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Christmas Shopping via District Scout Shop

By Lisa Hobbis, Scout Shop Manager

Thinking of getting a Scout related Christmas present? Why not order it via the District Scout Shop and save on postage costs. Beaver and cub fun socks, laces pens, notebooks, caps and beanie hats, water bottles and ponchos. For scouts there are mess tins and fire starting kits, knives and campfire ponchos. D of E recommended kits for Explorers and camping equipment from sporks to tents, roll mats to sleeping bags, hammocks and stoves; and uniforms of course (discounted for Leaders)! Have a look at what's available on-line: but then order your selection via the District Scout shop and save on postage. Once you've chosen, contact Lisa on 07788 213378 or email orders to – download the order form and attach to email. Pay on collection (cash or cheque). Items can be collected from the shop on Saturdays (10-12) or can be delivered to your scout group on a meeting night. Remember that your child’s group will benefit from sales via the Odiham District shop at no extra cost to you.

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September/October 2013

Odiham District Scout Shop New

Opening Hours - The shop will now open a week prior to the end of a school holiday, so parents can kit their children out before the new term starts. Second Hand Uniform - The shop is now providing second hand uniform, if you have any unwanted uniform that you would like to donate to shop it would be greatly received. All profits would go back into scouting. Helpers Needed - Do you have 2 hours on a Saturday morning to spare to help in the shop. We work on a rota basis meaning you would only need to work once every 4th Saturday and we are very flexible. If interested please phone Lisa on 07788 213378. Also don't forget that new leaders can purchase uniform at a discount from Odiham District scout shop.

Inside This Issue Christmas Shopping via District Scout Shop Lisa Hobbis, Scout Shop Manager................................................1 22nd Fleet Group help CHILDLINE on the new Cycle Path Ray Oldham ...........................................................3 Stonehenge Sunrise by 6th Fleet Scouts Aaron Hammond Duncan...................................................................4 County football Cubs 100th Elvetham Mosquito Pack Sharon Allin .................................................................5 Mud glorious Mud Louise Braybrook, 29th Odiham Scouts .............................................................................5 6th Fleet Scout Shooting Squad / International Representation David Tyler and Thomas Philpot......................6 The Emlyn Trophy Scouting Competition Thomas Rowe, 6th Fleet Scout .......................................................7 6th Fleet Summer Camp William Adams, 6th Fleet Scout ................................................................................8 London treasure hunt Harvey Shead-Jones, 6th Fleet Scout ..........................................................................10 Cycle Ride Andrey Prince, 6th fleet Scout .....................................................................................................11 1st Crookhmam Scouts Camp in the Trees Dean Stlyes, 1 st Crookham Scout................................................12 District Cub event at RAF Hendon Mark Millington ........................................................................................13 101st Scouts Survival Camp in Hanams Copse Graham Read........................................................................15 Training Dates Phil Merrison, District Training Manager..................................................................................16

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September/October 2013 nd

22 Fleet Group help CHILDLINE on the new Cycle Path

by Ray Oldham

The new Cycle Path from the Fleet town center to the Leisure Center was officially opened on 20th September. This Path passes right in front of the 22/26 Group HQ and we have watched it being constructed over the last 9 months. I was pleased to be able to represent local scouting when the Path was opened on the Friday morning by County Councillors Sharyn Wheale and Sean Woodward. Then in the afternoon our Group provided a Barbeque for about 500 youngsters who joined in the fun and instruction activities along the Path and in Calthorpe Park.

Our Group soon realized that the new Path provided a perfect feature which we could use to support CHILDLINE - a vital link for some young people. So on Wednesday 9 th October we held a sponsored scooter and bike event along the Path. The Beavers on their scooters went from the Den along the Path to Merivale and back again several times. The Beavers started at 4.30pm and the most athletic boy completed 14 laps.

The Cubs on their bikes had a longer route all the way from the Den along the Path to its end at Hitches Lane. A return ride along this route is about 1 ½ miles and one Cub totaled a distance of 9 miles. Altogether 40 boys took part in the event and many beakers of squash and cold water were drunk between the laps.

