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1.0 RESEARCH 路 STRATEGY 路 DECISION 1.1 the research.........................2-3 1.2 the swot analysis..................4 1.3 the brand objective..............5 1.4 the target demographics.....6 1.5 the competition....................7 1.6 the creative brief..................8 1.6 the reference.........................9 2.0 CREATIVE DEVELOPEMENT 2.1 the mood boards.................11 2.2 the logo development........12 2.3 the color concept.................13 2.4 the typography....................14 3.0 STYLE GUIDE 3.1 the brand identity...............16 3.1 the color palette..................16 3.2 the logo................................17 3.3 the logo placement.............18 3.3 the typography....................18 4.0 FINAL SOLUTIONS 4.1 the social media...................20 4.2 the print media....................21 4.3 the video media...................22 4.4 the applicationa...................23 4.5 the e-mail blast....................24 4.6 the magazine covers............25



1.1 the research 1.2 the swot analysis 1.3 the brand objective 1.4 the target demographics 1.5 the competition 1.6 the creative brief


1.1 the research

INTRODUCTION New Balance is a shoe and sports apparel company that was founded in Massachusetts in 1906 by William Riley who was inspired to create a shoe that would exceed the current level of comfort by basing his shoe on the structure of a chicken foot (New Balance, 2012). For the past decade, New Balance has always ranked among the top 10 sports and athletic shoe and apparel company but has not seem to rise in the ranks to be come true competition to those that hold the top spots. Based on a New York Times article, New Balance's major competitor Nike completed the 2011 year with $3.6 billion in sales while New Balance only made a profit of $400 million (Levere, 2012).


New Balance is an athletic shoe and apparel company that has done an excellent job of creating a loyal following among middle age and elderly adults. It has maintain its ranking in the top ten among other companies in its market but has not been able to gain footing to rank among the top five. This paper examines New Balance's history as a company and the company trends that have allowed them to thrive for the last 100 years, the successes of its competitors that have allowed those companies to accomplish greater profits than New Balance, and the things that will be needed to attract the New Balance's teen and young adult target audience. This paper also discusses possible design concepts that could be implemented by New Balance to attract new interest in the company and new fans of the brand. The new designs touch on both a reinvented logo and possible print ad designs that cater specifically to teens and young adults.


New Balance has always prided themselves in producing a product that was both stylish and affordable that would meet the wants and needs of the everyday person. For years, New Balance has strive to produce ad campaigns that does not involve endorsements from major athletes which may have hundreds of its popularity with the teen and young adult audiences. Although New Balance has made an impression on its more mature audience and has become the brand of choice for older America, New Balance has failed to make a lasting impression on it younger audience and has failed to make a connection that would stimulate that part of the target audience to buy into the New Balance brand. Because

the youth population is usually the major consumers of sports and athletic apparel, New Balances is missing out on a major revenue generating audience. This paper will discuss the wants and needs of the teen and young adult consumers and develop an ad campaign that will spark their interest in the New Balance brand and will promote growth in the New Balance company and an increase in yearly revenue.

The main focus of the New Balance brand is to demonstrate responsible leadership, by building global brands that athletes are proud to wear, associates are proud to create and communities are proud to host. The original name for the company was the New Balance Arch Support company that specialized in manufacturing arch supports and other feet accessories that would improve the comfort for the citizens of Boston. The very first product that was produced was a flexible arch support that was designed to support three points on the feet, this was inspired by the natural design of the chicken foot. Riley discovered that chicken's three-clawed foot resulted in perfect balance. In 1927, Riley made progressions in the company by hiring Arthur Hall as a salesman. Hall worked so hard in the company that by 1934, Hall became a business partner and found that the company would become more profitable by marketing their products to people whose jobs required them to spend majority of their time on their feet. (New Balance, 2012).

