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The Caduceus The Official Student Publication of FEU-Dr. Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation, Institute of Medicine Vol. 13 MMIX





Being Here is Everything


17 Med Freshmen Students on L.O.A.


Thermal Scanning


Cory Aquino - Condolences from FEU-NRMF


August 2009 Physician Licensure Examination


Push— Defting Limits, Breaking Boundaries



A Symbol of Change


School Organizations


Medicine Week 2009


Terra: Eco Park Challenge Ignis: Passion of Fire

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Battle of the Bands


Aqua: Mr. and Ms. Medicine


ABOUT THE COVER: The Anatomy Lecture of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp | 1632 | oil on canvas by Rembrandt Rembrandt portrayed the surgeons attending an anatomy lesson. Anatomy demonstrations in the 17th Century were a social event: they were held in so-called anatomical theaters for a paying audiences, consisting typically of guild colleagues, students and dignitaries.



Caduceus 18


Samplex-Based Learning?


Predicament on Booming Population of Freshmen Enrollees SY 2009-2010


Thai HIV Vaccine: Transient Effects, Greater Protection for Those at Low Risk



Loud & Bold in Green & Gold, Everything is Experienced


2009 Basketball League


2009 Volleyball Competition


Swimming Competition


Table Tennis for Medicine Sportfest 2009



To Be or Not to be


The Last Resort


Of Mountains and Broken Sunsets




The Caduceus The Official Student Publication of FEU-NRMF Institute of Medicine EDITOR IN CHIEF Grethel S. Navarro ASSOCIATE EDITORS Francesca Mae A. Talal Russel R. Semeniano MANAGING EDITOR Mark Timothy J. Libunao NEWS EDITOR Christoper D. Olitoquit OPINION EDITORS Jayson Q. Wee Jay Vincent J. Punzalan SPORTS EDITOR Sonny C. Sendon LITERARY EDITOR Katrina Tugado LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE EDITORS Cherry Liberty V. Reyes Madeline Camille U. Agustin LAYOUT ARTISTS Kenneth D. Espino Manuel Khelvin G. Torres STAFF Xyryll D. Hecali Jan Benarv C. Cabornay CARTOONISTS/ILLUSTRATORS Devoe S. Araujo Mark Aaron A. Sy Matthew Justin Bernard Z. Fernandez PHOTOGRAPHERS Carlou Pano Marco Paulo Velante Marimelle A. Bueno Sara L. Esteban Other members of Photoguild CONTRIBUTORS: Maria Luisa Therese B. Ayento Adolovenee Faith R. Balisan Othaniel Philip R. Balisan Mrs. Rhodora M. Corpuz-Sta.Ana Ramuel S. Malapitan Vince-Lou R. Mendoza Jeffrey P. Mora Hazel N. Raz



o doubt, everyone is so eager to see the current issue of Caduceus, the official student publication of FEU-NRMF Institute of Medicine. Well, we always make sure that every issue is exciting and fascinating to the readers; though it’s not an easy job to publish one. This issue deliberates on the empowerment and promotion of different nonacademic organizations that seek to create a holistic personality for Medicine students. Besides, their real aim goes along with the saying, “all work, no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Meanwhile, the lifestyle magazine tries to divert you from the toxic life of being a Med student into something amusing by incorporating fashion tips and some articles relating to self-help topics and relationship issues. The lifestyle magazine, God willing, will be published every semester as we try to generate fresh and exhilarating articles. At this time, there are few writers and staff in the lot but with the succor of heaven, we have succeeded in publishing the newsletter and for the first time, a Lifestyle magazine that features a peculiar facet of a Medicine student of FEU-NRMF. With the desire to employ more writers and staffs, Caduceus is still open for membership in order to carry on this eminent venture which aims to advocate every Medicine student the right to express one self With the new-sprung and fresh faces of Caduceus’ staff and writers, we decided to have a glamorous pictorial with enthralling outfits. We projected alluring poses to strut like brash and cocky models. I would never forget such experience. With my stilettos, I walked from Ecopark’s administrative hall to the middle of the woods, the site where the shutterbug opted to shoot. Sweat and ennui went through as we were heading along the distant trail. Finally arriving at the site, we were asked to pose a certain image but I was projecting rage and frustration as my real disposition. Patience is really a virtue; that was the lesson I learned in this endeavor. Just like in Medicine, we went through the long trail of studying—studying for long years and for long hours. We just need patience and determination in order to reach our destination of being a licensed Physician. Amidst the adversities we experienced along the way, we become resilient and proficient physicians at the end of the journey. And true enough, we are worthy of the respect as a doctor which we humbly offer for the greater glory of God. Our profession is a calling from God in which, we completely surrender ourselves to His will. Goze leitura!

Grethel S. Navarro Grethel S. Navarro

Alvin B. Vibar, MD, RN, DPSA ADVISER


bigger. bolder. better.


Here June 15, 2009, 9:00 am at the Ricardo Alfonso Hall— an overwhelming number (about 395) of first year enrollees of Medicine attended the orientation. A fleeting rise in the number of enrollees of this year can be attributed to the improving performance of our FEU-NRMF in previous licensure examinations which attests the excellence of the Institution.

Dean Remedios Habacon, MD talks about Medicine in FEU and the its intricacies during the opening remarks

With the theme “Being here is everything”, the administration in coordination with the Medicine Student Council paved the way for the occurrence of the successful event.

Sophomore volunteers together w/ MSC President and faculty of HSB (Drs. Mendoza, Vibar and Alcantara), cheerfully welcomed the freshies at the registration area.



P H O T O : S. L . E S T E B A N

The commencement ceremony began with the usual prayer and national anthem which was followed by the opening remarks of our dean, Dr. Remedios Habacon. Accordingly, Dr. Policarpio Joves, the Assistant dean of the Institute of Medicine, introduced the Board of Trustees as well as the officers of the administration. After which, a brief background about FEU-NRMF Institute of Medicine was presented together with the academic policies and awards or special grants to deserving Medicine students which prompted the freshmen to get serious with their studies in Medicine. Subsequently, the Head of Student Affairs, Dr. Sonny Habacon, presented the rules and regulations that Medicine students must sternly adhere to. Moreover, Dr. Liberato Dela Rosa, the Chairman of Student Personnel Services, introduced the various school personnels who manage certain offices like the library, the Guidance and Counseling Office, and the registrar as well as the other school facilities and services. Various Medicine departments along with the chairmen were also introduced.

The afternoon session started with the group dynamics wherein freshies got acquainted with their classmates. This activity was intended to overcome the freshmen’s inhibitions toward their new colleagues as well as to develop solidarity amongst them. Introduction and promotion of various non-academic organizations took the second half of the afternoon session. Zest and enthusiasm were seen on the faces of freshmen Medicine students as they witnessed the audio-visual presentations and live performances from these organizations. The signing up activity culminated the program as the freshmen Medicine students rushed to the booths of their prospective non-academic organizations.

Animating how group dynamics works!


17 Med Freshmen Students on L.O.A. by Russel Semeniano

Seventeen (17) Medicine freshmen students had officially stated their authorized withdrawal from FEU-NRMF Institute of Medicine. This situation has not been new to the office of the administration according to Mrs. Flor Galeno. The withdrawal of the freshmen students started even before the start of the class and the number continued to rise up until the first prelims examination. There were several reasons why these students had withdrawn from the studying medicine. First was due to financial reasons. The tuition fee of freshmen students had reached to 80 thousand plus, excluding the books and miscellaneous fees and this alone could be a factor why freshmen would stop from studying. Further reason was proximity of the school and the travel time from their house. Also, some students had accepted in other Medical Schools were they first applied. Some were bound to attend a job abroad or family business or even explore other career opportunities. But one common cause was due to health reasons. Many freshmen students experienced stress and migraine from studying Medicine. Some could not cope up with the demands and deprivation of sleep. One student even reported that she could not bear continuing her study due to a series of unfortunate events including a robbery at her dorm at Lot 16 Rolex St. near PJC place. The process of reporting of leave of absence consists of submitting a letter of reason for withdrawal, filing a cancellation/dropping card which will be signed by the Dean and the Heads of each department. As for the refund of the tuition fee, it depends when the student filed the leave of absence-- if before or within the first week of classes, the total refund a student will be less than 10% of his tuition fee, less than 20% in the second week and for the third week and the whole month of June, the amount of the refund will depend to the Dean. Sacrifice and hard work are needed in Medicine. You must be physically, mentally, and spiritually prepared when you enter the world of Medicine. These are all needed to hone us to become the best doctor that we can be. UPDATE: As of January 2010, the total students who are in L.O.A is 20.

SCANNING by: Jan Benarv Cabornay At this point, further spread of the pandemic within affected countries and to further areas, is considered inevitable. The 2009 influenza pandemic has spread internationally with unprecedented speed. In the past pandemics, other influenza viruses would need more than six months to spread but not as widely as the new H1N1 virus which spread in less than six weeks. The increasing number of cases in many countries with sustained community transmission makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to control the spread of infection. Recording of new cases was no longer done by DOH as the risk posed by the pandemic virus had been controlled and guidelines were implemented to guide the public with the most appropriate response measures. With the help of the media, the public started to become more aware and threatened of the said disease even if it is not lethal when dealt with appropriate interventions, though highly contagious.

“Hay, 48 years... late na kami.�

Our Institution, FEU-NRMF had made precautionary measures to detect and control the spread of the said virus especially in the first week of classes. In which all students, faculty and other school personnel were obligated to have their temperature checked via the percutaneous thermal scanner. During the first week of classes, almost every student experienced being late for waiting in line to be checked by two guards. Any individual who has temperature higher that 37 deg C is being held and further assessed.

Some students complimented on the measures carried out by our Institution, some even said it was noble even. But two scanners for a single entrance were not sufficient. Furthermore, once an individual... (Thermal > P. 7)



NEWS BULLETIN (Thermal P. 6) ...leaves the building, there’s no stamp or any indication that one is already clear for the day; meaning, anyone who goes out, must fall in line again and undergo the same procedure. Some students argued that they should have at least been informed of what theguards were checking; some students were shocked that a guard was just pointing a gadget at their foreheads without saying anything. Moreover, some students said that the institution seemed to have not foreseen the two thermal scanners were going to run out of batteries for the single day, in spite of the thousands of students studying in the said institution? Also, why did the thermal scanning last only for about two days and didn’t continue on? .

Cory Aquino Condolences from FEU-NRMF by: Christoper D. Olitoquit


orazon Aquino, who ousted one of the 20th century’s most corrupt dictators to become a global icon of democracy, died at 76 on Saturday, August 1, 2009 after a 16-month battle against colon cancer. Died of cardio-respiratory arrest, our Institution, FEU— NRMF, expressed bereavement by tying yellow ribbons in the entire school and hospital premises since the 3rd of August. Yellow ribbons were even sited among individual students tied on their bags and wrists. The said initiative was piloted by legitimate bodies of the institution to show visible sign of condolences and mourning. The Student Council, Employee’s Union and Faculty Club lead the act. The Philippine flag in the institution was at half-mast, taking part of the 10-day period of national mourning. On August 5, at the day of burial, our institution paid their last respect to the former president. The FEU-NRMF bus was utilized bound to the funeral and to Manila Cathedral departing from Fairview as early as 4:00 am. Dean, Dr. Remedios Habacon, and Hospital Director, Dr. Reynaldo De Vega, together with their families represented FEU-NRMF. Some faculty members and hospital staffs went over to



the burial site as ordinary citizens, joined the massive crowd paying their last respect for the late president and 1986 heroine. Former president Aquino, affectionately known as Cory, was President from 1986 to 1992. But she is best remembered, more than two decades, as the woman in yellow who led the “People Power” revolution and toppled the dictator, Ferdinand Marcos. As news of Aquino’s death spread, hundreds of people ignored the rain to visit her home and the shrine which commemorates the place where her revolution culminated, leaving flowers and candles. Many tied yellow ribbons to their cars and on trees, even on their homes and student dormitories. On the day of burial, Arroyo who went for a state visit in the United States, said in her message: “Today the Philippines lost a national treasure. She helped lead our nation to a brighter day.”


2 0 0 9

Physician Licensure Examination

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announced that 1,680 out of 2,357 passed the Physician Licensure Examination (Complete, Finals and Finals with Prelims) given by the Board of Medicine in the cities of Manila, Cebu and Davao this August 2009. Riavic Q. Fuentes The members of the Board of Medicine who gave the licensure examinations are Dr. Restituto C. De Ocampo, Chairman; Dr. Florentino C. Doble, Dr. Edgardo T. Fernando, Dr. Miguel L. Noche Jr. and Dra. Mildred N. Pareja, Members. The results were released in three (3) working days from the last day of examinations. Our very own Riavic Q. Fuentes garnered a rating of 87.42% and landed the 5th postion in the top ten examiners. FEUNRMF school of Medicine has a passing rate of 95% for the first time takers. The national passing rate of Physician Licensure (Board) Exam last August 2009 is 71.28%.


