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More space. Kendari's Villa is incredibly spacious. Boasting a fully furnished three bedroom, three bath tri-level unit including a roof top deck with ocean and mountain views.

More comfort. You, your family and friends will always feel at home in your own luxurious unit. More economical. You can return to your own home and avoid rising hotel costs and condo costs each year - all while your asset grows. More enduring. When you purchase from us, you receive a deed as you would with a home. The unit is yours indefinitely for use up to one month per year. It can be traded, sold or handed down to your heirs for years of enjoyment.

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Interna onal Real Estate Investment, Vaca on Home & Rental Income Opportunity

$45,000 In light of a new economic market, we presently have the opportunity to offer our 2,098 sq. ., three bedroom fully furnishe d villa exclusively to our friends and family, at the lowest possible market price. Located 1 block from the beach in North Jaco, Kendari will boast four luxurious and private units arranged in a Balinese style compound, one of which, The Villa, will be yours to own. Whether the desire is to use it as a v on home for up to one month, rent it for up to $9,000 per year of income or to turn it over as a real estate investment, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

On the Central Pacific's most sought a er on, The Villa at Kendari will blend contemporary interiors and luxury ameni with a beauty that can only come from nature. The Villa at Kendari successfully unites the best aspects of Balinese architecture, the tropics and modern ameni . In add on you will have full access to your courtyard of lush landscaping, an entertainment cabana barbecue, a stone swimming pool and a roo op private deck with ocean and city views.

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VILLA OVERVIEW Bathrooms Oversized Walk-in Showers Elegant Wall Stone Custom Accent Lighting Solid Granite Countertops Upscale Fixtures Rain Showerheads

Kitchens Double Paned Bi-Fold Doors Quality Wood Cabinetry Traditional Accents and Moldings Custom Accent Lighting Solid Granite Countertops Self Rimmed Deep Stone Sink Large Stone/Tile Flooring GE Profile Appliances Oven and Stove Top Microwave Oven Dishwasher Refrigerator Wine Cooler with Rack Stackable Washer & Dryer

First Floor

Living Rooms & Master Bedrooms Vaulted/Coffered Ceilings Custom Accent Lighting Vertical Ceiling Fans Balinese Imported Furnishings Solid Wood Cabinets Remote Air Conditioning System Courtyard Over-sized Black Tile /Stone Pool Palapa Bar with BBQ and Sink Outdoor Shower with Balinese Water Feature Professional Landscaping Outdoor Accent Lighting Throughout Balinese Accent Stone Work and Design

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Private Villa Cabana Ocean Views Mountain Views Lounge Area Surround Sound System

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FRACTIONAL FAQ's Q. What is Fractional ownership?

This is simply a legal process to be able to share the property with other co-owners using a Tenants in Common deed. This is NOT a timeshare. You own the land. Q: How many shares will be sold to the property?

The Villa at Kendari will have 12 shares. Q: What is the operating agreement? The operating agreement is a document that is signed by all of the owners that governs the use and rules for the property. Q: How does the scheduling work?

This is specific to the operating agreement. The schedule typically will be a published schedule for 2 years in advance and each owner will know exactly the weeks that are scheduled for them.

Q: Can I trade weeks? Yes, you can trade with other owners for their weeks.

Q: Who manages the property? The property is managed by a third party property manager. The owners will nominate 2 owners each year to participate in the decisions that need to be made to operate the property. This is very similar to a Homeowners Association Board. Q: How are the expenses paid and shared? The management company will collect a monthly payment from each shareholder to cover their share of all of the expenses. The expenses are all divided equally between all of the owners.

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Q: Are there any expenses that are not shared?

The only time that an owner would be required to pay a bill entirely on their own would be if the owner damaged the home or left the property dirty and in that case the cost of preparing the home for the next owner would be billed to you. Q: Can the property be rented?


Q: Can I allow others to use my share? Yes. This is your share, you may use it as you like, however you are still responsible for any damages that your guests might do to the property. Q: How do I know what weeks I have use of the home?

There is a published schedule for each property that lists all shares use for the coming 2 years. This is a rotating weekly schedule that offers you time in the home throughout the entire year. Each year's schedule is shifted to be sure that all holidays are shared equally between all owners. Q: Can I sell later?

