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Sophie tells us “why I really left the band�


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KImberley mcdonald , proberbly better Known

‘K.I.m’ Is our very own home from bIrmIngham. already appearIng

by her stage name grown talent

, head.

popular festIvals such as readIng and glastonbury her to see If any of thIs fame Is goIng to her



2009 brIt


You talked about being up against some great acts , what acts inspired you when you were growing up?

I was very much into British music , popular bands like Oasis and Radiohead.. but i sort of followed the crowd , only now have i started to beocme more interested in the underground scene , where unknown bands (like i once was) are . Florence and the machine inspired me a lot as well, they came from being practically unknown to a major band in the industry. I knew if I kept working hard I would make it , I think sometimes you just have to really believe in yourself , and you can do it.

There’s been lot’s of stories in the papers lately about your childhood being very tough , are these true?

This is the downside to fame , the stories in the paper. Compare to other people , yeah i proberbly did’nt have a conventional childhood , life was hard, my mum was having problems with drugs and we did’nt have much money , but i knew if i kept working hard at what i loved , i would overcome it , and I have. Everythings fine at home now , it’s just a shame the papers have to bring up your past.

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You must be very busy at the monent recording your new album, have you got time for any relationships?

Well , there isn’t anyone special at the moment , and I’m so busy right now so any spare time I get I catch up with my friends and family but If somebody comes along i’m sure i could make time [laughs]. You said that the stories in

the paper were a dowside to your newly found fame , anything else thats not so good?

Well , i dont appriciate having my picture taken when I’m stumbling out a club drunk , having to explain that to my family isn’t easy [laughs] and also i hate it when the papperazzi catches me first thing in the morning with no makeup and it always seems to be on a bad hair day!

So what can we expect from your next album?

I’m hoping to colaberate with lot’s of new artists.

Any names?

[laughs] sorry I can’t say , but there are a lots of surprise artists , and it will definatley be worth the wait.

Your oringinally form Birmingham , are you still living here?

I was until just recently. I’ve moved to London to record my new album. I miss Birmingham loads though , all my firends and family are here so i proberbly will move back after my album is finished. However I do love London , theres so much to do in this city , you could never get bored.

When will you next be touring?

Well im coming to birmingham o2 arena in May , and im doing lots of gigs in London. You can check out my myspace page to see where I’ll be at.

What are your plans for the future then ?

I’m just going to concentrate on my album, then proberbly touring for a year to promtoe my album. Hopefully at some point I’ll have time out to take a holiday.

Any plans to break America?

Not at the moment , there so much competition over there , it’s so hard to get your music noticed. I want to stay loyal to my fans here in the UK.

What do you do to relax?

Well you might think to keep in shape I go running or swimming which ‘relaxes me’ as most people say but I’m so lazy [laughs] relaxing to me is sitting on the sofa stuffing my face.

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