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Coffee Shop

it was just being better at it than the guy standing next to them!

with Brian Basilico

People who use and are successful on Twitter have the right philosophy and use the right tools! Good quality content is either “News You Can Use”, or really USEFUL INFORMATION, that people need or want to hear! A good Social Media Miner gives people GOLD to mine… Not dump garbage in the river!

Three Twitter Users and Why You Need to Know Them! Tiger Wins the Memorial In the last post, I used Tiger Woods as an example of how people use Twitter. He won the Memorial Golf Tournament and tied Jack Nicholas for 2nd place in all time golf tournament wins today. He did so almost 10 years younger than Jack when he hit that mark. That’s NEWS! How many more followers you think he picked up? 20,000 and counting! That is a 10% rise in followers. How would you like 10% of those people to pay attention to your messages? That’s what Twitter can do for you… But you have to have the right audience… and the right messages (that they want to hear). If you watched Twitter you would have seen it erupt when he chipped in from the rough on hole 16. Now if you are not into golf you are saying right now “Self… Who Cares?’ And you are so right! But what if you chip in from the 16th by creating a cure for cancer or have a better way for people solve another problem? Would you not want them to erupt with excitement and contact you? That’s what Twitter does (and can do for you!). Panning for Twitter Gold During the Gold Rush in California, people left their homes and families to make their riches. The ones that were successful, were tactical by buying the right tools. They would stand in the river and use a pan to separate the gold for the rock sediment from the bottom of the river! Some made a good living and other got rich. Some of that was luck and some of

Just posting a commercial is what confuses people about Twitter… ”HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO COMPETE WITH THAT?”. It’s not a competition (that’s advertising)… It’s a stream of nuggets of useful information that people pan for!

3) The Snake Oil Salesman (Saleswomen)

There are three types of users that I have seen over the years… Brian Basilico

1) The Communicator This type of user is trying to talk to his or her family, friends or tribe. If you look at most celebrities, this is what they do. They are followed by millions and follow a few. The more average user talks to their family and friends and allows others to listen in and monitor (and occasionally comment) on the conversations. DON’T CONFUSE THIS with people who try to advertise. This in a rough estimation is 25% of people on Twitter traffic. 2) The Propagator

This is what makes Twitter so popular. People who have REAL STORIES, REAL NEWS, or REAL INSIGHTS that you really should pay attention to. When the uprising in Egypt erupted, or stories like Michael Jackson dying, Twitter was dishing up 1000�s of tweets per second. This ranged from real details, to perspectives, and commentaries. This is why most every news organization, newspaper, radio station, and traditional media outlet turn to Twitter first. This also includes jobs, customer service, and public service information. This in a rough estimation is 60% of Twitter traffic.

This is what makes Twitter so hard to use and understand. More often than not, when someone follows you they hope you will reciprocate so then can start flooding your feed with their sales messages! THE NEW IPHONE, WHY MY METHOD WORKS, HOW TO TURN SPARE TIME INTO MILLIONS! By getting you to listen you are a qualified target for their sales… That is SO OLD SCHOOL, and not what Twitter is about. That is what you may have but need to ignore. This makes up the other roughly 15% Twitter traffic. Sometimes this can feel like 90% of the traffic if you don’t know what you are looking at, or understand what you are looking for!

are considered LURKERS! Out of 200 million users, 80 million log in less than once a month. Active users log in more than that! That is not too different for all other Social Networks. When you post to Facebook, less than 30% of your friends, fans, or likes actually sign in on a regular basis and see your posts. SO WHY BOTHER? When you chip or putt a golf ball, you do your best to get it in the hole… but once it leaves your club, it’s up to the course and gravity! When someone logs into their social media, you want the best chance to be seen! Traditional media has a 10% view before the commercial is skipped, the postcard is recycled, the radio commercial is replaced with the IPod music, and so on. Out of them, 10% is the best you can hope for… meaning 1 out of 100 people will respond to you advertising (.5%2% is normal returns on traditional advertising). That does not mean they BUY SOMETHING… that means they will contact you and inquire about you or your business! Social Media Matters So if you can get 20% or 30% of people to pay attention to your messages, and 4-10% total to connect or re-tweet or share your messages, would you see the value in that? Social Media is not the panacea that some claim it to be… but can be a very effective tool in your arsenal of sales and marketing. But it’s a two way street… a commitment, A CONVERSATION. You have to create messages that people want to share and comment back to! Unlike the get rich quick schemes… You have to throw out some gold nuggets for others to pan in order to get them to return them to you to create conversations and ultimately business!

4) BONUS – The Dabbler This is the person who dives in, tries to friend a few people, read their news feed, and say “I DON’T GET IT!”… sound familiar? 40% of you

In the next post, I will share the how’s of Twitter such asHashtags, Direct Messages, ReTweets, and other tools that help you convert this form noise… to a conversation!


