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If it’s happening in Kenmare, it’s in the Kenmarenews

A new look to an old Kenmare favourite

March 2014

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Tapping toes and happy faces at Kenmare Feis

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Sherry FitzGerald Daly

Kenmare Community Care road trip

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Senator Mark Daly Seanadóir Marcus O’Dalaigh

Feorus West, Kenmare


• 3 Bed Home – 2,217sq ft • Spectacular View of Kenmare Bay • Set on 5.5 acres of Manicured Gardens • 6 miles Kenmare

Asking Price €435,000

Sean Daly & Co Ltd Insurance Brokers Before you Renew your Insurance (Household, Motor or Commercial)

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Sean Daly & Co Ltd, 34 Henry St, Kenmare T: 064-6641213

Cllr. Patrick Connor-Scarteen M: 087 2904325

Vote No 1

Local Elections 23rd May 2014

Mob: 086 803 2612

Clinics held in the Michael Atlantic Bar and all surrounding parishes Healy-Rae on a regular basis. T.D. EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT IN KILGARVAN: HEALY-RAE’S MACE - 9PM – 10PM HEALY-RAE’S BAR - 10PM – 11PM

Tel: 064 66 32467 • Fax : 064 6685904 • Mobile: 087 2461678 E-mail: • Johnny Healy-Rae MCC 087 2354793

TAXI KENMARE Denis & Mags Griffin

087 614 7222

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2 | Kenmare News

Letters to the Editor....

make your local views known and write to The Kenmare News, 4 Davitt Place, Kenmare or email Dear Editor, I am just wondering if anyone would be able to help me. I am trying to find out if Brian and Elva Ward are still living/alive, and living in the Kenmare area. I am looking for this information for an elderly female relative of Brian who was very fond of him. The information I have about Brian is: - he was born in Portadown, N. Ireland about 1932 - he married a lady called Elva Crangle (also from Portadown) - he was a pharmacist during his working life (Eng., possibly Ire.) - he lived in Romsey, England and Stillorgan (near Dublin) - his last known address was Salmon Lodge, Kenmare - About 1996 his elderly mother came to live with the couple and, presumably, she died and is buried there. I would be so grateful for information about Brian and Elva; as would the 94 year old lady (who I am enquiring for) who would like to say 'Hello' after so many years. Many thanks, Martin Shields Baby Amelia Rose following her recent christening in St Patrick's Church, Kilgarvan with her mother Martina Palmer, father Damien Zuk, godfather Kevin Kruis and godmother Chloe Palmer. pic Harry Masterson

Kenmare Mobile: 0868533830


Weddings, Press, Portraits, Private functions A revolution in the wedding album; The wedding [book] up o 70 pages, full page, images and two-page panoramas.



If it’s happening in Kenmare, it’s in the Kenmarenews

4 Davitts Place, Kenmare t: 087 2513126 / 087 2330398


The April edition of The Kenmare News will be published on Thursday April 17th, and closing date for submissions is Thursday April 10t P R O U D T O B E P R I N T E D I N K E R R Y.

Maurice Downing Clonlee, Tuosist enjoying his 90th birthday surrounded by his family. pic Harry Masterson

Kenmare Women's Group This has been a good year for the group. Sadly we finish our regular meetings at the Adult Education Centre this month, but you still have a chance to come to our last two sessions. We shall be meeting, after 16th April, each Wednesday at 11am at Brook Lane Hotel for coffee and a chat until early October. Some of us stay on for lunch. Just come one Wednesday and see what a varied group we are! You don't even have to have a coffee just a chat. April 2nd Cooking demonstrations with Louise and Steve. April 9th Frank King - The Bird Man April 16th AGM Please ring Pat Noad if you would like to have a chat about the group 6640935 Quote for the month ‘Contentment is the only real wealth.’ Albert Nobel At the Kerry Fashion Week New Collections Show in the Malton Hotel, Killarney were Niamh O’Dwyer from Lancome Paris at CH Tralee and winner of the Lancome Paris Best Dressed Lady Elaine Kelleher from Kilgarvan.

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Kenmare News | 3

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4 | Kenmare News


with Christine Bender-Pototzki Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a disorder of the large bowel (colon) in which the bowel overreacts to a mild stimulus – such as eating or the presence of gas – by going into spasm. IBS is characterized by abdominal pain, bloating and irregular bowel habits – including alternating diarrhoea and constipation. IBS is extremely common, affecting as many as one in five of our population. It is most common in people in their 20s and 30s, and affects more women than men. In some people Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a mild annoyance, while in others it can have a tremendously debilitating affect. It is not known exactly why some people develop the disorder, but there are a number of factors that may set it off – including dietary, psychological and genetic factors. Stress and depression are known to contribute to flare-ups. There are no specific tests for IBS and so your doctor will normally make a diagnosis on the basis of your symptoms and after ruling out various other disorders such as colon cancer and Crohn’s disease. In order to tailor an individual diet for you as an IBS patient it is very helpful to find out to which foods you are reacting to by carrying out a food intolerance test. However, as for some, eliminating food intolerances may only form part of the picture, and there is emerging evidence that a diet low in “FODMAP’s” can help reduce IBS symptoms such as bloating, wind, abdominal pain and an altered bowel habit. FODMAP stands for Fermentable Oligosaccharides Disaccharides and Polyols which are certain types of carbohydrates and sugars that are NOT successfully broken down and absorbed by the small intestine, When these molecules are poorly absorbed in the small intestine of the gut they then continue along their journey arriving at the large intestine where they act as a food source to the bacteria that live there normally. Undigested FODMAP foods can act like a sponge drawing water into the gut and trapping it there. In addition, the combination of bacteria and FODMAP foods in the large intestine produces a LOT of gas. The result? Bloating, pain, diarrhoea and/or constipation; all classic IBS symptoms. In order to help you to find out which foods are safe for you and which foods you’ll better avoid if you suffer from IBS, McSweeney Pharmacy Kenmare can now offer an IBS Diet Programme which is all about providing information, support and choices about dietary changes that give an increased chance of improving IBS symptoms. The Programme includes the Lorisian food intolerance test, 150 food and drink ingredients tested, and additional tailored advice about the low FODMAP elimination diet. If you want to find out more about IBS and the IBS Diet Programme please contact us on 064-6679880 or call into McSweeney Pharmacy. We will be more than happy to answer all the queries that you may have.

Sheila O'Sullivan and Fionon O'Sullivan at the start of their 24 hour cycle which they undertook to raise funds to bring a child to Lourdes this year. pic Harry Masterson

P.J.O’Driscolls SOLICITORS 2 Main Street, Kenmare 064 66 41058

• Expert legal advice • Monday to Friday 9am - 5.30pm • Consultations every Wednesday

Is your writing and spelling holding you back? Would you ever need help to fill out a form, or a CV, or an important letter? It is never too late to learn new ways to handle spelling, and new skills in reading and writing. At Kenmare Adult Education Centre you can work one to one with a friendly tutor who will help you to figure out how you learn best. Work at your own level, on whatever you want to work on. Some people come to us to improve their handwriting, for other people spelling is their main focus. For others, it's how to put their ideas down on paper to write a story or a letter. Or maybe you've always wanted to read books for pleasure? No matter what you decide to do, you'll work at your own pace, at a time that suits you best - daytime and evening classes available. Ring Maggie now on 086 8279248 or 064 6642728 to find out more. Private and confidential service. Feel free to pass on the number to anyone you know who might like to meet and have a chat about adult learning.

Happy birthday to Mill Cove Gallery which celebrated its 15th anniversary with dinner in The Brook Lane Hotel with invited guests. pic Harry Masterson

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Kenmare & Locality Welfare Society We would like to appeal to all pet owners to be very vigilant with their pets around this time as poison is common place during lambing season. We have already had a number of cases passing through our doors and it is an awful ordeal for the animals and in turn the owners. If you do suspect that your pet has been poisoned, early intervention by your vet is extremely essential. Every moment counts. Please keep your dogs from roaming freely near fields of sheep as there is a huge chance that those fields have poison in them and your dog will be very likely to eat it.

Kenmare District took home nine medals in the Community Games art county finals in Listowel at the start of this month, winning them the shield for best area, the first time Kenmare has ever won this! First place winners Christine McCarthy and Caleb Brosnan will now go forward to represent Kerry in the National Finals Next August. The results were as follows; Girls; U16 4th Chloe McCarthy; U14 1st Christine McCarthy and 3rd Eva Gadsden; U12 2nd Kathy Cronin and 4th Niamh O Sullivan; U10 2nd Neasa Wall and 4th Beth McCarthy Boys; U14 4th Ko Kallewaard; U12 1st Caleb Brosnan.

Kenmare News | 5

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6 | Kenmare News

Daly Senator


Advice for those contacted by revenue on property tax. A March 31 deadline is in place for people to provide a correct valuation for the property tax, which came into force last July. The Revenue Commissioners will begin writing to owners from early next month asking how they arrived at the valuation, and will also seek proof that the property is worth less than neighbouring houses. If you have any questions or queries regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact me, my office or call to my clinics. Kerry garda station closures result in little savings. The closure of 9 garda stations in the county has resulted in little or no savings, while the impact on local communities has been significant.It’s now reported that none of the garda stations that were shut down by the Government last year have been sold and the State has saved virtually nothing from the process.This proves that Justice Minister’s attack on rural garda stations was extremely short-sighted and misguided. This was a personal crusade of Alan Shatter’s and it has served only to undermine a vital local service in many communities, while providing little or no savings for the taxpayer.“The Minister shut down 9 garda stations in Kerry last year. These were small community stations that cost as little as €3,000 a year to keep open. While it would have cost the State very little to retain these stations, the value to the community of keeping a visible garda presence cannot be overestimated. Not only does a local garda station act as a deterrent to criminals, it also provides a strong sense of security to local residents and businesses. Despite our local gardaí going above and beyond the call of duty in the face of these cuts, the reality is that this problem remains very real. We are seeing a growing problem with criminals targeting sports clubs and sporting events and helping themselves to the players’ and supporters’ possessions while they are on the pitch.“Unfortunately many local business owners, older people or people living alone in more remote areas are feeling more vulnerable than ever before. The loss of the local garda station and the enormous pressure placed on local gardaí has played a big role in this.It’s clear that the Justice Minister Alan Shatter is all too willing to just abandon Kerry communities that have lost a vital local service and abandon the gardaí that are doing everything in their power to keep those communities safe. New FF law will drive down commercial rates for Kerry sports club. Sports clubs in Kerry which have a licensed bar on site would see their commercial rates reduced under a new law being proposed by Fianna Fáil. Fianna Fáil is proposing a change in the law which covers the valuation of property because at the moment sports clubs in Kerry and around the country are being charged commercial rates on dressing rooms and sports halls as well as their bar.Under the ‘Valuation Bill 2014’ clubs will only be liable to be charged rates on the part of their property which is licensed to sell alcohol. This will free up extra money for cash strapped clubs to invest in their facilities. There has been a major reduction in

Kenmare Lace Festival are holding a

Table quiz in

The Brook Lane Hotel on Sunday March 23rd at 8pm A L L


sporting grants in recent years and I think implementing this change in the law would be a shot in the arm that a lot of clubs in Kerry need.Commercial rates can be a huge burden for many clubs and I think now is the time to redefine how those rates are applied. I think people can understand why clubs would be expected to pay rates on a licensed premises but those rates should not be applied to dressing rooms or a sports hall, it should be limited to the bar itself. There has been significant investment in sports halls and clubs in communities in Kerry and around the country over many years but those clubs shouldn’t be punished for having a new hall or new dressing rooms.If the Government accepts this legislation it would allow sports clubs around the country to make an application to the Commissioner of Valuation seeking a ‘revision’ of their commercial rates paid to their local authority. This would be a huge boost for sports clubs in Kerry and allow them to reinvest the money saved in facilities for their community. I have called on all parties to commit to the appoint of a Minister for the Irish Overseas and Diaspora in the next general election. Following up on the policy paper I produced last year regarding the Irish Overseas and Diaspora I have published a second edition which has updated. Last year we called for a Minister for the Irish Overseas and the Diaspora, we now urge all parties to commit to the appoint of a minister for the Irish Overseas and Diaspora after the next general election, this will enhance Ireland's relationship with the global Irish community. Such steps will ensure that greater attention is given to issues of concern to the Irish Overseas such as immigration reform in the United States for the 50,000 Undocumented Irish including the 2,000 from Kerry. Is mise le meas, Senator Mark Daly, Seanadóir Marcus O’Dalaigh Leinster House, Teach Laighean, Kildare Street, Sráid Cill Dara, Dublin 2. Baile Átha Cliath 2. Tel: +353 (0)1 618 3830 Fón: +353 (0)1 618 3830 Fax: +353 (0)1 618 4669 Facs: +353 (0)1 618 4669 Mob: +353 (0)86 803 2612 Fón Póca: +353 (0)86 803 2612 C L I N I C S

pics: Mary O’Neill

The Carnegie Players present the Psychological Thriller “Rebecca” by the queen of suspense Daphne du Maurier. The play will open with a Gala Opening Night on Friday 4th April at 7:30pm at Carnegie Arts Centre. It will then run for Saturday 5th, Sunday 6th & Monday 7th April. pic Dariusz Chruszcz

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8 | Kenmare News

For Your Perfect Day… We have it all!!

