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June/July 2013 Stay up-to-date with events happening in your district – follow Odiham District Scouts on Facebook and Twitter. Click the logo's to subscribe. To add your email address to the HartBeat mailing list register here. Hart Beat is issued approximately 6 times a year. Thank you all for your contributions to this edition. As you can all see below all sections have been extremely busy recently. I wish you all a fantastic summer and if you're camping, good weather and lots of fun! I look forward to articles about your summer adventures for the next edition. Many Thanks Catherine, your HartBeat editor

Inside This Issue CubJam - It's a Pirates Life ! By A Ferneau and Jeremy Styles............................................................................2 “We are only Leaders” From DC Jakki Holland.................................................................................................4 100th Scouts earn their Community Challenge By David Millen ......................................................................5 100th Beavers can Swim By David Millen.........................................................................................................5 Leader Training By Phil Merrison.......................................................................................................................6 22nd Fleet scouts gain their Gold award By Ray Oldham..................................................................................7 22nd Fleet Scouts Visit Farnborough Business Airport By Ray Oldham..............................................................8 1st Crookham Giant Beaver Sleepover By Michelle Hiseman BSL Swifts colony.............................................10 29th Beaver Mini Sleepover By Mark Butcher ABSL 29th Pontail Beavers.......................................................11 Mammoth 3 Colony Sleep over 100th Elvetham By Sharon Allin...................................................................14 Order via Odiham Scout Shop By Lisa Hobbis Scout Shop Manager................................................................16 Hawks Air Explorers Have a 24 Hour Adventure at Gilwell 24 By Catherine Read...........................................17 Beaver Olympics 2013 By Mary Hilditch ADC Beavers.....................................................................................18 101st Group Camp By Graham Read...............................................................................................................22

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June/July 2013 CubJam - It's a Pirates Life !

By A Ferneau and Jeremy Styles

Over 1,000 cubs (8-11 year olds) descended upon Gilwell, North London (the home of scouting) for a week of swashbuckling adventure from all over the country – Cornwall to Guernsey, Wales to Tower Hamlets. Fleet, Church Crookham and Zebon Copse were well represented with over 30 cubs. We were on board Flying Dutchman, the other ships being Victory and Black Pearl; a friendly rivalry developed over the week, with much singing and chanting. Being cub scouts, this was not your average “half-board in a hotel job”; oh no. This was put-up your own tents, live and eat in the open, get involved in a whole range of activities from zip wires, grass sledging, rifle shooting and zorbing to treasure hunts, climbing walls, face painting and camp fires. 1st Crookham had a great secluded 2-level location to the north east of the site, with the sleeping tents nestled inside a copse of trees, down a steep slope (more of that later!) to the mess tent and kitchen.

The cubs started arriving early on Saturday afternoon, set up their tents and stored their gear for the week. The opening ceremony included an address by Bear Grylls (Chief Scout) and some early practice of the Cubjam song. There was a “pirate” radio station set up for the week – Cubjam FM, passing out news and updates during the week, and playing loads of great songs for the cubs to sing along to. The programme started in anger on the Sunday with cubs having the choice of over 30 different activities to get involved in, as well as a talent show, bingo, cinema, record attempts and a carnival. These were spread over the six days and somehow a day-trip to London was managed to be squeezed into the schedule as well. Rest assured, the cubs did not need to search around for things to do. “I’m bored and don’t know what to do” wasn’t a phrase any of the leaders heard whilst there! The fantastic weather of Sunday and Monday did take a bit of a turn for the worse on Tuesday, with a virtual downpour and turned our slope into a mud-slide – something which the cubs enjoyed, even if the leader’s didn’t! Try carrying a full bottle of gas down a muddy slope and you’ll know what we went through on a regular basis. The Cubjam theme (as you have probably guessed) was pirates and there was a magnificent show, with all the cubs and leaders dressing up for a fantastic parade. Thankfully the rain that had bedevilled the last few The Newsletter of Odiham Scout District, page 2 Got an idea for an article? Email Catherine Read at:

June/July 2013 days had begun to clear and we were able to party in the late afternoon sunshine as a fairground with a wide range of events kept the cubs awake (again) until late into the night.

