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Vol 15, Issue 5

May 2018


Sisters are doing it for themselves! ...see page 32

Take to the Hills for Brú Columbanus ...see page 13

Gone Fishing with John O’Hare ...see page 8

Senator Mark Daly

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Kenmare News

Even the sun came out for the Wild Atlantic Challenge last weekend, and what a day it was!

Kieran O’Neill as Patie Sweeney and Lorraine Hallissey as Mary Burke in ‘Courting Trouble’ by the Blackwater Drama Group. pic Mary O’Neill. Courting Trouble, set in 1973 Blackwater, has all the ingredients for another action packed performance from the Blackwater Drama Group. This is the eighth full length original play from the Blackwater group who have also written 23 short plays. Set in the Blackwater Templenoe area it revolves around the lives of two local families, the Sweeneys and the Burkes. The families were once close but circumstances changed and the friendship was broken. The younger generation were trying to put the past behind them and it looked like peace was being restored but things took a turn for the worst over an episode of cattle trespass. Tempers flared one Sunday morning after Sweeneys fine meadow of hay was destroyed by Burkes cows. Tensions were running high and spilled over into Spillanes Bar after mass where harsh words were exchanged between the families. The row escalated and neither side would back down with both sides threatening law. Neighbours tried to make peace to no avail. Courting Trouble won’t disappoint! It includes confrontations, reconciliations, drama and romance. Old friendships and romances are rekindled and local characters provide plenty of comedy and entertainment. A recently arrived hippy to the area and her unconventional lifestyle are a major talking point and provide much amusement and it was also a time when people were putting in solid fuel cookers. These caused some serious mother and daughter in-law clashes. The story also follows the fortunes of the Templenoe team as they prepare for a county final. The play opens Friday June 1st and runs for 3 nights; Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd and Monday 4th. Tickets are €10 and must be pre booked from Blackwater Tavern on 064 6682003 as spaces are limited.

Sinead Buckley

Counsellor/Psychotherapist, BA hons CIT Railway road, Kenmare, Co. Kerry.

t: 087 9652532


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If it’s happening in Kenmare, it’s in the Kenmarenews

4 Davitts Place, Kenmare t: 087 2513126 / 087 2330398


The June edition of The Kenmare News will be published on Thursday June 21st and closing date for submissions is Thursday June 14th. PROUD TO BE PRINTED IN KERRY

The statements and opinions contained in The Kenmare News are solely those of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the editors or the publisher. The appearance of advertisements in The Kenmare News is not a warranty, endorsement or

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Kenmare News

Kenmare Women’s Group

The new committee has started to plan for the Autumn/Winter session, which starts in October, when our meetings are held in the Adult Education Centre. That seems a long way away at the moment, but it all takes time to decide on subjects and speakers. We try to please our members as much as possible and they have already provided us with lists of their likes and dislikes. Actually we have very few dislikes! Please note that we are now meeting at Brook Lane for our Wednesday morning coffee mornings. The usual time of 11am to 1pm. We look forward to meeting friends and visitors if anyone cares to just pop in. Ring me at 086 3454849 if you want more information. Enjoy your days in this beautiful place we call home. Pat (secretary)

‘Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s nothing you learn at school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you The U10 draughts squad at the Community Games Munster final really haven’t learned anything.’ Muhammed Ali. on April 21st.

Kenmare & District Gardening Club

We spent a most enjoyable evening on Thursday, 3rd May listening to Greta McCarthy O’Brien from Annascaul, Dingle speaking about herbs. Her maxim is, ‘I’d rather have a cupboard full of herbs than a closet full of heels!’ She was most enthusiastic about her love of herbs and how to grow them and we were a little overwhelmed by the varieties and uses of these wonderful plants. A herb is a plant that can be used in cosmetic, culinary and medicinal ways and if that isn’t enough, they also look very attractive in the garden and can be happily included in a border. One handy hint was that growing mint in a pot is very practical as it has a habit of spreading everywhere but vine weevils love this planting. If you mix some garden soil with potting compost in the pot, the vine weevil will be less likely to attack. We can live in hope! On the 26th April, some of our gardening club group spent a happy time at Dereen Gardens with an introductory talk by Jamie Bigham, a tour around the gardens some areas of which are newly planted, followed by a delicious lunch in the restaurant on site. Worth a visit. In early May, about 30 will be setting off on a six day trip for what promises to be a super garden trail in Donegal. More about that next month. On Thursday 7th June at 7.30pm at The Gateway, we will be very pleased to welcome Adam Whitbourn, Head Gardener of Blarney Castle. His talk entitled ‘The Story of Blarney Castle Gardens and its future plans’, scheduled originally for 1st March, had to be cancelled due to snow! Better luck this time we pray.

Phyllis O’Regan and Horst Rosler, winners of the Kenmare Bridge Club Championship Cup, held on Sunday15th April at The Brooklane Hotel.

Earn while you learn!

by Heike O’Sullivan

Personally, I‘ve never quite understood the Irish obsession with sending your children to University or College once they’ve passed their Leaving Cert. Many students I’ve spoken to over the years still don’t know what they are interested in doing professionally by the time they leave school. I’m told that a lot of them sign up for undergraduate courses such as Arts, and when I looked it up online, I learned that Arts is such a broad degree that students basically seem to spend three years of their time and their parents’ money finding out what subjects they like, to then spend yet more time and money on their postgraduate studies. Shouldn’t students have figured out by the time they leave secondary school, where their talents and interests lie? Apparently, for many, the answer is ‘no’. By the time I reached 25 years of age, I had been earning my own money for the last nine. During those years I still lived with my parents but was able to pay them rent instead of continuing to sponge off them as an adult; I always had money for my hobbies and travel, could buy myself a small sports car to pollute town with, and still had a nice amount of money to put into my savings account. Perhaps I was lucky that, after a couple of years working a summer job, I knew exactly what I wanted to do career-wise. I left school before the Leaving to begin an apprenticeship with our City Council and by age 25, I was in charge of my own department and staff. Then, of course, it all went to pot when I moved to Ireland later that same year. Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is, although I was academically well able for school, I thought I was wasting my time learning about subjects I knew I wouldn’t need for my future occupation. Growing up in Germany, I knew that Uni or College were only two of several other paths towards third-level education and a job qualification. The German vocational education and training system, also known as the dual training system, is firmly established in the German education system since at least 1969. The dual system is a co-operation between private or public companies on the one hand, and publicly funded vocational schools on the other. Apprentices in the dual system typically spend part of each week at a vocational school and the other part at a company, or they may spend longer periods at each place before alternating. Dual training usually lasts two to three-and-a-half years and ends with the awarding of a certificate issued by a competent body, i.e. a chamber of industry and commerce or a chamber of crafts and trades. There are currently 328 occupations requiring formal training in Germany. Employer organisations and trade unions are the drivers when it comes to updating and creating new training regulations and occupational profiles or modernising further training regulations. As a result, training, testing and certificates are standardised in all industries throughout the country. This ensures that all apprentices receive the same training regardless of region and company. Moreover, employers have trust in these certificates as they provide evidence of what an individual knows and is able to do. Businesses that take part in the dual training scheme consider vocational training to be the best form of personnel recruitment. Companies which provide training not only save on recruitment costs but also avoid the risk of hiring the wrong employee for the job. Investment in firstclass training is considered a key factor for success in an increasingly competitive world. The main benefit for apprentices, on the other hand, is that they receive market-relevant training that improves their chances on the labour market which is constantly evolving, and upgrading skills in response to the latest innovations of the digital age, all while being paid a wage. There is a growing awareness across Europe that excellent work-based vocational education and training is vital for competitiveness and social participation, and thankfully, Ireland is one of these countries. On 19th April last, I attended the Kerry Education and Training Board (ETB) Further Education and Training Fair in Tralee, purely out of curiosity. I was well impressed with what I saw and with the myriad of traineeships and apprenticeships now on offer in Kerry and beyond. In case you or the Leaving Cert student in your life didn’t get to go, I’d love to share some of what I learned at the Fair in this and the next issue of the Kenmare News. Pat O’Mahony, ETBI Education Research Officer, confirmed that “by the mid-1990s, most parents saw a third-level education as the route to a better life and Ireland became obsessed with this as the principal means to achieving its socioeconomic destiny. Ireland had concluded that the job market will require mainly tertiary graduates, but European and US studies conclude that, for the foreseeable future, even in high-tech economies, some 50% of the workforce will require medium-level skills and some 15% will require low-level skills.

