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it’s almost instantaneous, in fact. That means I could shoot as rapidly as I can press the shutter. I fire in rapid succession each time a bird comes to feed. It’s impossible to ascertain whether or not the wings are in an attractive position when I snap the shutter, so I had to take a lot of pictures to get a winner. To vary the exposure for each flash unit, I simply move the flash unit closer or farther away. Three or four inches makes a significant change in exposure. In this way, I could adjust the lighting ratio based on

what I saw on the LCD monitor. A hand held meter is not needed at all. With two flash units in front of the hummers, you will get two catchlights in the eyes. This is unnatural looking because in nature, there is only one light source — the sun. Therefore, in post-processing, I clone out one of the dots of light using the clone tool or the spot healing brush. These photos were taken during a photo tour I led to Costa Rica. If you are interested in attending a photo tour to Costa Rica or to other exotic destinations like Indonesia, Spain/Portugal, Iceland, Patagonia, Namibia, and Turkey, contact me or visit my website: On the home page of my website, you can also sign up to receive my free monthly newsletter where I give lots of useful tips on photography and Photoshop, and where I promote my various photo tours and workshops.


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