PUSH>>> Defying Limits, BREAKING Boundaries The Fourth Medical Students’ Summit

September 19, 2009 at the PMA conference hall, the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges – Student Network (APMC – SN) held its 4th Medical Student’s Summit with the theme, “PUSH: Defying Limits, BREAKING Boundaries” in partnership with the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) and UNILAB.

The summit meeting tackled topics emphasizing on wellness and promoting healthy lifestyle among medical students heading to become future doctors, who will advocate on these issues to their patients. As models of wellness, doctors should live a healthy lifestyle and a moral life in order to gain patients’ trust and confidence, eventually developing a good physicianpatient relationship. Guest of honor Dr. Rey Melchor Santos, the PMA President, gave his opening remarks embarking on the importance of youth’s capacity to learn appropriate knowledge and transform these into skills that enhance the health, well being, and quality of life of Filipino patients. Speakers during the morning session had their lectures concerning medical students on nutrition, smoking, and the Code of Ethics while the afternoon event focused on stress management, taekwondo, belly dancing, and yoga. Dr. Cynthia Cuayo-Juico, the chair for the Committee on Nutrition of PMA, shared her expertise on nutrition and healthy lifestyle for the benefit of medical students. She imparted some facts about vitamins, diet and calories as affected by food intake and its preparation. Just a fact, one pack of MYSan biscuit is already equivalent to 1 cup rice. Another fact for coffee drinkers, one should drink 3 – 4 cups daily to get its antioxidant effect and other benefits like improving our short term memory as we consume it during a late night study for the exam. One of the country’s strong voices against smoking, Dr. Maricar Limpin conveyed to the future doctors the effective tobacco control which is a role and responsibility of Filipino physicians by complying with the FCTC guidelines. She even dissuaded the election of senators Gordon and Enrile for supporting tobacco industries and for controlling anti-smoking campaigns just to gain profit from these. On becoming an ethical doctor, Dr. Oscar Tinio discussed the relevance of the Code of Ethics in relation to moral issues of our medical profession which pertains to the recent Hayden Kho sex scandal. Through this plenary session, incongruence between knowledge and health practices had been identified through a survey

done. Nutrition, sleep, smoking, alcohol and recreational drugs were the relevant issues pertaining to medical students. During the survey, 87% of the participants affirmed that they eat balanced nutrition consisting of meat, vegetables, and other food variety but 62% of them stated that they don’t eat a balanced diet. This is just an instance showing discrepancy between the knowledge of medical students on healthy lifestyle and their practices. Furthermore, stress management was impressed during the afternoon session, as an important tool in realigning personal goals and a means of defining a healthy individual. Our very own Dr. Romulo Jacinto S. De Villa, currently the dean of the Col lege of Medicine at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM), talked about practical stress management techniques on the point of view of an oncologist, a dean, and a former medical student. PUSH was the launching event for the National Medicine Week from September 19 – 26, 2009. A series of anticipated events will be happening within the week celebration and these were all because of the initiatives and hard work of Dr. Maria Christina H. Ventura, chairman of the 52nd National Medicine Week.

As models of wellness, doctors should live a healthy lifestyle and a moral life in order to gain patients’ trust and confidence

Annual Activities: APMC-SN is well-established in NCR and it holds its yearly activities which include the following: •Med’s Cool – a talk to promote Medicine as a career option to selected high schools in Metro Manila •Medical Student Summit – a venue where current issues are tackled and resolutions are made •Palarong Med – the biggest and most-awaited sports competition among Medical schools •APMC-SN National Convention – attended by representatives from different medical schools all over the country to discuss medical issues of national magnitude •Medgroove, a dance competition and Medirhythmia, a chorale competition •Medical missions and outreach programs •In the past, it has also done MedWhiz, an inter-medicine quiz bee, Medigraphia, an essay writing contest and Contagious, an inter-medicine fashion show




a Symbol of Change by Jeffrey P. Mora


n a medical school diversified by students coming from different universities, how bright is green and gold? In a community where academic survival ushers in apathy, how do we create change? Must our education be aimed solely at competence or should it be in pursuit of holistic development, dynamism and not just knowledge, networks and not just merits, clinical heart and not just clinical eyes.

The Medicine Chorale, the Powerstroke, the Athletic Organization, the Loyals Club, the On-Call Ministry, the Photography Guild, the International Student Organization, and the Caduceus, these organizations, and more to come, will prove to be instrumental in making our four-year stay at FEU-NRMF as remarkable and life-changing as possible. They will make us even stronger and united as we stand under the banner of green and gold against other colors.

Our team in the medicine student council considered these questions not as a predicament but rather as an opportunity to make a difference. As Gandhi have said, “be the change you want to see in the world”; and so we mustered the political will within us to execute our mandate as the student council and to jumpstart our mission towards a better campus life at FEU-NRMF. Our resolve was strong to help promote holistic education and to bolster school pride regardless of our college affiliations

The Medicine Student Council envisions to, through active and dynamic student leadership, with proper support from the school administration, help produce well-rounded doctors equipped with knowledge, skills, compassion, and stories to tell.



Oh yes, about the title? Starfish is actually a story about making a difference through small acts of goodwill. With this title we pose a challenge to every student - that is to pick up at least one starfish (one organization) and make it your symbol of change.. “...I made a difference to that one!”

J. Odice ©2008

We believed that one better way of hitting these goals was to decentralize student leadership from the medicine student council and cascade it down to the grass roots level through creation or revitalization of campus organizations. These organizations shall cater to the various needs and interests of the students, foster camaraderie, and serve as a laboratory for skill enhancement. With paramount importance, through these recognized groups, we provide venues for student participation, participation leading to empowerment, empowerment resulting to balanced training and school pride exuding beyond the confines of our classrooms. Hence, the revival of non academic organizations, our foremost undertaking, arguably our team’s greatest achievement.

At the end of the day, we all would want to live up to the very words of our school hymn, “our voices shall unite, to praise thy name anew, we’ll trea-sure within our hearts the FEU, we’ll treasure within our hearts the FEU”.





It is just a matter of attitude. It is the attitude when you first started to think that you can have fun even at times when you have to be strained from reading your thick medical books. It is the attitude when you enjoy a skirmish game with your soccer buddies despite the fact that you just lost 2 to 7 goals. It is attitude when you are tired this afternoon after a basketball practice and yet when you reach home you are still up and about reading your Internal Medicine book. More so, it is the attitude you have when you exit your exam room with a smile as you walk towards your locker to claim your volleyball jersey, thinking that you’ve done your best in your Physiology test, now it is time for you to enjoy. It is the attitude saying that we can do both- Medicine and Sports, we can do both at our best. It is when we realize that we can actually excel in both fields and benefit from both as well. It is when we never give up believing of the possibilities that we can do. It is with the mind-set that there is not actually an impossible thing if we put our hearts into it. This is attitude, and it is all we need to succeed. -SID SERGIO


“DANCING WITH THE FEET IS ONE THING, BUT DANCING WITH THE HEART IS ANOTHER” Dance is the most emphatic means of expressions which allows people to show love, passion, anger and even sorrow. Dance is also used as a link between body and soul, to express what is too deep to find for words. Many people shy away from dancing because they don’t know how to dance, but real dancers are the ones who can hear the music in their soul. Through the “POWER” of every “STROKE” we are called to do a common goal brought about by a common passion. We are made to share the same zeal of talent, enthusiasm, and recognition. Every groove, turn and glide we do shows our passion and love for dancing. We feel accomplished when we entertain, show glamour, and inspire people through the art of dancing. Not all people are blessed with the same talent but we believe that the love for dancing will conquer everything and will eventually bring out the dancer in you. Powerstroke is now growing to be a bigger and more active group. We are lined up with several activities like a “Friday craze” to learn different types of dances, APMC dance competitions, intermission numbers and a planned fusion concert with the Loyals Club and Chorale. We hope that through this, we continue to inspire Medicine Students to get away with stress and detoxify by just expressing themselves in moving with the rhythm and beat of their hearts.




“Music is immortality”, I quoted from one great musician. Months after the musician’s death, echoes of his songs still rings across the airwaves of Manila.

The FEU-NRMF Photography Guild or PhotoGuild as we call it was established out of the “barkadahan” concept and with a common denominator, a CAMERA. Like any other photography organizations, we meet up to take photos, do exhibits, and hang-out to share the techniques that we have learned; but, what make us different is US being future DOCTORS.


The chorale is more than just the typical chorale, more than just the norms of “hitting the right notes and singing the right lines”. It is building a character behind the songs. We are waiting for you. Yes you, the one who has the passion for music and medicine. You, who dares to explore and be creative in two extremes of art. The chorale is a place for enriching not only those who are highly exceptional but even those with budding potential. Young and raw as our chorale seems to be, we welcome you to join us as we embark on our journey towards maturity performance-wise and excellence in the talents God has blessed us with.

So take the chance. Be the music. Even after you leave the place, your music will ring throughout the hearts of those you will touch through your music. Be the music, now.

We are brought together with a goal to share our talent and hone our craft. Be it a DSLR, SLR, TLR, Digital Camera or Phone Camera, they are means to capture moments and freeze them in time. If you want to take part in people’s lives, then be a part of history and be a reason why people smile by getting that awed expression and reaction. Be the “Doctor na, Photographer pa!” Join us NOW!

“The [35mm] camera is for life and for people, the swift and intense moments of life.” - Ansel Adams

LOYALS’ CLUB INC. “We strive to be rich to help the poor”



P H O T O : C A R L O U PA N O

The Loyals’ Club is a support group made to enhance unity among medical students, doctors, and other health care professionals in achieving its goal to help the less fortunate. We are bounded by the “zeal” of sharing what we have in terms of goods and services to the needy through its programs. It aims to bring out the best in each of its members, extending their “blessings” to the group and to its beneficiaries.

FEATURE THE CADUCEUS Caduceus does not only connote a serious association with Medicine but it also gives an idea of a busy and demanding work of journalism in the field of Medicine. It’s not actually like that. Being part of Caduceus is fun and fulfilling. It doesn’t only give you the pleasure of expressing your thoughts and feelings but it also enables you to leave a legacy to your readers… a memento that remains throughout the years. So, if you’re very keen with the important happenings in your surrounding, then write it down for the news. If you want to present a significant individual or event, then compose an article for the feature. If you want to discuss and elaborate an issue, then you can express yourself in the opinion page. If you’re artistic in illustrating important incidents or any creative idea, then make a sketch for it for the comic page. Finally, if you’re proficient in designing relative positions of articles and photos, then be a layout artist. Whatever you’re interest in journalism or in arts, try to express yourself by joining Caduceus.




ON CALL is not simply a word for physicians who are equipped for emergency but it means staying prepared for every season, every battle and every triumph of daily living. This is how this ministry started...

FEU-NRMF. As part of our goals we wish to act as a support group for the foreign students so as to help them successfully integrate themselves not only into the school, but also the Filipino culture.

ON CALL Christian Medical Ministry has been birthed from the prayers of Christian students, physicians and Alumni who have the passion to honor God and advance his Kingdom in the medical field. This is not only an organization but family where students are raised to become leaders to train the next leaders who will disciple future physicians who will be committed to follow Christ, the Greatest Physician. Our core values include; God-centeredness, Compassion, Righteous living, Excellence and Leadership.

Furthermore we would like this to be a place where we could share our experiences, resources, and lessons learned in order to not only help ourselves, but more importantly bring us to point where we can in turn make our own contributions to FEU-NRMF as well.

We believe that this ministry is the life of the campus because without God we would not know our purpose and our calling. So join us every week as we study God’s word and your life will never be the same again.

CADUCEUS 2009 10

With the serenity of Water, the passion of Fire, through the Winds of change, and the forces of the Earth





OUTDOOR CHALLENGE EMERGENCY: Med Students at Peak! On the line! Ready, get set, run!! The fun race had started as medical students from all year levels joined in the much awaited Eco-park challenge--the first of the 3 events in the Medicine week. The event was held at Eco-Park, La Mesa Dam, Quezon City last September 23, 2009. Joining the challenge were groups of first year to third year medical students vying to win the 4 slots in the paintball game. Each team consists of 15 members. Exciting yet intoxicating! Who would forget the first pit- “the military way” as 10 members of the team had to finish different sets of activities- climb the fence, do the push-ups, the squats, etc. During this stop, many had collected liters of sweat and few got twitches from their sedentary muscles. Winning Teams:

1st place Red team

2nd place Yellow team

3rd place Blue team

4th place Orange team

Next pit, “dare to fit” as 5 members of the team were needed to pass through the spider webs without touching the deadly threads. Lucky the team who had the most thin and slim members, advantageous indeed. Next pit was the “stairway to puzzles” in which members had to climb the long and tiring stairs on top of their lungs to get the pieces of the puzzle and decipher the mystery message. As they reached the base, they had to decode the puzzle to get the next clue. The pitiful participants at this time were already hypoxic but still struggling. After getting the next clue, the teams geared up to the lagoon for the “row, row the boat”. In this stop, two boats had to be maneuvered by eight members of each team to get into the other side of the lagoon. The first four teams who were able to accomplish all these challenges would get the slots for the paintball game. As the paintball game begun, rain heavily poured on the battleground. Members of the different teams dared the mud and fired the paint shots from their toy guns against their raging opponents. In the end, everyone enjoyed and had fun-- away from the transient stressors of Med life. Got tired or energized, win or lose, young or old, the event taught Medical students that life in Med school is like a race-- one had to win and enjoy despite the losing beat.