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At every occupational level, workers will require ever increasing levels of competence, but focusing exclusively on high tech jobs requiring tertiary qualifications would expose a proportion of our citizens to unemployment, poverty and exclusion. A recent McKinsey Report notes that an overriding reason for young people to be held back is a lack of skills relevant to the workplace, concluding that when it comes to designing an education system that provides such skills, education providers, employers and young people operate in ‘parallel universes’.” Pat went on to say, “The big skills challenge for Ireland is in the area of medium- to low-level skills and qualifications. Certainly, we need 40-50% of school leavers progressing to higher education. However, failure to build future-oriented skills on the middle to lower rungs of the qualifications ladder could result in large sections of the population failing to benefit from economic growth generated by those with high-level skills. Many young people and their parents see a lack of career options as a key factor in making a decision about pursuing an apprenticeship but a significant proportion of school leavers who, for a variety of reasons, are unsuited to third-level studies at the time they leave school, choose to ‘go to college’ to do courses for which they are not suited and, inevitably, drop out. Indeed, even where some of these young people graduate they often find that their qualification does not bestow employability. Would it not be better if these young people entered employment through an apprenticeship route and later on, if desired, had the option of expanding their career and education options by progressing to a related course of study in higher education? “ Pat acknowledges that “the great strength of apprenticeship is that it delivers the competences required in the workforce. This is crucial at a time when employers’ global criticism of the education system is that the competences of new employees do not match what is required in the workplace. Today, though hundreds of thousands of Irish people are on the live register, thousands of jobs go unfilled because workers with the requisite competences cannot be sourced in Ireland. Here, nearly 70% of school leavers transfer to thirdlevel education, while in Germany apprenticeship is the route into work and further career development for nearly two-thirds of young people.” Perhaps as a result of this, Germany has the lowest youth unemployment rate in the EU. Our government’s ‘Action Plan to Expand Apprenticeship and Traineeship in Ireland 2016-2020’ is a huge step into the right direction. I was delighted to see the large attendance and enthusiasm of (not only) young people at the Fair in Tralee last month. I hope to have raised your interest enough for you to return for the second part of this report in next month’s Kenmare News, when I tell you about Kerry’s fantastic Training Centres and Further Education Colleges we have right here on our doorstep and the huge range of courses available, not just in Tralee.


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Kenmare Family Resource Centre

want to maintain your positive Mental Health In busy modern times where life seems to be getting increasing stressful for everybody, we are hearing more and more about looking after our mental health and the importance of responding to our own self-care. The whole area of maintaining wellness and minding our mental health may seem overwhelming if we haven’t already made a start on it. Looking after our mental health can range from simply taking time out for a cup of tea and a chat, meditating, going for a walk to engaging in counselling sessions or talking to some caring professional. Caring for our mental health is a regular ongoing activity and just as essential to our wellbeing as eating, exercising and sleeping are. So, we need to find something that works for us and that we can commit to easily. A number of organisations who care about the community of Kenmare have come together to provide workshops and information about how you can look after both your mental health and care for yourself in the process. This event takes place in Kenmare Adult Education Centre on Wednesday 23rd May from 10am - 2pm and everyone is welcome to drop into this event at any stage during these times. Through stands, information leaflets, talks and workshops we aim to provide you with some ideas on Maintaining Positive Mental Health. We will have talks from HSE Mental Health workers, Jigsaw Kerry and other help professionals on the day, and information will be on display from Kenmare Family Resource Centre, SHEP, SKDP, Kenmare Adult Education centre and Adult Literacy, GROW, Shine, local counsellors as well as South West Counselling and many more.

Caoimhe Daly on her transition year work experience meeting President of Ireland Micheal D Higgins at the 1916 Rising State Commemoration.

The Green Ribbon campaign, wear a green ribbon and start the conversation about mental health, will be part of the day, and visitors to the event will be provided with green ribbons which they can wear to show support for the campaign. Furthermore, visitors will be welcome to take part in taster workshops such as meditation, tai chi and keep fit sessions, and of course, there will be plenty of tea, coffee and chat! So please do come along on the day to find out what you can do or get involved in to keep you feeling good most of the time. You can contact Kenmare Family Resource Centre on 064 6642790/087 7086641 or email if you have any queries or indeed if you would like to volunteer on/before the day or bake for the event!

Louise Twomey, Kilgarvan, and Padraig McCarthy, Tuosist, who were married in Kilgarvan on Saturday 5th May. pic Mary O’Leary.

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7 Congratulations to Alyce O’Connor, TY student at Pobalscoil Inbhear Scéine, pictured with her mother Olive after winning the Inter Girls 1500m at the South Munster Schools Track and Field Finals in CIT, Cork on Wednesday May 9th. While below, First Year students Ellen Harrington, Tom Crushell, Lucy Daly and Ella Guerin took part in the Salters Festival of Chemistry in UCC on Wednesday May 2nd. The students learned a lot and had a great day competing in different challenges. They were accompanied by Science Teacher Sarah Abbott.

Congratulations to JC2 students Deniz Koyun and John McCarthy who have been selected for the Munster U16 Rugby Team for the 2018/2019 Rugby Season. The boys are pictured with their School Coach John O’Sullivan and Club Coach Conn Crowley. Mr O’Sullivan, Conn and Ray Gadsen have all been excellent mentors!

Congratulations to Pobalscoil inbhear Scéine second year Girls All Ireland Basketball Champions 2018 pictured at their homecoming. pic Mary O’Leary.

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Is it just me? I know that I am not very smart, but I am not stupid either. In the early part of this year an internationally renowned scientist who works for Inland Fisheries Ireland, Professor Paddy Gargan, came down from Dublin and gave a lecture, with slides, showing why they were introducing fish quotas with brown tags to try and stop the decline of salmon numbers in the Roughty River from falling below sustainable levels. Those who attended the lecture were representatives of angling organisations, riparian owners, fishery officers and other interested parties. At the question and answer session at the end of the lecture he left us in no doubt that the fate of salmon in the Roughty River rested in our hands. I know that the amount of brown tags issued is small and they have to be allocated to anglers in a lotto system but without controls of some sort there will be no fish at all. Anglers and others please understand that it was not the Fishery Board being awkward or vindictive with the tagging system, they are just doing their best to protect the few remaining wild salmon. Some anglers practice catch and release and that is fine, the fish live to fight another day and hopefully go on to spawn. But there are others, and do not get me wrong I never had a problem with the person who caught a fish for their own table, but it is those who make a commercial business out of trying to catch by hook or crook every fish in the river and then finding a ready market locally for them. If you are offered salmon (it is against the law for ordinary anglers to sell the catch) refuse to buy them and you will be helping to bring our rivers back from the brink of extinction. It may be of interest for you to know that a portion of wild salmon served up in a local restaurant is worth about €30, the same salmon in the river, caught and put back by a tourist angler is worth about €1000 Euro to a local tourist economy. It is a no-brainer but, as I mentioned at the start, maybe I am not very smart. I seem to be on an environmental rant this month.

You remember my articles about trawlers coming up the Bay, even as far as Danish Island fishing? well you may be aware the Kenmare Bay is a special area of conservation, also that a an old byelaw banned commercial netting inside a line from Lambs Head to Sheeps Head or Dursey, whatever. Like the river poaching, it is all down to human greet, take what you can for nothing and make money out of it. The destruction of the food chain, the eradication of vulnerable species does not matter, local anglers, holiday anglers, inshore boatmen, birds and animals, who cares about them? Tough. Well now you have a small chance to make a difference. The Department of the Marine are having a public consultation on a review of trawling activity inside the six nautical mile zone. Anyone can send in the submission before closing time of 5pm on Monday, June 11th. For further information contact me at 064 6641499 most days from 10am to 1pm. At least if you feel what is going on is wrong you can get it off your chest. The Kenmare Trout Anglers Club had their first boat competition of the year on Clonee Lakes recently. I was sure they would not be enough spaces for all the members who wanted to fish but yes there were, and what an enjoyable day it was too. It is a long time since I saw so many rises on the lake due, no doubt, to the big hatch of olives. The winner was Derek Mulcahy who also had the heaviest trout, second was John Murphy and third was Martin Riley. The dinner afterwards was up to its usual high standards so a big thanks to Sean and Mary at The Lake House and all the competitors to a man agreed it was a great day out. Our next outing will be a fun day up in the Caha Lakes on June 10th, keep an eye on the shop window for information. The honorary secretary will text members closer to the date. It is as if a jinx has been put on the club. I have told you about all the members who have passed away in the recent past, but I would not be insulting anyone by saying they had lead a full life. Now one of our younger members Tom has been seriously injured in, as I understand, a three car accident in which the occupant of one of the cars died. It is all very sad and tragic for everyone involved. Over the last few years Tom has had more than his fair share of health problems ending up in a short time ago with a kidney transplant. Now at least he is alive but with a lot of serious injuries. Keep your chin up Tom, in due course you will be back fishing. All the members send you their best wishes for a good recovery.

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Kenmare News


Daly reports ...

Corporate manslaughter bill to send those who mismanage our health service to jail. In 2013 and 2016 I introduced the Corporate

Manslaughter Bill. This Bill would send to jail for up to 12 years those who failed to take action which resulted in the deaths of people. The Fine Gael Government refused to support the legislation that I proposed which was based on the report by the Law Reform Commission in 2006. Section 3 of the Bill states Offence of grossly negligent management causing death 3. (1) Where an undertaking has been convicted of corporate manslaughter and a high managerial agent of the convicted undertaking(a) knew or ought to reasonably have known of a substantial risk of death or serious personal harm, (b) failed to take reasonable efforts to eliminate that risk, (c) that failure fell far below what could reasonably be expected in the circumstances, and (d) that failure contributed to the commission of the corporate offence, that agent shall be guilty of an offence called “grossly negligent management causing death”. (2) For the purposes of assessing whether a high managerial agent ought to have known of the risk, the court shall have due regard to the actual and stated responsibilities of the managerial agent. (3) For the purposes of assessing whether a high managerial agent failed to make reasonable efforts to eliminate a risk, the court shall have due regard to the actual responsibilities within the undertaking of the high managerial agent and whether it was within the power of the high managerial agent to eliminate the risk. If this Bill was now in place senior management in the HSE could be facing criminal prosecution for their mismanagement of the cervical screening system. The government has now confirmed it will look again at passing my bill after I secured a debate on it on the 8th of May.

