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Happy 2010 to everyone! I hope you all had a nice holiday and are now ready for Lent Term. Nonetheless, it will be holiday again in 8 weeks’ time =] It would be an excellent idea to go travelling in Easter for a bit of relaxation before hell, but what if you are planning to stay in Cambridge all the time? Go Punting! In this issue, we would be sharing where to get your punts and where to go. Hope you will find them useful. Enjoy punting!


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Many thanks to all the writers, and whoever offered help. This is the last issue of The Reflection this year; Hope you have enjoyed the previous two issues. If you have any suggestions, please email me on or to the next Publicity Officer. Reflect your view! Publicity Officer Marco Lam




Freshers Fair 6 to 7-10-2009

Freshers Squash 11-10-2009

The start of michaelmas term is a happy time for ChiSoc, as this is when we welcome new members into our big family. The two days of Freshers’ Fair organised by the CUSU was a brilliant opportunity for us to introduce ChiSoc to a lot of students. People who approached us ranged from Chinese students to international ones, from freshers to postgraduates, and from architects to zoologists. Over 60 of them joined ChiSoc during the event. Thanks to our generous sponsors, our new members received a free polo shirt along with a membership card that entitles them to discounts at various restaurants across the town.

As the first social event of the year, the Freshers Squash certainly lived up to our expectations with around 100 people attending. This year we have secured the prestigious venue of the Bar of Cambridge Union. Plenty of snacks and drinks were provided while new students mingled with existing members who shared the experience in Cambridge. The Chinese Society committee members also took the opportunity to promote our subsequent events such as Night Punting and Funkyard. The event ended with many new people joining our society and some chaotic moments when we distributed the new Chinese Society polo!

Welcome and thanks once again to our new members. We hope you have a brilliant time in Cambridge with our society!

Funkyard 19-10-2009 Following on the success of our summer party Giorgio @ Armani Bar, the high spirited atmosphere among our members lingered on and many anticipated more clubbing activities to follow in Cambridge. We were glad to see our affiliated society ABACUS to organize the famous party Funkyard, and the Chinese Society acted as a co-host of it. Many members released their stresses m me e at ‘‘the Place’ by indulging multiple at shots and champagne. Over ttequila te eq q 40 4 0 members attended the event and we all enjoyed a great night! we

Variety Show 2010 Production Committee Election 25-10-2009 Following the success of the Variety Show 2009, it was time for the handover to a new committee. This year’s election, however, was more dramatic than most of us might have expected. The election took two separate days to complete, and lasted for more than 4 hours in total. Following a briefing session, where the 2009 production committee shared their experiences with interested freshers, the first election took place on 25th October at Corpus Christi’s McCrum Theatre. The positions were to be elected in three rounds, starting with the producer, followed by the vice-producer and finally the other 4 positions. Each candidate was required to give a speech and to receive questions from the floor before the voting process. Excellent speeches were delivered by our candidates. The question-andanswer session was entertaining and of high standard. Competition was particularly fierce for the producer position, which took two rounds of voting to complete. The election for the publication officers was postponed by one week due to time constraint.

Let us express our appreciation to all candidates for their courage and enthusiasm, and for surviving through the harsh challenges from the floor. Congratulations to the newly elected production committee. Let us wish them a great time working together towards another successful CUCS Variety Show. The following shows the list of candidates:

Producer Lawrence Ching, Kenneth Lock, Roberta Cheung

Vice-producer Michelle Li, Kenneth Lock, Steph Ip

Secretary Adrienne Yeung

Treasurer Cameron Lai, Bryan Chu

Publication Officers Derek Tsoi, Josephine Tsoi

Night Punting 26-10-2009 It has been a traditional delight of the Chinese Society to provide a night punting trip for our members after they settled into the busy Cambridge life, and this year is no exception. Several punts from Queens and Clare carried around 30 members to travel along the River Cam. Amidst the cold weather, our members enjoyed the grapes, snacks and drinks provided by the Chinese Society and the beautiful collection of stars in the sky. Some members even took the pleasure to race with their punts! The night ended with an informal gathering of some members in Kelvin Lee’s room having food of Trailer of Life.

Poker Tournament 7-11-2009 The game consists of 2 rounds. Participants were split into 2 groups to compete in the first round. Each round lasted for 90 minutes. Top 3 players from each group of the first round continued to the final round with the bankroll from the first round. Congratulations to the winners.

Champion Roger Wong First Runner-up Calvin Cheung Second Runner-up Silas Yuen,

CUCS Michaelmas formal 23-11-2009 In the midst of misery and exhaustion, the CUCS Michaelmas formal was the event everybody was looking forward to in week 7. The formal dinner was held in the main dining hall of Murray Edwards college, also known as the Dome. Well known for its excellent quality of food, the chef carefully put together a special menu for the 95 guests on the evening. The dinner began with a brilliant and inspiring speech from our dear President, Joseph Cheng, advocating responsible drinking. Despite so, ChiSoc continued with its usual generosity and provided a bottle of wine between two. Our guests ts ts enjoyed a great evening together, which ch was not only an occasion for escaping from work, but was also a time for memmbers to catch up with old friends and mingle with new ones.

