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Situational Analysis Founded in 1950, Healthy Foods Company (HFC) operates with the mission “to enhance the well-being of dogs and cats by providing world-class quality foods and pet care products.” Our company expands over multiple markets including but not limited to specialty pet stores, veterinary clinics and other gourmet food stores. We take pride in creating high quality pet food products to ensure the well being of pets everywhere. For 63 years HFC has set the standard for quality pet products. HFC’s research facility Jonas Healthful Technical Center holds the research conducted to the standards outlined by the Animal Welfare Act of the US, the US department of Agriculture and Directive 86/609/EEC of the European Union. Healthy Foods Company is facing animal cruelty allegations from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). PETA announced the allegations during a press conference, admitting to conducting an undercover, internal investigation in the pet food company’s research facility. A representative from PETA worked in the research facility for two years and claims that 27 animals were destroyed during testing’s and that other inhumane procedures took place during research. HFC states in company policies, “HFC doesn’t kill dogs or cats! It’s against the research policy that has been in place for years.”

First Priority Emphasizing the company’s core values within their mission statement while enacting a more socially responsible corporate infrastructure. By hiring

an animal welfare specialist to ensure the safety and environment of the subjects proves our core values as a company. Hiring a person with conflicting interest was HFC’s mistake within human relations. Having a group of people well qualified to ensure that no special interest are pursued above the companies goals.

Research •

Interviewing Employee’s- Obtain qualitative data from current employees by performing in-depth interviews to get the employees perceived opinion about HFC as a company and their core values. This would be considered a small sample and a great way for HFC to obtain knowledge about their company that might not have been present before the incident. We will perform two interviews with current employees, the first one setting a benchmark for HFC to be able to compare to the second survey after the campaign plan has taken place over a year. To get a representative sample we will obtain a roster of all employees and select every 3rd employee for an interviewing process.

Focus Groups- Between 6-10 participants in each will conduct 5 different groups with different participants. The consumers will be asked a series of opened ended and non-leading questions. We will also conduct a focus group with members of PETA to obtain more information regarding our company. The incentive used for the participants to come will be Free snacks and beverages.

Assessing Online Conversation- Obtaining access to online records containing HFC, to be able to measure tonality of the messages sent across the World Wide Web, through the collect of “hits” and trending topics regarding HFC.

Conducting Surveys- We will create 2 surveys complied of 5-6 questions regarding HFC as a company and their core values. To be distributed two times through out the year, once at the beginning of the crisis and once after the first year of the campaign plan. This will be our quantitative research and setting a benchmark for our company through the first survey and then the second survey would be a comparative analysis. This will be targeted at customers to see how they react with the immediate crisis and their values on HFC.

Stakeholders1. Vets/customers/pet supply/ specialty 2. Employees 3. Media 4. Pet Owners 5. Members of PETA 6. Government Agencies

Members of PETA- working together to ensure the general welfare of animals, sharing a common goal

Pet Owners- Take great strides to ensure quality products without endangering the lives of other animals

Vets/customers/pet supply/ specialty- continue to recommend our products, emphasizing the trust between HFC and vets

Department of agriculture/Humane Society/FDA/ AAFCOcontinuing compliance with regulations and social standards, open to options of advancing our company with the suggestion of their digression

Employees- communicating what quality care means to the company, reinforcing the overall understanding of job responsibilities and ethical standards

Media- showing the media all of the communication standards we have set in place and how long we have been serving the community (1950) proud of being able to give animals a higher standard of pet supplies than any other company

Objectives •

Members of PETAo To have an effect on the awareness of HFC’s core values within their company specifically to increase PETA’s understanding of the company’s principles. (40% increase in three months in awareness throughout the PETA organization and their following.)

o To have an effect on the acceptance of HFC’s core values within the company; specifically to increase PETA’s positive attitudes towards HFC’s principles. (50% increase in six months) o To have an effect on increasing the implementation of HFC’s core values as a company; specifically ensuring to PETA the humane treatment of animals and continually producing quality products as an organization. (10% increase in action within six months and then another 15% within the year.) •

