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INT. DANIEL'S APARTMENT, KITCHEN - NIGHT Daniel, Larson and Dodson stand over a map laid out across the kitchen table. Daniel points at locations. DANIEL The entrance to the trail is right about here. You should see their vehicle parked alongside the road. From there, it's about three to four hours in to the first campground. LARSON And you figure we'll be a day behind them? DANIEL Give or take, yes. They should already be at the second campground by now, so there will be some catching up to do. Luckily, I know these trails a lot better than they do, so we should be able to gain ground and catch up to them rather quickly. Larson sighs. He looks at Dodson and then back to Daniel. LARSON Listen, Daniel; the reason I'm getting you to show all of this stuff now is because we can't bring you with us. Dodson shoots a glare towards Larson, but she doesn't say anything. DANIEL Wait -- what? LARSON It's a quarantined zone, Daniel. I can't risk bringing you with us. DANIEL No, I -- I have to come with you. You'll never catch up to them in time. LARSON Yes, we will. That's why we're going. DANIEL I -(Takes deep breath) This is bull shit. LARSON Daniel, please understand.

DANIEL No, you understand! I sent them in there! (Beat) Me! LARSON They'll be okay, Daniel. I will reach your friends. We just can not bring any civilians with us. There's already enough out in that bush. Daniel stares at Larson. LARSON (CONT'D) Okay? DANIEL Yeah, alright. Just -- can you at least call me when you get to them? LARSON Absolutely. (Looks to Dodson) You have his number? Dodson nods. LARSON (CONT'D) As soon as we find them, you will know. DANIEL Okay. (Beat) Thank you. Larson nods. LARSON You're welcome.

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