. And such attitude makes them willing to admit that human behavior is still a mystery to them. But they have to prove with their film that this mystery is so intriguing that trying to solve it is an interesting enough occupation. And there is only one way to prove it - entertain the viewers with their attempts to solve that mystery. Paweł Wendorff


This engaging and revealing documentary tells the personal stories of the people who call this area home and would like to keep it that way. From an American couple who’ve invested not just in their home but in their Panamanian community to a local businessman turned political hopeful and an indigenous leader fighting for his land, the characters and stories in PARAISO FOR SALE speak to the larger global issue of communities, new and old, under siege from faceless corporations. PARAISO FOR SALE explores issues of modern day colonialism, residential tourism, global gentrification and reverse migration, by revealing that immigration between Latin America and the US is not just a one­way street. Producer: Anayansi Prado / Cinematographer: Victor Mares / Editor: Esteban Arguello / Consulting Producer: Lyn Goldfarb / Original score: Robert F. Trucios / Music: Ruben Blades / Supervising Editor: Tom Miller / Additional Editing: Carla Gutierrez / Additional Cinematography: Hilda Mercado, Anayansi Prado / Contact: Anayansi Prado, 323­251­7787.

THE DIRECTOR: Anayansi Prado was born in Panama and moved to the United States as a teenager. Her debut documentary Maid in America about Latina domestic workers in Los Angeles, CA screened nationally on PBS series Independent Lens. Her second production, Children in No Man’s Land about unaccompanied minors crossing the US/Mexico border is part of the State Department’s American Documentary Showcase and it’s been screened in more than 30 countries around the world. Paraiso for Sale is her third independent production. Anayansi is a recepient of a Rockefeller Media Fellowship and has received funding from The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Creative Capital, ITVS, Latino Public Broadcasting, The Pacific Pioneer Fund, The Paul Robeson Media Fund, The Fledgling Foundation and Chicken and Egg Pictures. As of recently, she received grants from the Cultural Program Division of the State Department to teach documentary filmmaking in Burma and Paraguay. Ms. Prado is the founder of Impacto Films and the non­profit Impacto Project. She holds a BA in Film from Boston University. Anayansi resides in Los Angeles, California. During my visits prior to filming, I got to network with a number of expats on Boca. The couple in the film was not my first choice. My original couple was from Utah and they had also invested their life savings into land with the plan of building a house in Boca. But as their house was being built, a developer told them that he had the title to the land and they spent the remainder of their money fighting him in court. Then, they simply ran out of money. So the house wasn’t finished and they moved back to the U.S. Their story was extremely complex and heartbreaking. That is when I met the couple you see in the film, whose story is similar in the land and title issues, but their house was already completed. It was a pleasure getting to know them and they honestly wanted to help the community. They were very sad to leave Boca. Anayansi Prado




Tuesday, October 25, 8:15pm, Cinema Paradiso Thursday, November 3, 8pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr




Friday, November 11, 6:30pm, Amelia Island 7 Saturday Nov. 12, 3:15pm, Daytona Beach Cinematique

J.C. Khoury, USA / 2011 / 83 min / English





It happens. You meet someone at the bar, one thing leads to another, and the next thing you know you're waking up wondering (and potentially regretting) exactly what took place the night be­ fore. Such is the case for Fred, who starts to panic when his free­spirited one night stand, Mindy, in­ forms him that she's not on birth control; but for some reason isn't too concerned.

SHOWTIMES Wednesday, October 26, 4pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Sunday, November 6, 11am, Cinema Paradiso Sunday, November 6, 5pm, Muvico Pompano


"Never has a film been so utterly joyous to watch, and so nerve wracking to discuss." Steve Buja, Same Night Movie Review "I haven't seen a movie this funny and 'real' since The Breakup, and I would say that The Pill blew that away." - Nat Berman, "The Pill is the model of independent efficiency. There are no wasted parts. It's the kind of film that should be on the IFC Spirit Award short list..." Jonathan W. Hickman, Daily Film Fix "Deftly avoiding both the haphazardness of mumblecore and the fakery of studio romantic comedies, Khoury deploys a light directorial touch marked by assured thesping and a genuine appreciation for neurotic angst." Ronnie Scheib, Variety Writer: J.C. Khoury / Producers: J.C. Khoury, Jonathan Berke, Trevor Herrick / Camera: Andreas von Scheele / Principal Cast: Noah Bean, Rachel Boston, Anna Chlumsky, Dreama Walker / Contact: Shoot First Entertainment,

Marc Smolowitz USA­Japan / 2011 / 94 min / English & Japanese w/English sub­titles The Power Of Two offers an intimate portrayal of the bond between half­Japanese twin sisters Anabel Stenzel and Isabel Stenzel Byrnes, their lifelong battle with the fatal genetic disease cystic fibrosis (CF), survival through miraculous double lung transplants, and improbable emergence as authors, athletes, and advocates for organ donation and those suffering from CF in the U.S. and Japan. The overwhelming feeling that you get from this remarkable film is that these two fascinating young women love life and strive to make each mo­ ment one of value. They are so happy and that emotion is contagious. Producers: Marc Smolowitz and Andrew Byrnes / Art Director: Timothy Palmer / Editors: Matthew Sultan and Thomas Eugene Green / Cine­ matographer: Nickolas Rossi / Principal Cast: Anabel Stenzel, Isabel Stenzel Byrnes, Hatsuko Stenzel, Anna Modlin, Robin Modlin, Andrew Byrnes, Taro Kono, Satoshi Teraoka, Namie Nakazawa / Contact: Jennifer Schmidt, 415­672­8092 SPeCiAl GueSt:

Sponsored by

Betsy Cameron & Barry Smith

THE DIRECTOR: J.C. Khoury is an alumnus of the NYU Graduate Film Program where he studied under Spike Lee and wrote, produced, edited, and directed the short films Model Chaser and Michael Bell. The former won best short film at the 2002 Hamptons International Film Festival and Zoiefest. The latter de­ picted the quirky misadventures of a recent college grad and was a hit at the Slamdance Film Festival, winning the coveted Anarchy award. Based on the success of his shorts, J.C. was commissioned by Stu­ dioNext to write and direct a web series titled Dealing with Michael Bell that garnered praise from MSNBC, Streaming Media Magazine, and The Silicon Alley Reporter. With an ambition to continue telling longer format stories, J.C. edited the critically acclaimed feature documentary The Outsider about maverick film­ maker James Toback and starring Robert Downey Jr., Harvey Keitel, Neve Campbell, Brooke Shields, and Woody Allen. The film premiered at the 2005 Tribeca Film Festival and was sold to Showtime.


MARC SMoloWitz

THE DIRECTOR: Marc is an Academy Award nominated producer (The Weather Underground, ” “Trembling Before G­d,” "Still Around"), director, and executive producer with 20+ years of experience across all aspects of the entertainment business. He teaches Digital Film Making at the Art Institute of California ­ San Francisco and the Film & Digital Media Program at UC Santa Cruz. Marc's forthcoming films include “The HIV Story Project,” for which filmmakers collaborate with people living with HIV/AIDS. When I read "The Power Of Two - A Twin Triumph Over Cystic Fibrosis," I was moved by the way Anabel Stenzel and Isabel Stenzel Byrnes write so eloquently about their experiences with chronic illness. My big take away from their memoir was that we all have a stake in global conversations about public health, organ donation, and transplant, and we can all find a space in our lives for community and advocacy of social causes. From there, it made perfect sense that a feature documentary inspired by their lives would be a natural evolution for this story. As I began the film making process, I quickly fell in love with Ana and Isa, both as people and as characters; and over time, we developed a powerful 3way trust in all aspects of this story telling collaboration. All in all, I see Ana and Isa as both ordinary and extraordinary women, which reminds us that we often see such humbling and familiar contrasts in our own lives. As such, they are entirely approachable yet somehow also bigger than life. Ultimately, it is their twin bond that resonates on-screen with immense power -- the kind that transcends boundaries of culture, race and nation. In bringing their stories to screen, I have had the great pleasure of following them across two countries and 27 cities, and now, I look forward to sharing their stories of survival with the world. I am quite sure that audiences will embrace them with the same openness and excitement that they themselves bring to every day. For me, it truly has been an honor to make this film -- a highlight of my life and career -- and I have learned so much about what it means to opt in for being an advocate for something bigger than myself. Marc Smolowitz


SHOWTIME Thursday, October 27, 6pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Sunday, October 30, 1pm, Cinema Paradiso





Friday, November 4, 2pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Sunday, November 6, 1pm, Muvico Pompano Saturday, November 12, 4:15pm, Sheffields ­ Amelia Island

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE EAST COAST PREMIERE Nicolas Steil Luxembourg – Switzerland / 2011 / 100 min / WORLD PREMIERE French w/English sub­titles UNITED STATES PREMIERE François, a 21­year­old, is living in Luxembourg, FLORIDA PREMIERE which Nazi Germany has just annexed. His father collaborates with the fascist regime, forcing FESTIVAL WINNERS Francois to go to German university. François





SHOWTIMES Sunday, October 23, 4pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Sunday, October 30, 1:30pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Wednesday, November 2, 5:30pm, Cinema Paradiso


commits a first act of disobedience by leaving this place that preached racial hatred. Now he is facing a Cornelian choice: to become forcibly enrolled and leave for the Russian front to fight the Allies or to become a draft dodger, buried alive in the cold and damp mines for months on end without seeing the light of day, the only hope being the Liberation. Wartime slows history down, but for men deci­ sions are accelerated: Collaborate with the enemy, or resist? Writer: Nicolas Steil / Producer: Solveig Harper / Cinematographer: Denis Jutzeler / Editor: Loredana Cristelli / Principal Cast: Grégoire Leprince­Ringuet, Marianne Basler, Michel Voïta, Carlo Brandt / Con­ tact: Maxime jacques, Iris Productions 45 bd Pierre Frieden, Luxembourg, L, 1543, Luxembourg,

Ludi Boeken Germany / 2011 / 95 min / English and German & French w/English sub­titles Based on the memories of Marga Spiegel, published in 1965, she describes how the courageous farmers in southern Münsterland hid her, her husband Siegfried {named Menne} and their little daughter Karin from 1943 until 1945, thus saving them from deportation to the extermination camps in the East. The film tells this story of survival with a sense for the absurd in daily life and not without the typical Westphalian humor. Without reservation, the farmers offer the refugees their protection. That this turns them into heroes would never occur to them. They are used to weathering even dangerous situations somehow, guided only by their instinct and century­old code of ethics. They risk their own lives, and, if necessary, even that of their families. There is never a discussion about friendship, reliability, humanity. In Yad Vashem the farmers’ names are immortalized: Heinrich Aschoff, Hubert Pentrop, Bernhard Südfeld, Heinrich Silkenböhmer, Bernhard Sickmann.

THE DIRECTOR: Nicolas Steil was born in Luxembourg the 2nd of January 1961. He started his career as a journalist, first with the written press then with radio and television. He opened his own audiovisual company in 1986 and for the next 5 years produced and directed for television and the industry. In 1991 he joined the Media Program of the European Union and headed the Euro Aim, a structure designed to help independent Eu­ ropean producers to sell their films and also to set up financing. In 1997 he reactivated his company and with Iris Productions he launched a pro­ duction program including feature films, animations and documentaries. To date, over 20 films have been produced. Since 1997, Nicolas Steil is the Secretary General of the Luxembourgish Producers Union (ULPA), as well as a theatre and cinema director as well as a screenwriter. Luxembourg was annexed by Germany and became an integral part of the Reich. This dark period of history nearly generated a depersonalization of Luxembourg. The Resistance in Luxembourg became really effective and efficient from the moment where the Nazis made the mistake to attack its youth and thus any sign of hope. A large number of young Luxembourgers were 'forcibly enrolled' and sent to the Russian front. They only had two choices: shoot the Allies or desert at their own risk, hiding until the end of the war. Those who chose the latter option became 'draft dodgers' by the established order, accepting the underlying risks. The Resistance organized hideouts that varied from dropped ceilings to church towers and especially parts of iron-mines that weren't worked in anymore. Another concern was that the close family of draft dodgers were systematically deported.... A real dilemma where they were stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea without any hope of getting out. So this is the question that is put to the audience: what would you have done if you were this young man whose basic equation is admittedly complex but unites negative as well as positive elements. Nicolas Steil


Saviors in the Night wants to create a memorial in honor of these silent heroes. Writer: Otto Jägersberg, Imo Moszkowicz, Heidrun Schleef / Producer: Joachim von Mengers, Pascal Judelewicz, Karl Baumgartner / Principal Cast: Veronica Ferres, Armin Rohde, Margarita Broich, Martin Horn, Lia Hoensbroech / Contact: Menemsha Films Sponsored by

THE DIRECTOR: Ludi Boeken graduated from London Film School in 1973 and from tel Aviv University in 1976. He produced HA–HOLMIM (’87), WHEREVER YOU ARE (’88), VINCENT & THEO (’90), LA FRATURE DU MYOCARDE (’90), SILENT TONGUE (’93), ROULEZ JEUNESSE (’93), LUCKY PUNCH (’96), ZEUS & ROXANNE (’97), KINGS FOR A DAY (’97), TRAIN OF LIFE (’98), VITNER’S LUCK (’09). He directed BRITNEY, BABY ONE MORE TIME (’02) and DEADLINES (’04). Ludi (Boeken) was really shocked when he received the screenplay for SAVIORS, his German grandmother had married a Jew in Amsterdam and was so outraged during the Second World War about the German occupation of the Netherlands and the persecution of the Jews that she helped bring hundreds of Jews to safety by hiding them in the countryside outside of Amsterdam. Our film’s story is a German variation of what Ludi’s family went through. Joachim von Mengers


SHOWTIMES Sunday, October 23, 1pm, Cinema Paradiso Monday, October 24, 2pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr



SHOWTIMES Sponsored by



SOUTHEAST PREMIERE Helmut Schuster EAST COAST PREMIERE Germany / 2010 / 51 minutes / HDCam / English WORLD PREMIERE Scissors and Glue follows Helmut Schuster on his UNITED STATES PREMIERE journey as a gallery owner in Berlin to the founding of his new FLORIDA Gallery Schuster in Miami. The recent PREMIERE explosion of artistic interests and endeavors drew FESTIVAL WINNERS him to Miami, where he immersed himself in dis­

Saturday, October 29, 8pm, Canal House – Grand Bahama Island Friday, November 4, 7pm, Muvico Pompano Monday, November 7, 9pm, Cinema Paradiso





nasty low when a powerful producer known as the 'Senator' hatches a plan to undermine the future success of the 'Master', his shady arch rival. His plot begins with the delivery of a silver briefcase. But the case goes missing, which sets off a chain of events that are not part of the plan. The Senator engages the best of his team to locate the package but doesn't count on the tenacity of two thugs who have the mysterious prize in their possession.

covering the city and ultimately set up shop in the thriving art district of Wynwood. Drawing inspiration from Miami’s recent art renaissance, this film uses his experiences to illustrate the international draw of the city’s art scene and expose its origins and outcomes. The Miami Project features Helmut’s friends, colleagues, and Miami community mem­ bers including: Bonnie Clearwater (MOCA), Rosa De La Cruz, Thea Goldman, David Lombardi, Thomas Collins (MAM), Jason Rubell (The Rubell Family Collection), Terry Riley, Alexandra Rangel­ Brody, Onajide Shabaka, Dennis Scholl (The Knight Foundation & World Class Boxing), Silvia Karman Cubiñá (Bass Museum), Francisco De La Torre, Katherine Hinds (The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse), Chiara Machado, Constance Margulies (The Lotus House), Primary Flight, Craig Robins, Fred Snitzer, just to name a few. The co­ operative blending of these individuals’ spheres of influence and the way they have positively affected the art community have caused it to thrive in a manner unique to Miami. Their stories will inspire and motivate art aficionados around the world. Scissors and Glue: The Miami Project will allow its viewers to experience, through film, the art and vi­ sion of the Wynwood District and Art Basel, and the cultural diversity and the community responsibility that they have embraced. Producers: Daniel Krauss, Antoine Monot Jr, Katie German / Editor: Sebastian Bonde / Cinematogra­ pher: Michael Gabat / Featuring: Bonnie Clearwa­ ter, Rosa De La Cruz, Thea Goldman, David Lombardi, Thomas Collins, Jason Rubell, Terry Riley, Dennis Scholl / Contact : Daniel Krauss +49 30 39 03 17 63 SPeCiAl GueSt: helMut SChuSteR

THE DIRECTOR: Helmut Schuster studied psychology, sociology and art history in Frankfurt and Fulda. He has worked with asylum seekers and international youth before opening the Gallery Schuster in 1990 with his wife Claudia. Today the Gallery Schuster is an internationally established art gallery for modern art with show rooms in Miami and Berlin. Helmut has been a spokeman for the Frankfurter Galerienvereinigung for many years. He also writes reviews for many German and international art magazines. He is respected member of the international art community. Scissors and Glue is his first documentary.


