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If a light source is creating a glow in the distance, you would not expect to see more detail there. Sharpening a glowing area will look unnatural. However, contrasty light directly hitting a distant object looks naturally sharp. So, an element in your image receiving direct light, as opposed to “glowing” atmospheric light, could receive sharpening and still look natural.

An Example Image Below is an image from Patagonia.

toshop during this stage: 1. I click on the top layer in my layer stack to make that one active. 2. I create a “Stamp Visible” layer, meaning a new layer that is a picture of all the other layers as they appear. On a Mac, you hit “Cmd-OptShift-E”. With Windows, you hit “Shift-Ctrl-Alt-E”. You’ll then see a new layer appear on top of your layer stack. This is the layer that you will sharpen. 3. Although there are different options in Photoshop, I use Unsharp Mask. To do this, choose “Filter - Sharpen - Unsharp Mask”.

Here is an explanation of the type of sharpening I did during the creative sharpening stage: 1. I added significant sharpening to the closer rocky surface. 2. I added less sharpening to the rocky surface on the farther left and higher up on the sloped surface on the right. 3. I added significant sharpening to sunny areas of the distant peaks in the center, tapering off the amount of sharpening to the peaks on the far right and in the shady areas. 4. I added no sharpening to any water, clouds or sky. 5. I added no sharpening to the mountain on the left, as that was getting hit with more atmospheric light and cloudy conditions. 6. I did not add sharpening near the areas of the rocks getting hit by waves as you would expect misty conditions to reduce sharpness.

4. I move the Unsharp Mask box to the side a bit and click on a detailed part of the image so that I can evaluate the detailed area and full image at the same time.

How I Add Sharpening

5. The amount of sharpening will depend upon your tastes and what it is that you are sharpening. Generally, I over-sharpen at this stage. Al-

Now, here is a step-by-step of how I sharpen in Pho18

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