the research



In 1956, Eleanor and Paul Kidd purchased the New Balance Company from Eleanor's father Arthur Hall. They continued to sale mainly arch supports until 1960, when they designed and manufactured the "Trackster," the world's first running shoe that was made with a ripple sole. It also became the first running shoe that could be purchased in a variety of widths. "Trackster" gained marketability through YMCA programs that adopted the shoe as its unofficial shoe. The "Trackster" was also picked up by college track teams. MIT, Tufts University and Boston University all used the New Balance Trackster for their cross-country teams. Other colleges and private high schools around the college soon followed suit. In the early years, New Balance's marketing was all done through word-of-mouth or local sports fairs. Sales for New Balance saw no improvement until 1972 when Jim Davis bought the company. During that time, New Balance company was made of 6 people who manufactured 30 pairs of shoes a day and the company sold most of their products through mail-order with a limited amount of US retailers. Davis worked to uphold the company's traditional commitment to individual preferences, customer service and quality products. In 1978, Davis' future wife Anne joined the company and began to focus on building a culture for New Balance employees and customers. The Boston area surfaced as the center for running that began to stretch across the US. The product line for New Balance began to grow and sales began to increase. The company grew beyond the US borders and began to make an impact worldwide (New Balance, 2012). New Balance has several different properties that make them different from the competition. New balance made their first pair of running shoes in 1938 and are now he only company that still manufactures athletic shoes in the USA. Twenty-five percent of shoes that New Balance sales are U.S made or assembled in the US. When the domestic value is at least 70% , the New Balance labels them "Made in the USA" (New Balance, 2012). New Balance also strives to do improve the world by initiating certain programs that "move the world around us." New Balance is very active in its community and in 2011, New Balance and its Associates donated over 4.500 hours on service projects. The company has started an environmental initiative by using shoe boxes that material is made of 100 percent recycled paper and 100 percent soy-based inks. The company is also dedicated to its company members by making sure that all associates receive up to 24 hours of job training every year (New Balance, 2012).


Our philosophy is simple: Listen, learn and refine. It's an approach to technology that puts us face to face with world class athletes and everyday athletes alike. It keeps us focused on the goal we share with everyone who runs, walks or competes. The new brand for New Balance has a variety of products. The company offers sports apparel and shoe wear for high performance. New Balance has capitalizes on the shoes of great comfort. These products and items are geared toward the young and the old. The physical fit people who are into walking and running as well as sports, the New Balance brand is your favorite source. The goal to this campaign, is to be the number one brand on the market as for comfort. The new logo is to give a new look and the attention that it really needs. New Balance always has, and always will be, committed to making shoes in the U.S. For over 75 years, we have been committed to creating quality products in America. Join us and the thousands of other American Makers who understand that making things here matters. One out of every 4 pairs of shoes we sell in the USA is made or assembled here. Where the domestic value is at least 70%, we label our shoes "Made in the USA."



The SWOT analysis is formed as the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats. The method is geared towards the brand of New Balance. These tools will show the strengths and weakness within the company as well as the bright opportunities and potential threats to the company. The SWOT analysis will take the New Balance Company as a brand to higher aspirations.

the swot

Strengths • Endorsements from popular baseball players some without contracts. • New Balance shoes offer a wide range of widths and sizes. • 25% of New Balance products are made in the USA. • New Balance Associated donated thousands of hours on service projects. • 100% of their boxes are made from recycled paper. • New Balance associates receive up to 24 hours of job training every year. • New Balance concentrates more on comfort than fashion.

Opportunities • Expanding endorsement into other sports. • Creating designs that are both fashionable and comfortable. • Donate time and money to international foundations • Reduce the amount of products manufactured in America. • Sponsoring a team during the Olympics. • Produce ad campaigns that cater to the youth


SWOT ACTION PLAN • Produce a media package that incorporates social media, endorsements from athletes, and team sponsorships • Produce a brand package that caters to the youth.

Weakness • Endorsements without contracts could stop without warning. • Producing a variety of sizes may have increased cost. • American manufacturing is more expensive. • New Balance devotion to comfort over fashion lessens youth interest in the product. • Most of the foundations that New Balance works with are American foundation and are of little interest to the international market. • Its considered to be the brand for the older.

Threats • Upsetting consumers that were happy about the New Balance "Endorsed by No One" branding once used. • Increasing production cost by making things more fashionable. • Decreased American value in the company. • Gaining endorsements may be very expensive. • Unstable American economy • Customer loyalty to competitors.

the brand objective

1.3 MISSION New Balance aims to become recognized as the world's leading manufacturer of high performance footwear and apparel, by conducting our internal and external relationships according to three core values such as Teamwork, Total Customer Satisfaction, and Integrity. Also, the mission is to promote the new brand for New Balance on all different levels, The levels of mix media that will promote the brand will be social, video, print and applications on many devices.


