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Life without Testosterone

From the Editor’s Desk Welcome to the second edition of Real Voices – the magazine for real people! In this issue our feature article focuses on testosterone. This is an important issue for both men and women. Why is testosterone important? What would life be without testosterone? Let us first look at life with testosterone, and then you can decide! The male body needs testosterone, its main sex hormone. The female body also produces testosterone, but not as much. Testosterone increases red blood cell growth and stimulates the metabolism, aiding in fat-burning. Other functions of testosterone include: • determining the gender of developing foetuses • the development of a deeper voice, muscle mass, facial hair growth and male genital development at puberty • maintenance of an active sexual drive in both men and women • increasing the metabolic functions in men, which aids in faster healing and lower total body fat • production, maturation and overall quality of sperm Studies show that a man’s levels of testosterone naturally decrease after age 25 by about 2 % per year. This deterioration can also be as a result of stress, depression, overwork, consumption of alcohol and inadequate sleep. Therefore, as a man ages, certain signs of low levels of testosterone become visible. Signs such as lower libido, difficulty concentrating or remembering, depression, thinning skin, erectile dysfunction, tiredness, loss of muscle and increase in body fat. Other changes can include changes in how the body processes cholesterol, lowered red blood cell count (mild anaemia) and osteoporosis and most importantly, a lack of testosterone can lead to a problematic sex because of diminished libido and impotence! Women, how will you help your boys and men? Men, what lifestyle changes do you need to make to help yourselves? The ball is in your court! Reference:

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Is Extinction a process ?

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Cancer in the Soil

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The Spiritual Voice

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What is Indian Head Massage?

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Scientific Tyranny

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Social Engineering

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There seem to be LESS of us Today than Yesterday.

Components of Population Growth: 2006-2011 Year 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

Births 46,277 45,590 44,838 44,006 41,333 41,216

2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

17.37 17.03 16.69 16.33 15.3 15.23

Deaths 16,317 17,048 17,000 17,318 17,996 17,879 Rates* 6.13 6.37 6.33 6.42 6.62 6.61 *per 1000 population Notes:

Migration -17,100 -16,000 -17,600 -20,000 -18, 500 -17,800 -6.42 -5.98 -6.55 -7.42 -6.85 -6.58

(i)Births and Deaths represent events occurring in the year and registered up to 12 months after (ii)Births and Deaths represent events reported by the Registrar General’s Department (RGD), adjusted by STATIN for under coverage. (iii)All estimates are provisional and subject to change Last Updated May 17,2012

The chart above, shows rate of change between BIRTHS and DEATHS. OVER A SIX (6) YEAR PERIOD: 2006 – 2011.

Thomas Jefferson Quote: “When the people fear their Government, there is tyranny; when the Government fears the people, there is liberty.� Thomas Jefferson : Third President of the USA.

Holistic Therapy and Relaxation

My name is Marvin E. Murphy also known as Murf Skillz. I was using the name Murf as an alias in high school. I added the Skillz in 2005 to have a unique name on the Internet. I've always had a passion for music. Growing up in urban Jamaica gave me the opportunity to test my lyrical ability from as early as age 5 or so. In basic school we did a lot of what is referred to as gimmicks. My real interest in music however developed in 2002 after the Diwali Riddim came about. I still rate XM24 as the best ever and respect it's producer Lenky as the best of all time. Since then I've loved riddims more than even songs. In 2004, during my final year at Excelsior High, a classmate of mine Brenzz brought me to his house along with two other schoolmates. He saw our talents, as we were regular deejays in class making songs off other people songs, and told us to write a song to perform at the Miss Excelsior beauty queen pageant. We wrote a song called Beauty Queen and named ourselves the Skill To Kill Crew. We eventually separated after high school but we still keep in touch. The other two members have changed their names to Khalyce and Kansep. In 2004 Brenzz also exposed me to making my own beats using a synthesizer programme. In 2006 I built my first official beat. I continued honing my skills to present where I can create instrumentals to fit songs. I crave to be as good as Lenky on his Masterpiece Riddim. So far I've written more than 200 songs and built around 100 beats. I've managed to raise the eyebrows of many. I only need a proper promotion team and a little bit of funding to produce all that I expect to be hits on top of hits. I have a lot of faith in my work as it is very creative and I take pride in the fact the majority can be enjoyed by the whole family. I am currently a member of Worldwide Elite Embassy under Dancehall Embassy. Some of what I've done can be found at and . I'm currently working with J. Mafia and Spider from BP records and will be looking forward to working with Hall of Fame. I enjoy dancehall reggae more than any other genre and I pay keen attention to lyrics rather than popularity. But moreover I love riddims. My next project is called DHD for which I hope to get airplay for soon. Bad Suh 1Link

Testosterone and Man

The primary hormone that makes a man a man? Testosterone

• • • • • • • • •

Can testosterone influence everyday decisions? How about fidelity? Negotiation ability? Competitive drive? Overall health? Joint pain? Muscle maintenance? Depression? Memory? Energy?