 MENU  Smoked Salmon & MonkďŹ sh Terrine with Lime & Dil l ************** Cumin & Coriander Spiced Leg of Lamb Steak ************** Fruits of the Forest Cheese cake With Red Berry Coulis  Vegetarian Option

Roasted Mediterranean Veg

etable & Mozzarella Terrine With Baby Leaf Salad & Balsamic Dressing ************** Stued Norfolk Field Mu shroom With Sweet Potato & He rb Risotto ************** Fruits Of The Forest Cheese cake With Red Berry Coulis Served with Red and Wh

ite wine.


Cambridge Games 28-11-2009 Who said people going to Cambridge are all nerds? We can be good at playing games too@ Following the enthusiastic participation of our memebers in last year’s Cambridge Games and the Poker Tournament last week, CUCS has continued the Cambridge Games. Members joined as teams of 2 to compete in Big 2, Winning Eleven, UNO and Downstairs.

Shouts of excitement and cries of despair were heard as soon as the intense preliminary matches began. Participants had to focus on the game as one little mistake could get them out of the game. After hours of matches came the highlight of the night - the grand finals. These were not only tests for skill and ability, but also tests for endurance as the finalists have already spent hours concentrating on playing. Soon enough, the winners of each game were born - they were Jacky Yuen (UNO), Ludwig Pang (Big2) and Vincent Chan (Winning Eleven, Downstairs). Many congratulations on their success!

Cambridge Games Results

1-12-2009 Pub Meet Unlike the pub meets in former years, CUCS cooperated with HKPG this year to provide a valuable opportunity for undergraduates and postgraduates to mingle with each other. It was the Tuesday in the final week of term, when CUCS and HKPG booked the basement at the traditional Anchor pub. 60 members gathered around to enjoy a warm and cozy evening, as they celebrated the end of yet another term. The night ended joyfully with many of us going to the Darwin College Bar and Trailer of Life for more food!

To many of us, this year’s Nottingham Games was indeed N a truly t u memorable experience. It was tr encouraging enco en c uragin to see an unprecedented number and supporters joining num nu mber of participants part 24-10-2009 tthi his year despite the 2-hour journey, not to mention uss this havi ha vviin ng g to to wake ke up p before dawn w having dawn. This wa was also the first time CUCS entered for badminton competition in addition to the football, basketball and volleyball events. After succumbing to defeat against the all-star Imperial College team, t the t basketball team quickly gathered their momentum and performed t above expectation in the game a against UCL. To our supporters’ a disappointment, a combination of d fatigue and bad luck denied our team f the chance to claim victory in the t final game against Southampton.

Nottingham Games

The football team outperformed themselves in their first match against Royal Holloway, but was unfortunate to find themselves one goal behind on the score board when the final whistle blew. Frustration coupled with bad weather prevented our team from performing at their usual level and we were secondbest throughout the match against Loughborough. Sheer dominance of the KCL team in the last match made certain that an upset was not in line.

Not demoralized by initial defeat against Leicester, the volleyball team fought relentlessly against Loughborough and played a magnificent game. The final match against Warwick was the centre of attention in the sports hall, in which our team unfortunately suffered a narrow defeat. As newcomer our As n ew wco come mer to o tthe he ccompetition, he om mpe p ttiiti tion ion on ou o ur badminton team made their presence b felt f by forcefully progressing to the semi-fi nals after coming on top in s the group stage matches against t Bristol and KCL. After losing against B Manchester in a closely-contended M match, our team did us pride by m beating York in the subsequent b game, clinching third place in the g tournament. FFor CUCS, C CSS this CU hi year’s ’ Nottingham N i h Games was undoubtedly a huge success. Not only did we have a record-high turnout, but we also achieved what we had never achieved in CUCS history – a medal!


!! L A D ME

Career Events

Deutsche Bank Roadshow 27-10-2009

- Deutsche Bank - Baker & McKenzie - Deacons - White & Case - Allen & Overy

It is our pleasure to invite the prestigious investment bank Deutsche Bank to return to Cambridge again after last year’s successful event to talk about careers opportunities in their Asia Pacific office. The event was held in the University Arms Hotel and we had a grand buffet lunch together with eight representatives from Deutsche Bank. As the only bank that sent its Asia Pacific team to visit Cambridge on campus and the Platinum Sponsor of the Chinese Society, Deutsche Bank’s team did not disappoint any of the attendees and many of our members gained precious insights from the Bank’s representatives about the development of emerging markets in Asia and specific full time and internship opportunities at the Bank.