Friday came around too soon – from a cubs perspective, but as we all made our way home, I think everyone was looking forward to a night in our own beds, a lie in. The washing of dirty clothes though might take rather longer than getting over the sleep deprivation though! A huge thanks to all involved and we’ll see you in 3 years time for a cowboy, line-dancing, pistol shooting celebration for a whole century of cubs!

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June/July 2013 “We are only Leaders”

From DC Jakki Holland

We are only leaders – we are not experts – we are your next-door neighbours – we are not perfect we are parents just like you. We don’t have any more spare time or energy than you do, we all work full time and juggle out families and our schedules and try to keep it all together as best we can. The only difference between us is that we believe passionately about what Scouting has to offer. So much so, that we contribute our time, our efforts and our talents to help our children – and your children – grow in Scouting. We complete authorisation forms, budgets and records and fill our homes with boxes of paperwork you will never see. We are required to take 13-20 hours training in our first year as well as planning meetings every month so we can meet our greatest challenge – providing a variety of programmes and activities which meet the needs and interests of very individual boys and girls. We try to involve parents who want us to understand that they don’t have the time to drive on outings or help at meetings. We rejoice in the generosity of others. Sometimes we find ourselves going in too many directions – we run out of steam – we have memory lapses – communication lines break down – time slips by – but that doesn’t mean we don’t care. So many evenings we spend on the phone seeking help and advice from other leaders when disappointments or problems occur. “How do I hold my Scouts attention?”, “How do you cope with Scouts of different skills levels?” Our dining tables are covered in bits of rope, menus, permission forms and record cards for each and every member of the Group. A couple of them won’t show up and don’t think to call to let us know – sometimes we feel unappreciated. Yet these boys and girls can fill us with pride at their determination and accomplishments. Their smiles and laughter fill up a room, and when they say “thank you” it makes it all worthwhile. We help these boys and girls build relationships. Some struggle more than others. Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly….all these traits are encouraged by the Scout Promise and Law – and sometimes we too must learn these lessons over and over again with the Scouts – but we are willing to keep learning. Please be patient if we appear distracted or frustrated or overwhelmed at times. Forgive us if we are not always the kind of Scout Leader you would be – if only you had the time. Instead, provide us with your encouragement – a kind word, a thank you – or offer us your help. Keep us always in your thoughts and prayers. We are, after all, only mentors…role models…leaders…volunteers who have made a Promise to give these young people, your children, the most precious gift we have to offer – the gift of time

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June/July 2013 th

100 Scouts earn their Community Challenge

By David Millen

As part of their Community Challenge, scouts from the 100 th Elvetham Heath Scout Group were challenged to make contact with local organisations to find out the part they play in creating a sense of community. Each of the 6 patrols organised themselves and met up with one of: Sharyn Wheale, County and District Councillor Marilyn Robson, Chair of Elvetham Heath Parish Council Janet Stanton, Fleet Town Council Sgt Hill, who leads Hampshire Police’s Fleet Safer Neighbourhood Team Colin Gray, Chairman Fleet Pond Society Fred Massey, Fleet Lions

• • • • • •

The photo shows Raven Patrol of Hercules Scout Troop (L to R, Josh Wells, PL Tom Blacow, Thomas Davies and Tom Craggs) grilling Councillor Sharyn Wheale on Hart District Council’s budget, asking how she manages to find time for the many roles she has and learning that she has met the Prime Minister. We are very grateful to all members of the wider community who gave up a significant amount of time to be interviewed by a patrol. The scouts enjoyed the experience too, with PLs and APLs responsible for coordinating the meeting and preparing the presentation of their findings earning credit towards their Promise Challenge too.