What are your biggest challenges with Twitter (I will try to answer them in the next or subsequent post)?

Job Tracker Realtor Assistant new Remax New Lenox, IL Busy Realtor in Lincoln Way area seeks part-time assistant. Please email resume and cover letter with detailed qualifications.... Easily apply to this job JobHost - 3 days ago - save job - block - email - more... Collection Specialist new Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers - Plainfield, IL 1. Manage outstanding accounts receivable for assigned facilities. Resolve outstanding balances, resubmitting claims and providing necessary information to... Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers - 16 hours ago - save job - block email - more... Data Entry-EFT/Payment Processor new Xerox Services - Carol Stream, IL Provides administrative support to business operations by performing processing tasks such as data entry, scanning, mail sorting or similar activities.... Xerox Corporation - 3 days ago save job - block - email - more... Program Coordinator new Prairie Children Preschool -Aurora,IL Salary is commensurate with education and experience. EmploymentListings. Classroom/office in preschool.... Indian Prairie School District 204 - 1 day ago - save job - block - email - more... Patient Account Rep - new Advocate Health - Aurora, IL 2. Works directly with customers in person, written or by telephone to assist them in understanding Dreyer Medical Clinic s financial policy as it applies to... Advocate Health Care - 29 minutes ago - save job - block - email - more... Family Support Worker - new Family Focus, Inc. - Aurora, IL Bachelor’s degree in early childhood

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education, social work, or other human service field. Must be willing to complete required trainings in program model,... 3 days ago

- save job - block - email - more... Medical Receptionist new Dupage Medical Group - Naperville, IL +1 location Willingly oers assistance to

others when the need arises. Able to learn and become proficient in EPIC software as well as have basic knowledge of Microsoft...

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Dupage Medical Group - 1 day ago save job - block - email - more... Main Office Receptionist - new Naperville Community Unit School District 203 - Naperville, IL The job of High School Main Office Receptionist was established for the purpose/s of coordinating substitute teachers at site; responding to inquiries from... Naperville Community Unit School District 203 - 20 hours ago - save job - block - email - more... STOCK ASSOCIATE - new The Children's Place - Aurora, IL +7 locations Aware of customer activity and responds with a sense of urgency, prioritizing assisting customers over other tasks.... The Children's Place - 1 day ago save job - block - email - more... Nightshirt Full Time Warehouse Position new McKesson Aurora, IL We believe you should be rewarded for the important work you do. For that reason, you'll receive a competitive compensation and benefits package when you join... McKesson - 2 days ago - save job block - email - more...

Job Hunting Tips 1. If you build it, they can come. Instead of simply posting your résumé on a Web site, take it one step further and design an easily-navigable Web site or online portfolio where recruiters can view your body of work, read about your goals and obtain contact information. 2. Check yourself to make sure you haven't wrecked yourself. Google yourself to see what comes up -- and what potential employers will see if they do the same. If you don't like what you find, it's time to do damage control. 3. Narrow your options. Many job boards offer filters to help users refine their search results more

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quickly. You should have the option to narrow your job search by region, industry and duration, and, oftentimes, you can narrow it even more

by keywords, company names, experience needed and salary. 4. Go directly to the source. Instead of just applying for the posted

job opening, one of the best strategies to finding a job is to first figure out where you want to work, target that company or industry and then contact the hiring manager. Also,

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many employers' career pages invite visitors to fill out candidate profiles, describing their background, jobs of interest, salary requirements and other preferences. 5. Find your niche with industry Web sites. Refine your search even more by visiting your industry's national or regional Web site, where you can find jobs in your field that might not appear on a national job board. More and more employers are advertising jobs on these sites in hopes of getting a bigger pool of qualified applicants. 6. Try online recruiters. Recruiters will help match you with jobs that meet your specific skills and needs. Not sure where to start? Sites such as,, and provide links to online headhunters for job seekers. 7. Utilize video résumés. Video résumés are just one more way to stand out to employers. Intended as supplements to -- not replacements for -- traditional résumés, video résumés allow job seekers to showcase a little bit of their personalities and highlight one or two points of interest on their résumés. 8. Run queries. You run searches on everything else, from your high school sweetheart to low-fat recipes, so why not jobs? Enter a query that describes the exact kind of job you're seeking and you may find more resources you wouldn't find otherwise (but be prepared to do some sorting). 9. Utilize job alerts. Most job boards have features that allow you to sign up to receive e-mail alerts about newly available jobs that match your chosen criteria. Or go a step further and arrange an RSS (really simple syndication) feed from one of these job sites to appear on your customized Internet homepage or your PC's news-reader software. 10. Get connected. How many times have you been told that it's not what you know, but who


you know? Thanks to the emergence of professional networking sites like, job seekers no longer have to rely on the old standby of exchanging business cards with

strangers. These sites are composed of millions of industry professionals and allow you to connect with people you know and the people they know and so forth. (A word of caution:

When you sign up for online social networking sites, you are in a public domain. Unless you are able to put a filter on some of your information,


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nothing is private, and it can be difficult to erase once it is posted.)

