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CordLife - Asia Pacific's Leading Stem Cell Banking Group


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A commemorative publication

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our Significance We are10! We’ve come a long way, which gives us much to celebrate.

We are the 1st private cord blood bank in Singapore, and the pioneer cord blood bank in Asia. We remain the 1st and only AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) accredited private cord blood bank in Southeast Asia.

Asia Pacific's Leading Stem Cell Banking Group


And we have taken off during our 1st decade with: •

37,000 clients in Asia-Pacific.

3 patents and 4 pending.

A Technology Pioneer award from the World Economic Forum.

Facilities in 5 countries:

5 accreditations:

Strategic investment in China.

A growing staff strength of over 300.

s AABB-Singapore s ISO-Indonesia s ISO-Hong Kong s ISO-India s TGA-Australia

s Singapore s Indonesia s Philippines s Hong Kong s India

As of June 2011, CordLife Limited demerged its mature businesses while retaining its developing businesses. Following the demerger, CordLife Limited remains as an ASX-listed entity with ownership of its developing businesses in India, Indonesia and the Philippines. The demerged segment, CordLife Group Limited, is a private and unlisted company governed by Singapore’s law. CordLife Group Limited operates in Singapore and Hong Kong, through its wholly-owned subsidiary CordLife (Hong Kong) Limited as well as a 10 percent direct interest in Guangzhou Municipality Tianhe Nuoya Bioengineering Co Ltd, which operates the only cord blood bank in the Guangdong province of China. • CordLife Private Limited is now known as CordLife Group Limited as of 1July 2011, and headed by CEO Jeremy Yee. • CordLife Group Limited and CordLife Limited are two separate companies as at 1 July 2011. The companies are, however, affiliated through contractual agreements for the fulfillment of cross-border customer requests. The CordLife brand and are properties of CordLife Group Limited.

CordLife Celebrates!

Our 10 years at a glance


our milestones 2001




• Incorporated as the first private cord blood bank in Singapore.

• Opened the first CordLife facility at Camden Medical Centre, Singapore.

• Acquired Cytomatrix, a stem cell research company specialising in cell expansion technology.

• First and only cord blood bank in Asia to be listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

• Scored Singapore’s first successful cord blood transplant for a 3-year old boy who had leukaemia.

• Became founding member of the Asia Pacific Cord Blood Banks Consortium (APCBBC). • Established marketing offices in Indonesia and Thailand.

2008 • Relocated to a 5,000 sq.ft. facility in Singapore Science Park II. • Re-accreditation by AABB of Singapore facility. • Launched the first corporate social responsibility programme of its kind in Singapore – CordLife Cares – offering fully subsidised private cord blood banking to needy families.

Asia Pacific's Leading Stem Cell Banking Company


• First in Southeast Asia and Singapore to receive the prestigious international accreditation from the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) for the Singapore facility.

• Acquired BioCell, the second largest private cord blood bank in Australia. • Established marketing office in the Philippines.

• First overseas CordLife processing and storage facility launched in Hong Kong.

2009 • Opened the second CordLife sales office in Medan, Indonesia’s third largest city. • Opened the second office in Hong Kong in Kowloon opposite Hong Kong Baptist Hospital which serves the highest number of private deliveries in Hong Kong.

• Opened India’s largest and most advanced private cord blood bank in West Bengal, the group’s fourth overseas facility and the biggest to date. • Established Australia’s largest private cord blood bank by merging BioCell and Cellsense and rebranded as Australian Stem Cell Healthcare.

• Launched CordLife Quality Guarantee in all entities which assures clients of a matched replacement cord blood unit or US$25,000 benefit in case of damage or loss.

• Appointed as Quality Advisor to Beijing Cord Blood Bank.

• CordLife India received ISO 9001:2008 certification for its quality management system.

• Opened full service cord blood processing and storage facility in the Philippines.

• Established a new CordLife flagship facility in Hong Kong Science Park.

• Released cord blood unit for the treatment of the first cerebral palsy patient in Singapore.




• Incorporated CordLife Sciences India Pte Ltd in Kolkata, which was officially launched by Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong.

• Awarded Technology Pioneer status by the World Economic Forum.

• Sponsored the first cystic fibrosis cord blood collection in Australia. • Invested in Pharmacell CV, a dutch tissue engineering company.

• Partnered with Indonesia’s largest pharmaceutical company, Kalbe Farma, to launch the country's first and only DEPKES-licensed cord blood processing and storage facility in Jakarta.


• BioCell received Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) license.


• Released cord blood unit for the first autologous treatment for neuroblastoma in Singapore.

• Released cord blood unit for the second cerebral palsy patient in Singapore.

• First in the Philippines to incorporate Sepax®, a fully automated system for cord blood processing.