Recruitment Roadshow 12-11-2009 After the presentation, representatives of Baker & McKenzie and Mr. Chris Tsao, an LSE student and future trainee of Baker & McKenzie, stayed behind and mingled with our members. Snacks and drinks were served and many of us enjoyed the salmon bagels and blinis! The event was a great success and it was encouraging to see many UK-based law It is our honour to be the host of the students have started to consider a Cambridge Recruitment Roadshow career in Asia as a real possibility. of Baker & McKenzie China, which is also the Gold Sponsor of our Chinese Society. This year we secured a Law Faculty lecture hall as the venue for the lunchtime presentation. Hong Kong Law Week Mr. Stephen Eno, Partner of Baker 14 to 18-12-2009 & McKenzie and Ms. Louise Wong, the Graduate Recruitment Manager This year the Chinese Society organcame all the way from Hong Kong to ized an unprecedented ‘Hong Kong explain the recruitment process of Law Week’ by cooperating with a Baker & McKenzie’s summer internseries of international law firms over ship in 2010 to around 30 Asian law the Christmas Holiday. The ‘Hong students. Mr. Eno also highlighted Kong Law Week’ featured 4 law firms’ the advantages of working in a glorecruitment presentations held by bal law firm which prides itself with Deacons, Baker & McKenzie, White & its international network and high Case and Allen & Overy. quality work.

The first event was held by Deacons on 14/12, which is also the Silver Sponsor of the Chinese Society. In the Alexandra House office of Deacons in Central, over 40 law students attended the event and enjoyed the Career Seminar on graduate opportunities delivered by Mr. Alfred Tam, the Graduate Recruitment Partner of Deacons. Trainees of Deacons such as Cadence, Mandy and David also shared their experience in Deacons and highlighted the great support Deacons off ffers to its trainees.

The process featured interviews with associates and a presentation in front of the recruitment partner. Future trainees Melody Ching and Gladys Moon also gave an impressive account of the working environment they enjoyed during their internship the year before.

On 18/12, Allen & Overy Hong Kong organized a coffee & tea reception in change h Squ uar are e office ffor stuits Ex Exchange Square dents from Cambridge and other UK Asian law students. After the recruitment presentation by the Graduate On 16/12, we saw two Gold SponRecruitment Manager Julia Sheng, so ors of the Chinese Society, Bak ake ker & many many trainees ma train i ees an nd as sso sociiattes e o sors Baker and associates off McKe Mc Kenz n ie and White & Case, h oldi ol ding ng Allen Alllen & Ov Al Overy wh ho graduated graadu gr aduate uated d fr ffrom rom om McKenzie holding who theirr recruitment recr re crui uitm tmen entt presentations en p es pr esen enta tati tion ons in Cam Ca mbri mb ridg dg told dge ld d us how ho ow they t ey th e adaptadaaptpttCambridge their Pacific Place office aand nd Central Cen en ntral tr e the transit ition fr ffrom om C Ca ambr bridg ge tto o ed transition Cambridge Tower office respectively. respective ely. O ve er 30 the co omm mmer erci rci cial al law aw w orld orld d. It was w waas a Over the commercial world. peop pe ople le attended aatt tten ende ded d ea each ch event, event nt, wi with th deli de eligh ghtf tful ul eexperience xp per erie ienc ie nce nc e to to h ave av e a mi m niinipeople delightful have ministu ude dent ntss fr ffrom om Cambridge, Cambr C brid br idge id ge,, Ox- reunion re of Cambr rid dge law law students sstu tude tu dents den ts many students Cambridge ford fo rd, LS LSE, E Warwick, New Zealan nd an aand d in H Hon ong on g Ko ong g! ford, Zealand Hong Kong! Au A Aust ust stra tra raliliaa. In In White Wh W h hit ite it e&C ase’ss e ase eve vent nt, Australia. Case’s event, Gr G rac ace Fo FFong on ng g aand nd dK Kat atie ie G Gle ledh dh hililll fr from om m Grace Katie Gledhill tth he Hu H uma man R man Re eso sour urce cess Department Dep rt Depa rtm ment ment the Human Resources expl ex pllaaiin p ne ed th tthe he recrui rrecruitment re e itm tmen e t pr p oces esss explained process of the of th he e July Jul uly ly internship inte in ern rnship sh hip p programme. p pro rogr gram amm am me. e


iv R n

am C er

If y you pplan ahead, you would probdo ably ab bly ly d o your internship in the summer, your field of interest. me m er, eexploring xp What Easter? You can’t be Wh W haatt aabout b locking yourself up in the library for lo occk kin ng y 12 w 12 eeeks k for your exam, right? If you weeks aree st ar tay y staying in Cambridge over the E Ea ast ster er, ppunting is undoubtedly what Easter, yo y ou sho sh ho you should do!