Change in organ donation legislation as a result of debate in Senate with Minister for Transport. The Minister for Transport came

to the senate to debate my proposal that information be shared by the driving licence authority with doctors and organ donor coordinators when people have indicate on their driving licence that they wish to donate their organs. The Minister has already changed the law that allows the courts, health and safety authority, the NCT and toll road companies to access driver license information. If family when making a decision when making the dreadful decision of whether to donate their loved ones organs, having this information would assist. This would then save and transform lives. Church Gate Collection. Thanks to all those who supported the annual Fianna Fáil church gate collection which assists the party in policy formation and at election time. Need assistance with your passport? Due to a surge in demand the average issuance time for passports has been extended to at least 17 days for even an express passport application. If you plan on travelling in the near future please submit your application with all documentation well in advance of travelling.


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Senator Mark Daly

Seanadóir Marcus O’Dalaigh

Senate Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs, the Irish Overseas and Diaspora Member of the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade Leinster House, Teach Laighean, Kildare Street, Sráid Cill Dara, Dublin 2. Baile Átha Cliath 2. Tel: +353 (0)1 618 3830 Fón: +353 (0)1 618 3830 Fax: +353 (0)1 618 4669 Facs: +353 (0)1 618 4669 Mob: +353 (0)86 803 2612 Fón Póca: +353 (0)86 803 2612 If you are travelling unexpectedly (e.g. bereavement) and do not have a valid passport we recommend making a Rapid Renewal Passport Appointment in the Dublin Passport Office. This appointment can be booked online on the Passport Office website. New appointments for this emergency booking open up at 12.30pm each working day however always book out extremely quickly so we advise to be ready to book at exactly when they open. If you have any questions regarding your passport application please feel free to contact my office on 01 618 3830 or email me at Mark.Daly@

Community and voluntary organisations. There are many community and voluntary organisations that do great work for the local area and anyone who would like to organise a raffle prize of a dinner or lunch voucher in the Leinster House Members Restaurant, please contact my office on 01 618 3830 or email me at Assistance for those in mortgage difficulty. I have a team of accountants and legal advisers who are willing to help with any mortgage or debt difficulties so please do not hesitate to contact my office on 01 618 3830 or email me at A tour of Leinster House. Leinster House is a wonderful place to visit any time of the year. The building is rich in history and visitors get to experience the vibrant atmosphere on busy sitting days. If you are ever in Dublin and would like to take a tour of Leinster House, please feel free to contact Mark’s office on 01 618 3830 or email at and we would be delighted to help plan your visit. My Clinic is every Saturday morning. I also currently holding clinics alongside local T.D. John BrassiI every second Friday of the month. If you have any issues you would like assistance with these clinics are being held in Sean Daly’s office 34 Henry Street, please call my mobile or T.D. John Brassil’s office to arrange a time that suits.

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Kenmare News

The Ring of Beara Cycle Kenmare will take place on Saturday 26th of May this year. This popular event has its very own cycle for children which all the family can get involved in and marks the day out as a true family occasion. Not to be outdone by their parents on their bikes, children in national school can take part in a free kids’ cycle around Kenmare Town on the same day. This event is proudly sponsored by O’Connor Pyne & Co. and The White Room Kenmare and run in conjunction with Kerry Recreation and Sports Partnership who are running a cycle safety awareness programme in all local national schools around the county. Tomás O’Connor of O’Connor, Pyne & Co. said, “We are delighted to support this great event which will give children and their families the chance to get involved in the Ring of Beara Cycle this year. It’s great to encourage young people onto their bikes and to raise awareness of the event and the hardworking local charities who will benefit from it.” The kid’s cycle will start at 10.00am in Kenmare Square and follow a short 2km route around Kenmare town. A team of marshals will supervise the route and ensure the safety of all children who participate. All participants should bring and wear a safety helmet for the cycle. Mums and Dads are encouraged to join their children cycle this free fun event. Children participating in the events need to register with an accompanying adult from 9.30am in the marquee located in beside the Square in Kenmare.

A great night was had on the 6th May with the Viking raft race committee hosting a ‘lovely girls’ evening in PF McCarthys. It was a tremendous success with plenty of laughs and no doubt plenty of sore heads the next day! This year’s Viking raft race charity day takes place on the 23rd of June. This is fantastic event, full of fun and with all proceeds going to charity. This year’s local charity is Rockmount Care Centre, Kilgarvan. The Rockmount Care Centre operates on a six day a week basis, Monday to Saturday and the main function is to provide respite day care for clients with Alzheimer’s and other dementia related illnesses. If you would like a fun day out and to get involved in raising money for this very worthy centre please contact the Viking raft committee through facebook. You can build your own raft to compete in the raft races, a hotly contested race if last year is anything to go by! Or just enjoy the craic agus ceoil on shore with the stalls and entertainment. There are still some spaces for more rafts but it is filling up quickly. We can be heroes.....just for one day!

Take to the Hills for Brú Columbanus

Kenmare News


by Heike O’Sullivan

On Saturday, 9th June Brú Columbanus will host their 8th Annual Walk of the Old Kenmare Butter Road from Galway’s Bridge to Kenmare, possibly one of the most scenic trails in Ireland. Experienced Trek Leaders from Kenmare Walking Club will safely guide all participants along the 10km (6.2 mile) route, and good fun along the way is guaranteed. The Old Kenmare Butter Road is considered suitable for everyone with a reasonable level of fitness but not for young children. This popular trek includes minor roads and paths, trails, boardwalks and stepping stones. As a regular reader of the Kenmare News, you’re probably aware that Brú Columbanus is the fabulous Home Away From Home that offers free of charge accommodation to relatives of seriously ill patients in Cork hospitals. Only a few minutes’ walk from Cork University Hospital, the welcoming and homely 26 bedroom ‘hostel’ relies entirely on donations and fundraising initiatives to cover its running costs. Astonishingly, this non-profit organisation doesn’t receive any financial support from the Irish Government whatsoever. I have benefited myself from the amazing hospitality of Brú Columbanus staff and volunteers for lengthy stays on two occasions in 2016 and 2017, and I can assure you from the bottom of my heart that you would support a very worthy cause indeed by participating in the upcoming Kenmare based fundraiser for this hardworking Irish charity. Anne-Maria O’Connor, fundraising manager at Brú Columbanus, told me, “The demand for the service is ever increasing and we find we can sadly no longer accommodate every family that is referred to stay with us. Later this year, we’re hoping to purchase a house in close proximity to our current location at Cardinal Way, Wilton. So, we really need everybody’s help this year more than ever. By taking part in the Trek or making a donation on the day, you will help to ensure a family will not be turned away from our door when a relative is seriously ill in hospital.”

Anne-Maria continued to say, “We started organising this annual walk in 2010 and thankfully, it’s becoming more and more popular from year to year. In 2017, Kenmare raised an amazing €3,932.45 from 70 walkers plus donations from supporters that saw the group off and welcomed them back at the Kenmare Bay Hotel. Kenmare Walking Club is always a great help to us by taking charge of the walk, and we’re very grateful to them.” Walkers will be bussed to the trek’s starting point at Galway’s Bridge from the gathering place at the Kenmare Bay Hotel. Participants are asked to assemble at the hotel from 10a.m. for a 10.30a.m. departure. Late registrations will be accommodated on the morning insofar possible. “Thanks to the early start, participants will be able to take their time walking,” explains Anne-Maria. “Kenmare Walking Club’s Trek Leaders are used to supporting walkers of varying abilities. We do, of course, recommend bringing a comfortable day pack with items such as bottled water, sun cream, rain gear etc.” Insect repellent and blister relief may also come in handy, as may a walking pole or stick, and sturdy walking boots / shoes are a must. The walk finishes back at the Kenmare Bay Hotel where plenty of praise and refreshments will await the tired fundraisers. To have enough shuttle buses available, it is important that as many participants as possible register with Brú Columbanus beforehand. This can be done via an online form on their website (www.brucolumbanus. com) or by phoning 021 434 5754. Registration costs only €20 per person. If you feel that you’re unable to participate in the walk but would like to make a greatly appreciated donation nonetheless, why not see the walkers off on the Saturday morning and drop a euro or ten into a collection bucket, then go for tea and scones at the Kenmare Bay Hotel which is supporting this lovely event?