• First in India to introduce umbilical cord banking service for the cryopreservation of two cell lines – mesenchymal stem cells and epithelial stem cells.

• Group CEO, Dr Steven Fang honoured as Most Outstanding Entrepreneur by APEA.

• CordLife Hong Kong received ISO 9001: 2000 certification.

• Embarked on demerger where CordLife Singapore is structurally separated from CordLife Ltd, a holding company listed on the ASX.

• Secured strategic stake in China Stem Cells (South) Company Limited with US$10 million investment.

Consistently underpinning all these is our unchanging and uncompromising commitment to giving hope and saving lives. CordLife Celebrates!


our beginning Asia Pacific's Leading Stem Cell Banking Group


It all started with a wish to help bring the life-saving potential of cord blood stem cells to Asia. Dr Steven Fang, then working in the pharmaceutical industry in the United States in the mid90s, was agonizing with a close American-Vietnamese friend over the leukaemia that had stricken the latter’s 2-year old son. The boy’s survival hinged on the finding of a donor for an infusion of bone marrow to boost his immune system. Potential donors were few and none was suitable. In the midst of the family’s despair, a doctor suggested that blood be extracted from the umbilical cord of the newborn baby whom the mother was then expecting, and used in place of the bone marrow. Cord blood banking and stem cell research was just warming up in the US. The boy was saved. “I wasn’t really looking for the ‘next big thing’. But this incident changed my life. I realised that stem cells were beginning to spawn a whole new industry,“ Dr Fang recalled. Back in Singapore, he found that no such industry was in the offing. So with his own money and those of some other like-minded investors, he decided to build a company “to promote the development of new therapies to support the clinical use of stem cells and increase the number of medical conditions that can benefit from stem cells.” So CordLife became the first cord blood bank in Singapore in 2001, and among the first in Asia. Through the daunting challenges of pioneering a new industry, it soon rose up to the task of helping to save 3-year old Ryan Foo who was dying of leukaemia. CordLife processed and stored the cord blood from Rachel, Ryan’s baby sister, which was used for his stem cell transplant. Ryan remains well. Since that groundbreaking event in Singapore’s medical history, CordLife has extended its reach both in scale and in scope throughout the region. Through it all, CordLife holds steadfast to its mission. “Whether it is CordLife or the other companies within the group, we are in the business, simply put, of saving lives,” Dr Fang said.

Cordlife Celebrates!


CordLife Founder and CEO of CordLife Limited, Dr Steven Fang reflects on the guiding principles that have propelled the company’s success in the last 10 years prior to the demerger.

our founding principles Asia Pacific's Leading Stem Cell Banking Group


The cornerstone of our success has been and will always be It drives everything that we do. Our people are emotionally engaged in helping others, not just because it is in our business’ interest but out of a belief that we can truly help to save lives. It was thus most satisfying when we achieved our first cord blood transplant in Singapore in 2002. This was followed later by other cord blood transplants in Hong Kong and India. Each transplant is a momentous achievement which we celebrate with the patient and his/her family. We exist to support the need for cord blood stem cell transplantation therapy.


Foundational to this is our commitment to doing what is right for the patient. It is central to all our actions and achievements. We believe so firmly in this that we have always sought for the right people to work with us, people with the right attitude towards the interest of the client. While we hold zero tolerance for repeated mistakes made on the job, we reward good behaviour such as honesty and actions taken in the client’s interest.


Another value we regard highly is This is fundamental in any advanced medical business. It also accounts for our long term investment in every individual working with CordLife.



We value and have worked hard at building up the company. This has allowed us to positively influence the cord blood banking industry, in overcoming numerous challenges and not compromising on our core responsibilities. Building the cord blood banking process, founded upon a strong was especially difficult during the formative years when our industry was non-existent. Substantial time and effort were invested to develop our processes to a world-class standard.

quality culture,

We are also focused on developing key managerial competencies for quality standards, clinical advancements, talent development and better decision management. Cumulatively, these are the drivers behind the business growth and market success in all our key markets.

Dr Steven Fang won the Spirit of Enterprise Award in 2004, and was a Finalist in the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2005. He has a doctorate in Business Administration in Biotechnology, a MBA and a Bachelor in Computer Engineering.

