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Your Family and Home Deserve the Best!

Thank you for allowing us to share Culligan® with you! We assembled this packet to provide a comprehensive review of what’s available in water treatment products and to help you invest wisely. So take the time to read through it and see all the things better water from Culligan can do. We at Culligan are committed to making sure our customers get more than just a product that’s built to last. You also get a promise that we back everything we sell with expert Culligan Man® Service. If anything should ever go wrong with your Culligan System, we will be right there to fix it. We look forward to working with you for all your water treatment needs.

Five questions to help you make the right water treatment choice. 1. How does a customer know if the water treatment equipment is the right application? Culligan dealers employ certified sales associates that are trained to understand water characteristics, water use and equipment applications. These water specialists begin their career with extensive training locally, and then continue their training at Culligan International in Rosemont, Illinois. They are required to pass an in-depth examination in chemistry, problem water and its proper treatment, in addition to other subjects pertaining to the water treatment industry. You can rely on them to make the right recommendation to solve your needs. Once they have been issued their license, they must continue their education with training courses. Culligan is the only manufacturer that has a national water testing laboratory that our representatives can access to determine the best system for your water needs and monitor the results. Our process starts with a complimentary, in-home water analysis to determine your problem. You can’t correct a problem until you know what the problem is. We look at your plumbing, talk to you about your water usage, number of bathrooms and people in the household to be sure we install the proper equipment. One size does NOT fit all.

2. How do you know you are dealing with a reputable company? Not all water treatment companies are created equal. Some merely assemble parts from many different manufacturers. Some change the source of their equipment from year-to-year making service difficult. Some enter in and out of business rendering their warranties useless. Culligan is a one source manufacturer to assure quality up and down their product line. Since 1936 when Emmett Culligan created the water softening industry, Culligan has been the leader in innovation and service. With a network of nearly 800 dealers in the U.S. and many more worldwide, you are assured of consistency in service and product.

Five questions to help you make the right water treatment choice. 3. Why isn’t it good enough just to buy the least expensive water softener? Don’t all water softeners do the same thing? Many competitors price out pieces of a complete installation and promote the price of only a portion of the total cost. If you’re thinking about purchasing your equipment in a “discount store,” please take the time to find out if there are additional costs for installation and maintenance. There may be additional charges for water testing, plumbing materials, labor to install the equipment, and salt. There may also be additional charges when it’s time for service and maintenance. Find out how often this is required, cost of service calls and how soon you’ll be able to get service. Culligan will price out the entire cost of equipment and installation. Prices may vary due to quality. The water treatment business requires top quality components in the manufacturing of products. Cheaper equipment is only possible if someone cuts corners. It is important to have quality components because poorly functioning equipment wastes water, a precious resource. Cheaper equipment can also costs more in the long run because of extensive repairs and lost benefits due to equipment downtime. Water appliances are the hardest working appliances in your home, shouldn’t they be the best quality? You can avoid all the perceived advantages of low cost equipment by buying a properly priced Culligan System.

All of these softeners were purchased by customers who thought they’d save money by buying the lowest cost softener. They eventually traded up to Culligan quality and Culligan reliability.

Five questions to help you make the right water treatment choice. 4. What good is a longer warranty if you’re not sure the company will be around long enough to honor it? Culligan has been in business since 1936. Many water treatment companies come and go because many independent dealers don’t have access to the quality of equipment offered by Culligan. You need only look back ten years ago to see how many dealers from the past are still in business. It’s not your typical family heirloom, but because of your Culligan System’s superior design and 100% satisfaction guarantee, it will stay in your family for decades.