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Eithne Buckley set up Twoheartsmeet dating agency back in 2011 and has been happily matching single and unattached people in the Munster area since then, ranging in ages from late 20’s to mid 70’s. There have been 18 weddings and at last count there were 11 babies born to couples that Eithne has matched! She says that most of the people who join up find her through her website or else they hear through friends of couples she’s matched and they join up in the hope that they may also get lucky in finding a compatible partner. Eithne matches people based on various criteria such as age bracket, area, backgrounds, personality type, value system, interests, etc. When she has a couple whom she feels could be compatible she contacts both of them either by email or phone to see if they’re interested in an

Is it your time

introduction. Members also have an option of seeing someone’s photo before they decide if they want to meet up. Then she exchanges numbers and they get in touch and organise to meet for a drink or a coffee. A dating agency suits people who may have limited opportunities of meeting other single or unattached people. It also suits those who may have tried online dating and found that it didn’t work out for them or who have become disillusioned with pubs, clubs and the general social scene. Joining Twoheartsmeet is a safe and confidential way to be introduced to likeminded people who have the qualities you are looking for in a partner. So if you are single, separated, divorced or widowed get in touch by calling Eithne on 085 7742444 between 10am and 7pm Monday to Friday or check out for more info.

to find love?

The annual county clean up day took place on April 14th and the enthusiastic volunteers at Kilgarvan Tidy Towns gathered an enormous 134 bags of rubbish on the day. Thanks to all!

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Blackwater Women’s Group were Gold Winners in this year’s Kerry Community Awards and received a cheque of €1,000 and a gold plaque. The Women’s Group have also been selected for the Pride of Place Awards at the Community Awards Ceremony.

Blackwater Women’s Group The Blackwater Women’s Group were finalists in this year’s Kerry Community Awards. The banquet and prize giving ceremony took place in the Dromhall Hotel Killarney on Thursday May 10th. The Blackwater group were gold winners and received a cheque of €1,000 and a gold plaque. The group have now also been selected, along with two other finalists to represent Kerry in the Pride of Place Awards.

Josephine O’Neill, Chair of Blackwater Women’s Group, accepts the group’s award. Back Row; Shelia Burns, Martina Lee, Cait Sheehan, Breda Nash, Ingrid Koefoed, Doreen O’Sullivan & Mary O’Neill. Front Row; L-R; Mary O’Neill, Josephine O’Neill & Mairead Robinson.

Next Meeting of Blackwater Women’s Group is on Tuesday June 12th. New members welcome. Membership of €5 now due for renewal (if not already paid since AGM) Dine & Dance (Tea Dance) Kenmare Bay Hotel There will be a Dine & Dance (Tea Dance) in Kenmare Bay Hotel on Sunday 20th of May from 1.30 to 6pm. 4 Course Hot Lunch, Dancing & Raffle. Music is by Jerry McCarthy/Autumn Gold. This is open to everyone; people from the greater Kenmare area, South Kerry & West Cork normally attend. Tickets €20 from Mary in Blackwater Tavern, must be pre-booked, call 064-6682003 to book. Mid-Week Break September The Blackwater Group’s annual Mid-Week Break takes place in late September. This year’s destination is Dingle, staying in the lovely 4 star Dingle Skellig Hotel & Leisure Centre. Ring Mary in Blackwater Tavern for information on dates and prices. All interested need to book now and give a deposit of €50 per person, deposit due by the 31st of May. Guest Speaker on Farm Safety Guest Speaker for May was Denis Griffin of Kerry IFA. He gave an excellent presentation on all aspects of Farm Safety. Exercise Classes Exercise Classes with Shirley in Blackwater Tavern every Monday evening. Exercises & Total Toning for the Energetic from 7-8pm, €5 per class. Exercises for Less Active from 8-9pm are part sponsored by Age & Opportunity. Photography Class A photography Class will take place in Blackwater Tavern every Saturday morning from 11 to 1pm. Blackwater Drama Group The Drama Group are currently rehearsing their latest original play, Courting Trouble. It will be staged in O’Neill’s Hall Blackwater on Friday 1st June, Saturday 2nd June and Monday the 4th of June at 8pm Sharp. Ring Mary in Blackwater Tavern 064-6682003 to book.

June Supper Club ‘Summer Theme’ 1st June Cocktail & Canapé Reception 4 Course Dinner with wine €55 per person

Sheen Falls Afternoon Tea Served Daily 2pm - 5pm The Sun Lounge €55 for 2 people

Upcoming Events - Fashion at the Falls - 21st June, July Supper Club - A taste of France - 13th July, August Supper Club - From the Sea - 10th August. Telephone - 064 6641600

Email –

Website –


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Cllr Patrick

O’ConnorScarteen reports ...

Kenmare regulation of street trading.

Kerry County Council are making good progress in putting in place the infrastructure for a designated casual trading area, other features will include a pedestrian crossing and a set down location for busses.

Roads. Local improvement Schemes.

The Government opened up applications for the Local Improvement Schemes for the first time in 11 years, the Fine Gael initiative has seen huge response in Kerry with a large volume of applications submitted before the deadline. Also thankfully Minister for Rural Affairs Michael Ring TD has allocated approximately €1 million to finish off the roads in Kerry that had been on the list since 2007.

Kenmare Bay- public consultation on Pair trawling.

There is progress being made on an issue that I have been campaigning on for many years, I was the first Councillor to raise the issue at Kerry County Council. I also spoke to Minister for Agriculture, Food & Marine Michael Creed TD about the it and outlined the problems caused as a direct result of the activity. The current practice of pair trawling by large boats over 18 meters from outside the area has had a devastating effect on places like Kenmare Bay. Pair trawling has had a negative impact on smaller fishermen, the environment, tourism and local economies. There has been a serious decline in whales, dolphins, various forms of fish and sea birds in Kenmare Bay in recent years. I believe such pair trawling and large scale fishing trawlers need to be prohibited from places such as Kenmare Bay. So that coastal communities can be rebuilt and an abundance of fish would once again come into Kenmare Bay. Small scale inshore fishermen would then be able to make a decent living co-existing with a thriving marine environment. I urge people living in coastal communities, small scale fishermen, tourism and business interests to: Make a submission before the deadline of 5pm Monday 11th June. Submissions can be made by e-mail to FishariesConsultation@ or by post to: Public Consultation on Trawling Activity inside 6nm, Sea Fisheries Policy and Management Division, Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, National Seafood center, Clonakilty, Co. Cork, P85 TX47 People can also sign a petition available at Kenmare Post Office. For further information click on the link below. Public Consultation on Minister’s Review of Trawling Activity inside the 6 Nautical Mile Zone publicconsultationonministersreviewoftrawlingactivityinsidethe6nauticalmilezone/

Kenmare Flood Relief €5 million.

An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar TD along with the Minister of OPW announced €257m in funding for 50 new flood relief schemes nationally to include approximately €5 million for Kenmare. It’s great to see Kerry benefitting with many projects to be undertaken. An Taoiseach, Mr. Leo Varadkar, TD said, “Flooding can have a devastating impact on families, communities and businesses. If your home or business is badly damaged or destroyed by flooding, the emotional and financial impact is immense. It also has a huge cost to the economy. I want to pay tribute to the OPW, local authorities, communities and all those organizations who worked together to develop these Flood Risk Management Plans. The Government is committed to the delivery of these Plans for the benefit of businesses

and communities nationwide,” This should ensure that situations like the 2008 flooding amongst others in Kenmare will not happen again.

€2.3 Million in housing grants for older people and people with a disability in Kerry.

€2,312,004 funding has been made available by The Government for older people and people with disabilities in Kerry for adaptation of their homes. Older people and people with disabilities in Kerry are going to benefit from new Government funding designed to help them adapt their homes to improve their mobility and access. This could include making it wheelchair-accessible, extending it to create more space, adding a ground-floor bathroom or toilet or adding a stair-lift. Grants of up to €30,000 are available to assist people with a disability in carrying out necessary works and up to €8,000 to assist older people living in poor housing conditions to have necessary repairs or improvements carried out. Up to €6,000 is also available for mobility aids. If people want a form please give me a call and I will deliver it to them, alternatively forms can be obtained from Kerry County Council 066 7183862 or downloaded from

Rural night time transport services.

Kerry TD and Minister of State at the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, Brendan Griffin, has helped secure the introduction of eight new evening and night-time transport services on a trial basis in rural parts of Kerry. The focus of the services is to combat rural isolation. The services is to include Kenmare to Bonane. The scheme is on a trial basis and I believe it should be given a chance. Kerry received 8 of the 50 routes nationally. If it is successful and used by communities it will be rolled out in other areas and receive greater funding. Kerry Local Link have being doing excellent work in supporting the residents of rural communities with vital transport links and they have availed of this new opportunity for such communities in Kerry.

€5000. Killowen road footpath.

