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KENNETH ANTHONY G. EDNALINO For Vice President of Academics Committee, AY 2012-2013 Candidate Information a) Number of Semesters as Member of IE Club: 4 (1st Sem, AY 2010-2011 to present) b) Current Committee: Academics Committee c) Positions Held in IE Club 1. Project Manager, UP College Admissions and Mastery Program - UPCAMP (June to October 2010) 2. Director for Operations, Academics Committee (June 2011 to present) 3. Project Manager, Project Sensei (November 2010 to March 2011) 4. Nman, Engineering Week 2011 (November 2011 to December 2011) 5. Org Relations Co-Head, Ibang Klase 2011 (September 2011 to November 2011) 6. Publicity Co-Head, LuntiRUN (October 2010 to March 2011) 7.

Member, Awitan Team (October 2010 to present)


GENERAL PLAN OF ACTION for AY 2012-2013 Academics Committee (noun) 1. More commonly known as “AcadComm” 2. It is the main academic arm of the UP Industrial Engineering Club. A committee that cares for the growth and development of its student members in their academic welfare 3. A reliable source for academic information and assistance for IE Club 4. A team of passionate Clubbers, led by its Vice-President, Directors, and Project Managers, who are beaming with ideas to innovate ways to reignite the passion for learning in IE Club

The Real Deal The Academics Committee (AcadComm) has found opportunities to utilize its members to serve the organization and the community through its projects The motto “Passion for Learning” has described the mission of the Academics Committee: to strengthen the passion of Clubbers to learn in their academics, to direct their passion for learning in service to their fellow Clubbers and Filipinos in need. As industrial engineers, continuous improvement is essential not only in our academic field, but also in our organization, and in the Academics Committee. Due to various factors, there is a need to address the problems that has surfaced and has been lingering in the committee over the years: 1. The implementation of the year-long staple projects of the committee. These are the projects that provide essential academic aid to Clubbers and have been present for a few years now. Yet these projects may have lacked the passion that Clubbers should give to them, and the relevance each project give to the Clubber’s academic welfare. Some reasons may be due to inconsistent service, lack in participation of Clubbers, lack in publicity, lack of updated academic resource materials. 2. The involvement of committee members. There is lacking in passion from most members, in leading AcadComm towards its goals, as members and officers. This also contributes to the first main problem of lack in effective implementation of committee projects. Although AcadComm can provide so much for the organization and its members, there is a need to take advantage of today’s available resources, review the needs of the members in both academic and social aspects, and implement projects that will effectively maximize each member’s skills, giving them a sense of accomplishment, growth, and belongingness as members of AcadComm and IE Club.

ACADCOMM IS THE VENUE FOR MEMBERS AS INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS TO LEARN, DEVELOP, AND SERVE THE ORGANIZATION AND THE NATION Vision: A LEARNING EXPERIENCE AcadComm as a place of reliable source of academic information for IE Club and engineering students AcadComm as a place for passionate members to find holistic development through learning and serving.

AcadComm as a place for passionate members wherein each and every activity the committee does gives valuable learning experiences for members. AcadComm as a place for passionate members to get an opportunity to step-up and lead a project that will yield a positive difference to the organization, the college, and in nation-building.

Mission: DEVELOP OUR STRENGTHS AcadComm is to serve Clubbers and engineering students in their academic welfare through effective projects, to provide opportunities for holistic development of its members through effective project management and committee support, to contribute to nation-building through educationalrelated projects.

Goals: REIGNITE THE PASSION FOR LEARNING Reignite the Passion for Learning by: 1. Becoming a reliable academic information hub for IE Club members through effective tutorials, updated academic files, and other projects. 2. Reenergizing the system in AcadComm to provide clearer knowledge of roles, better coordination with officers and Clubbers, and more “hands-on” involvement from its officers, committee members, and IE Club. 3. Focusing on project development to become more, effective, relevant and up-to-date for the academic needs of Clubbers. 4. Implementing and monitoring all projects consistently by setting measurable standards and guidelines. 5. Building good relationships among AcadComm members and Clubbers.

Thrusts: ACADCOMM C.A.R.E.S C - consistency of service A - academic excellence R - relevance in learning E - energize each member’s passion S – systems for effective projects

SPECIFIC PLAN OF ACTION for AY 2012-2013 I. Structure Director for Records

Database and Records

Online AcadFiles

Director for Tutorials

PM for Yearlevel Tutorials

PM for LabRats

PM for UPCAMP VP for Academics Committee

Director for AdHoc Projects

PM for LeadCamp PM for AcadComm Day PM for Project ViRUS

PM for IECLib

Director for Operational Projects

PM for AdvisorIEs

PM for CalcuSale


II. Committee Officers 1. Vice-President of the Academics Committee 2. Director for Tutorials 3. Director on Records 4. Director for AdHoc Projects 5. Director for Operational Projects 6. Project Managers (PM)

III. Projects AcadComm projects are grouped based on their nature and duration throughout the academic year for better monitoring, better managing, and better involvement of AcadComm members. There are three main groups of projects each headed by a director. Each director will oversee the projects under their respective groups, and monitor their operations. The directors will guide each Project Manager for each project in planning and implementing the projects. More importantly, the directors are tasked to help in the coordination of each member assigned in the group. Each group should work as a team, where each member can extend their help in other projects in the group due to the similarity of the nature and task of their projects.