Punting is awesome; some of you may not be familiar with the fine art of punting. If you aren’t, get out there! Here’s why: 1. An incredible way to see Cambridge’s most beautiful and historical colleges from a new perspective. 2. A good excuse to take a break with a great workout. Where to get your punt?

* **








Return by 6:30 pm

St. John’s



Return by 12 am




Return by 12 am







Return by 12 am

Trinity Hall



Return by 11 pm




2 hours max each session




Silver Street

Granta Boat & Punt



near Darwin College

*Scudamores 128 £16-18/hr Magdalene Bridge Overnit renting upon request Max 5 hours upon request for punting to Granchester

The reassuring thing about all this, though, is that the Cam is hardly ever more than 4 feet deep. Punting itself, like everything else, has a knack to it, but the best thing to do is always give the most inexperienced punter the pole, and hope that he/she loses it in the mud, or even manages to fall in. This happens a lot and is very funny. Seriously, it is! You can take food and drink, or even hire a punt for a whole day/overnight to punt to Granchester.

Exploring Granchester Lee Chong Jin, an engineer from Churchill College spent a day to punt to Granchester last year, let’s see what he’s going to share with us!

CJ - Chong Jin

ML - Marco Lam

ML: Can you talk about your trip? CJ: There were 6 of us who went punting to Granchester. On the way there, there was a water lock, and we had to pull the punt up a slope. During the pull, several swans attacked us = =... if you read from the map, the distance from Cam to Gran may not seem far but when you are actually working your way with your pole, you will realise it does take some effort. On the way, we met some random peoples like boaters. Everytime we asked them the length of our remaining journey, “Keep punting on” was always the reply. I think we took 2-3 hours to get there. Nothing interesting happened along the journey except there were an elderly couple swimming in the river. Lol. There were so many trees by the river side so you couldn’t see much. At the end of the journey, you could see the open fields. ML: Did you walk around Granchester? CJ: No, all we did was just stopping the punt at a field, and we went into the nearest for a nice meal. We took a few pictures and that’s it. That was so cold. ML: How deep is the water? CJ: The deepest part was where the pole couldn’t reach the riverbed and we had to use the paddle instead. On the way back, we had to fight against the strong ML: Is there any recommendations? winds. So it was really cold and I think it CJ: You need to bring thicker clothing makes it harder to punt ( I don’t know to keep warm and of course the camera. as I wasn’t punting haha =] )


子宮頸癌 (Cervical Cancer) 相信 對各位並不陌生,根據世界衛生組 織研究顯示:子宮頸癌乃是女性第 二常見的癌症,僅次於乳癌,而有 99%的子宮頸癌均與人類乳突病毒 (Human Papilloma Virus 以下簡稱 HPV) 有關連。HPV亦證實可以引 致其他癌症,主要為肛門癌、陰莖 癌等各種癌症,以及俗稱椰菜花的 性病疣。以下將會略說HPV,並以 近三年內的研究結果為主,探討對 於市面上兩種疫苗的效能,以及其 安全性。

HPV的你要知 HPV是 一 種 DNA病 毒 , 會 感 染 人 體 表 皮 與 黏 膜 組 織,以身體接觸為主要傳播途徑。現今總共發現大概 130種類型的HPV,而最少其中13種可以引起癌症, 另外有一部份會引起各類皮膚疣(Skin Warts 非癌性皮 膚增生)。90%的HPV感染會於兩年內自然康復。 HPV亦 可 以 根 據 其 致 癌 能 力 分 為 低 危 險 或 高 危 險 群,HPV 16與18為其中兩種高危險型,引致大概70% 的子宮頸癌。此兩種 HPV 具有將細胞的分裂控制機 制扭曲的能力,令細胞不正常地分裂。感染HPV並不 會令患者立即出現癌症,HPV只會幫助細胞踏出癌化 的其中比較主要的一步。高危 HPV(如Type 16及18)

於六個月內定期注射總共三次。兩 種疫苗為預防性質,並沒有治癒能 力,因此對已感染HPV的人士幫助 不大。以下將會以WHO於2009年 九月公佈的文章為主幹分析兩種疫 苗的效力以及副作用。 的感染絕大部分會自然康復,只有 10-15%,會出現長期感染,而癌症 的出現絕大部份情況下均需要感染 高危險型的HPV一段長時間,才 有機會發生。以子宮頸癌為例,會 先出現子宮頸不正常增生(以CIN-1 、2及3標示增生的程度),不過, 癌化過程很多時並非順著增生程度 發展,例如有50%的CIN-2於兩年 內會自然康復,而整個癌化的進退 過程平均需要15年(3-40年)。 『預防勝於治療』 現時市面上有兩種HPV疫苗,分 別為GSK(UK-based)製造的Cervarix 以及Merck & Co.(US-based) 的 Gardasil。兩者的成份中均沒有病 毒DNA,因此兩種疫苗都沒有感 染能力。一個完整的疫苗注射需要

