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Life in Motion. 生活行動化

Life in Motion

What moves you? The thrill of off-road adventure? The adrenaline rush of competition? On the road, on the trail, or on the racetrack, you can count on Kenda quality. Our products are engineered for maximum performance and value across a wide range of interests and applications.

Life in Motion.


Kenda Corporate Headquarters

Kenda is a name people trust for tires; From wheels on a baby stroller to tires on a truck, Kenda will be there for your tire needs. Since 1962, Kenda has been offering high-quality rubber products for cars and light trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, ATVs, trailers, karts, golf car, lawn and garden, wheel chairs, and skid loader/agricultural vehicles. Operating in Asia, North America, and Europe, Kenda distributes its products in over 150 countries and employs more than 8,000 people. In 2010, Kenda was named the world’s 27th largest tire manufacturer. All seven of our factories have acquired ISO 9001 certification; even so, Kenda has continually upgraded its manufacturing equipment in order to improve production efficiency so we may offer the most cost competitive products and pass the savings onto our consumer. At Kenda, we understand that only the best operation will yield the highest efficiencies and keep us in the forefront of today’s competitive market.



Tianjin, China

Kenda / Cooper Joint Venture Project Kunshan, China

Ho Chi Mihn City, Vietnam

Kunshan, China

Yuan Lin, Taiwan

Shenzhen, China

Life in Motion.



Whether drifting to the finish line or cruising around town, Kenda delivers quality passenger and light truck tires. Kenda offers a wide range of high performance and touring automotive tires for all types of drivers.

From the casual street rider to the off-road competitor, Kenda’s high performance tires will accomodate several types of motorcycle riders.

Whether your ATV is used for sport, off-road 4-wheel drive, sand, general purpose, or utility, Kenda produces the tire to meet your needs.

Bicycle tires and tubes were the first products to come out of Kenda’s factories and to this day, Kenda continues to take great pride in our bicycle products. Kenda’s offerings cover all types of bicycles and is one of the world’s largest bicycle product lines.


Kenda is the top producer of turf tires for golf cars, lawn tractors, wheelbarrows, and other agricultural products.

Kenda high quality wheelchair tires are known for meeting and beating the toughest industry standards. These tires are scientifically designed to provide extra-long wear, positive traction, and a more comfortable ride. Kenda offers a wide selection of tires and tubes for a wide variety of industrial applications such as trailer, skid loader, forklift, hand cart, go kart, utility trailer, and snow blower.

Life in Motion.


For nearly 20 years, StaFast has provided EPDM single-ply membrane for commercial, low-slope roofing market in the United States. Not only is StaFast a full-line supplier of single-ply roofing systems, providing quality membrane products, but also provides accessories, warranties, and technical services to meet the ever-changing needs of this dynamic market. In addition, we offer other rubber products, such as pond lining, to serve the residential segments of the roofing and water gardening industries.


Kenda’s commitment to providing quality rubber products extends to the production of EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) membranes. EPDM’s ability to withstand the stress of thermal expansion and contraction allows this versatile and durable material to be widely used in the construction industry. Other Stafast products include TPO and PVC membranes as well as installation accessories (fasteners, adhesives, sealants, caulks, tape products, and flashing materials). Membranes are offered in large sheet sizes that make for efficient and cost effective installation by qualified roofing contractors. With formula modifications, this membrane becomes “fish-friendly” and is an excellent choice as lining material for both residential and commercial decorative ponds.

Life in Motion.


RoofKit is a high quality product available to the residential “Do-it-yourself” customers. Products are available through lumberyards, home centers, and retail hardware stores under the RoofKit brand. These products are perfect for weekend projects that include flat-roof garages, room additions, breezeways, sunrooms, storage sheds, and carports. Scaled-down attractive packaging, point-of-purchase sales aids, easy to read installation guides, a technical assistance hotline and “how-to” videos make this offering a sure bet for any retailer serving the D-I-Y or small contractor market.

Nothing is more relaxing than listening to the sound of running water coursing down a mountain stream. You can bring that part of nature to your own backyard by creating a beautiful decorative water garden complete with a waterfall! Because many soils are not able to retain water, a liner is needed to complete a pond project. StaFast developed a true fish-friendly EPDM rubber pond lining membrane under the brand name Pond King. This flexible and affordable liner allows for simplified installation and has a 20 yr warranty! Our Pond King liner is available through local garden centers and pond specialty stores nationwide.


