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As kids, we love stories. Stories connect us to another place, another time. Stories excite our imagination, allow us to step into another person’s shoes and see the world through another person’s eyes. They give




So many Singaporeans have been part of the story of the building of our City in a Garden. Our Singapore Miracle tells stories of courage, determination and hard work. Through pictures of old builders of Singapore and the presence of today’s builders, we celebrate the stories of our nation building with pride.

A song is like a story in our lives. When we sing, we give voice to our inner thoughts and feelings. We are brought back to another time when we listen to the soundtrack of our lives. It frees us even as it keeps us connected. Music helps us to share stories of Singapore, of the places we love, the people we love and of the place where we feel at home.

Every story keeps on going. Our extreme sportsmen blaze the trail, keeping the wheels of innovation turning with their fast and exciting stunts. Negotiating new challenges, pushing beyond limits and letting our imaginations take flight until we are free to be who we want to be.

Watch out for the KIDS as they play and tell us their “grandfather” stories! Wonderful legends about the Sisters’ Islands, Redhill and Sang Nila Utama told with the use of an amazing human LED screen formed by 800 Singaporean “pixels”.

us knowledge, hope and joy. We continue


to be entertained by stories throughout our lives and through these stories, we

Singaporeans from all walks of life and different cultural and social backgrounds come together to sing proudly in ONE VOICE. In their song, we hear our many stories. In their faces, we see ourselves, our friends and our families.

are able to share dreams, aspirations and perspectives with each other, creating an even bigger communal story. In NDP13, we pay tribute to all Singapore Stories. Every Singaporean has a story to tell and together we form a new and distinct story, that is, the story of ONE SINGAPORE.

Love Our skies light up as we celebrate coming together as One Singapore. Through our pledge and national anthem, we share with each other our commitment to build a home for all generations and to keep the Singapore Story going.

Represent We salute the many Singaporeans who fly our flag high and make us proud. Together they reflect our talents, youthful enthusiasm, commitment and drive to succeed. From endearing icons and ordinary Singaporeans, to heroes of our young sporting nation - we cheer them all on.

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Aspire One man’s delightful story of discovery mirrors our own journey towards a more gracious, inclusive and compassionate society and a better future for our country. Staying true to the ideals symbolized by our crescent moon and five stars, he unveils the many beautiful faces of Singapore – including yours!

Party A tribute to the hard work and indomitable team spirit that brought NDP 2013 to fruition. To everyone who has made this NDP possible, DJ Aldrin spins the latest grooves for you. It’s our way of saying “THANK YOU!”

NDP 2013

Message from the

President of the Republic of Singapore Dr Tony Tan Keng Yam Today we celebrate Singapore’s independence as a sovereign nation. Singapore has made tremendous progress in a short span of 48 years. We have to thank our forefathers for overcoming many challenges to create a strong and progressive Singapore where people of diverse backgrounds live and work side by side and take care of one another.

It’s Singapore’s Birthday and it’s time for a big Happy Carnival! Have fun with the Busy Bees who will present you with balloon “flowers”, sing along to familiar tunes and look out for the Kachang Puteh man who will pop up for some unexpected fun.

The Dynamic Defence Display is a showcase of the personnel and assets from the Singapore Armed Forces, the Singapore Police Force and the Singapore Civil Defence Force. It’s about all of us coming together to form an integrated and networked force that is capable of defending Singapore.

The Singapore Flag is to be regarded with paramount respect. The flag is to always be aloft and free. This is aptly represented by the Chinook flying the Singapore Flag above all the nation to exalt its image and imbue patriotism amongst its people.

The theme for this year’s National Day celebrations - “Many Stories… One Singapore” - reminds us of the contributions made by our forefathers and the calling of all Singaporeans to build on the foundation and develop the Singapore story further in our own ways. By working together as one people, with enterprise and innovation, we can continue to forge a bright future for ourselves and our families. I wish everyone a happy and memorable 48th National Day.

Message from the

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong National Day is a time for Singaporeans to come together as one united people, to celebrate our independence and sovereignty. It is also an opportunity for us to reflect on our past achievements and re-commit ourselves to a brighter future for all. Since independence, Singaporeans have displayed tremendous spirit to overcome our challenges. We have built a cohesive home where all Singaporeans belong, a community with a heart that cares for one another, and a vibrant city that offers hope and opportunities for all to thrive. We must not take our success and stability for granted. We are a small country in an uncertain world, and recent events like the haze remind us how vulnerable we are to external events. We can succeed only if we stand together, and do the best for ourselves, for one another and for Singapore. Our future is ours to make. Let us continue to work together to build a better Singapore for ourselves and our families. I wish all Singaporeans a happy 48th National Day!

The logo for National Day Parade

This year’s NDP will feature a traditional parade. With D3 symbolizing change and modernity, the parade segment will provide the anchor for Singaporeans to remember who we are, our values and where we come from. The marching participants will showcase their discipline and commitment through a dignified parade.

NDP 2013 is a colourful and stylish representation of this year’s theme “Many Stories… One Singapore”. Circles and dots of different sizes and colours come together to form the shape of Singapore, representing our Home. These circles symbolise the many stories – at the personal, community and national levels – that have shaped our common history and represent the experiences we have gone through together as a country, and the values and aspirations that make us who we are. At the centre is a red heart, a graphic symbol of our love and passion for our Nation.

LTC Sng Meng Wah Parade Commander

MWO Chua Hock Guan Parade Regimental Sergeant Major

Our NDP 2013 Hosts Gurmit Sebastian Siti Singh Vernetta Tan Khalijah Lopez

1WO Neo Boon Kwee Colours Regimental Sergeant Major

Singaporeans have much to celebrate. The colours are vibrant, filled with life and hope for the future. The range of colours reflect our celebration of diversity and remind us all that there are many paths of success. The ripples featured in the logo emphasise the effect of each of our stories on all Singaporeans. We are living our stories together in an inclusive and gracious society. The dots after the words “Many Stories” highlight the simple truth that our Singapore Story continues to evolve.

National Day Parade 2013 Programme Sheet