Call Sile today to find out what new surprises we have available for your 2014/2015 Wedding.. Make your dream wedding a reality at the Multi Award Winning Kenmare Bay Hotel!

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Gone Fishing John O’Hare With

I was talking to a man the other day about hooking and losing salmon when I remembered an experience which be of interest. Father Michael Madden R.I.P, who loved fishing was home on holidays from his parish in New Zealand. We were chatting about salmon and trout angling when Michael asked me, ‘What way do you use your landing net to capture them?’ Well that was easy to answer as all my life I have brought up the net behind the tired fish and in a quick swoop netted him and brought the now netted fish to the bank before unhooking. ‘Wrong,’ said Michael, ‘In New Zealand they net the fish by the head first. A fish always swims forward so he will naturally go into the net. With your method if you touch the fish's tail, it will dart off with fright and you may lose him.’ I had to admit that this had happened to me before once or twice over the years and assured him I would try his method the next time a salmon was foolish enough to take my spinner. A few weeks later, I was fishing my favourite spot with a nice flood in the river, I hooked a grilse of about five pounds played him out and just as I put the mouth of the net in front of the salmon you can guess what happened, the current wrapped the net around his head and as I lifted it, it got snagged on the spinner pulling it out of the fish who disappeared back into the river. It was my own fault, netting a fish in still water is entirely different to trying the same method in a flood. But worse was to follow, over the next six weeks I hooked and lost seven fish without ever getting them close to a net, I was

Willowfield Garden Centre Kenmare

064 41403

Fruit Trees & Bushes Vegetables & Flower Seed Seed Potatoes .. and much, much more! jinxed! At an anglers meeting, I spoke to my friend Dick, a man of a bottle of Powers daily. Explaining how I lost a fish stupidly while netting him and now I couldn’t catch a fish at all. ‘Look at this calmly and forget the netting,’ said Dick, ‘Did you change any of your fishing tackle?’ he asked me. ‘Well yes my old mitchell 300A reel was giving trouble and I got a new model Daiwa.’ There is the answer was Dicks response. Your old reel was a slow retrieve whilst the new one was fast. You are still used to turning the handle at the same speed which means the spinner is being pulled through the water at maybe twice the velocity of before. The fish are only snatching at it as it is too fast for them, and in the process only getting barely hooked, that is why you are losing fish and not because of some silly jinx. I could not wait to test Dicks theory, the first opportunity I got to slip up the river you can be sure I took it and sure enough he was right, slowing down my retrieve resulted in my first salmon in weeks and you can be sure I netted him the way I always did. The old ways were always the best. The Kenmare trout anglers club held their well attended annual general meeting on Saturday 8th March in Brook Lane Hotel. The election of officers, committee, and the selection dates for competitions were made. A special thanks to all the clubs supporters and a special mention to one member who is suffering from a serious illness but still had the courage and commitment to travel nearly fifty miles to attend the A.G.M and says he has every intention of fishing in all of the clubs outings this year. The salmon, sea-trout and brown trout fishing season in the Kenmare area is open from the 15th of March. The rainbow trout lakes that is Barfinnihy and Lough Fada are not open yet. They will be when the fishery signs go up near the lakes. By the way I understand that the Glengariff lakes, Lough Avoul upper and lower may not be stocked this year. This, if true, is bad news from a tourist point of view. The sea fishing as you can expect at this time of year is slow, with no hardy souls willing to brave the bad weather.

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Kenmare News | 9



Big hearted, ten year old Abby Littlejohn took part in the Todayfm’s Shave or Dye this year to help raise awareness and money for Irish Cancer Research. She has raised nearly €1000 already and is confident that she will reach the €1000 very soon. Her parents are very proud of her and would also like to give a big thank you to Colette in Colette’s Hairdresser who not only donated her time and services in dying Abby’s hair but gave a generous donation also. Abby would also like to thank Realt na Mara National school for giving her permission to partake in this years event. Having consulted in the Kenmare Community regarding the operation of the ambulance service, those involved have decided to wrap up the SOAK campaign as it's objectives have been achieved. They would like to thank everybody who worked so hard, everybody who signed the petition, everyone who 'liked' SOAK on Facebook, everybody who attended the coffee morning and everybody who made a financial contribution. They would also like to acknowledge the work of our political representatives of all parties. The Dail and Seanad questions, the help in generating publicity for the petition,

• Supply and erecting of monumental headstone and surroundings • Inscribing additional names on headstones • Restoration and refurbishment of grave sites • Supplying of personal engraved plaques and all types of colour stone • Engraving of place names for houses, town area and buildings • Etching of personal designs on to headstones • A grave cleaning service & package, which will involve cleaning, resetting, sandblasting and grave upkeep • Placing Treasured Memorial photographs on head stones • Acknowledgement Cards, In Memoriam Cards, Bookmarks, Wallet Cards. • Grave Accessories and Candles.

Some of our work can be seen locally.

For further information please call Sean on 087 2947945 attendance at meetings, liaison with the National Ambulance Service and general advice were much appreciated. A big thank you also to the West Cork campaign group for helping us get started and in particular to Frank Fahy, ex mayor of Skibbereen, who worked closely with us. Finally, thanks to Kenmare Chamber of Commerce for providing an organisational umbrella and to Clare Thoma, SKDP and Kenmare Mart for provision of meeting rooms, advice and help. SOAK has a small amount of money available, they plan to use this to help initiate a community first responder scheme in the Kenmare area and a public meeting will be held in Pobail Scoil Inbhear Sceine on 24th March to discuss this. Everyone invited to attend.

Great food on the waterfront at Dromquinna Manor Tel 064 6642889

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10 | Kenmare News

Kenmare Chamber of Commerce & Tourism What’s Going On?

With Spring in the air, there is a renewed energy in the Chamber. As we prepare for the 2014 Tourism Season, we are looking to a range of ongoing and new activities and events.

The Easter Bunny and Friends are getting ready. The Kenmare Social & Events committee are once again organising the Easter Sunday, Easter Egg Hunt. This year’s event takes place in Reenagross Park on Sunday, 20th April at 3pm. Admission is 5 per family, up to 4 members and 1 for every subsequent member. Weather permitting the Easter Bunny will be here and we will also have a small petting zoo so the children can meet some of the new Spring arrivals. Our thanks to Whytes Centra Kenmare for donating the children's prizes and to Lorge Chocolatier for donating the adult prize Change is in the air this spring. Due to the important new initiative under the Kenmare Marketing and Events Steering Committee changes are happening in the Chamber. With the transfer of marketing to the Steering Committee, the Chamber is revising its remit under key Commerce themes including; representative body, lobbying, networking, town management, education and upskilling, membership, finance, legal vehicle for local development including registered company, back accounts and trading history.

Ms. Sanford's Honours Leaving Certificate Class of English travelled to Dublin last month to visit The National Theatre of Ireland, The Abbey to see a production of John B. Keane's ‘Sive’. It was an outstanding performance which has received rave reviews from critics. This trip was truly a unique opportunity to see the play which is on the Leaving Certificate course for 2014. The students also toured Trinity College Dublin. There they visited The Book of Kells and the Long Library where there was an exhibit called ‘In

Chamber business updates from the AGM. The AGM was held on Wednesday March 5th in The Carnegie. It was well attended and there was positive feedback from members regards Chamber Committee activities and initiatives. There was an update from sub committees as follows; S.O.A.K. Mike Hayes gave a report to the AGM that the huge campaign and lobbying of local and national politicians had been successful and resulted in the ambulance service being retained at Kenmare Hospital. Congratulations to everyone for such a successful campaign. Casual Trading Legal Fund. Bertie McSwiney gave a report to the AGM as to the reason for taking up the case for Kenmare business’, this being that the submission put forward that Kenmare had a Market for one day a week instead of the proposal from Kerry County Council of six day market trading. The next court appearance in Kenmare will be the first Friday in May when submission from casual trading (Kenmare Business’) and market traders will be heard. Social and Events Committee. Helen McDwyer gave a report to the AGM regarding Halloween Howl and Nollaig Neidin which have both been a great success and enjoyed by community and visitors of all ages alike.

Tune, A Millenium of Music’ where many of the composers who are on the Leaving Certificate course in Music were featured. A visit to the Science Gallery where an exhibition called, ‘Fail Better’ based on the Samuel Beckett quote, ‘Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. TRY AGAIN. FAIL AGAIN. FAIL BETTER’ was also arranged where students saw many interesting 'failures' in science that have since evolved into success such as the ‘Rasberry Pie’ and the first Dyson Vacuumn Cleaner. Cailla O'Shea, a former student who is completing a Master's degree in Trinity on High Performance Computing and Mathematics took a few to see the Super Computer on Campus.

Blackwater News Open from 5.30pm till late

Open Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays for dinner Lunch menu now available for all occasions and celebrations including communion and confirmation Perfect setting for private functions, family occasions, small weddings etc Ask to see our dinner menu for occasions. Thank you all for your support during our first season, we look forward to seeing you again this season. I look forward to welcoming you. Michael Casey

Blackwater Women’s Group are holding a Tea Dance in Kenmare Bay Hotel on Sunday 23rd March from 1.30 to 6pm. Hot lunch is 15 with a choice of roast leg of lamb or fillet of salmon, apple pie, tea/coffee. Bus transport 3. Ring Mary O’Neill in Blackwater Tavern 064-6682003 to book tickets. Music and dancing to Jerry McCarthy and Autumn Gold. Raffle and Door Prize. This event is open to everyone in the greater Kenmare area and people from all over South Kerry and West Cork. Tickets must be pre booked; hotel needs numbers for lunch by Wed 19th March. Everyone welcome, book early to avoid disappointment. Great value, lunch and dance only 15, why not treat a friend to lunch and a great evening of entertainment or bring your group along. Blackwater Women’s Group next meeting Tuesday 8th of April at 8.30pm followed by a talk by Kate Cronin Interior Advisor/Designer. Kate will give a talk on colour co-ordination, curtains, lighting and furnishings, she will bring samples of various colours, curtains and materials and show how to match them up. Bring pictures of a room you wish to transform or samples of materials you want to match up. New members welcome anytime, annual membership only €5, membership for 2014 is now due if you haven’t already paid it. Drama. Rehearsals are now taking place for the 2014 production from the Blackwater Drama Group which will be staged on the first two weekends in June.

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Kenmare News | 11


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Kenmare News |13

Mary Theresa O'Neill and Robert Kelly's Wedding in Blackwater on Saturday March 8th. Pictured are the bride's parents, Michael and Maeve O'Neill, Robert Kelly and Mary T O'Neill, and the groom's parents Esther and Gerry Kelly, celebrating with champagne after their wedding outside the Blackwater Tavern. pic Mary O'Neill

On Saturday 22nd February Sneem Walking Marathon and Half Marathon took place despite the unsettled weather. One third of the participants completed the half marathon and the remainder completed the full marathon. Billy Mahony and Donal O Shea, Sneem were first home in the full marathon. Kerry Lifelife, suicide counselling service for South Kerry was the charity that received funding from the event. The Sneem Geopark Information Centre greatly appreciated all those who participated or helped in any way.