Bob Haro founded a company more than 30 years ago based on his life’s passion: BMX bicycles. As the sport of BMX continued to progress, the Haro product line was expanded and Bob Haro made his mark as the “Father of BMX Freestyle”. Since 1979, Haro Bicycles has continued to produce products driven by a relentless pursuit of passion for the sport of cycling. Haro’s product line has been shaped by some of the world’s most decorated cyclists to meet not only the demands of the highest level of competition, but quality seeking consumers worldwide. The Haro brand has achieved premium bicycle status and is available only though professional bicycle dealers. The Haro Bicycle Corporation consists of four distinct product categories: BMX and Adult (MTB/cruiser) bikes both branded under the Haro name as well as Masi Bicycles, and Premium Products. Each brand category has its own unique identity and appeals to different market segments. This situation allows Haro to remain diverse in our product offering and not become overly dependent on one segment of business. Haro Bicycles has its corporate headquarters and west coast distribution facility located in Vista, California and an east coast distribution center located in Columbus, Ohio. Haro products are distributed worldwide through a network of over 34 international distributors and 1600 independent bicycle dealers in the United States.

Life in Motion.


Haro BMX Haro BMX bicycles are typically single-geared bikes with wheels 20” in diameter. BMX bikes are designed to be ridden on man-made terrain such as skateparks, dirt jumps, urban obstacles, and BMX race tracks. Haro Bicycles proudly boasts a significant market share in the BMX category, making us a top BMX bike in the industry. Haro has long been associated with the biggest names in BMX. Athletes have helped shape the sport in its infancy and modern-day athletes have taken the sport to new levels. With highly publicized events such as the X-Games, Gravity Games, and the Dew Tour, action sports athletes have become household names with each athlete’s equipment sponsors reaping the benefits of the exposure these events earn.

Haro Mountain Bikes Much like the BMX category, Haro’s mountain bike category is shaped by riders who are incredibly passionate about bicycles. World and National Championship titles have been won on Haro mountain bikes. While the majority of our consumers may never aspire to race, our professional athletes have been invaluable in the research and development process of new frame designs. Their feedback helps us provide weekend warriors, amateur racers, and everyone in between with bikes of the highest quality. The Haro name is synonymous with aggressive, edgy, hardcore riding that tends to involve jumps, tricks, and high speeds. Our mountain bikes are positioned to appeal to that type of consumer. No other mountain bike manufacturer boasts this type of BMX-oriented history, putting Haro in a unique position to appeal to older riders who had a Haro BMX bike as a kid and are now shopping for a mountain bike.


In 2001, Haro Bicycles entered into an exclusive licensing and production agreement which served to reintroduce the Masi brand after a period of dormancy. Masi is one of the oldest and most respected brands of road bikes in the world. Once a professional bike racer himself, Faliero Masi began making bikes bearing his name shortly after World War I. Faliero soon became known as “The Tailor� to some of the biggest names in the history of cycling who sought him out for his quality and his ability to make quality road frames that fit and performed like no other. Although Faliero Masi passed away in 2000, we continue to build bicycles to his exacting standards. The brand is positioned as a high-end, low volume product that supports the brand’s existing and longstanding position as a premium road bike.

Launched in 2003, Premium Products was developed as an individually marketed brand, designed to appeal to a larger core market. Built on a foundation of performance oriented BMX/ Freestyle components and frames, Premium Products has rapidly grown into a well respected niche brand among passionate riders.

Life in Motion.


Monitor Manufacturing Company began in 1964 as a contract metal stamping company producing metal parts for the airline industry. In 1974, Monitor made and sold their own line of conversion van seat bases as well as various lawn mower components for Snapper Lawn Mowers. The movement into lawn mower components was the start of Monitor’s entry into the steel wheel business. In the following decade, Monitor started producing six and eight inch wheels mainly for the lawn and garden industry where a relationship with Kenda Rubber developed. As Kenda became a major tire supplier for the tire and wheel assembly business, Monitor’s relationship with Kenda continued to develop. In 1998, Monitor Manufacturing became the newest member of the Kenda Group. Today, Monitor has grown into one of the major suppliers in the golf car, lawn and garden, and trailer markets.


The Monitor team is exceptionally skilled and very experienced, including an engineering department with a variety of equipment to assure that the highest quality standards are achieved. Not only is the equipment at Monitor first class, the company emphasizes and values their employees. There are press operators with almost 20 years of wheel stamping experience and welders with over 28 years of wheel/hub welding experience.

In addition to demanding the highest quality raw materials and quality craftsmanship on all products the company purchases from outside vendors, Monitor continues to demand the lowest possible costs from those suppliers. From creating more efficient processes to motivating the staff, Monitor continuously looks for ways to increase production and lower costs. At Monitor, the company regards customers as partners and if the company can realize cost savings from our suppliers or through gains in efficiency, they can pass these savings on to customers.

