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S “I have a lot of American flag style merchandise and clothes." - Brandon Downs '18

"I was at a younglife camp for three weeks in arizona and I washed the camps dishes but it was super fun because I got to meet new people." Rylie Wiening '17 said.

let's chat about summer the best way we know how. we say it with social media.



I really like summer because of the warm weather and I went on trips to Hawaii, A rizona, and California. -Izzy Anderson '19

"My most memorable thing about summer was going to California and Mexico with my family. Sharing that time with my family is super important to me," Jordan Ontiveros '17 said.

@erichommel @rachelcourtneyy

"my most memorable thing about summer was definitely my time at Girls state. the reason why is the group of girls i had were amazing, we all became friends very fast and some of them will be the greatest friends I've ever had," Jada @christianwearsch Fields '17 said.





Spread: Taylor Hein and Lea McCaffrey



"I like summer because I get a lot of free time and I use it to hang out with friends," Emma Lapree '18 said.

@saramcave @tylerjoy213

summer social media







Lea McCaffrey

Overall: The inspiration for all of my designs this year came from a very light and open idea. The Black and Gold Yearbook’s yearbook theme this year was “Say It” – really focusing on the real meanings and truth of what our school population was saying. At the beginning of the year we really had trouble finding what “Say It” really should look like and it wasn’t until Intensity in October when we really decided that our designs should be very modern looking with lots of space and places to put quotes for our student population to say what was on their minds. We got some of our inspiration from style magazines focusing on people. Submission 01McCaffreyportfolio The purpose of this design was to really capture what people were saying about their lives through their Instagram photos. In our school peoples Instagram’s are really important to people and what they are up to throughout the year. The design focuses more on the pictures and what people are saying about their lives on the web with a open concept.

March social media


Photo courtesy of: Kelsey Young Photo: Alexis Savas

Photo courtesy of: Allie Novotny

Orlando, Florida

1. Sophia Brunetti '17, Brenna McCastlin '17, Shuee Ong '17, Rachel Day '18, Alex Gustorf '17, and Taylor Martin '18 wait in line for the Rockin' Roller Coaster March 18. 2. Drum Major Sophia Brunetti '17 poses with drum major Mickey March 20. 3. The Marching Jags perform down Main Street USA towards Cinderella's castle March 20.

Photo: Alexis Savas

"I went to Moab, Utah and I went dirt biking. That's the only reason that we went," Jackman said. "We went there specifically because we've been there before and we went there with my family and my friends and it's just a blast. My favorite part was going on all the different trails and seeing all the views."

The marching band had the opportunity of marching at Disney World down Main Street USA towards Cinderella's castle in Orlando Florida March 20. To be considered to march, the band had to send in a submission video showing their marching style and playing technique. "Marching down Main Street towards the castle was so surreal," Sophia Brunetti '17 said. "Everyone was watching and clapping along and taking videos. It was crazy to be a part of the magic."

Photo: Abby Thorson

Moab, Utah

Liverpool, England

Olivia Critchley '20 stands with a palace horse in London March 27. "I went to England to visit family because that's where I'm from. I lived there for five years," Critchley said. "We went up to London for a few days and went to the Houses of Parliament, which was my favorite part of the whole trip."

Marching band

For over a year, Mrs. [Alexis] Savas planned a Spring Break trip to Morocco, and Mrs. [Katie] Lemshewsky and Ms. [Nicole] Gambatese planned a trip to Italy, Spain, and France. With over 20 students combined, they spent their time riding camels through the Sahara Desert, learned how to write their name in Arabic, visited the Louvre, and rode bikes around Barcelona. Mia Bufalino (below), picks oranges at a villa they stayed at while doing community service March 21 while in Morocco. "We had been painting a library for local Moroccan kindergartners," Bufalino said. "The owner of the property grows his own fresh fruits and vegetables, and grew oranges, they were tasty." Standing in front of the Sagrada Família Cathedral in Barcelona, Allie Novotny '18 poses with Annalise Hildebrand '18 and Elle Bailey '18 while on their European trip March 22. "I decided to go because I've never been to Europe before and all my friends were going and we wanted to experience it together," Novotny said.