A Celebration of Life


the sanctity of life Asia Pacific's Leading Stem Cell Banking Group


CordLife is all about maximising the life-giving potential of the baby’s cord blood. Let’s look at why this is something truly worth celebrating, and why we are leading the way. Why cord blood? Cord blood contains hematopoietic stem cells that have become a major source of treatment for more than 80 diseases since the 1980s. Cord blood – or placental blood – is what remains in the baby’s umbilical cord and placenta after birth. It is rich with stem cells which are genetically distinctive to the baby and his/her family. Cord blood stem cells can differentiate to become red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. In fact, these cells are the building blocks of the body’s immune system. It is the way stem cells can transform into other types of cells that makes it ideal for replenishing blood and regenerating the immune system in treating inherited and other diseases such as leukaemia, different forms of cancers, blood disorders and other abnormal conditions. Besides cord blood, stem cells can also be found in bone marrow and the blood circulating in the body. But compared to bone marrow stem cells, cord blood stem cells are preferred for treatment as they have been found to be significantly better received by the body’s immune system. Stem cells are used in cell transplants and cellular therapies: • Stem cell transplants rebuild the blood and immune system whose cells have been destroyed by treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. • Cellular therapy is about using stem cells as an alternative natural source to treat diseases.

Why cord blood banking? CordLife provides cord blood banking services to families by processing and preserving the stem cells from cord blood which is collected at birth – the only time for retrieving this invaluable resource.

Cordlife Celebrates!


Banking cord blood stem cells ensures that it can be tapped at any time when necessary by the patient and the siblings. Like being comprehensively insured against the uncertainties of life, cord blood banking offers priceless peace of mind.

What next after cord blood banking? Future applications of cord blood stem cells are promising as the list of stem cell treatable diseases continues to grow rapidly. Given stem cell’s potential to become different types of cells, scientists are studying their use to treat the most common life-threatening diseases such as heart disease and stroke. Currently, the most common treatments being researched into are: • Repairing nerve cells to heal brain and spinal cord injuries or brain damage due to stroke. • Regenerating cells to form new blood vessels to treat heart and circulatory disease. • Replacing damaged cells to improve recovery from cardiovascular disease, heart attack or injury. • Regenerating brain cells to treat brain injury, cerebral palsy and Parkinson’s disease. Banking a child’s cord blood will allow the cord blood to be used in these cellular therapies in the future. More importantly, the facts and figures below show the benefits of banking cord blood for the future: • 1 out of every 200 people may need to use stem cells in their lifetime. Nietfeld JJ, et al. Lifetime Probabilities of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in the US. Biol Blood Marrow Transplant. 2008; 14:316-322.

Asia Pacific's Leading Stem Cell Banking Group

• 1 in 500 babies worldwide suffers from cerebral palsy, a neurological disease. Hirtz D, et al. How common are the “common” neurologic disorders? Neurology. 2007; 68:326-337

• Research shows that patients have a lower risk of Graft versus Host Disease when they receive stem cells from a relative. Wagner J, et al. Allergenic sibling umbilical cord blood transplantation in children with malignant and non-malignant disease. The Lancet. 1995;346:214-219. Kurtzberg J, et al. Placental blood as a source of hematopoietic stem cells for transplantation into unrelated recipients. New England Journal of Medicine. 1996; 335:157-166.

• In many cellular therapy and regenerative medicine applications, only the patient’s own stem cells can be used in the treatment. Patient’s Guide to Cord Blood Banking website.

Why CordLife? The reasons why thousands of families worldwide have chosen CordLife as their preferred cord blood bank are:

• Most experienced and widest network Headquartered in Singapore, CordLife has 10 years of experience in cord blood processing and cryopreservation. Our network of stem cell facilities extends to various parts of Asia including Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia and the Philippines.

• Secure facility All our facilities are fully managed by highly qualified biotechnologists who have many years of blood banking experience. Built around stringent criteria set by AABB, our facilities are closely monitored round the clock and equipped with multiple back-up systems.


• Successful cord blood transplant record

• Technology Pioneer Award

Together with our associates, our experience in releasing more than 200 cord blood units for medical therapies is the best validation of our cord blood processing and cryopreservation technologies. All of these cord blood units released have been proven viable by independent sources, even after years of cryopreservation at our facilities worldwide.

CordLife is the only cord blood bank in the world to receive the prestigious Technology Pioneer status conferred by the World Economic Forum in 2007, one of only 3 companies in Asia to be selected out of 225 nominees worldwide. We have been honoured for our work in advancing adult stem cell cellular therapy, cord blood banking and technologies.

certifications and accreditations

AABB Accreditation (Singapore)

ISO 9001:2008 Certification (India)

Ministry of Health Certification (Singapore)

Ministry of Health Certification (India)

Ministry of Health Certification (Singapore)

ISO 9001:2008 Certificate (Hong Kong)

DEPKES (Indonesia)

GMPMDS - CGl (Singapore)

Technology Pioneer 2007 (World Economic Forum)

Cordlife Celebrates!