Saturday Nov. 12, 6pm, Daytona Beach News Journal Sunday, November 13, 7pm, Fernandina Little Theatre Saturday, January 21, 8pm, Flagler College Aud ­ St Augustine

Writers: Christian Filippella, Jason A. White / Pro­ ducer: Christian Filippella / Executive Producers Claire Falconer, Corrado Musso / Associate Produc­ ers: Andrea Cangioli, Brian Keith Gamble, Val Tasso, Salvatore Zannino / Line Producer: Kevin Hinds / Art Director: Philipp Fera / Editor: Christian Filippella / Cinematographer: Christian Filippella / principal Cast: Eric Roberts, Brian Keith Gamble, Chris Facey, Brad Light, Claire Falconer, Shalim Ortiz, Nectar Rose, Kelvin Han Yee, Art Hsu, Seymour Cassel, Vincent De Paul, Fernanda Romero / Contact: Satyricon Pic­ tures 1752 N Serrano Ave, #204, 90027, Los Ange­ les, CA, 1 310.691.0353,

SPeCiAl GueStS: ChRiStiAn FiliPPellA, ClARe FAlConeR, BRiAn GAMBle

Sponsored by

THE DIRECTOR: Born in Italy, Christian Filippella is an award winning Italian filmmaker living and working in Hollywood. A Fulbright grant recipient, Filippella obtained a directing diploma from the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome and was the first Italian to have obtained a directing degree from the world renowned American Film Institute in Los Angeles. Christian is the recipient of the Sergio Corbucci Prize and the Accolade Award. He received the Philip Morris Cinema Award twice, and his upcoming feature, White Widow, has been selected by the New Filmmaker Panavision Program. After studying at AFI and Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia and crafted my directing skills both in Europe and the US, I thought I would have had many opportunities to work as a director. The reality is that no doors opened for a young filmmaker with film knowledge and many short films in the can. I could either return to my home country and attempt to access government funding for my first feature film, or stay and struggle to become an independent producer. I went for the second option, and after a long complicated process we produced Silver Case, an experience we can surely reminisce as our careers progress. Everyone involved has worked really hard to make this movie possible. We can't wait to see it screened.


SHOWTIMES Friday, November 4, 9:30pm, Cinema Paradiso Saturday, November 5, 9pm, Muvico Pompano Sunday November 20, 4:30pm, Amelia Island 7









A pair of lovers travel from town to town, taking on different identities in each new place. Driven by an insatiable appetite for change and with no regard for consequences, they manipulate, toy with, and forever alter the lives of the strangers they meet. However, with each performance, their deceitful game spirals ever more out of control. One lie leads to another and in the end escape becomes impossible. Both morally ambiguous and sophisticated, SILVER TONGUES takes you to the brink of the unexpected. Writer & Editor: Simon Arthur / Producers: Jared Moshé, Leda Nornang / Cinematography: Josh Silfen / Music: Enis Rotthoff / Costume Designer: Astrid Brucker / Principal Cast: Lee Tergesen, Enid Graham, Tate Ellington, Emily Meade, Harvey Evans, Portia, Adam Lefevre, Rosa Arredondo / Contact: Simon Arthur SPeCiAl GueSt: SiMon ARthuR

THE DIRECTOR: Simon Arthur trained at the Screen Academy of Scotland, his home country. SILVER TONGUES, his debut feature, won the Au­ dience Award for best feature at Slamdance 2011 and premiered internationally at San Sebastian. His short films also made award winning runs at international festivals. Every day when you walk out of your house you’re putting on an identity for the world. We transform ourselves to engage with the people in our lives. But what happens when the need to change becomes pathological? The film’s concept came from a research strategy I developed to learn more about life beyond my own existence. As a writer I knew I had to throw myself into worlds that I was a complete stranger to. So in 2004 I took a three­month job as a prison guard. Then I went to work security in a brothel. Finally, I lived homeless for a month, sleeping in parks, doorways and construction sites. In all these instances, I noticed one common theme. People were acting constantly. Prison guards wear alternate faces to deal with different con­ victs. The more the convict is a threat, the more the guard will deal with him accordingly, by being more aggressive himself. A different convict will be dealt with by taking a more diplomatic tone. Prostitutes invent characters with fake names and pasts to attract clients, but also because psychologically it creates a barrier for them, making the job less emotionally involving. Home­ less people often act as if their situation is worse to gain sympathy from pedestrians, but to other homeless people they'll exaggerate how much control they have, as if to say, "I'm in control. My life is my own. I can survive." Even when they can't. And, of course, I was acting too. This seemed extreme to me at the time, but the more I thought about it, the same could be said of anyone and their differing relationships with their boss, lover, parents, pals, or staff. The film is not about redemption. It’s not about triumph in the face of adversity. Or finding love in the strangest place. It’s about people who need the new. The desire to change, and never stop changing.


Briar March New Zealand / 2010 / 80min / English, Takuu & Tok Pisin w/English sub­titles What if your community had to decide whether to leave their homeland forever and there was no help available? This is the reality for the culturally unique Polynesian com­ munity of Takuu, a tiny low­lying atoll in the South Western Pacific. As a terrifying tidal flood rips through their already damaged home, the Takuu community experiences the devastating effects of climate change first hand. In this verite­style film, three intrepid characters Teloo, Endar and Satty, allow us into their lives and their culture and show us first hand the human impact of an environ­ mental crisis. Two scientists, oceanographer John Hunter and geomorphologist Scott Smithers, investigate the situ­ ation with our characters and consider the impact of climate change on communities without access to resources or support. Intimate observational scenes allow Teloo, Endar and Satty to take us on their personal journeys as they con­ sider whether to move to an uncertain future in Bougainville or to stay on Takuu and fight for a different, but equally un­ certain, outcome.

Simon Arthur, USA / 2011 / 88 min / HDCam / English



Friday, October 21, 6pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Sunday, October 30, 11am, Canal House – Grand Bahama Island Monday, October 31, 1pm, Muvico Pompano Saturday, November 12, 10:30am, Fernandina Little Theatre

This film gives a human face to the direct impacts of climate change in the Pacific, challenging audiences everywhere to consider their own relationship to the earth and the other people on it. Producer: Lyn Collie / Editors: Prisca Bouchet, Briar March / Cinematography: Briar March / Sound Recording: Jeffrey Holdaway / Music: The Sound Room, Mark Smythe / Co­ Producers: Briar March, Kelly Anderson, Mark Foster, Ex­ ecutive Producer: Annie Goldson / Associate Producer: Zane Holmes / Onscreen Participants: Faith Endar Adu, Teloo Fakatutufenua, Satty Puaria, John Hunter,Scott Smithers / Additional Camera: Lyn Collie, Zane Holmes /Underwater Camera: Rod Pearce / Contact: Anne­Elise Smithson, SPeCiAl GueSt:

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE BRiAR MARCh EAST COAST PREMIERE THE DIRECTOR: Born December 10, 1980, Briar March is a documentary filmmaker and Fulbright scholar. WORLD Fascinated by polarizing and colourful subject matter, and angered by environmental and humanPREMIERE rights issues, her films are diverse, but grounded in a passionate desire to communicate. There Once was an Island: Te Henua UNITED STATES PREMIERE e Nnoho, Briar’s current project, is an award­winning feature documentary on climate change. Partly funded by PBS, the film follows three Pacific islanders in Papua New Guinea as they considerFLORIDA leaving their homeland and PREMIERE culture forever. FESTIVAL WINNERS This documentary is extremely topical and discusses an issue of global importance. It is also a character-driven story told in an observational cinematic style, in contrast to other more science driven, or journalistic films on the subject. It has wide appeal because the issue of climate change affects all of us, but also because it shares the characters’ life experiences in a way that people everywhere can relate to and respect. Takuu’s plight draws attention to the situation of other people in the Pacific and in coastal areas elsewhere who will soon face similar problems. In addition to being an important record for all Pacific peoples, this film will help preserve the way of life and cultural identity of a unique Polynesian culture. The Takuu community have stressed to us that they feel they do not have a voice and we hope that through this film we will be able to give them one. Briar March


SHOWTIME Wednesday, November 2, 9:30pm, Cinema Paradiso





TRAPPED BY DRUGS: Europeans In The Hell of Peruvian Prisons




SHOWTIMES Tuesday, October 25, 4pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Saturday, October 29, 5:30pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Sunday, October 30, 11am, Cinema Paradiso Friday, November 4, 1pm, Muvico Pompano


Saratoga Ballantine & Dea Lawrence USA / 2011 / 85 min / DVD / / English

SPeCiAl GueStS: deA lAWRenCe & SARAtoGA BAllAntine

What's the craziest career choice anyone can make and spend over 80 years pursuing that path? "Troupers" gives new meaning to the phrase, "hang in there". Meet 12 talented, successful people who beat the odds, followed their dream and are still working well into their 80's and 90's. These are the journeymen actors, the ones you see in a movie or TV show and who seem really familiar. "Troupers" takes a humorous look at how this fearless group survived parental disapproval, the black list, divorce, debt, rejection, disappointment, depression, the depression, bad acting coaches, nasty casting directors, and decades of auditions to do what they wanted to do: Act.

SOUTHEAST PREMIERE COAST PREMIERE They are young and dream of easy money: more and more Europeans fall into the EAST trap of trafficking cocaine. They are recruited by the South American cartels on the European territory. Their new destination: Peru, where theWORLD drug is trading 20% cheaper than in Colombia. PREMIERE STATES PREMIERE But for those French people the travel often stops at the airport and they end up inUNITED jail. The minimum sentence: eight years of detention. In Lima, Frenchmen Alain, Mick and Vincent are detained in Sarita Colonia, the most FLORIDA overcrowded prison in the capital. PREMIERE WINNERS Traffic, odd jobs, extortion: what are the rules to survive in an outsized prison where FESTIVAL money makes the law. Among these new European smug­ Thierry Gaytan, Peru­France / 2010 / 55 min / Spanish & French w/English Voice­over

glers there are more and more women, who are often pregnant to escape notice during the security inspection. Writer: David Calvet / Producers: Thierry Gaytan & Patrick Spica / Art Director: Thierry Gaytan / Editor: Martin Schwartzapel / Cinematographer: Thierry Gaytan / Contact:

THE DIRECTOR: For almost two years I have followed some of the characters in this documentary. Wendy, a 19-year-old Dutch girl was arrested 3 years ago at the airport in Lima when she was boarding the flight to Amsterdam, with 18 kilos of cocaine in her luggage. Wendy was pregnant . She was sentenced to 14 years in prison. Her life had always bad, but life in prison is unimaginable. Her son, born in the penitentiary, was taken by Wendy’s mother – and she does her best – but it is so difficult. Thierry Gaytan

Producers: Dea Lawrence, Saratoga Ballantine / Associate Producers: Gabe Miller, Jeff Chayette / Editor: Gabe Miller / Cinematographer: Saratoga Ballantine, Dea Lawrence / Featuring: Carl Ballantine, Kaye Ballard, Ivy Bethune, Betty Garrett, Pat Carroll, Harold Gould, Marvin Kaplan, Justine Johnston, Jane Kean, Bruce Kirby, Allan Rich, Connie Sawyer / Contact: Dea Lawrence 310­945­7280 Saratoga Ballantine 323­440­0901 THE DIRECTORS: “Troupers” marks the directorial debut for Saratoga Ballantine and Dea Lawrence. Their previous creative collaboration includes the political sketch comedy show, “White House Chicks” which they performed at numerous comedy clubs throughout Southern California, “White Chicks” at the HBO Comedy Workspace and the short, “The Smoking Section”. For 6 years we’ve been on the long journey of making “Troupers”. The concept was to shoot a short and take a couple of weeks to edit it, but the stories were too rich to contain to 20 minutes. Thankfully our 12 troupers opened up their homes to us and we quickly uncovered that once someone hits 80, their filter fades away and they tell you just how it is and was. With the exception of actors we had worked with, most of the performers came from the address book of Ceil Cabot, Saratoga’s spirited and talented mom. Her father is Carl “The Amazing” Ballantine, so it was easy to grab shooting time with him as long as we took him out for a meal afterwards. Army Archerd from Variety found out about the project he insisted we include the gifted Allan Rich. Running around with a camera, typing up every word we shot ourselves, combing through photos and clips, while continuing our day jobs had it’s downside. One afternoon in Jane Kean’s perfectly appointed living room in Toluca Lake, I keeled over in a faint from hunger. Harold Gould set up some of his shots himself; from her sofa, Betty Garrett took us through an archive of her personal photos of her days at MGM; we were barred from shooting Kaye Ballard in her dressing room at the Palm Springs Follies and then escorted off the property during an attempt to salvage our aborted shoot! The project really came to life when we brought Gabe Miller onboard. We’d sit with him in the evening and cut and then cut again. Jeff Chayette’s artistry added dimension to the photos, graphics and opening montage, as well as his original recording of “Ja-Da”. And how lucky we are that Golden Globe nominated composer, Rolfe Kent, gave us his time to create the score for the movie. We laughed a lot, cried a bit, and fell in love with these showbiz survivors and hope you will too.


Dea Lawrence


SHOWTIMES Saturday, November 5, 5pm, Muvico Pompano Sunday, November 6, 7:30pm, Cinema Paradiso Thursday November 17, 9:30pm, Fernandina Little Theatre









SHOWTIMES Friday, October 21, 11pm, Cinema Paradiso Monday, October 31, 9pm, Cinema Paradiso Thursday November 17, 7pm, Amelia Island 7


SPeCiAl GueStS: iSAAK & evA JAMeS

Isaak & Eva James, USA / 2011 / 86 min / HDCam / English Nick, an adulterous New Yorker, relocates to the Midwest with his wife Sarah. Nick is in pursuit of a career in wind energy, while Sarah wants desperately to make a fresh start at beginning a family outside of the city. Nick soon forms a unique bond with a wealthy local farmer and discovers that the secret haunting him is not so easily left behind in this erotic and darkly surreal drama set against the wind turbines of rural Missouri. Writer: Isaak James / Producer: Isaak James, Eva James And Michael J. Burg / Editor: Isaak James / Cinematographer: Claudio Rietti / Principal Cast: Isaak James, Michael J. Burg, Anne Marie Nestor, Whitney Parshall, Deborah Twiss, Jayce Bartok, Funda Duval, Matt Wilczek / Contact: Sponsored by

THE DIRECTORS: ISAAK JAMES: A triple threat very nearly times three, the young filmmaker Isaak James has a track record of overlapping ac­ complishments. He’s a director, a screenwriter, a producer, a leading man. Known for his “visual flair and attention to detail,” Isaak also served as editor for the three feature films he’s directed to date. He’s a web­savvy graphic designer and DP with an ever­growing roster of commercial credits, including a spot for New Balance.

