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Nysmith International Day—March 19, 2013 On Nysmith International Day we celebrate the incredible cultural diversity of the members of our school community. We hope to give our children a broader view of the world around them and enable them to

understand and appreciate the varied backgrounds of the families in our school. Please join us in making the Nysmith International Day a rich and rewarding experience! There are several ways to participate.

Country Presentation We invite parents to join us in the morning to display items or pictures from your country of ancestry or a

place you have lived. Volunteers will make brief presentations (10–15 minutes) to several small groups of students across a range of school grades. We will provide a packet of information to guide you with your presentations. Parents who volunteer for the same country can work together to share the task of providing a display and presentation for that country.

Games, Crafts, Song and Dance Do you have a particular activity you can teach to our students? We’d like to provide the children a handson experience in playing a game, making a simple craft, or learning a song or dance from a variety of cultures. Volunteers will teach a few classes at a time in these activities, and there will be additional adult

help if needed.

Parade of Nations Students are invited to wear attire from their native country for the day. After lunch, students will join a

parade through the halls with other schoolmates. Let us know if your son or daughter would like to join in! Let us know how you’d like to participate! Please fill out the reverse side of this sheet, and return to the front

office or sign up online at The deadline to sign up is Friday, February 1. If you

have any questions or need additional information, please contact

Nysmith International Day Sign-up Sheet Please print clearly. Parent’s Name: _____________________________________________________ E-mail Address: _____________________________________________________ Telephone Number: _________________________________________________ Child(ren)’s Name(s) and Class(es): _____________________________________ Please check all that apply: 

I can give a country presentation. Deadline to register: February 1. Country: ____________________________________________________

I can teach a game, craft, song or dance. Activity: _____________________________________________________

My child would like to participate in the Parade of Nations. Country: ____________________________________________________

I can attend the festival and provide assistance where needed. Time available: 7:30-9 8:30–12:30 Other:_______

Thank You!

The International Day Committee

Nysmith International Day  

Sign up now for International Day! Students may participate in the Parade of Nations dressed in native attire of a country of heritage. Pa...

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