To Book contact the

Easanna Spa Spring Special Offer Voya Aromatic

Easanna Spa & Back, Neck & Health Club on Shoulder Massage

OR Luxury Voya or Yonka Mini Facial Communion and with our Superb Confirmation Menus Spa Afternoon Tea from €35 per person

064 6640003 or email

now available.

€65 per person

Anne Marie Cleary enjoying her 50th birthday with family and some of her many friends at Kenmare Golf Club. pic Harry Masterson

Cyril Murphy who celebrated his 70th birthday in The Brook Lane Hotel, pictured with some of his friends. pic Harry Masterson

The Sheen Falls Spa Afternoon Tea

To Start Sweet Indulgence Bamboo of Seasonal Fruit Berry with Mint Warm Fruit and Vanilla Scones with Fruit Preserve, Lemon Curd and Whipped Kerry Gold Butter Lemon Cake and Tea Brack Chocolate Treats Savoury Selection Home Smoked Sheen Falls Salmon on Home Made Brown Bread Fresh Vegetable Kebab with Mini Mozzarella ball and Basil Chilled Plum Tomato Gazpacho Shot with Celery Bite All served with Cloudy Sparkling Lemonade Tea and Coffee

The regional finals of the Annual Credit Union All Ireland Quiz took place earlier this month and Kenmare Credit Union was ably represented by the winners of our own recent exciting event, Realt na Mara from Tuosist in the U13 category comprising of team members Dan Mc Carthy, Tommy Cronin, Illan Wall and Tom Kelly, and Lauragh N.S. in the U11 category; Iarla O’ Neill, Saoirse Nolan, Rachel O’Sullivan and Conor Murphy. Both teams finished in the top ten which is a fantastic result and underlines the incredible talent and ability that is rich amongst all our national school students. A big thank you to all the parents, teachers and supporters who travelled to Tralee to cheer on both teams on the day. And remember, to all the young people out there, it is never too early to start saving. Contact Kenmare Credit Union on 064 6642111 to find out how you can open an account. Pictured are the Lauragh N.S. team of Iarla O’ Neill, Saoirse Nolan, Rachel O’Sullivan and Conor Murphy.

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14 | Kenmare News

ConnorScarteen Cllr Patrick


Bonane- Water extraction from the Sheen River. I appealed to Kerry County Council to request Irish Water not to appeal the recent Circuit Court decision to the High Court and instead to look at the upland lakes as an alternative to supplement the Kenmare Water Supply. The Circuit Court ruled that Kerry County Council should have carried out an appropriate assessment before any water abstraction was granted. Whether deadlines for appeals have been met is unclear at the time of writing. I also met with Minister Hogan however his Department cannot understandably intervene while the matter is sub judice. The people of Bonane have undertaken a costly and hard battle against institutions of the state, however they won their costs and proved that Kerry County Council did not follow the correct procedures. Kerry County Council too has spent a Hugh amount of tax payer’s money. I hope Irish Water will see sense and extract water from the Lakes. Kenmare Eastern Relief Road. The Kenmare Eastern relief road will be open for use in May/June. The NRA and Transport Minister Varadkar allocated in excess of 600,000 to complete the project. 15th August Fair, Kenmare. I have given Kenmare Chamber of Commerce a reply from Kerry County Council stating they can assist in terms of road closures if necessary, clean ups etc however a local committee should be formed similar to the Puck Fair Committee in Killorglin so that the 15th August fair could be better controlled. I will assist further in this regard. Removal of dangerous trees. We are lucky there were no serious accidents in the vicinity as a result of the recent bad weather. It was the wettest winter in Ireland since records began in 1866. The storms caused many trees to fall many of the roads in the area especially along the road from Templenoe to Sneem and the Beara Road I want to thank the Council, all emergency services and private landowners for their work clearing fallen trees and cutting down ones that may be in danger of falling. Thanks especially to Sheen Falls Hotel Manager Patrick Hanley for getting the dangerous trees on the Hotels land removed along the Beara road. Notice of Motion. The following are may two recent monthly motions. That Kerry County Council call upon the Government to introduce a fair system where the public can pay for various public charges in the one go or in staged payments. For example in other EU countries people can pay annually to one Government department. That Kerry County Council again request from the various Government Departments adequate funding to repair the damage caused by recent storms and funding to construct defences to protect against future storms and flooding. Please give an update on progress to date.

Kilgarvan Tidy Towns Committee get former Garda Station. I am glad to have worked with Deputy Brendan Griffin TD in assisting with the transfer of the former Garda Barracks in Kilgarvan which is being transferred from the Office of Public Works to Kilgarvan Tidy Towns Committee. Although it is a small building it will prove useful to the local committee. Water fluoridation. Concerns about water fluoridation have been brought to my attention after enquiries I received the following update: “There is no specific working group looking at water fluoridation issues at present. The Department of Health keeps the policy of water fluoridation under constant review. As part of this ongoing work, a review of evidence on the impact of water fluoridation at its current level on the health of the population and on the environment is being conducted by the Health Research Board on behalf of the Department. This review is due to commence in April 2014 and will be completed by December 2014. The Department is also collaborating in a University College Cork-led research project, "Fluoride and Caring for Children's Teeth" (FACCT). The study will consider the impact of changes on the oral health of children, following policy decisions relating to toothpaste use by infants and young children made in 2002 and the reduction in the level of fluoridation in drinking water introduced in 2007. In addition, a study on general and oral health findings in adults linked to the duration of exposure to fluoridated water as part of the Irish Longitudinal Study on Aging (TILDA) is expected to commence shortly. Post Offices. Since the Fine Gael/Labour Government took power 3 years ago, 15 Post offices closed, under the Fianna Fail/Green/ Independent Government 197 Post offices closed. We will campaign to ensure that there are no more closures. The Minister for Energy, Communications and Natural Resources, Pat Rabbitte TD has confirmed that the Government has no plans to shut post offices. I am confident that the Cabinet Committee dealing with the future of the Irish postal network will make further progress on a whole-of-government approach to sustaining and developing the Postal network. Since An Post has invested heavily in computerization in all post offices, the network of post office contractors is well positioned to become the front office provider of choice for government and financial services sector. However, An Post is not in a position to rely solely on government businesses and it must focus on securing new revenue sources, given the falling volume in mail business. The opportunity to pay Local Property Tax through the Post Office network has also been secured, and a contract to handle social welfare payments has been awarded to the network. I have asked for further clarity in relation to this aspect as I still have concerns about the social welfare contract, and I know that due to EU competition law such contracts cannot be awarded indefinitely and must go out to tender. Post Offices throughout Kerry especially in rural locations in places such as the Beara Peninsula and Iveragh Peninsula are the focal point in communities and it is essential they are maintained. Enough small shops, pubs etc have closed in rural areas in the last 10 years. Your Local Councillor. Always available at 5 Main Street, or I can meet people after work most evenings in the Kenmare, Kilgarvan, Lauragh, Tuosist, Bonane, Templenoe, Blackwater and Sneem area’s. I hold Clinics in mid Kerry and parts of the Ring of Kerry every month. Patrick Connor-Scarteen MCC 087 2904325 Chairperson Kerry County Development Board Chairperson Kerry Roads & Transportation SPC Chairperson Kerry Joint Policing Committee Member Kerry County Council Corporate Policy Group Member Local Electoral Area Committee

Fully Accredited Veterinary Hospital

24-Hour Emergency Kenmare Veterinary Centre Cover

Pet–Equine–Farm 0646642695/0877710360 Full rangeofRoyalCanin andHil s diets Largeshopwithequine,petandfarmsupplies

W: • E: Mart Road – Kenmare – Co. Kerry

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Kenmare News | 15

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16 | Kenmare News

Mary O'Sullivan, Bridie O'Neill, Mary O'Farrell, Therese Morley and Mary O'Neill at the Fashion Show in Sneem Hotel in aid of Derrynane Inshore Rescue.

Mary and George O'Neill at the wedding of George's niece Mary T O'Neill to Robert Kelly in Blackwater on March 8th.

Brian Hogan and Ciara O'Neill enjoying the wedding of Mary T O'Neill and Rob Kelly. pic Mary O'Neill

Lisa O'Shea, Caroline and Johnny Healy Rae and Noreen O'Shea at the recent Fashion Show in Sneem Hotel. pics Mary O'Neill

Former Kerry footballer Maurice Fitzgerald and Joan Egan Mum of the Year 2013; both were modelling at the recent Sneem Fashion Show.

Kenmare Needs you!

The Kenmare Marketing and Events Steering Group is made up of representatives from both the community and business sectors in the Kenmare area. This new group has been set up in response to feedback from local businesses and community concerns. The feedback indicated considerable concern that ‘Kenmare is losing business and lagging behind other towns in attracting visitors because of the lack of Marketing on a fulltime basis.’ Community & Commerce endorsements due to benefits of initiative A number of public and other consultation meetings were held to discuss this important issue leading to the establishment of this new Steering Group. Its agreed main aim is to employ a professional Marketing person for Kenmare who will co-ordinate, market and communicate in a strategic, planned and cost effective manner what Kenmare has to offer. The benefits of having a marketing professional promoting and marketing Kenmare would soon become apparent as the profile of the town and surrounding area translate into more tourism and visitor activity throughout the year. The fundraising starts now The Steering Group is now asking for the financial backing of everyone living and/or working in the Kenmare area in order to make this aim a reality. All sectors of local business and the wider community are being asked to actively support this initiative and a major fund raising campaign has begun. A direct debit scheme is in place and all pledges of support are welcomed. Funds raised will go directly to the costs associated with employing a professional Marketing person and a marketing budget for them to work with. Their job will be to market our ‘jewel in the ring of Kerry’ in a way that brings benefits to everyone who lives and works in Kenmare, Bonane, Tousist, Lauragh, Templenoe, Blackwater Bridge and Kilgarvan.

Commerce supports our Festivals & Events Local businesses in the wider Kenmare area are willing to continue their support for festivals and events and they are also keen to contribute to this new strategic marketing initiative for the Kenmare area. The Steering Group will enable local businesses to budget and plan for their overall sponsorship on an annual basis. The new Marketing person will work closely with the business community and donors to establish this annual sponsorship scheme. Sponsors and donors will be kept informed on expenditure

to ensure there is full transparency and to provide regular feedback.

Why it is time for us to act together

The many festivals and events in the area take place thanks to a great deal of local voluntary effort, sponsorship/donations and through public funding. The Rural Development Programme (LEADER) fund, administered locally by SKDP, is now closed and this will have a significant impact on funding of Kenmare’s festivals. Contributions of support and donations from the wider community are now being called upon to keep these wonderful family based events alive in Kenmare over the coming years and make up this shortfall. The new Marketing person will play a very significant role in relation to festival and events in the town. By professionally supporting the hard-working voluntary festival and event committees in relation to sponsorship, promotion and fundraising there will be greater co-ordination of activities enabling the organisers to pool resources and volunteer efforts more effectively. Please support this campaign - your contribution will put Kenmare back on the map!