CADUCEUS 2009 12




uizzes, SGDs, CPCs and major examinations--these had been our life, the everyday life of Medicine students. Sounds tiring? Yes, but the fire within our hearts keeps on burning to bring out the best in us. It’s the passion to survive every semester that drives us to get through every day. With the hectic schedule brought by the world of medicine, what could be the most awaited night for most Medicine students? This was a night where the hard working Medicince students can have a break, from the toxicities of Medicine and just go party. It’s nothing else but the Medicine night. For this year, with the theme of IGNIS: The Passion of Fire, the FEU-NRMF Medicine night was held on September 24, 2009 at Eastwood city. (The Medicine night for this year was said to be an extravagant event with two venues: Something Fishy and The Manor).

13 CADUCEUS 2009

PHOTOS: FEU-NRMF Photography Guild

The future doctors, who were looking fresh and fabulous in their gimmick attires, arrived at Something Fishy, the first venue of the night. How fishy the place was shown with its underwater wall paintings, shells on its pillars, fish-shaped hole patterns with blue and green creep papers which looked like sea weeds swaying in synchrony with the flow of water. But don’t forget the Henna tattoo corner outside the venue where everybody enjoyed the designs painted on their faces and on other body parts.


The night was still fresh and the party continued at the The Manor. Mixed faces from everybody were seen on the dance floor enjoying the music played by the DJs that surely made the students shake their groove thing. It was a total blast! The floor was then made clear for the dance competition participated by 3 spectacular groups namely: Med All-Stars (Champion), The Big Boys (1st place), F-force (2nd place). All were excellent. Their mindblowing moves garnered the interest of the crowd and heightened up the fun with their upbeat music.

PHOTOS: FEU-NRMF Photography Guild

At the dining venue, the “eat all you can� buffet was a hit. All were satisfied with the delicious servings. It was fantastic! While Medicine students were enjoying the scrumptious cuisine, a raffle draw was made and the winners were given FEU-NRMF key chains. At exactly 8:30 in the evening, the battle of the bands started. All the participating groups were great and the place was filled with their music and the cheers of their fans. It was awesome!

Medicine students had a real great time bonding with their friends and meeting other students. Drinks were everywhere as well as the laughter. The party continued until dawn. It was one night get away from the demands of Medicine. Its sole purpose is to give Medicine students the time to enjoy and to have fun (which we truly deserve). But most of all, it was one night to show that Medicine students have a life beyond the four corners of their classrooms. It was one superb night that surely would never be forgotten.

CADUCEUS 2009 14


As part of the Medicine week, the annual Battle of the Bands (BoB) was held on September 24 at the 2nd floor of Something Fishy, spicing up the sumptuous eat-all-you-can dinner buffet. In lieu of this year’s Medicine week theme, Elementals, the BoB had the theme Passion of Fire. Bands that rocked the house were: Alpha Phi Sandro, The Art of Cramming, Counter Flow, Kung Fu Pets, The Structure Pointed Band and Tuhod Kotse. Carlo Elpa, Lulu Bongon and Tart gave the audience further entertainment by their hosting antics. Judges were the members of the guest band, Project Mayhem.

The BoB victors were: Champion – Counter Flow (Vocals: Ryd Dela Cruz, Bass: Sam Chavez, Guitar/ 2nd Vocals: Mark Zamora, Lead Guitar: Ninoy Oaferina, Drums: Goody Saises) --who owned the night by giving their cover of Rico Blanco’s Yugto and Alamid’s Sama-sama. 1st place – Kung Fu Pets (Vocals: Luisa Villena, 2nd Vocals/Bass: Paul Andrew Mendoza, Lead guitar: Jonathan David, Rhythm: Jeremy De Jesus, Drums: OJ Alimbuyuguen) 2nd place – Tuhod Kotse (Vocals: Criselle Garcia, Lead Guitar: Otech Macabuhay, Bass: Philip de Ello, Drums: Marc Pascua) Previous winner of the battle of the band, Discharge and the guest band Project Mayhem also performed before the event came to a close.


he Medicine week ended with the most awaited and anticipated Mr. and Ms. Medicine last September 25, 2009. The event started at 7 o’clock in the evening and was held at SM Fairview Cinema 9 which was a first in the history of Medicine pageant. The gala night was attended by glamorous spectators as they posed and paraded in their most stunning cocktail dresses and outstanding ties. The aim of the event is to showcase and choose the most outstanding students that are eligible to represent the FEU Medicine students. (continued on next page)

AQUA: A Night Overflowing with Brains, Beauty and Bequest 15 CADUCEUS 2009

FEATURE But before the pageant began, the audience was serenaded by the contestants of the singing contest. All the contestants sang their hearts out with their winning pieces but the one who truly shine among them was Bea Castro champion of Medicine week 2009 Singing contest. As the event proceeded the contestants paraded elegantly in their formal wear and confidently in their swim wear. Here are the winners in the various categories of the pageant:










(1) Jancen Award: Brynn Jornacion & Romeo Bernal; (2) Mendez Award: Brynn Jornacion, James Tamesis, Jerome Diwa, Cheska Talal; (3) Face of the Night: Judith Lanuza & Robert Chantavongsa; (4) Mr. & Ms. Congeniality: Robert Chantavongsa & Cheska Talal; (5) Mr. & Ms. Photogenic: Romeo Bernal & Brynn Jornacion; (6) Stylista Award: Glethe Saliendra & Carla Gatchalian; (7) People’s Choice Award: Glethe Saliendra & Sheridy Guerrero; (8) Slim fit Award: Judith Lanuza & Jerome Diwa


1. Jornacion, Brynn 2. Guerrero, Sheridy 3. Talal, Cheska 4. Alicaway, Arlia 5. Gatchalian, Carla


1. Tamesis, James 2. Bernal, Romeo 3. Saliendra, Glethe 4. Ojerio, Marvin 5. Diwa, Jerome

But just like any other competition, there could only be one honored Mr. and Ms. Medicine. Brynn Jornacion was crowned as Ms. Medicine 2009, Sheridy Guerrero as 1st runner up, and Arlia Alicaway as 2nd runner up. James Tamesis was awarded as the Mr. Medicine 2009, Romeo Bernal 1st runner up, and Marvin Ojerio 2nd runner up.

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by Grethel S. Navarro Editor in Chief

What the heck is a “samplex”? Samplex is a collection of out-dated test materials coming from previous batches which deliberately aims to give a review. I’ve only come to know about “samplex” when I got into Medicine. Why does it seem to be very important for every Medicine student to have read this material before any plating or major exam? Why does everyone feel like being a loser if he doesn’t even have one of this? Why does every department discourage using this but repeats the same questions? Why do students tend to depend their learning more on this material rather than books? Does it seem like Medicine students rely their grades on this “samplex”? Every examination, these “samplex” surely played a cunning scheme in the performance of students in the exam. Let me cite a concrete example. Student A, who wasn’t able to study very well his past lessons, used a “samplex” to make things easy for him and in the hope of getting a good score in the exam; anyway, the department would just repeat most of its questions. Meanwhile, student B took long hours in studying all the coverage for the said examination that he even barely slept. When the day of examination came, student A indeed met the same questions from the “samplex” he reviewed. He effortlessly took the exam in just a span of an hour. In the meantime, student B took the exam slowly, analyzing each item and trying to recall the concepts from his

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readings. After going out of the examination room, student B saw student A chatting and bragging the answers from the “samplex” he just reviewed. After he heard of this, student B suddenly lost his élan to continue with his endeavor in Medicine. Bearing the despair, he felt he was cheated because he spent sleepless night in reviewing for the exam yet he had only few sure correct answers. Indeed, student A got fairly higher score than student B. In spite of this, student B took a stepping stone out of his stumbling block. He studied eagerly and extensively for the coming examinations. Finally, he got a higher score than student A who had been habitually using “samplex”. When these two get into their internship, who will most likely to perform better? When student A meets a real case in the clinics, will he able to get the answers from the “samplex”?

These issues may be true. However, a “samplex” is not entirely bad; it has always its benefits and drawbacks depending on how it is used. With the set of review questions, it serves as a valuable tool for a Medicine student to test his learning and guide him on important points to study. On the part of the faculty member, it would be easier for him to finish making the exam for the reason of attending to his busy clinics, aside from the intricacy of creating a new set of questions. On the other hand, for a student who wasn’t able to study very well, this material is his only hope to pass or get a good score in the exam; and so, he starts cramming with the“samplex”. (continue to P. 00)

EDITORIAL (Samplex-Based... p.00)

Another disadvantage of using “samplex” is confusion. Some questions that are improperly formulated or have different answers sometimes make the water muddy for the students leading them to search everything to quest for the answer or explanation for that item; this can be alright but it takes them more hours finding rather than concentrating on a specific and concise reading material.

cases. Moreover, study your lessons before attending classes. In the evening, go over the topic that was lectured and discussed. This is the point that Dr. Magkasi keeps on reiterating to every student. If you’re not used to it, it is really taxing at the beginning but it becomes rewarding in the end. Most importantly, Medicine students should always pray and ask for God’s assistance to succeed all the endeavors.

Alarmingly, Medicine students are becoming so contingent on “samplex”. Every examination (even in board exam), one shouldn’t miss having a “samplex”. Certainly, we should hinder from being dependent on this stuff. You can get high scores or good grades even without this material if you study very well. Great, if it we get remarkable grades from this material but definitely, it does not help us when we get into the practice of our profession. As it has been reverberated, develop a good study habit instead. Books especially in our field, Medicine, should be considered as our bestfriend because they provide us reliable and accurate information on the proper diagnosis and management of

OPINIONS For me, sample exams can help you in many ways: as a way to assess yourself after you have studied the subject matter; have an idea on what could be the possible questions to be asked; and, what you could have missed to study because you are compelled to read hundred pages of pure text and you only have four hours left until its time for a major exam. But depending too much on sample exams will make you unable to understand fully how and why it makes it the correct answer and it could make you an incompetent doctor in the long run. Another advantage of not depending on sample exams is that the lessons you diligently studied will be ingrained in your head rather than just memorizing the answers. Medical students should be responsible enough to do their part in learning their lessons. Understanding Medicine serves as your investment as a great doctor in the future. There are no sample exams anymore after you become a full-fledged physician. So to end this, study hard then read sample exams. Nothing beats a diligent student. -September

The samplex issue has been around for a very long time now, even before I got into this institution. It is essentially a part of the FEU – NRMF culture. I do not see anything wrong about the use of samplex as review materials. Even studying for board examinations would entail the use of past exams and sample questions to test yourself on what you know and to find out what you still need to know. Due to the immense quantity of the things that we have to study, these exam questions are helpful in discerning the important - need – to –know facts. What’s not proper is how these past exams are used and how they are acquired. Most of the people I know, study only these samplex for the exams, instead of reading their books/notes/handouts. This would reflect that students now are becoming lazier, more stubborn, and dependent on mere chance and luck (if the samplex that they happen to study is “patok” or not) to pass their exams. How some students acquire these, is another issue in itself. Suffice it to say that some are becoming the epitome of “crab mentality”. Medical school was not called a “school” for nothing. We are here to learn and to prepare ourselves for our future as doctors, who would be dealing with people’s lives. And guess what there’s no samplex for that. - Sleepy Shadow




Predicament on Booming Population of Freshmen Enrollees SY 2009-2010


by Jayson Wee

nother year brings back not only familiar faces that we have grown used to but also new ones. With a population size twice-fold than its predecessor, the new freshmen students were oriented last June 8, 2009, a week late due to the heightened incidence of A (H1N1) influenza. Surprisingly not even a nationwide epidemic of the virus could put a damper on the spirits of the students that was brimming with excitement and eagerness to start. With its recent increase of new enrollees in Medicine for SY 2009-2010, concerns were raised. Yes, the recent development may have brought in good revenues for the school, but will this affect the type of quality education that the school prides itself for? I, myself, am a firm believer that quality education does not necessarily mean burning a metaphorical hole on people’s pockets. Education is a right, not a privilege, and should be distributed equally amongst a nation’s different strata classification. But I am not here to broadcast my personal vendetta against the abovementioned issue, but to inquire about the current situation. With a staggering total of 396 freshmen students (more number of enrollees were added during the first week of classes), the population was divided using sections as the factor, thus, a section would accordingly contain an estimated 60+ number of students. With that amount in mind, let us also consider the number of full-time teaching faculties. According to some studies, teacher-to-student ratio should be relative to the size of a class. This equal dissemination of FTE and class size proves better instructional comprehension and yields better exami-

20 CADUCEUS 2009

nation results. Would this have an implication on the delivery of lectures considering the limited number of faculty members? Would the disproportioned ratio of distribution have any effect on the learning process of individual students implying more on the mean populace that are middling between passing and failing? I have only met a limited number of first year students and have made inquiries about their conditions. Apparently, availability of seats is amongst one of their predicament. With a classroom’s limited seating capacity, students are forced to either stand the entire lecture or sit on the floor. Has the administration addressed this existing crisis? With the supposed week when classes began suspending because of the A(H1N1) scare, hasn’t the administration predetermined this inevitability? Didn’t the school prepare any measures that would address this impasse? In terms of housing capacitance with the recent structural modifications and additions, will these adjustments suffice enough to accommodate its students? Granting that other universities have bigger housing facilities, why hasn’t the school curtailed any measures to limit its number of accepting enrollees when other colleges of MediPHOTO: M. KLINGENSMITH cine have done so? Was the school prepared to accept the sudden increase in number of enrollees? As I have learned from CFM-II, we learn through inquisition. We question the how and why of events leading to its end result. We relate findings and conclude. Let me state a disclaimer that this article does not serve to tarnish the name of the school but to open the eyes of the administration on the current state of glitch. I am a proud student of this institution and therefore, am merely stating the factual details as one of its concerned denizens. .