"Nearly all the sponsor money has now been received and we expect to be able to send close to ÂŁ500 to CHILDLINE"

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September/October 2013 th

Stonehenge Sunrise by 6 Fleet Scouts

Aaron Hammond Duncan

On Friday morning the 6th Fleet Scouts arrived at the farm Dovecote, chosen after a main building on site. We played cricket, football and eventually some ventured into the river Avon! Later that evening the motley crew all drank soup and ate bread. After this we then watched a film before sleeping under the stars… We woke up at 3:30am and got ready as we were going to the Stonehenge! We all drove down to Woodhenge and started our hike into the unknown… After walking for an hour or so we came across some mist that covered the whole path in front of us like a guardian. As we walked through it we could see mist everywhere around you but it takes a bit more than mist to stop us, the 6 th Fleet Scouts! Finally we reached the Stonehenge. We started taking photos of the sunrise and of the group with the ‘henge’ behind us. It was a great sight to see, the orange sun floating above the 3500 year old heritage site. Sadly moments like this cannot last forever, so after about 15 minutes we trundled back the way we came, back to Woodhenge.

No wonder the Scouts thoroughly enjoyed it!

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September/October 2013 County football Cubs 100th Elvetham Mosquito Pack

by Sharon Allin

After the fantastic achievement of winning the local tournament and earning a place in the county tournament which took place on 1st September 2013, the 100 th Elvetham Heath Mosquito Pack boys did exceptionally well, reaching the quarter finals from a very tough and competitive group stage. The boys finished second in their group, but all three teams got through to the quarters (the third team won the 'best of the rest' qualifiers, such was the group standard). The day was made when the coach of one of the opposing teams, went out of his way to come over to us and complimented Callum on his sportsmanship (Welldone!) The quarter final knock out stage was a hard match, but both teams were fairly even. The Mosquitos finally succumbed late in the match, to a fine winner from the opposition. The boys were tired, but not disappointed. It was a great achievement for the District to get so far in the competition. Well done all

Mud glorious Mud


by Louise Braybrook, 29 Odiham Scouts

Our Scout summer camp this year was at Silver Cross Scout Campsite in South Wales. We left England in sunshine and arrived in Wales in the rain – which didn’t ease up all week. It was an action packed week but some of the highlights were Graham’s aerial runway (our scout leader). It ran the length of our campsite and at the start we were at least 30ft off the ground.

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September/October 2013 Many of us hadn’t been on a pony before so pony trekking was great fun. As well as grooming and saddling up our own pony, we also had to try to keep them under control when all they wanted to do was to eat the bracken. In the middle of the week we went to Oakwood Theme Park which was one of the only sunny days we had. Speed was the best ride ever because it has loops, corkscrews and massive drops – fantastic. Although everyone loved Drenched – not only did those on the ride get soaking wet but everybody watching did too. th

6 Fleet Scout Shooting Squad / International Representation By David Tyler and Thomas Philpot 6th Fleet Scout have had an established shooting team for the past 3 years – coached by David Tyler and Nigel Cridland. The team shoot smallbore rifle at least once a month and also train with air rifle and air pistol. Over the past 3 years the troop has won medals at the county and national air rifle / pistol and small championships and also won medals at the county clay pigeon competition. Currently has 4 members of the 80 National Scout Shooting squad are from 6th Fleet Scout Troop (Jack Tyler, William Christer, Scott Crabbe, and Thomas Philpot). This summer Thomas and Scott were selected to represent the scouts in an international competition at Bisley.

Scout International Squad

My experience - Thomas Philpot When I got the email showing me that I had made it into the junior internationals, I was over the moon. It was a huge accomplishment for me and made me appreciate how much I really have improved over the last year.

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September/October 2013 I managed to be selected for the junior Internationals in May 2013, just before I turned 13. I had been in the National Scout Rifle Squad for less than 6 months and had only really shot well for a couple of months before that as well, so I was really surprised to be selected during my first year in the squad. I was especially surprised to be chosen as less than a year ago, my average was only a 73/74 out of 100. Now though, it is 85 out of 100, which was the turning point for me being chosen. I went into the Internationals expecting to come last as I was a new squad member and the competition wasn’t just for scouts, it was for every shooter under 18 worldwide. I had to do two 50minute shoots, consisting of 60 match shots, plus sighters. It was a hard match, but I pulled it off with not coming last on one of my competitions. I really enjoyed my experience and I hope I get selected next year.