100 Beavers can Swim

By David Millen The recently formed Hawk Moth Beaver Colony in 100 th Elvetham Heath Scout Group completed its Safety Badge with a water safety session in Gelvert Stream which flows into Fleet Pond. Beavers discussed the Water Safety Code and answered questions from the leaders before navigating the stream from the ford down to the beach, even passing under the bridges. The race back along the water course to the ford was watched by all the parents who came armed with a complete set of dry clothes for their beaver. A great session: safe, memorable, instructive and fun too.

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June/July 2013

Hampshire's big Jamboree in 2014:"H0014" Following the success of Hampshire 007 the county is looking for another action packed week in 2014. It's time for Scout Groups to register your interest in Hampshire's Jamboree to keep in touch with developments. The event will be held from the 10-16th August 2014. A fantastic week of activities for Cubs, Scouts and Explorers at Buddens Farm in Dorset. Everyone from Hampshire, UK and overseas welcome. If you would like to know more about Hampshire's Jamboree in 2014 please visit the website

Leader Training

By Phil Merrison

What a great term for adult training! Statistics from county show we are around the top performing districts for module validations and Wood Badges in Hampshire. Well done to all those who have tackled their training this year. With such an influx of adult Scouters this last 9 months, my small (but perfectly formed) team of Training Advisors have been kept very busy, nudging along some waifs, watching demonstrations, gathering witness statements and generally supporting all learning across the district. Well done team. A warm welcome to my 3 new TA’s this year: Shona Harrington, Anna Wade and Matt Head who have made a great start supporting several new learners between them. Anyone wishing to become a Training Advisor should contact me. You will be warmly welcomed and you don't have to hold a Wood Badge to do it, (though it does help), just a short course, and a supportive nature. Matt Head persevered in obtaining his validation to run training courses in the district. This gives us a great opportunity to fill some gaps in available courses around Hampshire. Working in the medical profession, Matt has already run a First Aid refresher and more refresher and full courses are currently being planned. Check out the district web for more information + links to Hampshire and Blackwater Valley training schedules.

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June/July 2013 Role of honour. Many congratulations to all of the following who have gained their Wood Badge in 2013: Penny Crowne, Alan Wade, Michelle Bristow, Michael Webber, Mark Butcher, Charmian Hickman, Toby Roe, Rob Harbourne, Doug Millard, Mike Jones, Jilly O’Connor A great achievement, well done! And let’s not forget the many new starters who have gained their Full Warrant this year. Whilst some of you adult scouters (not camping in the holidays) take a deserved break over the summer, have a think about ticking off a few more modules while you sit by the pool with your Adult training file in your hand..... Have a great summer!!! Regards Phil Merison Odiham District Training Manager Tel: 01252622466 Mbl: 07854959678 Email:


22 Fleet scouts gain their Gold award The 22nd Fleet Troop were very pleased to welcome our County Commissioner, Adam Jollans, to a special Parents Meeting on 8th July. Our 4 Patrol Leaders had recently completed their Expedition Challenge, the final requirement before gaining their Gold Chief Scouts Award. During the first part of this meeting, the PLs described their 2 day hike from South Warnborough back to Fleet with an over night stop camping at Crondall. They showed many pictures taken along the way and especially of the War Memorials in 6 different villages which they reported on as the main objective of their hike. The CC then talked to each Scout in person about the Hike and about some of the other 7 Badges which each had to gained to reach this Gold Award level. He then presented them with the special Certificate and Badge amidst strong applause from Parents and all the Troop.

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By Ray Oldham

June/July 2013


22 Fleet Scouts Visit Farnborough Business Airport

By Ray Oldham

The old RAE airfield was bought from the Ministry of Defence in 2000 by a pair of very rich middle-east brothers who converted it into the only fully business airport in the whole of Europe. It is now a very modern multi-national company and is called the TAG Airport (Techniques Avant-Gardes). With a contact via our Group treasurer, our Troop were able to have a really good look around the airport with the help of a very experienced Guide.