H E A LT H THAI HIV VACCINE: TRANSIENT EFFECTS, GREATER PROTECTION FOR THOSE AT LOW RISK by Barbara Boughton February 26, 2010 (San Francisco, California) — Post hoc analysis of the RV 144 Thai HIV vaccine trial revealed that the vaccine was most protective for those at low risk for HIV infection, and the effects of the vaccine were transient, lasting for about a year, according to an update of the trial presented here at the 17th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI). However, like all post hoc analyses, these observations should be taken with a grain of salt, noted researcher Nelson Michael, MD, PhD, from the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Bethesda, Maryland. Although the effects of the Thai trial were modest — the vaccine had an efficacy of 31.2% — it has raised some interesting questions that will have to be answered by future research, according to Dr. Michael and other researchers at CROI. In the Thai vaccine trial, a vaccine regimen that included ALVAC and AIDSVAX was administered to 16,402 healthy subjects 10 to 30 years of age over a period of 6 months, and the subjects were monitored for 3 years. Most of the volunteers who participated in the trial were heterosexual, although a few were from traditional risk groups such as men who have sex with men, sex workers, and injectiondrug users, Dr. Michael said. The vaccine did not affect viral load or CD4 count in those with HIV infection. The vaccine efficacy also varied according to how much risky behavior the subjects reported at baseline. The vaccine had an efficacy of 40.4% in those at low risk, 47.6% in those at medium risk, and only 3.7% in those at high risk. Early results were published recently in The New England Journal of Medicine (2009;361:22092220). “The study was not powered to ask a particular question, but it’s interesting to note that the initial estimates of efficacy were much higher — in the 50% to 60% range — and then fell over time,” Dr. Michael said. Although the observation that the vaccine was most effective in low-risk groups is interesting, a possible explanation for this is the vaccine’s transient effect, he said. In other words, those in low-risk groups might have been more likely to have indulged in risky behaviors during the

initial months when the vaccine was most protective, he said. “You have to look at these data with great caution,” he told Medscape HIV/AIDS. Researchers are now working to answer questions raised by the Thai vaccine trial — specifically, what features of the vaccine conferred protection, whether its protective effect can be strengthened by boosters, and whether correlates can be found. The next steps include a clinical trial in which RV 144 recipients will receive a boost, and an immunogenicity study in which there’ll be an intensive effort to collect samples “at the right time, in the right amounts, and in the right places,” Dr. Michael said. The vaccine could potentially also be tested in trials that have 2 groups — one in a population with a relatively low incidence of HIV infection and the other in a population with a high incidence of the virus. “Whether we’ll have new candidates for correlates will probably be known within a year,” Dr. Michael said. “We are trying to collaborate with the best and brightest in the field to find out which of a number of assays we could use in a case–control study,” he said. “The Thai trial results have prompted a lot of discussion and highlighted the importance of doing vaccine trials,” said Alan Bernstein, PhD, executive director of the New York City–based nonprofit Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise, in an interview with Medscape HIV/AIDS. “It has reenergized the field. But if we do more trials, we have to build on the science that’s occurred over the last 2 to 5 years,” he added. Dr. Bernstein noted that the biological and immunological effects of HIV vaccines are much more clearly understood now, and that knowledge should be used in designing new trials. “We need to harness the best science we have and throw it at these HIV vaccine trials, so the next trials will be better,” he said. *Dr. Michael and Dr. Bernstein have disclosed no relevant financial relationships. SOURCE: 17th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI): Abstract 74. Presented February 18, 2010. PHOTO:KARSTEN SCHENEIDER/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY

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everything is

“This year’s Sports Fest is more exciting,” boasted by Sid Sergio, president of the Sports Organization and head of this year’s Sports Fest. “With the help of the Medicine Student Council (MSC), the Sports Fest was only held in one venue and the medals and trophies are better this time”, he added. According to Sergio, last year, the games were held at different venues: volleyball at the FEU-NRMF court, basketball in In-and-Out gym, and the rest of the events were held at Britanny at Lagro, Quezon City. Only few spectators, around thirty students composed mostly of third year Medicine students, were able to witness the games due to slip-ups of

22 CADUCEUS 2009

venues. The MSC and Sports Organization decided to bring all the events in one venue. Two weeks prior to the opening of the Sports Fest, elimination games for volleyball and basketball were held at the school court and In-and-Out gym, respectively. Semi-finals for volleyball and basketball, championship for swimming and Palarong Pinoy were held altogether on this event. The event kicked off its activities through a short program hosted by Carlo Elpa and VJ Mikka Callanta of MTV, who was in her torrid summer wear. It was followed by singing of the National anthem with a remarkable and intensifying performance of voices from the chorale which caused some goose bumps to most of the audiences. After the welcome remarks from the MSC president, Jeffrey Mora, the show and selection of muses and escorts were held as the audience rallied their bets. .

P H O T O S : P H O T O G R A P H Y G U I L D & K . D. E S P I N O


he 2009 Sports fest had officially started on the 8th of August at Casa Milan Sports club, Lagro, Quezon city. With the assembly at 7:00 in the morning, Medicine students journeyed to the venue utilizing the school bus as the official transport vehicle.


SPORTS 2 0 0 9


The basketball league had its opening last July 29 at the Inside and Out Stadium, Lagro, Quezon City. The first game of the basketball showcased one of the pretournament favorites, the 3B Black team with the nucleus of the versatile talented RS Razon, Ryd dela Cruz, cat quick Way Yamballa, tower combination of Ninoy Oaeferina and Al Macarambon, JP Orteza, and Paul Jericho Ramos, going up against team 1B Green. The second game featured the mighty Junior Interns Slackers (bullstrong Jules Almario, Miraldo Castillo, Heherson Adriano, high leapers Patrick Misa, Harold Tempongko, and gunners Mark Austria and Francis Almelor) having six members of the APMC Basketball in their line-up. Going up the 1A2 White team, parading Karl Aralar 6’4 team B player from Morayta, who wisely decided to be a doctor than to play in the PBA, with additional cast of Rob Chanthavongsa from Columbia University of the big apple, the speedy Ivan Cruz, hotshots from Alvin Harren Magtoto and Paul Andrew Mendoza. 1A2 was considered to be the dark horse of this years’ tournament. The other basketball games featured the 2A Dark Blue spearheaded by the Two-Js Combination of Jair Williams, Juni Panganiban, together with Sam Chavez, Edmer Uchi defeating the 1A1 Yellow team.

The road to the championship for the basketball wasn’t easy, having three teams tied after the final four, the quotient system was applied, and rewarding the 1A2 and 2A the outright entry to the much coveted round, while the 3B and 2B disputing for the third place finish. The championship brought a lot of excitement, action and drama, as this was the third time these two teams would meet. The 2A team was all out to settle a score with their rival, 1A2 team. The first half showed a lot of lead changes, and ankle breaking plays by both teams, with 2A trailing by just a basket. High octane plays broke out in the third quarter, the formidable tandem of the two J’s of Jair and Juni paced the game with solid offense. As emotions intensified, all players of both sides including their respective fans, classmates, supporters were cheering their lungs out. Both teams wanted to win the much the coveted award and own the bragging rights for the year. But the talent laced 1A2 proved too much for the 2A team as they neutralized and broke the defense of the second year. As the final buzzer sounded, the first year won and declared champions of this years’ event.

P H O T O S : M . B U E N O / C . PA N O

As the eliminations came to an end, the final four came into place with 3B, 2A, 2B, and 1A2 proceeding to the playoffs.

The final four showed a different action for basketball. As the two undefeated basketball teams clashed, the 3B and 1A2, the third year black team gaining the upper hand and dealt the first year white team their first loss. The second placed teams, 2A and 2B both tied at the standings at the end of the eliminations, finally met, breaking the tie, 2A won by a margin of points.

1A2 vs. 2A struggled for the re- Rob Chanthavongsa bagged both The first mythical team: Ryd Dela The second mythical team: Jun Marabound. the regular season and finals MVP Cruz, RS Razon, Karl Aralar, Rob sigan, Rigel Ledesma, Ivan Cruz, Wilson Yamballa, Ibrahim Hassan awards. Chantavongsa, Jair Williams. (not in the picture).




Volleyball 2 0 0 9 Competition

Men & Women’s Division

By Vince-Lou R. Mendoza


he volleyball games had a soft opening last July 30 held at Inside and Out Stadium, Lagro, Quezon city with quite a large of attendance.

All the teams played in the semifinal round; a stepladder format was used for we only had four teams in the women’s division and three teams for the men’s division. The championship for the women’s volleyball featured the juniors versus the sophomores, as this game proved to be exciting, because the two teams were both competitive, so we needed an extra set to decide for the winner. However, the juniors proved steadily and relied heavily on their strikers Dorothy Faye Tan, Inna Baccay, KC Ramos, Nikki Villamor, and Mary Paz Torres. Sophomores vs. Freshmen

Junior Interns made it tough for the sophomores

The junior team, champion for the 2009 volleyball women’s division.

Junior interns’ team, champion for 2009 volleyball men’s division.

Sophomore team, silver medalist 2009 volleyball women’s division.

Sophomore team, silver medalist 2009 volleyball women’s division.


The volleyball games, initially opened for the women’s division, were triumphed by the first year team via default against the junior interns’ team. The following games highlighted the sophomores winning, headed by Anna Carissa Gloria, Bernadette Anne Manimtim, Kat Kiat going up against the first years.

The Most Valuable Player for the women’s volleyball division was KC Ramos, while the Mythical Six were: Anna Carissa Gloria, Bernadette Anne Manimtim, Dorothy Faye Tan, Nikki Villamor, and KC Ramos. For the men’s division, the junior interns’ team headed by Pochollo Mendoza, Dale Giron, Reden Aldea, wrecked the defense of the third year team in three sets, with players Louval Datu, Randy Dabu, and Dave Torres who fought gallantly but came short to an end as the JIs notched their first victory. The junior interns going in the championship game was heavily favored, since they swept the elimination and semifinal rounds respectively, and were just already waiting for an opponent. But the sophomores, headed by Carlo Elpa, Carlou Pano, and Jay Punzalan didn’t give the JIs an easy grab for the championship. But much to say, they were already tired and exhausted, so the JIs took advantage and was crowned champions. The Most Valuable Player was Gerard Dale Giron, while the Mythical Six—Carlo Elpa, Carlou Pano, Eric Samonte, Reden Aldea, Pochollo Mendoza, Gerard Dale Giron..

24 CADUCEUS 2009

M M ING I W competition


he 40 meter lap swimming competition immediately began after the commencement ceremony as the participants prepared themselves with their swimsuits and swimming trunks. One of the male participants awed the audience for being confident and bold in his swimwear. Men and women’s division competed for breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle events. There were only two participants for the women’s division; Josephine Ignacio winning over Jenel Nicolas as she

Illustration: Kenneth D. Espino



swept her all the way until the three swimming events ended. For the men’s division, Job Yanga triumphed over Gene Santos, Ezra Tan, and Felix Serrano for the entire swimming events.

Swimmers in line, getting ready for the backstroke event.

Gene Santos got the silver medal for breaststroke and freestyle events and a bronze medal for the backstroke competition while, Ezra Tan took the third spot for freestyle and breast stroke events. Felix Serrano earned the silver medal in the backstroke swimming event.

TABLE TENNIS OPENED FOR MEDICINE SPORTS FEST 2009 Also, added this year are Badminton and Table Tennis, which were not opened during the past Sports Fests.

Mixed Doubles completed the event with Eamilao-Tan winning over FabianRebancos tandem. Fabian-Rebancos regained points in the third set (11-8) after losing to Eamilao-Tan on the second set (4-11). Eamilao-Tan capped off the game with a 12-10. - SONNY SENDON

Mixed doubles: (L-R) Jonathan Fabunan, John Eamilao, Galvin Fabian, Princess Rebancos, Mitchelle Joy Tan.

