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Kendra Pete   Current  Address:   3525  Blodgett  St   Houston,  TX  77004   Mobile:  (337)275-­‐9408  

Permanent Address:   1803  Carver  St   Jennings,  LA  70546   Phone:  (337)275-­‐9408  

OBJECTIVE:  Seeking  internship  where  I  may  use  my  journalism  background,  social  media  and  networking  skills  to  further   organization  growth     EDUCATION:     Texas  Southern  University,  Houston,  Texas                                   Bachelor  of  Arts  in  Journalism  with  concentration  in  Advertising  and  Public  Relations                                   Minor  in  Spanish                                   GPA  4.0/4.0            August  2011-­‐  May  2015     RELEVANT  COURSES:   • Business  Professional   • Computer  Application  in   • Law  &  Ethics  of  Journalism   Communication   Communications   • Spanish     • Computer  Science   • Advertising   • Media  Research  Technology   • Online  Journalism       EXPERIENCE:   Robert  James  Terry  Library,  Houston,  Texas                   Office  Assistant       October  2012  –  Present   • Filed  and  organized  employee  documents   • Assessed  and  entered  employee  time  sheets  into  computer     • Answered  and  recorded  messages  for  front  office       YEP  Program,  Houston,  Texas           Staff  Assistant       June  2012  –  July  2012   • Monitored  children  during  staff  break  hours   • Escorted  various  classes  to  recreational  activities   • Assisted  with  car  pick-­‐up         Diverse  Contractors,  LLC,  Jennings,  Louisiana                 Clerical  Aide       April  2011  –  June  2011   • Scheduled  appointments   • Constructed,  organized  and  filed  invoices   • Created  binder  for  pricing  and  display  of  past  jobs  for  clients   • Entered  revenue,  profit  and  loss  information  into  special  data  entry  program     SOCIAL  MEDIA  EXPERIENCE:     Social  Media  Correspondents     Full-­‐time  Correspondent  (“Tweeter”)       January  2012  –  Present   • Twitter  name:  @kpete_tsu   • “Live  tweet”  (meaning  I  tweet  while  event  is  taking  place)  events   • Tweet  about  current  events   • Tweet  pictures  corresponding  with  events  I  tweet  about  or  attend   • Structure  tweets  in  news  reporter  format     The  National  Society  of  Collegiate  Scholars     Vice  President  of  Public  Relations  and  Recruitment   August  2012  –  Present   • Recruited  new  members  and  increased  membership  participation   • Produced  and  managed  all  marketing  materials  and  social  networks  for  organization   • Contacted  and  established  communication  lines  between  fellow  Houston  chapters     • Coordinated  collaborative  events  with  fellow  Houston  chapters  including  assisting  with  2012  e-­‐Summit  workshop   • Facilitated  meetings                           Daughter-­‐in-­‐Law  Diaries           Student  Blogger                                                                                            September  2012  –  December  2012  

• Blogged for  the  website  

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Social media  correspondent  and  blogger                                                                                              

April 2013  


Live tweeted  and  reported  for  32  Intercultural  Communication  Conference   Web  content  contributor­‐week-­‐tsu-­‐students-­‐have-­‐it-­‐covered/


Contributing Photographer                                                                                              

• Photographed “All  Star  Weekend”  event  at  Micci  Marmalade  Fashion  Studio   •­‐-­‐Girls-­‐glam-­‐up-­‐All-­‐Star-­‐style-­‐at-­‐Micci-­‐Marmalade-­‐

February 2013  

191848421.html?gallery=y&c=y#/news/slideshows/Photos-­‐-­‐Girls-­‐glam-­‐up-­‐All-­‐Star-­‐style-­‐at-­‐Micci-­‐Marmalade-­‐ 191848421.html?gallery=y&c=y&img=0       ACTIVITIES/AWARDS:   • National  Society  of  Collegiate  Scholars       Member         January  2012  –  Present   • AGAPE  volunteer  program           Volunteer                                          November  2012     • AVON  Breast  Cancer  Walk         Cheer  Member                         April  2012   • Campus  “EarthDay”  project                                                                      Clean-­‐up  crew  member                   April  2012   • Co-­‐anchored  KTSU’s  student  newscast       Student  Anchor                         June  2012   • Handled  social  media  for  premier  event  at  Micci  Marmalade        Social  media  assistant       February  2013     TECHNICAL  /  NON-­‐TECHNICAL  SKILLS:  

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Acclimated in  Adobe  Photoshop  and  Adobe  Dreamweaver   Acclimated  in  Spanish   Proficient  in  Microsoft  Word,  Excel,  PowerPoint   Knowledgeable  of  few  professional  photography  techniques   Knowledgeable  of  various  social  media  platforms   Knowledgeable  of  infographic  production   Internet  researcher/  avid  Internet  ‘surfer’  

Kendra Pete's Resume  
Kendra Pete's Resume  

Here is my resume for 2013.