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Keniko Tanaka Laiman S p a ce


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Keniko Tanaka Laiman S p a ce



I nte rior

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Keniko Tanaka L Laiman


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ke n i ko t a n a ka 9 7 @g ma i l .c o m

BIOGRAPHY I’m a 20 y e a r s o l d f r e s h g r a d u a te f r o m N a n ya n g P o l y te c h n i c w i th a d ip lo m a i n S pa c e & I n te r i o r d e s i g n . I ’ m a h a r d w o r k i n g pe r s o n w h o lo ves sp o r ts a n d e n jo ys o u td o o r a c ti v i ti e s .


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sem sem sem sem sem

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(2014 (2014 (2015 (2015 (2016


2015) 2015) 2016) 2016) 2017)

EDUCATION DIPLOMA Nanyang Polytechnic |Aug 2014 - May 2017 I g r a du a t e d fr o m N a n ya n g Po l yt e c h n i c w i t h a di p l o ma i n S p ac e & In t e r i o r D e s i g n .

EML Architects


I interned at EML architects

Balestier Hills Secondary School | Jan 2009 - Aug 2013

I di d a n i n ternship p r ogr am fr om 3 mont hs at EML Ar c hi t e c t s , a n

I g r a du a t e d fr o m s e c 4 e xp r e s s w i t h a n O’l e ve l c e r t i fic a t e .

a rch i tectu re comp any loc at ed at Mid view C it y.

ILight Marina Bay Light festival I pa rti ci pa ted as a d esigner in ILight Mar ina Bay 2016.

LANGUAGE SKILLS B o rn i n I n do n esi a , l e ar ned English t hr ough t uit ions a n d mo v ed to S i n ga por e t o fur t her st ud ies.





Alan Ong | Lecturer at Nanyang Polytechnic


+ 123 456 789 | A l a n _O ng. ed u. gov. sg Ivana Prakusyah

| Guardian

+ 123 456 789 | I v a n aPr akush@gmail. c om

3D max Revit Priemier illustator Photoshop


The Tropics of Body M a ll


Conce pt

D e sig n

Pro j ect

Typ e:

Mal l de sig n conce pt

Pro j ect

Pu rp o se :

Cre ating a ne w ty pe of mal l for the future

Da t e

C o m p l e tion:


o f


View Inside the Structure

View of Structure From Outline Space

The main concept to “The Tropics of Body� is bringing the inside out and outside in. It is about exteriority and interiority in respond to the tropical condition of the surroundings. The body representing our proposed structure. Our main structure will be located underground, a pool will be installed to act as a reflective surface to cast the reflection of the surroundings, such as the National Gallery. When rain falls and the pool overflow, the water will fall through a gap between the surface and the pool into the underground structure, the water will cascade down along the walls and plants of the structure, hence the notion of the rainforest. An artificial rain will also be installed to stimulate the outside rain, hence bringing the outside in. When people visit the site, they are experiencing a tropical environment. The quality of tropical is combined with the rain flowing down at a certain point of time and the cascading sound of falling water. Therefore, when people shop in this shopping mall, the human condition can feel the tropics of body, the condition of the tropics of body is in context of the notion of the body. The idea of the exteriority and the interiority of the body is in context of the curvilinear structure. Both inside out and Outside in, responding and resonating with the tropics with the surrounding environment. With the rain coming down to the body, it will cool down the surrounding environment with the engagement of tropics and the body at the same time. In responds to the tropical condition. The space have the ability for people to move through certain condition as they consume the artefacts in relationship with the body. It is not a matter of buying and consuming. People come here is because these products and gadgets are related to the body. The notion of spatial food in the structure that people would want to consume, as it begin to intrigue. Slowly reviewing the consumption of space tasting to the relation of space with the gadgets. People taste the space as they move through. This thing that we build is inside out, outside in and the tasting of space as the experience of tasting as you move through the space of ingredients, textures and the kind of curve.


Train Station The structure is underground, so we have the train staion inside the structure to act as the only access to the structure, Creating a seamless transition on the surface for the visitors.


Cascading Water The stairs like structure have a purpose to bring the outside in, which is the main concept of this project. This part of the structure is vital to this project as it gives the sense of being outdoors with the sound of water cascading down. Thus giving the visitors a tropical environment of the outdoors indoors.

The Human Structure The structure is the body and represent our human body structure. Therefore, when people shop in this shopping mall, the human condition can feel the tropics of body, the condition of the tropics of body is in context of the notion of the body. The idea of the exteriority and the interiority of the body is in context of the curvilinear structure. Both inside out and Outside in, responding and resonating with the tropics with the surrounding environment.

Outline Spaces Spaces are provided at the outline of the structure, giving the users a more in depth view of the mall structure, the water features & generally an overview of wha t is this structure is all about. These outline spaces also provide more commercial spaces, increasing attraction for the public.