In the Women’s Division, with only two players registered, second year Medicine student Mitchelle Joy Tan and fresh-



Galvin Fabian, third year Medicine student, swept victory in the Men’s Division. Fabian won over freshman John Eamilao in the championship with 116, 11-2, 12-10. Eamilao fought back on the third set, tied with Fabian but then again lost in the deux—victory in favor to Fabian due to service advantage. Jonathan Fabunan, also a third year Medicine student, placed third.

man Princess Rebancos automatically competed for the championship. Tan won the knock-out game over Rebancos in a lab set, winning thrice in a row with 11-4, 11-3, 11-3. Tan, having been a stalwart paddler of the Centro Escolar University varsity, won bronze at the Women’s National Collegiate Athletic Association (WNCAA) during her last year in college.



T o B e or


Not to Be

ve been through a lot of thinking lately on whether or not I made the right decision of pursuing Med school. It’s something I’ve been always dreaming of and apparently, is the only thing I’ve been looking forward to. But I am awakened from a deep sleep and realized that dreaming is way far from putting things into reality and that a generous amount of considerations must be made before I can decide on how much risk I’m willing to take for something I badly wanted. In my four years of experience as a nursing student (my preMed course), I have met quite a number of nurses-doctors along the way. Most of my professors were doctors who chose to impart their knowledge, teach procedures, and mold us through our minds to become good nurses rather than spending their precious time in the hospital and putting into practice whatever they learned from Med school. I’ve heard numerous stories on how doctors study nursing, hoping for a better opportunity abroad. I have not given much thought to it until these past days when I’m on the verge of starting my medical education; I realized one thing...that at some point in time, we have to give up our biggest dreams to have a brighter future. It would be hypocritical of me to say that I’m not affected by this. There must be a good reason why these people trade their four years of medical education for something else...something more important. And so I keep on asking myself, what if, by any chance, I end up like them. Don’t get me wrong, I pay gratitude to my college professors and I have a huge amount of respect to nursing profession, and for the same reason, I don’t want to take nursing profession for granted. And to be bluntly honest, I cannot see myself doing all the charts and stuff. I don’t think being a nurse is something I am born to become one. Whenever I imagine myself taking vital signs, carrying out orders and doing bedside care for pa-

26 CADUCEUS 2009

By Xyrill Hecali

tients, I cannot help myself but to drift off my mind to the next person a nurse is closely associated with...the doctors. I couldn’t exactly remember the time I started taking medicine into consideration. Well, when I took the nursing course, I kept asking myself why nursing? And there’s no other good way of truthfully answering this question but for the reason that I’m not so certain of what I really want to become, and during those times, “nursing ang uso”. But surely I have no regrets making that decision cause still, it’s a medical profession and that’s something I indisputably want to be a part of. And now I feel nothing but guilt for abandoning it and wanting something else. But now when I ask myself why pursue medicine? I certainly know what to answer. I know we all have our own little stories on how we find ourselves wanting to be a doctor, but for whatever it’s worth, what’s important is how far we are ready to go to achieve what we want. I frequently ask God to enlighten me on the purpose I was made for. I personally believe that being a doctor is never a profession, it is a calling. It’s something we cannot force ourselves to be if it’s not really meant for us. But for me, as of now, I am ready to take my chances and give it a shot. So far everything is falling into place and it’s leading me to the path I wanted…And so I’ll grab it. I know there are people who would probably say that I’ve gone mad for not wanting to pursue my career as a nurse when a lot of doctors study nursing. not to mention the outgrowing population of aspiring nurses who would trade everything to be on my shoes. But there’s one thing that I keep holding on to, that I am dead certain of what I want, and that I couldn’t be more than happy to devote myself into something that would make my life more meaningful, worthwhile and fulfilling.


The Last Resort by: theRedHairGirl


“At last…”

“I am here standing in front of you. I have been practicing this in my mind over and over again yet I still can not find the words to say what I feel about you.” “We have been friends for the longest time, let me correct myself best friends. Even when we’re little I knew you were the one. When the bully at school took my sandwich and pushed me to the floor, I cried, but you cried louder and I saw the fury in your eyes, I knew you wanted to cry, you tried to hit him but you missed. During our high school we were partners in crime. We always stayed up late just talking about everything and anything under the sun even though it’s already three in the morning. When we were off to college, we still end up in the same university- took the same course and the same schedule. We were inseparable.” “Then I met him. He was the one I have been telling you about during our long talks in the wee small hours when we were in high school, my dream boy. He was all I had been dreaming of-- his brown curly locks, his pearly white smile and his amazing eyes. Ooh, when I look at him it was heaven. Again, you were still there to support me. You even took the liberty of asking his number for me. You were the greatest. Then I and he became a couple. Since then we did not hang out anymore, I had him, you had another set of friends. We still see at the campus but we rarely look into each other’s eyes. I do not know what happened with us. But you know all those times I was longing for you, your earsplitting laugh, the whack on my nape every time we see a Volkswagen, our afternoon healthy snack of fish ball and kikiam. I yearn for those times, I miss you. We graduated in college and we never spoke again. Not until now.” “You know what happened to me and him? We were not meant for each other.

I saw what he really was. He was stern; he does not know how to enjoy life. He is impossible to live with. My days with him were hell on earth. I could not believe that I stayed in that relationship for three years! But that was over and now I am here in front of… Telling you the words that I have been wanting to tell you. I love you…” Silence “Please say something, anything.” BOY: “You know what I feel; I have been longing to hear those words from you. From the moment I saw you cry when we were kids; I can not explain what I felt. I did not know what to call it but I felt sad when you were hurt, I wanted to kill that bully for making you cry. I loved you ever since. I just didn’t know how to say it because back then I knew you did not feel the same and I did not want to lose the only thing that keeps me breathing. When you met him, I knew it was time for me to let go. I wanted you to be happy even if I was not the reason of your happiness.” “Three years without even seeing just a glimpse of your face was the worst part of my life; I felt so alone. And I hated myself for that. I did not fight for you. I let my happiness slip away from my hands. I had you all those times but I never made a move.” “Until now, I still love you… I thought you were happy, I thought you were contented with him. And I did not want to ruin your life with him, so I chose to stay away. But, you see I have a new life now; I thought I would never live without you… I have a family now. My wife filled the emptiness I felt when you were gone. She made me realize that there is still life. I am happy now. And this time, we are expecting a gift; my wife is three months pregnant. And I want to give all my love and time to them” “I am so sorry” Tears …

CADUCEUS 2009 27


Of Mountains & Br ok e n S u n se ts by Mabes Bantayan


t’s utterly frustrating when after years of trying to figure out your calling and finally deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life, you had to forego and move on for supposedly better things. It has been one and a half years since I abandoned my passion for climbing mountains, not because I wanted to, but because I had lo let go. When I found myself climbing mountains four years ago, I inexorably fell in love with a person who was also as mesmerized as I was with it. Sadly though, with much pain and bitter ending, the love was not meant to be. He wasn’t mine. James was a fellow climber I met in college. It all began during a climb in Mt. Makulot, and it was the start of a love so unrequited and selfless it was almost to the point of stupidity. Although of course for me, it was the other way around. It was when we watched the sunset together for the first time that I felt this sudden surge of emotion--- a realization that the person beside me was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my sunsets with. Maybe I was just overwhelmed with the incredible view in front of us--- the breathtaking sunset, the mountain around us, the hovering blue and grey clouds, and the surrounding crystal blue waters below--- I really couldn’t tell. The experience was so surreal I never thought or imagined I could feel this way for someone in all places and circumstances. I was absolutely taken aback by what I had felt because first of all, the feeling was not mutual. He was not in love with me. James and I were not instant friends at first. He was too presko and yabang for me. However because we were part of a group who loved outdoors we eventually became

28 CADUCEUS 2009


good friends. Behind the first impression was a very funny and down-to-earth guy. He loved making everybody laugh, and he never missed making me laugh with his humor. Besides his wit, he also has the brains to back him up. He knows his math pretty well (above average actually), although too laid back. He boasted most of the time, but I couldn’t explain why his arrogance appealed to me. At the time when I lost all possible respect for most guys, he earned and proved himself well enough not to be typecasted. A non-conformist with brains, who climbs mountains? I was impressed. I continued to climb mountains, and I continued to secretly love the guy. Since that sunset incident, I literally couldn’t get him off my mind. Little by little, he became part of conversations with friends ( I watched a movie with him today! Or I saw him past Grove). I started writing about him too, getting all the inspiration (and pain) that I could get. Things were really getting serious when he started to appear in my dreams. I was especially hooked up by how his eyes would lighten up, or how he would make a half lit smile that would turn into a big burst of laughter whenever he would talk about his family and friends, roadtrips and misadventures, a few trivial things about his past, and his rottweiller named Kerot with much animation. I would hang on to every word, making sure they were duly responded with. I’m not much of a talker anyway, and so I’d listen (and secretly sigh) without missing a word In my desperate attempt to stay away from his lovelife as far as possible, I nonetheless became cupid, postman, and even dr. love in his relationship. I must admit the role added more damage to an already bruised injury. For some

LITERARY strange reason, I could not refuse. I figured this was meant to be… It was the gods’ way of getting back at me for a bad past life or something. Or maybe it was their way of telling me that my eventful sunset was actually a miscalculation on their part. It was a role too heavy to bear; it was like carrying a three-day pack 24 hours, 7 days a week. I could’ve given up my climb, turn around and go home. But the climber in me told me to go and carry on inspite and despite of. And so I did continue to love James (even though unrequited), all the while I was limping. Albeit the deep stab on the chest, the feelings stayed on. I held on to dear life, clinging on to an unstable rope, trying to keep my grip and my sanity. Though the most logical thing to do was to forget the feelings (and give the love to a more worthy cause) I couldn’t forget that sunset with him. I’d seen numerous and equally breathtaking sunsets in my life, but for some reason or another, it was different. To simply put it, everything about it was beautiful--- the silence, the moment, and him. I guess you couldn’t exactly choose who to love, it just happens. After numerous sleepless nights and constant head banging by well-meaning friends, I decided to do something about the situation. I couldn’t handle all the drama anymore. I stayed away from him for a while just until I’ve gotten over my feelings. I explored new trails, new paths to lead my life. The trails were getting old anyway. I just had to forget him and fix my limp. Months later news came to me that he had broken up with his girlfriend, this time for good. I knew they’d patch things up soon enough and sincerely wished them to get back together. As for me, I was making a whole new different kind of sunset with another person. Just when things were finally falling into place, he told me that he loved me. How could a butterfly I had delicately and secretly loved for two long years just freely land on my shoulder? The only guy who I’d written poems for ( I’m not even poetic), the only person I’d cried and prayed hard for, and of whom I watched longingly from a distance, was finally holding me. A friend once told me that you don’t catch butterflies with a net. You wait patiently for it to come to you. If you’re lucky enough to have one, hold it in a way it could freely spread its wings. No matter how you want to keep them on your hand, you can’t. Butterflies have wings, they need to fly.

My story didn’t end with a happily ever after, so to speak. Armed with only the love that I thought would conquer all, I plunged in strange waters and drowned. I called it quits when a fear became reality and literally fell right in front of me. He wouldn’t and couldn’t stand up for me for several reasons too painful to explain. Unbelievably, I understood every bit of it. I just knew there was no more reason for me to stay, the only way to go was to let go. I decided to give up climbing shortly after that. That was more than a year ago. It was one of the hardest decisions I had made in my life, it literally tore me to a hundred pieces. I didn’t see any reason to climb anymore. To be up there, with the sunset and all, with the moon and stars would just remind me of my failure. My calling was over. Among the mountains I climbed in three years, it was ironic that it was in Mt. Makulot where I marked the end of my calling. During that last trip, the sunset was not as expected--- the colors were not as sharp, and it was a little gloomy then. As though to make up, the moon and the stars had never appeared so beautiful, as if making extra effort to sparkle even more that night. .If I only knew then it was to be my last climb, I would have said goodbye properly and maybe stayed a little longer. I accidentally saw him recently. I haven’t seen him, for maybe seven months or so. We don’t have any sort of communication either, so it was a total surprise seeing him. I was about to go home from a movie that night, and I saw him sitting in a café. He saw me and waved, all I could do was to wave back. All sorts of feelings came rushing down on me. Should I go there and say hello? But how? Admittedly I would have loved to say hi, but I opted not to. Some things might slip out of my mouth, I’m afraid his reaction thereafter might tear me into pieces all over again. Yup, I chickened out. There goes the love of my life, who I could never get myself to forget up until now. I wonder if I could see him again. Climbing mountains not only taught me to appreciate the mundane, it also taught me to embrace acceptance. In hindsight, you can’t conquer all mountains nor everything beautiful is made to last. Notwithstanding the uncertainty that lies ahead of me, I stand up, gather courage, as I ride my own mountain. This article is from - The UP Online Community Work have been published with author’s permission

CADUCEUS 2009 29


Sumagang by: Sonny Sendon

PHOTOS: Jo Barracuda and Mio Cade, ©2008 & 2009

Tumama ang silahis ng araw sa bundok: 45o sa kanluran. Bumungad ang wari’y umiilaw na kalansay ng mga puno: tanging anino ang nakikita namin sa malayo, ikinukubli nito kung ano ang wala na roon, ang abo ng minsang naroroon. Sabi ng mga matatanda, sinalungga ng Birheng Maria ang mga apoy sa bibig ng bundok nang minsan itong maghimutok. Nakaligtas ang maraming nayon sa paananng bundok. Sabi ng isang matanda, wala na ang Birheng Maria sa bundok ng Iriga. Nilimas ni Reming ang lahat ng bahay, sabi parang may baong lagari, piko at maso, walang iniwang nakatayo. Sabi ko: Ganito tayo inibig ng kalikasan… Lasog- lasog ang aking hininga, buhol-buhol ang aking dila bago ako magsalita, napakalamig ng lupang nakalapat, gumugulong sa ilalim ng aking mga paa—

30 CADUCEUS 2009

PHOTOS: Ruel Saligumba ©2006


asaan na ang mga Katawan?