We first went into two of the three large hangers where the aircraft are “garaged� and most of these aircraft are owned by large Companies in the UK. Some of the aircraft are owned by well known rich personalities and the remainder by aircraft hire companies. The limiting aircraft size for this airfield is 80 tons, due to the runway length and the surrounding area. Also no overnight flights are allowed. The aircraft range from business versions of the Boeing 737 and Airbus 320 down to quite small Jets, such as the Mustang which is much the same size as the mini bus in which we toured the site.

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June/July 2013 Most of the flights are by business people who want fast travel for meetings all over the world. Also many famous people, including Royalty choose to travel from Farnborough because of its privacy (away from press & public scrutiny). After seeing all the aircraft in the hangers, we went out onto the main apron where we watched a big business jet coming in to land and a fleet of large posh cars going out to meet it and collect the passengers. Our Guide was in contact with the Control Tower who then allowed us onto one of the taxi routes towards the main runway end where we stopped to watch another big jet take off. We were then allowed onto the main runway and stopped there whilst the Control Tower put on all the landing Lights. We then drove all along the runway as if were going to take off – very exciting !!!! Next we went to visit the airport Fire Station where they have 5 special engines. They got one of them out for us and all the Scouts went through the cab trying some of the controls especially the hooters. To finish this part we stood clear, while one of the Firemen showed us the huge range of the large foam & water cannon on top of the engine. For the final most exciting part of the trip, 5 or 6 Scouts at a time went with our guide up into the top of the Control Tower. There was a 360dg view of the ground and sky all around the airport and we could even see some of Farnborough town itself. Before leaving our guide told us that many local people were employed at the airport arranging the business journeys, servicing and maintaining the aircraft. He also said that they had recently started a 4 year apprentice scheme and perhaps in the future, some of our Scouts may be working there. Altogether a very exciting and enjoyable visit and we gave him a really big

B R A V O.

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June/July 2013 st

1 Crookham Giant Beaver Sleepover

By Michelle Hiseman BSL Swifts colony

It was the biggest Beaver sleepover 1st Crookham has seen for many years. Forty-two beavers, from three colonies, arrived on Friday 5th July to enjoy a scout camp experience.

They pitched tents in the hall for their sleeping quarters and gathered wood for the camp fire, before tucking into hotdogs and burgers from the BBQ. Tables and benches under two shelters served as our ‘mess tent’ and the beavers had to do their washing-up in traditional camp style. The evening finished with traditional scouting songs around the camp fire, toasted marshmallows, hot chocolate and a story. Lights finally went out at 10.30pm. Saturday morning arrived and they were up at 7.00am. After getting dressed they enthusiastically ate breakfast which included bacon, beans, and eggs prepared on the BBQ, followed by more washing-up. Tents and kit were packed away, with sleeping bags and mats providing quite a challenge for them to roll up! Not to mention seeing them try to figure out how mum had managed to get all their kit into their rucksacks without it spilling all over the floor. The rest of the morning consisted of various wide games in the woods and an outdoor craft activity. Finally, the beavers were handed back to their parents at 11.30am, exhausted but happy. The whole event was blessed with warm, sunny weather and everyone had great fun!

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June/July 2013 th

29 Beaver Mini Sleepover


By Mark Butcher ABSL 29 Pontail Beavers

The 29th Pondtail Beaver Scouts had a ‘Mini Sleepover’ in early July. Continuing their theme of the term, 19 ‘Squires’ turned up at Camelot Castle hoping to be selected to become knights and sit at the round table of King Arthur. The tasks set them by our Ladies Fox and Raven were as follows: • • •

To prove their bravery, courage, intelligence and strength by undertaking two quests; Lady Raven requested that the beast of Pyestock Wood be found and slain, and Lady Fox requested that the elusive King Arthurs treasure be found which has lay hidden for over 1000 years. To display knightly manners and chivalry to our good ladies by entertaining them and making merry at a mediaeval banquet in Camelot Castle. To hold vigil overnight, in the castle chapel, guarding any winnings from the quest and their armour, prior to being knighted early the next morning.