I have allocated €5000 from my Councillors allocation towards footpath repairs on the Killowen road, this is a substantial amount from any Councillors allocation as we get a small discretionary amount every year for minor projects. I believe Councillor Dan McCarthy also allocated to the footpath last year. The overall cost to repair such footpaths is a much greater cost and I will continue to request that the Councils allocate funding for this and other footpaths in Kenmare from the Councils own resources. I work with Political representatives of all sides for the good of the area and I am part of a team of 9 on Kerry County Council, my other Fine Gael Colleagues whom I work closely with can be contacted as follows: Minister Brendan Griffin TD 066 9795666, MEP Sean Kelly 061 468788, Senator Paul Coughlan 087 2217400. I am available at all times on 087 2904325 or at 5 Main Street, Kenmare, I can also meet people after work in Kenmare, Kilgarvan, Tuosist, Lauragh, Sneem, Tahilla, Blackwater, Templenoe, Bonane. I also am also in South and Mid-Kerry a couple of times a month. Cllr Patrick O’Connor-Scarteen, Deputy Mayor of Kerry tel: 087 2904325. email:

Kenmare News



Kenmare News

Lauragh Water Situation 25/04/2018

There has been an ongoing problem in certain areas of Lauragh with regards to water outages. I have been dealing with Irish Water and Kerry County Council and I want to sincerely thank the crews from Kerry County Council who have been working diligently to try and come to the bottom of this problem. I have ensured at this stage that nearly all the air valves that could be questionable have been replaced and new scour valves have been installed at critical points along the line to try and resolve the issue for once and for all. This has proved to be a difficult problem to solve but I again thank all the workers who have been doing their very best to solve the problem on behalf of the residents who have been so badly affected. It is extremely upsetting for a household and farms to not have water and I thank very sincerely the residents for their patience with regards to this issue. Please note clinics in Lauragh the second Friday of every month from 9pm.

date and if you are applying for a new passport for a child please ensure you leave plenty time to apply for it. Should you have any queries please contact me or my office to discuss it.

on the specific planning design and consultation stages. In Keeping with his promised when he accepted my invite to visit Kerry last year and listened to the concerns of locals in Kenmare, this funding hopefully will resolve the ongoing issues there. I was glad to meet people from all over the country including Kerry who came to the DĂĄil to raise issues about Lymes Disease and the Governments inaction on the issue. Afterwards in the Dail I raised the issue with the Taoiseach and expressed my concerns of their lack of action on this important matter.

Tues 8th May so the official retirement of the great Dan McCarthy Postman after 33 years of sterling service to his community, being a postman back over the years sometimes could be challenging in bad weather and when heavy posts were on board but Dan always delieverd his post with a smile and a friendly word for everyone. There was a great turnout for him when both past and present colleagues and management from An Post attended with him and his family. Everyone wishes Dan and his wife Helen all the best for the years ahead and as he said himself in his speech, he looks forward to spending more time with his grandchildren now that he is officially retired.

Phil Hogans recent visit to the Dail

On Thursday 26th April The commissioner Phil Hogan came to the Dail to answer questions to do with his Agricultural brief, I was glad to be the only Kerry Oireachtas Member there to meet him to put forward a number of very important issues for Kerry farmers which were as follows Asking the commissioner what could be done to minimise any negative effect that Brexit would have on our farming, what could be done to protect the suckler herd and ensure that it will be financially viable for people to stay in the suckler sector as at present it certainly is not financially viable for people to do so There has been much talk recently about part time farmers and I asked the commissioner to speak about his view on part time farmers and whether or not they would be encouraged to exist in the future as we all see first-hand every day how difficult it is for people to make money out of farming so it goes hand in hand that many of our farmers are part time. I was glad that Kerry IFA were well represented during the commissioners discussions on the future of agriculture in Ireland. I also asked the Commissioner his views on the border and how we could minimise any negative outcomes for Ireland if there was a disorderly Brexit, Mr Hogan was very strong in his response but the weather as it is this year it will take very strong resilience from our farming community to survive financially as finances at present are in a shocking state with the lack of fodder and the costs of an 8 month winter

Are you nearer pension age in the next few years?

Many people miss out on a higher pension because they are unware that before they reach pension age, they can pay voluntary contributions which would see them gain enough PRSI contributions for a higher pension. If you are coming up pension age in the coming years and feel you may not have enough contributions contact your local office to get your more information on paying voluntary contributions.

Flooding in Kenmare

I am glad that Minister Boxer Moran has announced recently that over â‚Ź5 million worth of funds to resolve the flooding problem in Kenmare. This money will be used to progress

SUSI Applications

SUSI is now open for applications for the 20182019 academic year. The closing dates are as follows Renewals Thursday 14th June and new applications 12th July I would urge anyone submitting an application to do so as soon as possible and ensure prompt submission of any documents they may request as this will assist in the processing of your application in a timely manner


As holiday season approaches most people have their annual holiday booked but have you checked if your passport is in date? At present it is taking 20 working days to process a renewal and a first time passport is taking 5-6 weeks to complete so please check that your passport is in

Post offices

As everyone is aware I have been campaigning long and hard trying to maintain our post offices to the best of my ability. I am not happy with recent events which have seen some Postmasters being sent a proposal to close their Post Office and others being sent a contact to sign which if they do so it will effectively mean they will be putting a nail in their own coffin as in the contract is not financially viable going into the future, it will make the vast amount of our post offices unable to continue. It is up to each Postmaster now to make up their own mind and while this controversial time is going on I would urge you to look at your own local post office and see they can direct more business towards them as the main message is if post offices aren’t used and used regularly they will close and gone forever.

Well done to our 21 athletes who competed at the Kerry Colleges Track and Field Finals in Castleisland on Tuesday May 1st, and congratulations to our 7 Kerry Colleges Track/ Field medal winners. In the Minor Girls, Grace Roberts Whyte was 4th in the 100m final and in the Long Jump. Lucy Daly was 6th in the 800m. In the Minor Boys Yago Cornide competed in the 100m. In the Junior Girls Aobha de Faoite was 3rd in Long Jump, Siobhan Murphy and Siofra Orpen competed in the 800m. In the Junior Boys Hiudai Hayes competed in the 100m and Liam Palmer was 3rd in the 1500m. In the Inter Girls, Katie Palmer was 2nd in the Long Jump, Rhona Randles was 1st, Alyce O’Connor was 2nd in the 800m and Muirean de Faoite was 4th in the 800m. Emma O’Regan competed in the 100m and reached the final. Caoimhe Daly was 4th in High Jump. In the Inter Boys Caleb Brosnan and Abe Lyons competed in the 100m; Micheal Reilly was 4th in 1500m and Gary Randles was 2nd in the Shot Putt ; Tommy Cronin competed in the Shot Putt also. In the Senior Girls, Elinor Dennison was 2nd in the Senior Girls Long Jump. In the Senior Boys, Iarlaith Hayes competed in the Shot Putt.

Kenmare News



Kenmare News

Kenmare community comes together to walk from

064 6642684 / 087 8934217

Now Serving food 7 nights a week Full menu from 1pm Sat & Sun, and 5.30pm weekdays

Taking bookings for all types of parties & wedding afterparties BBQ, Pig on a spit, Finger food options Limited Friday/Saturday nights available

Enquiries to or just pop in!

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the darkness into the light in aid of Pieta House.


Kenmare News


Thankfully one of the longest winters we have experienced is hopefully over. My motion for this month’s meeting of Kerry County Council is that we write to the Minister for Agricultural to suspend all farm inspections for at least six months. There is good demand for both sheep and cattle.

Darkness into Light.

The Darkness into Light walk took place on May 12th it was a great success and I would like to thank everyone who took part and the volunteers who helped.


I would like to congratulate the second year girls of Pobalscoil inbhear Sceine who won the all Ireland title in the national basketball arena in Dublin. Ring of Beara Cycle. Best of luck to all who are taking part in the Ring of Beara cycle on May 26th.

County clean up.

I would like to thank all who took part in the county clean up which was a huge success in light of this I have asked Kerry County Council to provide a free car bin to each person who pays car tax in the county.

The U14 Kenmare Community Games team who finished 3rd in the County finals in Tralee IT. Well done to the Kenmare Community Games U14 girls team who participated at the county blitz in Fossa.

Kenmare News


Thursday May 17th @ 3pm - Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. A 1967 American comedy-

Mindfulness and Yoga are designed to help us look after and understand our own bodies and minds. This increased understanding and awareness enables us to let go of physical tension and mental stress, giving us increased physical freedom, flexibility, strength, mental clarity and peace of mind. Through the practice of mindfulness and mindful yoga we develop a quality of mind that allows us to stand still in the centre of the whirlwind, helping us to be better able to deal with the everyday stresses and be fully here for our precious lives rather than lost in our heads. Mindful Yoga Classes 2018 Mondays 11am - 12 ‘Over 65s’ (New 1hr class) Mondays 6.15pm - 7.15pm Mixed levels Mondays 7.30pm - 9pm Mixed Levels Tuesdays 7.30pm - 9 pm Beginners Wednesdays 7.30pm - 9.30pm Mixed Levels Thursdays 10am - 11.30am Mixed Level Mindfulness Meditation Session (New Class) Thursdays 7 30pm - 8 30pm Sunday Morning Mindfulness And Yoga Session June 10th 11am - 1pm €15 Contact Darina 085 167 3800

drama film starring Spencer Tracy, Sidney Poitier, and Katharine Hepburn, and features Hepburn’s niece Katharine Houghton. Senior Citizens Free. (Bealtaine Event) Thursday May 17th @ 8pm - Call Me by Your Name. A 2017 coming-of-age drama film directed by Luca Guadagnino and written by James Ivory, based on the 2007 novel of the same name by André Aciman. Tickets €7 Students €5 Thursday May 24th @ 8pm - Get Out. A young African-American visits his white girlfriend’s parents for the weekend, where his simmering uneasiness about their reception of him eventually reaches a boiling point. Tickets €7 Students €5 Friday May 25th @ 8pm - Men of Straw. Return of popular film Men of Straw by Matt Sullivan and Fair Day 1983 by Patsy Sullivan. Tickets €8 Students €5 Saturday June 2nd @ 1pm - How to Eat Like a Child by Delia Ephron. Directed by April Ferron and performed by children (aged 9-13yrs) from Theatre Games Ireland. This musical romp through the joys and sorrows of being a child is hilarious. Suitable for all ages. Tickets €10 Saturday June 9th @ 1pm - Jungle Rock by Sue Gordon. Directed by April Ferron and performed by the younger children (5- 9yrs) from Theatre Games Ireland. The lions, rhinos and monkeys inhabit different parts of the jungle. Tickets €7

