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and stressful but mainly fun! I’d like to think that each issue we’re getting better and better, so hopefully you’ve enjoyed seeing us grow.

glossiest of pages. A massive thank you to everyone who contributed this year, especially to our sub editors and our head designer Kenny England! Have a good summer, and Think of this issue we’ll see you all next Yay summer is as your guide to year! here! (Well almost). the summer, as Welcome to your last we’ve got festival Love, issue of bluemoon reviews, summer for this academic blockbusters and Emma Stock year! It’s been fun fashion all in our Editor

We all know about it, most of us suffer from it, and we’ve all been given advice on how to overcome it – which usually doesn’t work. So rather than taking up yoga or sitting back with cucumber slices on your eyes why not follow Daydream - About anythese 10 handy tips on how to procrastinate and kid thing and everything. For boys this will yourself that distraction is good… probably involve Super Powers, Megan Fox and Muscle cars, and for the girls? Shopping, Megan Fox, Muscle Cars…

Read YouTube arguments

from beginning to end. These are comedy gold, will distract you for a good half hour and will inform you of everything you need to know about the evil of Justin Bieber. Win.

Stalk people on Facebook – ok

Text a friend and then proceed to look back on your entire chat history from the last few weeks. You’ll be surprised how much drunken nonsense you’d forgotten about.

sure, you may be just hours away from your assignment deadline and have 1,990 words still to write, but look how fat your ex has got…

Go on Twitter – and follow Charlie Sheen. The man is a bi-winning warlock with tiger blood. What’s not to like? I am on a drug, it’s called Charlie Sheen.

Call your mum for a chat – this will

definitely waste lots of time, and after she’s gotten over the initial shock, it will make her day. This may also lead to generous hand outs...

Listen out for your housemates

as soon as you hear them going downstairs to make food, it’s a good time to decide that you need a cup of tea. They probably need distracting too, make random conversation about anything other than work. If they’re extra nice they might even share their food with you – cutting down on the amount of time you waste later on when making your own snacks. So in actual fact, you’re saving time.

Give yourself a ‘5 minute break’ - and maybe go on XBOX Live with your head set and discover how much life advice you can get from 12 year olds. Warning: this one requires some preparation: read up on some ‘your mum jokes’ first.

Learn a new skill – search through Youtube tutorials. These will help you in life and give you handy tips on EVERYTHING! From the best way to apply false eyelashes, to how to make a paper gun that shoots.

Take a few minutes to read Bluemoon – it’s shiny and colourful and has fun words in it.

You are now ready to return to your essay/revision feeling all refreshed. Trust me, you really need to get back to it!! suggests you only do one of these activities for 5 minutes at a time and in seperate breaks!

Festival essentials: • Wellies (trust me, you think you won’t need them and BANG! mudslides) • Condoms (if you’re feeling lucky) • Suncream (despite England’s poor weather, the sun is deceptive) • Shorts, tee-shirts (standard) • Food (slightly less important than alcohol, but close!) • Extra layers- Once the sun is down, it gets freezing! • ALCOHOL (Don’t forget to pour it into plastic bottles, otherwise it could get confiscated- what a waste!)

For those of you looking to don your shades, wellies or (if you’re feeling brave, flip-flops), here’s a quick guide to what’s on offer in the UK this summer- and it’s certainly looking to be a fantastic season music-wise. There’s an evergrowing amount of events to visit, ranging right through the spectrum of music from folk to heavy metal.

The Great Escape 12th-14th May

Download -10th-12th June

Kicking off the season in style is the Great Escape festival. On the weekend of 12th May, the festival will showcase headliners such as Katy B, DJ Shadow, Friendly Fires and Example, it has enough indie and alternative music to whet any hipster’s appetite, and perhaps even the non-hipsters too.

Glastonbury 22nd-26th June Arriving on the 22nd June is the mammoth of festivals all over the world- Glastonbury Festival. Controversial headline act Beyoncé, as well as the hugely successful U2 and Coldplay make this festival one not to miss- if you manage to get hold of tickets. Other acts announced so far include James Blake, Fatboy Slim and Mumford & Sons.

T in the Park 8th-10th July If you’re a fan of commercial music, and Scotland, this is most definitely the festival for you. With a line-up traversing every genre with acts like Arctic Monkeys, Tinie Tempah and Eminem, the stage is set for this to be absolutely killer.

Bestival 8th-11th September Rounding off the year is Bestival, curated by legendary Radio 1 DJ Rob da Bank. Hosted on The Isle of Wight, this is one of the best UK festivals. With a fancy dress theme every year and surprisingly good weather, the festival boasts many, many names including Magnetic Man, Pulp and Noah and the Whale. A fantastic end to a potentially fantastic festival season

Hard rock. Metal. You want it? Go to Download. System of a Down’s only festival this year! What more could any selfrespecting rock fan ask for… maybe Korn, Linkin Park and so many more. Have fun, rockers!

Isle of Wight – 10th-12th June Jumping forward a month, we have the next major festival to grace the UK’s fields. Sporting headliners Kings of Leon, Kasabian and Foo Fighters, as well as vastly different sub-headline acts such as Pixie Lott and Plan B, this festival offers a selection of performers that will give the general audience member a taste of the Top 40, crammed into a weekend of live music.

V Festival 20th-21st August One of two major fest-setups in August, V Festival, the headliners for 2011 are Eminem and Arctic Monkeys, being joined by Rihanna, The Script, Dizzee Rascal and many, many more. Having had personal experience of the festival myself, it comes highly recommended. God bless Richard Branson!

Reading/Leeds 26th-28th August Whenever the name is mentioned, what springs to mind is mosh pits, tent fires and ticket queues. With a lot of mud and acts including MCR, Muse and The Strokes making their UK festival debut this year, Reading, as always, is not one to be missed.

Words by Carl Frazer-Lunn Designed by Kenny England

Festival Highlights: • • • • • •

Friday 6th - Friday 20th May

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