Bruce Ornstein USA / 2011 / 95 minutes / HD / English “Vamperifica” is the story of Carmen McCoy, a flamboyant, twenty­something, sometime student at a small community college, who wants nothing more than to hang out with his best friend Tracy, be in a musical production at school, and maybe, one day, be a star. Instead, he dis­ covers that for him, destiny has something else in store ­­ he is the reincarnation of the 200 year old vampire king, Raven. Now, Carmen must choose between his friends and that destiny. “Vamperifica” is a mix of comedy and tenderness, drama and action, friendship and isolation, even a musical number! A campy riot with a malevolent mix of malice and mayhem – evoking laughs and gasps throughout. Writer: Martin Yurkovic & Bruce Ornstein / Producer: Richard Neustadter / Prod Designer : Elizabeth Jones / Editor: Jim Mol / Cinematog­ rapher : Dan Stoloff / Principal Cast: Martin Yurkovic, Dreama Walker, Creighton James, Bonnie Swencionis, Jeff Ward / Contact: Ken Greenblatt 646.338.8840 Richard Neustadt 212­628­0507

Isaak’s first two indie features, SPECIAL NEEDS and HUNGRY YEARS, were edgy, politically incorrect comedies hailed for their “brave sense of humor” and won Isaak comparisons to Trey Parker, Woody Allen, and Robert Altman. As a musician, Isaak composed the scores to all three movies, and when he isn’t behind the camera, he’s behind the mic: a lounge singer in the romantic crooner tradition, Isaak has performed at Harlem’s legendary Apollo Theater. Summing up, Isaak exemplifies the DIY ethic—making good things happen “with two pieces of string” and limitless imagination. Eva James (sister of Isaak James) made her foray into filmmaking by joining her brother to create Last Ditch Pictures after graduating Marymount Manhattan College. In 2006 she served as producer, actress and co­editor of their first feature film, SPECIAL NEEDS. Three years later in 2009, Eva and Isaak teamed up again for the making of Hungry Years, a film which marked Eva's directorial debut. Hungry Years premiered at the Fort Lauderdale In­ ternational Film Festival and acquired distribution through Screen Media Ventures. James has recently served as producer, co­director and co­writer of Last Ditch Pictures third feature TURBINE. Eva's vast experience in producing spans such production arenas as commercials, viral commercials, feature films and shorts. In the commercial realm, Eva has been in involved in the production of Fanta's "Lift & Laugh" viral video (worked with the creator of the Coca­Cola Happiness Machine), Subaru Character's Story "Jill", USA Networks "Character's Unite" campaign broadcast spots, and USA Networks "White Collar Character Builder". Eva recently produced a viral commercial for New Balance.


THE DIRECTOR: Directed Joel Gross' play "Haven" in an off­Broadway production for the EST Marathon as well as in Los Angeles, where the production received two DramaLogue awards. Teaches an acting workshop with 90 students in New York City. Wrote and directed his one­act play "How do you Feel" at the Sande Shurin Theatre in New York with members of his acting workshop. The play was a finalist in the Actors Theatre of Louisville Great American Play Contest. Bruce’s other claim to fame was playing the character “Gus” in SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER.


SHOWTIME Friday, October 21, 6:45pm, Cinema Paradiso











Thursday, October 27, 8pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Tuesday, November 8, 9pm, Cinema Paradiso Saturday November 19, 4pm, Fernandina Little Theatre

Gerardo Tort Mexico / 2009 / 102 min / Spanish w/English sub­titles

Joey Sylvester USA / 2011 / 87 MIN / HDCam / English

Two women searching for what they want in life – search together and blaze new frontiers in this sweet, tender, often sexy tale of longing.

Tony Parisi is a real “man’s man” and all around “good guy”. He works hard at his job. He’s a loyal friend. And, he’s devoted to his fiancé. He aslo happens to be completely, and utterly homophobic. Tony takes great pleasure in ridiculing his new, gay co­worker, Steve. That is until fate and a magic Christmas ornament step in to teach him a lesson. Two weeks before his wedding, Tony finds that he is suddenly gay, while Steve learns he has mysteriously turned straight. Now, truly a man’s man, Tony must scramble to straighten out in time for his wedding. But, not before he walks a mile in Steve's shoes…

Fer and Lucia casually meet at a bus stop. After a misunderstanding between them, Lucia accepts a ride in Fer´s car so that she can get to her destination. Despite their differences, in the adventure and in the game of rivalry and complicity that exists between them, they cre­ ate bonds of sympathy. Writer: Marina Stavenhagen, Beatriz Novaro / Producer: Jaime Ro­ mandia (Cadereyta Films), Miguel Bonilla (Cadereyta Films) / Cast : Cassandra Ciangherotti, Teresa Ruiz, Octavio Castro, Felipe De Lara, Gina Moret, Fabian Perzabal, Mary Paz Mata / Contact: IMCINE

Walk A Mile In My Pradas is a hilarious, yet heartwarming tale of understanding and growth. Written & Produced by: Rick Sudi Karatas & Tom Archdeacon / Art Director: Michelle Leroy / Editor: Jeffrey Reid / Cinematographer: Aaron Moorhead / Principal Cast: Nathaniel Marston, Tom Archdeacon, Tom Arnold, Mike Starr, Dee Wallace, Kirsten Lea, Rick Sudi Karatas, Lindsay Hollister, Darren Keefe, Tina Lynch, Bruce Vilanch, Chandler Lutz, Vincent De Paul / Contact: Tom Archdeacon (323) 401 ­ 0655 or Rick Karatas (646) 996 ­ 0346 SPeCiAl GueSt: vinCent de PAul

THE DIRECTOR; gerardo Tort has won eight awards around the globe, including the FIPRESCI Prize in 2002 for STREETERS. He was named Best New Director at the San Sebastian Film festival. VIAJE REDONDO also captured awards and nominations at Guadalajara and Cartagena.


THE DIRECTOR: When Joey Sylvester was a youngster back in Chicago, his parents had given him an inexpensive video camera as a gift. He carried it everywhere, shooting odd footage of the neighborhood, herding his friends from various lo­ cation to the next. Perhaps it was only childs­play, but Sylvester’s imagination had been activated. His youthful passion for image­making was rekindled.. Fast forward, Sylvester's directorial debut title: "In the Land of Opportunity" was an Amer­ ican selection at FESPACO 2009. Premiered in an outdoor arena in Burkina Faso, West Africa. The BBC World News produced a segment on his film. He was invited to a highly regarded screening series at The Gene Siskel Film Center. Barbara Scharres quoted his piece "An Impressive and Well­Crafted Film". Since then, Sylvester's directed and produced six pictures with veteran actors such as: Sally Kirkland, Marla Gibbs, Louis Mandylor, Jason Stuart, Jeff Conaway, and Robert Catrini. He recently directed a TV pilot with Academy Award Winning Director James Moll, and obviously, the feature film "Walk a Mile in My Pradas".


SHOWTIMES Wednesday, November 2, 4pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr Sunday, November 6, 3pm, Muvico Pompano Monday, November 7, 7pm, Cinema Paradiso Saturday Nov. 12, 5:15pm, Daytona Beach Cinematique








Philippe Le Guay, France / 2010 / 104 min / French w/English sub­titles Paris, 1960. Jean­Louis (Fabrice Luchini, Potiche) lives a bourgeois existence absorbed in his work, cohabitating peacefully with his neurotic socialite wife Suzanne (Sandrine Kiberlain, Mademoiselle Chambon) while their children are away at boarding school. The couple’s world is turned upside­down when they hire a Spanish maid Maria (Natalia Ver­ beke). Through Maria, Jean­Louis is introduced to an alternative reality just a few floors up on the building’s sixth floor, the servants’ quarters. He befriends a group of sassy Spanish maids (Carmen Maura, Lola Duenas, Berta Ojea, Nuria Sole, Concha Calan), refugees of the Franco regime, who teach him there’s more to life than stocks and bonds. The women’s influence on the house brings change… muy rápido! Writers: Philippe Le Guay, Jérôme Tonnerre / Producer: Etienne Comar, Philippe Rousselet / Cinematographer: Jean­Claude Larrieu / Editor: Monica Coleman / Principal Cast: Fabrice Luchini, Sandrine Kiberlain, Natalia Verbeke, Carmen Maura, Lola Dueñas, Berta Ojea, Nuria Solé, Concha Galán, Marie­Armelle Deguy, Muriel Solvay, Au­ drey Fleurot, Annie Mercier / Contact: Strand Releasing THE DIRECTOR: Philippe Le Guay was born in Paris, October 22, 1954. he has written and/or directed 18 films. In 1984 he won Best Writ­ ing Award at the Cracow Film Festival for LE CLOU. In 1990, he won Best Screenplay for OUT­ REMER at the Namur Interna­ tional Festival of French Speaking Film. The film also won Best Foreign Language Film at the 1990 Fort Lauderdale Interna­ tional Film Festival.



Sponsored by


SHOWTIMES Saturday, November 5, 10pm, Cinema Paradiso Sunday, November 6, 9pm, Muvico Pompano


Diego Velasco 2010 / Venezuela / 102 min / DVD / Spanish w/English sub­titles A gritty fast paced heist film set in Caracas, during the 24 hours of a controversial medical strike in 1996. It follows Parca, a tattooed hit­ man as he takes an entire hospital hostage in order to save his girl­ friend. What seemed as a perfect plan will end in a frenetic outcome, as Parca is forced to come to terms with his past, and as he discovers that his worst enemies are closer than he ever imagined. A love story told in the midst of chaos, LA HORA CERO is a timely and universal story about the mythic rise to power and the inevitable fall from grace. Writer: Diego Velasco, Carolina Paiz / Producer: Rudolpho Covo / Cin­ ematography: Luis Otero Prada / Production Designer: Marcello Pont / Principal Cast: Zapata 666, Amanda Kay, Laureano Olivares, Erich Wildpret, Marisa Roman, Albi de Abreu / Contact:

Sponsored by

Michelle Filippi & Jane Moguillansky Please note: Film features vio­ lence that may be upsetting to some viewers.




October 27- 30 SHOWTIME

November 11 - 20

Saturday, Oct 29, 5pm, Cinema Paradiso



Sponsored by

CAPTAIN FIN directed by Kevin James O’Neill, USA / 2011 / 15 min / HDCam / English Hank Gunner was arrested for manslaughter in 1975 after he killed a man in a barON fight.LOCATION: He was sentenced to life in prison without parole. His wife Carol made the decision to protect Hannah by keeping his whereabouts a secret. Many years later, Hank receives a visit from Hannah his now eighteen­year­old daughter. The visit becomes more than a rekindling of their relationship and they find a way to be together forever.

November 11 - 13

Writer: Kevin James O’Neill / Producer: Rob Tuscani and Kevin James O’Neill / Art Director: Matthew Withers / Editor: Justin Connors / Cinematographer: Rob Tuscani / Principal Cast: Spencer Locke, Steve DuMouchel / Contact: Kevin James O’Neill, 407­341­0806,,


January 19 - 22

a vacation from ordinary film

Writer: Barbie Castro / Producer: Concord Films / Executive Producer: Eric Castro / Editor: Mario Fernandez / Cinematographer: Mario Fer­ nandez / Principal Cast: Barbie Castro, Cristina Figarola & Miguel Martinez / Contact: Barbie Castro 954­816­0100 and

Handwriting type

CONDUIT directed by Alyn Darnay, USA / 2011 / 13 min / DVD /English In this riveting and powerful, yet uplifting drama, about how unexpected events can hold tremendous pain and limit one’s ability to go on, famed surgeon Susan Peck sits at a tipping point. One year after the accident that forever changed her life, and took away her will to live, she titters on the brink of a tragic decision. Into her life comes a message that can change the course of her life, or end it.

Barbara & Arnold Grevior Founding Sponsors ON LOCATION: And sponsored in part by



November - March


Produced by

CATCH 22 directed by Mario Fernandez, USA / 2011 / 10 min / DVD / English What would you do if you knew you're friends husband was having an affair? Would you keep the secret or would you tell her? Morgan finds out that her Best Friend's husband is having an affair. She is crossed between keeping the secret or exposing it. In an effort to seek guidance, she visits her friend Crystal. Crystal persuades Morgan to trust her with the secret, a secret that Crystal was ON LOCATION not ready to hear.

October 21 - November 6




October 22



Oct 28-31 • Nov 5-6

Writer: Robert Herrick / Producer: Barbie Castro / Editor: Walter Rodriguez / Cinematographer: Walter Rodriguez / Principal Cast: Barbie Castro, Miguel Martinez, Marc Durso / Contact: Alyn Darnay 305.456.4117

FORGOTTEN SOUL directed by Ernie Minera, USA / 2011 / 8 min / DVD / English Born into a life of hardship and no­luck, Miller believes God forgot about him. Now in college, he learns that the one forgetting who he is, is himself. Writer: Frank Minera & Ernie Minera / Producer: Ernie Minera / Art Director: Rachel Pastick / Editor: Ernie Minera / Cinematographer: Ernie Minera / Principal Cast: Arturo Minera, Blaire J. Butler, Matthew A. Gallagher, Craig Boldman, Kayla Perkins / Contact: Ernie Minera

GHOSTWRITER directed by Jay Mogavero, USA / 2011 / 15 min / DVD / English Aaron Drake is a successful mystery novelist, who has been stricken with writer's block since the unexpected death of his wife. After over a year of being unable to string a sentence together he discovers the beginning of a new novel in the tray of his computer printer. Writer: Bob Madea / Producer: Jay Mogavero / Editor: Michael Lazar / Cinematographer: Michael Lazar / Principal Cast: Jay Mogavero, Amy Simon / Contact: Jay Mogavero 310­709­0252

MARIO SANCHEZ: PAINTER OF MEMORIES Jack Ofield, USA / 2007 / 14 min / BetaSP / English Mario Sanchez was a self­taught artist born in Key West in 1908. In painted, hand­chiseled wood reliefs, he depicted his memories of daily life on the island. With the affection and humor of a native son, he recorded for posterity a distinctive part of the American scene. Producer: Jack Ofield / Writer: Helen­Maria Erawan / Art Director: Jack Ofield / Editor: Jack Ofield, Harvey Kopel / Cinematographer: Richard Francis, A.S.C. / Contact: www.Newpacificproductions.Com New Pacific Productions, P.O. Box 12792, San Diego, CA 92112, 619­462­6494

NUTS FOR PIZZA directed by David Andrade, USA / 2011 / 2 min / DVD / English Nuts to nuts! The only food Squirrely craves is delivered in 30 minutes or less. But for a squirrel, fresh pizza’s an unobtainable dream, until fate delivers Matt, the slacker delivery boy. It’s man versus nature showing just how far one determined squirrel will go when he’s Nuts For Pizza. The film represents a new wave of filmmaking techniques and is the world's first online collaborative animated short film. Writer: Katie Patenaude / Producer: Juerg Grieder, Mark Olson / Art Director: Juan Stroop Jr / Editor: Chad Bell / Cinematog­ rapher: (Layout) David Andrade / Animators (Cast): Derek Andre, Evan Detwiler, Juerg Grieder, David Martin, Mark Olson, Ernesto Reyes, Jason Strong / Contact: David Andrade,



November 11 - 20, 2011

Oct. 21 - Nov. 6, 2011


THEATRE VENUES • Flagler College Auditorium, 14 Granada Street



January 19FOUNDING - 22, 2012

November - March SPONSOR

THE ARNOLD & BARBARA GREVIOR FUND FOR FILM STUDIES It is our great pleasure to be a sponsor of the 2nd annual St. Augustine Film Festival presented by Flagler College. As lovers of film and all aspects of the art of filmmaking, we are exited to once again further enrich not only the Film Studies Program at Flagler, but also, the cultural fabric of this community through the presentation of this Film Festival January 19 ­ 22.

