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The Pre-K Cool Penguin class will introduce “one-to-one” correspondence. The students will use dominoes to create 1:1 correspondence domino pictures in their journals. The will also play the math game, “Triple Match” and create a lift the flap book. In language arts, the students will be learning about long vowels. In Science, the students will be learning about “wind’ and the weather”. They will take part in the science experiment “Pretend to Be the Wind” using Styrofoam and foam boards., scissors, and a shallow dish. The children will be asked to brainstorm how to move their boats without touching them. The children will record their observations and results in their journals In handwriting, we will introduce the letter “Jj”

Computers Pre-kindergarten students completed their season slide show in Kid Pix 4. Students worked hard on each slide and are excited to present it to the class. This week, students will practice their spreadsheet concepts and terminology by creating an animal counting spreadsheet in Max Count. They will learn to enter data in specified cells and format rows, columns and cells. Students will also practice adding and resizing animal pictures.

French This week the PreK French students will celebrate the beginning of spring by learning a song called, “le petit lapin” (the little rabbit). Students will take turns playing the mischievous rabbit and farmer in our song. In addition, students will create a colorful vegetable and flower garden on our bulletin board. In our garden, mischievous rabbits will nibble away at cabbages and carrots. Students will continue to review the vocabulary about animal habitats and play counting games.

MUSIC In preK music this week, we will be starting to learn a new song for the gathering – “Currency” in the Lion Cubs and “Nothing Rhymes with Orange” in the Cool Penguins. We will also use the parachute and puppets this week.

PreK Snapshot  

The Nysmith School Snapshot for 4/8/13

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