Cervarix及Gardasil的效能 根據臨床實驗結果顯示,Cervarix 有100%機會防止由HPV-16/18引起 的CIN-2/3(15-26歲776名女性,最 少接受一次注射,監測6.4年),效 力可以維持最少6.4年。 綜合一個第二期及兩個第三期臨床 實驗結果,Gardasil同樣具有99%機 會防止由HPV-16及18引起的CIN2/3或AIS(一萬多名16-24歲女性監測 三年,並全部接受完整三劑量的注 射),效力最少可以維持五年。

Gardasil與 Cervarix最 主 要 的 分 別 是Gardasil總共可以引起對Type 16 、18、6和11四種HPV的免疫反應 (Cervarix只有Type 16和18兩種) 。HPV Type 6和Type 11引起大概 90%的性病疣。不過,Cervarix能 夠產生比Gardasil更多的抗體量(平 均三倍至八倍)。 現時暫沒有研究 指出血中最少需要多少抗體才能提 供足夠免疫力。 但無可否認的一 點是:兩種疫苗都可以產生對相關 HPV的有效抗體,達致防止感染 的目的,亦因此可以防止由該兩種 HPV所引起的癌症。Gardasil則可 額外提供對HPV-6和11的免疫力, Worldwide incidence of cervical cancer per 100000 females(all ages), age standardised to 防止感染部份的性病疣。 the WHO standard opulation, 2005

安全性 總體來說,兩種HPV疫苗都安全(否則亦不會通過臨 床測試),兩者只會引起少數輕微至中度副作用。以 Gardasil為例,美國的注射計畫平均每100000次注 射會有53.9宗注射位置疼痛、發炎等的副作用,8.2宗 的昏厥個案,以及其他少數副作用。根據NHS網頁指 出,Cervarix常見的副作用有注射部位疼痛、發炎或 發燒等症狀,較少有的有頭暈、注射部位痲痹等。詳 細資料可以參閱以下網站: Cervarix Side-effects.aspx Gardasil 總結及注意 現時的數據都顯示兩種疫苗會有明顯減少出現子宮 頸癌的能力。不過正如WHO所言,疫苗注射並不能完 全防止由HPV(HPV-16/18相關的癌症只佔70%)引起 的癌症,對於女性而言,子宮頸抹片檢驗(Pap smear screening)仍然非常重要。疫苗注射與否的決定應該根 據自己已感染HPV的機會、曾對藥物或疫苗有過敏反 應與否、價錢、對疫苗非防止癌症能力的需要、將來 會否定期進行子宮頸抹片檢驗等等。以上資料只能作 參考用途,實際情況還請向醫生查詢。 參考文件: * tions/cervical_cancer_keypoints/cerv_cancer_hpv_ keypts.pdf * ments/WHO_IVB_07.05/en/index.html * Olsson et al 2007 * Stanley et al 2007 * Reiter et al 2009


SUNRISE This year, CUCCS is proudly presentinganothertraditional masterpiece: Sunrise!Written by Cao Yu, this full-length drama tells of the corruption and luxury of the rich and the suffering of the poor in old China. The plot revolves around Chen Bailu, a highclass courtesan in old China in the 1930s. Thisplayoffersacross-section of real life in China in the 1930's. Everyone portrayed in this section is well-presented, and each of them represents a distinctive character type from different social strata, from bankers to gangsters, from rich widows to actors, from scholars to prostitutes. This way of storytelling feels real, even today. The play is going to be in Mandarin with English subtitles.

7:30pm, 16th - 19th February 2010, the Sun rises at the Auditorium Theatre, Robinson College Ticket price: £6 for members, £8 for non-members Tickets available from CCS committee members, bookings on and on the door.

Photos Introducing


Do you take photos with your iPhone? Have you ever tried uploading those photos onto the internet? If so, this article might be of relevant interest to you.

Details Just like how MP3 file can store details about Album Title, Artist and Track Number, JPEG files of photos contains details such as Camera Model, Shutter Speed and Date taken. Photos taken using iPhone also contain GPS information on where the photo was taken. The information can be extracted using ExifReader, which can be downloaded for free.

Geotagging G T feature is meant for “Geotagging” This photos – by adding GPS data to a p photo, users can keep track of where p tthe photo is taken in conjunction with software such as Google Earth. w EExtremely useful to those who travel on a constant basis. However, if the o iinformation falls into the wrong hand, tthe results can be quite disturbing.

SShare hare your photos

Piece together your life P

Recently a young girl uploaded a photo of herself at home at an internet forum. Normally this should be quite harmless. However, some members of the forum discovered that the photo was taken using an iPhone. Within minutes, the address and phone number of the girl was available to the entire world.