Handwriting type As long time supporters of the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival, which is now in its 26th year, it was our desire to provide a sim­ ilar type of Film Festival experience for the St. Augustine area. We would like to thank Gregory von Hausch, CEO of FLIFF, Flagler College, and the St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners for providing the support necessary to allow this Film Festival to continue in our community.

the 800 theatre is located just across the street from the famed lightner Museum in the Alcazar hotel built by henry Flagler.

GAMACHE­KOGER THEATRE, 50 SEVILLA ST. • located in the Ringhaver Student Center, the Gamache Koger theatre is an intimate theatre conveniently located iat the center of all venues.

Join uS in beautiful, historic St Augustine as FliFF on-location brings four days of films to the nation’s oldest city and to Flagler College, one of the most beautiful colleges in the country. Stay at our host hotel and get a free FASt Pass to the entire weekend! And while you are here enjoy the beauty of the City...all aglow with over a million lights! hilton St Augustine facing the beautiful Bay 32 Avenida Menendez 904-829-2277

CRISP­ELLERT MUSEUM, 48 SEVILLA STREET • the Crisp-ellert Art Museum was built to honor dr. JoAnn Crisp-ellert and her husband, dr. Robert ellert, after a donation of their historic house. opened in 2007, the museum honors that gift and recognizes the couple's contributions to the College and to the St. Augustine community.

OPENING & CLOSING NIGHT PARTY • Markland house, 102 King Street • Constructed in 1839, the magnificent Markland house was purchased by henry Flagler in 1887 and sits just west of Flagler’s hotel (now the administrative offices of the College) and was added to the national Registry of historic Places in 1978.

HOST HOTELS • Stay the hilton St Augustine and you will get tWo complimentary badges, good for all films and parties. it is a beautiful five minute walk to the all the films and parties.

TICKETS TO FILMS • $3 Flagler Student, Staff, Faculty, Alumni and FliFF Members • $5 Seniors & other Students • $8 General Admission

FAST PASSES • includes all films and parties. • Flagler students $20 • All others $45 OPENING NIGHT PARTY $25 • includes film and party catered by Gypsy Cab at the Markland house. CLOSING NIGHT DINNER $25 • includes film and party catered by Carrabba’s at the Markland house.

May the films you view make you laugh, cry, ponder, feel anger and joy . We hope you have your imagination challenged and leave the festival wanting more. Our many thanks to you for your support. Now sit back and enjoy and then spread the word about this very special celebration of film. Reel regards, Barbara & Arnold Grevior

Schedule FCA = Flagler College Auditorium; GK = Gamache-Koger theatre; Ce = Crisp-ellert Museum; Mh = Markland house

WELCOME FROM PRESIDENT ABARE AND DEAN WOOLFOLK Welcome to the St. Augustine Film Festival presented by Flagler College. Once again, we are partnering with the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival and appreciate the continued support from the Arnold and Barbara Gre­ vior Fund for Film Studies. This year’s program builds on the breadth of last year’s diverse and vibrant selection of films and ac­ tivities. We trust you will enjoy this weekend on our campus. Sincerely, President William t. Abare, Jr.


This year’s St. Augustine Film Festival incorporates the successes from our inaugural event and adds depth and vigor in the pres­ entation of a variety of topics. Once again, we are presenting to the community an experience that can enrich lives and broaden perspectives. Thanks to our sponsors, Visit Florida, St. Johns County Tourist Development Council and Eastman Environmental in addition to Arnold and Barbara Grevior, and to director Gregory von Hausch. We look forward to your partici­ pation in this exciting program. Alan Woolfolk Dean of Academic Affairs


7:30pm MINDS IN THE WATER (p77) Surf Station FREE Outdoor Screening


ABOUT FIFTY (p7) FCA Opening Night Party MH

Noon 2pm



4pm 6pm

SATURDAY, JANUARY 21 10:30 Noon 1pm 2pm 3pm 4pm 5pm 6pm 8pm 10pm

HAPPY (p56) GK ANOTHER SENSE (p31) GK Video Art Extravaganza Part I CE JESSIE’S DAD/Unfinished Journey (p65) GK Video Art Extravaganza Part II CE LAST RITES OF JOE MAY (p19) GK THE COOL SCHOOL (p40) CE ISLANDS OF LIFE (p64) GK Bad Influences/ SILVER CASE (p91) FCA Fun Shorts Coquina Beach Club

SUNDAY, JANUARY 22 10:30 Noon 1:45pm 3:30pm 5:30pm 6:00 7:30pm



Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, and The Florida Council on Arts & Culture.

Clancy Sturgeonerica Carothers Mark Shaffer William GivensSarah deagle Maggie RussellKelley Cottrell Megan Becker Chelsea King Jason Bell

Calla Rowell

Steve Strait


Oct. 21 - Nov. 6, 2011




SEMINARS AT CINEMA PARADISO Saturday, October 29, Cinema Paradiso

For the 6th consecutive year, The Arts Council of Greater Weston teams up with FLIFF to present The Weston Foreign Film Series. The series takes place the 2nd Monday of the month November ­ March at We­ ston Cinemas. Shows at 5pm & 7:15pm each evening.



November - March

6:15PM VFX/CGI FOR THE INDEPENDENT FILMMAKER Presented by Dean Lyon ­ VFX Supervisor and Entrepreneur, ‘VFX/CGI for the Independent Filmmaker’ provides a look at the creative and technological aspects of Visual Effects (VFX) and Computer Graphics Imaging (CGI) utilized by the screen industry. As in all areas of invention and innovation, it is important to re­ view the past, understand the theory and practices, and examine the successes and failures before designing the future. Learn how to manage, plan and budget VFX/CGI for your project. Understand how VFX influences the film making process.


France / 2009 / 96 min / French w/English sub­titles Helene, a maid is resigned to her 3 job life of making up hotel rooms, caring for her family and as housekeeper for an American doctor, an ex­pat living in France. At the hotel she becomes aware of a romantic couple on holiday – who when not be­ tween the sheets, enjoy each other through a game of chess.



Filmmaker Billy Corben, co­founder of rakontur, provides you with a glimpse into the fascinating world of documentary filmmaking. Billy will show clips from his work including COCAINE COWBOYS, SQUARE GROUPER: The Godfathers of Ganja, THE U, Raw Deal: A Question of Consent, and his latest, Limelight.


Italy / 2008 / 110 min / Italian w/English sub­titles This film walks a fine­line, suspended midway between genial farce and sensitive, compassionate drama. Nello, a businessman from Milan gets unexpectedly booted out of his job and ends up managing a collective of ex­mental patients, who have found themselves expelled from psychiatric hospitals.



directed by William Djuric, USA / 2011 / 26 min / HDCam / English By day, Chris works the busy kitchen of a trendy New York City restaurant. While the City sleeps, Chris assumes his alternate identity, Nevo. On what was sup­ posed to be the start of a relaxing weekend from the stress of his daytime job, Chris’s world is turned upside down when he discovers all his work defiled by a new and mysterious rival.


France / 2010 / 105 min / French w/English sub­titles Babou seems to be able to shrug off anything. Real jobs, husbands, responsibilities, who needs them? But when she finds out that her own daughter is too ashamed of her to invite her to her wedding, she decides to make some changes.

Writer: William Djuric / Producers: Alexander Levit, William Djuric / Production Designer/Art Director:Donna Vudragovic, Lauren Nakrooz / Cinematographer: Radan Popovic / Editor: Milica Zec / Principal Cast: Maxwell Zagorski, Antonella Lentini, John Cashin, Evan Leone, Candice Carruth / Contact: William Djuric, 245 East 63rd Street, apt 1125, New York, NY. 10065, 917­612­6070




USA & Colombia / 2009 / Drama / 82 min / Spanish w/English sub­titles Mariana is determined to keep her family together. Her children have grown up in Colombia without their father. Finally after years of separation, the family is reunited in New York. Coming home late from work one night Antonio announces he has found work in Miami and will be sending for the family once he is settled. SPECIAL GUEST: Antonio Fins, Sun­Sentinel, Editorial Page Editor will lead a Q&A following the 5pm screening.

Video Editors Justin Goudreau and Justin Niemeyer of HOLLYWOOD.COM discuss how they rose the ranks of YouTube to be the number one YouTube Channel in the Film and Animation Category. The Justins as they are known in Hollywood will be discussing what a 'Trailer Mashup' is and how they used them to move up the social ranks of YouTube. To spark up those creative juices "The Justins" will also showcase a selection of Trailer Mashups and explain some stories behind their creation. Join The Justins in the Festival Lounge for a down­tempo vinyl after­party. Justin Goudreau & Justin Niemeyer Twitter @TheJustins


United Kingdom / 2005 / 135 min / English Shanghai, 1936, crossroads of the world and a city of political intrigue. Sofia, a Russ­ ian Countess who, with the remains of her family, has been left stateless by the Rev­ olution. Forced by her reduced circumstances to support herself and her family as a bar­girl and taxi dancer, Sofia forms a relationship with Jackson, a blind former diplo­ mat who opens an elegant bar; The White Countess.


Your $5 ticket, which includes the whole evening (seminars, film & party) to the above gets you into the After Party in the Paradiso Courtyard. Including your first beer free plus party food!

TICKETS: $7/film or Series of all 5 for $30 • Series tickets only on sale through November 14th. * Single tickets for Queen to Play, if available, sold at the door on November 14th. * Single tickets for other 4 shows sold monthly beginning November 15th. On­Sale at these locations:

Community Bank of Broward, 1540 Weston Road (Cash or Checks Only) Friends Bookstore, Weston Branch Library, 4205 Bonaventure Blvd.(Cash or Checks Only) Weston Community Center, 20200 Saddle Club Road (Checks Only) All films presented at Weston 8 Cinemas, 1338 SW 160th Ave, 106


Catherine Grady Niemeyer Allstate Fort Lauderdale 107

SHOWTIME Friday, December 2, 9pm, Cinema Paradiso





SHOWTIME Wednesday, October 26, 6:30pm, Cinema Paradiso




directed by Marco Riedl Germany / 2011 / 40 min / HDCam / German w/English sub­titles Writer: Marco Riedl / Principal Cast: Wotan Wilke Möhring, Katharina Wackernagel, Ronald Nitschke, Charles Rettinghaus, Ian K. Odle, Tabea Willemsen, Bejo Dohmen, Patrick Mölleken, Klaus Lehmann, Valentin Jeker, Aleksandra Bechtel / Contact:

Aftershock tells the dramatic story of Baojia, a man who loses his family in the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake. Subsequently, he becomes an illegal immigrant in New York City working for a cruel boss. With nothing but bitter memories and hardship, he struggles to make a human connection.

“Anyone who doesn’t believe in miracles isn’t a realist”, says Billy Wilder. A quirk of fate leads Luke Hallow to risk violating his parole and losing his newly won freedom. He has to save the life of his nine­year­old daughter, Noel. Only a miracle can keep him from losing everything… forever.

CAPTURING SANTA directed by Peter Cattaneo United Kingdom / 2010 / 11 min / DVD / English Writer: Chris O’Dowd & Nick Murphy / Cast: Chris O’Dowd, Robert Donnelly, Sharon Horgan / 1988. Now nine, Chris O’Dowd has had enough. How hard can it be to get a Subbuteo set? It’s time to show Santa Claus who’s boss. And so, young Chris embarks on a cunning plan to catch his life­long nemesis.


directed by George Billard China­USA / 2010 / 17 min / HDCam / Mandarin w/English Subtitles

Producer & Writer:George Billard / Editor: Katie Mantell / Cinematographer: Anthony Wolberg / Production Design: Jessica Preuss / Principal Cast: Steve Lin, James Lee, Steven Sun, Ereka Lin, Wayne Chang, YuFeng Yvonne Chan / Contact: George Billard 212­226­1600

BEEP directed by Haytham Saqr,

UAE ­ Egypt / 2011 / 5 min / DVD / No dialogue Mr K, the invariably common man, his life passes by as an allegorical equivalent of modern life that is based on work and shopping. A life wasted over a bunch of equipment and devices, which in spite designed to provide easy living, they turn into death machines. A tempo that hastily transits between home, work and mall summing up human life into a number of digits and beeps.

Writer: Ziad Abdalla / Producer: Omar Sami / Art Director: Matt Krah / Editor: Andrew Durning / Cinematographer: Harvey Glen / Principal Cast: Mohamed Abdel Haq / Contact: Haytham Saqr, 00971505041421/

BURNED directed by Phyllis Toben Bancroft, USA / 2011 / 20 min / HDCam / English Burned is the story of a young woman’s struggle to cope with her life after returning home from serving in the Iraq war. Monica Wilson is a young female veteran who is struggling with accepting the fact that she is suffering from the silent scars of post­traumatic stress disorder after returning home from the war in Iraq. As a result of her unwillingness to accept her scars of combat, she self med­ icates with alcohol and must find her own way to get back on track. Story by: Phyllis Toben Bancroft & Joseph Caston / Written by: Joseph Caston / Editor: Lynarion Hubbard / Cinematographer: Jason Raswant / Principal Cast, Bianca LaVerne Jones, Eric Roberts / Contact: Phyllis Toben Bancroft, 323.632.6596

directed by Peter Cattaneo United Kingdom / 2010 / 11 min / DVD / English Writer: Stephen Fry / Cast: Stephen Fry, Daniel Roche, Milo Quinton


Christmas Term. 12year­old Stephen Fry isn’t popular with his head­ master; his sweet tooth, extensive vocabulary and sharp wit regularly earn him six of the best. Unhappy with the pitiful offerings of the tuck shop, Fry Secundus, as he’s known, often ventures out of bounds to the village sweet shop. But when one trip to the confectioners too many catches up with young Stephen, and the headmaster threatens to ex­ clude him from the Christmas festivities, Fry’s only hope lies with Bunce, the frightened new boy he’s taken under his wing.

Writer/Director/Producer: Sandy Garfunkel / Producer: Wendy Shear / Cinematographer: Corey Eisenstein / Editor: Ron Kalish / Score & Theme Song: Duncan Stanbury & John Arrucci / Art Director: Patricia Rounds Manwaring / Principal Cast: Terri Garber, Emilio Delgado, Adeel Ahmed, Mandy Bruno / Contact: Sandy Garfunkel ­ / phone: 646.515.5900


directed by Sandy Garfunkel, USA / 2010 / 21 min / HDCam / English Annie has detached herself from her friends and her work, and seems desperate to find a con­ nection with a world other than her own. She thinks there is only one path to resolution, but un­ expectedly, her daily lunch routine becomes the key to making peace with the ghosts of her past.