Pet Owners o To have an effect on the awareness of pet owners; specifically to increase their understanding of HFC’s core values, which regulate how our company operates and showing our history of humane ethical practices. (70% increase in 4 months in awareness through pet owners) o To have an effect on the acceptance of pet owners; specifically to increase pet owners positive outlook toward products provided by HFC. (60% increase in 6 months in acceptance through pet owners) o To have an effect on the action of pet owners specifically to obtain an increase in support and instilling a positive opinion in other consumers. (35% increase in 6 months and then another 35% within the year)

Vets/Speciallty/Wholesalers&Retailers/customers o To have an effect on awareness of HFC’s retailers specifically to increase their understanding of our humane practice and to continue the promotion of our products. (55% increase in 4 months)

o To have an effect on the acceptance of retailers specifically to increase positive outlook on HFC products. (30% increase in 6 months) o To have an effect on the action of retailers specifically to have the continuation of promoting HFC’s products within their stores. (10% increase in 6 months and another 20% increase within the year) •

Employees o To have an effect on awareness with HFC’s employee’s; specifically to increase their knowledge of HFC’s core values as a company. (80% increase in 6 months) o To have an effect on acceptance of HFC’s employee’s; specifically to increase the structured knowledge of employees and obedience of values. (60% in 6 months) o To have an effect on the action of Employees, specifically becoming a valued member of the company by complying with the principles of the core values. (25% in 6 months and another 25% within the year)

Media o To have an effect on the awareness of HFC as a company specifically increasing the coverage of HFC executives through televised show time and print media. (55% in 3 months) o To have an effect on the acceptance of HFC specifically increasing media contacts throughout the United States. (60% in 6 months)

o To have an effect on the action of the media; specifically increasing air time and coverage of HFC as a company. (30% in 6 months and another 20% within the year)

Strategies •

Developing a communicative campaign to ensure the well being of animals. Working with PETA in terms of being transparent but also involving public works within major cities. Developing a strategy within the company promoting the use of government agencies to regulate and inspect the well being of the animals in the organizations care. Every month post a webcast of different government agencies inspecting our facilities. Creating an opportunity for consumers to ask questions for our organization through the use of social media and receive formal feedback from HFC. Getting proper approval through animal wellness organizations and posting them on our social media sites. Create a characterization for the company, putting a face to the organization making it appeal more to each public as a whole. Implementing a new training program that all employees must go through and future employees must complete. Having a specific training that employees must complete twice a year, bringing in spokes people from various organizations ranging from PETA to government officials.

Tactics •

Sponsored Ads


Web casting

Monthly animal inspections

Establishing relationships with local government legislators

Press release

Establish media relationships IMMEDIATELY

Employee relations

Charity/community service

Research trends and public opinion

Opportunities for Consultation •

Media advocates

Financial analysis

Advertising/Marketing consultants

Campaign advisor

Timeline •

Media Awareness Objective o Press Release- Day 1 o Press Conference- Day 2

Research informal and formal- Day 5 o Focus Group with consumers– Day 7 and 8 o Focus Group with pet owners – Day 9 and 10

o Focus Group with PETA employees – Day 11 and 12 •

Consultant meetings- within 2 weeks o Meetings open to prospective consultants spanning 14 days

Starting campaign- within 2 months o The widespread awareness of HFC’s core values and mission statement

Awareness within PETA- within 3 months o Continued meetings with PETA employees and Board of Directors

Awareness within Pet Owners- within 4 months o Continued Focus Groups and surveys to collect qualitative data

Awareness with Vets/Speciallty/Wholesalers&Retailers/customers – within 4 months o Commercials, community service, and specialized events to instill the HFC core values into public and give provide exposure to the high quality products and continued ethical practices.

Evaluation Programs •

Telephone surveys

Pre/post research results

Focus groups within the organization

Advice to Upper Management •

Statements that are appropriate

Recommend simulation press conference to prepare them for questions

HFC Campaign (Trial)