If at some point in the future you decide that you want to sell your share, you can sell it at your convenience. It would be handled as any real estate sale and could be done as a for sale by owner or listed with your Realtor. As there are some specific issues with escrow and title services, we suggest that you only use experts in these areas that are experienced with fractional sales.


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GENERAL FAQ's 1. Where is Kendari located? Kendari is located on the North end of Jaco, 1 block from the beach on Calle Anita. Jaco is the most developed beach town in Costa Rica and has all the amenities for even the most discerning visitor. 2. How do I get to Jaco?

Jaco is 73 miles west from San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. A number of US airlines provide frequent service and non-stop flights to San Jose’s Juan Santamaria International Airport. From Europe, there are direct flights from Madrid, and from Amsterdam via Martin Air. More flights are being added all the time. The scenic drive through the mountains takes approximately 2 hours from de Juan Santamaria Airport (although the new highway to Jaco is being constructed and will cut drive time down to 45 min). Jaco is the closest beach town to the capital city. Rentals Cars are available from major rental agencies and buses or cabs can also be hired from the International Airport. 3. How many people live in Jaco? The latest demographic study done by the National Institute of Statistics in 2008 indicates the population of Jaco is 10,200.

4. What is the weather like? Jaco is located 9 degrees from the equator, it is warm and tropical year round. The wetter season is known as the “green” season and lasts from May to November. This is generally known as the Costa Rican Winter. The dry season, or Summer, lasts from December to April.

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5. Is Jaco safe? Like most of Costa Rica, Jaco is quite safe. Major crime is rare.

6. What nationalities invest in Costa Rica? The majority of investors are Americans. A minority are Canadians, Europeans and Asians. 7. I would like to come to Costa Rica in my private jet. Where is the closest airport to Jaco? Private and commercial aircraft are required to clear Costa Rica Customs and Immigration in one of the two international airports: Juan Santamaria International airport in San Jose or Daniel Oduber International airport in Liberia. Visitors to Jaco need to fly to San Jose and from there it is a two hour scenic drive to Jaco. 8. What kind of amenities will I find in Jaco? Jaco is one of the most established beach communities in Costa Rica. It provides many amenities, attractions and diversions for a foreign traveler to enjoy. Jaco has a variety of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and casinos that make the community vibrant 24 hours a day. Other activities that await our visitors include hiking, golf, tennis, sport fishing, mountain biking, surfing, scuba diving, horseback riding, and kayaking. Day trips are available to attractions everywhere in the country including; Manuel Antonio National Park, Tabacon Hot Springs and Arenal Volcano. 9. Where is the best place to do my shopping?

In Jaco you will find multiple restaurants, banks, grocery stores, bakeries, pharmacies, hardware stores, book stores, coffee shops and other services.

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10. Can my children attend school in Costa Rica? If you choose to live in Costa Rica, public education is available to everyone including foreign residents at nominal cost. The country also has a number of private schools. A bilingual private elementary school is located 10 minutes from Jaco. The school, Las Nubes, utilizes a U.S. standardise curriculum. There are a number of other new private schools under construction.

11. How close is the nearest medical facility? There is a new state-of-the-art-medical clinic in Jaco, called Clinica Santa Catalina Qualified English- speaking doctors and dentists are easy to find. Clinica Hospital Santa Catalina Jaco, Costa Rica Tel: (506)643-5059 Email:

Also CARE Clinic is a private clinic for primary attention in case of an emergency. They also offer ambulance and transportation to San Jose if necessary. Clinic CARE Jaco, Costa Rica Jaco Tel: (506)643-4300 San Jose Tel: (506)290-1676 E mail: Drug prescriptions can be filled at any of the convenient pharmacies located throughout the town. Major medical facilities are found in San Jose and emergency helicopter transport is available between the two cities. Quality medical treatment is relatively inexpensive by US standards. San Jose also has good private hospitals, some of which accept certain US insurance plans.

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12. Does Costa Rica have tropical storms, earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters? The Pacific coast of Costa Rica (where Jaco is located) is not subject to hurricanes. The area is seismically active and occasional tremors can be felt. 13. Will I have any restrictions as a foreign property owner in Costa Rica?