Jack Tyler

Thomas Philpot

The Emlyn Trophy Scouting Competition

By Thomas Rowe, 6th Fleet Scout

On the 20th of September, 5 scouts (Thomas Rowe, Thomas Ellis, Thomas Philpott, Edward McIntyre and Oliver Bradgate) from 6 th Fleet travelled down to Lyndhurst, in the New Forest, for an annual Scouting competition, the Emlyn Trophy. The Emlyn trophy is a scouting competition with up to six members of a troop getting together to form a patrol. The average age of all the scouts must be no more than 13. The patrols then run their own weekend camp where they are given marks for everything they do.

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September/October 2013 This year there were 18 patrols from as far away as Gosport and Fleet, but most are from much closer by. The challenges were plentiful; cooking, pioneering, general neatness for both our tent and our appearance, which for a group of boys is quite the challenge. Although we were only the second group from 6 th Fleet to enter the competition, we had some experience of previous events, and we had some practice when most of us went to Ross on Wye for our summer camp, where 4 of us camped on our own and did all our own cooking, without getting food poisoning! We arrived on the Friday at about 6:00pm and it was instantly a race against the clock to set up camp before it got dark. Luckily with a bit of teamwork we managed it and after making sure everything was as good as it could be we settled down for a relaxing game of Cranium. At 11:00 it was lights out and we were all asleep by midnight. Saturday was extremely busy. At 8:00 we left our camp for a quick briefing. Then we returned to our camps and were given three hours to run our own activities. We did a first aid course, navigation and knot tying. Then we were sent off in groups to participate in leader run activities. There was first aid, pioneering and observation. The best bit was probably designing and building a ballista. We came third in the distance fired. In the evening we had our first cooking challenge, a three course meal. We went for Asparagus wrapped in bacon, a chicken curry and a desert of caramelised pineapple. The judges were especially impressed by the curry and we all felt that it had gone well. To end the day on a high note we all had a communal campfire with a lot of singing. Sunday was our final day. We woke up earlier because we had an English breakfast to cook. After satisfying our stomachs we set about preparing for the final inspection. We tidied and swept until the camp was spotless. Then we had an activity in which we had to find out the answers to questions about other patrols. When we returned we were told to pack up. Three hours later at 3:00 the leaders summoned us for the award ceremony. 6th Fleet came 11th out of 18, not bad for our first time. Then all that was left was the drive home and a long warm bath! th

6 Fleet Summer Camp


By William Adams, 6 Fleet Scout During the summer, 6th Fleet Scouts went on a camp to Monmouth. During the week that we were there, we climbed Symonds Yat, went cycling on an amazing course, went canoeing or horseriding, camped out beside a river and cooked our food on cooking stoves, among other things...

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September/October 2013 The walk up Symonds Yat was unbelievably steep, and by the end of it our legs were aching, but it was truly breathtaking, and definitely worth it. We cycled around the Forest of Dean, then went on an epic offroad track in Sallowvalets. Canoeing along the River Wye was fun, if a little tiring, we stopped off to have a swim and lunch on the edge of the river, then canoed down some rapids where several of our boats capsized, including my dad's. We had a long hike to the campsite, which happened to be where we had had a break before the last leg of the canoeing. We set up tents 20 metres from the river, and camped there overnight. On the last day we had a 20km orienteering hike, part of the hike was along the Gloucester Way, which was very overgrown in places, but with a compass and a map we managed to find our way. I am really looking forward to our camp next year; which is in Holland.

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September/October 2013 London treasure hunt

By Harvey Shead-Jones, 6th Fleet Scout

On Friday the 4th October the 6th Fleet Scouts were off to London to complete a treasure hunt based around Waterloo Station and Trafalgar Square. Twenty two Scouts and our leaders assembled at Fleet station and caught the 18.40 train to Waterloo which got into Waterloo at 19.30. The train didn’t take too long which is just as well for the sleepy commuters who must have wondered what had hit them. At Waterloo we divided up into 4 groups and started to answer the questions that had been compiled for us to answer. By far the hardest question was to find out the time of the last train to leave the station that night; we trawled through endless time tables searching for the answer. However the task was made somewhat more pleasant when we went past a chocolate shop that was giving away free samples so that was good. At 20:10 we began to walk to Trafalgar Square to meet up with the other two groups that had already set off their. Unexpectedly there was a huge event going on at the square so we were unable to complete the task due to the vast number of people attending. David Tyler however had a couple of surprises up his sleeve, firstly he decided to invest Tom Adams and James Macintyre right in front of the National Art Gallery with lots of tourists looking on in bemusement and then he presented Oliver Bradgate, Tom Tyler, Thomas Philpot,