Magpasahanggang ngayon ay may naghuhukay, hinuhukay na mga natabunang ilog, kalsada, bahay; nahuhukay na mga basag na pinggan, tsinelas, punit-punit na damit, gasera, libro, ngunit wala ang mga katawan. Wala maging ang kanilang mga buto. Nasaan na kaya sila pagkatapos ng bagyo? Naroon kaya sila sa lunan ng mga alamat? Kabilang na kaya sila roon katulad nila Tilmag, Sarikaw, Daruanak, Kulakog, Magayon na tumubo sa ating hinagap? Anong tumubo kundi takot, pangungulila? Nasaan na kaya silang patuloy na pinagbubuksan ng pintuan sa panaginip? Silang natabunan habang pinagsasaluhan ang malamig na gabi, isang latang sardinas, mumunting panalangin. Silang itinulog ang takot (gamot sa lahat ang tulog). Pitong buwan makaraan ngunit patuloy na may naghuhukay, may nahuhukay. Hindi na matitigil ang paghuhukay. Bawat bungkal sa mga buhangin at batong mula sa bulkan ay mga katawan ng isang alaala, na ito, halimbawa, ay bata, isang matanda, dalaga; na sa mga graba ay halakhak, sa mga tumutubong damo ay pag-ibig.

LITERARY Maria Luisa Therese B. Ayento

Down here, The lucid green swathes every niches unparalleled Every mossy drapes was important, every way was a swindler Up there, was nothing but the black hole for me, but it was your aurora borealis. My lost features— my all, austere gaze it was like a nirvana for you, and the karma you brought me you’re only one but you’re the whole mob you were the perfect anhedonic I know but you took pleasure of the set trap and my incomprehension I can’t contain the sardonic, riddle you crafted and more so, your incandescent cynical grin flashing through and through my every blinking do you really believe that you can terrorize me through a maze you set up that has no ending? Only dead ends forever? That, well see. Because There’s more labyrinth than what you barely see.


Maria Luisa Therese B. Ayento What is solid when you change its state? When you heat it, it’s liquid. Heat it further it can be gas. It dissipates, then gone.


Maria Luisa Therese B. Ayento

This is a story of a fall: a jump into untested surfaces, a surface you only thought of as… a soft bed, or water not too deep or a robust arms ready to catch

Illustration: Devoe S. Araujo


At the bottom, there was every shadow you just hoped for, but none of the forlorn truth only the makeshifts, only the versions only your blissful interpretations NO! was the perfect word your mind exclaimed, it’s a clear earshot really. but you muffled every syllables, even if it’s shrilling, or striking and deemed it all wrong--and so you took a plunge with high spirits. Then you broke your bone, but most broken is your heart. Now there’s a clear-cut deliberation: the sheer truth definitely sets you free but very satirical as it is, it will deform you heart like you are heartless for years.

But gas can return to liquid, only if you can confine it and put great pressure on it And liquid can return to solid, only if you freeze it, but will turn into ice. Very cold… And so maybe, it doesn’t want to occupy your given space anymore.

CADUCEUS 2009 31


Self-Esteem & Self-Concept














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No Boyfriend Since Birth?

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Marriage + Medicine=? Page 7.

The Paragon of

contentment & happiness



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Table of Contents A Fresh Life


Self-Esteem & Self Concept


NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth)




Sakal... Sakali... Saklolo!


Get the Look!


Tips and Trips


Resume of Jesus


Cover Girl Feature Story




a fresh A FRESHMAN’S ADJUSTMENTS by Madelline Camille Agustin


iving in an apartment, dorm or boarding house may put a great emphasis on our Activities of Daily living: new place, new ambiance, new environment and new people to deal with. Perhaps many of us preferred to lodge in a place nearby for us to fully embrace the high tides of Medicine. Some may find it very stressful, others find it exciting, but either way, our shelter makes a grand contribution on how we define our experience as a medical student. So here are some recommendations to aid you in acclimatizing your self in your pristine quarters:

Feel the atmosphere In order for you to be comfortable with a place, first, you must treat it as a “home”. This is where you belong, this is the milieu that offers you safety and security and above all, this is the setting where you can do your meta-school activities.

Recognize its internal and external compartments It would be a more satisfying stay if you have the access to places such as computer shops, grocery stores, diners, laundry shops and recreational centers. You might as well check your place, if it has imminent hazards such as broken stairs, grounding electrical outlets or pipe leaks so we can ensure a healthy haven to put our feet up.

Be friendly




ourselves familiarize with the place itself, might as well apply it to the living creatures inside.

Discipline yourself Remember our responsibilities and accountabilities. Don’t give in too much to the lax and freedom of living away from home. As an independent, we have to govern ourselves as appropriate as possible.

Be Neat Not only as doctors but also as a person, it necessitates us to keep our stuffs in proper arrangement, our beds made and our trashes on its rightful place. A grimy place may send a bad aura and may hinder our erudition so let’s keep it clean.

Save more Medicine is a very extraordinary career. Books, projects, handouts, and many expenses will soon be knocking our door so we better spend wisely and minimize splurging on unnecessary things. We also have to set aside our vanities and make an enormous sacrifice on curtailing our everyday expenditures.

Hello Mama, Hello Papa

Socialize, have a BFF and join cliques. This will ameliorate your burden of being alone in a new ground. As what they always say, we need someone and somebody. These would also facilitate a harmonious, family-like relationship in your new house mates.

Keep in touch with your family! Let them know about your triumphant victory, your worries and fears, your gratifying encounters with the cadavers and your come across with the new lessons. Check out on them, tell them how you miss them and tell them that after a long, tiring day, you’ll soon be home.



If ever there’s an unwanted one, modify and if ever there’s a virtuous one, share it. We can’t please everybody, so as we get

Above all, PRAY.




Self-Esteem &

Illustration: Kenneth D. Espino

Self Concept by Mrs. Rhodora M. Corpuz-Sta. Ana Officer in Charge, Guidance Services


s observed among medical students, academic life is indeed full of daunting challenges that more often than not lead to varied responses. Usually the experience generated among students by pursuing such a medical degree is relatively unpleasant. Students often complain of the struggles emanating from the demands of the professors. A medical student is expected to have the aptitude to confront obstacles related to academic requirements. Physical stamina is also expected due to students who need to go for an extra mile and stay awake until pass midnight. If the list of expectations will be enumerated, the list would be too numerous to mention. However, as guidance counselor to veer away from the unpleasant experience and highlight the derived meaning from being a medical student can inspire others to persevere with their academic life. In counseling students, self-concept and self-efficacy are familiar terms that are typically undermined, but this article aims to present the essence of these words. Matters about “self” can empower students and give them a sense of direction. Self-awareness is important since it enables the individual to know one’s strength and weaknesses. Knowing oneself brings forth enhancement of competencies and improvement of limitations. In the process of selfawareness it can be helpful to also focus on meanings of self-concept and self-efficacy. “You are what you believe!” If a person believes he’s a failure, indeed he will be a failure. If he believes he will



succeed, then success is possible. Self-concept is the representation made of several schemas’ about one self. Whether such schemas are positive and self-building or negative and self-destructing; one’s self-concept defines the complex belief system of an individual. On the other hand, belief in one self can be too general. There is also the belief of an individual about a specific ability. Whether he or she is competent to perform a certain task defines self-efficacy. There are individuals who believe in themselves; believe that they can do a specific task. Yet, the moment you ask them for an output there seems to be incongruence between what they think and what they can do. It has been observed among students who have high self-concept and self-efficacy that they think positively about themselves but when it comes to their performance, such students fall short of the actual expectations. When incongruence between their belief system and actual performance occurs, such can be frustrating on the part of students likewise with the professors. But how should an individual address such predicament relies on reality check. “Do you practice what you preach?” as the cliché goes. It is not enough to think positively about one self. Being positive is good but it should be supported by behavioral manifestation. If a student perceives oneself as competent in medicine this needs to be translated with one’s actions.



ne way or another, we girls have been fans of the concept of fairy tales. It’s a wonder that being kept by dwarves in the middle of a desolate forest, sleeping for a hundred years in a ghost kingdom, being imprisoned in a doorless tower by a jealous witch or even just losing a glass slipper to catch up some curfew, somehow manages you to be swept away by a tall, dark and handsome prince. But what if the dwarves never let go of you? What if you never woke up after the kiss? What if the witch found another way to climb so you’d have to cut your mile long hair now? Or what if fairy godmother gave you strapped high-heeled sandals so you won’t lose your footwear? What if you don’t meet your prince; will there be a happily ever after? (continue to next page)

NBSB No B o y f r i e n d S i n c e B i r t h | Fa i r y t a l e Re m i x by Francesca Mae A. Talal



LIFESTYLE Being single since birth or more popularly known as No Boyfriend Since Birth (NBSB) has been my way of life. Yes - of life - meaning I’ve managed to live happily and not think the world is over if I don’t breath boys. Sometimes though, you can’t help but ponder why you’re not aboard the “taken” ship yet. But I firmly believe that when it boils down to it, staying single is a matter of choice. For example, it’s not that one is not as beautiful, but it’s a matter of opting not to exert as much effort in enhancing your assets to lure guys in having another look at you. Not that physical appearance really matters since beauty, as said, is in the eye of the beholder. But don’t get me wrong; judging the way people look is a superficial yet sensible way to estimate a person, for the time being. If you choose to linger in having a look that does not appeal, you narrow the chances of appealing a guy that might want to know you deeper. Like in dissecting, you can’t go to the heart without passing through the skin. This pretty much goes the same for most of the reasons you associate with being an NBSB such as being too shy or traumatized, having strict parents, being in the wrong place or time, prioritizing other things rather than getting a beau, setting sky-high criteria in choosing a boyfriend or merely loving the single life. All these, you could modify if you chose to. Kung ayaw may dahilan, kung gusto palaging merong paraan! Single life is a different kind of liberty. You make choices without worrying if what pleases or upsets your other half. Being a total stranger to the struggles of sticking it out with another person makes me proud to say ignorance is bliss. Furthermore, the concept of being alone doesn’t give out a negative connotation as much as it affects people who are or who have been in a romantic relationship. You may not be experiencing the big L that couples have, but instead the world expands and gives you more highs to crave about. But you ask, how about the developmental need of intimacy at our age? According to Erikson’s psychosocial theory, intimacy could also be established through other passions such as work, family or friends. In short, being NBSB is definitely not a weird nor pitiful.



Being single is a statement declared increasingly in these times. Living it with your head up high is admirable. Instead of initiating futile, half-hearted attempts of acquiring a partner just because you resent being single since birth, why not make this status as an inspiration that you’ve strongly endured life so far independently and phenomenally? Until a prince actually exists and comes to sweep me off my feet, I’ll be the princess who’s already living my life happily ever after! Another viewpoint from a Medicine student…

RECOVER, DISCOVER and REALIZE… Why I am still single after few light years? -the writer


I am getting older, happy and proud to be single; in short, no boyfriend since birth. Why is that so? I have been asked by few friends and relatives for that matter. My answer would still be, he hasn’t found me or I am about to meet him in due time (safe and bitter answer I guess). I won’t deny the truth that once in my life I have questioned myself what’s wrong with me or what’s wrong with them (an arrogant inference). Don’t I deserve someone else? Am I not that good enough? Will I remain single forever? (applicable to those who dream to be married) Is it my destiny that I will be alone romantically? What counts more, personality or physical appearance? Are they intimidated (if there is something to be intimidated about)? Or often, some of you like somebody but he doesn’t like you. I was ridiculously curious then. In the meantime, I am enjoying the perks of being single. I just keep in praying and waiting.


As I have said, I am happy being single. Being solo has brought me countless blessings which I have shared

LIFESTYLE with others. I have more time for my friends; my world with them becomes wider. Friendship founded in love become deeper and I found joy with simple conversations with them. During those times, I discovered that I can receive love from my friends and invest on great friendship. In addition, I come to love myself more. By loving myself more, I can share that love especially to those who need it. I may not get the reward from someone specially created to sweep my feet away but I am happier to share that thing with others. Looking back on the years I have gone through, I was blessed enough to learn new skills, expand my perspective on knowing different kinds of people, took risks and responsibilities, learn to believe, trust, serve and lead others. It was a great experience that I mature and grow more with those. I just go with the flow and enjoy the single life.