Foreigners are subject to the same rights as Costa Ricans regarding property ownership. Regardless of your nationality, we recommend that you title your property through a establishing Costa Rican corporation (“Sociedad Anonima” or “S.A.”), as this has many tax advantages when it comes to reselling the property at a later date. 14. Can I get Costa Rican residency because I own property?

Owning property does not make you eligible for residency, we advise you to contact a reputable attorney. We can provide the names of some recommended law firms. 15. Is financing available? Kendari will be offering developer financing for certain units available on site. Please inquire more with a representative for financial terms and breakdowns.

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17. What taxes will I have to pay for my property? At the time of a sale, you will be responsible for land transfer taxes and registry stamps totalling approximately 2.5% of the value of the property. Most buyers elect to title their properties via a Costa Rican corporation (“Sociedad anonima” or “S.A” in Spanish), so there are no further taxes if when the property is resold, as this can be accomplished through a simple transfer of shares in the corporation.

Property taxes in Costa Rica are significantly lower than in North America. They are currently set at 0.25% of the registered property value and are payable on a quarterly or annual basis, at the election of the property owner.

There are no capital gains taxes in Costa Rica. 18. What is the association fee per month and what does that include? The monthly fee will be around $30. This should include the two guards 24 hours a day, the swimming pool, maintaining all common areas, landscaping for your yard and property management. Repairs and incidentals are additonal and all owners will be notified before any purchases are made. 19. Who will manage your home?

The developers will locate a property management team upon construction completion. You as homeowners will be able to make decisions on property management through your HOA committee.

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your HOA committee.

20. What if I want to make changes to your unit? We are open to many suggestions we just have to follow the laws about condos. Therefore, modifications on the inside of the house are ok as long as all shareholders agree. 21. Are pets allowed? Pets are allowed as long as they are always on a leash outside of their residence and pose no threat or nuisance to other residences. Dog owners must walk their dogs with a leash and clean up after them.

22. Is a new highway being constructed between San Jose and Jaco? Yes. The construction of the bridges is complete, and the government has begun construction on the road. The new highway will start in the western suburbs of San Jose and terminate west of Orotina. From there, drivers will exit onto the existing coastal highway to the project. It is estimated that the new route will cut the drive time between our project and the airport to less than one hour.

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Benefits of COSTA RICA

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WHY COSTA RICA? Costa Rica has been labeled as the best destination in Latin America. The mild tropical weather, natural and adventure attractions, exotic sites, and the warmth of its inhabitants are among the reasons Costa Rica is honored with such a label. With perpetually sunny weather and an average year round temperature of 82 degrees, Costa Rica might as well be renamed "Perfect". Costa Rica is widely regarded as one of the friendliest vacation destinations anywhere.

Some of the most breathtaking beaches are located on Costa Rica's coasts. Blanketed in brown, black and white sands, visitors enjoy swimming, scuba diving, sailing and snorkeling. Sportsfishing and surfing are local favorites because of the trade winds, the same winds that sculpt and entwine the indigenous flora and fauna. Whether soaking up the sun and surf, browsing the marketplace in the many cities and towns, photographing wildlife or relaxing in one of the Costa Rica's many natural hot springs or luxury spas, it is a land of beauty, activity and culture - all the aspects of a perfect investment.

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AN INVESTMENT Over the last few years Costa Rica has emerged as the most attractive and safest destination for foreign investment and not by chance. The tax laws and financial security issues are governed by a consistent and pro-US stance taken up by the financial institutions and the Costa Rican government itself .

This nation has its reputation continually enhanced by:

New Freeway : Scheduled to be completed during 2009, which will link San Jose to Jac贸 and the Pacific Coast, thereby generating increased interest in all adjacent areas. This toll road will cut driving time to 1 hour 15 minutes and will eliminate traffic.

>The lack of a military and a Nobel Peace Prize winning President, Oscar Arias. >The evolving ecological consciousness and large quantity of natural reserved and protected areas. > The absolutely amazing amount of spectacular scenery , from its beautiful beaches, rainforests, volcanoes, to the endless variety of flora and fauna. > The wealth of activities ranging from adventure sports both day and night, or the leisurely moments spent sipping sunrises during spectacular sunsets. > The simplified property ownership ability and fact that all foreign property purchasers have the same legal rights as the Costa Ricans. >The renovations the municipality of Garabito has agreed on for towns of Herradura, Jac贸 and Playa Hermosa. Spending $6.6 million dollars next year according to its 2008 budget; including $800,000 on city beautification projects, the construction of a city park, a amphitheater and four playgrounds; $250,000 in reparations and works on area schools; and two low-income housing projects that would build homes for between 650 and 750 families.