Life in Motion.


Americana Tire and Wheel is a major supplier of tire and wheel assemblies to the trailer and RV industry. Our mission statement is “to offer superior quality products at a competitive price and the best of service.” We’ve held true to our mission and today our company is a respected and reliable supplier to many major trailer brands and RV manufacturers throughout North America. ATW began operations in 1995 with its first distribution center located in York, Pennsylvania. Since 1995, ATW has added additional distribution centers in Elkhart, Indiana and Blackshear, Georgia. Our assemblies can be found in a variety of applications from utility trailers, boat trailers, camping trailers, equipment haulers, mobile homes, and many other towable vehicles.


Elkhart, Indiana Elkhart has long been recognized as the trailer and RV capital of the world, with many of the major trailer and RV manufacturers having production operations in that area. This location is the latest addition to the ATW family.

Blackshear, GA The Blackshear distribution center was established in 2004. This division has grown to be a major supplier to the boat trailer and utility trailer industry in the south and southeast. With its southern Georgia location, this branch effectively serves Georgia, Florida and Alabama markets with a quick shipping time. Our quick service and reliable supply continues to fuel the growth of this branch operation.

York, PA The York location was the ďŹ rst ATW to be established in 1995. Originally located in Dallastown, PA in a 10,000 square foot building, it grew to be 53,000 square feet. Due to the rapid increase in sales, in 2004 we moved to a 110,000 square foot building located in York, PA to better serve our customers.

Life in Motion.


Martin Wheel Company was founded in 1946 as a distributor of small wheels. In the early years, the company developed a multi-notched tire that would fit several brands of reel-type lawnmowers. This development changed the direction of the company moving it into the lawn and garden aftermarket business. Growth continued by increasing internal manufacturing and an expansion of the product line with the acquisition of the industrial pneumatic division of Allied Wheel and Sure Cut, Inc. These acquisitions enabled Martin Wheel to become a major factor in the industrial market with sales throughout the United States and Canada. In 1999, the Martin Wheel Company was acquired by the Kenda Group. Under the new direction, the company has continued to expand. In 2003, a significant building expansion was completed giving Martin Wheel over 140,000 sq ft of manufacturing space. Today, Martin Wheel continues to service original equipment manufacturers, aftermarket distributors and retailers. As an ISO certified company Martin Wheel’s quest for continued improvement, outstanding customer service, and a quality product at a competitive price is never-ending.


Using state of the art robotic welding, machining, finishing and mounting capabilities, Martin Wheel manufactures a broad range of demountable hub type as well as integral fixed hub rims and wheels. High-speed assembly capabilities range from 8” to 16” rim diameters. Slow speed wheel assemblies ranging from 4” to 6” rim diameters are available in single piece fixed hub as well as two and three piece styles. Larger 8” through 12” rim diameter products are available in 4 and 5 hole bolt patterns as well as fixed hub one-piece varieties.

Life in Motion.


In 2004, the Kenda Group acquired the assets of Dextar Wheel Company and the new name was changed to Dexstar Wheel Company. The company historically has been recognized as manufacturing one of the best wheels in the trailer industry. Today, Dexstar Wheel continues that manufacturing excellence, with recent recognition as an ISO registered company. Dexstar’s reputation and expertise in manufacturing rolled rims in a large part reflects its very strong engineering and technical capabilities. The company utilizes in house testing equipment to monitor and maintain its wheel integrity and to produce the highest quality wheels in the industry.


Life in Motion.


Founded in 1943, American Airless has been a proud manufacturer of airfree, worry-free replacements for all pneumatics and long-lasting foam inflated tires for power wheel chairs and scooters. American Airless has been developing state-of-the-art products to keep wheelchairs and scooters rolling when conventional tires and tubes have failed. Through the years, American Airless has introduced “Flatbusters,” 12 inch inserts with air chambers, and complete tire and wheel assemblies – a one step system that is easy to install for the consumer. In 2004, American Airless became a member of the Kenda Group and moved their production facility from California to Ohio. With Kenda’s high quality tires, Kenda American Airless continues to push the standard with products that help today’s wheelchair and scooter users be even more active. Eliminating unnecessary tire emergencies by using “Airfree” tubes and foam inflated tires allows users to never check tire pressure again!


Life in Motion.



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AMERICANA TIRE & WHEEL Elkhart, IN: 574-522-9450 York, PA: 717-793-9700 Blackshear, GA: 912-449-4414

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