CordLife is privileged to have given hope to families by helping to save their children’s lives. We share some of their inspiring stories that have fired our imagination beyond merely providing a service, much as it is needed. Our clients and their experiences have immeasurably boosted the value of our work. This continues to fuel our passion to do even more with nature’s precious gift of stem cells.

the gift of family Asia Pacific's Leading Stem Cell Banking Group


Giselle Sanchez Celebrity Comedian Philippines

Cordlife Celebrates!


Michael, Louise and Georgia Conn Singapore


eorgia, 4, is the first – and only – patient in Singapore to receive her own cord blood for cerebral palsy. Her brain was damaged during a difficult birth when it had little or no oxygen reaching it. This left Georgia with very weak motor skills, seriously undeveloped in her communicative ability and in constant pain. She had crying fits and needed to be cared for round-the-clock. She also needed several hours of daily therapy, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy and massages. In dedicating themselves to doing all they can for their first-born, her parents found that pioneering treatment for cerebral palsy using cord blood stem cells were being done in the United States. Thankfully, the Conns have earlier banked Georgia’s cord blood with CordLife which introduced them to neurosurgeon Dr Keith Goh (who successfully separated a pair of Siamese twins whose heads were joined at birth). Dr Goh oversaw the cordblood infusion after receiving approval from Singapore's Ministry of Health.

Asia Pacific's Leading Stem Cell Banking Group

Said Louise, her mother who is a freelance graphic designer: “We knew that Georgia’s cord blood was more precious than gold. Two days after the infusion, she seemed instantly happy and energetic. It’s like she took a multivitamin shot!” Michael, her bank director father, added: “I’m absolutely convinced that we did the right thing. I was holding her in my lap and noticed that she was trying to chat with me. It was a wonderful feeling.” Since then, Georgia has made phenomenal progress in, for instance, being able to hold up her head straight and longer, opening her hands and crawling faster and further – all basic movements that are taken for granted in normal children. Paediatric physiotherapist Diane Paulin said: “The first thing I noticed one week after her stem cell infusion was how Georgia became much calmer. I also see changes with her endurance level in a positive way. As weeks went on, I could see her being happier and more alert and showing more and more interest to interact with her environment.” “The bottom line is, when she’s happy, we’re happy,” said Michael.


Ashim Kumar, Manisha and Moinam Pal India


shim Kumar and Manisha Pal, both teachers, were ecstatic with their long awaited first-born son. Manisha’s pregnancy, being uneventful, gave every promise of a healthy baby. But barely a year into his arrival, Moinam was diagnosed with E-Beta Thalassamia major, an inherited blood disorder which destroys red blood cells. Most children suffering from this disorder hardly survive beyond 10 years. Besides medication, Moinam had regular blood transfusions to help normalise his haemoglobin level. A doctor recommended stem cell transplant, with the cells harvested either from a donor’s bone marrow or from cord blood. The good news was they had their newborn daughter's cord blood banked with CordLife in India. In the words of Manisha, the Pals “had complete trust in their professionalism as well as the quality and hygiene of its laboratory.” Because the stem cell count in their daughter’s cord blood was not enough for a successful transplant, she gave her brother a small amount of her bone marrow too.

With their hearts in their mouths, the parents waited while both their children were in the operating theatre: one for her bone marrow to be extracted and the other being readied for his stem cell transplant. Since the stem cell transplant, Moinam, now 6, is stronger by the day and assured by his doctor of a full recovery.

Cordlife Celebrates!


We decided to store Mikayla’s cord blood mainly because of a discovery of a blood disorder within the family. I’ve read about cord blood banking and searched for more information online. My husband and I saw the advantages of storing cord blood for future use in case of any unforseen situation. After having decided to keep the cord blood, the next question is where should we keep it? We looked around and eventually decided on CordLife. They are internationally recognised, are advanced in their technology and have also been recommended by friends who've also stored their cord blood with CordLife. Chua Li Hua

Operations Executive Singapore


parents banking their children’s

Cord blood is so precious that we must consider storing it with a professional and proven cord blood bank. Just as expectant mothers trust their O & G doctors – and O & G doctors trust CordLife the most - so CordLife is my only choice. May Kwong

Actress and singer Hong Kong

Asia Pacific's Leading Stem Cell Banking Group

cord blood with CordLife


We are very satisfied with the services provided by CordLife; they have lived up to their reputation for professionalism. On the day of Abbey’s birth, CordLife was ready on standby at the hospital while the doctor collected the cord blood. Artika Sari Devi

Actress, model and ambassador for Kemang Medical Care Indonesia

also share

the motivations for

their choice.