New Balance will have a total make over and rebranding of the company. The New Balance Company and the new brand identity will create a new bracket on a high level to stad out among the rest of the competitors,

VISION The company's vision of corporate social responsibility has grown authentically from the way we have always conducted business. We have a long history of working to create an environment that our associates value, giving back to the communities in which we operate and manufacture. While we believe we have accomplished much in our more than 100 years of operation, we acknowledge that there is much to learn from our peers in the footwear and apparel industries, as well as from corporate sustainability leaders across the globe.


the target demographics

1.4 TARGET MARKET The Everyday Athletes Families with children Middle Class People worldwide

TARGET MARKET DEMOGRAPHICS Male and Female Ages 20-60 35,000-100,000 single annual income Household size of 2.5

CLUBS AND TRIBES Athletes People that Workout Sports Apparel Wearers Advocates of Made in the USA


1.5 the competition

THE COMPETITION Adidas AG is a German multination corporation that designs and manufactures sports clothing and accessories. Adidas headquarters is in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany. Adidas is one of the top selling brands in sports apparel and shoes among teens and young adults. They too have spend millions of dollars on endorsements. In 2011, Adidas launched and ad campaign that started Nicki Minaj, 2NE1, and Jeremy Scott (Shepherd, 2012). Adidas has also done advertising by having its brand featured in games such as Commodore Amiga: Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge, Sony PlaySation: Adidas power soccer and Commodore 64 ZX spectrum, Amstrad CPC: Adidas Championship Football. Adidas made a profit of $19.4 billion in 2012 which was almost 12 times more than what New Balance made (Dubia Chronicle, 2012).

ADIDAS NIKE Nike, Inc. is a American multinational corporation that is engaged in the development and worldwide marketing and selling of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories and services. Nike is the world's leading athletic apparel and shoe company and has strived to achieve its mission to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world (Nike, 2013). The company has been a major contender in the marketing world by using multimillion-dollar endorsements deals (Anderson, 2012). Nike's tagline of "Just Do It" and has become an iconic phrase in the United States beyond its usefulness in marketing for Nike (Brinkman, 2008). Nike achieved a profit of $3.6 billion worth of sales in America in 2011 and $24.1 billion worldwide while New Balance only made a profit of $400 million in America.


the creative brief





New Balance is the only athletic shoe manufacturer still making shoes in the US. Twenty-five percent of New Balance shoes sold domestically are produced by our US workforce, using US and imported materials.

New Balance is not just a company that provides a great product for affordable prices but is also dedicated to developing a healthier world.



New balance sells a comfortable product at affordable prices. These products are for everybody to use for their comfort.

(ICE) Innovative, Creative and Effective

the references


new balance REFERENCES New Balance. (2012). About NB: Our Heritage. Retrieved 4 December, 2012, from,default,pg.html New Balance. (2012). Made in the USA. Retrieved December 5, 2012, from,:,default,pg.html Levere, J. L. (2012, April 4). New Balance Celebrates Its Homemade Footprint. Retrieved December 4, 2012, from

Brinkman, J. (2008, June 18). Nike's 'Just Do It' slogan celebrates 20 years. Retrieved March 1, 2013, from Oregon Live Website: .html Dubia Chronicle. (2012, December 27). Sports gear maker scores highest revenue ever in 2012. Retrieved March 1, 2013, from Dubai Chronicle Website:






2.1 the mood boards 2.2 the logo development 2.3 the color concepts 2.4 the typography

new balance the mood boards


In this mood board Active for New Balance represents the active side of New Balance. This mood board put you in the mood to workout, being alive, effective, being mobile and show that you care about your wellbeing. My color choice was a little different than the others. I wanted to go with a slight Jamaica feel for the moodboard. The black is the dominant color and my highlight colors are green, yellow and orange. I chose to use three images: The bigger images get straight to the point of being Active. It shows fitness, togetherness, loyal, commitment and drive. The image with the lady in the green top on shows you can still look great and workout. You do not always need a partner to be active and fit. The image also shows that she loves working out and looking great. The image of the legs and shoes, shows that New Balance have attractive wear to fit all fitness outfits. Also in the image, I use to gradient green strips and a line effect that fades in the background to add a little more pop to the mood board. The background image that was chosen was the best fit for it placement. The fade effect gives the mood board a 3-D effect to attract the viewer eyes.