Photo: Alexis Savas

Michael Jackman '20

Olivia Critchley '20

March 17-25

europe and morocco

Photo courtesy of: sophia brunetti

Tampa, Florida


Photo courtesy of: Brenna MCcastlin

sophia Badia '19


Photo courtesy of: sophia brunetti

"I went to Peru. I have family that lives there and we just wanted to visit and explore different places that we haven't been so we went to Chiclayo, Lima and a beach called San Bartolo. We spent two weeks total there. The culture is definitely different," Isabele Daboub '20 said. "The rain right now has flooded everything. The way that people were traveling through the rain was interesting. They don't really use phones there, either. It's a lot different than how the way things are here."

Dipping her feet in the water at Cocoa Beach, Sophia Badia '19 visits Florida to be with family Mar. 22. "I was in Florida all of Spring Break because my dad lives there," Badia said. "We were going there to visit him and we went to the beach and Universal."

Photo courtesy of: Olivia Critchley


Isabela Daboub '20



Photo courtesy of: Sophia Badia

Walking past the pool in Cancun, Mexico at the Grand Villas Resort March 18, Cordon Vidger approaches the beach. "My favorite part of vacation was being there with my family. We went there for vacation because we love going to Mexico," Vidger said.

Submission 02McCaffreyportfolio The inspirations for these spreads are an open calendar look focusing on the key events during certain weeks and what people say on social media about them.

Spread: Julia Bartmann

hump-day in the desert Traveling across the Sahara Desert, the Moroccan field trip crew ride camel back March 22. "It was like riding a horse but harder," Jamie Romano '18 said. "To get on and off of it, it sits on the ground, you and have to hold on while it stands back up. If you aren't ready for it you can fall off easily."


Kelsey Young '18

Photo: Alexis Savas

Photo courtesy of: Cordon Vidger

Cordon Vidger '19 Cancun, Mexico

Cayden Bro '17

Bridget McCann '17


"My favorite part was taking a bike ride around Barcelona. I went because I had never been to Europe before and I thought it would be a fun was to experience Europe."

"Everything about Morocco was beautiful. The landscapes, the language, the people, the food — every experience was better than the last."

spring social media



"I enjoyed learning about the Islam religion and the culture in Morocco. With all the stereotypes we have in America about Arabic countries and people it was interesting learning the true facts."

Photo courtesy of: Kelsey Young


“I feel like [theatre] makes me a lot more outgoing than I usually would be, it makes me feel a lot more confident.” - Elizabeth Johnson '20



"It's nice to have a lot of responsibilities, and I love all the new people I have met." -Kail Wiggins '20

it's the most wonderful time... Of the year

Phoebe Tweed Lizzie Wald '19 '19 and Sydney studies vocabulary Dozois '17 study before finals. right before "The hardest finals. "I turn my class I study phone off, play for is AP," Wald 80's music, and '19 said. "I like write down all doing homework the things I need with my friends to know," Tweed because they '19 said. make it more fun."

Hard Work pays Making Time for off Success

Effort is key

"I study by using flashcards "Biology was my "Every day I get for things like hardest class to home and set study for finals, aside three hours vocabulary, going through all my because it was a to study" Mayo lot of information Catalano '20 said. past work, and to remember." "I listen to music going in to see my teachers," Reshma Gowda and have a nice '19 said. "The bowl of popcorn Maya Nguyen '19 said. easiest class to to keep my study for was energy going." social studies."

Photo: sadie raswon

Photo: Taylor hein

Making the most of Finals Ashlynn Masse '20 and Benjamin Weldon '20 practice holiday songs in French. "I don't really study much but when I do I make note cards on quizlet," Masse '20 said.

Perfectly Preformed

Alyssa Wendel '17 plays the harp during the Women's Select choir concert Dec. 6.

chamber cheer Chamber and String orchestra play Dec. 6 for their holiday performance.

hitting the 2 holiday notes Orchestra and choir Perform during the holiday season


067 december Photo: Amanda Micek

Photo: Lauren Dressler

Photo: Alex Leitner

Photo: Lauren Dressler

Photo: Alex Leitner

photo: Ashley Owens

Study Buddies

Alyx Garner '18 and Annie Thulin '18 pose during Winter Break Dec.19. “Our Secret Santa was really fun because everyone kept it a secret who they had and I loved watching everyone open their gifts," Garner said. "It was a great way to celebrate Christmas without having to buy seven gifts for everyone.�

5. Onesie's, Presents, and Friends

1 Photo: Kinley Rex

Gettin' Down to business

4. Winter Wonders Ryan Halpin '18 and Ethan Dunn '18 walk through the village at Winter Park Dec. 21 after a day of skiing. "I used to snowboard but I ski now," Halpin '18 said. "My favorite ski resort is Winter Park. I love being with friends and family, and I enjoy going fast down the mountain."