5. What if my well water changes, my family grows or my water needs change over time? If there is any change in the way you use water in your home, just call Culligan. We will help set your system so it performs at peak efficiency. And if the equipment is no longer a proper fit, in most cases we’ll offer you a trade on your existing equipment. Culligan offers service before and after the sale. You can’t get that from a selfservice rack at a discount store. The water treatment specialists at our dealerships are available to answer questions, conduct a water analysis and determine proper equipment sizing. Our service and delivery crews will deliver salt for your water softener, check your unit for efficiency, remind you when it’s time to change the filters on your drinking water system and provide 24-hour service, if needed. Culligan does all of this for you and more!

Water Softening Theory & Benefits What is Water Softening? Water softening is the process of removing hard minerals from water. Calcium and magnesium are found naturally in bedrock from which we extract water for drinking. These minerals cause problems when they evaporate out of water and build up in water heaters, dishwashers and around faucets. These minerals also leave residue on toilets and tubs producing a ring of stain. The minerals cling to fabric, dulling colors and breaking down the fibers causing clothes to wear faster. This mineral residue will also cling to skin causing dryness and to hair causing it to be limp. Many times, people think the slippery, smooth feeling on their skin when they use softened water is the soap not rinsing off. In fact, it is just the opposite. The term “squeaky clean” is misleading. When something “squeaks” it is not because it’s clean, but instead because it lacks moisture. Try cleaning a window. When drying the window it squeaks when dry, not when wet. Healthy skin is moist from natural oils. When your skin feels slippery, soap and mineral residues have been removed and the body’s natural oils and smoothness are left. While water softeners remove hardness, there is a limit to what they can remove. They are not for dirt removal, sulfur odors, bacterial problems or primary drinking water issues. Culligan has a filter for those water problems as well. Sizing of a Culligan® Softener is done according to the amount of hardness in the water, the estimated amount of water used on a daily basis and the flow rate potential based on the number of water-using fixtures in your home.

Water Softening Theory & Benefits continued The Benefits of Softened Water The benefits of softened water, in quality of life and in savings, can be felt throughout your home. Even people with only slightly hard water may notice a difference when they start using softened water. • Water heating efficiencies on systems using softened water may be increased up to 29-percent if heating with gas; up to 22-percent if heating with electricity. • Pipes don’t clog due to mineral buildup increasing the life and performance of your plumbing system. • Many soaps and detergents lather better and work more efficiently. • Many appliances last longer and perform better when operated with softened water, and softened water lets the shine come through when they’re cleaned. • Soapy residue on clothes is reduced so they may look better and last longer. • Sticky film on tubs and shower tiles may be reduced so you might find yourself spending less time cleaning. • Skin and hair are rinsed more completely making hair look shinier and skin cleaner.

Reproduced From BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU Consumer Information Series Tips On…Water Quality Improvement Web address:

Water Softening Theory & Benefits continued Solutions to Common Hard Water Problems Water softeners were designed to remove hard minerals so your water could work harder, and perform better in your home and business; it does that job very well. But, as sometimes happens, the process has produced unexpected benefits for its users by also reducing barium, cadmium and naturally occurring radium found in the water. In areas where the source of water is hard or very hard, the local water utility may try to soften water, but they are usually only able to reduce hardness to about 5 or 6 grains per gallon—still moderately hard. A water softening system in your home or business can efficiently and economically reduce hardness levels to below 1.0, protecting against hard water mineral damage.


Parts Per Million


Less than 1.0

less than 17.1


1.0 – 3.5

17 – 60

Slightly hard

3.5 – 7.0

60 – 120

Moderately hard

7.0 – 10.5

120 – 180


over 10.5

over 180

Very hard

Reproduced From BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU Consumer Information Series Tips On…Water Quality Improvement Web address:

Water Softening Theory & Benefits continued Why is Culligan Technology the best choice? Culligan has been engineering better softeners for decades. That research has developed some notable breakthroughs: Save Salt and Water The Culligan® Aqua-Sensor®, an option that monitors daily hardness and activates regeneration only when the resin capacity is exhausted, saves you on salt and water. It has been recognized as a Consumers Digest Best Buy! (Available only on Gold Models)

Bypass the system The Cul-Flo Valve® lets you bypass the system for uses not requiring softened water – such as watering the lawn. Maximum Efficiency Cullex® resin is Culligan’s exclusive media providing maximum water softening capacity, stability and long life. Limited Lifetime Warranty Efficient Operation High-grade quartz under bedding evenly distributes water to maximize flow rates in to increase efficiency. Culligan® Exclusive Quadra-Hull™ Tank Has a scuff resistant exterior that minimizes condensation and corrosion, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty against bursting and leaks.