Starting June 13th and running for six weeks. ‘Tap Your Feet’ Traditional Irish Show’

An unmissable traditional Irish music, song and dance show featuring World Champion Dancers, who will amaze you with their fantastic footwork, live musicians playing a popular selection of Irish music along with a few songs! They will showcase some of Ireland’s ‘sean nos’ (old style) Irish dance and the famous ‘Brush Dance’. It will be running for 6 weeks every Wednesday from 13th June to 18th July 2018, from 6pm-7pm at the Carnegie Arts Centre, Kenmare. A great pre-dinner entertainment for all the family

Friday June 15th /8pm The Songs of Joni Mitchell with Clare O’ Mahony

Following on from her recent sold out performances at The Everyman Palace, Cork singer songwriter Clare O’Mahony pays tribute to one of her favourite songwriters, Joni Mitchell. The Songs of Joni Mitchell will feature songs from Joni Mitchell’s earlier albums (Clouds, Ladies of the Canyon) right through and up to her more recent recordings including the stunning A Case of You. Classics such as Chelsea Morning, You Turn Me On, I’m a Radio, Chinese Café, and Woodstock, to name just a few, will be performed. Tickets €20/€18 (conc)

Thursday July 19th / 8pm “The Man in the Woman’s Shoes”

Double Bill - ‘I Hear You and Rejoice’ written and performed by Mikel Murfi will take place Friday (20th July) A one man show written and performed by Mikel Murfi. Set in October 1978 - Pope John Paul the First is not long dead, autumn is closing in and Pat Farnon has ‘some business’ to do in town. The Man In The Woman’s Shoes follows Pat Farnon as he walks to town and back again. It is a beautifully observed piece, utterly simple and Murfi’s “astonishing acting” has been widely praised. The Man In The Woman’s Shoes is funny, tender and at times downright daft. You might just fall in love with life again. The show was originally created with Sligo County Council Arts Service and The Hawk’s Well Theatre, Sligo as part of the Bealtaine Festival 2012. In 2015 it toured to Manhattan and Philadelphia as well as a sell-out, three week run at the Abbey Theatre on the Peacock stage in Dublin. In 2016 it returned to NYC and also played to full houses over three weeks at the Tricycle Theatre in London. Tickets: €18/ €16

Friday 20th July 8pm/ Loco and Reckless Productions Present: “I Hear You And Rejoice” Late in his life, Pat Farnon, a cobbler and all-round contented man, embarks on a journey

he had not quite planned and finds that every twist in the road can bring its own surprises. Written and performed by Mikel Murfi I Hear You and Rejoice is a 2nd collaboration between Sligo County Council Arts Service, The Hawk’s Well Theatre Sligo, and Mikel Murfi. It was created for the Bealtaine Festival 2016. Tickets: €18/€16 (conc)

Further information or to book tickets contact; 064 6648701

Well done to Kilgarvan Central School girls Eabha, Orla and Leah on winning the girls school skills competition. Tadhg O’Donoghue of Kilgarvan attending a meeting of the Community Employment (CE) Schemes supervisors in Leinster House. CE schemes are vital for Tidy towns, sports clubs and community organisations and we discussed the plans of Senators and TD’s to get the supervisors rights which they are due.

MAY Fri 18th: The Two Mikes Fri 25th: Seamus Healy

JUNE Friday 1st: Catriona Friday 8th: Premier Blue Boys Friday 15th: Uí Bhriain


Kenmare News

Kenmare Locality Animal Welfare Society KLAWS is sadly still looking to get a ‘forever’ home for an elderly dog called Zeb who is 14 and has spent most of his life outdoors. Zeb’s family can no longer keep him because of their growing family, and work commitments. He can be a little snappy and is currently in kennels which is not practical, as ideally he needs a permanent home where he would be an only dog, with no cats or small children to prod and poke him. If you think you could give Zeb a loving home, please call KLAWS on 087 970 4480. Home check and adoption fee will apply. The KLAWS shop is keeping busy, with customers old and new supporting the shop. However, donations are still being left outside the door which is NOT ALLOWED under the new lease, as the shop is next to the disabled parking spaces, which must be kept clear at all times. The shop is open Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00am until 5.00pm. This should give people plenty of time to drop off goods, so they will not be left outside to get wet. Please, please do not leave donations outside the shop door. KLAWS currently has 24 dogs in their care, with some booked to travel to new homes in the U.K. very soon. When a dog or cat comes into care, it is at least three weeks before are they are ready for re-homing because of the neutering and spaying, injections and rabies, and the micro-chipping process. Therefore, KLAWS are looking to find more people to foster the waifs and strays that get brought in, for this three week period. By fostering it means that you allow the a cat or dog to live under your roof and get them used to being part of the household. KLAWS provides all medical care, food and bedding as required. All we ask is that you give your time to allow them to live a normal life in a family environment. If you could foster for us please call our designated number 087 970 4480 or contact our email address

Carmel O’Leary, Trish Kelly, Breda Dyland, William Reilly, Eileen Reily and Emma Dyland, pictured with Bridie as she gives a cheque to the Kerry Cancer Support Group. Bridie McCarthy held her first céilí in Templenoe Communtiy Centre on 27th March and raised €520 for the Kerry-Cork Health Link Bus. pic Mary O’Leary.

U13 girls Indoor Soccer squad at the Community Games Munster final on April 21st.

Office To Let 3,200 sq. feet (297 sq. metres)

No.2, Gortamullen Business Park, Kenmare

» » » » » »

Grade A Office Space with High Speed Fibre Optic Broadband Connection. 3,200 sq. ft over two floors, Ground floor; large open plan room with WC, tea station and store room. First Floor; Central open plan office space with 4no. large offices, canteen and WC. Parking for 20 plus cars. Situated in a vibrant bustling business park of 15 no. other businesses.

Facilities include; Parking, Cat 5 Cabling, Phone Lines, Alarm, Toilets, Reception, Meeting Rooms, Kitchen Area and Cat 6 Data Cabling Further details or to arrange a viewing on

(064) 6641921

Kenmare News

Kilmurry, Kenmare.

• Detached Residence • Exceptional Commercial Property on 6.7 acres approx.


Cora Mhor, Gearhadiveen

• New Office Building • 1.5 km to Kenmare

Asking Price €225,000

Detached 4-bedroom private residence set on 1.18 acres approx. 2,195 sq ft approx. 5.5 km to Kenmare.

• Factory

Kenmare Neidin House

Asking Price €585,000

Asking Price €185,000

3 bedroom house on 0.25 acres approx. Views over Kenmare Bay. 1,262 sq ft approx. 7km to Kenmare.



Kenmare News

Connor-Scarteen Auctioneers

5 Main Street, Kenmare

Tuosist Muckera,

• • • •

t: 064-66 41263


Guide Price €320,000

Spacious and bright 3 bedroom home. Situated on C 9 km from Kenmare town. Beautiful Bay and Mountain views. Inc. Sauna & underfloor heating.


Guide Price €120,000

No 7 Gortamullen Cottages

• • • •

3 bedroom house within 700 meters of Kenmare Town Rear garden with shed going down to river. Ideal for a small family or a retired person. Property in need of modernisation.


PSRA No: 002272


Guide Price €155,000

No. 22 Kenmare Holiday Village,

• • • •

3 Bedroom terrace house. Located 1.6 km from Kenmare. Rear garden including a patio and a lawn. Ideal as a family home or holiday home.


