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Friends of Kenosha Literacy Council, THANK YOU! It was a year of great results for adult learners and families. We continued to expand programming, developed great partnerships, and supported many new learners. Nearly 600 learners demonstrated improvement in reading, writing and English skills. We are changing lives every day. We celebrated with students who received promotions, got new jobs, attained their U.S. citizenship, and began classes at the technical college. Learners representing 40 different countries learn to read, write and speak in English so that they were better able to achieve financial independence, good health and greater involvement in our community. All this was supported by the 200+ volunteers who helped as trained literacy tutors, class instructors and board members. Our major fundraisers, Laps for Literacy and Corporate Spelling Bee, were both a great success. Collaborations with organizations such as the Kenosha Public Library, Kenosha Unified School District, and Wisconsin Literacy allowed us to continue to spread our important message. Your support makes this possible. You help us serve adults who participate in Kenosha Literacy Council programs. You create hope and opportunity for adults and families in our community. Looking forward,

Cheryl Hernandez, Executive Director

John Hogan, Board President

STUDENT STORY Hello, my name is Maria Jamaica and I am from Mexico. I started learning English about 4 years ago. I don’t know why I waited so long. It has changed my life in many ways! Before, I was afraid to talk to people and I felt shy. Now I am much more confident and talk to everyone! I started at the Kenosha Literacy Council with the Civics class. In this class we learn about the community while we practice English. Because of this class now I can make appointments for my son at the doctor’s office. I can fill out forms. I used to always go to the emergency room when I was sick because I didn’t know any better. Now I go to the clinic when I am sick and it costs much less. I’m also more prepared to help my son with school. I can talk with his teachers and counselor. I even have the confidence to talk to the principal! When my son was having a problem at school I was able to use my English to find a solution!

I also attend the book club and conversation class at the Literacy Council. When I started the book club I didn’t know if I could do it. I thought I hated reading because I didn’t understand. But the teachers pushed me and now I love reading. The KLC encouraged me to continue English classes at Gateway too. Now, I’m in level 6 will graduate soon. I also just earned my G.E.D. and I look forward to taking culinary arts classes in the future. The Kenosha Literacy Council doesn’t just have teachers and English classes. It is so much more than that. The Kenosha Literacy Council is a place where you can find success. It is like a family. They push me and encourage me. With their support I know that I can do anything.

OUR MISSION Established in 1965, the Kenosha Literacy Council is a nonprofit agency dedicated to providing and promoting English literacy education to adults with the assistance of trained volunteers. Literacy is a fundamental ingredient in building strong families, a good economy and a healthy community. Adults need to know how to read, write, and speak in English so they can participate in the workforce and earn wages that support their families and communities.



In KLC’s ELL (English Language Learner) Civics classes experiential leaning methods are used to explore important topics like public schools, health, finance, safety, housing and government. Students improve their English while also learning about the community. Hands-on activities, field trips and guest speakers play an important role in the ELL Civics classes. While learning about health literacy, for example, students do research to create a Medical Services Guide, learn about blood pressure and cholesterol from a registered nurse, practice exercise led by fitness experts, learn about healthy eating from a nutritionist and tour a local hospital. They are learning much more than how to read; they are learning to become leaders in their families and in our community!

A variety of small group classes give students the opportunity to practice English conversation and vocabulary while learning about important topics. For instance, Literacy @ Work sessions focus on building job readiness and computer skills. Students in KLC’s book club read novels and prepare for a community book discussion. Conversation classes provide English Language Learners with the opportunity to practice conversation with their peers. Women in Focus workshop sessions bring in guest speakers and allow students to learn about important community topics. Writing class participants even created a newsletter to share with family and friends.

• 41 adult learners participated in 38 weeks of instruction • Post test scores for each module saw an increase • Based on pre and post test scores, students made the most gains in the Housing and Government modules

62% 62% of learners advanced at least one educational level.*



36% of learners were able to find/improve employment or transition to programs at Gateway Technical College.**

KLC’s eight week citizenship class is offered several times a year. Students learn about the rights and responsibilities of U.S. citizenship, the N-400 application form and the application process. Students prepare for the civics and English tests that are required for naturalization. They also learn strategies for communication in the interview and resources for citizenship study. We are proud to report that 98% of the students that completed the class are prepared to pass the citizenship test.