SOLD directed by John Irwin, USA / 2010 / 13 min / HDCam / English & Spanish w/English sub­titles Set on the backdrop of human trafficking and sex trade happening in America, and told through the eyes of a young journalist named Maya, who goes undercover to do an inves­ tigative article on the treatment of illegal immigrants in America.

directed by Bill Bailey & Joe Magee United Kingdom / 2010 / 11 min / DVD / English Writer: Bill Bailey & Joe Magee / Cast: Bill Bailey, Chris Brassington, Lucy McCall

Writer: John Irwin / Co­Producer: Jesse Garcia, Marco Shepard / Camera: Andrew Waruszewski / Principal Cast: Hector Jimenez, Fernanda Romero, Jesse Garcia, Maria Olsen, Andrew Keegan / Contact: John Irwin 310­806­0066

Tis the season of merriment...shops alive with the lights, happy peo­ ple, the cheer is contagious...ah, its a wonderful life!


Capturing Santa, Bunce & Car Park Babylon technical team: Producer: Mike Elliot / Art Director: Chris Rosser / Editor: Scot Crane, Ted Guard / Director Of Photography: Hubert Taczanowski / Contact: / Hannah Dal Pozzo Sprout Pictures Ltd, 108


directed by: Julio O. Ramos, Peru / 2011 / 10 min / HDCam / Spanish w/English Subtitles A doctor forced by circumstance to also drive a cab finds himself challenged by his latest fare. Writer: Julio O. Ramos / Producer: Luisa Amanda Huaruco / Art Director: Andrea Arce Duval / Editor: Julio O. Ramos / Cine­ matographer: Phil Klucsarits / Principal Cast: Miguel Iza, Luis Menezes, Christian Ojeda / CONTACT: Julio O. Ramos 708.359.9407


SHOWTIME Sunday, October 30, 7:30pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr






SHOWTIME Saturday, November 5, Noon, Cinema Paradiso



directed by Marisé Samitier Spain / 2011 / 23 min / HDCam / Spanish w/English sub­titles The story revolves around four people consumed by jealousy, deceit and betrayal. Marta suffers because she can’t have children. Her husband has an affaire with Mila, Marta’s own sister, and single mother of Daniel. Their lives turn around when Daniel’s father, shows up.

Producers: Francisco Javier Millán, Marisé Samitier / Screenwriter: Marisé Samitier / Cinematographer: Davd Avila Barrios / Original Music: Juan Carlos Cuello, Santi Latorre / Production Designer: Ainoha Sánchez, Leticia Pascual, Daniel Grao, Al­ varo Morte, Meritxell Laso, Martin Micallef / Contact: Marise Samitier


BOY IN THE TREE directed by Aneel Ahmad, Pakistan / 2011 / 14 min / DVD / Punjabi w/English sub­titles Give the world the best you have and you might get kicked in the teeth. Give the world the best you've got anyway. Mother Teresa Producer: Aneel Ahmad / Executive Producers: Jaleel Ahmad, Naseer Baig / Sound Design/Foley Editor: Andrew Munro / Editor/Sound: Aneel Ahmad / Screenwriter: Raees Mahmood Khan / Director of Photography: Aneel Ahmad / Music: Sohail Salamat, Jahid Samed / Principal Cast: Haider, Fakhir / Contact:

directed by Heland Lee, U.S.A. / 2011 / 113 min / DVD / English This is on­line dating gone awry. But luckily, neither Josiphyne nor Larry knew what hap­ pened. Everyone deserves a second chance. Writer­Producer­Art Director: Heland Lee / Editor: William F. Hopkins / Cinematographer: Vladimir Gitlevich / Original Music: David Lewis Johnson / Principal Cast: Drea Castro, Heland Lee and David Hirson / Contact: Heland Lee (817) 366­1187


EXTINCTION directed by Kevin McCarey, USA / 2011 / 30 min / Blu­Ray / English & Xhosa w/English sub­titles On the coast of South Africa, paleontologists seek clues to Earth’s greatest extinction event. They befriend Sipho, a Xhosa youth with a gift for finding fossils. But the boy’s village is experiencing its own extinction, and Mandisa, a girl he loves, is dying. Sipho shares with her what he’s learned: how the human species arose triumphantly from past extinctions. But will this be enough to instill the hope they need for their own survival? Writer: Kevin McCarey / Producers: Danika Burtt, Paul Fox / Art Director: Ana Ibarra / Editor: Alek Rost / Cinematographer: Bear Brown / Principal Cast: Coletrane Williams, Jazz Richardson, Jim Carswell / Contact: Kevin McCarey, 912­897­4656;

directed by Joe Kicak, Canada / 2010 / 14 min / Betacam SP / Engligh Hoping to fix the crack in their relationship, Rene locks himself and his hipster girlfriend, Emma, in their apartment. His personal remedy for their woes is a weekend­long, cold turkey detox for Emma. But as her alcohol withdrawal takes hold, the couple discovers addiction is not the only problem they need to face. Writer: Heli Kennedy / Producers: Harold Gay & Ryan Reaney / Art Director: Jim Goodall / Editor: Mike Lobel & Nathan Sael / Cinematographer: Mike Lobel / Principal Cast: Jamie Spilchuk, Heli Kennedy, Mark Roeder / Contact: Ryan Reaney 416­857­5489


FRESH SKWEEZED directed by GB Shannon & Ryan Parker, USA/ 2011 / 22 min / HDCam / English Maggie, a street smart 11 year old, is stifled by a shaky home­life and constant torment from the neighborhood bully. With a fair share of moxie and a talent for the hustle, this little spitfire is fighting for more than just stability in her turbulent surroundings. Her life's turned sour and she has no choice but to make a stand. Writer: GB Shannon / Producers: Ryan Parker, GB Shannon, Jamie Harmon, Brian Pera, Mark Jones / Art Director: Bard C. Cole / Editor: Ryan Parker, GB Shannon, Eileen Meyer / Cinematographer: Ryan Parker / Principal Cast ­ Haley Parker, Paige Hollenbeck, Kevin Scroggs, Lindsey Roberts, Caleb Johnson / Contact: Bart Shannon (901)493­9055

directed by Ben Sharony, USA / 2011 / 19:35 / HDCam / English Besotted with the precocious and sexy ROSE, 14 year old HAROLD agrees to be re­bap­ tized in her church and speak in tongues in order to win a date with her. He gets the date, but things don’t go as well as he had hoped. A bittersweet coming­of­age story. Writer: Ben Sharony Based on a short story by Matthew Cashion / Producers: Alison Beckett, Rachel Garza / Director of Photography: Rachel Morrison / Editor: Kat Spiess Production Designer: Sara K White / Principal Cast: Jonathan Watts, Gabrielle Senn, Heidi Armbruster, Joel Nagle, Carol Bruner, Chris LaPanta, Michael Pemberton, Charles Boswell / Contact: Ben Sharony ­ 646.221.3651

PROPOSAL directed by Chris King, USA / 2011 / 16 min / DigiBeta / English Haunted by memories of a lost love, a lonely man finally decides to move on with his life. With family wedding ring in hand, he gathers the last bit of courage he needs before asking the biggest question of his life. Based on a true story. Writer: Chris King / Producer: Chris King / Art Director: Heidi Boucher / Editor: Chris King / Cinematographer: John Jimenez / Principal Cast: Eric Wheeler, Ruby Sketchley, Gary Mello / Contact: Chris King (916) 759­1960


PROTECT THE NATION directed by C. R. Reisser South Africa, Germany / 2011 / 16 min / DVD / English & Zulu w/English sub­titles When faced with the unexpected kindness of a stranger, a young boy begins to question himself. Does he have the courage to do what's right? Writer: C. R. Reisser / Producer: Marcus Machura, Stephan Barth, Greig Buckle, Thomas Reisser / Art Director: Anita van Hemert / Editor: C. R. Reisser and Olivia Retzer / Cinematographer: Matthias Reisser / Principal Cast: Thabo Mbatha, Jerry Mofokeng and Wright Ngubeni / Contact : Niama Film GmbH, +497112536516,

SMALL DESIRES directed by Joel Dunn USA / 2011 / 1min / DVD / English A precocious girl with a small desire embarks on a quest with big determination and some heavy construction. Writer: Joel Dunn / Producer: Joel Dunn, Mimi Hall / Art Director: Joel Dunn / Editor: Joel Dunn/ Cinematographer: Eric West­ pheling / Principal Cast: Christina Karabiyik, Brian Ish / Contact: Joel Dunn, 973­713­1484 jdunn@theory­




SURREAL REALITY EKO directed by Goran Kapetanovic Sweden / 2004 / 16 min / BetaSP / Swedish & Bosnian w/English sub­titles Things are going pretty well for Sonja. She left the ex­Yugoslavian war and lives peacefully with her family in Sweden. The normal life she is trying to live is interrupted by her trauma from the war. Sanja struggles alone with her trauma, but when she goes on a weekend trip with his family then everything begins to change. Her son is in danger. Screenwriter: Alexander Skantze & Lotta Lättström / Camera: Jonas Alarik / Editor: Karin Tallroth / Sound: Martin Mighetto / Music: Magnus Andersson performed by Katzen Kapell / Production: Osiel Ibañez / Art Director ­ DI / Cast: Vera Veljovic, Ariel Petsouk, Anders Johannisson, Peter Perski / Contact ­ 46704258596

FRIENDLY STRANGERS directed by Katsumi Funahashi, USA / 2010 / 14 min / DVD / English One morning, a computer tech, Peter Benson is finishing up his household chores. He receives an unexpected visit from a young married couple, Angie Taylor(Amber Ford) and Derek Tay­ lor(Aaron Macerelli). The Taylor's are planning to buy the house next door and are seeking information about the quality of their perspective neighborhood, so Peter invites them in... Writer: Katsumi Funahashi / Producer: Aaron Macerelli, Katsumi Funahashi / Art Director: David Macerelli / Editor: Katsumi Funahashi / Cinematographer: Katsumi Funahashi / Principal Cast: Kevin Kean Murphy, Amber Ford, Aaron Macerelli / Con­ tact: Katsumi Funahashi 914­643­3502

INVISIBLE directed by Harold Chapman, UK / 2010 / 15 min / HDCam / English Victor is an African immigrant who, as a child, witnessed the slaughter of his family. He has now vanished into London, working as an anonymous street sweeper. But violence seeks him out once more and he realizes that to regain his humanity he must become ‘visible’ again. Written by: Harold Chapman / Producer: David Chapman / Art Director: Eks Singh / Editor: Phil Eldridge / Cinematographer: Dirk Nel / Principal Cast: Nathaniel Martello­White, Jessica Collins, Giles Fagan / Contact: David Chapman, info@pri­

THE POND directed by Dan Hannon, USA / 2010 / 20 min / HDCam / English A heartbroken young woman sets about scattering her husband's ashes on the pond in an apple orchard they had both loved. But the waters of the pond hold a secret, and when a stranger appears unexpectedly, the very fabric of reality is ripped apart and she must choose between sacrifice and oblivion. Writer: Dan Hannon / Producer: Francine DiChiara / Art Director: Christopher Plummer / Editor: Michael Bernard / Cine­ matographer: Jendra Jarnagin / Principal Cast: Alicia Witt, David Morse, Todd Rotondi / Contact: Legion of Eden Productions (603) 303­1786

SPLITSCREEN: A LOVE STORY directed by James Griffiths, UK / 2011 / 2min / DVD / Silent The screen is split down the middle. On the left we witness the world through the eyes of a woman. On the right we see the world through the eyes of a man. Although they live thou­ sands of miles apart, their lives seem to be inextricably linked.



SHOWTIME Friday, October 21, 4pm, Sunrise Civic Ctr

THE WONDER OF IT ALL KITCHEN TABLE directed by Cara Hagan USA / 2010 / 13 min / DVD / English Kitchen Table, choreographed and directed by Cara Hagan, explores the roll of women in the 1950's through a comedic lens. Twins Cara and Mackenzie Hagan play Penny and Jo, a pair of catty homemakers who desire to fit the mold of the perfect woman, but desire also, to reach beyond their expected status. The film follows the women from the confined space of the kitchen to the expanse of the world outside, exploring themes of domesticity, femininity, and societal expectation. Producer: Cara Hagan / Cinematographer and Editor: Brett William Hunter / Sound Editing: Robert Gelber / Music performed by: Douglas Yeo, from the Album "Take 1" / Principal Cast: Cara and Mackenzie Hagan / Contact:

LIGHTWEIGHT directed by Randy Kovitz USA / 2011 / 23 min / DVD / English Elizabeth lost her job. She lost her boyfriend. Now she's in Pittsburgh, staying with her mother. Suddenly, she can't keep her feet on the ground. Literally. It's not convenient. Writer: Randy Kovitz & Deborah Hosking / Producer: Adrienne Wehr/ Production Designer: Deborah Hosking / Art Director: Danielle Laubach / Editor: Deborah Hosking & Randy Kovitz / Cinematographer: Mark Knobil / Principal Cast: Kate Rogal, Anthony Carrigan, Lori Cardille, Dana Ashbook / Contact: Randy Kovitz, 213.422.7587,

MIYUKI’S BELLS directed by Ken Ochiai Japan / 2011 / 20 min / DVD / Japanese w/English sub­titles Against her will, Miyuki must leave Tokyo and take her two young half­ brothers to the country home of their quirky grandmother, but when they arrive she will discover that she had to leave her home in order to find it. Writer: Nir Studnitski, Ken Ochiai / Producer: Hirotsugu Yoshida, Ken Ochiai / Executive Pro­ ducer: Sean Imai / Camera: Chris Freilich / Editor: Nodoka Kato / Original Music: Ryoji Ootsuka / Principal Cast: Erina Mano, Takuya Ishida, Teruko Hanahara / Contact:

PENNY directed by Benj Thall

Producer: Kurban Kassam / Camera: Christopher Moon / Editor: Marianne Kuopanportti / Principal Cast: Lola McDonnel, Scott Ellis / Contact: James Griffiths

USA / 2011 / 18 min / HDCam / English


An expert plumber, on a quest to save an aging city fountain, learns that with a little faith, a single penny can make even the most unlikely of wishes come true.

directed by Darcyana Moreno Izel Brazil / 2011 / 15 min / DVD / Portuguese w/English sub­titles After a psychic suggests that her fiancée Rogerio is cheating on her, Carmen plays a dan­ gerous game to discover the truth at any cost. Reality and fantasy become intertwined in this uproarious comedy, where nothing is exactly the way it appears.