Fortunately, no harm was done, and the photo was taken off soon. But just imagine the possibilty. By combing the information from other photos, just about anyone can piece together your life – where you live, where you work, how you get to work and what time you go to work at. Not exactly a pleasing scenario, is it?

Turn it off

Happy photo shooting

Luckily, the GPS feature can be turned Thomas Ng off easily. Simply go to “General SetCorpus Christi College tings” and turn “Location Service” off. Chemical Engineer

Banana Muffins Recipe


Any sort of muffin is easy and quick to make. You always first combine the dry ingredients and the wet ones separately in two bowls. Then you add the wet mixture into the dry one. The important step is not to overmix the batter as many people always tend to. It should be lumpy and you may still see a few traces of flour. Overmixing the batter will result in tough and rubbery muffins.

1. Preheat oven to 350°F/180°C/Gas Mark 4. Place the oven rack in the middle of the oven. Grease or put paper cases in a muffin tray.

(Note: I have used other cake tins as well in the photos. Do bear in mind that the temperature and baking time need to be adjusted slightly if using different size and/or darker colour of cake tins.) Banana Muffins Recipe Makes 12 regular sized muffins. (Adapted from Ingredients: • 245g all-purpose flour • 100g granulated white sugar • 50g light brown sugar • 1 teaspoons baking powder • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda • 1/4 teaspoon salt • 65g white/milk/dark chocolate chips • 2 large eggs, lightly beaten • 110g unsalted butter • 3 very ripe large bananas (approximately 450g) • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract (for better flavour, optional) Garnish: Slices of banana (optional)

7. Place 7. Pla lacce eo on n a wi w wire irre e rra rack ack to ac to cco cool oo o ol fo for or fi five ve ve minutes and then remove muffins from pan. Best served warm.

2. Sieve the flour, baking powder and baking soda in a large bowl. Add sugars, salt, and chocolate chips. Mix well and set aside.

3. Microwave the butter until melted. Set aside to allow it to cool.

4. In a medium-sized bowl, mash the bananas with a fork or your fingers. Mix the mashed bananas with the melted butter, eggs and vanilla extract.

6. Spoon the he e batter baattte ter into o the ep prepared rep re pare red d muffin tray about 2/3 full. Place a slice of banana on top of each muffin for garnish. Bake about 20 - 25 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the centre comes out clean.

5. With a rubber spatula or wooden spoon, lightly fold the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients until just combined and batter is thick and chunky. (Do not over mix the butter. You do not want it smooth)

解碼疑雲 上期的一篇加密文章,成功地由四位程師聯合 破解!究竟那篇文章經過了甚麽加工呢?現在 我們就來剖析一下吧.那篇文章,共分成四部 份,三份是文字加密,一份是解謎.而加密 的程序是先選好謎題並用Vigenère cipher - cam 加密: 原文 finally, what’re these freedom of thought and expression freedom from discrimination 加密後 HIZCLXAWTCTDGTTGSQHRQGDAOORVHAWGTVAFEJRRQUSUQNRTEQFOYHRAODUUCDKMUPAFKOZ

然後加上第二部份的文字,再全部用C a e sar-11 和 Columnar Transpose3142 加密. 原文 Good work to your successful columnar transposition, but be warned, the challenge is far from over! Stop here and you can save a lot of time, go ahead and you may win a free dinner. To aid you in your quest to crack the final code, we hereby give you a generously hint, creaky wisdom hizclxawtctdgttgsqhrqgdaoorvhawgtvazfejrrqusuqnrteqfoyhraoduucdkmupafkoz 加密後 ZROZCHVZJEZZDFFCPNDNFDWQWNFZLXCYLEYCZDDATTZEFYEMHMLPPCOYPENSWSWLRPPYQTLDCCZQGXPZECZDPACSYPOLFJNZDLLYLGWPZZQEXEPTLRSZOPLLJYZOLFJXYHLTPQPCYOYTEPZCOLJTTZYFFJCZPBDFZENENCVLPEQSLTWYONPZSHPPMCJPGRPTFJLZYRPPFCDZYSETPNLCHVTJZDXOKSNTLWHIEEONERRESDCBOBLRCZGZHSRLLEKGUQCPFCDBYFCBBEQPSZCJOLFZOFVNAXLFZQKV