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Kenmare News | 17

Kenmare Credit Union leads the way with loan rates

Borrowing in the boom times was a doddle – financial institutions were practically throwing money at you. However, as we all know, times have changed very much. So what do we do now, in the middle of a recession, when customers may be more likely to be borrowing out of necessity than indulgence! The good news is that unlike other financial institutions, Kenmare credit unions is welcoming new members every day and is still providing loans to their members. In fact Kenmare credit union is currently providing its circa 4,430 membership with loans worth 1.8 million. Information provided by the Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU) has highlighted the value that is available from credit unions for specialised loan rates. As well as offering a standard loan rate to their members, credit unions also offer specialised rates for things like cars loans, holiday loans, education / student loans, Christmas and more. Student loan rates in particular on offer from Kenmare credit unions are very favourable, the average being 8.5%. Over

the past years the student loan facility in credit unions has been growing in popularity as it is not only good value but also very flexible. Before taking out a loan of any kind, it's worth taking the time to understand how lending works. That way you can compare the benefits and be aware of the risks. Here are some of things that make a credit union loan different: • No hidden fees or transaction charges. • Credit union interest rates are fair and reasonable and capped by law. • Repayments are calculated on your reducing balance, so you pay less interest with each repayment. • Once you are eligible for a credit union loan, repayment terms can be designed around your needs. • Your credit union loan is insured - subject to terms and conditions - at no direct cost to you. Other lenders charge for this. • You can pay off your loan early, make additional lump sum repayments or increase your regular repayments, without a penalty. Other

Courses on offer at Bell Heights

Read It, Plan It, Cook It; Making sense of food labels and diet advice. This course, based on materials provided by the HSE and the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute, will help you to make sense of food labels, look at claims like ‘low fat’ or ‘natural’ on a good label, make healthier choices in foods, understand the food pyramid and how to use it when planning meals, chat to others about food choices and meal planning and try out some healthy recipes. This is an eight week course, free of charge, starting end of March. Phone 064 6642728 Maggie OSullivan Graham to find out more and book a place. Help my child learn. This six week course is for parents and carers of primary school children. Find out about how to help with learning, even if your own skills are not as strong as you might like. Find out about safe online resources for learning. Tips and tricks to boost your child's self esteem and their interest in school work. This course will run on Thursday mornings, starting March 27th. All welcome. Call Maggie to find out more 064 6642728

lenders may charge you extra for paying them back faster! The two most important things about a loan are, being able to borrow the money and being able to repay it. Kenmare credit union is flexible. You can choose a payment plan that suits you today and if your situation changes, you can talk to your credit union about possibly changing your repayment plan! So, whatever you are borrowing for – car, home, holiday, a special event – check out your local credit union for a fair deal. If you decide to apply for a loan, for members, it's as simple as visiting your credit union and discussing your needs. If you’re not already a member, call into your local credit union for more details on how to apply for membership. Kenmare credit union encourages you to manage your money carefully by structuring loans around your needs and your ability to repay. So, whatever you’re borrowing for — a car, home improvements, a special occasion, holiday, school or college fees — the credit union will give you a fair deal.

The Proof of The Breadcrumb is in the Eating!

Valentina & Fabio, the new owners of The Breadcrumb, invite you to come in and taste our freshly baked Breads, Scones, Cakes, Cookies, Pastries, Pizzas and Pies served with a variety of fresh Salads… to satisfy your Sweet and Savoury taste buds. They also brought some yummy delicatessen from their home country Italy. Check out their New Italian deli corner!

The Breadcrumb Café, Bakery & Italian Delicatessen New Road (off Henry Street) – Kenmare

064 6640645

6 Henry Street, Kenmare Call Linda 089 4181215

SPRING OFFER 90 minute luxury head to toe massage €50


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18 | Kenmare News

Johnny Healy Rae

Healy-Rae Michael




087 235 4793

reports... Haulage of Fodder Since the Minister for Tourism, Transport, and Sport, Leo Varadkar, announced that a 4.65 metre height restriction on the haulage industry would be introduced, I have continuously raised the issue that fodder for animals should be exempt, as it would lead to situations whereby the cost of fodder would increase dramatically because people could not bring in the same amount of bales as they were bringing in before. My representations were successful. However, there was one problem. The Minister seemed to think that this related only to hay and straw and he actually went on the record saying that. I highlighted, not just to the Minister but to the Taoiseach, on the record in the Dáil that round bales of silage should also be included in any exemption being brought forward. I am glad that the Minister has confirmed that his officials are now in the process of preparing draft legislation to provide for an exemption from the height restriction in respect of the haulage of all agricultural fodder including baled silage. The legislation is at an advanced stage, and he hopes to bring it into operation shortly. I welcome this development very much.’

Johnny Healy-Rae has been working on the following issues: Kerry County Council are still hopeful of money being allocated to the Bonaneroad to facilitate road widening from Rialiocht Bridge up to Molly

MICHAEL HEALY-RAE TD CLINICS Scott's Hotel, Killarney every Saturday at 3pm The Atlantic Bar, Kenmare every Saturday night at 10pm and all surrounding parishes on a regular basis. Every Sunday night in Kilgarvan; Healy-Rae’s Mace 9pm – 10pm Healy-Rae’s Bar 10pm – 11pm Phone; 064 66 32467 / 087 2461678 Johnny Healy-Rae MCC 087 2354793

Kenmare Nursing Home (Tír na nÓg)

Approved by:



• Six large indoor kennels. Heated. • Long daily walks on 40 acres of farm and woodland. • Secure outdoor exercise and play area. • Located in Killaha (Castletownbere road). • Just 2 km from Kenmare town. • Viewings welcome.

Proprietor Shane Dignam Contact 087 - 9196660

Gallivans. I will continue to work on this issue. I have recently requested that Kerry County Council remove the cat’s eyes from the top of Cariginine heading towards Lauragh as they are very high andimpossible to avoid and are also damaging the wheels of vehicles. The council hasagreed to look into this. I have also highlighted and asked Kerry County Council to write to Eircom regarding the ridiculous situation of people in our area who are still without landline phones since Christmas. This is affecting elderly people with community alert alarms and businesses who are depending on the phone for orders etc. Eircom made 540 staff redundant through voluntary redundancy at Christmas all over the country and the remaining staff are under a lot of pressure trying to restore a network that needs a lot of investment to bring it up to today’s standard . I recently attended a meeting in Glengarriff held by farmers in the West Cork area who are proposing to take legal action against the Department of Agriculture concerning the recent cuts to farmer’s payments and where some lands were taken because of rocks and scrub etc. I think they have a valid case as these lands were accepted previously and obviously the rocks didn't grow since the last base years.

Kilgarvan Youth Club are holding a duck race on the Slaheny River in Kilgarvan on Bank holiday Monday 21st April (weather permitting) at 2pm. Duck race is in aid of Kilgarvan Youth Club and the Kerry Cancer Support Group. Ducks are €3. Quack Quack!

Inter Kenmare will be hosting a child protection course on Friday the 4th of April starting at 8pm sharp and running for 2 hours at a cost of €10 per person. The venue is Pobalscoil Inbhear Sceine, all clubs and organisations are welcome. Please email or any of the committee members to confirm attendance and check for any updates on the Inter Kenmare Facebook page.

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Kenmare News | 19

Smiles all round on Kenmare Community Care road trip

Kenmare Community Care organised a road trip around the Ring of Beara late last year. Their clients from Taobhlinn Social Centre Kenmare and The Active Retirement Kenmare branch joined together for a full days outing. With Finnegan’s coaches behind the wheel and the bus kindly funded by Cluid Housing, the journey began with the first stop being a visit to Molly Galvins where they were greeted by Steve and Frances O’Sullivan with delicious tea and scones. They were treated to a trip down memory lane with the making of butter just like ‘de old days’. Back on board they drove through Glengarriff taking in the beautiful scenery, following the road to Castletownbere. John Murphy’s in Castletown was the location for lunch where they were very well looked after. After lunch, and with full bellies, they were back on the bus as it moved onto the Dursey Sound, where they soaked in the fresh air and breathtaking views and a few photos. Continuing on the Peninsula through Allihies they took in the Copper Mines, Eyries, Ardgroom and the stunning road home through Lauragh But no trip is complete without a visit to Helens Bar, Kilmackillogue, where Helen had a teatime spread for all, So with memories revisited, beautiful scenery enjoyed and plenty of grazing all in all it was a fantastic day, and not a drop of rain in sight, and all on our Kerry doorstep!


in aid of Taobh Linn Social Centre will take place In Brook Lane Hotel Friday 28th March at 8.45pm €10.00 per person, 4 to a table Raffle and finger food provided

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20 | Kenmare News

Nearly eighty years of excellence as Brosnan’s

Nearly eighty years of excellence was celebrated in Kenmare last week when Brosnan’s Pharmacy embarked on an exciting new journey as part of The Haven Pharmacy group.

Tom Brosnan came to Kenmare from Tralee in 1934 to work in Chute’s Pharmacy in 19 Henry St Kenmare. He bought the business in 1936 and since then Brosnan’s Pharmacy has enjoyed serving the people of Kenmare and surrounding areas. He married Lily O’Donovan from 10 Henry St in 1937 and raised their six children Noreen, James, Sean, Mary, Lucy and Eleanor in 19 Henry St. Mary has worked in the pharmacy since 1962 and James qualified as a pharmacist in 1964 and returned to work in Kenmare. He married Angela Scully from Blackwater in 1969 and raised four children Clara, Hilary, Angela K and James T in 19 Henry St before moving to Killowen. All the children worked in the pharmacy and Angela K qualified as a pharmacist in 1997 and now runs the family business. Since 2012 Hilary has worked in the pharmacy also. Angela K married James Rochford from Killeagh in 2000. They also lived over the pharmacy with their eldest daughter Aishling. They now live in Killaha with their four daughters Aishling, Clodagh, Muireann and Niamh. The girls are in training already, and are counting down to when they’ll be able to join the team at Brosnan’s Haven Pharmacy! All the staff employed by Brosnan’s Haven Pharmacy live in Kenmare and the surrounding areas, and the Brosnan family have always supported the local

community through sponsorship and also by using local suppliers where possible, and they will continue to do so! Their product range is tailored to local needs, so as your needs change so will their offers and they are the only pharmacy in Kenmare to open 7 days a week.

So what next for one of Kenmare’s best loved businesses?

Haven Pharmacy is the new name for the country’s leading, fastest growing group of independent, community pharmacies delivering the very best in local, expert healthcare all over Ireland and will mean new innovations at Brosnan’s, whilst keeping the fabulous service for which they are renowned. Brosnan’s have always offered personal one to one attention but now with their purpose-built private consultation room, this can happen without interruption. They can now offer medicines management reviews for each patient so that you and your family can get the most from your medicines. They also offer personal screenings on blood glucose, blood cholesterol, BMI, blood pressure and asthma technique. Brosnan's Pharmacy also now offer a delivery service for prescriptions when required, and collect your prescriptions twice daily from Kenmare Medical Centre. So if you want to see a new look to an old favourite pop into Brosnan’s Haven Pharmacy, and prepare to be impressed.

From this...

Here’s to the next eighty years!

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Kenmare News | 21

Pharmacy embarks on an exciting new journey.

To this...

Angela Brosnan, MPSI; local celebrity John Brennan who performed the official opening; and James Brosnan, MPSI.

Father and daughter James and Angela Brosnan cut the cake.

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22 |Kenmare News

Kenmare & District Garden Club We spent a wonderful evening at The Carnegie on Thursday March 6th when over 100 of us were entertained and informed by Helen Dillon. She talked about her garden in Ranelagh, Dublin accompanied by slides and was full of wonderful advice, digressing every now and then to give us titbits of information about other plants, suppliers, compost, what to do and what not to do. One very telling point she made right at the beginning of her talk was ‘ How Good Making a Garden Makes One Feel ‘ and anyone who has done or is in the progress of doing just that will understand what she means. She had so much to say and show us that sadly we only had time to get to June in her garden but her aim is to try and have lots of colour and interest in every season. Her galvanised dustbins full of tulips are an inspiration and not difficult for anyone to replicate. She certainly gave us plenty to think about and with raffle prizes of compost and potted arrangements supplied by Willowfield, the evening was most enjoyable.

Siobhan Cronin who celebrated her 40th birthday in The Brook Lane Hotel with her family and friends recently. pic Harry Masterson

Little Angels Creche & Preschool raised €480 on National Pyjama Day which will be going to the Irish Hospice Foundations ‘Children's Hospice Home Care Programme.’



Sign up for one month’s full membership for ONLY €55.00 Includes unlimited use of pool & gym for one month.


SENIORS swin & gym Mondays-Fridays – 10am to 12noon ONLY €5 STUDENTS swin & gym Mondays-Thursdays – 4pm-6pm ONLY €5 For more information, please contact the Bay Health Club Email or call 064-6642599

Next month on Thursday, 3rd April we will be back at Gateway at 7.30 p.m. for our AGM, plant swap and discussion panel so if you have any gardening problems, bring them with you that night and hopefully get a solution. We will always welcome new members and our membership for the year has not increased – 25 euro per person and 40 euro per family couple. If you have any queries, please phone Geraldine at 0863935965. Look forward to seeing you in April when hopefully the weather will have improved and put us in a gardening mood!