Fingertip Programming The low voltage fully programmable Accusoft® Microprocessor uses an easily programmable keyboard that allows changes at the touch of a button to meet the individual needs. With an electronic back-up system, all programming is safe from most power interruptions and surges. Best of all, this technology uses less than $3 a year in electricity. Soft Water for Everyone The Guest-Cycle™ recharge feature allows the homeowner to provide an extra supply of conditioned water when there are occasionally more people in the home. This feature could eliminate unnecessary investment in larger units.

Water Softening Theory & Benefits continued How You Can Tell When You Have Hard Water There are telltale signs of hard water which may indicate a problem. These include: Clogged appliances and pipes. Hard water minerals can build up in appliances, such as a coffeemaker, and can gather in your pipes and plumbing equipment. This buildup can reduce water flow and increase the frequency of repairs. Water heating costs increase. When hard water is heated, the minerals in it precipitate (leave the water) and form scale at the bottom of the water heater. In a number of instances, the scale can reach ten inches deep burying the bottom heating element in scale sludge. That ruins efficiency. Other heating appliances, like teakettles and coffeemakers, precipitate the minerals from the water and deposit the scale forming an insulation barrier, reducing the efficieny of these appliances. Many soap and detergents don’t lather well. The calcium and magnesium in hard water act on many soaps and detergents to reduce their sudsing and cleaning abilities. The soapy residue they form is abrasive and can reduce the life of your garments by clinging to clothing fibers and weakening them.

Water Softening Theory & Benefits continued Sticky film on bathtubs, shower tiles – and you. The residue formed by soap and hard water can also create a sticky film on bathtubs and shower tiles, leaving you with the chore of scrubbing and scouring. The same film sticks to you, often drying your skin and leaving hair dull and lifeless. Wear on fixtures. Many homes with gold or specialty faucet fixture finishes will become damaged by hard water and disintegrate due to the harsh chemicals needed to remove scale.

The Culligan HE High Efficiency Water Softener ®

Savings Your Culligan Man® has a High Efficiency (HE) Water Softener that uses up to 46%* less water, salt, and energy. The patented design of Culligan’s HE can’t be matched. It will save you money by optimizing salt, water, and electricity consumption while providing even fresher laundry, spotless glassware, and longer-lasting, water-using appliances. Intelligence It is about more than energy efficiency - it’s about intelligence. While using 50% less salt, the HE lets you know how many days remain until you need to refill it with salt. Our Aqua-Sensor® automatically detects changes in your water conditions and makes softening adjustments accordingly. You can even install an optional modem that will tell your Culligan dealer directly if salt or service is needed. Ease Reduce trips to the basement as the Culligan® HE’s remote display alerts you to any problems and gives you control over various functions, like activating the electronic bypass valve. It also has the Dial-a-Softness® control that ensures your water is always just the way you like it, never too soft or too hard.

*46% less than a time clock regeneration softener

Water Quality Concerns Treatments continued Typical Benefits of Softened Water • Typical water-using devices and appliances will receive protection from damage due to scale. • Your home may have more inherent value to potential buyers. • Laundry, hair and skin normally see improvements.

Estimated Annual Costs Resulting From Hard Water

Percent Saved With Softened Water

Savings Per Month With A Water Softener

Your Annual Savings With A Water Softener









Fabric becomes coated with hard water mineral residue that clings to fibers and damages clothes, towels and linens.





