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Spectrum of ANFO, 10 second acquisition

Symphotic TII Corporation and Roper Resources, Ltd, Canada Instruments for Discover, Detection, Determination

Spectrum of C3, 10 second acquisition


Laser Spectroscopy System for Stand-off and In Situ Chemical Analysis of Explosives, Illicit Drugs, and Hazardous Materials

Instruments for Discovery, Detection, and Determination

Spectrum of low grace TNT, 10 second acquisition All spectra produced at LASD AED field range. Roper Resources Ltd / Symphotic Tii Corporation


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Symphotic TII Corporation and Roper Resources. Ltd:

The InSITETM EXP Remote Spectroscopy System

We are experts at providing instruments for discovery, detection and determination to Military and Law Enforcement users throughout North America. Our robotics and cameras and lasers are widely used by military and law enforcement personnel in the field, at sea, and in research laboratories. For several years NASA has been developing Raman analyzers for determining the chemical composition of rocks and minerals on Mars. In cooperation with Enwave Optronics of Irvine, CA, we have adapted this technology and developed the InSITEtm, a new approach to in-situ chemical analysis in hazardous areas. It is now possible to make positive identification of unknown materials such as explosives and their precursors from as far as 3 meters away. Please inquire about our ruggedized cameras, video enhancement systems, Remotely Operated Vehicles / Unmanned Underwater Vehicles, and our laser systems.

Spectra of PETN

Take a Closer Look at suspected explosives and precursors safely without sampling or even touching the material.

How does it work? Raman spectroscopy looks at a particular kind of scattering of laser light by surface molecules. During this process energy is exchanged between the incident light and the molecules causing some of the scattered light to be of lower energy than the incident light. The difference in energy is made up by a change in the energy of the outer electrons of the molecule, and the lower energy of the scattered light shows up as a spectral “signature” which is different for each substance. Sir C.V. Raman was awarded the Nobel prize for Physics in 1930 for his discovery of the Raman phenomena. With the recent development of high quality lasers (such as our DivyaTM) as monochromatic light sources Raman spectroscopy has become a routine analytical technique.

880 Calle Plano, Unit K Camarillo, CA 93012

The InSITE EXP positively identifies unknown material (red) as RDX by comparison with FBI library spectra (blue).

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Total time for analysis and ID: 20 sec. Courtesy of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Arson/Explosives Detail. Roper Resources Ltd / Symphotic Tii Corporation

Tel: (805) 798 0277

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