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Kenmare News | 25

Sherry Fitzgerald Daly Kenmare Henry Street, Kenmare. Tel 064 6641213 • Fax 064 6641717 e-mail: • •


Sedgecroft, Tuosist

Bonane Kenmare • 2 Bed Home – 1,022 sq ft • Set on c.25 acres • Countryside Views • 6.5 miles to Kenmare

Asking Price: €275,000

9 Scarteen Park, Kenmare • 3 Bed Mid Terrace • Built in 1970’s – 700sq ft • 5 Min Walk of Kenmare Town

PUBLIC AUCTION (Unless Previously Sold)

Asking Price: €89,000

Executors Sale Per the instructions of Reps Mr Noel Tuohy (dec)

• • • •

Luxury Waterfront Property Built in 2003- 2,500 sq ft Set on c.2.6 acres 8 miles to Kenmare Town

Asking Price: €465,000

54 Sunny Hill, Kenmare • 3 Bed Semi Detached – 1,200 sq ft • Fully Furnished • Walking distance to Kenmare Town

Asking Price: €95,000

COMMERCIAL UNITS TO LET 2 Main Street, Kenmare Retail shop – 200 sq ft) - prime location Store Room 123 sq ft Rent: €825 per month

27.82 acres of Prime Farmland at Cahir, Kenmare • Good quality limestone lands • Adjacent to the Roughty River

2pm: Wednesday the 26th of March 2014 Venue: The Brooklane Hotel, Kenmare, Co Kerry Details & Map also available at Solicitors with carriage of sale: Mr Darragh Tuohy, Eugene Carey & Co Solicitors, Court House Chambers, Mallow, Co Cork (Tel) (022) 43755 (e-mail)

Sean Daly & Co Ltd Insurance Brokers Tel 064-6641213 Do Not Renew your Household and Motor Insurance with the Bank or any other Financial Institution Contact our office for a Quote With Brokerline Direct we can now give you excellent quotations. Sean Daly & Co ltd is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland

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26 | Kenmare News

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28 | Kenmare News

gig guide

Lake House, Tuosist Wednesday nights. Traditional music in the bar all year round Dance in the Hall. First Friday of every month all year round

Blackwater Tavern Music and Dancing March Friday 21st Singing Jarvey Friday 28th Premier Blue Boys April Friday 4th Ui Bhriain Friday 11th Gerard O'Donoghue Sunday 20th Ui Bhriain (Easter)

To include your gigs in our Gig guide email

New and exciting software at

Music line up Mon nights Trad Irish music with Irish dancing display Tues nights Trad Irish music with Irish dancing display Thurs nights Trad Irish music with a harpist Fri nights Emer on the piano Sat nights Emer on the piano

The Atlantic Bar

Lansdowne Arms Hotel

March Sunday 23rd Mike Condon Sunday 30th Billy Heart April Sunday 6th Singing Jarvey Sunday 13th John White Sunday 20th Premier Blue Boys

March Saturday 22nd Just Us Saturday 29th Wallop The Cat

Local man Denis Healy will be launching his book entitled ‘Kerry's sporting history in recitations and ballads 1884 2013’ at 8pm on Friday March 28th at Darby O’Gills, Killarney. With almost 700 pages covering all kinds of sports including football, hurling, wrestling, cycling, rowing, and much much more, this book is set to become a collectors item. Special guest on the night is Mickey Ned O’Sullivan and a great night of entertainment is promised. All very welcome.

April Saturday 5th Over The Border Saturday 12th The Two Mikes Rita O' Sullivan who lives in Cork but spends much of her time in Bonane is doing a sponsored head shave on Monday March 24th to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society. As Rita is a very active member of Ballincollig Comhaltas, the shave will take place during the usual Monday night Set and Céilí class in Ballincollig GAA Pavilion. Donations to this very worthy cause can be made on the night or online at Your support will be greatly appreciated.

We are looking for additional band members! In particular bassists, percussionists, traditional musicians in Kenmare area for an Alt-Trad-Rock fusion group! Interested? Contact us by email, Facebook "Best Cat", Twitter: The_Best_Cat or SMS 0867355995 -Anon" Poetry, Please! A reminder to all our poets! Open submissions are now being sought for inclusion in the Speaking for Scéine 2014 chapbook, which will be launched during our Literary Festival on 23 and 24 May 2014. The deadline for these submissions is Friday, 28 March. Students are particularly invited to send in their poems. Please send your entries to, or drop them into the Carnegie Arts Centre, marked ‘Scéine Chapbook’.

Casey’s Restaurant @ Brook Lane

Aoife and Gavin Sheehan pictured with their daughter Niamh on the occasion of the christening of their baby Siobhan last month.

O'Sheas Photo Shop

We work hard to make your life easier.

TransPix is Fujifilm's

mobile image transfer app that allows consumers to transfer images directly from a smartphone, iPad or Facebook to our Fujifilm kiosk.

Simply go to your app store, download TransPix, call into our store and let technology do the rest.

10 free prints available with this advert. (Max size 5x7) Valid until 31/03/14

Minister for Training and Skills Ciaran Cannon TD, Noel Donnelly Pobalscoil Inbhear Sceine, Sander van Kouwen who received an award for coming second in Graphics and Construction in Leaving Certificate Applied, and Chairperson TechnoTeachers Association Padraig Cawley.

O'Sheas Photo 27 Main Street, Kenmare 064-6640808

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Thursday March 20th @ 8pm Kenmare Film Society Wadjda Saudi Arabian film maker Haifaa al Mansour’s Wadjda is the first full length feature film ever shot in Saudi Arabia and the first film made by a female director. It tells the story of an 11-yearold girl who challenges deep rooted Saudi traditions in a determined quest to buy a bicycle. Tickets €7 Thursday March 27th @ 8pm Film; Flawless An ultraconservative police officer suffers a debilitating stroke and is assigned to a rehabilitative program that includes singing lessons with the drag queen next door. Starring the late Philip Seymour Hoffman and Robert De Niro. Early April (Date to be announced). Glengarriff Arts Group ‘Visual Diversity’ The Glengarriff Arts Group are a group of artists who’ve been meeting weekly since they formed in the early 1990s. All Welcome. Free Event. Thursday April 3rd @ 8pm Kenmare Film Society The Great Beauty Paolo Sorrentino has returned to Cannes with a gorgeous movie, the film equivalent of a magnificent banquet composed of 78 sweet

Kenmare News | 29

courses. It is in the classic high Italian style of Fellini's La Dolce Vita and Antonioni's La Notte: an aria of romantic ennui among those classes with the sophistication and leisure to appreciate it. The grande bellezza, like the grande tristezza, can mean love, or sex, or art, or death, but most of all it here means Rome, and the movie wants to drown itself in Rome's fathomless depths of history and worldliness. Tickets €7 Friday April 4th Gala opening at 7.30pm with wine reception. Curtain Up 8pm Carnegie Players ‘Rebecca’ See article below for details Tickets €12 / €10 students April 5th, 6th and 7th @ 8pm Three more performances of Rebecca Thursday April 10th @ 8pm Film Dalai Lama Awakening This documentary which was a 15 year

The Carnegie Players present the Psychological Thriller “Rebecca” by the queen of suspense Daphne du Maurier. The play will open with a Gala Opening Night on Friday 4th April at 7:30pm at Carnegie Arts Centre, Kenmare. It will run for another three nights, Saturday 5th, Sunday 6th & Monday 7th April. You will see players old and new in this production. All are locals and they give their time voluntarily to fundraise for the Carnegie Arts Centre. Without their freely given time and experience and that of the dedicated crew behind the scenes, the Carnegie Arts Centre would simply not be viable. The Carnegie Arts Centre is a vital resource in your local community. This version of “Rebecca” will be directed by Emer Guihan who is working behind the scenes for her first full production. A spectacular set will again be created by Joop Duyn. Lighting and Special Effects are designed by Trevor Langley and Costume Design by the devine Eileen Ryan and Bernadette Goldrick. All their skills make Carnegie Players productions a lot more than “Am Dram”. The Cast includes; Brendan Grant, Joyce Bambury, Sheila O’Neil, Gordon Le Moignan, Richard Juzoapaitis, Noel Crowley, Trish O’Connail, Mike Brosnan, Eamonn Harrington, Michael Sullivan and Josh Reeve. A shy ladies' companion, staying in Monte Carlo with her stuffy employer, meets the wealthy Maxim de Winter. She and Max fall in love, marry and return to Manderley, his large country estate in Cornwall. Max is still troubled by the death of his first wife, Rebecca, in a boating accident the year before. The second Mrs. de Winter clashes with the housekeeper, Mrs. Danvers, and discovers that Rebecca still has a strange hold on everyone at Manderley. Tickets are €12/€10 for students and are available from Carnegie Arts Centre on 064 6648701 or Neidin Hats design and create elegant head wear for all occasions. All of their headpieces are designed and handcrafted in Kenmare and every piece is guaranteed to be that little bit special.

Either choose a piece from one of their existing collections or work with them to design that special hat for that special occasion. Killaha West, Kenmare Kim 086 8126101 Chris 087 9922679

And remember, they also offer a wide selection of ready made headpieces available for hire.

realization of a cinematic dream, presents the profound and life-changing journey of innovative Western thinkers who travel to India to meet with the Dalai Lama to solve many of the world's problems. Narrated by Harrison Ford and featuring His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Thursday April 16th @ 8pm ‘ Luisne - From Darkness into Light’ Maureen Sullivan & guests with a special themed concert as we approach Easter. Details to be posted on Carnegie website very soon. Tickets €10 Thursday April 17th @ 8pm Film The Savages Pot growers Ben and Chon face off against th drug cartel who kidnapped their shared girlfriend. Thursday April 24th @ 8pm Kenmare Film Society Only God Forgives In this visionary Bangkok-set thriller, Julien (Gosling) is a drug kingpin tasked with avenging his brother’s death but a mysterious, unhinged policeman is following his every move. Tickets €7 T: 064 6648701

The first Kenmare Biennial Lace Festival was held from October 3rd to 6th 2013. It was an amazing event and a tremendous success, as was recognised when the festival won the national award of 'Best Innovative Gathering award’. Festival events were spread throughout the town, with a very full programme. The festival was launched by Louise Kennedy, one of Ireland’s most successful fashion designers, with the opening Cocktail party at the Kenmare Bay Hotel. Louise was presented with an exquisite Kenmare Lace pendant in a silver neckpiece made by Sinead Hennessy and donated and crafted by local goldsmith Paul Kelly. Louise also launched the book on ‘Kenmare and Other Irish Laces’ by Emer and Nora Finnegan, and Nora went on to deliver a very interesting lecture on the history of Kenmare Lace This was followed by two days by events including lace workshops in five different disciplines of lacemaking and competitions, whose entries came from Australia, Great Britain, Italy and Ireland, including many entries from the textile students in our Irish Art colleges. There were three exhibitions of lace, a lace library in Tom Creans and ‘social tables’ where people sat at tables in Jam, Cupan Tae and The Brooklane Hotel, working on their lace and other handwork and were joined by complete strangers. At the gala dinner our speaker Veronica Rowe spoke of Limerick Lace and her family connection with it. The superb fashion show, a testament to the hard work of Lynn Brennan and Irene Carey is to be repeated in April as a fundraiser. At the closing luncheon at the Sheen Falls Lodge one of the pieces of artwork donated by artist Christine Bowen was raffled as a fundraiser and prizewinning lace artist Fiona Harrington gave us an insight into her journey through art to lace. None of this could have happened without hardworking committee of Siobhan Thoma, Anne Dunne, Emer Finnegan, Cathrine Gibbons, Lynn Brennan and Nora Finnegan. A fundraising Quiz night will be held in the Brooklane Hotel on Sunday March 23rd at 8pm. All welcome.

