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Kennedy Behling

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Kennedy Behling 830.481.9170 Social Media Instagram: @kb.arch Issuu: search, Kennedy Behling Architecture Portfolio 2018 Texas A&M University

construct a living narrative...

Architecture is a direct reflection of society and a key tool in the art of storytelling. Humans are inclined to look to the built environment for direction. Architecture has the power to unite, inspire, and provide a better lifestyle to those involved. Society uses storytelling as a basic fundamental aspect of communicating towards one another. As architects and designers it is our role to prescribe a living narrative, based on the needs of the environment, to the inhabitants. As an architect I aspire to tell a story and inspire those who view my work. “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious, and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.� -Walt Disney

...using space and societal needs

I Totemism: Estranged Mapping 2nd Year Studio--Gabriel Esquivel--Texas A&M University Our study on Totemic objects and their value in architeure began with comprising ontologically indifferent objects into a series of related objects. These objects were then manipulated in order to find intrinsic values that related to its own sectional qualities. As a visual, representative study, I stretegically texture mapped architectural elements onto architecture itself. By assigning 2D architectural moments onto various 3D aspects of my totemic object I was able to play a game of image in order to further define the project, it’s components, and facade. By serving big moments of figure and aperature with a distinct 2D map that contradicts the project as a whiole, the image is then able to ignite the application. The mapping produces a dicotomy of facades that emphasizes sectional moments, 3Dimentionality, and ontological estrangement. This reaction to indifference enabled my totemic object to adapt a “new wave ornamentation�, that rethinks the facade visually, and architecturally defining 3D moments with strategic 2D placement.

Rhino-- Maya--Keyshot--Processing

Section: Left -- Top Plan: Abvove -- Bottom Plan: Below

II Second Star Group LLC: Magical Memories Professional Internship--Donald McCreary In a professional internship with Second Star Group LLC I had the oppotunity to work in collaboration with the Magical Memories Las Vegas Disney team in order to design the storefront. My specific role in this project included working with the design team to produce the storefront signage. This encompassed working with measurement details and adjustments to font and lettering. We also worked on technical lighting and providing the magical details that Disney is founded on. Throughout my time spent at Second Star Group LLC I was able to truly understand what working to the quality of Disney means. My time modeling the Magical Memories sign was exciting in the fact that I would be able to contribute to the life changing Disney magic all the way in Las Vegas! Going the extra mile and really focusing on the detailing of this sign became extremely important. The sign I was working on would be one of the first things a Guest would see as they approach this storefront. This work would set the tone for the rest of a Guest’s experience while visiting the Magical Memories store. With that in mind I took my role in creating this sign extremely seriously and did it to the best of my ability. The results were beyond exciting and successful.



III An Artist’s Home: Detonation 1st Year Honors Studio--Alejandro Borges--Texas A&M University The premise of public versus private space is an argument that has fueled great discussion when considering urban development. The concept of Detontation stems from the notion of designing a space where an artist can live, produce, and showase their work all in one small, rectangular plot. By including a gallery space for the public and a work and living space for the artist, this home is fully functional for an urban space. Throughout the designing process of Detonation two driving architectural terms were organizing factors in it’s intrinsic design. By marrying “Expansion” and “Fragmentation”, I was able to redefine their meaning in order to work in conjunction with the struggle of solving public (indicated with blue) versus private space (indicated with purple). This enabled me to design a home who’s interior follows a path of expansion that coincides with the expansion of public space. By fragmenting the interior using sharp, angular walls I was able to design a space that was open for the public to observe, yet private enough to host an artist’s day to day life. The home’s facade also hosts a pattern of expansions and fragmented space. An artist who may work with stained glass could use this facade as a way to showcase his work to the public.


Elevation: Above

Section #1

Public Space

First Floor Plan: Above

Private Space

Plan #2

Second Floor Plan: Above Public Space Private Space

Plan #1


Interlocking Chapel of Silence: Projected Space 1st Year Studio--Alireza Borhani--Texas A&M University The underlying principle of an interlocking design is to create individual modules that work together to perform a greater task. By designing bowtie shaped modules that work together to support one another in vertical and horizantal connection, a vaulted system was created. We were challenged to explore the intrinsic value of the architectural vault and how it could be manipulated to serve as a religious refuge. While designing Projected Space inspiration was found in the topography and site of the Salk Institute by Louis Kahn. I quickly found that by designing a portion of my chapel to cut into the surrounding rock would create a more realistic and aesthetic structure. This led me to my final design of a chapel that can be accessed via two ramps on either side of the chapel or by the higher ground plane. The magnitude of the chapel is underestimated when seen from a frontal view, due to half of its structure being underground. Once inside the chapel itself there is a better understanding of its grandeur. This creates an improved sense of self and individuality while reflecting inside this four story chapel. By manipulating the space around the chapel and choosing its placement carefully I was able to design a unique space that has impact on its visitors.