Our brave prospective knights boldly went forth, following clues laid out in the woods. The first directed them to the Ford, where messages were sent on twigs to the Lady of the Lake, requesting information as to where the treasure was hidden; if she could give Arthur a magical sword, surely she would know the answer to this question ? Whilst awaiting a response from the Lady we ventured deeper into the woods. Further clues gave us Merlins recipe for a magic potion (made from all natural products !) to keep us safe, poison the beast, and which would possibly indicate the treasures location when we dream, if the Lady of the Lake did not grant our request. Giant spiders, leaves and acorns all went into the cauldron which was duly carried with us. The route became more difficult with time, entering deeper into the wood and, eventually, a fern forest, taller than most of our brave knights. We took it in turns to carry our weapons; bows and arrows, swords and of course, our precious Ladies favours Suddenly the cry went up: ‘’DRAGON !!!!!! ‘’ and the battle with the beast of Pyestock Wood started in earnest. Even the most timid knight, holding Badger’s hand at the back (asking ‘ ’is it a real monster Badger ? ‘’ ) rushed forward, sword in hand, to gain a souvenir ear or claw from the slain beast. It died quickly, using weapons, bare hands, and, unconventionally, feet !. Apparently the roar of the battle was easily heard at the scout hut and only one arrow and two swords were broken in the turmoil. As instructed, the beast was suitably butchered, ready for carrying back to Camelot to be roasted at the banquet; but there was still no message from the Lady of the Lake to tell us where the treasure was hidden. The Newsletter of Odiham Scout District, page 11 Got an idea for an article? Email Catherine Read at:

June/July 2013

One of our knights showed true gallantry, helping his Lady over difficult terrain and making sure that the battle with the beast had not scared her too much. The next clue proved our worthiness in building castles. Two teams were chosen to enclose the Ladies banners within strongholds; the opposing team then had to storm the castle, the quickest to gain their banner being the winner. There was, at this point, a protest from the losing team in that the banner they were rescuing had been hidden, rather than secured in a castle; this objection was not accepted, however, on the grounds that ingenuity and intelligence are as much a part of a knights armoury as strength, speed and castles.

Still no message from the Lady of the Lake so our now ravenous knights were instructed to return to Camelot to undertake a ‘true English Feast’ and to make merry at a mediaeval banquet. The dragon was roasted on the castle fire, and Friar Tuck from Camelot Catering produced hot fish and chips punctually which was understandable considering that there were 19 armed and hungry knights to feed. And then the Lady answered !. Each portion of chips contained a clue as to the treasures whereabouts. When put together, it still made no sense, but read vertically it told us to head east from Camelot. A simple piece of navigation using a compass quickly led us to the chest, and further clues enabled the padlock to be unlocked The Newsletter of Odiham Scout District, page 12 Got an idea for an article? Email Catherine Read at:

June/July 2013 revealing the gold within. Lady Fox decreed that the chest be placed in the chapel to be guarded at the night vigil. Prior to sleeping, stories of King Arthur and other knights were read, until all our victorious knights commenced their vigil. The following morning there were dragon sausages for breakfast. All knights, having successfully completed the tasks given them were then knighted and the treasure shared out, together with our well earned badges, before retiring from Camelot. It only remained for the leaders to clear up, very proud of what their Beavers had achieved, especially the younger ones.

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June/July 2013 th

Mammoth 3 Colony Sleep over 100 Elvetham

By Sharon Allin

This year the 100th Elvetham Heath Scout group has been able to address its overwhelming waiting list by adding a 3rd Colony and Pack We wanted the Beaver Scouts to have the fun of ‘sleeping over’ with all their friends from the other colonies and so the idea of a joint sleepover was agreed - partly because we only have 1 outdoor sleepover permit between us! One beautiful evening in July, 38 Beavers and 11 leaders had a fantastic evening and following morning at Runways End taking part in Archery, Caving, Climbing and Fire lighting. The 100th camp favourite of Spag bol for tea (cooking for 50 people?!) was due to be followed by a traditional camp fire but only the day before our favourite camp fire leader, David Millen, found he needed to run the Scout hike first - but we were very lucky to have our Explorer Scout James step in to build and begin the campfire - and what an able stand-in he was! Thank you James!

