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Emma Atchison

Fearless Fighter The theme for the newsmagazine this article appeared in was “fearless.� I wanted to find a staff member within my school that embodies fearlessness. Griggs was the perfect subject as she reflected upon her life-threatening experiences and set a good example of the struggles many people endure and how to overcome those challenges. Griggs’ blog shares her life story along with routines, eating habits, and more that encourage her followers to take care of their bodies. I hope that her story impacted both students and staff within my high school and inspires them for the better.

Mock Trial, more than learning the laws of the land This article was meant to be informative, surfacing a new club to students, Mock Trial club. When I first discovered Mock Trial, I knew I needed to share this beneficial club with the student body. With every interviewee I spoke with I learned more and more about the skills students can acquire through participating in this club. Not only can students learn about the U.S. court system, but they improve upon their public speaking and critical thinking skills. This will carry over in the future and allow those in Mock Trial to be successful. This story was published online.

Get your service hours here! Hot ‘n’ ready! While compiling this article I attended multiple meetings, a service event, and interviewed students and staff members in Philanthropy Club. Whenever I cover a new club at my school I’m careful to include all possible details to encourage students to join. Through incorporating a variety of member interviews and new opportunities this club has to offer I hope to spark the interest of the student body.

Soccer seniors leave their mark I wrote this article with the intention of capturing a senior’s last moments in the sport they love. For these boys that sport was soccer. I was able to experience the emotions they felt as their high school soccer career came to a close and reminisce with them on their most cherished memories. Additionally, through this article I hoped to uncover the new coach’ s purpose as he moves forward leading the boys soccer team. This story was published online.

Second-hand is the charm! The angle for this article arose from a passion for being environmentally friendly and raising awareness about the opportunity to upcycle in local thrift stores. I hope students are significantly more informed about the environmental effects manufacturing clothes can have. I hope they realize how they can take action by reusing existing clothes through local thrift stores. Especially as prom neared close, my article was timely and I attempted to encourage the upcycling of prom dresses. I was very selective with my sources, even including the perspective of our very own AP Environmental teacher.

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2017 CSMA Reporter of the Year

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