Guide Price €275,000

Rockville House, Killarney Road

• • • •

7 bedroom house in Sneem Village Situated on C 0.5 of an acre. Well kept garden and a large shed. Suitable as a B & B or family home

Auctioneers, Valuers & Letting Agents

Kenmare News

Here we are in May still waiting for a spell of decent weather, it will come ! The temperatures have been slowly rising and there is plenty of water in the ground for the trees and shrubs in the garden for them to burst into leaf and flower, but an extra bit of SUN shine wouldn’t go amiss The lawns in most gardens this year are overcome with moss so it is important to try and tackle this as soon as possible. Apply some Lawn Feed, Weed and Moss killer in the one application just before the next spell of rain and it will start to tackle the problem. A good spell of dry weather would also help burn up some of this moss. Further application of fertilizer later on in the summer will help strengthen the grass for the rest of the summer.. It is now too late for planting up bare root trees and shrubs but container grown shrubs can be planted up throughout the year without any problem but remember to water them in well at time of planting and give them regular waterings until they become established. Shrub fertilizer or Pelleted Poultry Manure should be applied to keep the bushes growing vigorously. Rose bushes are now in full growth so apply Rose Feed to encourage this growth and watch out for greenfly attack on the developing young shoots. Spray with ‘Rose Clear’ to keep all the main rose diseases and pests under control. There is a wide range of alpines in flower at the moment. Most of these are perennial and will come back every year and increase in size and can also seed themselves into other areas nearby.. The early flowering, old time favourites, Aubrietia and Arabis have nearly finished flowering now but the range of flowering alpines increase dramatically in early summer with the various types of Dianthus/

Gardening the

Willowfield Way ... for the month of MAY!

Carnations, Arenaria, Sedums, Saxifrages, Campanulas ... etc, producing splashes of colour from now on. The larger herbaceous perennials have also spurted into growth all of a sudden and will commence flowering very soon now. One of the most reliable flowering perennials is the Nepata, ‘Walkers Low ‘or the ‘Six Hill Giant’ that produces several flushes of blue flowers during the summer on top of a silvery green foliage, great in flower borders as well as in containers. As well as the Nepeta there are plenty of other perennials to choose from that emerge from their winters sleep and will flower during the summer and autumn before fading away again for the winter. Astilbe, Delphinium, Rudbeckia, Gaillardia, Day Lily, Lupin, Anemone, Geranium etc. are all very good for mixing in to areas of shrubs to give splashes of colour between the bushes. Cam also be used in a traditional herbaceous border. Planting of window boxes and hanging baskets is now in full swing. There is a wide range of plants to choose from to make an attractive display. The trailing Petunia, Surfinia, is still the most popular plant for boxes and baskets as it is a reliable flowerer and can put up with the normal wet summers ! Begonias, Bacopa, Bidens, Brachycome,..etc ( and they are just the ‘B’s ! ) all add different colour flowers and contrasting foliage types to your arrangement. Regular bedding plants like Alyssum, Lobelia and Marigolds can then be used for added splashes of colour. The good old fashioned Nasturtiums and Calendula are a brilliant way


of adding colour into less formal areas of the garden where they can add a splash of colour to a forgotten area. The bees are busy in the fruit garden as the trees and bushes have been in flower and pollination is under way for this year’s crop. Fruit trees can still be planted but will need watering if the weather stays warm and sunny. Remember to stake them at planting to prevent them from wobbling in the wind ! Strawberry plants can still be planted even though they are in full flower and will be fruiting soon. The Vege Garden should also be a hive of activity with all crops being planted up from young plants or seed being sown. It is important to water the young plants in well after planting to ensure there is no check to growth in the early stage and subsequent watering should be carried out in the evening times. Also water in seed beds after sowing. Watch out for slug attacks and take the necessary action by using slug bait or slug traps. Young seedlings are particularly prone to attack, so keep a sharp look out…a night patrol with a torch can reveal armies of slugs and snails on feeding frenzies ! Herbs can be planted up in containers or as part of a Herb garden for use in summer salads and cooking. And remember, if it ever stops raining, it is BBQ season! Once you have the lawn cut, the vege garden under control and your window boxes planted you can sit back and enjoy a sizzling BBQ and some liquid refreshments…that’s what the garden is for ! Call out to WILLOWFIELD to see our wide range of summer plants for further inspiration. Drop into WillowField Garden Centre for further help and advice. See you there!

Margaret & Simon


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Kenmare Shamrocks Hurling & Football Club The Senior Club Championship has been played over the last number of weeks and we had defeats against Legion, Dingle and Rathmore. This leaves us in a relegation playoff against An Ghaelthacht later in the year. The County League takes priority over the next few months. We have had a win and two losses so far so a few more victories are vital in our next games. The Junior Football League commences shortly. Best of luck to the players and management in this competition. The Minor Footballers have qualified for the semi final of the County League. Dingle are the opposition in this one and again best of luck to the players and mentors. Coiste na nÓg held a fun cycle on Sunday April 29th. Over 150 participants enjoyed glorious weather on their 60km trip. Based on the feedback from the cyclists, the club intend having a similar fun cycle next year. A

big thank you to all who helped organise the event and the weather!

The swim club are extremely delighted to announce that coach Mike will be on the coaching panel of the Munster squad for the Scottish championships next month. This will be a huge benefit to the club. Very exciting news!

The Kenmare/Kilgarvan U/14 hurlers qualified for the Féile A final recently after great victories over Abbeydorney and Ballyheigue in the qualifiers. Unfortunately they were defeated by Ballyduff in the final. Well done to all the players and mentors.

Kenmare Bay Swim club

is delighted to welcome Andra Noonan onto the coaching team. A former competitive swimmer from South Africa and now a resident of Kenmare, she will be assisting Coach Mike on deck as she gets to know all the squads. We are also excited with the strong interest from others to join the coaching team, who are now waiting to do their Swim Ireland courses. The club had a great day out at the Mallow invitation gala in April. Well done to Ben Merrigan on his 3 gold’s, silver and 2 bronze,

Congratulations to Torlac O’Reilly our haunted forest photo competition winner. Keep a look out for details of this year’s photo competition to win a weekend break in Kenmare bays luxury lodges.

Joshua Foley on a bronze and 2 silvers and achieving a division 2 qualifying time, Tommy Meagher on his silver and first munster meet 3 time, Ciara Harrington on her gold, Luke Merrigan on his silver & bronze, Tommy Arthur on his bronze, Anu Hayes on her silver! The Merrigan brothers also had a very successful time at the tigersharks gala bringing home 12 medals between them!

Kenmare News

Ring of Beara Cycle is not just for grown-ups


as the popular kids’ cycle returns for 2018 The Ring of Beara Cycle Kenmare will take place on Saturday May 26th this year. This popular event has its very own cycle for children which all the family can get involved in and marks the day out as a true family occasion. Not to be out done by their parents on their bikes, children in national school classes between 3rd and 5th can take part in a free kids’ cycle around Kenmare Town on the same day. This event is proudly sponsored by O’Connor Pyne & Co. and The White Room Kenmare and run in conjunction with Kerry Recreation and Sports Partnership who are running a cycle safety awareness programme in all local national schools around the county. Mickey ‘Ned’ O’Sullivan, a member of the Ring of Beara Cycle Kenmare Committee said, “We are pleased to give children the opportunity to get involved in this great day, not just for the fun but also to promote the health benefits of exercise and cycling. The cycling safety message is also important so children taking part will be benefiting in many ways. I look forward to welcoming them and their families to Kenmare.” Tomás O’Connor of O’Connor, Pyne & Co. said, “We are delighted to support this great event which will give children and their families the chance to get involved in the Ring of Beara Cycle this year. It’s great to encourage young people onto their bikes and to raise awareness of the event and the hard-working local charities who will benefit from it.” The kid’s cycle will start at 10am in Kenmare Square and follow a short 2km route around Kenmare town. A team of marshals will supervise the route and ensure the safety of all children who participate. All participants should bring and wear a safety helmet for the cycle. Mums and Dads are encouraged to join their children cycle this free fun event. Children participating in the events need to register with an accompanying adult from 9.30am in the marquee located in beside the Square in Kenmare.

Pictured are Aisling O’Shea, Conor Durkin-Lovett, Roxy DurkinBons and Una O’Shea. Back row, Mickey ‘Ned’ O’Sullivan (Ring of Beara Organising Committee), Tomás O’Connor (O’Connor Pyne & Co.) and Sarah Durkin (The White Room, Kenmare)

The Templenoe Team which defeated Spa by 2-13 to 0-12 in Templenoe which took them through to the Intermediate Semi Finals. Back Row; Tom Spillane, Cathal Granville, Anthony Sheehan, Pat Spillane, Cian Hallissey, Sean Sheehan, Josh Crowley Holland, Dara O’Connor, Adrian Spillane, Kieran O’Neill, Teddy Doyle, Kieran McCarthy, Martin Reilly, Sean Moriarty & Conor Murphy. Front Row; John Moriarty, Steven O’Sullivan, Brian Crowley, Eoin Murphy, Patrick Clifford, John Rice, Killian Spillane, Tadhg Morley, Colm Breen, Mike Hallissey, Dan O’Connor & Joseph Sheehan. pic Mary O’Neill.


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Inter-Kenmare One For Mother Earth!

Inter Kenmare Senior Ladies had another very successful season in the West Cork League under manager Denis O’Brien. After finishing on level points with Kilmichael it went down to a league final between Kilmichael and Inter away on Sunday April 22nd, which incidentally as all ecologically sound people know, is International Mother Earth Day. Inter were much stronger on the day and ran out clear winners on a scoreline of 6-0. Nora Mae O’Brien accepted the cup as team captain. This is the ladies’ second year winning the league and we hope to make it the double when we meet Beara in the Cup final later this month. Credit must go to Denis and his management team and to the very committed bunch of ladies for this success.

