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Promote the upcoming film, “Bad Grandpa.� We need to ensure the target audience sees the film and it becomes a worldwide financial success.

THE TARGET Men 18-30. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, etc. Young adults or students. Live at home or with roommates or alone. They enjoy brash and crude comedies primarily and watch shows such as South Park.

THE PROMISE We need to promise our segmented market that “Bad Grandpa� is going to be a hilarious comedy that will make you laugh throughout the entire experience.

THE STATEMENT “Bad Grandpa” is a crude comedy about Johnny Knoxville playing his trademark character Irving Zisman on the TV show, “Jackass.” The film along with the show that inspired the movie appeals to audiences whom enjoy wackiness and overall crazy stunts that would otherwise never happen in real life. It represents a crass and distorted sense of humor.

RADIO AD #1 “Infomercial”

RADIO AD #2 “Song Request”

RADIO AD #3 “Talk Show”

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