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Kenmare Shamrocks GAA Club

Kenmare Shamrocks GAA celebrated two unique football titles on Friday last (14th March) in the Brooklane Hotel. There were two special presentations to celebrate the County League Winners 1972 and the Kerry Club Championship Winners of 1983. It was also a fundraiser for the club and really was a great night. MEP, and former President of the GAA, Sean Kelly was guest of honour on the night and his presence certainly added to the sense of occasion. The Club Lotto is also helping the club meeting its running costs (much needed as the recent storm damage to the nets behind the goals at the club have showed) The numbers in the Sunday draw 9th of March were 9, 12, 17, 26 and there was no winner of the Jackpot. Lucky Dip winners of €50 were Denis McCarthy and John McCarthy. The next draw will be in Tuohy's on March 23rd, Jackpot €3,600, thanks to all for their continued support of the Lotto and the finance committee must be commended for the work they are putting into the running of the draw. Spillane Cup. Kenmare got their Spillane Cup underway with an away fixture against Tuosist. A tight encounter ended with a win for us on a score-line of 0-11 to 0-6. As you read this the next round of games should have been played. East Kerry League. Our East Kerry League campaign came to end with a draw against Listry. It was a good game but as with the other two games in the group the weather had some influence on the flow of the game. A huge wind in Listry made it hard for both sides, Kenmare probably ruing the fact that they were not further ahead at the end of the first half. Against the wind they did well to contain Listry and did enough to hold a point. That was all Listry needed though and they went on to the final against Fossa. That said the three games against Firies, Fossa and Listry were all of good quality and gave the new management a chance to look at a few things ahead of the county league. Minor Football League. The minors have made a great start to the league with a win and a draw. A fine, open game in Fr. Breen Park ended all square against Gneeveguilla. They followed that up with a 2-19 to 0-6 win away to Kilcummin. Finally well done to Stephen O'Brien who has been showing well for the Kerry Senior team in the recent league games. A couple of points against the All Ireland champions in Croker was a nice start but his 1-1 against Mayo was good reward for his overall performance.

Keep posted on our facebook page with cycles for every level. There will be cycles for all levels, from beginners to seasoned cyclists. Also if you send us a mail with your name and phone number, we will send you a text with info of upcoming cycles. Email or through our facebook page. Annual Membership only costs €40 and membership forms can be downloaded on our facebook page or can be collected in Coakley Moriarty solicitors New Road, or Finnegans Corner. Now is the time to get ready for this years Ring Of Kerry Charity Cycle!

There was a card night in memory of Dan Joe Sweeney last Friday night in the Coachmans. Fun, Song, Laughter and of coarse a few games of 31 were had! He will be missed by all his friends. In the picture are Jamesie Kelliher, Eoin Finnegan, Paul Crowley, Brian Finnegan, Rob Morris , Peter Sweeney, Martin Riney, Sean O Connor and Robbie Freeman. Ar dheis de go raibh a anam dilis.

Greater Kenmare Area Tourism Information Evening A Tourism Information Evening on the Sheen Valley Heritage Area and the Wild Atlantic Way will be held in the Sheen Falls Hotel on Tuesday 1st April at 7pm. The meeting will be of special interest to all proprietors of accommodation and every one involved in the tourism industry. Guest speakers on the evening will include Declan Murphy Failte Ireland, John Griffin Tourism Officer for Kerry County Council and Caroline Boland of Boland Marketing and Go Kerry. A presentation will be given on the Development of all Walks, Cycling Trails, Heritage Sites and Attractions in the Sheen Valley. Declan Murphy Failte Ireland will give a talk and information on the newly developed Wild Atlantic Way and the potential it may have to boost visitors to the area. All are very welcome. Rory O’Donoghue, a sufferer of Muscular Dystrophy, pictured during his mini triathlon in the Kenmare Bay Leisure Centre in aid of an orphanage for children with disabilities in Columbia. Rory is travelling to Columbia in two weeks time and is bringing a financial gift to the orphanage. Donations please to Bernie O’Sullivan. pic Harry Masterson

Valeting Now Available Call Alan 089 4058877 Service €40 plus parts Brakes €30 plus parts All Brands of Tyre available

087 6180016/ 064 6648671

Gortamullen Business Park, Kenmare

Pobalscoil Inbhear Scéine, Kenmares 2nd year girls basketball team qualified for the All-Ireland 'B' Playoffs (last 16 in the country) which will take place on Saturday 5th April.

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Kenmare News | 31

COMMITTEE Chairperson Majella O'Sullivan Treasurer - Sheila Cahalane PRO - Thomas O'Sullivan Youth Liaison Officers - Aidan Murnane & Joanne Murphy

Senior Men Inter Kenmare 4 : 3 St. Brendans Park B Inter Kenmare sit top of Division 1A after a well-earned if hard fought victory over a title contending Park B team. This was a true six pointer that while putting Inter to the top of the table with four games to play also provided a gap between the two teams. Inter fell behind early on from a corner but had all the good play and were rewarded before half time when Sean Murphy’s heavy touch gave him little option but to shoot at goal and he buried a left footed shot into the roof of the net from a tight angle. Inter made two substitutions at half time to freshen things up and keep the attacking tempo high, this paid off with two goals coming from the Park defence being caught on the ball and Connie Cremin providing the finish to both goals. Inter were now two goals up and coasting but some lax play lead to Park getting back into the game and pulled one back from another set piece. Inter responded to go four two up when Josh Crowley Holland tapped in from close range after good work down the right wing. The game was set up for a tense finish when Park got a third goal near the end but Inter finally put their foot on the ball and ran out the remaining time to clench a vital home win to keep their title ambitions on track. Report By: Thomas O’Sullivan Senior Ladies West Cork Cup –Semi Final Inter Kenmare 2 : 1 Castletownbere (Aggregate score) Inter Kenmare ladies have proved themselves again and secured a place in the West Cork Cup final for the third year in a row. The ladies have been unsuccessful on the last two occasions and are hoping to change this in ‘a third time lucky’ this year. The semi final which was played over two rounds both home and away seeing Kenmare come out on top by the narrowest of margins. Conditions were tough and it took both teams a while to get into their stride. Castletownbere defended well but the opportunities eventually came for the Kenmare ladies with goals coming from Melissa Finn and Laura O’Sullivan. The Castletownbere goalkeeper who put in a great performance over the two games denied Kenmare on many more occasions. The ladies will now face Drinagh in the cup final which is hoped to be played over Easter weekend. In the meantime it’s back to league action where Kenmare are currently placed second in the table with 4 games left to play. Report By: Majella O’Sullivan U 16’s Inter Kenmare 9 : 1 Killarney Athletic B Simon Harrison was very solid in goal providing great kick outs. Chris O’Sullivan Casey (1 goal), John Crowley, Simon O’Shea and Darragh Sweeney man Kenmare Athletics Club All-Ireland B CrossCountry Medal-Winners Well done to eight of our athletes who won medals at the All-Ireland B CrossCountry in Dunboyne, Co Meath on Sunday February 23rd .The U13 Girls team won third team prize with Alice O'Connor finishing 16th over-all, Rhona Randles was 20th, Cara Daly was 21st, Kate Murphy, Katie Palmer ,Grace Sayers,and Caoimhe Daly. In the U13 Boys race, Conor O'Brien finished sixth over-all.

of match (1 goal) were superb in defence. Daniel Taylor (2 goals), Darragh Siochru (2 goals), Darragh Twomey (1 goal), Sean Casey and Denis Croninran the game in the middle of the park. Joe O’Sullivan was up front and got 2 goals, also Kevin Price an Brendan O’Sullivan were well able to replace injured Dan Taylor and John Crowley very early in match after badly timed tackles from Athletic players. Patie Murphy, James Jones and Michael O’Sullivan Down came on at half time and everyone impressed on the day. Report By: Caroline Taylor U 12’s Fenit 3 : 4 Inter Kenmare The U/12's finally got back playing after what turned out to be a 3 month break due to the horrible weather. They travelled up to Fenit on a sunny Saturday morning and you could tell from the off that both sides were a bit rusty after the time off. It was our lads that took the initiative and soon found the back of the net with a superb strike by Sean Lucey from outside the box. One soon became two when Oisin Quill pounced on a loose ball and tapped home. Inter then were caught napping when Fenit found the net just before the break. The second half was more of the same with Daniel Crowley scoring twice the first from the edge of the box and the second a tap in when the ball rebounded off the keeper. Inter then sat back as they taught they had done enough and invited Fenit to attack and soon were punished. Fenit with their tails up never gave up and just before the final whistle got a third but thankfully for Inter the final whistle soon followed. The match ended 4-3. A good away win. Report By: Sean Murphy Academy The Inter Kenmare Academy is back up and running after our winter break and some unfortunate delays due to the unrelenting weather. Quiz Night & Coffee Morning Thanks to all those who have donated so generously their time, money and cakes over the two events, both our quiz night & coffee morning were a great success.

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32 | Kenmare News

Realt na Mara boys and girls winning teams 2010 - 2014

Tuosist Medal Presentation Evening 2014 Tuosist Medal Presentation Evening 2014

Tuosist GAA Club Presentation to Michael Murphy and Cian O'Siochru

Tuosist Medal Presentation Evening 2014

At the Tuosist Juvenile GAA presentation held recently at Killmackillogue, the club honoured one of their outstanding patrons, Michael Murphy, who served the club for over 4 decades both as an officer and a mentor while also recognising the achievements of Scoil Realt na Mara. Michael Murphy known locally as Master after taking up a career as a teacher in Lauragh N.S. soon became involved in the running of the newly formed Tuosist GAA club in the early 1970's. Not only has Michael served as secretary, he also became the driving force behind underage football in the days prior to the formation of a juvenile club. Much of the success to be enjoyed later at senior level can be attributed to Michael's groundwork. As school principal he also entered both boys and girls teams into the Kerry Cumann na mBunscoil football competition winning the 2 teacher competition for boys in 1995 as well as capturing no less that 6 girls titles between 1996 and 2003, an outstanding achievement for any school. Tuosist GAA club are indebted to Michael and his wife Mary for their years of dedication and this honour was well over due. Also honoured on the evening were the achievements of Scoil Realt na Mara. The school this year won the County boys title in Cumann na mBunscoil 3 teacher competition for the 4th year in a row, an unprecedented achievement for any school within the county. Besides this the school has also won a hurling title with Lauragh N.S in 1996, football (boys) in 2007 and a ladies title in 2010. To accept the award was school Principal Cian O'Siochru, who of course is also involved in underage activities within the club. Well done to all and thank you to Helen, Pauline and Patricia for providing refreshments.


enmare oach & ab Hire

Cabs: 087 2480 800 Late night service Daily Tours 23 hr. service

Gortamullen, Kenmare, Co. Kerry. Proprietors: Declan & Nora Finnegan Ph. 064 6641491 Mobile: 087 2480800 Tried and trusted Fax.: 064 6642636 since 1940 Email.:

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RELAY TEAMS WANTED URGENTLY. WHY NOT ORGANISE A TEAM FROM YOUR WORKPLACE? Now that the evenings are getting longer, our thoughts turn once more to training and new challenges for the Summer. Have you ever thought about trying out a triathlon or even a part of it? Perhaps running is your forte or even swimming or cycling. This year, the Titan Sports Bo Peep Triathlon will take place on Saturday, 19th July at Star Outdoors. Special emphasis this year is being placed on the Relay team section. Are you up for a challenge or for getting fit? Why not get your workplace to put forward a team? There will be super Prizes , including a Star of Kenmare Cruise and Lunch in Con’s Restaurant for two adults and two children, for each member of the Winning Relay Team. (Sponsored by Star Outdoors) SuperValu is one of the first Kenmare business to put forward a team. Their team will consist of Mary Price, Derry Murphy and Aine Kelleher. We interviewed them recently to ask them why: Question 1: Why are you undertaking this relay team challenge? Aine (run): I am very interest in doing something different with my work colleagues on a social level and competing with other teams. Mary Price(Swim): My boss asked me and I said I would consider it. I never swam until two years ago. I could describe it as the “adult armband typical scenario”! Derry Murphy(cycle): I consider it a challenge. I have not done anything like it before. Question 2: How important is teamwork? Derry: Team work is most crucial in our business and in the wider community. Pulling together is what makes local communities work. We want to show our staff how we are more involved in what the community is doing. Supervalu’s focus is on well being and the life/work balance. Fitness and health are very important to our staff. Aine: Crucial to work as a team. Derry: Team work is most crucial in our business and in the wider community. Pulling together is what makes local communities work. We want to show our staff how we are more involved in what the community is doing. Supervalu’s focus is on well being and life/work balance. Fitness and health are very important part of our team. Mary: Teamwork is very important, especially when you are trying to do something you have never done before. Question 3: What kind of training will you undertake? Aine: I am currently doing the Couch to 5k training and will extend it. Derry: I am going to start cycling from my house in Eyeries to Kenmare using my bike from the cycle to work scheme. Mary: I would like to come to the open water training sessions with the Kenmare Tri club. Aine summed up the goals of the team for the triathlon: “ Enjoy the day and be fit enough to do it!” *Kenmare Triathlon Club will be holding an Open Water Swimming Coaching Session with top coach Eilis Burns in May, followed by twiceweekly Open Water Club Training Sessions for members. However, if you can’t find a swimmer, contact us at: and we’ll try and match you up with someone! Entry Fee: €99 per team (€40 per entry will be donated to a Kenmare Charity). ALSO a great way to raise funds for your own favourite charity through Sponsorship. Congratulations to Sheila O’Sullivan who raised a staggering € 4500 at the recent 24-hour turbothon held in Kenmare Icecream, Henry Street. A big thank you also to the volunteer cyclists and all who so generously contributed.

