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Teeth Whitening Options To Consider Who doesn't want whiter teeth? Many people are not happy with the color of their teeth and want to do whatever it takes to make them whiter. Are you one of those people? Luckily, there are many options when it comes to teeth whitening. The following article explains some of the available options so you can choose for yourself how you want to make your teeth whiter than ever.

One thing you can do is prevent staining. There are many different things that can stain your teeth and smoking is one of them. There are also many drinks that yellow the teeth. Some of these beverages are wine, tea, coffee and sodas. Some foods also cause teeth staining. Berries, sweets and sauces are foods that can stain the teeth. While it may not be possible to totally avoid these items, if you want to avoid staining, try eating or drinking them less. You can also try drinking through a straw; this can keep stain-causing drinks off of your teeth. Brushing immediately following consuming foods or drinks can help, too.

You may also look into a good electronic toothbrush. Some of the better electronic toothbrushes clean your teeth much better than traditional toothbrushes. Paired with whitening toothpaste, you can reverse a lot of staining.

Flossing can also help with discoloration. You should floss at least one time a day. Flossing helps remove tarter and plaque, which can form around the gum line and cause discoloration.

It is not always possible to brush after each meal. For those times when you can't brush immediately after eating, chew teeth whitening gum. This will not clean your teeth, but it can prevent stains from forming on your teeth.

Another option is baking soda. Baking soda is a natural whitener you can use on your teeth. You can either simply rub it on your teeth for a few minutes or mix it with water, make a paste and brush with it.

There are many different over the counter whitening products you may want to consider. You can try

whitening strips. There are many different strengths and options when it comes to whitening strips. Bleach and trays are another options you might want to explore.

Many beauty salons are now offering teeth whitening. This is quite a bit better than the over-thecounter options. Depending on the color of your teeth and how what you want them, this whitening usually costs around a hundred dollars and takes about an hour.

For even better whitening, you can get your teeth whitened by a dentist. Whitening done by a dentist is the best and quickest whitening available. It is not the cheapest, though.

When you are ready to whiten your teeth, consider the options shared in this article. Hopefully, you will be able to find a way to get the results you want. There is no reason for you to wish for a white smile any longer, try one of these options and have a smile you are proud of. For more advice click here

Teeth Whitening Options To Consider  

either simply rub it on your teeth for a few minutes or mix it with water, make a paste and brush with

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