Photo: Taylor hein

Bah Humbug at finals Six study habits used to ace tests

photo: Sophia Hernandez


2. Senior Surprises Mackenzie Lynch '17 reacts to family and friends surprising her for her 18th birthday Dec. 10. " I was super confused, my family has tried to surprise me before and I've always found out, but there were so many people when I walked downstairs. I was super surprised and I tried really hard not to cry," Lynch said. 3. Giving Back Elodie Johnson '18 wraps gifts for Giving Tree Dec. 13. " We wrapped gifts for the Giving Tree which were presents for the less fortunate in our community. I did it through NHS and I did it to help others around me," Johnson '18 said.

Photo: Maggie Contos

Photo: Olivia Wheeler

Photo: Sanjana Nandy


1. Downtown Delicacies Carmen Martinez '18 looks at the vast amount of exotic candy at Rocket Fizz in downtown Denver with the varsity poms team Dec. 3 to support the JV and Freshmen teams at state competition. "My favorite part about being on poms is the feeling of accomplishment after we've worked so hard for one performance," Martinez '18 said.



Spread: Maggie Contos and Lea McCaffrey


Photo: Heidi Zeh


Photo: Sierra Zizzo


1. Select Choir sings holiday songs in the Castle Pines Village Dec. 3. 2. Katie Esler '20 opens up her secret Santa gift Dec. 14. "I like Secret Santa because it's a fun thing to do during the holidays with friends," Esler '20 said. 3. Rylie Wiening '17 and Tom Dean '20 attend a Young Life holiday event Dec. 5.

Submission 03McCaffreyportfolio Trying to keep some consistency through out the book I tried to create lots of open eye lines and space between each module around the center story. I specifically focused on that while making this spread.

What your style says about you: “I have a lot of American flag style merchandise and clothes and such, and it tells people that I’m as American and Patriotic as can be, #MAGA.” - Brandon Downs ‘18

Mikayla Murphy Tanner Murphy Caroline Myers Hannah Myers Shreya Nallapati Sanjana Nandy

Keelyn Osoba Thomas Otterstetter Drew Owen Ashley Owens Brianna Owens Lyla Padden

Sahana Narayan Sydney Nation Julia Nelson Ethan Nguyen Garrison Niemann Rebecca Nordquist

“I park in the front middle row and I really like parking here.”

"At football games I always try to park somewhere where I can easily get out, because traffic after the games can get scary."

photo: Natalie valdes

Photo: Gabby Botero

with fewer than 200 spaces available, juniors were faced with the tough decision of where to park during the school day

“I park at the church. I had to join the youth group and they let me park there for school. I got my license pretty late so I wasn’t able to get a parking pass."

photo: Natalie valdes

parking pandemonium

“The student lot is where I park near the middle. If I am late I park wherever I can find a spot."

9 8 6 5 2 4 13 7 JaMES MUlVEy '18

KaRlEy gUEST '18

liZa DUNCaN '18


"I usually have to park at the church, but if I am running late then I park in the back of the student lot. At football games I try to grab the first spot I can."

JUlia NElSON '18

photo: Natalie valdes


photo: Natalie valdes


Photo: Gabby Botero

"I park in the student lot by the rock, but when I am running late I park on the top by the office so I can make it to class faster."

"I park here mostly, outside the 9000’s in the front. It’s nice it’s not to busy and it’s easy to get out."

photo: Natalie valdes

"Bottom lot towards the back during school and during games I park wherever I can find a spot."

photo: Natalie valdes

EllE BailEy '18

"I used to have to park at the church, before I got a parking pass. But the only way I was able to park there was to go to their youth group once a month. So I briefly became Catholic for a couple of months."