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Kenmare Athletics Club

The following officers were elected at the AGM. President Sean Daly; Chairperson Conor Daly; Secretary Tessa Dennison; Treasurer Tom Palmer; Assistant Treasurer Sheila O’Sullivan; PRO Majella Murphy; Committee members Jer Mc Carthy, Dave Littlejohn, Margaret McCarthy, John Daly. Munster Schools Indoors Well done to three First Year pupils -Jamie Harrington, Christine McCarthy and Elinor Dennison who represented Pobalscoil Inbhear Scéine in the Munster Schools Indoors in Nenagh on Tuesday March 4th. Jamie was third in the Boys 60m. Christine was third in the Girls Long Jump and Elinor was fourth in the Long Jump. All-Ireland Schools Cross-Country Well done to Laura Hallissey who competed in the All-Ireland Schools Cross-Country in CIT, Cork on Saturday March 8th. Congratulations to Kenmare Bay Swim Club Swimmers. The 3 swimmers had a good day at the Askeaton Gala and won 4 medals; 3 silver and 1 gold, Illann Wall 11 and under, silver for 100m freestyle Aisling Foley; 12 to 13, silver for IM Iarlaith Hayes; 12 to 13, gold for Backstroke and silver for IM Iarlaith Hayes has his B times, Aisling and Illann are just of their B times John Morley Templenoe presents Dominick O'Sullivan the Droimid Captain with the Thade Morley Memorial Cup after Dromid defeated Templenoe by 1-12 to 0-11 in Dromore Sportsfield Blackwater last month. pic Mary O'Neill

Truffle Pig Delicatessen and Cafe 17 Henry St, Kenmare

Spring is Sprung at The Truffle Pig

• Wonderfully fresh spring foods for Al Fresco dining and picnics • Gorgeous Easter surprises

• Fabulous range of Irish Artisan foods • Take away meals to make your mouth water • A range of cheeses and cured meats to please the eye and the palate

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34 | Kenmare News

Charlie and Joy Vaughan, Killowen, pictured with Brian O'Driscoll in the Aviva Stadium at the Captain's Run before the recent Ireland V Italy match.

Like father, like son! Robert and Jordan Whyte being presented with their first place prizes at the Gneeveguilla Athletics Club 5 km race series held over Jan and Feb in Killarney. Jordan won the U19's and Robert the over 45's sections.

Pobalscoil Inbhear Scéine Coffee Morning Fundraiser for a Defibrillator In the Lansdowne Hotel Friday April 4th 10am – 1.30pm

Great goodies and raffle prizes Come, support and bring a friend!

Kenmare Kestrels fantastic season comes to an end. Kestrels Academy finishes on Saturday March 15th for U8 and U10 boys and girls and trophies will be handed out to all of our successful young basketballers. Thanks to Mick Wilson, Shannon Wilson, Montse Salvado, Mike Hussey, Denis O’Shea, Dermot Healy, Elaine Daly, Colm Horgan, Derek Hanley, John Adams and Noreen O’Reagan for all their efforts throughout the last 7 months in making the Academy such a success. Our Kestrels U14 Girls Division 2 Girls won the County Plate Final and finished as Runners Up in the League. Well done coaches John Adams, Phyllis Crowley, and Siobhan Cronin and Kenmare girls: Karen O’Sullivan (Capt.), Ciara Cronin, Ellen Adams, Cara Daly, Eimear Crowley, Katie O'Connell, Fiadh Lucey, Caoimhe Quinlan, Lucy Wallace, Amy Harrington, and Ellen O'Sullivan. Our U12 Boys also won the County Plate Final. Well done Coach Margaret Lucey and players Mark Looney, Gary Randles, Kieran Harrington, Tommy Cronin, Cian O'Connor, Colin Crowley, Padraig Cronin, Senan Sheehy, Michael O'Sullivan, Cian Hanley, Gearoid Doyle, Sean Lucey, Sean O'Se, Daniel Crowley, and Conor Casey. Our Ladies had a great year winning their last two home games easily over KCYMS and HHS. Lorna Cooper (Capt.), led our warriors: Montse, Phyllis, Caroline, Michelle, Rocio, Anna Marie, Nora Mae, Clodagh, Orla, Annie, Alanna, Sonia, Mar, Amanda and Francaes . We were successful at all levels in the club, with many new skills being learned and lots of fun being had by all. Well done to all our volunteer coaches (Amanda, Colman, Tom, Caroline, John, Noel, Margaret, Francaes, Eileen, Montse, Sinead, Noreen, Phyllis, Siobhan, Una, Lorna and Annie) - a BIG THANKS for all your efforts this season. Finally to our parents, players, volunteers (Sinead O’Sullivan, Daniel Taylor, Ellen Adams, Eimear Crowley, Denis O’Shea, Tom P.O., Orla Randles, Clodagh Quinlan, Ciara Cronin, Aisling Harrington, Una Harrington, Tara O’Sullivan) and committee members (John Adams, Grainne Browne, Maureen O’Shea, Phil Harrington, Josephine ‘Pudge’ Taft, Regina O’Connor,) THANK YOU for making this year so successful and fun for the children and adults of the area. Go Kestrels!

Killowen, Kenmare. Telephone: 064 6641100 Our family run home is located in the beautiful town of Kenmare, close to all local amenities. We offer a home away from home, allowing residents and family members the peace of mind of living in a comfortable, professional and friendly environment.

• • • • • • • •

Long Term Care Fair Deal Approved Respite and Convalescence 50 bed purpose built nursing home 3 spacious enclosed courtyards 3 day rooms and 2 meeting rooms Chapel Mature gardens Beautiful dining room

U12 Boys County Champions

Karen O'Sullivan Captain U14 Girls County Champions

Our services include • Music • Reminiscence • Sonas Therapy • Daily Exercise • Arts & Crafts activity • In house massage • Fun for Birthday and Special Occasions • Weekly Mass in our chapel • Daily church broadcast • In house hairstylist, or by appointment • Laundry Service We are approved by

Under 14 Girls County Champions with coaches, Siobhan Cronin, Phyliis Crowley, John Adams

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Kenmare News | 35

Kenmare House Care

Property Maintenance Services Tel: 087 2272205 For a safe, reliable & prompt servicewith over 25 years experience in repairs and maintenance Carpentry • Decorating • Electrical • Plumbing Powerwashing • Tiling • Keyholding Service


Built in wardrobes and dressers Garden Decking and flower beds Bathrooms and kitchens tiled Houses painted • 1st and 2nd fixing All aspects of carpentry • Timber flooring


bu il

Wayne Hayes 085 7110574

No job too big or small • Competitive pricing


Joe Harrington

yo ur

home maintenance, improvement & repair painting, carpentry, electrical & plumbing kitchen fitting, wardrobes, tiling & timber flooring property management & key holder services

appanacush onstruction LIMITED

General Building Contractors New House Extensions Quality Craftsmaship Guaranteed C2 Registered

• • • •

for quality, reliability & service you can trust don 087 9219576 or sheilagh 087 9325971

Contact Tim 087 2272205 E-mail:

• • • • •

the house doctors

ding re





Slurry spreading and agigating. All types of farm sheds supplied and erected including all shuttering, tanks and walls MACHINES FROM 3 TON - 22 TON FOR HIRE WITH ROCK BREAKERS

Phone 087 2425504

Vat and C2 Registered • Hourly and contract rates

Have you got Foggy or stained double glazed windows?

DC Double Glazing


Contact Donie @ 087-9777333

O’Brien’s Kitchens

Bantry Business Park, Bantry

027 56777 / 086 8050594 • Quality fitted kitchens, wardrobes& lounge units • Manufacturers of Slide-robes • Stockists of kitchen sinks, taps, appliances • All types of kitchen worktops available

Do you offer a Trade or Service? To advertise your business to our 12,000 readers contact

Dick @ 087 2513126 Kate @ 087 2330398

Tiernaboul, Killarney, Co. Kerry. Tel: 064 6633043 Mobile: 087 2821034


CHANGE THE PANE - KEEP THE FRAME! Stop throwing money out of your windows! Upgrade your glass now!

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Single-Glazing converted to Double-Glazing If frames allow we can upgrade Double-Glazing to Triple-Glazing Reduce drafts and cold spots Improve home energy rating (BER) 10 year guarantee

Unit 4, Woodlands Industrial Estate, Killarney

064 6633232

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36 | Kenmare News

Bill McCarthy &Son

Home & Garden Maintenance Service

• Ground Work • Mini Digger and Driver • Lawn Mowing/Strimming • Hedge Trimming • Free quote for all your Garden Services

Call: 087 644 3003 / 086 064 8117 / 064 664 1684 Fully Insured

Kenmare Domestic Appliance Repairs Tiling and all handyman services Kenmare Bouncing Castles

• Emergency Nationwide Services • All aspects of tree care • Dangerous tree removal • Overgrown shelter belts • Stump grinding / Wood chipping • Hedges trimmed and restored • Surveys, Legal advice, Free estimates • Comprehensive insurance

Contact Colin @ 027 63588 / 087 2568367 Email:

Call David O'Sullivan on 087 3110923 Satellite & Ariel Engineer •SKY Digital

•SAORVIEW •Free to Air •Installations, Services & Repairs Billy Tythner 066 9766284 / 086 8626138

Do you offer a Trade or Service?

To advertise your business to our 12,000 readers contact

Dick @ 087 2513126 Kate @ 087 2330398


Lissyclearig, Kenmare, Co. Kerry.


Mobile 087 2441900

Diarmuid Lynch


Derryreag, Clonkeen, Killarney. Phone: 064 7753470 Fax: 064 7753873 Mobile: 087 2552221 E-mail:

All types of plumbing and heating Oil Boiler Servicing Installer of Solar Panel; tubes or flat plate

Repairs & Installations • Domestic • Commercial • Industrial

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Kenmare News | 37

Supreme Foam Insulation

'Don't leave it too late to insulate'

Keep the cold out & the heat locked in

Spray Foam Insulation will bring new levels of efficiency, function & design to your home Phone Denis on 087 2946807 • Office 066 979 3936 e; w;

Holbein Carpentry & Joinery Ltd.

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All aspects of carpentry, joinery & furniture

Stairs Shop Fronts Doors, 1/2 Doors Sash Windows Timber Fascia

• Bars (mini bars) • Timber machined to size and design • Window boards & panelling

• Solid Wood Furniture (Beds, Tables, TV Units, Desks, Benches etc.)

