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From the C.E.O.

Kenneth Wilson is a successful entrepreneur, community advocate, and public speaker. He is the CEO of Xsiban Enterprises and several other small businesses. Wilson is also the recipient of the 2016 President’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

I would first like to thank everyone for supporting BMV Magazine. We began this journey in 2015 with a website and a dream of creating a magazine that promoted positive black men in our communities. We wanted to inspire and motivate black men by showcasing the good men they see in their communities and everyday life. We sparked conversations and debates on topics that were uncomfortable but need to be discussed. We have come a long way in 3 years. We have grown and expanded our mission to include black women. We could not continue to promote black men without including black women. We have also realized that it is not enough to share positive black people. We must also share our culture and continue to strip away the perceptions and stereotypes about black people. BMV Magazine will be a non-traditional media hub. We will continue to show black men and women of substance, beauty, and intelligence. This is just the beginning of the next phase of our journey. We will continue to improve our style and content for our readers. Please continue to visit our website and social media outlets for additional content and information.

Chief Executive Officer BMV Magazine

The Black Perspective With David Khasar

The Black Perspective is a collection of literature and art from black people of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences. Their artistic work captures the true black perspective including thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

If you’re like me, you’re a black kid that grew up in the suburbs. You walked to school until your parents trusted you to take the bus if you were lucky enough to have a good bus system in the area you lived in.

Taking public transit in the where I live isn’t a big deal. My only grievances with public transit are the people & the prices. It’s not that I don’t like people. I just don’t like

When I was in high school having a bus pass was a big deal because it was your only way to get around. (That’s right y’all, we didn’t have Uber or Lyft when I was in high school.) In high school I took the bus everywhere. I took it to school, I took it to the mall, I even took it to get to youth group. It was my only means of transportation since my mom worked nights & rested during the day. Now that I’m in college & putting off getting my license, it’s essential.

people staring at me like a freaking zoo animal. The worst part about it is when you notice them staring at you they don’t break eye contact...I found that super creepy. Homeless people everywhere asking for a little money & when you don’t have any to give they call you broke. Junkies & tweakers walking around spazzing on people. Honestly you just have to know how to carry yourself. Until I man up & get my license, this is my reality.

BMV Spotlight

We feature interviews with positive, successful black men from all walks of life. These men live in, or are from, the DC area. Their stories include their successes and failures, as well as how they have overcome obstacles. The overall goal is to provide a positive life track for other black males to follow.

Derick Ebert

Derick Ebert is an extremely talented and accomplished spoken word artist, author, and teacher. He is Baltimore's former and first ever Youth Poet Laureate. Derick was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. Derick first tried spoken word poetry in 2014, as he was seeking an outlet after an emotional breakup. Derick quickly found out that he was exceptionally talented at writing and performing spoken word. He began performing at poetry slams and competitions around Baltimore. He won several competitions and quickly became a popular name in poetry circles. For college Derick chose the University of Baltimore. He first tried a major in psychology but changed to English. Derick continued to shine with spoken word at the University, even becoming the first Youth Poet Laureate from the city of Baltimore. Derick has also published a book titled Black Boy Archaeologist: The book is a collection of poems that Derick uses to explore his biracial identity, heartache, and selfawareness. He is also a mentor and teacher to the youth of Baltimore, and an advocate for social justice.

To learn more about Derick, visit his website at

"The Redefinition of Black Beauty" is a collection of photography, interviews, and creative showcases that promote the awesome beauty and power of black women.

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BMV Magazine Volume 1 Issue 1  

BMV Magazine is a publication for black people. Our mission is to promote positive black people, values, and culture.

BMV Magazine Volume 1 Issue 1  

BMV Magazine is a publication for black people. Our mission is to promote positive black people, values, and culture.