New Marinas : Puntarenas (50 minutes north) and Quepos, Manuel Antonio (50 minutes south).

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WHY JACO? Jacó, (pronounced ha-CÓ) has always been one of the most popular beaches in Costa Rica due to its great infrastructure and proximity to San Jose.

Beaches. Jacó Beach and Playa Hermosa are world renowned favorites with the surfing crowd thanks to the consistent waves, invitingly warm water, scenic mountain backdrops, tropical temperatures, and availability of surf instructors. Conveniences. World class sport fishing, fitness centers, casinos, golf courses, wide variety of restaurants and bars including Tsunami Sushi, Samurai Sushi, Quiznos, Subway, Pizza Hut, KFC, 4 large grocery stores, TCBY, emergency medical services, pharmacies, unique shops and professional services like lawyers, accountants, and registered real estate agencies. Activities. Canopy tours, spa treatments and massage, sunbathing, boogie boarding, mountain biking, horseback riding, four-wheeling, surfing, exploring lush rainforests, kayaking, water rafting and much more. World-class casinos and nightclubs create a flavorful ambiance and exciting atmosphere. Golf and shopping provide common pastimes, and delightful international cuisine complements the affair. Investment. Out of all the towns in Costa Rica, major hotels such as Los Suenos Marriott, St. Regis, Wyndam & Ramada have chosen to invest in Jaco for resale value alone.

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WHY FRACTIONALIZE? Would you rather pay a developer top dollar for a home or buy one for a fraction of the price? Buying in to Kendari Residences fractional ownership is advantageous for the traveller who wishes to vacation and for the investor who wants to see annual rental income and a tremendous resale value.

Save money. Make money. Own your own home in the tropics. With the Villa at Kendari you will save money returning year after year to your own familiar home with deluxe amenities instead of spending your money at expensive resorts. You will make money by buying low and selling high. Real estate prices are at an absolute low right now and it affords the opportunity to buy a piece of beach real estate at the lowest price possible, and when you are ready to sell, you will see an appreciation in your real estate.

Market Researched Rental Projection Unit #

Rates (p/n) LOW

Unit Type

Rates (p/n) HIGH

Rates (p/n) PEAK

Low Season MAY-NOV

High Season NOV-APR

Peak/Xmas & Easter



Suite Lower









Suite Upper


























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Additional Kendari Residences

The Suite

Additional Kendari Residences

The Loft Rooftop Deck

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Unit # 1 2 3 4

Unit Type

Lower Suite Upper Suite Loft Villa



2 2 2 3

2 2 2 3


Terrace AC Total Sq. Ft. Sq. Ft. Sq. Mtrs.

Price Total Sq. Mtrs Sq. Ft

161 161 293 495

2,359 2,534 2,297 ---

888 888 1,089 1,775

97 97 128 211

1,049 1,049 1,382 2,270

Price Sq. Ft. $219 $235 $213 ---

Price Unit $230,000 $247,000 $295,000 ---

Unit Lower Suite Upper Suite Loft Villa (Fractional

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Due Upon Due Upon Contract "Groundbreaking"

Due Upon "Grey Work"

Due Upon "Roof"

Due Upon Closing

$11,500 $12,350 $14,750 ) $9,000

$23,000 $24,700 $29,500 $9,000

$23,000 $24,700 $29,500 $9,000

$138,000 $148,200 $177,000 $9,000

$11,500 $12,350 $14,750 $9,000

The Villa at Kendari on the central pacific coast of Costa Rica is an oppurtunity to gain a foreign real estate investment in one of the most beautiful and rapidly appreciating destinations in the world. It is a private villa retreat, only a short plane flight away, in the heart of Jaco Beach. The Villa at Kendari is a piece of paradise.....and its yours to own for a fraction of the price.

For more information please contact us at

Pura Vida, Kendari


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Kendari Residences Fractional Ownership  
Kendari Residences Fractional Ownership  

Kendari boasts four luxurious and private units arranged in a Balinese Style Residence - centered on security, exclusivity, and quality. Ke...