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Bao Bao’s Chinese Village Adventure Written by Stefan and Peter

One day, Bao Bao the dog got lost on his way home. 有一天,宝宝走回家的时候迷路了。

Bao Bao could not find his way home, so he entered a Chinese village. 宝宝找不到他的家,所以他进去了一个中国 的村。

Inside the village Bao Bao found many things, like fruits… 村里,宝宝看见了很多东西,比如水果。。。

friends… 。。。朋友。。。

… and birds. 和鸟子。

He also saw a cat which looked very scary. 他也看到了一只猫,让他很害怕。

Bao Bao also found a locked door. He wondered what was behind it. 宝宝也找到了一个所掉的门子。他不知到什 么在后面。

Bao Bao started to miss his home, so he tried to find his mommy. 宝宝相要回家,所以他开始找妈妈。

He found one lady, but she wasn’t his mommy! 他找到了一个女人,但她不是妈妈。

Finally, Bao Bao found his mommy and home. 宝宝找到他的妈妈然后回家了。

All Images from Bai Xin Zhuang Village in Shunyi China Taken by ISB Digital Imaging Students November 2011

Bao Bao's Chinese Village Adventure  

Done by two digital imaging students at ISB Beijing for Yarmouth High Students learning Chinese

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