In this mood board comfort for New Balance represents the comfort side of New Balance. This mood board put you in the mood relaxation and comfort. In this mood board, I am still using the slight Jamaican feel. What people might not know about New Balance is that they are built for comfort. The higher the shoe number is the more comfort the shoe is for your needs. The Images that is used are different types of comfort and they symbolize coziness, pleasure, relaxation and cheer. The main image in the moldboard is the image of the shoe. The shoe was chose because it is one of the highest shoe number of comfort that is made by New Balance. The images of the sandals symbolize the comfort of summertime. Summer time in which you can show your feet, look and feel relaxed. The image of the socks simply symbolizes the direct comfort of you feet. Where there is a great shoe, there is a great sock of comfort to pleasure you and give you the coziness feel. The texture that I chose was a multi line design with a faded black effect to give some definition to the mood

In this mood board Fresh for New Balance represents the fresh side of New Balance. This mood board put you in the mind of fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I wanted to use a youthful feel to this mood board. I wanted to go with a slight Jamaica feel for the mood board. The orange is the dominant color and my highlight colors are green, yellow and black. When using the New Balance outer shoe silhouette design as my main attraction. The inside of the silhouette is different types styles of shoes. The shoes that were chosen are bright and eye catching colors. Now days, the youth are into the loud bright colors to bring out their personality. Also, on top of the pictures and outer shoe silhouette, I used the same college font to give the look and image of an actual new balance shoe. On this board, I chose to be a little more creative with the color blends in the top right hand corner to show repetition throughout the board. Again, I used a line pattern I created in the background to give a blending effect to the whole mood board. I went with a simple approach but yet different and creative.


new balance

The sketches that was created was designed to get creative ideas for the new logo. Various logos concepts was then put into a digital form seen the right. Logo concept number four was the choice for the company.




the logo development


the color concepts


COLOR CONCEPTS BLACK: A color that have been looked at in a bad way. The color is bold and misunderstood.


Represents balance and calm.


Represents trust, strength and defendable.


Represents excitement, youthful and boldness. These colors have a good color vibe with color meaning charts. The new colors that have been chosen, reflects the word associations from the New Balance active campaign. When researching other sport shoes logos, I realize that the logos are advertised as one color design.


blend, C. (2013, 03 29). color blender. Retrieved 03 29, 2013, from color blender web site: ?preloadsaved=color%20blend


the typograpghy


Myriad Pro

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789

THONG ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789

IMPACT: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789







STYLE GUIDE 3.1 the brand identity 3.1 the color palette 3.2 the logo 3.3 the logo placement 3.3 the typography



The logo of New Balance has three parts to complete the New Balance logo. The Symbol, Header and the unique tagline. This concept took me back to the New Balance website to get more information. It two words that keep coming to mind was comfort and arch. So in this design concept are two arches together on small and one bigger.

the color palette

the brand identity


The lowercase lettering for New Balance campaign is another choice and place it under the two arch soles concept. The dominate color will be red with wording in light blue.



the specifics symbol



The symbol to this great logo is 1.59 inches height and 0.74 inches width. These two arches represent the soles in your shoe and the comfort to your own feet. The symbol represents the personal comport that New Balance has in every shoe.

The header is 2.6 inches widths and 0.2 inches height. The lowercase lettering for New Balance is a great fit for this logo.

The tagline “The Brand of Comfort� is 1.8 inches in width and 0.11 in ches in height. This tagline will be used throughout campaign for New Balance.

255 0 0 0 210 255



171 171 179 0 0 0

0 100 100 0

100 0 0 0

0 0 0 40

0 0 0 100



from then to now

the thelogo logo


new balance

new balance






This concept went back to the New Balance website. The two words that keep coming to mind was comfort and arch. So in this design concept are two arches together on small and one bigger. These two arches represent the soles in your shoe and the comfort to your own feet. The lowercase lettering for New Balance campaign is another choice and place it under the two arch soles concept. Color choices again are dominate color red with wording in light blue. I like this concept.




