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June 1, 04

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University of British Columbia chooses Gavia AUV Hafmynd and Gavia AUV Corp. announce that the University of British Columbia has placed an order for a Gavia AUV. The 500 meter depth rated autonomous underwater vehicle will be outfitted with a suite of scientific sensors including the SeaBird SBE 49 FastCAT CTD and Wetlabs ECO-BB3 Optical Backscatter sensor. The dual frequency side scan sonar is provided by Imagenex Ltd. and the ADCP DVL by RD Instruments. Underwater navigation and two-way acoustic communication will be provided by a LBL system provided by LinkQuest Ltd. The Department of Mechanical Engineering at UBC will use the Gavia AUV to perform survey and sampling operations in many of the deep water lakes located in British Columbia, Canada. The modular aspect of Gavia is particularly well suited for the introduction of new sensors as they become available and should fulfill the University of British Colombia's requirements for a highly versatile AUV for quite some time. Hafmynd Ltd. Hafmynd Ltd. ( was founded in 1999 as development, production and marketing company for the multi-purpose compact size GAVIA Autonomous Underwater Vehicle system. Hafmynd is based in Reykjavik, Iceland. Gavia AUV Corporation Gavia AUV Corp. is a Camarillo, California based marketing, sales, and support corporation for the Gavia AUV. Gavia AUV Corp. has exclusive rights to marketing the Gavia AUV in North America and brings a wealth of experience in the marketing and sales of diverse underwater technologies. For further information on the Gavia AUV in North America contact

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Figure 1 The modular GAVIA Autonomous Underwater Vehicle system

Figure 2 Gavia Autonomous Underwater Vehicle ready for deployment

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Figure 3 Modules are assembled using the GAVIA QuickLock™ system (pat. pend.)

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Figure 4 GAVIA AUV system packed for transportation

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Gavia sold to ubc