U12B Tom Murphy Shield Killarney Athletic B 2:8 Inter Kenmare B Our U12B team had a great win against Killarney Athletic on Saturday 28th April to progress into the shield quarter final. There was some really good play with goals aplenty in a game Inter lead from start to finish.

Inter Kenmare Coffee Morning at P.F. McCarthy’s Finally, a really big thanks from Inter Kenmare F.C. to all those who supported our coffee morning on Friday 27th April, it was a huge success as a result of some really great bakers, organizers and our club sponsor Paul Bevan of P.F. McCarthy’s. Thank you all very much.

Danny Healy Rae

Main Street, Kilgarvan

064 -6685315 087 2316055


1st Friday of the Month Sailors Bar at 9.30pm Kilmacalogue at 10.00pm The Lake House at 10.30pm 3rd Friday of the Month Lansdowne Arms Hotel at 8.00pm Riney’s Bar Sneem at 10.00pm Blackwater Tavern at 11.00pm The next available bus going to Belfast for people who need to have cataracts removed is 25th May. Please contact me for further information.

Congratulations to Christine McCarthy who took Gold in the girls U19 High Jump at the National Indoor Championships in Athlone on 7th April. This is the first national AAI title for Kenmare Athletic Club and a great achievement for Christine who trains regularly with both the Kerry and Munster squads.

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Neidín Bowls Club enjoy a clean sweep!

On 16th April Gleneagle Hotel Killarney hosted the Sean Chairde sponsored competition for the E.B.S. Shield and Plate, open to clubs from all over Kerry. The usual format for play winners of the first round then competed for the Shield and runners up going on to play for the Plate. After a long day of serious but friendly contest Neidin came up trumps with Team one, Aiden McCabe, Maeve Arnold, Bill Glover and skip Peter Williams taking the Shield in a final against Team Three, Patricia Delvalle, Maureen O’Shea, Sue Eccles and skip Ann Lynch. Plus Team Two, Alan Shaw, Brenda Holden, Rosemary Boyton and skip Gary Boyton scooping up the Plate. Hearty congratulations also go to the team from Sneem, relative newcomers to the game, Danny Breen, Maurice Walsh, Sonny Looney and skip Noel O’Sullivan, for reaching the final of the Plate.

This year’s Viking raft race charity day takes place on the 23rd of June. This is fantastic event, full of fun and with all proceeds going to charity. This year’s local charity is Rockmount Care Centre, Kilgarvan. The Rockmount Care Centre operates on a six day a week basis, Monday to Saturday and the main function is to provide respite day care for clients with Alzheimer’s and other dementia related illnesses. If you would like a fun day out and to get involved in raising money for this very worthy centre please contact the Viking raft committee through facebook. You can build your own raft to compete in the raft races, a hotly contested race if last year is anything to go by! Or just enjoy the craic agus ceoil on shore with the stalls and entertainment. There are still some spaces for more rafts but it is filling up quickly. We can be heroes.....just for one day!

Bouncy Castle / Marquee Hire

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Sisters aim is pure, as golf classic launches at Kenmare Golf Club Kenmare Golf Club launched the 8th Annual 2 Sisters’ Classic on Wednesday May 2nd. This is a unique competition where teams of 2 Sisters compete over a weekend, with the 2018 event being proudly sponsored by Pure Results with Kathryn Thomas. This year’s event takes place over the weekend of the 13th and 14th of July at Kenmare Golf Club. This event is open to all golfing Sisters, all you need is a handicap. Entry forms can be obtained at or by contacting us at 064-6641291. The cost is €130, and entries must be in by June 15th. This year the competition format is easy to remember; Friday Foursomes and Saturday is Singles. Thursday is a fun day, with an 8-hole scramble which is open to all Sisters, family and friends, followed by a barbecue. This competition is a great boost for Kenmare because it brings 70 families and their friends from all over the world to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and hospitality of this historic town. This is more than a golf event, there is a great social side to the weekend from Thursday to Sunday.

On behalf of main sponsor, Pure Results, Kathryn Thomas said, “I am delighted to support this unique and special event. Having a sister of my own who lives overseas it is a great opportunity for families to reconnect through sport in one of the most beautiful parts of Ireland”. For any further information, please contact Kenmare Golf Club on 064 6641291.

Pictured at the launch of Pure Results Kenmare Golf Club 2 Sisters Competition are Robyn Fitzsimmons Head Trainer, Mary D. O’Sullivan, Eleanor Connor-Scarteen, Lady Captain Maura Murphy, Mary Brosnan, Jennifer O’Callaghan Nutritional Therapist, Health & Wellness Coach and Niall O’Callaghan Camp Manager & Trainer.

Kilgarvan GAA Kilgarvan senior team who were presented with new jerseys by Johnny and Danny Healy Rae. Kilgarvan qualified for the Novice Championship final with comprehensive wins over Tuosist and Ballylongford in the semi final. pic Mary O’Leary.

Kenmare Golf Club announce the launch of

The Pavilion Restaurant

Coming sooN!!

Busy month for Inbhear Scéine Gaels

April has been full of games for us, with every team out playing a game nearly every week. Our U14’s took part in the Feile competition and the U12’s have been put into their divisions for the league. Our Seniors had a great game against Rathmore bringing the score level at half time but unfortunately lost by 4 points. The Seniors got some great news recently that they were regraded to Intermediate for the championship, this is great as the girls will be playing teams that are more suitable for their young team. Amy Harrington and Katie Cronin had a great victory over Tipperary in their Munster semi-final replay on Wednesday the 2nd of May on a score line of 7-05 to 3-09. They are now through to the Munster A final against their rivals Cork. Unfortunately, the Kerry Minors lost by one point to Cork in the Munster A final and are now knocked out of the championship. Well done to Emma and Julie O’ Sullivan, Katie Palmer and Ellen O’ Sullivan who are all on the panel this year. The team were ahead until a last minute penalty for Cork.

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Job Opportunities

Kenmare Centre SEANFamily DALYResource & CO. LTD. Railway Road, Kenmare . INSURANCE BROKERS

Volunteers Needed! Kenmare Family Resource Centre would love to hear from you. We need volunteers for the following jobs

Ring of Beara stewards on 26th May 2018 Leaders to work with children and teens for Easter, Summer and Halloween events.

Board members to join our existing Board of Directors. We would particularly like to hear from you if you have some HR expertise to offer us!

Further details from Susan on 064 6642790 / / 087 7086641

Services Available Tired of being alone? We are Munster’s leading professional dating agency. Call or text today and we will help you find your Special Someone! 085 7742444 Care of the elderly 4th year female medical student from Poland is looking for a summer job with an elderly or sick person for July - August. Excellent care. Good English. Contact 083 874 3030 Childcare Mature lady available to mind children in her own home. FETAC Level 5 Diploma in Childcare. Part time or Full time Flexible hours Call 087 9623618.


Kenmare, Co Kerry, Ireland. Sheen Falls Lodge is a member of Relais & Chateaux since opening in 1991 and is an AA Five Red Star Hotel which has received many prestigious awards and accolades since it opened.

We are currently inviting applications for the following roles for *Accommodation Assistants *Kitchen Porter *Experienced Accommodation Supervisor KENMARE (May to September) *Experienced Waiter/Waitress All applicants must be available to work five days over seven per week to include weekends and bank holidays to be considered for the positions.

Interested applicants may apply in confidence by e-mail to:

Precious Mother of Jesus. Mother of Divine Grace. You can find a way where there is no way, please hear my prayer and grant my request. Amen. Say 6 times daily for 3 days. COL

Property Urgently Required Houses for Sale / Rent in the general Kenmare area Majella O’Sullivan Auctioneer/Estate Agent Market Street, Kenmare Phone (064) 6642101 Property available to rent 2 bed Apartment, Kenmare €600 monthly 3 Bed, Lansdowne Village, Kenmare €760 monthly 3 Bed, Orchard Grove, Kenmare €800 monthly 3 bed House, Neidin View, Kenmare €850 monthly 4 Bed, Somerton, Killaha, Kenmare €1650 monthly 4 Bed, Tuosist, Kenmare. €1650 monthly If you have a high-end house you wish to rent, please contact our office we have the perfect client. If you are looking for something specific, please contact our office and we will put you on our database and find the property that suits you. Sherry FitzGerald Daly Contact Suzanne Teahan Tel 064-6641213

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• Laying Kerbs & Footpaths

About the Roof Roofing and Guttering Munster

Experts in Roofing, Guttering and Repairing of Domestic and Industrial Roofs C2 registered and fully insured No job too big or too small For a free quote call 085 2440 303 / 066 4014108

Rio Electrical Ltd. Ardtully, Kilgarvan 064 6685508 / 087 2458563 e: Domestic • Commercial • Agricultural • Industrial Fire Alarms • Emergency Lighting Periodic Inspection • Testing and Certification

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• Weeding • Grasscutting • Strimming

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Ploughing - Power Harrow - Land Level & Re-seed.

Cutting - Baling - Raking - Stacking.

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Kitchens • Wardrobes • Sliderobes • Custom Made Furniture

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