Saving our first-born’s cord blood stem cells was a no-brainer. As new parents, my husband and I want to be able to provide the best options we can for Noah; we’d also like to try and start preparing for his future. Cord blood banking does both for us. We don’t know if or when we’ll be needing the cord blood stem cells, but it gives us a sense of security that, should we ever need it, the best solutions are available to us. We chose CordLife for two reasons – their service quality and the fact that they have a facility in Manila. It just made a lot more sense and we’re so happy we did it! Gillian Akiko Thomson-Guevara

Three-time Olympian, SEA Games gold medalist and entrepreneur Philippines

Cordlife Celebrates!


our people

Asia Pacific's Leading Stem Cell Banking Group


CordLife is proud to have attracted the right type of people who have made a big difference with the extra effort to see us through our formative years.

Cordlife Celebrates!

Growing with the company

CordLife salutes all its employees who have worked hard to help develop the company in its first 10 years. Here, some of the longest serving among them take stock of how they, too, have grown with CordLife since.


I was part of a group of employees who invested in CordLife, a venture which we believed was not only exciting but worthwhile. I started out part-time, travelling a lot doing market exploration work in the early days. There were so many things going on with lots of challenges but so few pairs of hands. A fulltime job with CordLife was a natural progression. That path has always been about responding to specific needs at different stages of the company’s development and to ‘just do whatever it takes’. What stands out for me during CordLife’s first decade is the experience of saving the lives of our clients’ children; that brings it all together in everything we do, both as an employee and as a company. For that, I am grateful to have been a part of a great mission. In the new decade, with the stepping up of a new generation, tougher, stronger and more honed, the company is well prepared to achieve new milestones. As always, I continue to ‘just do whatever it takes‘.

Susan Kheng • Group General Manager, CordLife Limited

since Feb 07

• Chief Operating Officer Aug 05 - Jan 07 • Director of Operations Oct 04 - Jul 05 • Vice President, Business Development Jul 03 - Oct 04 • Operations Manager Jul 02 - Jun 03

Cordlife Celebrates!


My career progression has been both horizontal and vertical. I have taken on responsibilities ranging from local operations, regional business development and operations, and now general management of the Singapore operations. I made an industry switch when I joined CordLife, after having worked for 5 years in the sports television and advertising industry. In tandem with the company's growth, I have been fortunate to be offered opportunities as they arose and thereby contribute to its growth. What I appreciate most about working with CordLife is the flexibility I enjoy in balancing work and personal life, the opportunities for growth and development, the talent recognition and most importantly, the cause: that is, taking something that people would ordinarily throw away and use it in the event of need to save lives.

Gwendolene Yeo • General Manager, Singapore since Jul 08 • Group Business Development Manager Jun 07 - Jun 08 • Regional Operations and Sales Manager Jan 06 - May 07 • Operations and Sales Manager, Singapore Mar 04 - Dec 05 • Client Relations Executive Feb 02 - Feb 04

There have been four memorable experiences for me thus far. In 2003, one of our first few clients lost their long-awaited son within 36 hours of his birth. His cord blood was collected but his lungs had been ill-formed which led to complications. Two years later, the couple successfully banked the cord blood for their twins. I had built a relationship with the family, just as I had the privilege of doing so subsequently in 2009 – 2010 with another three set of parents. Two of the children had cerebral palsy while the third suffered from neuroblastoma. Each had their cord blood successfully released for their use. It really drove home the meaning of what we do. It has been one fun ride, and it will probably get even more challenging as we grow bigger and stronger at the next level.

Asia Pacific's Leading Stem Cell Banking Group


Jonathan Liau • Director, Corporate Development,

CordLife Limited since Jul 09

• Business & Technology Development Executive Nov 04 - Jun 09

I have definitely grown with the company. It’s been a land of opportunity for me. We have the right leaders who are willing to take a shot at trailblazing, and a very flat management structure. The company is made up of fairly young people who are given responsibility fairly early. Everyone’s opinion counts; there’s a strong sense of ownership. The people here are passionate about their work. It is meaningful to be playing a big part in our clients’ lives, especially those who are sick. The interest of our clients always comes first. At the same time, the point of view of other important stakeholders is not lost sight of, be they the regulatory authorities or the employees. The company is operating in a complex market and has grown very fast. We have done it by sticking together and drawing from all resources even when we are in pretty hairy situations. Once, we had to turn around an overseas entity. There were lots of price competition and we had to stop the bleeding from the cash burnout. We decided to sell off the business.

Everyone pitched in to the end and delivered what had to be done. We managed to keep all the staff. We have been getting things done based on relationship management. There’s a personal touch to everything. Everyone is known by name. This will change as the company gets bigger. But I hope our sense of purpose remains – that we know whatever we do or don’t do makes a difference. It is very important that everyone continues to come to work with a larger purpose than just to make a living if the company is to have a brighter future.

Cordlife Celebrates!