Plumbing & appliances are damaged by hard water scale that coats appliances, pipes and faucets.







Hard Water Affects Everything in your Home: You use up to 80% more soap & cleaning products

in the laundry, dishwasher and bath, including shampoo, conditioner and other personal care items.

Gas & electric use increases

when hard water minerals coat heating elements in dishwashers and water heaters.


Water Quality Concerns Treatments Run Off Contamination Giardia cyst, Crytosporium cyst and dirt are concerns particularly for drinking water. Wells over 100 feet would not normally have a cyst problem; however, many wells have dirt, sand or silica. Culligan can recommend a filter to remove those contaminants. When a drinking water supply comes from surface water like streams, creeks, ponds and lakes, they are susceptible to contamination. All surface water municipal treatment plants treat for part of the dirt and cyst removal. Culligan Filtration will remove the rest of the dirt and/ or cysts passing through treatment plants. It will also remove dirt and/ or cysts that may contaminate the water traveling through the miles of underground pipes supplying the water to homes. Bacteria contamination can occur any time in a drinking water supply. Flooding or spring runoff can seep into wells along the casing and contaminate the supply. Insects may also fall into the water supply, contaminating the water. Culligan can recommend the proper solution to these problems. Chemical Contamination Most water supplies do not have a chemical pollution problem. It is recommended that private wells be tested every year to get a snapshot of what is in the well. The well could be tainted by contaminants saturating the soil in fields, due to animal by-products or pest control chemicals. Chlorine, a commonly used disinfectant, may be a concern for drinking water. Some chemicals in water may come and go at random depending on conditions. Some chemicals are not strong enough to smell or taste; therefore, there is no warning that they are present in the water. That is why Culligan may recommend continuous filtering year round.

Salt Delivery and Softener Service Don’t Lug Home Another Bag of Water Softener Salt. Call Culligan and Consider It Done! Culligan is a full service water company, which means hassle-free salt delivery. Culligan will deliver 50 pound bags of salt on a scheduled basis and deliver only what is needed, so you never run out or have too much on hand. Our drivers will carry the salt to your softener and fill your tank. And with each delivery, your Culligan Man® will perform a 10-point inspection of your softener which includes: • • • • •

Check Check Check Check Check

time setting bypass salt level water level in salt tank float

• • • • •

Check for leaks Check for salt bridging Fill Salt tank Stack remaining bags Discard empty bags

Since 75 percent of our service calls result from poor quality salt, we will also give you 25 percent off of all repair parts as long as you are a salt delivery customer. Just another way we stand behind our products! Convenient – No more lugging and lifting heavy bags. Dependable – Schedule deliveries so you don’t run out. Trusted – No one knows your equipment like your Culligan Man®! Confidence – Receive a 10–point inspection with every salt delivery.

“Leave the heavy lifting to us!”

Acclaimed Service and Equipment Culligan’s equipment and service are recognized by other national organizations: The August 2003 issue of Consumers Digest magazine designated the Culligan® High Efficiency Water Softener as a “Best Buy.” Consumers Digest magazine has been a respected national publication for over 45 years. Culligan is cited as the premium water softener in the market. This recognition and our 30-day satisfaction guarantee mean more assurance than ever for our customers!