The older beavers slept out in tents and went almost straight to sleep, not like the younger ones in pop up 2 man tents in the (very hot) hall who apparently all needed multiple toilet trips before finally settling down. In true sleepover form, the last Beaver was sleep at Midnight and first one awake at 5am! Would we run it with 38 beavers again? Definitely! Instructed activities were the key to success and we all agreed how lucky we were to have such great weather and such a superb facility as Runways End on our doorstep.

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June/July 2013 James doing a fantastic job with the campfire proceedings:

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June/July 2013 Order via Odiham Scout Shop

By Lisa Hobbis Scout Shop Manager

Thinking of Ordering items from the UK Scout Shop? Why not order them via the District Scout shop and save on postage? Pick what you'd like from the National Scout Shop catalogue*, or on-line website, but then ask our District Shop to order them for you for delivery to the District Scout shop – and save on postage costs. Contact Lisa on 07788 213378 or simply visit the district scout shop on a Saturday morning. *You should have received the catalogue with the recent Scout Magazine.

Odiham District Scout Shop New

Opening Hours - The shop will now open a week prior to the end of a school holiday, so parents can kit their children out before the new term starts. Second Hand Uniform - The shop is now providing second hand uniform, if you have any unwanted uniform that you would like to donate to shop it would be greatly received. All profits would go back into scouting. Helpers Needed - Do you have 2 hours on a Saturday morning to spare to help in the shop. We work on a rota basis meaning you would only need to work once every 4th Saturday and we are very flexible. If interested please phone Lisa on 07788 213378. Also don't forget that new leaders can purchase uniform at a discount from Odiham District scout shop.

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June/July 2013 Hawks Air Explorers Have a 24 Hour Adventure at Gilwell 24

By Catherine Read

Nearly 4,000 Explorer Scouts and senior section Guides took on the Gilwell 24 challenge and enjoyed a sundrenched weekend of activities. An action-packed 24 hours at Gilwell Park this weekend saw Explorers and Guides enjoying a whole host of high-energy fun including zorbing, hot-air ballooning and trapeze. The Scouts, aged 14-18, enjoyed the scorching weather and took part in activities from 9am on Saturday morning all the way through to 9am on Sunday, with no sleep. Always an annual highlight on the Scouting calendar, Gilwell 24 2013 didn’t disappoint. ‘The spinney ride was the best activity because we went as a group together,’ said Deanna Newstead, 17, from 9th Fromford Scout Group, Unit A Explorers. Other favourite activities included quad biking, scuba diving and caving. The AA took part in the 24-hour adventure and offered driving lessons to Explorers and Guides,All of the action from the weekend was captured and broadcast on Avon Scout Radio. The Bright Sparks Project got involved and held a live lounge session where young people got the chance to sing, dance and showcase their creative talents for the chance to feature on a forthcoming Bright Sparks album. The young people also got the chance to follow in the footsteps of their Olympic heroes at Lee Valley White Water Centre – one of the venues during London 2012.“Lee Valley is insane, the opportunity to go whitewater rafting where Olympians were last year was brilliant,’ said Murray, 17, from Phoenix Explorer Scout Unit in Kent. Check out the video to see some of the weekend’s highlights, there's also more reports on the Gilwell 24 facebook page.

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June/July 2013 Beaver Olympics 2013

By Mary Hilditch ADC Beavers

On Monday June 10th more than 120 Beavers from across Odiham District congregated at Crookham Junior School. They tried a range of activities including water and agility races, distance jumping, football shooting, parachute games and ballisters, and showed determination and good sportsmanship throughout. At the end of the evening the Beavers and leaders assembled in a large circle and summoned even more energy to join in a noisy Beaver Yell. Thank you to all the leaders and helpers, and our two Boy Scout visitors, for your hard work and creativity in making this event happen.