Individual Module: Below -- Tesselated Interlocking System: Above

Individual Module In Vaulted System

Perspective Photo of Rockite Cast Concrete Modules

Perspectives of Projected Space: Below

Section of Projected Space: Below

Projected Space Renders: Above and Below

V Object Study: Luis Nevelson 2nd Year Studio--Gabriel Esquivel--Texas A&M University Louis Nevelson was a female artist who used object orientation as a factor of design. I selected a Louis Nevelson sculpture (unamed) and studied its intrisic characteristics. How this specific art piece would look when converted into an axonmetric sculpture was what I ultimately focused on. By taking the axonmetic by hand of this Louis Nevelson sculpture I was able to dectect which piece were essential to the scuplture as a whole. This variance drove this object study as it received a sense of hierarchy and space. Lastly I studied how the intrinsic value of this deviated sculpture could be represented. As designers and architects representation is a game played that could cause a project to fail. However when analyzed correctly rendering can exploit the opportune moments in a study and aid in conveying the overlying notion. With this object study a notion of density and hierarchy was most evident with themes of momentary movement.


VI Cultural Center: Etiam Lux 2nd Year Honors Studio--Alejandro Borjes--Texas A&M University The design process behind Etiam Lux was focused on two architectural terms, Juxtaposition and Carve. I further explored each term’s functions and how they could be used jointly. Steven Holl’s Simmon’s Hall became a large precedent study for Etiam Lux. This cultural center was programmed to have parking, a museum, a gift shop, a library, an auditorium, and a small cafe. Etiam Lix was purposed to serve the city and it’s residence while connecting to the urban environment. As I designed Etiam Lux I knew I wanted Juxtaposition and Carve to be seen as joint components and two composite functions. While exploring the actions these two terms proposed a pattern of lightwells began to form. These “lungs” that created breathable air and light filtered throughout the cultural center. These intense moments of multi-level porosity created moments within the cultural center that demanded attention from habitants. These moments would draw people together and create pockets of energy thst could nt be ignored.


Parking Garage Plan: Above -- First Floor Plan: Below

Second Floor Plan: Above -- Third Floor Plan:Below

Perspective Render of Etiam Lux: Above


Urban Site Plan: Below, In Collaboration with Entire Honors Studio

Section Facing Plaza: Below

Section Facing Park: Below

Interior Sections of Lightwells: Below

VII Art, Renders, Photography A compilation of work I have done outside of Academic or Professional requirements.

Maya--Rhino--Keyshot--Processing--Hand Sketch--Photography

Sketch: EPCOT, Spaceship Earth


Modeling Render Object Study: Kitbashed Vault

Modeling Render Object Study: Kitbashed Flight Chair

Modeling Render Object Study: Mirrored Machine

Thirty Minute Modeling Study: Dwayne Oyler Figural Staircase


Environmental Design Architecture Student name: Kennedy Behling school: Texas A&M Undergraduate DOB: 09.15.1997 about me from: New Bruanfels, TX contact me


email: instagram: @kb.arch issu: Kennedy Behling phone: 830.481.9170

search: Kennedy Behling





Texas A&M University / Departmental Honors


Bachelor of Environmental Design Minor in Product Design and Fabrication


Anticipated Graduation: May 2020 Current GPA: 3.785

IAAPA Active Member 2016-Present


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-I designed the storefront to the Disney Fine Arts store in Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. -I then had to present my designs to a Disney representative who had them approved for final fabrication -Can work on a timeline and stay goal oriented while keeping an end due date in mind. Deer Creek Christian Adventure Camp: Medina, TX


May 17’ - July 17’

- Camp counselor for campers ages six to twelve, I was their primary caregiver for the weeks that they attended camp twenty four hours a day - I was responsible for empowering young people to live extraordinary lives by helping them identify their God-given character qualities, equipping them to be leaders that make a Clay Casa: New Braunfels, TX


February 16’- August 16’

-Worked in demanding environment with many children and parents -Coordinated special events for 5-30 people; maintained inventory; provided instruction on basic painting techniques; processed transactions; cleaned studio pieces and inventory

AXIOM Publication 2018 Selected for Freshmen Honors Studio/ Class Representative 2016 Phi Eta Sigma Honors Society 2016-Present National Society of Collegiate Scholars 2016-Present Disney Dreamers Academy 2015

VIII Resume Kennedy Behling

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Kennedy Behling Selected Works  
Kennedy Behling Selected Works