While still single, I am enjoying the life I have. Like what I have said, I have prayed consistently that in due time, He will give me the real man I deserve. It is in Him that I trust and believe that He will fulfill His promises for me. He knows really what I need exactly even before I ask. I just wait (that in the case of a woman; for a man, go out and find one) and P.U.S.H. (pray until something happens). Lastly, I want to share these few lines…. The best way to keep that heart in shape always while still single is to love existence and share that love to others so that they may find life. Who knows? Just by sharing it simply, you will meet or find him/her in the most special and extraordinary way. You may tell yourself “I have no boyfriend/girlfriend since birth” for now but you might tell yourself “It is worth the wait” later. Here’s what other med students have to say about being single: Being single is being fervently strong and happy despite the solitariness in life. I never considered myself being alone because I am fortunate to have my family and friends. With their love and support, I never felt the emptiness of being a single. I don’t need a man just to feel the bliss of

being in love. As long as I have achieved my goals, I have my family and friends, and I have done what God has commissioned me to do, I feel accomplished and complete. With all these, I am able to cast a radiance and zeal to keep on rolling amidst the upheavals. As the saying goes, Happiness is a journey, not a destination. —Medstar, 23 No Boyfriend Since Birth (NBSB) – a term used to describe people who have never been into a relationship from the time that they are brought to earth up to the present time. But in a deeper point of view, NBSB is not just a term, it is an option. It’s not because we don’t want it, but because we know that we are not ready to give our all, that we have things to prioritize, and it’s also because we do understand, appreciate, and value what a relationship is all about. It’s not like “We’re done, if we don’t love each other anymore.” It is a lifelong commitment. It is an assurance that we’ll love and take care of each other. I know it will happen “At the right place and time.” It may seem like a fairytale fantasy but if you’ll read it again, you’ll feel that it is possible. I have faith and I will wait. —Night Fairy, 23 Being single since birth has its benefits and drawbacks, I can mingle and flirt to anyone I want to without being guilty. I can go out with my friends anytime I want to and do anything without anybody’s permission. It is really great being single, but at the same time, sometimes you feel that certain pang of sadness when everyone around you has someone they can call “mine”. —Pretty Woman, 20 Being a member of NBSB society is not bad at all. You are free of all the choices that you make. You don’t have to worry of hurting someone. What’s hard is when you get used to it. I bet having someone to love and being loved back is one thing we should not miss out —Ms. Little Sunshine, 23 .



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Spizzerinctum: The Will to Win by Cherry Liberty V. Reyes


remember when I was in first year, I was really excited hope and losing strength. Why? Because it was in the dark to learn new things- dissect a big fat cadaver for Gross hours that I came to realize that those people who took anatomy, how to deliver DM and obesity reports among the removal exams are the real fighters and not losers in a hypoglycemic and super healthy classmates(joke), how battle. Their desire to win every war is admirable. Some of to tame my wracking nerves during SGDs in Physiology my friends had scars that healed but few were still mendand how my brain atrophies studying Biochemistry. Despite ing the injuries they got from the previous struggle. They everything, I enjoyed. And indeed, I had gained knowledge may have failed in their battles but that doesn’t mean that after a year but it was not a bliss. Every learning comes with they don’t know anything. After winning the battle, their difficulties. As a student, I compromised few things- ample gears are stronger and had that heart of a tough fighter. sleep, watch TV shows, going home in the province and oth- They may not achieve the score or grade required but they ers which pertain to the immature me. It may be irrelevant have additional wisdom in their cranial vaults in which not to some of you, but for me, it is a big deal. A real big deal.. all learn from the lectures. Their pride was shut yet at the Leveling up, second year was a shock- not just for end humility set in. As for me, I remain standing still taking me but for many. Having finished second year is a bigger lessons with those people who went in the front line to fall deal in Med school. The mortality and morbidity are worse prey to the offenses of the opponent. And still, inspired by than the latter year for no one sees the vulnerability of the them to really keep going until I achieve my MD initials no unguarded heart and mind. I saw some of my friends poured matter what happens ahead. their tears, almost drowned Looking back, I realized yet survived, were brokenthat the best people to con“Sometimes we walk alone in life... Been hearted because of onefide with are not the most subject removal exam and intelligent or more knowlhurt by circumstances... Beaten by selfin the verged of losing up. edgeable than you are; ish desires..Weakened by failures..Yet... It was also a sensitization to rather, they are the people In the struggle to appreciate life, we go on a new allergy- the removal who had experienced a litexam syndrome. Welcome tle bit of pain, hurt, failure and along the way, we realize that after all to the human world.. and removals... Why? Prithese, we find our happiness with Him.” Third year comes marily, they are the people and mind you, it is the year with that brave heart and when a lot of us got allergies and few got sensitized. The brave soul who understand more of the hardship that we removal exam syndrome becomes a fad which doesn’t fas- are dealing with sometimes. And with that, I salute all the cinate all of us for it is not a fashion to get hurt, cry and survivors.Thank you for reminding me that I am human stubbornly study again. And mind you, the so-called syn- as well and reminding me again that the wheel is round. drome won’t be relieved by any of the drugs that every Med Sometimes we are on top or bottom but that doesn’t always student learns from pharmacology. This was the year that mean that we will be on top or bottom forever. Regardless memories of failing was catastrophic somehow- can’t be of the situations we are into (regular student or not, on buried 6 feet under instantly. dean’s list or not, happy or sad), we are bound to do the Though I haven’t taken the real removal exam, I same- that is to save life. Remember that we are all EQUAL understand the feeling of having a removal exam. It was not and no one is ABOVE the others but GOD. Lastly, while still a joke which you can laugh at, thinking that I was halfway in Med school, make the best out of our gifts and remain to really failing. Being included in the removal’s list was not standing firm despite the dooming days. At the end, we will easy. But after my name was cleared in the list, I realized find rest with happiness and goodness underneath all the that it was a blessing- to experience the feeling of losing scars as reward from the real and greatest physician-God.






by: Madelline Camille Agustin


y favorite author once said, when two people get married, they must stay frozen like that for the rest of their lives. You will move along side by side like two tracks, keeping always the same distance apart. The rules say: Be sensible, think of the future, think of your children. You can’t change; you must be like two railway tracks that remain the same distance apart all the way from their point of departure to their destination. (continue on next page) CADUCEUS 2009


LIFESTYLE Sakal. Sakali... p7

But what happens when this melodious life of tying the knot collides with your responsibilities as a medical student? Think about your time to study for the shifting exams, your group reports, your small group discussions, your quizzes, and your upcoming major exam. How can you be able to carry out all of these when you see your partner coming home and want a “pillow” talk? Or how can you find the time to keep your house a home? Taking the steps towards this noble profession can be the most challenging part of the lives of everyone who dares to enter this road less traveled by, and it obviously necessitates every single aspiring doctor to give a lot of their dedication to be able to succeed & enjoy the flames of a triumphant victory. This might be a hard-knock thing to think but let’s here these medical students (not in their real names) tell something about the life in marriage & Medicine. I asked Sheena, a sophomore student, what it was like being a wife and being a medical student.

But not all married students whine on the complexity of holding a stethoscope and wearing a wedding ring at once. Some find it very “inspiring”, just like in the case of Nina, who shares her piece of insight regarding her status. As a wife of a doctor, she sees it in a more positive way because her husband had been very supportive on her, he even teaches her on a few lectures that she hardly understands. “We were two very different people looking the same picture; my husband understands me, takes care of all my needs and gives me an unrestricted affection. Definitely, he would always be the perfect man for me, not perfect in its truest sense, but perfect for me because not all husband or wife could be aware of what we medical students are up to unless they were once wearing the same shoes that we are wearing right now.”

Some say they’re happy, some say they’re tired & some even say that it’s what makes them feel alive.

She verbalized that this thing is really tough compared to other post-graduate courses. There are times that she and her husband can hardly be called husband and wife because of their eventful timetables. There are also times that she fails to preserve her role as a wife because she has to do her research which requires a lot of her time. So when the going gets really tough, she feels like giving up medicine because this impedes her marriage life and scared that this might be the detrimental factor that will dissuade her husband from coming home to her. On the other side of the coin, the male counterpart plays a more arduous character on raising a family. David, a husband and a father of two kids, expressed the ups and downs of living the life of a family man. “Minsan kailangan kong umabsent pag nagkakasakit ang mga anak ko, nagtatrabaho kasi bilang nurse sa abroad yung asawa ko kaya ako na ang nanay at tatay ng mga


anak namin”. Adding more, “syempre pumapasok na sa school yung panganay kong anak kaya naman kahit papaano ay kailangan ko din naman asikasuhin”. As the father and mother of the family, David grasps the idea that it was a very thorny road to keep up with his grades and pay the demands of being a competent student. But being a doctor is his childhood dream, so he says that he’s willing to pay the toll on having that M.D. title on his name. Besides, you can hardly be called a Medical student if not for the sacrifices you have to bet.


Finding the one, realizing that one is the one and ending up marrying that one is a normal cycle for almost all the people I know, but what adds spice to this marriage thing is when you fuse it with another equally dynamic task. Some say they’re happy, some say they’re tired and some even say that it’s what makes them feel alive, but nevertheless, it’s all a question of how we view our lives, how we want it to be and we can make things happen. Again, back to the basic principle, it’s just a matter of proper time management.

PHOTO: Dan Lecca, 2009 Calvin Klein Automne-Hiver Show


Get the Look! White uniform, CHECK! Black shoes CHECK! These are the two items in a Medicine student’s closet that you would always find. Yes, these are essentials in our daily schooling but how about when you need to relax, stroll in the park, have a party? What should you wear? Here are some easy fashion forward looks from our favorite Hollywood stars that spell H-O-T.


Are you off to mall with your special someone? Watch movies with your buddies? Pig out in your favorite restaurant with your family? These looks from Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldrof ) and Zac Efron (High School Musical’s Troy Bolton) would give you a comfy yet stylish look.

On Leighton Meester…

Rectangular sunglasses, Beige tank top, steel satin V-neck vest, skinny jeans and black gladiator shoes

OR ee The Queen B



PHOTO: Dan Lecca, 2009 Calvin Klein Automne-Hiver Show


Vintage tee, leather varsity Jacket, slim fit jeans and brown sneakers

OR Ages Hunk for All

Pulling off a casual yet chic look is easy as ABC! This style can be found in your closet; all it takes is a keen eye for matching up some of your work clothes with some of your play clothes and the ability to accessorize accordingly. Just like tailored slacks or a very feminine blouse, with something completely informal like a leather jacket or a pair of jeans. Maureen Singer, a Los Angeles area fashion stylist who has clients in the entertainment business, suggests going through your wardrobe and picking out your most beloved clothing items that you wear to work and that you wear on weekends. As the name of the style suggests, you want things to contrast in a casual and chic way. For example, the velvet blazer can be worn with a white t-shirt, a pair of jeans and some ballet flats. It goes the same way with men. It’s important to understand that you can mix and match in a way that best suits your tastes.


When party dials your number you should be up and ready (just don’t forget to review for tomorrow’s shifting). You need clothes that will surely put you on the spotlight! So here are looks from Olivia Wilde (House MD’s Dr. Remy “Thirteen” Hadley) and Robert Pattinson (Twilight’s , Edward Cullen) that would definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

On Olivia Wilde…

Drape tunic dress, black strappy sandals and cuff bracelet.

OR Doc Thirteen

10 CADUCEUS 2009

LIFESTYLE On Robert Pattinson…

Gray blazer, brushed cotton checked shirt, distressed jean and trainer’s shoes.

OR ?... nah! the Cold one On Taylor Lautner…

In his seductive dark side wearing a velvet waistcoat, plain shirt, black tie and jeans for a relaxed look.

OR Woof! You don’t have to spend much just to achieve this look. When attending Cocktail parties, choose a sheath dress. The classic silhouette is ideal for many body shapes and can be dressed up with metallic accessories, or statement jewelry. If accessories are too fussy for you, choose a sheath in red or emerald, so you make a style statement without much effort. For men a suit isn't necessary, but a sports jacket and trousers look nice. If it's in the evening, a dark suit is certainly appropriate. Wear dark socks, and keep shoes appropriate for what you're wearing. But, the real main ingredient for this look is CONFIDENCE, so strut it! FYI: What is a Sheath dress? Elegant, feminine and practical, the sheath dress is defined by a figure-hugging silhouette with a well-defined waist that usually is cut mid-calf or shorter. Sheath dresses may be designed with or without sleeves, and are typically most flattering on toned, hour-glass figures. Sources: | | |

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TIPS & TRIPS by Cherry Liberty Reyes

PONCIANAS Nature trip ba ang hanap mo o kaya naman namimiss mo ang lutong bahay ni nanay o ni lola? With that in mind, you could try this one. After a long tiring day of reviewing for a shifting exam and realize thereafter that you reviewed for a wrong subject, preparing for conferences or studying for practical exams, definitely you deserve to step into a place that would lower your gastric acidity and increase your palatability. The ambiance can catch your attention for the reason that you’ll hardly find a dining place in Fairview near FEU-NRMF where you can see variety of bonsai plants housed in a dining

place. The food here ranges from tortang talong, pork barbecue to tinumis which will definitely satisfy your cravings. Note: Di naman binonsai yung food at di bonsai ang nagseserve. Food: 5/5 Place: 4/5 Price: 3/5 Service: 4/5 Accessibility: along Omega street, near R and B Must see: the bonsai plants and chirping toy bird in the counter

READ AND BREW (R&B) This place is the alternative night library of medical students. When you run out of load of your broadband or you don’t have access to the internet in your place, maybe this is one of the answers to your dilemma. Most of the students go to this meeting place to work on their researches, reports, conferences, etc. It is known for its variety of coffee, tea, smoothies, cakes, cookies and few meals to choose from like tapsilog and spare ribs.