Vigenère 字母表


最後加上第一部份的文字然後全篇再用A t - 加密的過程倒是簡單,但在沒有提示的程況 下,如何解碼呢?以個人的經驗,普通的加密 bash 作加密. 文章,用上Index of Coincidence 和做Frequency Analysis 之後,就 原文 Congratulations to your first 大概能指出加密的種類.詳程請前往wikisuccess to the decipherment, pedia,因為他們的運作方式不是兩頁紙能 the method used just now was an 解釋清楚的,不想深究的,以下是一個簡介: atbash cipher, you can proceed to decipher the second part Index of Coincidence是用來分析加 now, good luck.zrozchvzjez- 密文章的語言系統,從分析中所得到的數值可 zdffcpndnfdwqwnfzlxcyleyczd- 以跟下表比較: dattzefyemhmlppcoypenswswlEnglish 1.73 rppyqtldcczqgxpzeczdpacsyFrench 2.02 polfjnzdllylgwpzzqexeptlrszGerman 2.05 oplljyzolfjxyhltpqpcyoytepItalian 1.94 zcoljttzyffjczpbdfzenencvPortuguese 1.94 lpeqsltwyonpzshppmcjpgrptRussian 1.76 fjlzyrppfcdzysetpnlchvtjzdxSpanish 1.94 oksntlwhieeonerresdcboblrczgzhsrllekguqcpfcdbyfcbbeqp而那三篇加密後的文章的IoC分別為1 . 2 0 , szcjolfzofvnaxlfzqkv 1.40 和 1.08, 可見文字雜亂無章,有不錯 的機會是用了Vigenère cipher. 加密後 XLMTIZGFOZGRLMHGLBLFIURIHanalysis 是統計文 GHFXXVHHGLGSVWVXRKSVINVM- Frequency GGSVNVGSLWFHVWQFHGMLDDZHZ- 章 每 一 個 字 母 的 重 覆 次 數 , 以 英 文 為 例 在一篇文章中的出現率特別 MZGYZHSXRKSVIBLFXZMKILXV- A,E,I,O&T 的加密一下子就 VWGLWVXRKSVIGSVHVXLMWKZIGM- 高,所以用了shifting LDTLLWOFXPAILAXSEAQVAAWU- 會被識破 (ie. Atbash, Caesar) Transpose都會出現那 UXKMWMUWDJDMUAOCXBOVBXAW- .Columnar WZGGAVUBVNSNOKKXLBKVMHDH- 個分佈,但是要靠上一點運氣,慢慢試出次 cipher可以改變一 DOIKKBJGOWXXAJTCKAVXAWKZX- 序.而Vigenère HBKLOUQMAWOOBOTDKAAJVCVK- 篇文章的字母的重覆率,在沒有k e y w o r d GOIHALKOOQBALOUQCBSOGKJKX- 的情況下,解密時需要同時對C o l u m n a r 的每一行用上 Caesar BLBGVKAXLOQGGABUUQXAKYWUAVM- Transpose VMXEOKVJHOGDBLMKAHSKKNXQK- Shift.所以 Vigenère cipher在進 TIKGUQOABIKKUXWABHVGKMOXSEG- 行Columnar Frequency analysis QAWCLPHMGODSRVVLMVIIVHWXYLY- 時會表露無遺. OIXATASHIOOVPTFJXKUXWYBUXYYVigenère cipher 的 keyword是 VJKHAXQLOUALUEMZCOUAJPE 近乎必須的,而文中的keyword則是隱藏在 creaky wisdom 中.嘗試調轉一下字母 Columnar Transpose example 的次序,會發現keyword is cam 是它 的anagram. Raw text: ChineseSocietyReflection 在劍橋大學的網站搜尋 freedom of thought and expression freeRearrange Transpose-3142 dom from discrimination,會發 1234 3124 現那是我們就讀的大學的 CORE_VALUES chin ichn (11字元). eses eess ocie ioce tyre rtye Happy Decipherment, flec eflc Ben Leung :) tion otin Marco Lam =]

十二星座之品味咖啡 相信大部分在劍橋生活的朋友都不會對咖啡陌 生吧!相熟的朋友都知道小弟熱愛咖啡。在夢 醒時分淺賞一杯富層次感的意大利泡沫咖啡, 有喚然一新的感覺;在夜欄人靜時把一小杯特 濃咖啡一飲而盡,讓咖啡的香氣酣暢淋漓地貫 穿整個身體。咖啡幾乎成為我們的必需品,但 是每個人對咖啡都有不同的要求,你究竟適合 飲用那一種咖啡豆呢?

牡羊座---碳燒咖啡豆 口味:苦中帶甘,香醇濃郁。 牡羊座的人是典型的開拓者,天生好強,生性活潑 率直,善口才,凡事一馬當先對於自己認定的目標, 常會迫不及待的採取行動.應變 能力敏捷,處事明 快,但往往粗枝大葉,容易忽略細節.其最擅長自己 的利益和保護自己,當和別人發生爭執時,總是設 法佔盡上風,但在私人生活上則對不管正邪 的朋 友,都會真誠地相對待.