My work at CordLife has been an enriching experience. I have worked independently as well as with the support of a team. I have taken on multi-functional roles which offered me valuable opportunities to learn more about the business, and paved the way for me to advance in my career. One of our most important core values is continuous improvement. The company has no hesitation in supporting the staff for their development, academically or by on the job training. I have attended seminars, workshops and courses on management, sales, marketing, human relations, etc. to keep in step with CordLife’s development. One highlight for me of CordLife’s first decade is setting up the state-of-the-art facility at Hong Kong Science Park in 2009. Another is the first autologus transplant that was done in January 2011 for a 2-year old boy with neuroblastoma. We are all inspired by his progress after the infusion of his own cord blood stem cells. My joy cannot be put in words.

Emily Cheung • General Manager, Hong Kong since May 07 • Assistant General Manager Aug 05 - Apr 07 • Operations Manager Jun - Aug 05 • Office Manager Jan - Jun 05 • Consultant Sep - Dec 04

Asia Pacific's Leading Stem Cell Banking Group

CordLife is highly professional and reliable in delivering the highest quality service to our clients. We aim to build maximum shareholder value by engaging all employees to enable the Company to achieve its fullest market and medical potential. I am confident that CordLife shall become even more successful in the future owing to its quality of staff.


Dr Belinda Wang • Assistant Medical Director & Business

Development Manager, Hong Kong since Sep 07

• Laboratory Director Feb - Aug 07 • Medical Director, Cell Sciences Pte Ltd Nov 05 - Jan 07 (a subsidiary company that was spun off from CordLife)

As a mother of two young girls, I identify with parents who suffer with their sick children. I remember our first release of autologous cord blood for celebral palsy. I was very touched by the patient’s mother who told us of her personal pain at the hopelessness of her daughter’s condition until she received her cord blood infusion.

Working on developing the Hong Kong and China markets has provided me with plenty of opportunities to expand my knowledge base.

I appreciate our company’s family-oriented culture. We will strive for excellence together with our clients to benefit everyone.

I have also strengthened my problem-solving abilities and management skills. I have benefitted from CordLife’s growth. The CordLife Academy was established last year to provide technical and business education for employees to improve our competence not only within the company but also in society. I am looking forward to doing courses in finance and business.

Cordlife Celebrates!


Simon Hoo • Country Manager, India since Jan 09 • Senior Corporate Finance Manager & Regional Business Development Manager Jun 07 - Dec 08 • Regional Business Development Manager Jun 05 - May 06 • Corporate Finance Executive Jun 04 - May 05

When I first joined CordLife, there was only the Singapore operations with 50-60 clients a month, even then it was a big achievement. We are a good team; we all contribute. Every individual plays a key role, each in a different way. We are able to do that because of the independence we have in the way senior management delegates decision-making to the junior staff. We are not hampered by micromanagement. Yet there is accountability and there are mechanisms to monitor performance such as monthly and quarterly reviews for transparency. I like it that I am not limited by opportunity based on specialisation. I have done public relations and media work, marketing and operations. What I value most about my work is that every day I am seeing more clients who see that we are better at what we do, we provide better service, we offer more potential for the future. Whenever we process a cord blood unit, we have more opportunity to save lives. Our Asia Pacific's Leading Stem Cell Banking Group

mission to save lives is fundamental to CordLife’s existence though it may be translated in other ways. In the next decade, I would like to see us as the leading stem cells bank that families trust. The leading is more than financial; it is about the quality of our people, developing them in functional areas. This philosophy of people development has kept me alive in the company these past 7 years. I am pursuing my MBA which is funded by the company. There is no bond, but happy people are willing to bond themselves. This opportunity to upgrade, including periodic structured courses, isn’t available to just a few but to all staff who aren’t in management positions yet.

Making a difference

Doing the right thing and going the extra mile for the client is a CordLife core commitment. Four employees show how they walk the talk.


Going the

Extra Mile “I believe in the potential of stem cells and what it can do so I am merely acting on my belief.” As the event co-ordinator, Benjamin has to plan, coordinate and ensure a smooth workflow at all the marketing expositions CordLife participates in. Still, he takes on the additional responsibility of counselling the parents he meets. “Like some of my colleagues, I am also trained professionally to counsel parents so I always try to help out as much as possible,“ he says, while admitting to being “helpful by nature”. “This is the best time to educate the public on the importance of storing their babies’ cord blood and what stem cells can do for their family’s health.” So successful was Benjamin that he got more than 20 parents to sign up at the June event this year, making him the Best Performer for non-sales staff. “I believe in the potential of stem cells and what it can do so I am merely acting on my belief.” So strong is that belief that he will be banking his firstborn son’s cord blood when he arrives in September. Asia Pacific's Leading Stem Cell Banking Group

Benjamin Neo • Senior Marketing Executive, Singapore since Mar 11 • Business Development Executive Oct 09 - Feb 11 • Marketing Executive Jan 09 - Sep 09


“Making a positive difference every step of the way.”