Culligan Business History Emmett Joseph Culligan spent his early years farming in the hard water areas of South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota. He was well aware of the difference between hard well water and the soft rain water most families collected in cisterns. January 9, 1921, was probably the most significant day of his life. As an expectant father, he was pacing the halls at St. Joseph’s Hospital and ended up in the boiler room. He struck up a conversation with the maintenance superintendent. Next to the boilers were two large cylindrical tanks which the superintendent proudly announced softened the water to prevent scaling in the boilers and save soap in the hospital laundry. The superintendent then explained how he could prevent diaper rash by building his own softener to use to wash his baby’s diapers. Culligan exhibited a tremendous interest in the hospital water softener and finally prevailed the superintendent to give him a coffee can full of the greenish-black mineral, called Zeolite, which “magically” removed the hardness from water. The superintendent explained how Culligan could punch some pinholes in the bottom of the coffee can, put about an inch of coarse sand in the bottom and then fill it with the Zeolite. The superintendent told him if he held this “coffee can softener” under the faucet and let hard water trickle through the device into a wash basin the resulting water would be softer than rain. Emmet was so fascinated with his first encounter with ion exchange that the expectant father almost forgot why he was at the hospital. The nurses searched from one end of the halls to the other before locating him in the boiler room to announce that he was the father of a healthy baby daughter. The rest is history.

Fix It or Trade It Program Having trouble getting service on your non-Culligan Water Softener? Did the company you bought your equipment from go out of business? Or, do you have a brand nobody seems to know where it came from or what type it is? Then our “Fix It or Trade It” program may be for you! Even though we can’t guarantee service like we do on our Culligan units, we’ll see what we can do to help you. Our products are Culligan because we happen to think they’re the best! However, our technicians can service some units other than a Culligan. If you’re reading this, it probably means you have a water treatment unit or situation that falls into one or more of the following categories: • • • • • •

No local service is available. The company is “out of business”. The application may be incorrect. You’re dissatisfied with your supplier. No one knows where it came from or what type it is. You’re feeling you got stuck with a turkey.

“Fix It or Trade It” program details:

(Dealer participation may vary)

FIRST – We’ll test your water FREE of charge to see if your unit is working properly. SECOND – We will adjust, reset, repair or clean the unit. THIRD – If you decide within 30 days of our service call to purchase a Culligan, we’ll credit your service call and disposal fee (a $110 value). We will service your unit to the best of our ability. If the service works, you’ll see we know what we’re doing and you’ll keep enjoying soft water. If it doesn’t work, trade it in! Of course, if you don’t want to bother with the service call because you’re convinced that your current softener is beyond repair, we’ll give you the trade in value off the price of a new softener. You just won’t have to go through the time and effort of the service trip and charges.

Fix It or Trade It Program continued We also have a similar trade in program for Drinking Water Systems. If you have a non-Culligan Drinking Water Unit and you’re ready to get a new Culligan Reverse Osmosis Drinking System, we will gladly give you credit towards a new system when you trade in your old unit. P.S. You must call within 10 days of service for service credit AND if you decide to trade-in before doing a service call, we’ll give you an additional six bags of salt or filters for your drinking unit.







State of the art

Best materials, durable

Lifetime limited warranty


Efficient savings

Less water and salt use


Water and filter

Excellent warranty


Purified water

Health, security

Excellent value

Wise investment


Saves room under sink

Promise to service

Security and convenience

Save hundreds with this offer

Higher flow spigot

Easy use

Built in quality monitor

Ensures quality

Customer Testimonials For over 70 years, Culligan has led the water treatment industry in innovation and service. Culligan products are produced with world-class quality, backed by solid warranties and serviced by the best trained technicians in the industry. What a few of our customers have to say: “Please send our thanks to all involved with testing, fixing, replacing and servicing our softener. Appreciate the time and service you send our way. The replacement tank has fixed the problem we were having.” - Bonnie and Joe S “I am writing to thank you for the wonderful service I received from your company. I called for service and when the service man arrived he couldn’t find me or my water softener. I forgot to tell him the brine tank was in the garage. When he returned to fix the softener he was professional and a gentleman. I was only charged for the mileage on his first visit. I just wanted to let you know that it is employees like him that make me glad I chose your company to do business with. Thank you so much for your prompt and courteous service.” - Anny D. “Thank you for your prompt service!” - Sally S. “Thank you so much for taking the initiative to repair our water softener over the holidays. We had been on vacation during the time of repair and it was comforting to know it had been taken care of and ready to go upon our return.” - Dawn S.

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