OliVia VOSS '18

“I park kind of close to the school, in the middle. Last year I parked at the church and this year I got a parking pass and I like it a lot better."




Brynn Peters Victoria Peters Michael Peyton Allison Pfeiffer Carissa Pham Nicolo Piccolotti


Elizabeth North Allison Novotny Claire Noyes Megan Noyes Nisha Omprakash Madison Orgill

Spread: Gabby Botero and Natalie Valdes

Rita Padilla Jessica Palyo David Parish Carter Pasqualini Harry Pearson Paige Pecoraro

photo: Gabby Botero


Submission 04McCaffreyportfolio This goal and inspiration was all about getting peoples opinions in on the Top 10. We used this specific design at least 4 times throughout the portraits section once in each grade and specific topics to each grade. I carried the open theme and added more chances for people to speak freely about each topic.

“In ten years I want to remember how self confidence plays a huge role in big adjustments. The beginning of freshman year was scary and intimidating, but having confidence makes everything better.” - Lale Edil ‘20

Dominick Cowan Haley Cranney Tanner Crawford Olivia Critchley Brennan Crock Madelyn Crowley

Emily Everds Ruth Evilsizer Madison Fahrenbruch

Morgan Cruz Reese Cruz Jonathan Curran Emma Cusick Isabela Daboub Kristina Darbe

Ethan Fairchild Derek Fearon Trevor Fearon

Nicole Dawson Mia Deck Matthew Deckerman Konstandina Demos Anne Deschane Emily Detwiler

Akash Devamadhavan McKenna Dicarlo Simon Dick Eren Diker Anthony DiMuria Seth Doherty


"I need

the way we say...

“I would say 'hi can you help me with this?' and not be afraid of asking someone." - Devin Kennedy ‘20

Masha Feiler Grant Ferry Kaela Fisch

Kameron Fisher Avery Fitzgerald Ian Fleming

Anitra Dolan Keirnen Dossey Abigail Drabing Rachel Drennan Lauren Dressler Cate Duncan

Amelia Flesner Abigail Fletcher Vincent Flowers

Robert Duncan Alexander Duong William Durbin Aleksa Dyer Lale Edil Sierra Edstrom

Hanna Foster Christian Frahm Ethan Fraser

Vaishnavi Elango Adam Elsell Zoe Elston Riley England Dominick English Katelyn Esler

Nevaeh Frazee Hunter Freeseman Joshua Friar


Asking for help looks a little different for everyone, especially freshmen


-JAck NelsoN '20 “I would first have to admit it to myself that I need it. Then I would ask for it if I really need it.”

- emily Wilson '20

“I Would Ask polItely, I’d go to teAcHers, frIeNds, or fAMIly MeMbers ANd I’d Ask tHeM If tHey could Help Me to uNderstANd WHAt I Need Help WItH.” - Mikayla Jennings ‘20

“I just ask my teachers, or for cheer I ask my coach and my friends.” - Jamileh Ianiro ‘20 “I WOuLD TExT My FRIENDS OR My MOM. I AM STRAIGHTFORWARD AND SAy I NEED HELp AND GET IT OuT THERE SO THEy KNOW ExACTLy WHy I NEED HELp AND WHAT WITH.” - James McHenry ‘20

Spread: Taylor Hein, Emily Keely, and Austin Pratte

Kaiya Espey Taylor Eubanks Jack Evans


Liam Conaty Katelyn Connolly Maggie Contos Aodhan Cool Aryne Cooper Audrey Corrado



“I would first explain what happened and recount all the details." - Derek Fearon ‘20

Submission 05McCaffreyportfolio This spread was tailored to be all about what people are saying and why. The design tied in to the theme of “Say It” and was all quote based. This side bar was carried through out the portraits section and parts of it carried into modules throughout the rest of the book.