Batting Leaders MLB American League Batting Average PlayerTeamSeason 1. P. KonerkoCWS .364 2. J. HamiltonTEX .330 3. M. TrumboLAA .328 4. D. JeterNYY .319 5. P. FielderDET .314 6. C. DavisBAL .308 7. M. CabreraDET .307 8. A. De AzaCWS .307 9. D. OrtizBOS .307 10. J. MauerMIN .307

Batting Leaders MLB National League PlayerTeamSeason 1. M. CabreraSF .363 2. J. VottoCIN .362 3. C. RuizPHI .361 4. D. WrightNYM .358 5. J. PierrePHI .326 6. A. McCutchenPIT .326 7. J. AltuveHOU .324 8. Y. MolinaSTL .324 9. C. GonzalezCOL .322 10. M. PradoATL .320

Pitching Leaders American League PlayerTeamSeason t-1. M. HarrisonTEX 8 t-1. I. NovaNYY 8 t-1. D. PriceTB 8 t-1. C. SabathiaNYY 8 t-1. C. SaleCWS 8 t-6. C. BuchholzBOS 7 t-6. Y. DarvishTEX 7 t-6. F. DoubrontBOS 7 t-6. D. LoweCLE 7 t-6. 5 others tiedTOR 7 PlayerTeamSeason t-1. R. DickeyNYM t-1. L. LynnSTL 3. C. HamelsPHI t-4. M. BumgarnerSF

10 10 9 8

t-4. t-4. t-4. t-4.

M. CainSF C. CapuanoLAD G. GonzalezWAS S. StrasburgWAS

8 8 8 8

t-9. J. CuetoCIN t-9. 3 others tiedMIL 7


Nascar standing Standings PositionDriverTotal

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Kendall Weekly Times

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PtsBehindStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10DNFWinnings 1Matt Kenseth523 --14017100$3,907,780 2Dale Earnhardt Jr.513 1014005110$2,904,420 3Greg Biffle507 161421780$2,979,418 4Denny Hamlin504 191412780$3,125,104 5Jimmie Johnson493 3014027102$4,043,272 6Kevin Harvick470 531400371$2,601,669 7Martin Truex Jr.465 581410481$2,390,494 8Tony Stewart448 751402560$2,974,650 9Clint Bowyer443 801400271$2,114,164 10Brad Keselowski426 971402461$2,554,850 11Carl Edwards423 1001410281$2,375,633 12Kyle Busch420 1031401572$2,925,430 13Paul Menard399 1241400040$1,822,225 14Ryan Newman398

Nadia Larysa Marketing Manager For the AFL

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1251401231$2,305,035 15Joey Logano398 1251411151$1,832,668 16Kasey Kahne380 1431421373$2,051,711 17Marcos Ambrose352 1711400021$2,020,532 18Jeff Burton351 1721400132$2,281,005 19Jamie McMurray346 1771400032$1,976,197 20Aric Almirola345 1781410021$2,040,909 21Juan Pablo Montoya340 1831400012$1,930,569 22Jeff Gordon336 1871410132$2,282,362 23Mark Martin326 1971130252$1,515,643 24Regan Smith310 2131400001$1,831,176 25A J Allmendinger305 2181410111$2,192,535 26Bobby Labonte288 2351400001$1,766,712 27Kurt Busch275 2481300012$1,710,757 28Casey Mears243 2801400003$1,555,986

29David Ragan240 2831400012$1,565,156 30David Gilliland228 2951400001$1,493,191 31Travis Kvapil202 3211300002$1,299,687 32David Reutimann198 3251300004$1,345,678 33Dave Blaney192 3311400006$1,319,178 34Landon Cassill188 3351400004$1,746,560 35David Stremme103 4201200009$1,181,155 36J.J. Yeley98 4251000005$828,523 37Michael McDowell77 44613000011$1,200,147 38Brian Vickers66 457200110$177,570 39Tony Raines53 470400002$576,715 40Brendan Gaughan50 473400001$354,559 41Ken Schrader47 476400000$358,230 42Josh Wise43 48012000012$927,279 43Terry Labonte42 481200001$384,855 44Stephen Leicht34 489400003$365,530 45Michael Waltrip26 497100000$132,662 46Scott Riggs24 499800008$583,570 47Hermie Sadler13 510100000$80,610 48Scott Speed12

