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June/July 2013 Role of honour. Many congratulations to all of the following who have gained their Wood Badge in 2013: Penny Crowne, Alan Wade, Michelle Bristow, Michael Webber, Mark Butcher, Charmian Hickman, Toby Roe, Rob Harbourne, Doug Millard, Mike Jones, Jilly O’Connor A great achievement, well done! And let’s not forget the many new starters who have gained their Full Warrant this year. Whilst some of you adult scouters (not camping in the holidays) take a deserved break over the summer, have a think about ticking off a few more modules while you sit by the pool with your Adult training file in your hand..... Have a great summer!!! Regards Phil Merison Odiham District Training Manager Tel: 01252622466 Mbl: 07854959678 Email:


22 Fleet scouts gain their Gold award The 22nd Fleet Troop were very pleased to welcome our County Commissioner, Adam Jollans, to a special Parents Meeting on 8th July. Our 4 Patrol Leaders had recently completed their Expedition Challenge, the final requirement before gaining their Gold Chief Scouts Award. During the first part of this meeting, the PLs described their 2 day hike from South Warnborough back to Fleet with an over night stop camping at Crondall. They showed many pictures taken along the way and especially of the War Memorials in 6 different villages which they reported on as the main objective of their hike. The CC then talked to each Scout in person about the Hike and about some of the other 7 Badges which each had to gained to reach this Gold Award level. He then presented them with the special Certificate and Badge amidst strong applause from Parents and all the Troop.

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By Ray Oldham

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