12 CADUCEUS 2009

Note: Sana mas madami ka naresearch o nabasa kesa sa nakain mo na cheesecake, pasta o nainom na tsaa o kape..

Food: 4/5 Place: 4/5 Price: 4/5 Service: 4/5 Accessibility: along Omega street, near Ponciana’s Perk: internet connection from 10am to 12 midnight.. Must see: the comfort room (see it for yourself ) (continue to p. )

L L II F FE ES ST TY YL LE E (Tips & Trips p. )

RODICS Sounds cowboy?! This is not the place for the hungry horse rather a place that can suit one’s horse-like appetite. It is known for its tapsilog which is their best seller meal at this moment. It also offers some “-LOG” meals like longsilog, tosilog, etc.. In addition, you can try other fares like sinigang and pork liempo. As you experience the food tripping, get to appreciate the explicit wooden furnitures in which you cannot catch sight of from other dining areas within FEU-NRMF premises. Note: Di ka naman magiging kahoy pagkatapos mo kumain.. Food: 4/5 Place: 3/5 Price: 4/5 Service: 4/5 Accessibility: along Buick Street

KONAH CAFÉ Tired of eating hotdogs from the students lobby cafeteria or eating canned sausages? Maybe you want to try big sausages para maiba. This dining place also offers coffee, cakes, cookies and pasta. Food: 4/5 Place: 3/5 Price: 4/5 Service: 3/5 Accessibility: along Rolex street, at the back of FEU-NRMF Must try: choco lava, mooncake, spicy Hungarian sausage


(IHAWAN SA BUICK STREET) Want a garage party?! Though the place is uniquely located in a garage, the food here doesn’t taste like tire or grease. As the name implies, it is known for its grills- from pork and chicken barbecue to isaw to squids. They also offer few cuisines to choose from depending on their meals for the day like kare-kare, fish fillet and other meals that sound new to your ear and taste. Don’t forget the vinegar sauce for your ihaw (a catch perhaps, not too sweet, spicy and salty). Note: kunwari wala kang alam sa parasitology para mas masarap ang kain mo... enjoy!


(IHAWAN SA DAHLIA STREET) This dining place offers sisig, bulalo, Malaysian fried noodles, etc.. If you plan to dine in for lunch, better to come early for it is difficult to grab a seat. Food: 4/5 Place: 3/5 Price: 4/5 Service: 3/5 Accessibility: located in a secret place along Dahlia street

Food: 5/5 Place: 3/5 Price: 4/5 Service: 4/5 Accessibility: along Buick Street

13 CADUCEUS 2009 28


14 CADUCEUS 2009


CADUCEUS 2009 15


The Paragon

of contentment & h a p p i n e s s by Grethel S. Navarro


road in the beam, Anj has found satisfaction in life despite of her insecurities and imperfections. This girl doesn’t mind what people say about her, so she just keeps on rolling. With her contagious humor, she creates an ordinary conversation into an extraordinarily drooling mood. She really seeks to uplift those with low spirits in her own little funny ways. Furthermore, she tries to enjoy exploring the wide horizon as she finds happiness amidst the heavy sledding of life.

Honestly, I was shocked because I really didn’t expect it; basta binigyan ako ni Russel ng paper na sasagutan then I answered it and passed it on deadline tapos after 2 days sabi magprepare ako ng mga clothes for pictorial. I’m happy din syempre ‘coz I’m the first cover girl of Caduceus Lifestyle magazine and I’m part of history. I’m really flattered, kasi ako yung napili kahit na simpleng student lang ako sa school, I was given this chance to share a part of me. If you could change something about yourself/ life, what would it be? I won’t change anything about my personality because this

is me and I’m happy with my imperfections. I love myself and the people around me, especially my family and true friends. They love me for who I am and they embrace my positive and negative attitudes. I think I will TRY (take note TRY) my best to lose some weight, (laughs) I badly need to lose weight for health reasons. (continue to page )

Masaya ako na maging cactus n’yo because I’m able to touch you in my own little thirst quenching way...

16 CADUCEUS 2009

How does it feel to be the cover girl of Caduceus’ first lifestyle magazine?


LIFESTYLE ...The Paragon P.

What do you most proud of? I am proud of being the daughter of my parents and by heart of Mommy Yay, my aunt. Mommy Yay is always there for me since I was a kid, anakanakan nya ako in short. I am who I am because of her. She helped me in building the blocks of my goals and in reaching for my dreams. I am proud that she shared a part of her life to me because without her, I am not the Angeli that I am right now. I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to my parents and to mommy Yay for everything. I want them to know that they’re the greatest blessing I ever received from Papa God. (naiiyak ako...) When it comes to family matters, you can always feel the softness of Anj. No wonder, the strength and vitality radiating from her emanates from her family’s love and support. This could be the reason why she keeps her positive attitude towards life despite the mountain of struggles she experiences everyday. How do you like to be treated by a guy? Medyo natawa ko sa question, (laughs). I want to be treated like a princess yung tipong alagang alaga ka, yung I can feel that I’m protected all the

time, yung parang everything is alright when you’re with him and parang almost perfect, yung tipong fairytale. That’s the ideal treatment na I dreamed of nung nasa teenage years pa ako. As time goes by, I realized that I want to be treated with love and respect, that’s it. Will a guy complete your life? YES (someday), because for me, a guy is part of the ingredients that will make your life full of taste kumbaga sa Physio ito ay UMAMI….

THE SEARCH IS ON... What should be the image of FEUNRMF Medicine student that will embody the Institute of Medicine? For me, a Medicine student must have S.T.D., which means Sipag, Tiyaga at Determinasyon. Staying here in FEUNRMF is not a joke. So, you should have S.T.D. to BUILD your dream of becoming a doctor, to BELIEVE that you will be doctor, and to SURVIVE all the obstacles that will come your way. If you were a cactus, why? Kung titignan mo ang cactus, masyado itong matinik at hindi mo ito ha-

hawakan at papansinin nang matagal dahil hindi sya tipikal na halaman na makakahalina kaagad sa iyong mga mata. Kung ako ay isang cactus, ako ay matinik dahil ang mga tinik ko ang nagsisilbing sandata ko sa mga taong nagnanais na pabagsakin ako. Ang mga tinik ko ay ang pinangagalingan ng aking lakas-- lakas na nagmula sa mga problemang hinaharap ko sa buhay. Ang bawat tinik sa aking pagkatao ay sumasalamin din sa mga talentong meron ako na pinapagyaman ko at ng mga taong naniniwala sa kakayahan ko. Kung mapapansin mo, parang ang galing kong magdala ng mga problema. Lagi akong masaya at nakatawa; ngunit sa kabila ng matinik kong anyo, ako ay isang cactus na tubig ang laman sa loob. Tubig na sumisimbolo ng aking mga kahinaan; ito ang aking mga luha. Hindi naman ako perpekto, may mga pagkakamali din ako. May mga oras na nadadapa ako, pero hindi ko pinapakita na lumuluha ako dahil sa mundo natin, pinagsasamantalahan ang kahinaan mo. Sa mga kaibigan at pamilya ko, ako ay inyong cactus sa mga oras na naliligaw kayo sa disyerto. Tutulungan ko kayo sa pagpawi ng uhaw nyo at masaya ako na maging cactus nyo because I’m able to touch you in my own little thirst quenching way.

“ I want to be treated with love and respect, that’s it! ” -Anj

CADUCEUS 2009 17

LIFESTYLE Name: Angeli Christine G. Aguilar Nickname: Anj Birthday: December 23, 1985


Section: 3C Age: 24

Educational background/ Awards Received Primary: St. James College of Quezon city Secondary: Best in Filipino, Champion Greek Mythology Quiz Bee--Colegio de San Lorenzo College: B.S. Medical Technology ----FEU-NRMF, School of Medical Technology Leadership Awardee , 3rd Place Interhospital Quiz bee (RICO 07- MICO 06) Achievements: Best Muse Sports fest 2009, MICO (Midyear Interns Class Organization) 2006 President, making people happy ! Hobbies: Reading (especially about love), Facebook (Net), Dancing, Watching Karaoke and Kapamilya shows, Chatting with friends, Malling, Shopping, Eating Civic/ community involvement: Hearbeat for Christ, Ihi at Dumi (MedTech community project in Holy Spirit)

NO BOYFRIEND SINCE BIRTH... As a certified NBSB, she deserves a man who will unconditionally love, respect, and keep her for a lifetime. I am Angeli Christine G. Aguilar, a certified NBSB or No Boyfriend Since Birth. I am 24 years old and I never had a boyfriend. The usual question I hear is “Ui..may boyfriend ka na ba?” and of course the usual answer is “Meron na si _____(current crush), pero secret lang kasi pag nalaman nya break na kami ” (laughs). Honestly I’m sick and tired of hearing that question. It’s hypocrite for me to say that I wanted to stay NBSB forever but being an NBSB is my choice and my opportunity to invest in knowing myself well before I’ll share myself to a significant other. I should be ready in the aspects of my life, be it emotionally, physically and spiritually because I don’t want to venture in short term relationships. I wanted to have MY ONE AND ONLY.

10 Things that Make Anj’s Day 1. Listening and singing my favourite song while taking a bath 2. Laughing out loud with friends sa mahabang upuan sa 3rd floor 3. Drinking Yakult or Moo 4. Secret glances with friends sa classroom 5. Cracking up jokes 6. Quiz free day 7. Masarap na ulam 8. Watching Primetime Bida of Channel 2 9. Day dreaming 10. Facebook

18 CADUCEUS 2009

LIFESTYLE LESSON TO LIVE BY I have three favourite thoughts to live by. First, this quote was from Magellan, “You cannot discover new ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”. I remember, I told everyone about this quote during my speech in my 18th birthday. After 5 years, I was able to move out of my shell

las dalas kong magreklamo na pagod na ko pero hindi ko pa nga nararanasan maging doctor, nasa start pa lang ako ng race sumusuko at nagrereklamo na ko. Kaya nung narinig ko yun, I told myself tama si Doc. The more responsibilities na magkakaroon ka, isipin mo na hindi nakakapagod yun kasi it’s a blessing for you to become the best of you can be in your chosen field

lang ng Aja!! It’s just a three letter word which can give meaning to your gloomy day. As a doctor soon to be, Anj provides laughter to her patients as the best medicine ever discovered. Imagine how laughter lightens up every burden of anybody. Hey, this can be a cogent recommendation for a wellness program.

“Pag pagod ka na AJA! Hindi ako mapapagod. Aja lang ng Aja!!!” and find what my heart really desires because I did not set any limits on my abilities. The second one is the latest from Dr. De Vega. During our lecture with him in GIT Pedia, he told us “Being a doctor is exhausting but it’s rewarding”. I was struck with this simple sentence kasi ang da-

and in the end may reward yun, yung respetong makukuha mo sa ibang tao at walang perang katumbas na makakabili nun. The third one is my favourite line, “AJA!”, kasi Aja means everything especially pag feeling mo malapit ka ng sumuko, sasabihin mo lang AJA!! Kaya ko to. Pag pagod ka na AJA! Hindi ako mapapagod. Aja

QUESTION & ANSWER 1. The word that best describes me is: BUBBLY 2. My comfort food is: Lays Classic or Mc Donald’s French Fries 3. The most romantic thing a guy did for me was: Wala, secret, pag sinabi ko alam na nya na kinikilig ako, (laughs). 4. Your dream date would be: Simple lang ideal date ko 1.) dapat alamin niya 6 favorite foods ko (all courses na yun) 2.) siya dapat magluluto 3.) masaya na ko na may mga rose petals sa paligid 4.) may heart shape na candles 5.) may tumutugtog ng 3 favorite songs ko 6.) kuwentuhan to the max at dapat napapatawa ko 7.) sa garden

5. The wackiest thing I ever did was: to pretend that I was pregnant with a positive pregnancy test from Clinical Microscopy class (kahit na mukha talaga sa laki ng tiyan ko, (laughs) 6. 5 years from now, I see myself: walking down the aisle. 7. Name your 3 priorities in life: studies, family and reaching for my dreams 8. I see myself: specializing in Anaesthesiology or Surgery 9. The subject in Medicine I struggled the most was: Physical diagnosis A, till post removal do us part. 10. The most significant character of a Physician would be: Selflessness because as a Physician, you should devote yourself to those people who need you 24/7 without any complaints.

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