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Ken Hanson, Emma Engelfried, Ashley Dollente-Luzenski and Nataliya Matveyeva Gender, Race and Crime 425 Bio We are both similar and different. As examiners of gender, race and crime we share a common viewpoint of young educated individuals. While we are all students at Seattle University our paths to this institution are varied which will allow us to approach ideas through a variety of lenses based in our varied experiences. Our reach is as far east as Pennsylvania, as south as California and as north as Washington. Some of us have a strong family background while others are more independent. As we continue on in our project of understanding gender in the criminal justice system we will pull from our own personal lives and share ideas and examples to help illuminate issues in our society. As a group with both female and a male member we will also be able to look at issues and situations with opinions from these two genders. Ultimately, our goal is to utilize a holistic approach that entertains the knowledge and ideas we each have while using our common interest in justice to reach powerful conclusions about gender in the criminal justice system.

Group bio