Green Library

Germa n

Europe an



Pro j ect

Pu rp ose :

Library de sig n the future

Pro j ect

Typ e:

D e sig n

Da t e

C o mp l e tion:


o f



l ibrary


Green Library is an industry design project for the German European School located in Singapore. Our task was to design a library for them for their new school building. My groupmates and I researched the history about the school to get an insight of what the school is all about and came up with a design that is specific for the school and it’s values. The library has two floors, level 4 & 5. Level 4 is designed for the primary school students while level 5 is designed for secondary school students. The design for level 4 is targeted to encourage the younger students to be more interactive, not just only towards learning but also towards each other through the programmes and services that we will be providing for that level. Level 5 is designed to further enhance the learning experience for the older and more mature students by using new technologies and programmes that connects them with other students from around the world. In conclusion, this project is about designing a library that enhances the learning of it’s students, with programs that is sustainable in a sense that it can be used many years from now. A library for the future.





Level 4

This digital table will encourge the students to work together and share their knowledge. It allows for applications such as books, music and etc to be utilised by the students.

This is the quiet reading corner, a space that the students can use to either use it privately or together.


To be able to share out their thoughts & ideas on the stage pla�orm.

A stage is used to help students share their talents, ideas & thoughts.

The IT corner teaches the young students to be more tech savvy.

Level 5

This digital wall helps students to express themselves, it is for those who have no means or know how to show what they feel or thinking.

The alternate reality corner helps the older students to expand their creativity in the virtual reality.

The interactive world screen help connect the students with other German European students around the world so they can share their knowledge and experiece with each other.

The light display in helps bringing in the outside. The students will have the experience of being outdoors, with all the confort of being indoors.



Clockwork Stories I

Lig ht


P roje ct

P urpose :

Lig ht

P roje ct

Ty pe :

Lig ht insta lla ti on for l ig ht fes ti v a l, I Lig ht 2016

D ate

Compl e tion:



insta lla ti on


I Light Marina Bay, Asia’s leading sustainable light art festival, returns for its fourth edition to illuminate Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay. Themed ‘In Praise of Shadows’, the 2016 edition features 25 innovative and environmentally sustainable light art installations by creative talents from around the world. Clockwork Stories is about it being an environmental receptors that breathe bubble when roused. Using the constant breeze in Marina Bay, we create bubbles with five device “receptors”. Using environmentally friendly materials to empasize on the environmental friendly aspect of the light festival. Our installation uses the light from the surrounding and reflecting it back using bubbles. My teammate & I created this device that uses a net and bycicles to operate. There will be a container located below that contains the solution that creates the bubbles. As the user cycle the bicycle, the netting will rise creating bubbles with the help of the breeze. The netting resembles a dream catcher. We also used an old swing set as base for our device.


The frame of the swing is used as the skeleton of the device.

The containers keeps the solution that creates the bubbles. Weight is used at the top corners to help the netting to go down to the container.


Two bicycles is used to bring up the netting.

The netting is based on dream catchers.



In the end, it was a very sucessful project that won two gold awards for public design in the Singapore & Asia Pacific Categories. 18

Kampong Spirit C U BE


de sig n

compe tition

Pro j ect

Typ e:

Ae chite cture de sig n

Pro j ect

Pu rp o s e :

P re se rving the he ritag e of the Mal ay community

Da t e

C o mp l e tion:


o f


Kampong Spirit is a architecture project that came from CUBE, a design competition organised by URA. Our task was to design something around Paya Lebar mrt station. My group and I went to the site and interiewed the residence around Paya Lebar mrt to get a sense of what the site is all about. What we found out was there was a deteriorating Malay culture in the surrounding area, due to the closing of a Malay market which used to be a popular tourist attraction. We came up with a design that has a purpose of preserving the Malay culture and bringing people together through the design of the common spaces and the programmes inside these communal spaces. Using communal spaces on stilts to represent the Malay culture and it’s heritage.


This is the finished model for our design.



The Watch Tower Environme ntal

D e sig n

Pro j ect

Typ e:

Obse rvation de sig n

Pro j ect

Pu rp o se :

Cre ating a space for airpl ane e nthusiast

Da t e

C o m p l e tion:


o f

de ck



2000 450


1600 800

UP 3000









The Watch Tower is a project for my module on environmental design, our task was to use an old airplane skin and give it a new life / purpose. So I’ve decided to use it and create a watch tower for airplane enthusiast to watch airplanes. The chosen site is at Seletar Airspace Park, just beside Seletar Airport. The design has an outdoor space so to improve the view of the users. The airplane skin is also used to create a transition space for the exterior to the interior. To further emphasise on the importance of this project being environmentally friendly, I have created the seating using parts of the airplane skin as well. Thesemi-circle design of the watch tower gives the user a 180 degree view of the runway. The objective of this project is to emphasize the importance of recycling, even in architecture projects.


View from inside the watch tower and the transition space.

This is the chair that I designed using the beams in the airplane skin.


There is a bit of landscape architecture in this project as I have to elevate the landscape to create a slope for the watch tower. There is a gradual gradient up to the watch tower.



Keniko Tanaka Laiman's Portfolio ver 2