A. Tutorials Group Addresses the academic assistance of Clubbers by forming a team to coordinate and help in providing notes, samplex, and other helpful tips in getting the UNO in exams. This group will also promote members how awesome IE is in our lives, not just for careers or acads. 1. BatchTutorial Activities Each batch, from 1st to 4th year, will have a PM who will arrange tutorial sessions with their respective batches for a subject they need tutoring in. The PM will be in charge of coordinating with Clubbers for possible tutors in the subject. Aside from tutorials with Clubber tutors, the PM will also schedule group study by making an Acad Calendar of all exams and project requirements, post motivational pubmats for studying, provide review materials, and evaluate the effectiveness of the group reviews through participation, and exam results. 2. LabRats A crash-course of a major subject of the upcoming semester. This is done before the start of the semester for a batch about to take a subject regarded as difficult. This is to prepare Clubbers for the rigorous lessons and requirements they will most likely encounter in the subject.

B. AdHoc Projects Group AdHoc Projects are projects whose operations will last for at most only two months. The projects in this group are also called Idea Projects, because they have sprung from ideas addressing a

need or opportunity for innovation. These are relatively new projects under development, and special monitoring must be taken place. This group gives members opportunities to share and even lead new ideas for projects, and the director of this group will be in charge of coordinating with the committee to discuss and plan those new ideas. 1. UPCAMP On its 11th year, UPCAMP will extend its reach to more underprivileged public high school students. With last year’s first ever partnership with another UP organization, it proved helpful for the project and Clubbers, and it will continue to partner with more possible organizations as it expands for more students. It will improve its review curriculum and guide the tutors more to influence the UPCAMP participants more effectively, and eventually, increasing the number of UPCAMP participants passing the UPCAT. 2. LeadCamp for Public High School Student Leaders A new project that can be developed as the planning stage begin. The idea began by asking the question, “How can Industrial Engineering help solve problems in the country?” Scanning the various possibilities for an answer, it led to going back to the basics of our smallest communities. And this led me to the public high school students from UPCAMP. Why not develop the young potential leaders from public education and give them an opportunity to build a nation? And develop them using the IE knowledge we are thought in UP? This project is a seminar and workshop which will teach high school student leaders IE tools in problem solving to help them become effective leaders and managers. This will also present an opportunity for them to apply those tools to solve problems in their schools. 3. AcadComm Day A new project to promote camaraderie and good relationships among committee members. This addresses the problem of lack in involvement and communication among members, and is essential to enable working as a team towards a common goal. The PM for AcadComm Day is in charge of setting bonding activities at scheduled times, such as during general assemblies, online chats, or at any random available hours. The PM will also set a day for bonding and teambuilding activities for committee members. 4. Project ViRUS Virtual Reference for University Students, or ViRUS began its inception last semester, and will continue to finish this coming year. This project aims to provide tutorial aid and classroom supplements to selected topics from subjects taken by engineering students through the use of video and internet. Similar to an online lecture, a professor from the subject will give short supplement ideas and exercises, and explain to viewers. Improvements would have to be done, but with handling our resources well, this will become an effective academic tool for all students, not just Clubbers.

C. Operational Projects Group These projects are the year-long activities that have helped AcadComm do its mission for a few years now. These are also subject to improvements specifically on revamping them to become more effective and relevant to Clubbers. Members under this group must work hand-in-hand along with their respective Project Managers to implement these projects to the Clubbers. These projects can be flexible, in a sense that they can blend with other projects as supplements, to help spread a culture of love for

learning. The most important goal of this group: CONSISTENCY all throughout the year. These are not just projects, but a way of life encouraged by AcadComm for Clubbers. 1. IEClib An IE Club library which provides Clubbers with books they need in their subjects. It has had a good system of tracking down borrowers and organizing a database of available books. However, more has to be done to be more effective in giving each Clubber a copy of a book since there’s always a lack in supply. An idea for this is to photocopy original copies of the book in order to have more copies. 2. CalcuSale Having become the main fundraising project of AcadComm, it should continue its good publicity and system of procuring enough calculator supplies. It has raised more than Php 15,000 this year. Next year, it will try to raise more by better publicity, having a larger market, and getting updated models of sci-cals. 3. AdvisorIEs Although it only appears during the registration period, the AdvisorIEs should be continuously providing Clubbers with consultations about their track in IE. This can be done during batch tutorial sessions, where it can be a venue for consultations about IE and its curriculum. This will help avoid any Clubber from getting delayed and keep their interest alive with IE. 4. AcadCalendar A visually-appealing calendar with all the important schedules of exams, project deadlines from all subjects covered by Clubbers in a semester, jotted down in the appropriate dates. This will coordinate with the Tutorials Group. This will be posted in the IEC FB groups and in batch FB groups, and constant posts will alarm members about the nearest deadlines of requirements. This will hopefully be a good reminder for members and encourage them to use their time wisely in their academic requirements.

IV. Timeline PROJECTS UPCAMP Project ViRUS LabRats CalcuSale IEClib Batch Tutorials AdvisorIEs LeadCamp AcadComm Day

Summer AprMay12 12


1st Semester JulAugSep12 12 12



2nd Semester DecJanFeb12 13 13


Kenneth AcadComm VP GPOA  

Here is Kenneth Ednalino's general plan of action as Vice President of AcadComm.