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From the Editor’s Desk In this issue of Real Voices we focus on what many people would rather not think about – death and starvation. Many of us, take so many things for granted including food which so many of us waste on a daily basis. Yet there are so many people who are starving all over the world, including here in the Caribbean as the statistics on page 6 show. Many illnesses such as cancer are increasing in prevalence, yet if we took better care of our environment and ourselves the incidences would decrease. Thanks for being a part of the Real Voices family, and enjoy this issue.

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Cancer by explosion

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Vitamin C fighting power

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There are a billion people in the world today who do not get enough food to be healthy and lead an active life, according to the United Nations.

China admits pollution-linked 'cancer villages'

Liukuaizhuang Village in Tianjin, southeast of Beijing, on March 16, 2006. China's environment ministry has acknowledged the existence of 'cancer villages', several years after widespread speculation first began that polluted areas were seeing a higher incidence of the disease.

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Lighting strikes the dome of the Basilica of St Peter’s in the Vatican, the same day Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation. 900-year-old Catholic prophecy says successor will be ‘Peter the Roman =646108&xmpSource=&width=800&height=735&caption=

Medical term for terminating one’s pregnancy is called Abortion. Killing a child is also one form of expression for it. It has been a topic of debate for long: Abortion. The condition under which the abortion has been performed is what impacts the effects of abortion on women.

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The spiritual voice

More evidence: Vitamin C does protect against colds • Sherry Baker Natural News Feb 15, 2013

By the time he died in 1994, Linus Pauling had long been branded a “quack” by mainstream medicine and much of the mainstream media. Why? Because he advocated the use of vitamin C to treat many diseases, including the common cold. He claimed the medical establishment had long ignored important studies by respected scientists who provided evidence of vitamin C’s disease-fighting properties. Now, in a review of multiple placebo-controlled vitamin C studies, scientists at the University of Helsinki have found evidence that backs up what Dr. Pauling was saying decades ago. Bottom line: once again, it appears clear that vitamin C could well be a powerful source to avoid or shorten colds — especially in people under heavy physical stress. Vitamin C was found to have a “modest but consistent effect in reducing the duration of common cold symptoms;based on 31 study comparisons with 9745 common cold episodes.” However, in five randomized studies of research subjects with heavy short-term physical stress, the results were more dramatic. Vitamin C cut the incidence of the common cold in half.

The VeriChip is a radio frequency identification (RFID) implantable microchip containing a unique 10-digit identification number that can be "read" by a handheld scanner or by a subject walking through a portal reader. The identification number can then be relayed to a database containing the individual's personal information, or that information can be stored as data directly on the chip, which is wirelessly writeable. The chip can also be placed in a wristband.

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