The answer is YES to all.

Cancer in the soil - Farmers not aware of contamination Scientists find dangerous levels of killer metals in Manchester, St Elizabeth BY RHOMA TOMLINSON Sunday Observer writer Sunday, March 11, 2012.

MANDEVILLE, Manchester — Scientists in central Jamaica say they have found dangerous levels of the potentially deadly heavy metals arsenic and cadmium in a number of farming communities in Manchester and St Elizabeth. Arsenic attacks the body's vital organs, cripples the body's immune system and can cause cancer of the bladder, lungs, skin, kidney, nasal passages, liver, and prostate.


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The spiritual voice LORD JESUS SAYS: Matthew 5:16 “Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your father in heaven.” Matthew 6:1 “Be careful not to do your ‘acts of righteousness’ before men, to be seen by them.”

What do you think about this Donation?.................. WASHINGTON, USA (AP) — Brad Pitt has agreed to donate US$100,000 to help the Human Rights Campaign raise money for its efforts to support same-sex marriage initiatives in several states.

In My Opinion The Way Forward – Communication (PART 2) By: Marvel Taylor Training through Communication In my previous issue, I emphasized the need to communicate. According to Proverbs 22:6. “parents are instructed to train up a child the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it”. Indeed, it is an awesome responsibility that is entrusted to parents. The type of attention and guidance that a child needs will vary from an early age into adulthood. The sweet cuddly baby of few months, the mischievous toddler, pulling down things in and around the house, the youngster, who is beginning to find him/ her-self and is becoming rebellious, the young adult going through adolescence, the adult who is selecting a companion or a career or adult child who is facing emotional challenges in his/her life. How can you help? Be honest but gentle. Let your child know that while you were growing up, you had challenges too, and show how you overcame. The role of parenting is important at all stages. As a parent like myself, sometimes one is unsure of what to say or do. However, because of your own experience, you are able to give some amount of guidance to your child. Be sure to communicate effectively and when discipline is necessary, do so with love and care. Do not be afraid to answer any questions that may seem awkward to you. Find a way to answer the question or concern. Your child needs to know. If you neglect to do your duty, your child may find someone else to talk with, and whose advice may influence him/her negatively. Ephesians 6:1-4 The advice is given to both parents and children, but most of all the promise to children “That it may be well with thee, and thou MAY LIVE LONG on the earth”.

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What is Indian Head Massage?

Like reflexology, this treatment is non invasive, and originated in India as the name suggests. It works by manipulating and also massaging the upper muscles and acupoints of the back, shoulders and especially the head of an individual. This treatment relaxes the mind and muscles of the head, neck and back which are all parts of the body commonly affected by stress.

Scientific Tyranny

Welcome to the Cashless Society Control Grid From embedded microchips to RFID tracking, the cashless society roll out is going on in full force. With children thumb scanning to get their lunches and amusement park goers biometrically scanning for entry, we are being trained to use our biometric signatures as payment and identification. Trendy clubs around the globe have begun to surgically implant their VIP customers with microchips that they can use to pay for their bar tabs, making it "cool" to "get chipped." Now these "hip" and "elite" customers won't have to bring their wallet out with them to have a good time. Soon RFID tags will be in everything from pharmaceuticals to clothing. Exclusive clothiers are already using the tags to recognize customers as they walk in the door from what they are wearing. This is a global system. Our passports will now be biometric, the information stored on an RFID chip. National id legislation has been passed with the same big brother technology onboard. With cameras (most biometric) already on almost every street corner and the ongoing media hurrah for all this "wonderful" technology that can "protect us" and "make life easier" ask yourself what is this all for? The globalists are setting up the beast system so there is nowhere to hide. Cash itself will be traceable, so one day every transaction you make will be identifiable. You will be always be on camera and big brother will always know where you are and what you do.

SOCIAL ENGINEERING Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society (1952). ISBN0-415-10906-X



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