511500005$412,620 49Bill Elliott7 516100001$108,318 50Robby Gordon6 517200002$332,500 51Stacy Compton5 518100001$64,225 52Trevor Bayne0 523500020$773,805 53Sam Hornish Jr.0 523100000$76,610 54Ricky Stenhouse Jr.0 523100000$304,275 55Mike Bliss0 523700006$548,913 56Robert Richardson Jr.0 523100001$110,318 57Elliott Sadler0 523100000$305,788 58Reed Sorenson0 523900005$742,463 59Joe Nemechek0 52312000011$1,126,213 60Danica Patrick0 523300000$451,575 61T.J. Bell0 523100000$96,730 62Cole Whitt0 523300003$225,807 63Mike Skinner0 523100001$71,875 64Timmy Hill0 523100001$79,780 65Tim Andrews 523$ 66Jeff Green 523$ 67Mike Wallace 523$ 68Kenny Wallace 523$

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Kendall Weekly Times

Kendall Weekly Times

Happy Fathers Day By Pat Garvos

For the past twenty-nine years, Father’s Day has always been a bittersweet day for me. My wonderful Dad was killed in a fire just a week before Father’s Day 1984. Each year those old memories of loss seem to resurface adding a little sadness to the day. It’s difficult to lose our father at any age; however the longer we have them the more memories we have when they’re gone. My son, Bryan, was only nine months old when Dad died and one of the things I regret the most is that they never got to know one another. I feel that my son missed out on a lot by not knowing what a wonderful person his Grandpa was. Dad just loved kids….and it’s a good thing, because he had seven of them! Being the only girl, I held a unique position in this tribe (that’s what my Mom called it)! I was the quintessential “daddy’s girl” if there ever was one. My father was my hero; kind, soft spoken, easy going, supportive and the patience of a saint. Because of that I never wanted to disappoint him. He was simply easy to adore. Very early on in life I realized that some of my cousins didn’t have a


father around and my Dad became their surrogate father when we went to visit them. He treated all of the kids the same; never giving one more than the other. He gave those kids a sense of worth and of being loved and cared about; allowing them to feel good about themselves during the times we were all together. He had a hug and a smile for them just as he had for his own kids. It’s actually quite amazing when you hear my Dad’s story. He was one of thirteen children (nine survived) and in 1932, his father went to the store for a loaf of bread and came back twenty-five years later (1958!). Unable to support her many children, my Grama put four of the boys in Glenwood Boys Home in South Chicago where they learned their trades. My father learned what kind of a father “not” to be due to his own father’s actions. That was a harsh lesson no child should endure. Fortunately, my father was the extreme opposite of his own father. Everyone loved Mr. Fanelli. It didn’t matter who you were, my Dad welcomed you into his home. All of my brothers friends thought our Dad was just the greatest. There was always an open door and plenty of food for anyone who wanted to enter. Even after my brothers grew up and moved out, many of their friends (mostly girls), would come by to

visit with Mr. Fanelli….“Pa” they called him. (Back in those days you didn’t call your elders by their first names. I’m talking about the 70’s). Things have changed a lot, but there is one constant that remains; the need for a father to be there for his children; someone who is a role model and can teach their children about respect, honesty, integrity, family values and how to be a future parent. I’ve had conversations with some men who have shared with me that they don’t have a good relationship with their children. I never miss the opportunity to tell them that they’ll be a Dad until the day they die; that it’s never too late to build a good relationship with their kids. Children, whether they’re five or fifty, yearn to love, and be loved, by their fathers. I applaud all of those fathers who remember that they are the role model being used by their children. Their children see the world through their parent’s eyes. They judge the world the way their parents judge it. When they’re taught respect, compassion, love, responsibility, honesty, integrity, etc., they will treat the world the same way. So, on this Father’s Day, I hope each of you fathers will feel the special honor of being someone’s Dad. If things are going great….you should be proud and humbled. Enjoy your day and your children (whether young or grown). You deserve it! If things aren’t what they should be with your children, by all means begin building the relationship that every parent and child longs for. Sometimes we push those away whom we want and need to love the most. Instead of waiting for your kids to give you a card, why not use this opportunity to reach out to them with a simple note that says, “I’m glad I’m your Dad!” Oftentimes, it only takes a little gesture to create a new beginning. Happy Father’s Day to all of you Fathers! Make it the best one ever.

Creative Kids

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE After success last year, Kreative Kids classes will start again this summer on Thursday, June 21st and continue till August 16th from 10 am - 12:30. Fee is $5.00 which includes lunch of hot dog, chips and a drink. There is also a charge for the piece the child wishes to work on. Grandparents and parents are welcome to attend with children. Children must be 8 years and up to attend. Please sign up at front desk at senior center, 156 E. Washington St or call 630-554-5602. Also visit our website for more information on other Ceramics Classes including "Ladies Night Out" -


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Happy Fathers Day  

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