Writers : Albert Bugoff and Benj Thall / Producers : Albert Bugoff, Amy Huth, Lindy Ascher, and Benj Thall / Art Director : Rachel Payne / Editor : Benj Thall / Cinematographer : Graham Futer­ fas / Cast : Lance, Barber, Reginald Vel Johnson, Don Stark, Kyle Bode, Mike McGill / Contact : Benj Thall 323­697­7899

Writer: Mina Olivera / Producer: Patricia Teixeira, Meire Fernandes, Mina Olivera, Shanti Correa / Camera: Carina Sanginitto / Principal Cast: Mina Olivera, Shanti Correa / Contact:



SHOWTIME Saturday, November 5, 2pm, Cinema Paradiso



ONE LIFE FOR YOURSELF & ONE FOR YOUR DREAMS THE LIFE SMUGGLERS directed by David W. Wells USA / 2011 / 25 min / English & Spanish w/English sub­titles Two retirees from Phoenix, Arizona run prescription drugs from Mexico to help pay for a wife's medical bills. But when their work suddenly in­ cludes people smuggling, it becomes much more ethically complex. Writer & Producer: Wes Ford / Editor: David W. Wells / Cinematographer: Patrick Ruth / Art Di­ rector: Buzz O'Barts / Principal Cast: Kenneth Bridges, Jim McLeroy, Martin Gonzalez / Contact:

NORTH ATLANTIC directed by Bernardo Nascimento Portugal­UK / 2010 / 15 min / HDCam / English & Portuguese w/English sub­titles An isolated air traffic controller in the Azores connects with a lone pilot cut helplessly adrift over the North Atlantic. Writer: Bernardo Nascimento / Producers: Bernardo Nascimento, James Youngs, Sadia Ahmed / Art Director: Rory J. Collins / Editor: Sergio Vega Borrego / Cinematographer: Carlos Catalan / Principal Cast: Clive Russell, Francisco Tavares, Guilherme Mendonca, Grant Masters Contact: Bernardo Nascimento +447806702739

PIZZANGRILLO directed by Marco Gianfreda Italy / 2011 / 15 min / Blu­Ray /Italian w/English sub­titles Tired of life, Ettore, 65 years old, everyday tries to find the courage to drive himself and his three wheeler down a country ditch. When Luca, his 10 year old nephew, finds out about his grandfather's intentions, he decides to furtively follow him. Screenplay: Marco Gianfreda / Producer: Antonio Longo / Director Of Photography: Duccio Cimatti / Film Editor: Claudio Di Mauro / Music: Giordano Corapi / Set Designer: Paki Meduri / Costume Designer: Antonella Buono / Sound: Andrea Viali / Principal Cast: Toni Bertorelli, Si­ mone Pellegrino, Alessio Spagnoli, Daniele Faraoni / Contact:

THINGS TO DO directed by Daniel Jameison & Ana Maria Belo Australia / 2011 / 7 min / DVD / English One night and day in Tim and Sara’s life. How far do you go for the one you love? How much can you sacrifice? How much can you ask? What do you really need to be happy? Writer: Ana Maria Belo / Producer: Ana Maria Belo / Editor: Daniel Jameison / Cinematographer: Ben Zemanek / Cast: Ana Maria Belo, Josef Ber, Richard Brancatisano / Contact: Ana Maria Belo, +61414697971




PAS DE DEUX AN EVENING WITH MY COMATOSE MOTHER directed by Jonathan Martin, USA / 2011 / 33 min / HDCam / English Dorothy thought she had it easy; house sit for the wealthy Poe's on All Hallows Eve while collecting a cool paycheck. That was, until, she was introduced to the Poe's comatose mother living upstairs. As the dark of the night comes, and as the approaching storm blacks out the neighborhood, Dorothy soon finds herself on a nightmare ride through hell that she can only beg to be woken up from. Writer: Jonathan Martin / Producer: Chris Hansen, Danny Drysdale, Jonathan Martin / Camera: Devin Graham / Editor: Jonathan Martin / Principal Cast: Michele Wilson, Missy Hill, Rick Macy, Wendy Macy / Contact:

Plays Monday, October 31, after DR LIMPTOOTH, Cinema Paradiso

MISH MUSH (APRICOTS) directed by Amar Chebib, Syria –Canada / 2010 / 18 min / HDCam / Arabic w/English sub­titles Upon being drafted for military service, Ahmad, a determined young Syrian poet, decides to flee the country. Consequently, he is forced up against a complex bureaucracy, conservative family, and re­ luctant lover. En route to Lebanon, he discovers himself in an unexpected place, an apricot orchard. Writer­Producer: Amar Chebib / Director of Photography: Abdulqadr Sharbaji / Art Director & Editor: Amar Chebib / Principal Cast: Yhia Hashem, Bachar Chebib, Raghda Hashem, Zalfa Seurat, Ahmad­Khudr Al Sheikh, George Doshi, Juan Alkhedr, Ehab Shaaban, Ahmad Kotrash, Ranim Al Kurdi, Ahmad Kaook, Yehia Chahine / Contact:

Plays before HOMECOMING, Thurs, Oct 27 & Sat Oct 29

STUFFER directed by Nathan Crooker, USA / 2010 / 20 min / HDCam / English A female Sgt. returns from the front lines of Afghanistan to her husband and daughter for fear that they will foreclose on their home. But she is coming home with a secret... Writer: Jake Silbermann / Producer: Anthony Sweeney, Sydney Fisher, Nathan Crooker, Jake Silbermann / Camera: Brian Jackson / Editor: Nathan Crooker / Principal Cast: Danielle Camastra, Jake Silbermann, Michael Riverra / Contact:


WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED directed by Dave Porfiri & Linda Duvoisin, USA / 2011 / 11 min / DVD / English The Nashville Sit­ins of 1960 were among the most important events of the Civil Rights Movement. Over a period of months, students staged a very well­organized, non­violent protest at downtown lunch counters. They caught the city's white establishment off­guard and culminated in the mayor agreeing to end segregation of lunch counters while facing thousands of protestors gathered on the steps of City Hall and the eyes of the nation watching. It was just the first step in ending segregation in all facets of life, inspiring similar movements throughout the South. Writers: Dave Porfiri & Linda Duvoisin / Camera: Dave Porfiri / Editor: Linda Duvoisin / Contact:

Plays before MARY & BILL

A YOUNGER MAN directed by John Howard Swain, USA / 2010 / 10 min / English “Come grow old with me, the best is yet to be.” A Younger Man is a short film that explores the choices you make when life cheats you out of the best. Rosa, a woman who has been saddled with the all consuming task of caring for her dying husband makes a bold choice that will unite her with a young passionate man and the two embark on a deceptive journey that begins with murder. Writer: Tony Glazer / Producers: Pat Patterson, Summer Crockett Moore, Tony Glazer, Roy McDonald / Co­Producer: Mike Warner / Director of Photography: Anthony Lenzo / Principal Cast: Pat Patterson, Brian Carney, Crockett Moore, Chris Burns, Brad Holbrook, Chris Kipniak / Contact: Pat Patterson, Pâté Productions, 310.613.1526,

Plays before SCISSORS & GLUE, Sun, Oct 23 & Mon, Oct 24

UNFINISHED JOURNEY: CITY IN TRANSITION directed by Swarnavel Eswaran Pillai & Mark Huelsbeck, USA / 2011 / 26 min / English In the early 60s, the nation’s oldest city, St. Augustine, was a battlefield as civil rights activists protested against segregation through non­violent demonstrations such as sit­ins at lunch counters and wade­ins at the beaches. This film records the City’s acknowledgment of its racial past by the recognition of the contributions of Andrew Young, the foot soldiers, and the beach protesters. Camera: Mark Huelsbeck / Editors: Swarnavel Eswaran Pillai & Mark Huelsbeck / Contact:


SHOWTIME Saturday, January 21, 8pm, FCA









directed by Kate Emery, USA / 2010 / 16 min / DVD / English

directed by Lee Percy USA / 2011 / 25 min / DVD / English

Enter the hilariously sick mind of Jillian, a timid hypochondriac with a vivid imagination. Instead of making real friends, she hangs out with the diseases she thinks she has: Influenza, Asthma and Mono. Jillian moves into a rural, germ­ridden town just in time for her freshman year of high school. Her 'friends' tag along, ready to keep her safe from the hazards of a ninth­grade social life. When a renegade up­ perclassman named Dave encourages Jillian to emerge from her shell, she must make a real human connection or remain sick forever. Writer: Kate Emery / Producer: Jacob Jester / Camera: Matthew H. Sanders / Editors: Michael Copponex, Jacob Jester / Production Designer: Bobby Marinelli / Puppet Designer: Joshua Mikel / Principal Cast: Carlie Nettles, Dexter McDaniel, Jeremy Eckman, Noah Ginex, Jennifer Marschand, Tamara McShane / Contact: Brenda Miles FSU School of Film, Television & The Recording Arts

HOLD FOR LAUGHS directed by Amy French, USA / 2011 / 16 min / DVD / English Margaret's life sucks. A shy thirteen year old freshman at an all­girls Catholic high school, she's got braces and a baby face. The other girls make fun of her and the boy she longs for doesn't know she exists, not to mention her parents are getting divorced and her dog is dying. But by night, Margaret is precocious, confident, and full of witty and irreverent observations, as she transforms into Margaret Rose, stand­up comic. Writer: Amy French / Producers: Mike Drinkwater, Lauren Schnipper / Production Designer: Jill Bencsits / Editor: Hallie Faben / Director Of Photography: Stephanie Martin / Cast: Sarah Gilman, Jonathan Decker, Hannah Masi, Juan Diego Ramirez, Gwen Yeager / Contact:


HYPNOCUS­POCUSED Directed by Victor Suarez USA / 2011 / 12 min / DVD / English A casual hypnosis goes bananas! Writers & producers: Victor Suarez and John Sadlik / Producer: Victor Suarez and John Sadlik /Editor & Cinematographer: Victor Suarez / Cast: Hico Oshiro, Michael Deely, and Nick Bender /Contact: Victor Suarez 630 362 5563

19 GIORNI DI MASSIMA SICUREZZA directed by Enzo De Camillis Italy / 2010 / 12 min / DVD / Italian w/English sub­titles A true story experienced by De Camillis and his wife, Anna. And it is she who writes from prison, the past 19 days in jail without knowing why this unjust detention.

SHOWTIME Sunday, November 6, 2pm, The Manor Thursday, November 10, 9:30pm, CP

After escaping a dangerous past a young man fights to keep his body, his dignity and his dream alive. Survival is the first order of business in New York City and when success comes within his grasp he finds himself up against an uncaring immigration bureaucracy. Based on a true story, "Dreaming American" is a humorous, sad, and always compelling story of courage, living by one's wits, and the struggle to make it in America. Writer: Lee Percy/ Producer: Barbet Schroeder, Paul A Levin, Yada Zamora / Art Director: James Donohue/ Editor / Cine­ matographer Nancy Schreiber, ASC / Principal Cast: Giancarlo Esposito, Marcia DeBonis, Desmin Borges, Praq Rado / Contact: Lee Percy

SOME THINGS ARE WORSE THAN BEING GAY directed by Regine Richards USA / 2011 / 6 min / DigiBeta / English Leah, a young Jewish woman has decided to come out to her parents and while she expects the worst, they react surprisingly well until they learn that their daughter's girlfriend is not Jewish. Writer: Regine Richards / Producer: Regine Richards and with the collaboration of the New York Film Academy / Art Director: Lynnette Rozine Prock / Editor: Luticia Philipps / Cinematographer: Rainer Lipski / Principal cast: Allison Pearlman, Varda Appleton, Lance Beckoff, Adrian Kaley, Ariane Alten, Adam Rotenberg, Anthony Smith / Contact: Regine Richards ­ 310.469.3351 ­

VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED (TAPE 96) directed by Drew Stephens USA / 2011 / 11 min / Blu­Ray / English Love, obsession or addiction? Modern socio­political issues play out in the fragile romance between two Filipino­American men. On this date night, Vince is ready to take their relation­ ship to a new level ­ until he discovers that Jerry's problems with a former addiction have resurfaced. Instead, Vince must decide if he will continue to fight for the relationship, or ac­ knowledge that perhaps his love alone will never be enough. Screenplay by Emmanuel Romero & Drew Stephens / Associate Producer Ilena Ferrer / Cinematography by Samir Sinha / Lighting Design by Stan Ng / Original Music Score by Mitchell Covington / Principal Cast: César Cadabes, Melvign Badiola, Vicky Nguyen / Contact:

WITH THIS RING directed by Michael Jacoby USA / 2011 / 13 min / DVD / English In this romantic thriller two men meet for the first time – and have the most unusual en­ counter. Writer: George Zuber / Producers: Michael Jacoby, George Zuber / Editor: Michael Jacoby / Camera: Ian Dudley / Principal Cast: Justin Misenhelder, Greg Engbrecht / Contact: George Zuber, Buddha Dog Productions 917­620­8053

Writer: Enzo De Camillis / Producer: Claudio Saraceni / Principal Cast: Luisa Ranieri / Contact:

This program was made possible by a grant from the Gay and Lesbian Broward Community Fund of the Community Foundation of Broward.



FLIFF CHAIRMAN'S MESSAGE I am delighted to be Chair at the beginning of FLIFF’s next quarter century. I have been involved with FLIFF’s Board of Directors and Advisory Board for over 20 years. You have read about all of the things that have happened during our first quarter century in this space over the years so I don’t need to be redundant. Suffice it to say that we have brought glitz and glamour to town.

We have many mini fests throughout the year culminating in October and November with the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival.

ENTRE NOUS Chairperson

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Past Chair

Many thanks to the Entre Nous committee for the work they do year round to support our mission. We also appreciate the staff and volunteers who make all of the events run smoothly.

I want to thank Betsy Cameron for the wonderful job she Gerry Weber Finally a standing ovation saluting our members. Without Lady of America Fitness Centers did as Chair in 2009 and 2010. you none of this would be possible. Please encourage The Board has been working with the Community Foundation of your friends to check us out. Once they do I am positive they will Broward County to prepare us for the challenges of the coming years. want to become members as well. Through this effort we have developed a strategic plan to guide us. See you at the movies! We are as committed as ever to providing Broward County with a venue that showcases the art of filmmaking. Cinema Paradiso Gerry Weber operates year round and features films not available in local cinemas. Board Chair MiSSion StAteMent Bringing people together year round, using Cinema to educate and inspire while showcasing the best in filmmaking. viSion StAteMent 26th From independent and world cinema to documentaries and student films, the diversity of work spotlighted by over 25 years of festivals and events will continue to make a significant cultural and economic impact on the communities of South Florida.

Georgie Stark

Janet Leavy Schwartz

Jodi Gruverman

Betty Lakey­Smith

Susan Lazarus

Estelle Fineberg Sandra Simiele McCallum

Maria R. Tillit

Lumiere Sponsors:

Suellen Caplan

Daryl Miller

Kathleen Ryan

Helen Smith

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Immediate Past Chair


Chairwoman Emeritus


President & CEO

Legal Counsel

Miles Forman

Betsy Cameron

Ginny Miller

Tom Mullane

Cara Ebert Cameron, P.A.

Miller Construction Co.

PM Medical, Inc

Ree Fritz­Cole Douglas P. Solomon Skywater Estates

Law Offices Douglas Paul Solomon

Gregory von Hausch

Marilynn Berry John Boisseau Sandra K.Booth

David Hoskinson Dr. Robert Kagan VP, MEDNAX

MRI Scan Center

Steven Naimoli Credit Bureau Services

Teri Pattullo

Chairwoman Entre Nous

Lights Cable & Heavy Stuff

Community Activist & Volunteer

Alan Koslow

George Kress

Becker & Poliakoff


Wil Shriner

Wil Shriner Productions

Lawrence P. Caplan

Classical South Florida

Antje Farber

Estelle Fineberg

Celeste Sandra Simiele McCallum Al McGhee Locante­Thorson AAA Fire Protection Your Entertainment Ticket

Diane Sobo Noelle Stevenson Spinneybeck

Rob Davis

Lynn Taylor

Greater Fort Lauderdale/ Broward Office of Film & Entertainment

Estelle Fineberg Associates

Wayne & Marti HuizengaMarilynn Berry

Millenium Club

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Alpine Jaguar

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Brenda Bachelor

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Barbara & Arnie Grevior

and handicap restrooms, install brick pavers in the courtyard and cover with a permanent canopy, create signage and a marquee among other projects.

