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As wedding planners we strive to make sure all of your wedding dreams come true. Your wish is our command. We want your special day to never be forgotten.

Wedding Locations


Locations aren’t always easy to find. With Dream Come True we make sure we find you the best location that meets all of your desires and we make sure it’s available to you. Possible locations: - Outside - Hotels - Churches

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The Mirage


Only the best services are provided for your celebration after your ceremony. We make sure all of the best caterers in your area are available for your benefit. You’re allowed to sample from a selection of 3 out of the many in your area, then choose your favorite. This selection will be debuted along with your new found love at the reception.

Dresses & Tuxes


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For both men and women we provide a wide range of options for you to choose from elegant to a more relaxed feel. The decision is yours. All you have to do is tell us which theme or type of look you would like and we go to what ever lengths we must to make sure we reach the one that best fits you and the look you want.

“Day Of Wedding”

If there is a need for your dream to come true on the day of your wedding we are happy to do so with the price of: $975

Back of Front The Motif “Halfway Point” This is our most popular package, Usually the bride has her dream wedding all planned out and just needs us to tie up a few loose ends, This is easily done with the price of: $1,800

The Masterpeice This is perfect for the couple that really do want to be married but want nothing to do

with the process or have no time for it. This is where we work our magic to make your dreams come true with the price of: $3,900

Wedding brochure  
Wedding brochure  

Alisa Luby