金牛座---特級藍山咖啡豆 口味:濃厚甘醇,甘苦味適中 追求腳踏實地的平實感,個性溫和, 莊重正直, 從 不作任何不切實際的幻想.喜好一切美好的事 物, 對音樂, 舞蹈的節奏感有著與生俱來的天賦. 天生的藝術才華, 真是令人稱羨. 雙子座---哥倫比亞咖啡豆 口味:酸味微強,稍涼後飲用,風味迥異。 雙子寶寶不但富於幽默感,而且好奇心旺盛, 又喜愛社交的人。尤其最喜歡收集情報,各種 知 識,凡是有群聚場合、場面一定熱鬧非凡。 雖然有點 神經質,但素性開朗,所以可以立即 轉暗 為明。其輕鬆、幽默的言詞能帶給任何人 親 切感而可立即融入其間 。 巨蟹座---夏威夷咖啡豆 口味:氣味芳香,淡雅柔順。 巨蟹座的徽誌是代表母性的愛,因此巨蟹座的人 都有強烈的保護和保育的意識而富有母愛。例如 重感情而待人一視同仁,並且遇到任何環境也都 可以隨時適應。此外還喜歡照顧別人,因此最容 易瞭解他人的煩惱、苦境,凡事一旦熱衷執著即 全力以赴,是追求夢幻的活動家,而且生活充滿 著樂趣。 獅子座---爪哇咖啡豆 口味:香醇順口,適度的香苦味,帶有原始森 林的野味。獅子座個性強烈,尤其喜歡戲劇化 的場面而不畏大敵,勇往直前,是頗具行動力 的人。因為行動特殊而最容易惹人注目,是眾 人耳目的焦點。但其反面,一旦獨自一人時, 卻顯得孤寂而情緒十分不穩。不過以本性來說 ,還是十分開朗而天真無邪的人。 處女座---曼特寧咖啡豆 口味:苦味適中,香醇濃郁。 處女座人特別珍惜昔日的情感,並且經常整理 身邊持有的各種紀念癖傾向,所以凡事都有始 有終,力求完美,否則不肯罷休。雖是排斥不 完整或不潔的癖人,但有時則愛說笑而顯得格 外俏皮活潑。

天秤座---進昌咖啡豆 口味:芳香醇厚,口感均衡。 天秤座善於抑制感情而不動怒,是特別珍惜友好 的人際關係,也是 具有優異的社交能力而給人 好印象的人。也許看似冷靜而理智,但頗值信賴 的人。與人交往均一視同仁,並具有和平解決事 務的才能。此外,還善於美化自已,以拓展 社 交領域。 天蠍座---義大利咖啡豆 口味:濃厚香醇,適度的鄉苦味,另類風味的咖啡。 天蠍座雖然對人不會恭維奉承,但絕不做強烈的自我主張,也不會主動 去訪友,卻可以獨特的存在感和至誠熱情而感動別人,吸引朋友。還有 謹言慎行而具有倍人的集中力,是周圍的人值得信賴的人。雖然內心的 感受無法表達於言詞中而不易交友,但一旦彼此溝通,瞭解之後所建 立 的友情即水遠不渝。 射手座---阿拉伯咖啡豆 口味:酸味輕柔溫和,微苦但飲後甘醇。 射手所表現出的是不受束縛和追求快速變化的 性格。同時也喜歡遊戲、研究學問,而有努力 朝向自已的興趣對象的行動力。其性格一向開 朗而心胸開闊,又因具有強烈的感受性,所以 與人相處十分歡樂,但有時也會陷於自閉或直 接反應於感情上,好在素性純潔而善於交友, 並維持 良好的人際關係。 魔羯座---墨西哥咖啡豆 口味:甘苦香醇,柔潤順口。 摩羯左半為頭部右半為尾部,這形態看似細瘦 身材,但卻可輕易攀登絕壁,並具有激烈熱情 的耐心和追求心。山羊座人心地善良,而特別 珍惜小幸福,是守規的正義派人物,而且喜歡 跟 志同道合的人淺酌、暢談,是值得交朋友的 對象。 水瓶座---摩卡咖啡豆 口味:香味甘醇,順口微酸,且帶有輕微的花香。 水瓶座人因為有敏銳的推理力和機智反應,而受到 眾人的尊敬。看起來有點冷酷,其實心中卻充滿愛 情,尤其善於言詞又善解人意,故不會拘泥於單純 善惡的狹小觀念,而甚解人們的孤獨。此外,不時 將幸福帶給更多的人,是位心境頗為溫暖的人。 雙魚座---巴西咖啡豆 口味:溫和、清淡,香味獨特,苦味中平。 雙魚座人有時表現得十分神秘,有時即十分平 凡,有時沈溺於幻想的世界,有時則歡樂中參 與郊遊。因素性相信別人而待人親切,並以服 務人群而感到無限歡欣。雖然言行有些浪漫, 但卻有倍人的直感力和威嚴。



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Reflection 0910-2

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