Contact Oliver 087 9255935 • E: Just ask & we will help - 3 generations since 1949


Built-In & Fitted Furniture

Let us save you money this Winter

Talk to us about Wind-Do Seal

Shut out the cold, keep in the heat and reduce noise levels by up to 70%. Unit 2 Whitebridge, Ballycasheen, Killarney 064 6639180 / 087 2844518

Stanley Oil Cookers Firebird Boilers Authorised Service Agents for Kenmare Area

Falvey Oil Burner Services Kenmare / Killarney

Phone: 087 2386276 • 087 8296288 • 087 1222091

SEPTIC TANK CLEANING t/a/ A.L.C. Septic Tank Cleaning

Permitted Waste Collector • Fast, Efficient, Clean Service Specialising in Commercial & Domestic Septic Tank Cleaning • Covering all Kerry

Call John Casey @ 087 632 2276

Kelly Tree Services Drimnabeg, Sneem


Experienced Tree Surgeon offering a broad range of services, including removal of problem trees to topping, pruning and mulching

For a quote call Eoin on 087 6651216

P Reddan


087 6866110

• Tarmacadam • Tar & Chip • JCB hire with driver • All groundworks undertaken • Free quotation & consultation

Do you offer a Trade or Service? To advertise your business to our 12,000 readers contact

Dick @ 087 2513126 Kate @ 087 2330398

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Crash Repairs Kenmare


Car-Liner Measuring System for all makes of cars


Gortamullen Business Park, Kenmare

Tel: 064 6642323 • Mobile: 087 2334424

Don’t Despair, Repair!! Contact:

JOHN FLEMING CRASH REPAIR SERVICE Barraduff, Killarney Tel: 064 6654533 Mobile 087 2506631



Low Bake Oven, Car Sales and Servicing, 24 Hour Recovery, Trade Enquiries Welcome, Insurance Claims Handled

Kenmare • Open 6 Days

Tel: 064 6641502 • Mob: 087 2548311

FREE Pre NCT check over on all cars

Free Collection and Delivery Full range of Tyres and Batteries • Full Diagnostic Tests Available

Recovery Tel: 087 2548311

CAR SALES Ballincollig, Cork Tel: 021 4879091

UPTO 60 USED CARS / VANS IN STOCK Petrol and Diesel


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Situations Vacant

Skyline Gallery Sales position available. We are looking for a sales assistant in the Gallery to work part-time. Experience required. If you think you may be interested, send a brief resume to or drop it into us.


Wanted. Child minder to mind 2 children, 3 year old and 9 month old, in their own home. Kilgarvan area. Must drive. 2 days per week (Mon-Sat). Must be flexible with days. Please contact 087 7613047.

Services Available

Qualified and reliable local carer. Kind, honest, good humoured. Non smoker and Garda vetted. Hourly/daily/overnight/weekends. References available Sheila O’Sullivan 087 9949398 Irish grinds available for all levels. For more information call 086 0880040 Roughty Plant Hire Ltd., Machines and 6 ton swivel dumpers for hire. Mini diggers, track machines, tractor and trailers. Self Hire also available.Contract work undertaken. Estate maintenance contracts undertaken. Grass cutting contracts undertaken. Contact Ian 087 630 4241 or 064 6685982

All tree problems solved without delay. Call the experts in your local Kerry office. Call Save 1850 330 000. English as a Second Language (ESOL/TEFL) Lessons available for One-to-One in the Kenmare area or via Skype. Please call 087 972 9240 for more information

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Services Available Adolescent and Adult Psychotherapist (Psychoanalytic) Stephen Lyons B.A. , M.Sc. , M.B.P.S. , M.I.F.P.P. Phone 087 939 5794 apy I do in-depth work with people struggling in their social and private life. Problems include depression, anxiety, eating disorders, sexual problems etc. The unemployed and the underemployed are welcome to contact me . Articles on Mental Health , Suicide etc. on facebook this page is checked twice a week . Grinds. French native helping you with preparing your exams. All levels. Private or Classes. Call Elodie 086 8688972. O'Carroll (windows) Ltd. Supplying quality Senator Windows for 20 years. Killarney Tel 064 31195 Sad? Worried? Overwhelmed? Let us lend a helping hand. Kenmare Community Care is offering a low cost, community based counselling service. For information phone 087 7086641, or email kenmarecommunitycare This is a fully professional counselling service. All tree problems solved without delay. Call the experts in your local Kerry office. Call save 1850 330 000 Urgently Required (due to demand) Houses for Sale / Rent in the general Kenmare area Majella O’Sullivan Auctioneer/Estate Agent Market Street, Kenmare Phone (064) 6642101


Personal Classifieds Free,Thanks givings €10 Business Classifieds, prepay €10 for 20 words Name.............................................................. Address........................................................... ........................................................................ Contact Number............................................. My Classifieds Advertisement is ........................................................................ ........................................................................ ........................................................................ Send your classifieds advertisements to Kenmare News, 4 Davitt Place, Kenmare, County Kerry or email us at


Novena to the Sacred Heart. Dear Heart of Jesus, in the past I have asked for many favours. This time I ask you this very special one. (Mention favour) Take Dear Heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes, it will become your favour not mine. Amen. Say this prayer for three days, promise publication and favour will be granted. Never known to fail (KJK) Novena to St. Martha. O St. Martha I restore to thee and to thy petition and faith. I offer up to thee this light which I shall burn every Tuesday for nine Tuesdays. Comfort me in all difficulties through the great favour thou didst enjoy when our saviour lodged in your house. I beseech thee to have definite pity in regard to the favour I ask (mention favour). Intercede for my family that we may be always provided for in all our necessities. I ask thee St Martha to overcome the dragon which thou didst cast at my feet. One Our Father and three Hail Marys and a lighted candle every Tuesday and the above prayer made known with the intention of spreading devotion to St. Martha The Miraculous Saint. MD

Property to rent

2 rooms for rent Kilgarvan area en suite heating and sky included. €45 per week 087 2693638

AVAILABLE TO RENT 1 Bed Cottage, Lauragh €285 per month 3 Bedroom Semi Detached, Gortamullen, Kenmare €400 per month 3 Bedroom House, Killaha, Kenmare €550 per month 3 Bedroom Semi Detached, Sunny Hill, Kenmare €550 per month 3 Bedroom Semi Detached, Riverside Villa, Kenmare €600 per month 3 Bedroom House, Killaha, Kenmare €950 per month 3 Bedroom House on Kenmare Bay, Dawros, Kenmare €2500 per month Contact Elaine Daly (064) 6641213

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EMERGENCY SERVICES Ambulance, Fire, Gardai 999 Marine, Mountain Rescue 6641177 Kenmare Gardai 6631222 Brosnans Pharmacy 6641318 POST OFFICE Kenmare 6641490 Tousist 6684201 Blackwater Bridge 6689245 ACUPUNCTURE

Barbara O’Leary 086 3809067

COMPLIMENTARY MEDICINE Kathrina O’Sullivan 087 7579294

CAREER SERVICES Pauline Lane 087 9066350 MEDICAL SERVICES Dr Vincent Boland 6641303 Dr Rose Crushell 6641514 Dr R & B O’Driscoll 6641333 6645204 Dr D Waterhouse Dr. Maria Quille 6641544 Health Service, Henry St. 076 1083086 Community Hospital 6641088 South Doc 1850 335 999 DENTISTS Gerry McCarthy 6641650 Con O’Leary 6642621 PHARMACIES Brosnans Pharmacy 6641318 McSweeney’s Pharmacy 6679880 Sheahan’s Pharmacy 6641354

PHYSIOTHERAPY Christina Foley The Medical Centre 087 9220292 Kenmare Physiotherapy Clinic, Henry Street. Darren Gaffey 086 1068505

HOMOEOPATHS Pam Mullers Dip.Hom.Med. Reg 086 3009109 Sinead Hurley Reg Homeopath 087 2040200 HYPNOTHERAPY Hypnotherapy / EFT Practitioner Joan O’Connell 087 7535821


PSYCHOTHERAPY/ COUNSELLING Michele O’Brien 064 6642503 CHIROPRACTIC Bobbi Kestler, DC 087 2982697 NURSING HOMES Tir na nOg 6641315 St Josephs 6641100 VETERINARY SERVICES Leslie Dignam 087 2330999 Jimmy Duggan 6641202 Henk Offereins 087 7710360 OTHER SERVICES Chamber of Commerce & Tourism 6642615 Citizens Information 0761 077810 Community Welfare Officer 6641091

Kenmare Community Alert Teddy O’Sullivan-Casey 087-6705108

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40 | Kenmare News

Join us on Sunday 6th April for the official opening of the 2014 season. Time: 12pm to 5pm Location: Star Outdoors Centre – Kenmare

AND BEST OF ALL, IT’S..................FREE!

It was such a great day last year that we’ve decided to do it all again so come along and join in the fun.

Con’s Bar & Restaurant

will be open every day from April 7th to the close of the season so drop in and enjoy great food in beautiful setting

Special Easter Camp Rates:

Monday 21st to Friday 25th April Full Day €40* Half Day €25* (* lunch not included)

Join in for a full day and we’ll give you a voucher for €5 off another full day in the same week. Activities include: kayaking, water trampoline and slide, sailing, archery, games and much, much more!

The start of March seems to have infused people with a sense of optimism; the storms are behind us and the finer weather looks to be making an appearance. Coming into April there’s lots to do to prepare for the summer season ahead.

If you’re into sailing then you’ll know the season starts in earnest this month so you should have all your maintenance done so you’re ready to sail away. Our powerboats have been washed down, the anti fouling has been painted on and the greasing up is done too. If you’re sailing dinghies, remember safety is paramount so here are some things to think about before you head out: • Treat any slippery areas on the deck of the boat with non-slip paint or stick-on strips. • Check the rigging for signs of failure. • Check where the rigging is fixed to the deck. • Check all fittings including blocks, cleats, rudder and centreboard to ensure they are secure and work effectively. • Check ropes and control lines for signs of wear and abrasion. • Check the toe straps to make sure they won’t break when you lean over the side! • Make sure the rudder will stay locked onto the pintles if the boat capsizes. • Check boat for signs of wear and tear or damage before heading out. For further information and tips, Google ‘dinghy maintenance’ and follow the link from the Department of Transport website. If you’re coming to Star Outdoors for sailing lessons, at least we’ll have done the hard work for you – you just have to turn up and enjoy! Sailing is a great way to get out and enjoy the great outdoors, but not everyone has ‘sea legs’ so what else can you do to encourage children to get out there? The most common question I get asked during the summer is “what can I do with my ** year old?”. More often than not I get a positive response from the answer and

they nod furiously and away they go; archery, kayaking, water trampoline and slide etc, but there are a few that if I offered the world they’d simply shake their heads in disagreement and pull a face. BUT sign them up for an Easter or summer camp where they get to do loads of different things without a parent in tow, and they’re flying – in fact we can’t get most of them out the water! So if you’re struggling to get them away from the telly for 5 minutes, this might be an option. Not only does it give them a chance to see life in 3D, but it gives you the chance to have a few hours to yourself. Now, you may have noticed there’s a new information centre in Henry Street (we know you have because we’ve seen people peeking through the window!). It’s something we’ve all been thinking about and something needed for the town, so now we’ve gone and done it. As well as promoting all the things we offer at Star Outdoors, we’d like to be able to advise visitors on all that there is to do in and around Kenmare, so if you’d like to join in and promote your business with us, come and have a chat. On a different note, you may have spotted a series of signs going up around town, the Casteltownbere Road and the Sneem Road, that look like waves or WWW . If you’re wondering what this is all about then let me enlighten you – this is the new campaign from Failte Ireland to promote the coastal route from Donegal down to West Cork and it’s been named ‘The Wild Atlantic Way’ . It’s the longest designated coastal route in Europe and is designed to engage visitors with all that’s on offer in the west of Ireland and guess what? We’re right on it. Being on this route gives Kenmare a huge opportunity and we’re delighted to be a part of it having been included as one of the secret destinations. So when a visitor stops to ask you what the strange signs are all about, you can either tell them yourself or send them on to us and we’ll enlighten them. Finally – don’t forget our open day on Sunday 6th April 12pm to 5pm. Everyone welcome.

Come and visit our new information centre on Henry Street. or Contact us on 064 66 41222 or email us @ • Dauros, Kenmare, Co. Kerry

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