Thomas Row, Thomas Ellis, Scott Crabbe and I with our gold awards. After all this we still had an hour to go before our train and what better way to spend it than more chocolate courtesy of CafĂŠ Nero, I have to say I felt a bit sorry for the staff that suddenly had to make 22 hot chocolates complete with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles however they rose to the challenge they were excellent, thanks David! On the way back we stopped off at M&M World (more chocolate), and then down to the Thames for a spectacular night time view of the London Eye and Parliament, we eventually got back home just before midnight.

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September/October 2013

Cycle Ride

By Andrey Prince, 6th fleet Scout On Saturday the 21st of September the scouts went for a cycle ride to Alton (we were supposed to anyway). The ride was about 40 miles long, up and down hills, round bendy roads and past very nice pubs by the side (with tasty food and drink with our names on it). Our trip started at the post office by Fleet train station at 10 am. When we arrived, we were given high visibility jackets and were shown the map of our route. There was a good turnout of scouts and adults helpers too. The first leg of our trip took us on the traffic free and “mostly” flat country lanes to Odiham via Winchfield, where we stopped for our first rest. From here onwards the ride became more hilly as we headed up Odiham high street and out onto the lanes towards Upton Grey. There was a long uphill drag, which tired everyone out before a flatter section by the top of Lasham airfield and then we free-wheeled downhill into Lasham village. At just over two hours into our ride we stopped at The Royal Oak pub to refill our water bottles and to wait for some stragglers to catch up. But the welcome change from being in the saddle, and with most of the scouts already tired and hungry, a decision was made to stop here for an early lunch. This turned out to be a good decision as we were all accommodated around two tables in the garden, one for the scouts and one for the adults. We all had a nice refreshing drink and the children had a nice kiddie’s meal that turned out to be a “Heron-On-The-Lake –burger –full-size” sort of thing which was good. Now fully recharged, and with rested legs, we climbed back up the long hill from Lasham village, and headed in the direction of Froyle. One last VERY steep hill up to the hamlet of Well was a challenge for all, and then we headed back to Fleet via the lanes around Crondall. After a long hard day, we arrived back at the post office, all exhausted but happy. It was a fantastic scouting activity, both physically and mentally. This is only one of hundreds of amazing experiences that is done every week of scouting.

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September/October 2013 By Andrey Prince Edited by Simon Prince

1st Crookhmam Scouts Camp in the Trees

By Dean Stlyes, 1 st Crookham Scout

6 Scouts went to 1st Crookham Den on Saturday 26 th October for an above ground camp. Many of us had checked the weather forecast that day and the news was not good. Strong winds and rain. But that didn’t stop us. We were given a briefing and then we got on with it. The idea was to rig up all the cargo nets and the tarpaulins. However due to bad weather and our knot tying we didn’t have enough time to put up the tarpaulins. Our evening meal consisted of beef stew cooked on the open fire in Dutch ovens. The very wet weather meant people slept in a puddle or went indoors. Thanks to the trust of our leaders we were allowed to stay up all night and tend to the fire. Though once we were in a bivvi bag and warm no one was getting up. We packed up Sunday morning whilst breakfast was cooking. Parents were over the moon with the wet bivvi/survival bags and other kit, but everyone said they would do it again any time.

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September/October 2013 District Cub event at RAF Hendon

