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Complete ROV/Crawler solution with powerful multi-surface attractor.


The LBC represents never before seen technology in such a compact package. An integrated solution providing versatility through ROV or Crawler operations. Based on the proven LBV small ROV and combined with a patented Vortex attractor and powerful drive mechanism the LBC can operate in 3D or 2D greatly simplifying search operations.


• LBV Core System with 4 Powerful Thrusters • ROV and Crawler Mode • Vortex Attractor with


Where conditions permit the LBC operates much the same as its counterpart LBV with two powerful forward thrusters and two vertical. The core of the LBC is that of the LBV with such features as 270º field of view, auto functions, video overlay, small diameter umbilical and multiple high resolution cameras. Free fly the LBC to the desired location for close inspection.

Maximum 23kgf (50ft/lbs) Attraction • 30m/min (100ft/min) Speed in Crawler Mode • 4 Knobby Tires with individual drive mechanism


Should stability be compromised due to adverse conditions the LBC can be attached to the target surface. By simply maneuvering close to the desired location and rolling the LBC the patented Vortex attractor can adhere the LBC to virtually any surface. Once attached the LBC is driven by four powerful motor/gearbox combinations reducing a 3D proposition to only 2D. Navigate to the object of interest for close inspection or conduct a full survey with ease. 

Unique to the LBC is the highly efficient a small form factor Vortex Attractor. The small attractor has an impressive amount of attraction (23kgf) resulting in the ability to attach to virtually any surface. Controlled from the hand controller the attractor has variable power settings depending on conditions and desired attraction.

• Intuitive Controller • Integrated Control Console • Flexible Sensor Platform • Highly Portable 

• LBC Vehicle • Protective Bumper Frame • 4 H.P. Thrusters • Vortex VRAM • Drive Mechanism • 570 Line Color Camera • LED Array Tracking Camera


• Ultra Low Light B/W Camera

The LBC is controlled by the same intuitive hand controller as the LBV. Once attached to the desired surface the drive mechanism is engaged. Aside from the standard LBV controls operators can alter attraction and drive speed. An odometer is displayed when in crawler mode.

• 150m Umbilical • Integrated Control Console • Hand Controller • Monitor • Basic Spares Kit

Add a variety of options like acoustic imaging sonar and positioning to outfit LBC to each application. Just the beginning. Roper Resources Cdn Sales: (250)361-9115 US Sales: (805)798-0277 email:

w w w . s e a b o t i x . c o m

• Spare Thruster • Protective Cases • Manuals and CD-ROM

LBC Depth Rating Length Width Height Diagonal Weight in Air Thrusters

50 meters seawater (MSW) - 165 feet seawater (FSW) 565 mm - 22.2 in 500 mm - 19.7 in 380 mm 15 in 630 mm - 24.8 in 30 kg - 66 lbs

Four (4) thrusters - Two (2) forward, two (2) vertical. Each thruster is identical & isolated Thruster configuration Brushed DC motor, one atmosphere housing with double o-ring shaft seal Type 5.5 kgf - 12.1 lbs Bollard Thrust (forward) 2.2 kgf - 4.85 lbs Bollard Thrust (vertical) 1.5 knots (estimated) Speed at surface Drive Mechanism & Attractor Front and rear drive mechanism with four (4) motor/gearbox combintations Configuration Brushed DC motor and gearbox Motor/Gearbox 150 mm diameter knobby with aluminium wheels and foam disc inserts Wheel/Tires 0.5 m/sec - 30m/min (1.65 ft/sec - 98 ft/min) Speed at surface Forward, reverse and rotate (side to side control like tank) Control Variable up to 23 kgf - 50 ft/lbs Attraction Cameras & Lighting 180 degrees - internal chassis rotates Camera Tilt 270 degrees per camera Range of View 570 line Ex-View HAD color - 0.2 Lux Camera - Primary 430 line - 0.03 Lux B/W Camera - Secondary Manual focus control via hand controller. 90mm to infinity Focus NTSC or PAL Video Format Composite (BNC connector on Integrated Console) Output Signal 480 Lumen LED, pure white light - variable intensity & tracking primary camera Internal Lighting Integrated Control Console & Power Supply 444.5 mm - 17.5 in Length 297 mm - 11.7 in Width 180 mm - 7.1 in Height 13 kg - 28.7 lbs Weight 1 RS-232 for LBV controls and 1 spare RS232 up to 115K Baud Data Channels Heading, depth, temperature, tilt Sensors Depth, heading, trim Auto Functions 100-130 VAC or 200-240 VAC Input Voltage 1,000 Watts maximum Power Requirement Isolated input power, circuit breaker, line insulation monitor, leak detector. Meets and exceeds "Code of Practice Safety for the Safe Use of Electricity in Water" I.P. 64 - Splash proof Water Proofing 38 cm LCD mounted behind waterproof panel in lid. Sunshade included. Monitor Hand Controller 195 mm - 7.7 in Length 135 mm - 5.3 in Width 140 mm - 5.5 in Height 625 grams - 1.4 lbs Weight ROV Mode - Single - forward, reverse, rotate left, rotate right, roll left, roll right Joystick Crawler Mode - Single - forward, reverse, rotate left, rotate right Number of Steps (joystick) 32 Proportional control knob Vertical Thrusters Membrane keypad - ROV/Crawler mode switch, VRAM power, drive speed, thruster gain control, trim, auto depth, auto heading, camera tilt, camera focus, camera switch, light On/Off, light intensity, accessories, video Additional Controls overlay position, power On/Off, programming keypad Umbilical & Reel Diameter Length Working Strength Breaking Strength Buoyancy Reel Reel Dimensions Reel Weight Video Overlay Information Displayed

7.6 mm - 0.3 in (nominal) 150 meters - 500 ft 45 kgf - 100 lbs 318 kgf - 700 lbs Neutral in fresh water - slightly positive in Seawater Umbilical reel with slip ring. Constructed from marine grade polyethylene and stainless steel 272 mm x 368 mm x 419 mm (10.7 in x 14.5 in x 16.5 in) 15 kg - 33 lbs (with umbilical) Odometer, VRAM gain setting, drive speed, thruster gain settings, light level, Trim On/Off, heading, depth, turns counter, camera angle, water temperature, time, date, user text Up to 28 Characters Bottom, top or off Quick menu, setup, calibrate, diagnostics, options

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Lbc data sheet a4