The Millennium Club pledged to “recognize Cinema Paradiso as a jewel” and as such, contribute a minimum of $1,000/ member to “shine and polish the edges.” To that end, this dedicated, small, BUT GROWING committee has raised the funds to upgrade the sound and projection, rectify and re­hang window drapes, upgrade both the lobby

Important future projects include: * new tent and pavers be­ hind existing tent, * new complete catering kitchen, * shining and polishing interior and exterior surfaces, * redoing the front entrance way and installing new overhead canvas to all outside tented areas, * new dedicated lighting for special events and * polish, polish, polish. Please Join US in this effort. Write to and join the effort to add shine and luster to South Florida’s leading arthouse cinema.

Janet Pam Tom & Maryrose Dr. Jules Milan & Elliot Cynthia & Dane John Mager Sally & John ★★★ Boisseau ★ Schwartz ★ Mager ★ Mullane ★★ Oaklander Coni Uselac ★★ Cantor ★ Hancock ★

Estelle Fineberg ★

Tom & Ginny Miller

Taking a Jewel of a Theater and polishing the edges...

Betsy Cameron & Marilyn Kramer ★ Beatriz & Barry Smith ★ Al Miniaci ★★

Lynn Taylor & Glenn Friedt ★



Tom & Maryrose Doug Amaturo Mullane

In 2006, one of FLIFF’s members, John B. Mager, created The Millennium Club, with the sole purpose of enhancing Cin­ ema Paradiso. A star was put after the name of those who spent the one thousand dollars to join the Millennium Club although not compulsory extra stars can be earned.

John Mager Carole Asser

Antje & Leonard Farber

Diane Sobo ★

Jerry & Nicole Gray ★

Pat & Sandy McCallum ★

Brian and susan Brown ★

Mae Silver

Teri & Brian Pattullo ★

Mark Wilton ★

Not pictured:

Steven & Kim Naimoli★

dr. Charles & lisa evans

Dr. Daryl Miller ★★★

Loyce I. Grigsby

Richard & Mimi Friedman ★

Michael & Cherene Deem ★




To the members and audiences of the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival


ilm as an art form is the great communicator. Diplomacy through this art form of independent films unites the diverse and multicultural worlds of politics, geography, social causes, art, creativity and Broward Cultural Council is proud to support the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival for its wealth in all these things.

The world’s longest festival at 28 days annually presents more than 100 films from 30 countries, including first features and many without U.S. distribution. The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival is recognized globally as a destination for directors and producers who travel to Broward County to introduce their films. With its long 26­year history, the festival is an outstanding creative event in the cultural fabric of Broward County with the respect of the international entertainment industry. This is an exciting year with the first time addition of an off­shore component on October 27 – 30, 2011. Freeport, the Bahamas, as a part of their ongoing efforts in film development, the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation in conjunction with the Fort Lauderdale Inter­ national Film Festival and the Grand Bahamas Island Tourism Board has announced ‘FLIFF On­Location: Grand Bahamas Island.’ The new state­of­the­art Canal House at Pelican Bay Hotel will host this inaugural staging. The Broward Cultural Council, with the support of the Broward County Board of Commissioners, congratulates the Broward County Film Society for a quarter century of artistic excellence and looks forward to its continued growth as a major contributor to our cultural community and its evolving global relationships. Estelle Lowenstein



Chair Broward Cultural Council

PLATINUM rg/film sunny.o


GOLD Griffith Foundation

Jan Mitchell & Associates

SILVER Austin Forman


Bob meyer


Arnold & Barbara Grevior 120

Jon Goodman Entertainment

spirits wrangler

Kanbar Foundation 121


Bonnie Leigh Adams

Michelle Filippi

Senior Program Director

Jane Moguillansky Office Manager

Angel Stroll

Filmmaker Liaison

Jan Mitchell

Marketing & PR

Special Ops/ Director of Hospitality

Alissa Allen Consultant

Jeanne O’Grady Theater Staff

Afshawn Towfigi Int'l Tech Team

Brandon Shafranski Asisstant Manager

Pam Strickland Theater Staff

Bob Meyer

Spirits Wrangler

Irwin Levenstein

Director of Membership/ Photographer

Foster Hirsch


Festival Manager

Rob Schindler

Concessions Manager

Janet Leavy Schwartz

Volunteer Coordinator

Filmmaker Logistics

Peter Langone Gordon K. Smith Television/Trailer Director

Ray Cruz

Theater Staff

Yvette White

Theater Staff

Kevin Bosch

Technical Director


Historian and On­stage Interviewer

Alexis Fields

Lennie Wong

John Campbell

Beth Johnston

Social Media Coordinator

Jennifer Cohen Box Office

Melissa Gomez

Dennis A. Freemyer Jr.

Technical Guru


Ken Perna

Program Guide Art Director

Charles “Chaz” Miller

Ground Transportation

Rob Davis

Associate Programmer

2011 FLIFF VOLUNTEERS AS OF 9/18/11 Alena Alberani Carmen Almeida Julie Altschuler Scott Altschuler Monica Alvarenga Sandra Balestracci Anne Baron Natalie Batiste Malgorzata Biardzki Ita Black Lynn Blumberg Melinda Bowker Emily Bree Brian Brown Susan Brown Victoria Brown Marlon Burden Jeannie Burke Joey Cantaore Kelly Cherubin Mary Christofferson Cara Clark 122

Nicole Coombs Ann Cullen Sandra Darrall Ann D’Auria Suzzette Dawes Francoise de La Bergassiere Marcello Di Maria Carla Di Mauro Sandy Doyle Elvire Emanuelle Trish Faver Gigi Fiducia Daniel Fineberg Dee Firestone Judy Ford Julia Faser Eleanor Fried Murray Fried Angela Galland Brandon Gerrald Wendy Gladstone

Sandra Glass Arlene Golden Sandy Goldstein Tami Sue Gomez Jodi Gruverman Susan Gunter Angelica Gutierrez Traci Haberland Maria Hechavarria Amanda Hoffman Red House Cindi Hutchinson Karrie Ingram Wendy Jerkins Barry Katz Fern Katz Larry Klein Faith Klein Denise La Bella Betty Lakeysmith Shauna Lauritzen Seth Lefkow

Nancy Leve Andrea Liebman Erica Liebman Jay Liebman Cynthia Long Harry Lupu Michele Mac Donald Pam Mac Neil Stan Mac Neil Carol Maisel Jose Marquez Liannette Marquez Emanuel Marrero Melinda Matthews Caustin Mc Laughlin Jacob Mc Menamin Nancy Messing Tom Mickley Sandra Miller Maria Miranda Nancy Mizels Lenore Stern Morris

Ted Murphy Sandra Murray Toni Napolitano Stephen Pell Debbie Pinto Ella Polido Donna Pomponi Shirley Rebarber Patricia Robaina Ellen Robinson Judy Mayer Rosen Ellyn Rubin Marilynn Sandler Vicky Santiesteban Ellen Schindler Eileen Schneider Lorraine Schramm Caroline Seabright Mona Shapiro Claudia Sherman Gilda Siegel

Joan Smiley Art Smith Helen Smith Yolanda Smith Anat Sourani Georgie Stark Ron Steele Sheryl Suissa Barbara Sutton Ifrain Tampanes Noralee Traylor Jennifer Urbanek Victor Valverde Jose Vazquez Nathan Warren Gina Watson Ken Wensel Elizabeth Williamson Ed Wujciak Erich Yaeger Jackie Yondolino


Exclusively at

the galleria at fort lauderdale


800.4mayors | miami boca raton palm beach orlando tampa bay jacksonville atlanta



ColleGe WinneR SCReeninGS Tuesday, Nov 1, 5:30pm, Cinema Paradiso

Since 1989, Kodak has partnered with The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival to honor the outstanding student films and video. Entries from over 25 countries have participated over the years and over $140,000 in Product Grants has been awarded. College Short Narratives

Art institute of Fort lauderdale DEAR KELLY, Alexandra Barlow Brooklyn College ANECDOTE, Ahmed Ziari HOME, Seima Kim THE TEMPLE, Philippe Grenade­Willis Central Film School – london LOVED, Trishul Thejasvi Chapman university BENEATH, Christopher Fernan DOMESTIC, Chris Bryant ELECTION DAY, Zach Wechter FACELESS, Robert Zelinsky MADE IN CHINA, Kellen Moore Columbia College – hollywood CA DEAR FATHER, Adnan Khan MONSTER FLU, Brian Wiebe Columbia university AFTER THE SNOW, Brooke Sebold HIGH MAINTENANCE, Shawn Wines Compass Film Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences STUNTMAN, Aaron Greer emerson College WRIGLEY & KING, Cornelius Murphy FAMu – Prague, Czech Republic THE WEDDING RING, Bryan Felber Florida State university ANNABELLE, Avital Epstein BABY BE MY SUPERSTAR, Briana Nicole Frapart THE COLLEGIANS, Bryan B.A. Lewis A LOVE SUPREME, Evan James Houston MISSILE CRISIS, Jaye Sarah Davidson RETROSPECTIVE, Ricky Rose SOMETIMES THE MIND LETS US SEE AGAIN, David Liz SUNSHOWER, Justin Reager Fundacao Armando Alavares Penteado – Sao Paolo THE TWO LIVES FOR ANTONIO


ESPINOSA, Caio Figeiredo Dandrea & Rodrigo Pinheiro da Fonseca

Regis university-denver BROKEN CYCLE, Clifton Archuleta

Governor’s State university A DREAM WITHIN A DREAM, Robert Beshara

San diego State university THE COLONEL, Mario Garcia

hogeschool voor de Kunsten utrecht – netherlands STOKJE, Leonie de Boer international School of Motion Pictures-long Beach THE RECORD, Takeya Aso ithaca College ILLEGAL, Sean Temple Miami international university of Art & design THE ORDEAL, Luciana Bitencourt new york Film Academy BUBBLEGUM, Marco Chiavarelli HALF EMPTY, Jessica Manherz THE SHOES MAKE THE MAN, Tarek Sursock new york university DIEGO AND HIS BROTHERS, Marty Lopez IN THAT MOMENT, Shripnya Mahesh MY AVATAR, Marc Wiltshire REED, Ronnie Rios SHUDDER HOUSE, Joey Dello Russo STREET PILLOW or THE SIDEWALK SLEEP, Charles Q. Drexler UNRAPPED, Dena Greenbaum the new School WAR PAINT, Marcus Carlos Liberski nexus video, inc-new york COLOR OF ANGER, Vishesh Sharma northwestern university THE BALLAD OF BARBARA ALLEN, Ursula Ellis oklahoma university DIE MANNLICHE BEDINGUNG, Jeremy Dickie Palm Beach Film School A FISH STORY, Jill Karlin THE PSYCHIC, Wael Elsedeki

Santa Monica College TERMINATED, Tobias Deml Scuola internazionale Cinema e televisione – Roma L’IMPUTATO, Federico Peduzzi Sheffield hallam university – Bradford, uK DUE, Tajinder Singh Hayer Sheridan College – toronto BREAD & KISSES, Katherine Josephine Fitzgerald texas A&M university 7 MINUTES, Carlos Valenzuela university of Alberta Society for Creative Film Makingedmonton Alberta NIGHTHAWKS, Tito Guillen university of Arizona BLACKOUT ROULETTE, Alex Italics university of Californialos Angeles NTRA EL MAR, Richard Parkin DEMON’S DILEMMA, Hanjin Park THE PERFECT GENTLEMAN, Michael Rohrbaugh EL BOLERITO, Julio O. Ramos university of Central Florida BUBBLEGUM SMACKERS, Lindsay Garvin CROSS REFERENCE, Brett Buffington GARDEN THERAPY, Don Cupo GO HARD, Arnaldo Mirabal MORE THAN A CIRCUS, Ryan Dougnall universidad interAmericana de Puerto Rico EUGENIO, Jacobo Concepcion university of Miami AMERICAN KAROSHI, Alex Willemin IWAS A PARADE, Steven Levy

université du Québec à Montréal LES INTERDITS, Jean­François Sauvé university of Sau Paolo HEAVEN GARDEN, Toni Dominguez university of Southern California FOUND, Anthony Bushman GOLDEN BOX, Matt MacDonald THE MAIDEN AND THE PRINCESS, Ali Scher MISCHIEVOUS CASE OF CORDELIA BOTKIN, THE university of tampa ROOMMATES, Rebecca Kiszkiel university of texas DIGITAL AGE, THE, Nina Vizcarrondo KNUCKLEBALL, Jordan Kerfeld WILLIAM GOES DOWN, Catherine Licata university of vienna – Austria POST MODERN TIMES, Julia Frick victorian College of the Arts-Melbourne, Australia STATIC, Mel Miskell Watkins College of Art, design & Film LOOK, Ryan Pickett College Narratives

American Film institute HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL PECK, James Breen Chapman university COLT JACKSON: ENFORCER, Matt Brailey EUROPEAN SON, Tyler Zelinsky HAYMAKER, Daniel Dalimonte HOMECOMING, Gursimran Sandhu SHOOT THE MOON, Alexander Gaeta Columbia university BABYLAND, Marc Fratello el instituto Mexicano de Cinematografia EL AMANTE DEL PADRINO, Sven Henrich

First Place Winners of each competition will screen on these dates: High School Winner Screenings, Saturday, Oct 22, 10am, Cinema Paradiso • College Winner Screenings, Tuesday, Nov 1, 5:30pm, Cinema Paradiso Missouri State university THIN AIR, Max Rosen

loyola Marymount THE BALLROOM, Dustin Muenchow

new york university THESE EMPTY STREETS, Jarrah Gurrie

Montana State university ENERGY’S FUTURE, Devon Ritter

Phillips Andover AcademyAndover, MA SMARTIE PANTS, Michael Kontaxis Sapir Academic College-Sderot, israel MESILOT, Nelli Guy State university of new york – Fredonia OLD LOVE, Joshua Radford Stephen F. Austin State university – texas THE GOOD SON, Bryan Hickey Syracuse university GU YEO­RUM—EUI BA­DA, JaeHee Lee

the new School LEAP BEFORE YOU LOOK, Stephane Goldsand new york university THE SIERRA PROJECT, Gabriel de Urioste notre dame PICKING UP AMERICA, Marie Wicht & Michael Burke Sapir College – israel AISHA, Oshri Hayun, Hila Cohen Wuhan university-Wuhan China DRIED UP DANCE, Xinwei Zhu DILLI, Rintu Thomas & Sushmit Ghost College Animation

university of Film & televisionMunich INVASION VOM PLANET SCHRUMP, Nadene Keil

emerson College OF HOPE AND A MEMORIED DAY, Nicholas Reynolds

university of illinois FALLING UP, Ryan Marzolph

huntington university, indiana REFRESH, Sean Cruse

university of Southern California THE BROKEN HEART OF GNOCCHI BOLOGNESE, Katherine Vondy IN OUR HANDS, Peter Bruenner POTTER’S FIELD, Brad Crowe

Rochester institute of technology SHORT SIGHTED, Daniel Funk

Wayne university MARISON, Marija Makeska West los Angeles College THE OUTCAST OF CAMELOT, Shane King College Documentaries

Art institute of Fort lauderdale JAPANDA, Alexandra Barlow

School of visual Arts – new york TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT, Frida Farrell High School