Mark Millington

09:00 hours, Saturday 5th October, Church Road car park and a small fleet of shiny white coaches are waiting to take a squadron of district cubs off to the Hendon RAF Museum! Upon arrival we step out into the car park and the very first question I am asked is “Kaaaaaa.. Where do they keep the nukes??” Good start! An excited queue formed at the steps of the demonstration aircraft designed to give would-be pilots a feel for life in a cockpit and the ergonomics of an enclosed cabin environment. Each cub eagerly awaited their turn to sit at the controls and imagined what life would be like at 20,000 feet. Unfortunately they were blissfully unaware that the controls they were thrashing from left to right were actually connected throughout the aircraft. In short, the noise generated from the wing flaps and rudders crashing back and forth could have been heard during the Battle of Britain itself. But they certainly had fun! The interactive section of the museum went down a treat. Lots of little 'sciencey' experiments with nice big red buttons to press which helped to explain the concept of lift on an aircraft's wing, why helicopters don’t fall out of the sky and how to control a hand glider. The most popular of these was small model bomber which loaded a foam brick as it’s cargo. It zipped across the ceiling on a wire and when you hit a big button, it drops its payload on to a target on the floor. The reason this became so popular was that this simple inertia experiment became a bustling game of catch with at least 10 to 15 cubs and beavers all crowded trying to be the catch the bomb before it hit the ground. Science is fun! The only hiccup of the day was when everything went a bit dark in the main hangar and shortly afterwards, bells started to ring out. For some reason unknown the fire alarm had begun to sound.. The staff did a great job in managing the exits and shepherding everyone outside and away from the building. Leaders rounded up their herds and marched them all out of the doors and to the car park in a well disciplined calm and timely fashion. This little distraction created a perfect opportunity for lunch! After about fifteen minutes or the all clear sounded WW2 fashion and we were allowed back into the building to carry on with our day. It turns out that the hanger fusebox had tripped which in turn set off the alarms and not, something that had crossed my mind and no doubt the minds of one or two of my fellow leaders, a stray hand pulling on little red leavers that otherwise should not have been pulled.. We would like to thank to all the staff at Hendon for a thoroughly enjoyable day and all for leaders and parent helpers for making the day possible. The end result was many happy but tired faces on the journey back and of course, the subsequent large orders of Air Activity badges being placed. Kaa (Mark Millington) 26th Odiham Sea Cubs, 6th fleet cubs

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September/October 2013

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September/October 2013 st

101 Scouts Survival Camp in Hanams Copse

by Graham Read ASL

Sometimes you don't have to go far to have a great weekend camp, this time a weekend in Hannams Copse, Crondall trying out some of the shelter building and camp fire cooking skills the Scouts had learnt over the past term.

After each patrol had found an “RAF dropped” survival kit hidden in the woods they set about building their shelters to be used that night and preparing the fires and pots stands for their evening meal. Following Camp fire and Shelter inspection it was a surprisingly quiet night, with no one stirring except the numerous Owls in the Copse. The Scouts were up good and early to get their fires going for Breakfast, which finished at around 11am by the time everyone had cooked something. A bit more practice required on coordinating keeping a fire going and cooking I think, it was almost time to put the Spuds in the fires for lunch time Jacket potatoes! After plenty of Wide Games, and a well cooked lunch it was time to strike camp for home. With no tents owned by the group yet, and minimal camp equipment, this made for a low cost and, judging by the comments overheard from the scouts, enjoyable short weekend camp. p.s. I found that a Hammock may look relaxing, but sleep in one all night in the middle of a wood and they really aren’t. Back to the ground shelter next time.

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September/October 2013 Training Dates

Phil Merrison, District Training Manager

Adult Training I am glad to see quite a few module validations this term and the odd Wood Badge – Well done Rosemary Thornton Inductions The next Leader induction is Saturday 16th November 9.00 -10.30am Emails will be sent to those expected to attend. Training Courses For GSL’s and AGSL Hampshire scouts still have places on the Leadership and Management Training weekend, which is residential, over 16th & 17th November 2013. Other courses being run by Hampshire County over next few months are as follows: Module 17 Running Safe activities Sunday 24th November – Fareham/Gosport Module 18 Practical Skills Sunday 24th November – Fareham/Gosport Module 15 Challenging Behaviour Sat 1st February – Hook Module 14 Young people Today Sat 1st February – Hook Module 19 International Sat 1st February – Hook Module 13 Growing the movement 2nd February – South Module 5 Fundamental values Sat 8th February – South Module 7 Valuing diversity Sat 8th February – South For anyone thinking of becoming a Training Advisor module 25 is being run on Sunday 9th February at Eastleigh. Please let me know directly if you are interested. I’d be delighted to welcome any leader thinking of taking up a TA role. You don’t have to have a Wood badge, but it helps. For more training dates, application forms and details please follow the web site at For First Aid Module 10 training please direct your enquires to me and I will try to source appropriate courses Phil Merison Odiham District Training Manager

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