“i really want to remember this year as the year i was truly able to expand the metaphorical boundaries that contain our creative thoughts.” -christian butler ’17


Matthew Rawlyk Julia ReedeR Literary Magazine '15, Newspaper '16, Link Crew '16-'17 kyle ReichMan Maxx RickeRt Drama Club '13-'17 katRina Ridgely

elise Rush Tennis '14-'17 lisa RylandeR Soccer '13-'15, Eco Club '1516, Lacrosse Manager '15-'17, Orchestra '13-'17 bRina sandoval JV Cheerleading '13-'15, Discover Med Club '16-'17 katheRine schaffeR RCTV '13-'17, Mock Trial '13-'17, NHS '15-'17, NSHS '15-'17, Link Crew '15-'17, Global Learners & Leaders '14-'16 Mckenzie schMeits Poms '14-'17, NHS '15'17

bRodeRick schMidt konnoR schnack isabelle schneideR aManda scholz Cross Country '13-'17, Musicals '15-'17, Choir '13-'17, Mock Trial '15-'16, NHS '15-'17, Tri-M '16-'17 kathRyn scott

kaRlee shaffneR eesha shah waveRly shannon NHS '15-'17, Cross Country '13-'17, Track '14, NSHS '15-'16, Mock Trial '14-'17, Biotech Club '16-'17, Women's Select Choir '14-'15, Link Crew '15-'17 sRiya shaRMa Cross Country '13-'17, Mock Trial '13-'17, NHS '15-'17, Unified Basketball '14-'17 Jake shipp

what was the best homecoming theme during your four years?


what is your favorite cheer to do in the student section at a sports game?


"My favorite was when we all dressed up as ego men which was the Super Mario themed homecoming, in 2015. It was my junior year and there was already 15 people dressed up, so we dressed up too," Nash Bochner '17 said.


"I love doing the 'I believe' cheer because it unites the student section and empowers our team. When our team hears us cheering, they know we are rooting for them and that we will support them whether we win or lose," Abby Castillo '17 said.


"Great Gatsby theme, freshman year was my favorite because, we had the movie in the baseball park and there were easy dress up days. The dance was really cool too because StuCo decorated the gym like the house in the movie," Haley Stutler '17 said.


"The 'do it' or 'oh-che-le-le' cheer because everybody knows them and everybody gets into them. It's always really hyped and we have a lot of participation when we do the cheers," Blake Kourtum '17 said.


which year in school did you like the best?


which wish week will you remember long after graduation?


"My senior year has been my favorite because it's the last year to really soak up all of the activities. It's also because it was super stressful with all of the college stuff, but in all I've enjoyed it," Casey Stewart '17 said.


"My favorite wish week was 2015 with Jeremy," Michelle Nam '17 said. "I loved the ending assembly because it rained hot dogs, and it was so awesome. It was a great time and the one I remember most."


"My junior year because it was honestly the hardest year," Madison Blakesley '17 said. "It was the year my friends and I went through a lot of hardships, academically and emotionally, and we helped each other out a lot during that time."


"2016's Wish Week with Lucy has been my favorite because she was super cute," Joel Carlson '17 said. "It was a memorable experience because I went to dodgeball and basketball and I was with my friends and we all united for a good cause."


what has been your favorite class in high school?


what is your favorite activity to watch or participate in?


"Peer counseling has been my favorite class because you learn how to really listen to people and help them," Annalise Bell '17 said. "You also learn a lot about yourself in the class."


"I love going to watch basketball games because the atmosphere is always super exciting," Wyatt Tornabene '17 said. "Everybody really comes together and we all get really loud during the intense games."

Spread: Taylor Hein and Austin Pratte

hannah RodRiguez lily RohRbach Eco Club '13-'17, Link Crew '15-'17, Girl's Golf '13-'16, SNHS '14-'17 kyleigh RoMeRo Jackson Roth tessa Rowe NHS '16-'17, SNHS '14-'17, Poms '13-'17

seniors reminisce about their favorites



nicholas RiveRa Regan Roach Jacob RoblyeR andRew Rocke Football '13-'15, Baseball '13-'17, Raquetball Club '13-'17, Water Polo Club '16-'17 leilani Rockwell



Submission 06McCaffreyportfolio The spread gave reporters more opportunity to talk to students and give their opinion on topics. There is specifically 10 spots on the page so that it doesn’t look crowded but still allows people to voice their opinion.

Lea mccaffrey design portfolio  

2017 CSMA Designer of the Year

Lea mccaffrey design portfolio  

2017 CSMA Designer of the Year