Berkley Prep-tampa DAYDREAM, Michael Nader Calvary Chritian Academy .COMmunication, David Vendrell THE PERFECT SELF­DEFENSE, David Vendrell

elon university FIND YOUR VOICE, Liv Dubendorf

downtown Community television Ctr – ny BEING THE MAN, Aaron Mincey HATRED TO YOUR HOME, Derek Horton I AM JENNY LAM, Jenny Lam MY AMERICAN LIFE, Mohammed Yakub MY NORMAL FAMILY LIFE, Jonathan Cheng THIS IS MY LIFE, BROTHER, Jawara Drigo WHERE IS HE, Emily Lu

Full Sail university FREEDOM RIDE, John Gordon

dr. Michael Krop Sr high RUNNING COLORS, Javier Storch

Chapman university AMONG GIANTS, Ben Mullinkosson, Chris Cresci HOLD MY HAND, Bobby Moser, James M. Parker, Ruby Stocking, Virginia Thomasi MOUNTAIN MAN, Alexandra Santoro, Celetse Giaimo, Jonathan Formica, MJ Lat A SALTON SOUL, Greg Balkin, Mike Agnew, Tim Kressin

edgemont high – Scarsdale, ny ZOMBIE DOG, Matthew Seife ethical Culture Fieldston School – new york HUMAN ERROR, Ben Koepp Flintridge Prep School – Pasadena, CA CAFFENATED, Mary Clare Plaschke Florida Film institute THE FINAL CHAPTER, Carlos Julian TRAPPED, Alexis Rancel Friends Seminary high School – new york BIG CITY, SMALL TOWN, Stefanos Tai hotchkiss School, lakeville, Ct MY FLAG, Brian Ryu interlochen Arts Academy, Silver Springs, Md 4 MINUTES, Harrison Hunter ABSENT, Richie Siegel FALLING, Nicholas Wenfeld PENT, Harrison Hunter TOUCH, Michael Chickering lakeland high School AUTISM SPOKE, Tiffany Gentry lamoille union high-hyde Park, vt MOON, William Reber lucaya youth theatre Society – Grand Bahama island SHAKESPEARE IN LYTS, Jackie Dack Melbourne Grammar School Australia CLOSED, Kristian Ichail Mt. Si high School Snoqualmie, Washington ALONE, Ethan Seneker Paideia high School – Atlanta AUDREY, Adriana Ridings Pinecrest School FLIRTING & DATING FOR DUMMIES, Lance Oppenheim River hill high, ellicott, Md MASTERPIECE, Zach Madden School of Cinema and the Performing Arts – new york EYE FOR AN EYE, Carlos Pagan Sierra high, los Angeles, CA AMANDA, Michael Cusumano Stephen decatur high, Berlin Md BOXHEAD REALPLAY, Gary Qian tandem Friends School, Charlottesville, vA THE BALLOONIST, Reid Scott Hildebrand

university School at nova Southeastern university A LESSON IN A BOX, Victoria Kohl MY MOUNTAIN TO CLIMB, Jared March Weston high, Weston, Ct CONSEQUENTIAL LIES, Alex Fjellberg Swerdlowe Whitewater high School – Wisconsin WITHOUT HOME, Sung Kang


October 27- 30, 2011

Grand Bahama Island Youth Film Competition


November 11

The Grand Bahama Youth Com­ mittee members are: Laurie Tuchel, ON LOC ON LOCATION: Prudence Gallagher, Paul Mockler, Lyndah Wells, Jackie Dack and January 19 11 - 13, 2011 RouenNovember, Robinson. the winning entry won a trip to FliFF to present their film on Saturday, october 22, at Cinema tickets to the Gala that evening. ON LOCATION a vacation from

the WinneR: ordinary film Handwriting Bishop Michael eldon School CyberBullying directed by Katrina Dorsett As teenagers it can be hard growing up with peer pressure and bullying. If you have a low self­esteem you can be pushed to the edge like Anna. The story is about killing someone's self­es­ teem with words that aren’t said aloud.

SeMi-FinAliStS: lucayan international School A CONVERSATION IN GRAND BAHAMA, Sophie Paine Georgia tech university HOW TO TALK TO A BAHAMIAN GIRL, Clifford Bowe III lucayan international School STRANDED, George McInnes lucayan international School, university School EMANCIPATION DAY, A CONVERSATION, Stephane Anglade, John Silvera


surround yourself with the amazing blue waves of a world-class beach and the pulsing energy of an urban locale at the courtyard by marriott fort Lauderdale Beach. Enjoy spacious rooms and suites with breathtaking views, the Blue water restaurant & Bar and the seabreeze Poolside Bar. ideally situated between the spectacular atlantic Ocean and the intracoastal waterway the courtyard by marriott fort Lauderdale Beach is the perfect destination.


23rd Annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival


November, 11 - 13, 2011

ON LOCATION a vacation from ordinary f ilm

January 19 - 22, 2012

November - March

Handwriting type


ay back in 1989, FLIFF launched its Outreach Program including screenings in Boca Raton and Coconut Grove. Over the years we have logged many miles adding screenings in Key West, Doral, Coral Gables, Miami Beach, Bay Harbor Islands, North Bay Village, Hollywood, Davie, Weston, Sunrise, Tamarac, Coral Springs, Deerfield Beach, Boynton Beach, West Palm Beach, Labelle, Immokalee, Fort Myers, St Augustine, Jacksonville, Amelia Island, Tallahassee, High Point North Carolina and Grand Bahama Island. This year will be no exception as we are on the road again... FLIFF On-Location: Sunrise, Sunrise Civic Center – Oct 21 - Nov 6 ....(pgs 26-27) Davie, Bailey Hall Oct 22 ............................ (pgs 8-10, 12-14, 81) Grand Bahama Island - Oct. 27-30 .........................(pgs 33-38) Pompano Beach Oct. 28 – 31, Nov. 5 – 6..................... (pg 11) Daytona Beach Film Festival – Nov. 11-13............ (pgs 48-52) Fernandina Beach Film Festival – Nov. 11- 20 ..... (pgs 62-63) Weston Cinemas – Nov 14, Dec 12, Jan 9, Feb 13, Mar 12 (pg 106) St. Augustine Film Festival – Jan. 19-22, 2012 ..(pgs 103-105) FliFF thanks the Florida Arts Council, visit Florida, St. John’s County, the Bahamas Ministry of tourism and our friends in daytona Beach, St. Augustine, Fernandina Beach island and Grand Bahama island. For information on bringing FliFF to your community


Want to watch a big game on a really big 30’ screen? A neighborhood Get-together? having a special celebration? A Fundraiser?


FLIFF On-Location is available for rental with your choice of a 13 foot screen (150 – 200 people) or our 30 foot screen (1000 – 2500). We provide complete crew, screen, projector, sound (including microphone for announcements) film rights and insurance. You can also play your own DVD (wedding, athletic competition, birthday, etc).

For info email

rg/film sunny.o


Funding for this event is provided in part by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners as recommended by the Broward Cultural Council and Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau. 


One Historic Icon; Many Uses Cinema Paradiso is the year-round arthouse of The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival Over our 13 years we have shown thousands of films from around the globe, hosted stars such as Christopher Plummer, eli Wallach, Matthew Broderick, Richard Chamberlain, Matt damon, Jeremy Renner, Jane lynch, Gary Sinise, Mary Stuart Masterson, eric Roberts, Michelle Monaghan...among many others...but that’s not all. Did you know that Cinema Paradiso is also available for your private event, including: Weddings...CP was built as a church and still has magnificent stain glass windows. Project your ceremony as it happens, on the big screen! Receptions and Parties...our canopied Courtyard can accommodate 150 of even your not closest friends. We have a full liquor license. Bring in your own catering. Private Screenings...Having a birthday party or a

special anniversary – show your selected film on the screen! Dance & Music...CP’s stage is simple but versatile. Trip the light fantastic with a DJ or have your band on­stage. Corporate Events...powerpoint and just about any kind of projec­ tion: 35mm, HDCam, Digi­ Beta, BetaSP, Blu­Ray and DVD. Alumni Events...Watch your school in the big game on the big screen!


Fundraiser...Your cause can bring in big bucks utiliz­ ing the Theatre and Courtyard. Free Parking...Just across the street in the Courthouse parking Garage (sure, you can call it The Cinema Paradiso Parking Garage).

Find your fortune at Gold Buy Buyers ers of America, wheree rrecord-high wher ecord-high gold prices mean rrecord-high ecord-high payouts for your gold, silver & platinum.

Bounce your ideas off our creative Hospitality Director, Michelle Filippi, 954-760-9898 ext 107, We’re W e’re a proud sponsor of the 26th Ft. Lauder Lauderdale dale International International Film Festival Festival

GOLD GO LD rg/film sunny.o

buyers buyer s

of o f america america

TToo find your local store store visit: Funding for this event is provided in part by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners as recommended by the Broward Cultural Council and Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau. 





SPECIAL THANKS FoRt lAudeRdAle Barry Rebo Lisa Liotta Jorge Camejo Tangled Spider Miles Forman Peggy Calhoun Corey Yugler Peg Murray Whitney Rawls StudioOne Antonio Fins Mayor Jack Seiler Jody Leshensky Jim Shermer Susan Schultz Bill Grefe Marcea Cazel Mavis, Elda, Juan Jose & Gramkho Neal Hecker Rob Davis Traci Rabena Brian Foreman

GRAnd BAhAMA iSlAnd Terrance Roberts Craig Woods Betty Bethel Donna Mackey Andre Cartwright Karen Seymour Denise Adderly Magnus Alnebeck Rembert Albury Laurie Tuchel Prudence Gallagher Jackie Dack Dave Mackey Robbin Whachell Glenn Ryerson

diReCtoRS Gayle Brammer Mary Brennan Mary Jo Claire Ann Cullen Francoise De La Begassiere Sally Dieguez Jean Dolan M. Daniel Ergueta Barbara Gilston Jodi Gruverman Elaine Gunnell Edward Keating Clarice Koumjian Judith Lane Betty Lakeysmith Raymond Lavoie Nuccia McCormick Kathy Molinet Evelyne Parker Kathleen Ryan Peggy Schwartz Shirley Shelpman Lois Silver Keith Soifer Lloyd Sokolow Meredith Spira Georgie Stark Maria Tillit Phyllis Thomas Wendy Walesch

diReCtoR teAM Jaye Abbate Tony Abbate Richard Adamick Julie Altschuler Scott Altschuler Richard Blackman Forrest Bledsoe Janet Bullard­Bledsoe Carol Bressi­Cilona William Caruso M.E. DePalma Fred Doyle Sandy Doyle Elliot Engelbaum Bernard Feinberg Carmen Feinberg Louisa Foss Richard Foss James Frazer Janet Fried Mark Fried Don Gilchrest Magda Ginnis Malcolm Ginnis Jose Gonzalez Nhumas Guerra Robert Kast Denise Hein Robert Hein Frank Hildebrandt Gary Kwiatkowski Sue Kwiatkowski


SAint AuGuStine Barbara & Arnold Grevior President Abare Dean Woolfolk Leslee King Tracy Halcomb

Julie Dickover Whitney Blair Britt Corry Laura Stevenson Dumas Mark Huelsbeck Matthew Wysocki Alan Marcil Grant Nielsen Carrie Pack Chowske William Jackson Glenn Hastings Philip McDaniel Cat Eastman Harold George Renee Unsworth Bob O'Neill Carrabba's Gypsy Cab Barefoot Wines & Bubbly Surf Station PoMPAno Neil Bretan

SunRiSe Chrsitine Pfeffer Lou Santora Karen Scinta Caryl Ungerer Bruce Moeller AMeliA iSlAnd Kate Hart Amelia Hart Doud Green Tony McAdoo T. J. Garcia David and Susan Caples Cathy Schultz Maggie Carter­ De­Vries Emmy Lou Sorum Ricia Sorum Joan Bean Karen Miller Barbara Hill Susan Hurley Deborah Gold

FLIFF 2011 MEMBERS Arthur Mackey Jr. Alan Mcclung Tami McClung Barbara Motto Ray Motto Sandra Nulla Chris Oldag Donna Oldag Fred Olefson Jessica Olefson Maria Pascal Carl Schumacher Elaine Schumacher Cherie Silverstein Dr. Martin B. Silverstein Art Smith Helen Smith Molly St. Cavish Nick St. Cavish James Sterling Albina Troshechkina Barry Tunick Susan Tunick Richard Vivian Henry Weiman Victor Williams­Averduj Tim Zheng

PRoduCeRS Kip Alexander Barry Deutsch Tom Gallaher Robert S. Pearlstein Ann Poe

Massimo Querci Amy Traiger

PRoduCeR teAM Ivar Fandel Mona Fandel R. Layton Massengill Nancy Messing Bunny Ragland Jack Ragland Jeffrey Schultz Kathy Schultz Robert White Rose White Terry Whited eXeCutive PRoduCeRS Bonnie Everhart Colleen Ferro Terry Murphy Dr. Arthur L. Naddell Dr. Jules Oaklander Ron Raymond Fetoun Reda Leonard Schulman eXeCutive PRoduCeR teAM Rosalyn Berger Pierrette Bettex Allison Biszantz Brian Bloomer

Myrta Defendini Mayor Susan Steger Mary Mercer Melissa Ross Ann and Bill Jennings Don Shaw Jan Carter Paula Porterfield­Izzo Foy R. Malloy Gil Langley Lynn Newcomer Loren Lum P5 Productions Bill Childers and Sheffields’ at the Palace Lisa Presnell Amelia Island Golf Club The Hoyt House Island Cinema 7 Brad Van Noy Fernandina Little Theater Omni Amelia Island

Carol Call Leo Hansen Marie Hansen Al Jennings Mary T. Kazares Richard Kazares Ellen Kirby Michael Minor Toni Napolitano Suzy Novak Marilyn Painter Michael Piro Gerald Schilian Brenda Simmons Deborah Watarz Martha Zubrow SuPeRStARS Keran Jones Margaret Mitchell Armand Mae Silver Michael Yelovich SuPeRStAR teAM Peggy Behar Ray Brasted Rosemary Chase­Goloff Ira Cor Tina Cor Arlette Ehrlich Dave Ehrlich

Plantation News Leader Sliders Seaside Grill Stephanie Mason­ Teague Gregory von Hausch and the FLIFF staff dAytonA BeACh Cinematique of Daytona The News­Journal Center Rebecca Becker The Daytona Beach Area Film Office Rich Savidge Halifax Wine Festival Rick Cannizzaro Halifax Magazine Our dedicated volunteers and staff that make this festival possible.

Connie Folz Theo Folz Jack Goloff Arnold Grevior Barbara Grevior Diana Hammerstein Cynthia Hancock Dane Hancock Marilyn Horween Matthew Horween Marilyn Kramer Susan Lazarus John Mager Pamela Mager Jacquelyn Matuseski Tom Mickley Daryl Miller Claudette Moritz Carole Nugent Brian Pattullo Teri Pattullo Susan Saks Susana Sanders Phoebe Satlin Shelly Satlin Janet Schwartz Brenda Stacy Robert Stacy Noralee Traylor Connie Uzelac Milan Uzelac Enid Wolf­Schein

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Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival 2011 FLIFF Catalog  
Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival 2011 FLIFF Catalog  

The FLIFF 2011 catalog. 140 pages containing listing of films, photos, synopsis, running times, tech credits, showtimes-dates-locations, Ho...