* learners who participated in at least 60 hours of instruction, based on standardized test results ** learners who participated in literacy programs for 6 months

Between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016 the Kenosha Literacy Council utilized:


15,109 to provide


559 to




Kenosha Literacy Council’s tutoring programs include drop-in tutoring and one- on-one tutoring. Drop-in tutoring is held at the Council four days a week. Adult learners are matched with volunteer tutors and work on individualized education plans. In the one-on-one tutoring program a volunteer tutor is paired with an adult learner and works with them weekly, at a library or other public place. Adult learners are able to build better practical English reading, writing and speaking skills in these personalized programs.

Community Partnerships included:

VOLUNTEERS Volunteers are the heart of the Kenosha Literacy Council! In 2015-16, 215 volunteers gave over 7,500 hours of their time to help adult learners reach their goals. Our volunteers are changing lives every day! Five tutor training sessions were held throughout the year for new tutors. Each new tutor was also required to complete online modules as part of the training. Two tutor in-service opportunities were held for current volunteers. The estimated value of volunteer time for 2015 was $22.14 per hour. KLC would not be able to provide the services it does without the assistance of volunteers.



40 from


Boys & Girls Club, Community Action Agency, ELCA Outreach Center, Exchange Club, Gateway Technical College, Kenosha Chamber of Commerce Non-profit Group, Kenosha Public Library, Kenosha Art Association, Kenosha Community Media, Kenosha Unified School District, Leadership Kenosha, and others! 2015-16 Funders included: Community Development Block Grant, Kenosha Community Foundation, Kenosha Community Foundation-Woman’s Fund, Kloss Foundation, Rotary Foundation of Kenosha West, Lions Foundation, Mary Frost Ashley Foundation, United Way of Kenosha County, Wisconsin Literacy, Wisconsin Technical College System, and many other kind donors. Kenosha Literacy Council also received generous support from many local businesses including: Andrea & Orendorff, Bradshaw Medical, Copy Center, Dooley & Associates, Fulmer Dentistry, Gateway Technical College, Herzing University, Huck Reality, Jay-Bee Auto, Kenosha Kingfish, Kenosha News, Kenosha Unified School District, Kenosha Visiting Nurses Association, Knight-Barry Title Company, LMI Packaging Solutions, Ocean Spray, Platinum Systems, ReMax Elite, Sanders Painting, Sandy’s Poppers, Susan M. Cable Dentistry, ULINE, Valeri Agency, Wilson Dow Group, Wisconsin Literacy, and many more.

Thank you to all those who supported KLC’s fundraising efforts in 2015-2016!


KLC’s adult learners come from all walks of life: some are young adults, many are parents, and some are WHERE DOES OUR MONEY COME FROM? Contributions

$20,000 14%

later in life because they

Special Events






need to find a new job.

Program Fees







STUDENT STORY Virginia Velazquez is from Mexico. She has lived in Kenosha for 9 years with her husband and 4 children. Before learning English she couldn’t talk to her children’s teachers or doctors, understand the mail or the papers from the bank. She always needed to have a translator. Three years ago she started taking her first English class offered by the Kenosha Literacy Council at her sons’ school, Cesar Chavez Learning Station. The ELL Civics class helped her learn English and learn about the community. In class she learned about the library, the hospital, and the bank as she practiced her conversation. Now that Virginia knows more English she can do many things. Now she can help her children with their homework and read stories to them. Now she can make appointments at the clinic and talk to the doctors. She can talk to her daughters about what they hear on the radio. Last year, when the information about taxes came in the mail, she was able to understand it. Virginia volunteered at her sons’ school every week. The school staff noticed

how much her English had improved and they even told her to apply for a job at the school! This year her landlord sold the house she was renting as her class was starting the Housing and Safety unit. Her family decided to search for a mobile home so they could save money now for a larger home in the future. They used the websites she learned about in class to look for a home. She also used the questions to ask when inspecting to negotiating a price she had learned in class. Now she and her family are happy because they own our own home. Now they can save money and not be stressed about paying the rent which was $800 more than their mortgage now! Virginia feels happy now that she can speak to people in English. Her children are happy that she can speak English too!

coming back to school




Professional Fees






Grant Expenses



Rent & Utilities



Staff/Volunteer Dev



Dues & Subscriptions $4,000 Misc.


$10,750 7% $146,275

2419 - 63rd Street Kenosha, WI 53143 262-654-7323

Kenosha Literacy Council 2015-2016 Annual Report  
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