Chong Ruiling • Head, Customer Relationship Management,

Singapore since Jul 09

• Assistant Sales Manager Jul 08 - Jun 09 • Strategic Management Executive Feb 07 - Jun 08 • Customer Relations Executive Oct 05 - Jan 07

“Making a positive difference every step of the way” is what Ruiling lives by. In 2008, she championed a grocery run for a CordLife Cares beneficiary when she learned of the family’s struggle with a child suffering from acute myeobalstic leukaemia (AML). CordLife Cares is the company’s community service programme dedicated to helping financially challenged families who need cord blood banking. The pregnant beneficiary wanted to bank the baby’s cord blood in the hope that it could be used to treat her older daughter who had AML. The husband who was the breadwinner found his mechanic’s pay failing to keep up with the medical bills. Annie, the 7-year old girl, needed regular treatment at KK Women's and Children's Hospital. They couldn’t take public transport because of Annie’s weakened immunity so the hospital sponsored their taxi fares.

“When they were referred to us, I thought Annie probably needs proper nutrition. Everyone in the company responded graciously to an email that was sent out by contributing Milo, rice, oats, beverages etc, amounting to a few hundred dollars” Ruiling says. She delivered the groceries together with Janice, her fellow sales assistant manager then. Ruiling remains in touch with Annie who invited her to her 9th birthday celebration last year. Ruiling is committed to making a positive difference not only to CordLife clients but also to her company’s standing as an industry leader. She appreciates her colleagues whom she considers more as friends because of their common values and shared belief that their work in contributing towards stem cell transplants does help to save lives. “One transplant patient’s father called me to thank the team and what he said will always be etched in my memory: ‘By using her cord blood stored at birth, my daughter is reborn. She starts her life at Day one again.’ “We work seamlessly and with meticulous attention to every detail such that the quality of the end product - the stem cells - is uncompromised,” she says. She is grateful to CordLife for sponsoring her MBA from Nottingham University. “It has exposed me to a structured learning of business and management disciplines which are critical to making informed decisions. I have also gained a wealth of experience from interacting with different clients, which is both colourful and humbling.” Cordlife Celebrates!



right Alana Tan • Senior Customer Care Consultant,

Singapore since Sep 10

• Customer Service Executive May 08 - Aug 10

Her colleague was on leave in May 2010 when a Thai client emailed to check that his transfer of funds had arrived at its intended destination. The Thai office had ceased operations, and he had banked his child’s cord blood in Singapore. He had wanted to make sure that the funds had been received as non-transference was common in Thailand. Alana took pains to assure the client that his funds would be accounted for. “I put myself in his shoes and could appreciate his anxiety since Singapore is quite a distance from Thailand. I felt emailing took too much time so I called him to build rapport, clarify his needs and help him feel that he is being cared for,” she said. She took the initiative to update the client on every new development from liaising with CordLife’s accountant in Bangkok who could not respond to the Thai client in time. She also tapped on two of her colleagues who were going to Bangkok to help her expedite the matter. Asia Pacific's Leading Stem Cell Banking Group

"I clarified his needs and helped him feel that he is being cared for.” It was resolved within a few weeks involving six phone calls followed by emails for the record. The client was so impressed by Alana’s availability that he sent her a complimentary email: “Thank you for the information and for always keeping me up to date with everything. We are very glad of having chosen your company that has such an excellent service.” “He was very appreciative of what I have done for him. It was a good learning process. We do need to look into helping our Thai clients more.”



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Ong Han Sheng • Laboratory Biotechnologist, Singapore since Aug 09

A year-old baby girl who was suffering from neuroblastoma - an aggressive cancer of the nervous system - needed her cord blood transplant. The day of the transplant was Han Sheng’s day off work. He decided to return to work to ensure that the patient’s cord blood was properly transferred from the cryogenic tank into the cryoshipper, the container used to store the cord blood in liquid nitrogen to freeze the blood and transport it to the hospital. Then he personally delivered the cryoshipper to the hospital. A week earlier, he had been preparing the cryoshipper for 5 days by validating that its temperature does not fall below -150 deg Centigrade. The temperature is recorded by an automated temperature logger at 10minute intervals. He spent another two days soaking the cryoshipper in liquid nitrogen. This is my first transplant case. It is my responsibility to see that everything is in order, including checking the patient’s name and being around to help the doctor, if necessary. I have just learnt about equipment management over the previous few months, and this was my contribution towards extending the baby’s life. “I would do it again if the opportunity arises. I am happy to help the patient. I am proud of working with CordLife.”

