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June/July 2013 Most of the flights are by business people who want fast travel for meetings all over the world. Also many famous people, including Royalty choose to travel from Farnborough because of its privacy (away from press & public scrutiny). After seeing all the aircraft in the hangers, we went out onto the main apron where we watched a big business jet coming in to land and a fleet of large posh cars going out to meet it and collect the passengers. Our Guide was in contact with the Control Tower who then allowed us onto one of the taxi routes towards the main runway end where we stopped to watch another big jet take off. We were then allowed onto the main runway and stopped there whilst the Control Tower put on all the landing Lights. We then drove all along the runway as if were going to take off – very exciting !!!! Next we went to visit the airport Fire Station where they have 5 special engines. They got one of them out for us and all the Scouts went through the cab trying some of the controls especially the hooters. To finish this part we stood clear, while one of the Firemen showed us the huge range of the large foam & water cannon on top of the engine. For the final most exciting part of the trip, 5 or 6 Scouts at a time went with our guide up into the top of the Control Tower. There was a 360dg view of the ground and sky all around the airport and we could even see some of Farnborough town itself. Before leaving our guide told us that many local people were employed at the airport arranging the business journeys, servicing and maintaining the aircraft. He also said that they had recently started a 4 year apprentice scheme and perhaps in the future, some of our Scouts may be working there. Altogether a very exciting and enjoyable visit and we gave him a really big

B R A V O.

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