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June/July 2013 District Cub day at Horseshoe lakes

By Jannette Mcelarney ADC

101 cubs from all over the district took part in an activity day at Horseshoe Lakes recently. Half the day was spent on the water doing kayaking, dinghy sailing, paddle boarding, rowing, canoeing and rafting and the other half was spent on dry land doing climbing, archery, low ropes, beach volleyball and an orienteering hike. The weather was beautiful and everyone had a fab time as you can see from the photos!

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June/July 2013

The weather was beautiful and everyone had a

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June/July 2013 Community Badge

By Jakki Holland DC

Hampshire Explorer Scouts, Charlotte (Charlie) Swope, Fareham West, and Izzy Holland, Odiham, present the Scout Community Badge to Paralympian champion David Weir. 1st August 2013: Today, as Scouting celebrates its 106th birthday, The Scout Association has awarded a Birthday Badge to David Weir, one of twelve public figures who have inspired young people during the past year. The half a million members from across the UK had the opportunity to vote online for people who have encouraged others to try new activities and learn new skills. Parlympian champion David Weir was one of those voted for, and he was presented with an honorary Scout Community badge. He received the award from Explorer Scouts Charlotte Swope (Swanmore) and Izzy Holland (Fleet) from Hampshire. Upon receiving his award, David said:

“I’d dreamt about winning the last race of the whole package on 2012, so the marathon was the big one for me. I’ve always gone to championships and there’s always been something wrong. I’ve either been injured by the end of it and couldn’t do the marathon, or not been fit enough to do the marathon. I wanted to prove a point that I could win on the track and win on the road. So all of them are special but those two stand out. This award is for everyone in the academy, not just me. I want to say thank you and I’m very honoured” Charlotte, who presented David with his badge said:

“I really enjoyed meeting David to present him with his badge. He has really inspired me to try new activities in Scouts”. Chief Scout Bear Grylls congratulated the badge recipients and said that they were an inspiration to adults and young people everywhere to get involved in Scouting. He said: "Scouting is proud to recognize those who have inspired young people during the last twelve months. Across the UK, young people have voted for those who have demonstrated the skills and commitment required to merit the award of an honorary Scout badge. Inspiring young people is vitally important and those receiving these awards join the hundred thousand ordinary adults across the UK who inspire young people week in week out in their normal leadership roles. I am super proud of all of them” The Newsletter of Odiham Scout District, page 21 Got an idea for an article? Email Catherine Read at:

June/July 2013 st

101 Group Camp

By Graham Read

101st, set up in September 2012, held their first ever group camp at the Crondall Hut over May bank holiday weekend. After just 2 terms of operation it was really great to see over 48 Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, Leaders and Parent helpers, most of who didn't know each other just 9 months ago, all working together to make a great first Group camp. It was a first experience of camping under canvas for many of the Cubs and Scouts; and a few of the Leaders as well! The Beavers (who joined us for a day) enjoyed fire lighting, shelter construction, games in Hannam's Copse and I think went home with "the penguin song" ringing in their ears after an evening Camp fire.

After learning how to put up their various Hike and Patrol tents, our Cubs and Scouts hiked over to the River Hart where they enjoyed an afternoon of pioneering, helping to construct a Rope Bridge over the river almost everyone crossed at least twice, and only a couple fell in!

The Newsletter of Odiham Scout District, page 22 Got an idea for an article? Email Catherine Read at:

June/July 2013 On the Sunday, after a good scout camp breakfast, tidy up and tent inspections (and more tidy up...), it was off for a sisal and fire lighting game as well as a walk in to Crondall. The cubs and scouts prepared their own evening "mince meat and veg meal', cooked wrapped in silver foil package on an Explorer prepared fire. The evening Hannams Copse wide games saw quite a few very tired Cubs ready for bed by sunset, the scouts were up for a while longer! I can see the group camp becoming a 101st yearly May event, with discussion over-heard before the end of the weekend of where to camp next year. Many thanks to Young leaders / Explorers: Alex Millard, Izzy Hensby, Ed Hensby and Claire Read for running the Camp fire songs with such gusto.

The Newsletter of Odiham Scout District, page 23 Got an idea for an article? Email Catherine Read at:

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