“I would do it again if the opportunity arises. I am happy to help the patient. I am proud of working with CordLife.” Cordlife Celebrates!


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CordLife Academy CordLife believes in growing its people, and in contributing to the larger community in which it operates. To this end, it has set up a corporate learning division called CordLife Academy. The first such initiative in Asia and co-funded by SPRING Singapore, the $1million investment will benefit not only employees in the CordLife group of companies but also other professionals working in the stem cell banking and life sciences industry. CordLife Academy is working with top academic institutions - such as INSEAD, Nanyang Business School and HAAS Berkeley Business School - to develop curriculum in technology know how, commercialisation, business management processes and laboratory operations for the industry. Training modules will include customised courses drawn from CordLife’s best practices and case studies as well as talent development and management courses based on a three-year research study of the world’s best performing technology based companies. It is also collaborating with Singapore government agencies to source for training providers and to endorse a professionally recognised certification.

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Since having the right people with the right behavior and capability is the life blood of any successful company, the launch of CordLife Academy clearly demonstrates CordLife’s commitment to developing talent for the stem cell banking and life sciences industry. CordLife Academy is a highly relevant and adaptive mechanism which, besides helping CordLife employees grow professionally, will strengthen its branding as the leading cord blood banking group in Asia. The group is geared towards building in-house capabilities particularly in future applications of stem cells and cellular therapy. Currently, senior management staff are helping to conduct courses in all aspects of the cord blood banking business for the rest of the CordLife staff.

CordLife Cares Another arm of CordLife’s corporate social responsibility is its community service programme for needy families - CordLife Cares, another first of its kind in Asia. CordLife Cares offers free cord blood banking services to families who need the service but are financially not in a position to pay for it. In the event that cord blood is needed, getting a matching cord blood from a public source can cost as much as US$25,000. Even then the search may yield nothing. Studies have shown that related stem cell transplants provide double the survival rate of other stem cell transplants, with far lower rates of rejection, and cutting down the need to depend on drugs for a lifetime. CordLife Cares will provide the collection kit for the cord blood, process and store it until it is needed at no cost to the family. For more information, please contact the respective country’s local office.

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our asia pacific presence We are proud to be operating right where the families who depend on us to safeguard their cord blood stem cells are – here in the Asia Pacific. Here are snapshots of our Asia Pacific operations.

CordLife Group Limited SINGAPORE Singapore’s first cord blood bank is in The Galen at Singapore Science Park II. This is also the CordLife Group’s corporate headquarters. Its 7,500 square feet facility houses a storage capacity of 60,000 cord blood units and the world’s most recognised Sepax® automated cord blood processing technology, making it a hub for the processing and storage of cord blood units from Singapore and the region.

CordLife’s status as the first and only AABB accredited private cord blood bank in Southeast Asia has remained unchallenged since 2005. HONG KONG CordLife Hong Kong, founded in 2005, is one of the Group’s fastest growing entities. It comprises two 2 branch offices: one in Kowloon, opposite a private hospital with the country’s highest number of deliveries; the other in Macau. CordLife Hong Kong’s flagship Sepax® automated facility is sited at the Hong Kong Science Park.

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our asia pacific presence China CordLife owns 10% equity interest in China Stem Cells (South) where CordLife Limited CEO Dr Steven Fang is a board member. CSC South is in Guangdong province, which annually registers about 1 million new births and has more than 90 major hospitals. In turn, CSC South owns a 100 per cent equity interest in one of the largest cord blood banks in Asia, Municipality Tianhe Nuoya Bioengineering Co. Ltd. Since 2006, Nuoya has been the only licensed cord blood banking operator in Guangdong province, among the most prosperous and populous provinces in the country.

CordLife Limited INDONESIA We have been the only DEPKES licensed private cord blood banking facility in Indonesia since 2007. Our processing and storage facility in Jakarta can store up to 30,000 cord blood units. We remain the market leader and preferred cord blood bank in the country with sales offices being established in Surabaya and Medan. INDIA CordLife India, in Kolkata, is the first international stem cell banking company in the country. It is licensed by the Drugs Controller General of India, the equivalent of the US FDA. Its state-of-the-art laboratory is ISO 9001:2008 certified, with full processing, testing and cryopreservation capabilities of 150,000 cord blood units. PHILIPPINES CordLife Philippines remains the only cord blood processing and storage facility in the country since it started operations in 2009.

We will continue to enlarge and extend our foothold in the dynamic Asia Pacific region with its growing potential for even greater medical advancements. It is here where young families are increasingly optimizing their one chance to preserve their babies’ treasured cord blood and exercising their preferred choice for the brand leader of cord blood banks in the Asia Pacific, CordLife.

Asia Pacific's Leading Stem Cell Banking Group

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