New Balance will be utilizing three font and they are thong, impact and myriad. These fonts will be used throughout the New Balance brand.

the typography

the logo placement




abcdefghijklm nopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789




0.25in. offset The presence of the New Balance logo is to always maintain a mininal of 0.25in. , outside of the logo. The spacing is needed for image usage as well as other usages in the media world. The brand identity has a minimun amount of space surrounding the actual logo. The width of the “b” represents the clear and/or white spaceing around the logo.


abcdefghijklmno pqrstuvwxyz


ABCDEFGHIJKLM NOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmno pqrstuvwxyz 0123456789





4.1 the social media 4.2 the print media 4.3 the video media 4.4 the applicationS 4.5 the e-mail blast 4.6 the magizine covers

4.1 Social Media


These social media types top medias for marketing the new brand for New Balance. The Facebook image is the cover page for the account. This site will be presented to the followers to keep up with sales, new products and even videos to promote the company it self. Also, Instagram is another way to for followers get and give direct responses to the campany brand.



4.2 PRINT MEDIA Print Media

The bus stop panels are geared towards the inner city people and in the downtown area of cities. The purpose for these panels are to give all walkers, runners, people who waits on the bus and even day to day drivers throughout the cities. The panels will include a variety of images, logo and name with directive words to draw attention. Along with the apparel, the brand will be advertied and worn buy the viewers. The goal is to have more people in the New Balance products and know that the comapany has a new look and vision to the public.


COMFORT log on to for moreinformation and coupons

log on to for moreinformation and coupons



Video Media


VIDEO MEDIA By using YouTube and Vimeo, the usage of these medias will be a dominant and effective area. The commercials and advertisings of the brand and new products being used is the main focus for these two mediAs. Showing how the products and apparel being worn and used is another calling for theses media networks. These video application also such as YouTube and Vimeo have applications that are used on day to day basis. Also, can be found on all smart phones. The two medias can be watch at any party of your great day or night.

Storyboard New Balance


New Balance



Job #

Shot 3: Image showing comfort and still she look great.

Shot 1: Intro. with a tag line “The brand of comfort to fit your needs”

Shot 2: Image of well know style shoe for New Balance

Transition: Cube

Transition: Swap

Music: Champion Instrument (hip hop beat) 2011

Shot 4: Lorem

Shot 5: image meaning NB, will get you to the finish line

Shot 6: Ending image of the logo

Transition: Mosiac

Music: Champion Instrument (hip hop beat) 2011

Music: Champion Instrument (hip hop beat) 2011 Page 1


4.4 Application Media

APPLICATIONS The focuses are three mobile apps, New Balance Fashion, New Balance Unit and New Balance Sport. This way viewers and future buyers and open the apps on the mobile devices. NB-Health will inform people of health tips and exercising along with a stopwatch for running or etc. NB-Fashion is for all apparel but more of new releases and season apparel. NB-Unit is the full application similar to a website but an application.





4.5 Email Blast









% N 0 O 5 UP




New Balance The New Look, The New Comfort, The NEW YOU Unit









5 CO 0 % UP O



The new mobile app.

With the massive email blast throughout each week, the business class people will receive direct emails to inform them of daily sales, release dates and general updates with in the company. Another purpose is to give links that will also take viewers to the main site to see what all the company has for them. The focus is to give small details in emails but drive them to the main sit to spend money with the coupons given only through emails.


Magazines: Front Covers

4.6 COVER PAGE The magazine full front covers are to inform the world that there are changes within the company. By using great images that compliment New Balance, the new phases will beadvertised to the world. High profiled magazines such as Forbes and Fashion, the word will get out to local magazine stands, airports and everywhere magazines are sold. Visibility of these magazines will put the company on a front page to the world.

The New The New Look, The NEW Comfor t, YOU




Kenosha Brinson New Balance Campaign Project Media Design Masters in Fine Arts Program

Brinson 10 3 1 final copy  
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