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ai zhao bian lau

ai zhao bian lau

ai zhao bian lau

parse906 photography collection 28

Ai Zhao Bian Lau The magazine was called “Ai Zhao Bian Lau” . It defines as Photo Lover in Chinese Language. This magazine was made to let the public to enjoy the virtual of shutter drawing. All pictures were captured individually by Ken Lim Tian Shyang.

Author’s Information

~ Enjoy & Appreciate the art of light ~ All the images cannot be used for comercialise purpose without Ken Lim Tian Shyang (parse906) permission.

name: Ken Lim Tian Shyang email: country: Malaysia. blog: fb:


Tight mind is everywhere.

Pushing the limit of everything.

They want everything.

Trying everyday to get a better hell.

Walk everysteps like nobody care.

Boy play everything, girl shop everything.

Turn every round, you still at here.

Love to see and eat everything.

Copyright 2012 . parse906

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